CSI: NY s01e10 Episode Script

Night, Mother

You can't stop me.
You better go get my ball before I whup your ass.
That's what I thought.
If there was ever an open and shut case Rachel Camden.
Lived in 8A there.
What about her? Ophelia Dichiaria.
Lives in 7F.
Interviewed all the neighbors.
Did they have a history? Different floors.
Can't find any connection between them.
- Who found the body? - Some rec league guys.
They say the suspect was pounding pretty hard on the victim's chest.
You get anything from her? What's to get? Found her covered in blood with the murder weapon right next to her.
We're going to need whatever security footage they have, - inside the building and out.
- No problem.
She good to go? Take her to the hospital, Have them check her out.
Looks like the victim died instantly-- degree of violence, amount of blood, the wounds Crime of passion between two apparent strangers.
Team CSI: New-York Season 1 - Episode 10 "Night, Mother" Put your hands up.
Turn them around.
Put your right hand down on this paper.
Turn it around.
That's it.
Put your hand up.
Other hand.
Turn it around.
Put your hand up.
Do you have something to say? I'll get you another one.
Looks like he went a couple of rounds with Chuck Lidell.
More like Randy Couture.
Hey, easy.
Medium velocity blood spatter.
His pockets are inside out.
There's no wallet.
No keys.
Those take the junkies out of play.
They would have taken the change.
Stake worked like a crude knife.
Perp drove it up through the diaphragm, mediastinum, then into the pericardial sac, penetrating the myocardium and endocardium.
I also found traces of a resin-like substance in her hair.
I'll take a lock for the road.
You collect a sexual assault kit? Sampled and sent.
Camden, I'm very sorry about your wife.
I'd like to show you another photograph.
Do you know this woman? Her name is Ophelia Dichiaria.
No, sir.
I know most of my wife's friends, but, uh she doesn't look familiar to me.
I wish I could be more help to you right now.
Cause of death: cerebral hemorrhaging.
Blunt force trauma collapsed his nasal bone and fractured his right orbital, zygomatic, and temporal bones.
Wounds are consistent with fists.
Big fists.
It's brutal for a robbery.
If it was a robbery.
They missed this.
Found it in his boxers.
Guy's got baby's hands.
He never got a punch off.
He had a disadvantage.
His vision was blurry.
What's that? A contact lens? Phakic Lens.
It's an implant for people with severe astigmatism who can't have laser surgery.
It's still in clinical trials in the U.
So we can get an ID if the surgery was local.
You want cash or lens? Lens.
- I want a name.
- Cash works for me.
Thanks, Doc.
Anything from our suspect? Here.
Take a look.
Cardiac muscle tissue.
>From under Ophelia's fingernails.
Explains what tore the wound tract.
She forced her hands inside the pericardial cavity to get to the heart.
- Pull the prints off the wooden stake? - Yeah.
I'm telling you, Mac, she killed Rachel Camden.
What's your rush to put this woman away? You saw her.
What's your rush not to? In all my years of doing this, there's one thing I've learned-- sometimes the slam dunks are the most deceiving.
Right there is Rachel-- the vic.
There's Ophelia.
Rachel left.
Ophelia went after her.
A woman stabs a perfect stranger with a wood stake, then reaches into the wound and tries to grab at the victim's heart.
Why? Ms.
Dichiaria, do you recall how you received this trauma on your shins? Ma'am? I understand your reticence but, if you don't speak, we can't help you.
The purpose of keeping you here is so that you can undergo a psychiatric evaluation.
The improper disposal of a corpse is an unclassified misdemeanor in NYC.
You weren't disposing of a corpse.
You were tampering with evidence.
That's a Class E felony.
Length of time between arrest and arraignment is 24 hours.
Unless you're a danger to yourself or to others.
Emotionally Disturbed Person.
Allow 72 hours.
As you already know, I'm a paralegal.
What I don't know is how you're connected to Rachel Camden.
Who is Rachel Camden? The dead woman.
I've never met her.
Ma'am, is there anything you want us to know about what happened? No.
I'm sorry to keep you up so late.
You're not keeping me up.
You look tired.
I can see it in your eyes.
You should try to get some sleep.
Out suspect finally spoke.
What'd she do? Plead insanity? She reads "sane" to me.
The results came back on the contents in her water.
What was she doing, chewing on cigarettes? I didn't find any cigarettes at the scene.
We didn't find anything at the scene that made those shin bruises either.
Strange place for a chair.
I think this woman lived in fear.
Looks like she was trying to keep somebody out.
Yeah, maybe she was trying to keep herself in.
The door opens out into the hallway.
Stella, cigarettes.
No ashes.
Could've been chewed.
I thought you said she was sane.
What, the cigarettes? Well, that and this.
To Chris.
"Mommy loves you a lot.
Happy first grade.
" According to Flack, this woman has no one.
That's also an odd place for a stepladder.
That's why she isn't talking.
Ophelia may have no idea whether she killed Rachel Camden or not.
Ophelia is a parasomniac.
Parasomniacs get stuck between sleep stages three and four.
There's a whole slate of undesirable autonomic nervous system responses associated with the condition.
Like committing murder? I've had patients drive cars prepare meals, tend their gardens.
- What causes it? - Could be depression, trauma, revisiting a traumatic event in an attempt to integrate unresolved feelings.
The unconscious mind override the conscious self.
She's in stage three now.
She's transitioning to stage four.
This is partial arousal.
Autonomic nervous system responses evident.
No! Stabbing motion.
No! No! - Hey.
- Hey.
Anything on the cash? Australian bills-- crisp, all sequential.
I've got ten prints, each in the same exact location.
I figure it from the teller who counted them out.
Yeah, well, when you work in a bank, your print's on file, state and federal level, so Yeah, but I can't get a match as of yet.
What about the lens? Trial was conducted at NYU, so I'm on my way over there now.
You want to roll? No, all I got are prints matching the vic.
I gotta take a couple more shots.
What do you know.
"Ryan Mallone.
" "Possession of cocaine.
" I was in Sydney last month.
Changed a whole bunch of cash as soon as I got back to the U.
How much? A thousand dollars.
My mum gives me money when I visit.
Thinks I'm still ten.
Your mum always give you sequential bills? The only number that matters is the denomination.
Why? Why's my business.
Where'd you exchange the money? JFK.
- One of the currency banks in the terminal.
- Which one? for the memory if you know what I mean.
How's your memory now? Much better.
Never seen him before.
What's the word? Am I good or what? I got a name on the eye lens.
- What have you got? - Lenny Cook.
Entered the Phakic Lens trial in March.
Hospital said he was extremely pleased with the surgery.
Well, not anymore.
- You got keys? - Sup's opened it up.
Mannequins with bells.
What the hell is this place? Con artist? Practice dummies for pickpockets.
Really? "What we gain by science is, after all, sadness.
" Thomas Hardy.
There's no mention of pain in that quote.
Give me a hand.
Which one? Right.
Take that out.
The murderer was pushing against the grain And I was pulling with the grain.
Look at the splinters in my hand .
and look at the splinters in yours.
My hand's a killer's.
Yours looks like Ophelia's.
Our suspect wasn't trying to kill the victim.
The School of Seven Bells.
Supposedly a pickpocket school in South America.
Whole idea is to pick the mark without ringing a bell.
Why don't you try it.
- You're such a girl.
- Shut up.
Torn carpet.
Twenty-dollar bill under the carpet.
It's not blood.
Uh, it's probably a diversion.
They work in teams.
One guy distracts, one guy picks, the other guy gets the handoff.
When I worked out of the six-three, I picked collars up at King's Plaza Mall.
Saw a lot of ketchup stains.
They call it a brick.
I once had this guy telling me it was his money.
That's how they look at it.
You're carrying their money.
No matter what line of work you're in, you gotta commute.
This one's not ketchup.
The sexual assault kit indicates recent condom use.
Found lubricant in the condom and the traces of resin in Rachel Camden's hair is ethyl cyanoacrylate.
Architect's glue.
Commonly used to build models by architects like Rachel Camden's husband.
I thought she may have brushed up against some of his work, but when you brush up against something, there's always evidence of motion and direction.
That's not the case.
It's a random pattern.
The victim has fine, blond hair There's a weave in it.
But it's not a perm-- no trace of chemicals in the lab results.
That's it, Mac.
To have these waves, she had to have her hair braided.
Someone pulled her hair by the braid.
With a handful of architect's glue.
You want to revise your statement, Mr.
Camden? You did see your wife just before she was murdered.
Am I right? In fact, from what I understand, it wasn't a very friendly encounter.
You grabbed her by the hair.
And you weren't so neat about it.
You had glue all over your hands.
We had a fight that night.
That's all.
My wife was alive the last time I saw her.
Where were you last night? Hmm? I know something's going on.
You're not going out tonight.
Bitch! What form of birth control did the two of you use? What are you talking about? We found traces of condom lubricant.
Inside my wife? Well, whatever you found, it wasn't from me.
You're sure about that? We were trying to have a baby.
- How'd it go with the husband? - He's in total denial.
Denial seems to be in the air.
You've got a husband who won't come clean Who looks guilty as sin, by the way.
I've got a sleepwalker who's forensically incapable of murder, yet has her hands inside a dead woman.
- What? - You hear that? Hear what? It's your mind racing again.
Can you blame me? Look, based on the direction of the splinters in Ophelia's hands, she's not the killer.
There's a deeper connection and you want to know what it is.
You're never going to get any sleep in this lifetime, are you, Mac? Not when there are questions keeping me up at night.
There's something haunting this woman, Stella.
All right, NY City Pass only knows where they get on, so we'll work backwards.
Manhattan, Canal and Broadway.
That's his office.
- Near where we found the body.
- Uh-huh.
- Lenny's apartment.
- Exactly.
Day before, Canal and Broadway.
and the day before that.
That's his commute.
Canal and Broadway.
We've been out here for a while.
I'm not even sure what we're looking for.
You'll know when you see something.
All right, I got my eyeball on a suspect.
Fake baby in a blue cloth.
Don't take them down till they snatch the wallet.
You telling me how to do my job, now? Oh, sorry.
You got some ketchup here.
Here you go.
- Oh, you see it? Right there.
- They got his wallet.
The woman with the baby applies the ketchup.
The decoy distracts the mark.
Meanwhile, her partner picks his pocket.
Take 'em down, Flack.
- What are you doing, man? - I'm on my way to work.
You're costing me money, man.
What are you doing? I'll give you a ride in my limo.
Sir, if you want your wallet back, hang out.
Up against the wall.
- Spread your legs.
- I didn't do anything.
- What's going on here, man? - Pickpocketing.
- I'm not no pickpocket.
- Hang out with me for a minute.
Put your hands behind your back.
Look, the guy's wallet fell out of his pocket.
- I was giving it back.
- By putting it in your own pocket? Wow.
You're a bad liar.
Let's watch you dig yourself a deeper grave.
Remember Lenny? - Who? - Who? Whoo.
He's an owl now.
You know.
The guy with a thing for mannequins.
Keeps a dozen in his apartment for training purposes.
I don't mess with dolls.
- You know what I mean? - You mess with him? Looks like that drew blood.
Just like the blood we found on one of Lenny's mannequins.
Eduardo, I'll tell you one thing.
For a guy with light fingers, you must have some heavy fists.
We're gonna need to process your hands.
At first, I noticed bruises on my shins and and my arms, sometimes my forehead, and I couldn't explain how they got there.
Then there was the weight gain.
I was eating while I was sleeping.
So I put up obstacle courses to try and wake myself up But I've somehow managed to navigate around those.
You knew you were a parasomniac? I only knew that some mornings when I woke up there was evidence of a very strange night, and I was exhausted.
So I did some research.
I'm a textbook expert, now.
Scientists versus psychiatrists.
Everybody's got a different theory.
Post-traumatic stress, the lack of atonia.
Muscle paralysis.
It's what prevents you from running or jumping while you're dreaming.
That gizmo seems to malfunction in my body.
Why didn't you get help? Because in medicine, the answer to every unknown is insanity.
So, I just became very skilled at hiding my night adventures.
I tried sleeping aids and alcohol.
It's It's lonely Ma'am, do you remember being in the courtyard? Any little thing.
A fragment of a dream, a piece of a face.
I remember getting ready for bed and then praying that I would sleep soundly through the night.
Did I kill that woman? No.
Subconsciously you knew that.
Do you remember the first thing you said to me? No.
You used the word "corpse.
" She was dead when you got to her, Ophelia.
Well, if I didn't kill her, then what was I doing there? I don't know yet.
What? That shadow isn't hers.
Someone else went by.
Ophelia saw the killer.
She just doesn't know she did.
The cornea is shaped roughly like this, right? Mm-hmm.
So, if I'm here and you're in my blind spot, your image should still reflect off my cornea.
Corneal imaging.
Let's magnify it, see if we can get a reflection off her eye.
Magnification times 100, for starters.
Good, good.
Reverse the image.
That's the best reflection of what she was seeing that we've got.
What's that there? Looks like a guy in a T-shirt.
Resolution isn't very good.
Yes, it is.
All right, everybody back up.
I'm gonna take Jason to the hole.
You know, the one down in central booking.
Hey, you're wearing sleeves today.
Yeah, so? Well, you weren't wearing a shirt the night Rachel Camden was killed.
- It was a pretty cold night.
- It's about 48 degrees.
Listen, I've told you everything I know.
- I've answered all your questions.
- Not the most important one, though.
Why'd you kill Rachel Camden? Mind if I take a look at your bag? Sure.
Just so you know, pink is bad.
Let's take him in.
I hate to be a stickler, but you're telling me you exchanged the money in the U.
, and I find out you exchanged it in Australia.
And now I gotta go back over everything.
- So what? - "So what?" What are you going to say to me if I tell you we found your money on a dead man? I got pickpocketed.
I knew I was never gonna see the money again.
I didn't want to make a report.
I had drug priors.
Something's keeping me in suspense.
You know there's something going on that I can't quite figure out.
What's the matter? You got an itch? I get a lot of heat rashes.
That's good because you're on the hot seat right now.
Look, I don't know the guy you showed me and I had nothing to do with what happened.
Can I go? No.
Why don't you stick around .
mate? Fibers under Eduardo's nails are microscopically similar to 60-pound Kraft paper which is used for everything from grocery bags to wrapping paper.
The GCMS indicates green dye on one side is "Quinizarine Green.
" I'll just keep looking.
Our Australian's got fibers from the victim's rug on him.
How did the Australian get into Lenny Cook's apartment? I don't know.
But now we got a reason to get into his.
This guy could have dumped his clothes.
What do you think? Worth a shot.
I might take my pants to the cleaners if I'd killed someone.
- Anything? - Nothing.
Hold on.
I'd commend you on using safe sex.
I didn't kill anybody.
You had sex with Rachel.
Okay, I used a condom.
So what? You know what they say about keeping condoms in your wallet? They get holes.
Just like your story.
Come on, baby.
- You weren't pushing me away last night.
- Stop it, Jason.
It's over Must have been really hot and heavy at first.
An older woman What more can a kid like you ask for? Todd and I are trying to have a baby What?! That splinter I pulled our of your hand is a perfect match to the murder weapon.
I fell in love with her Trust me.
You're going to get plenty of love where you're going.
You know the chemical they use at the dry cleaners? Perchloroethylene.
Some people think it destroys DNA.
It doesn't.
Especially when there's a protective barrier covering the sample, like, say, I don't know, a cuff.
The blood belongs to Lenny.
The pants belong to you.
You want to see what's underneath? Nothing.
Guess you beat me to it.
You left one behind.
It's called jute.
Stuff you find on the back of a carpet.
A lot of people are allergic to it.
Like yourself.
Lenny was skimming-- hiding your money under his carpet-- so you set him up.
That's everything.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
That's it.
Why don't we ask the guy? - What are you talking about? - The $500.
Why don't we ask him, we find out? Hey.
You take my money, huh?! How could you know all that? Well Lenny dropped a dime on you.
Aiden and I cashed in on the pickpockets.
We'll close it out as an A-2.
Why don't you go home.
You can type up the DD5s tomorrow.
What about you? You wanna go grab a beer at Sullivan's? Not tonight, Danny.
Don't go blind.
You asked for my help.
You can tell me what I was doing in that courtyard.
You were attempting to massage Rachel Camden's heart.
You were mimicking the action of trying to save your son.
I found the accident report.
His eyes.
They were just like yours.
And he had begged my husband to let him sit on his lap, behind the wheel of the car and they were just going to pull out into the street and back in again, and I was waving.
Then from out of nowhere You were in the ER when they tried to save him? They cracked open his chest in front of me.
And held my son's heart in their hands.
You were trying to save Rachel Camden's life.