CSI: NY s02e17 Episode Script

Necrophilia Americana

Camponotus atriceps use pheromones to navigate pathways through the north american forests they call home.
There are over 4,500 species of the family coccinelidae worldwide.
These insectivores consume aphids that damage crops, promoting healthy plant growth.
These ants contribute to the cycle of life by breaking down dead trees, providing renewed habitat for saplings to take hold.
The beetles you see in this case provide a valuable function in nature.
I don't see any beetles, dad.
No wallet, no I.
And no face.
May I have your attention, please.
The Cycle Of Life exhibit will be closed until further notice.
May I have your attention, please.
What's this ? The Cycle Of Life exhibit will be closed until further notice.
Looks like some kind of drawing.
The killer was thorough.
Did leave a ring.
The diorama doesn't appear to be disturbed.
So if she put up a fight, it was someplace else.
This is the dump site.
Strange place for it.
Where did they come from ? Cycle Of Life exhibit.
Someone left their door open.
- And they made it all the way down here ? - They're flesh eaters.
Necrophilia americana.
CSI NY - Season 2 - Episode 17 "Necrophilia americana" Transcript : Mack11 Corrections : Seth Cohen Stella's searching for the murder site.
I'll check the employee records, see who's missing, who had access to the building.
Hawkes, you're on the body.
The beetles have already eaten half our evidence.
Don't worry, Hammerback and I will get creative.
Lindsay, put your affinity for bugs to work.
I don't actually have an affinity for bugs.
The beetles were the first on the scene.
We need to know what they know.
And no eating.
The only employee we can't account for is Ceci Astor.
Any relation to the Astor family wing we're standing in ? The granddaughter.
She didn't show up for work today, and we can't locate her at home or on her cell.
Can you think of a reason why someone would have wanted to harm miss Astor ? She tried to make things better for everybody.
Maybe sometimes she tried too hard, but her heart was always in the right place.
I'm with the New York city police department.
I'm not going to hurt you.
See ? If you're lost, I can help find your parents.
Oh, they sent out the big guns.
I like that suit.
Thank you.
If I had your shoes, I'd be set.
Meet Jim Morris.
Facial bruising.
No blood.
No ligature marks.
Looks like his friends were all choked up about it.
I guess the building must go up ? They never seen him before.
Old Jim, here, wasn't a construction worker.
He was a broker.
Broker ? - Rich guy.
- Yeah, but forget robbery, I got his wallet.
So what happened here, Flack ? A guy walks down to a place he's never been, dies of no apparent cause ? At this point, yeah.
Why must people do that ? They can't resist messing up fresh concrete.
Could be worse.
At least there's no heart with two people's names in it who are going to end up killing each other after they realize they're married.
Well, at least with those people we know what happened.
What, you run out of bug spray ? Dermestid tissue removal.
The museum vic.
So, uh, are you participating in that investigation, or is this just a forensic peep show ? Hammerback couldn't determine the cause of death, so he needed to de-flesh the vic.
Using the bugs ? Yeah.
They're better at tissue removal at this stage.
They're cleaner, plus, they don't destroy potential evidence.
And as soon as Hammerback's finished with you, I get to take the beetles back to the lab with me.
Don't eat 'em.
- You're a little late on that one.
- So that doesn't mean it's not funny.
- What have you got for me, doc ? - Some sort of fiber.
So he's got trace on his hands ? Care to take guess at cause of death ? Perhaps he stopped breathing ? Exactly.
That happens when your airway gets flooded with a solid block of material.
Looks like hardened foam insulation.
I found a can of that at the scene.
So, uh, he was insulated to death ? That would explain the petechiae with no overt signs of strangulation.
You take out a sample ? At this point, I'd need a chisel.
It looks like somebody tried to remove it.
That was done with a human hand, not the vic's.
Well, it had to happen before the insulation dried.
Tries to kill him, then he tries to save him ? Killer with a conscience.
- All right.
Thanks, doc.
- Yeah.
My sister wasn't simply a curator.
Ceci worked in the wing my family built for the museum.
How exactly did you find me here ? The museum isn't the only organization my family supported over the years.
I made a call.
Astor, I'm-I'm sorry for your loss, but coming here before I've had a chance to process the evidence is unusual, at best.
Do you have any suspects ? Everyone who worked the museum knew what kind of money she came from.
This could've been an attempt at kidnapping, or robbery.
I'm well aware of what it could've been.
It's my job to actually find out what happened.
You check museum employee records yet ? What are you doing ? We believe this child may have witnessed some aspect of the crime.
Have either of you ever seen him before ? No.
Was he injured ? Is there something wrong with him ? Aside from the obvious trauma, he's fine.
Well, then wake him up, and get him to talk.
Astor, you and your boyfriend are going home, now.
Can you tell me your name ? Or where you live ? Your parents must be looking for you.
Here, it's okay.
You don't have to say anything, but Miss Parsons is going to collect some samples.
Hello, there.
It's okay.
It's just a Q-tip.
There we go.
Thank you.
We're going to do one more.
Can you open your mouth for me ? There we go.
Thank you.
I'll check the blood sample matches your vic, and then I'll see if his DNA shows up in any missing children's database.
I appreciate you keeping chain of custody contained on this.
So what you make of him ? Well, he had a flesh-eating beetle in his shirt pocket when I found him.
He's got a bruise on his upper arm with a distinct pattern that appears consistent with a ring found on the vic's hand.
So he's a suspect ? Could just be a witness.
According to Stella, the murder weapon was out of his reach.
And there's no sign of his parents ? Does he have a child services case officer ? They're overloaded.
I'll get him a new set of clothes, but I'm not rushing it until I know more.
The boy looks traumatized.
I'm sure he is.
I just need to figure out if it's because he saw something or because he did something.
Go right in here, okay ? That's all candy and junk food.
There's nothing good for you in there.
I'll get you some real stuff.
Have a seat right here.
What ? He'll come find me.
- I didn't do anything, all right ? - Mr.
Martinez, have a seat.
We found your fingerprint on the knife that was used to kill Ceci Astor.
You did something.
All right.
Sam ? Daddy ? As an optimist, I prefer to see the body as half full.
Well, we need to empty it out.
Looks like the dermestids have eaten all they can.
Now it's up to us to finish the job.
Preliminary tox reveals nothing unusual, and without visible evidence There's only one way to determine cause of death.
You have any detergent ? Oh, yeah.
Very nice.
No alteration to the bone.
Ready to degrease ? And now some ammonia ? Yeah.
There's trauma to the base of the occipital bone, entering into the foramen magnum.
Cause of death appears to be sharp force trauma to the brain stem.
The control center for breathing.
Turn that off, and she'd have no chance.
All right, Jose, why don't we start with the bruises and scratch marks ? I got in a fight.
Was it a fair fight ? Or did this give you an advantage ? Look, I would never get in a fight with her.
Then why is your print on the knife ? Okay, look.
Sometimes when the museum closes, you know, I handle the pieces.
You handle 14th century chiseled iron knives with gold inlay ? Well, if I were Ceci, I'd think about firing somebody who did that.
No more second chances.
We're letting you go.
- No, no, wait, Ceci.
- Get your hands off me.
You don't think I'd be interested in the exhibits, because I'm a maintenance worker ? No.
See, you just don't strike me as an observant guy.
It's a common deficiency among fathers who don't know their own children are missing.
Hey, Sam spent a lot of time in that museum, okay ? Sometimes you know, he got lost.
Overnight ? What about Sam's mother ? She's dead.
That's too bad.
She would have made a great alibi.
Well, George, let me just say congratulations on getting out of prison.
It's a big deal.
Yeah, it is.
Yeah, it's such a big deal, I can't imagine how you left it off your job application.
Look, nobody needs to know.
Actually, they do, George.
We'll take care of that.
Come on, man.
You went away for assault once, right ? What happened here with Jimmy ? You brushing up on your skills or what, man ? He was the guy who busted my window.
With what ? All I know is I saw him running.
Hey ! Hey ! So you beat him and then killed him by stuffing handi-foam insulation down his throat.
I popped him once, and then he peeled off three c-notes to pay for my windshield.
Well, we got your prints on the murder weapon.
Because it's my job to use the stuff.
And it's our job to make sure you're not lying.
Let's go.
According to the state of New York, Sam was never born.
There's no record of him anywhere.
When he talked, he mentioned the word "kinsen," but there's no record of that either.
Well, I hate to pile it on, but his father is not his father, at least not in a biological sense.
He shares exactly no alleles with Sam.
I take it, he didn't mention adoption to Stella, No.
His print's the only one on the murder weapon.
So you're holding him ? Yeah.
Makes it tough on Sam.
We don't know who his biological parents are.
The man Sam calls his father is the lead suspect in a murder investigation.
And according to him, Sam's mother is dead.
He's a bit of an orphan.
I'll talk to you later.
Hawkes, I need you and Lindsay at Ceci Astor's apartment.
We need to find a connection between the vic and this little boy.
Let me know.
Can I see it ? I can't help you unless you're willing to talk to me.
How about we make a deal ? We trade stories.
You first.
Tell me if I have this right.
Looks like there's a little boy here, in a city with great old temples.
That's in japan.
You're right.
The child ran and hid, and the man tried everything to get the child to come out even offering him money.
The man was enraged.
And he began tearing at the rocks, ripping them away, exposing the child's hiding place.
Just when it looked like the child was out of options, help arrived.
Hello ? Police ! It's all right, I work here.
- I work for Miss Astor.
- Can we help you find something ? Or are you just helping yourself ? You see we find you in the apartment of a dead woman, with a fistful of hundred dollar bills, that makes us suspicious.
And when you go silent, we get even more suspicious.
You don't want to talk about money how about love ? Is this your family ? If it is, we have both your husband and son in custody.
You have my son ? - Give me my son ! - Hey, hey ! All right, you're going to have to go with this officer till we determine what you're doing here.
We'll have to swab her.
There's blood under her nail.
Ma'am ? Please, come with me.
What was she looking at over here ? Where are they taking me ? Why do you have to swab me ? Am I going to see him ? Sir, I work here.
Why do I have to go ? All right.
Jose and Elena Martinez adopted, but why is their certificate in Ceci Astor's apartment ? Hey, hey, hey, just like Sam's.
Is Ceci Astor the birth mother ? Look at this.
Either that's a super-concentrated marinara Or the victim has a vial of blood in her freezer.
Under the heading, "things I thought I'd never see" Let's just hope Sam is telling Mac something that can help us.
We have Jose's print on the murder weapon, that's it.
There's no blood on his clothes and no trace of connecting him to the vic anywhere.
What about the trace on the beetles ? I'm still working on it.
It's some kind of herbal supplement, but as far as I can tell, it's not produced domestically.
Anything from Elena ? The blood from under her nail bed came back to Jose.
Right, which could explain the scratches and bruises on his face.
Jose and Elena are married, they had a fight.
What else do we know about them ? Well, Jose may be registered as a permanent resident, but Elena is not a legal citizen of the U.
What about the adoption certificate you found in the vic's apartment ? It's a forgery.
It's a really good one, but it's still a fake.
So, we know that the vic came from money.
She helped Jose get the job at the museum, seven years ago, and she hired Elena in 2002.
So she could have arranged for the adoption and paid for first-class forged documents.
Why would she do that ? How about he's her nephew ? Yeah.
Blood in the vic's freezer belongs to Sam.
He matches alleles with Ceci.
Ceci doesn't have a nephew.
That we know of.
But she does have one sibling who's a proven liar.
We believe this child may have witnessed some aspect of the crime.
Have either of you ever seen him before ? No.
Carolyn Astor is used to getting what and who she wants, no matter the cost.
Bad news.
Half the construction crew is backing George Clark.
They all swear that when they left for the day, Jim Morris was still alive.
I'm not surprised.
I don't think this has anything to do with the construction.
It seems to be about golf.
You thinking maybe we should get out for a round, talk the case out ? The case is about golf.
Trace from the vic's nails cabretta leather.
Trace from the busted window surlyn.
And from the vic's shirt carbon fiber.
It's graphite.
From a golf club ? Leather's from a golf glove, surlyn from a golf ball.
Give the man a prize.
So we got a vic who died at a construction site, yet all the evidence is pointing at golf.
I give.
What's our vic doing at a construction site with golf stuff ? My guess is he was trying to make par.
So our vic was working on his putting, using a drain pipe.
So, it looks like our right-hander sank a 20-foot birdie our lefty, had a case of the yips, and our guy's a real F.
That's very nice.
Yes, it is.
I can see where your son gets his love of drawing.
You made a mistake.
No, you made a mistake.
I'm just trying to figure out how big a mistake you made.
My sister was murdered.
When you came to the hospital, you wanted to see Sam, didn't you ? Aside for the obvious trauma, he's fine.
Well, then wake him up and get him to talk.
You wanted to make sure that your son was all right.
- This is harassment.
- No, - it's perseverance.
- I'm getting a lawyer.
Make sure he knows how to read a warrant compelling a DNA sample.
I believe it's in my best interest to prove maternity.
And the father ? Stewart and I got pregnant when I was much younger, and Stewart had issues.
When he went away he went away to where ? Prison, but it was just for drugs.
Ceci talked me into having sam.
It wasn't your idea ? Ceci was older, and she controlled the money because my parents thought she was more responsible.
She was, wasn't she ? She arranged for Jose and Elena to adopt Sam.
Why them ? She thought they would be good parents, I guess.
I didn't really have a say.
Ceci took care of everything.
How'd Stewart feel about that ? He still doesn't know.
Ceci made me promise never to tell him.
It wasn't a problem until Stewart came back in my life.
And you wanted to be a family.
Stewart is no good.
He never has been.
He's changed, I swear.
He's in prison, Carolyn, and you will not tell him about Sam.
Must have made you mad.
I didn't kill Ceci.
Can you tell me where you were the night she was killed ? I was home with Stewart.
I'm going to have to process you.
Take whatever you want.
It's all going to prove one thing : Sam is my son, and I'm taking him back.
What happened ? I thought you tracked down the five borough golfers ? Augusta national, it ain't.
That's a shame about Jim.
He talked too much, but the kid had a lot of promise.
Promise for what ? Urban golf, you know.
So who makes up the courses ? Urban golf goes back to the origins of the game.
Instead of sheep eating grass to make bunkers, we got girders and bulldozers laying out new holes for us every year.
About how many members do you have ? A hundred, give or take a serious injury or two.
We're looking for a lefty, which is quite rare, with a case of the yips.
Initials F.
I could think of a couple of guys like that, but nobody with the initials F.
This the way your parents do it ? I can't tell you.
Why not ? They told me not to talk to the police.
Before all this happened ? After we eat, it's your turn to tell me a story.
First, we eat the real food, then you tell me a story, and, after that why don't you tell me about Kinsen ? Kinsen's mad.
At you ? Because you saw what happened, and you don't want him to know you told me.
What if you don't tell me ? What if I figure it out myself ? All those pictures that you like so much in your book ? All you have to do is help one of my artists draw a picture for me.
So is he talking ? Gave me a perfect description of the killer.
Eyewitness testimony.
Exactly as he saw him.
Sam's confusing a fictional comic book character with a real killer.
You know who this is ? Kinsen.
In Sam's mind, the two events have fused.
He is the child in the graphics novel.
I've seen it before.
A child witnesses an event beyond his scope of comprehension, so he incorporates the experience into a readily available narrative.
We still can't place him in this room for certain.
Sam had a bruise on his upper arm consistent with being grabbed by Ceci Astor.
You are not taking him ! Sam must have gotten away from Ceci and whoever she was with.
He knows the museum inside out, so he heads for his favorite hiding spot.
He ran in between these two exhibits.
You notice anything ? Chocolate.
When I first found Sam, he had a chocolate smudge on his face.
It's because he sure was eating a lot of it.
Where did he get the money for all these ? He was trying to tell me the whole time.
He knew these were important.
He just didn't know how.
May I have your attention, please.
The Manhattan Museum of Science will be closing in 15 minutes.
The doors open tomorrow, at 10:00.
Alistair Mckenzie, voted Five Borough Golf Association.
That's FBGA for short.
Golfer of the year in 1999 for his "urban slam.
" James Burke, rookie of the year in 2004, capturing his first title in the fresh kill open, arguably the most difficult event on the calendar.
How do these guys find the time to play these tournaments ? Think about it.
It's all right here in the City.
There's no driving an hour to a course, no waiting on tees, - because there are none.
- And nobody with the initials F.
Harry Vernon.
Took a leave of absence in 2005, attending the Withers clinic to work on the mental part of his game.
Withers clinic ? That's rehab.
Harry Vernon is a friend of Bill.
He's a recovering alcoholic.
Know what that is, Harry ? That's an impression of your fingernails from the foam insulation in Jim Morrison's mouth.
- You can't know that.
- Oh, we will.
And, according to the FBGA log, you were playing with Jim the day he was killed.
We're also going to take a fingerprint I found on a can of insulation that you used to kill your golfing buddy.
What happened, Harry ? Jim get to you ? Shake it off, Harry.
I mean, don't let the pressure get to you.
It's not like we got ten grand riding on this or anything.
Doesn't seem fair, does it ? Rehab works for some guys, but you end up looking like the one who's wired on diet soda, right ? Fresh out of rehab, trying your best to settle your nerves, this guy just won't shut up.
Hurry up, or that guy who popped me is going to come back here and pop you.
Come on.
Oh man, I've seen guys who are slow before.
Come on.
Hit the ball, Harry.
Great, one down, 17 to go.
It's going to be a long day.
Come on, hurry up.
Get your clubs.
I want to make the next tee today.
Shut up !Just shut up ! Oh, my God, Jim ! Jim, I'm sorry, man.
It was the only thing I sank all day.
That's your fingerprint, Stewart, in Ceci Astor's blood.
Carolyn told you Sam was your child, didn't she ? What she didn't know is Sam was the only child you were ever going to father.
The beetles had traces of oligo on them.
It's a homeopathic remedy from India for male infertility.
Heroin can do that to you.
I'm not taking these anymore.
I already have a son.
You called Jose, and told him to bring the child to the museum or you would have Elena deported for being in this country illegally, leaving him to choose between his adopted son and his wife.
They have money, Elena.
They'll take care of Sam.
They are not taking our son ! Who would put a man in that position ? Someone who knows the only way to solidify his standing in a wealthy family is to produce a male heir immediately.
He's my kid.
This never would've happened if Ceci didn't stick her litlle nose in.
It made you so angry when she intercepted you that you killed her.
You are not taking him ! Ceci did what was best for Sam.
That's more than I can say for his father.
Ceci was the one who helped Jose get status as a permanent resident.
She tried to do the same for Elena.
According to