CSI: NY s02e24 Episode Script

Charge of This Post

Mac's around back with the DOA.
It's quite a shindig.
Sunday block parties.
Springtime in New York City.
Right in the middle of the street, huh ? Where do they have them in Montana ? Wyoming.
Security guard.
Darwin Judge.
We got the call'cause he missed a scheduled check-in.
Stab wound to the stomach.
No obvious trace of the attacker.
But we do have a blood trail.
There might be some latent shoe prints.
I'm gonna go back to the truck.
Get the electrostatic dust lifter.
We'll see where these blood drops take us.
The guard came through this door.
Quiet in here.
This place is a brokerage firm.
No work on Sunday.
Must be nice, huh ? Yeah.
Guard put up a fight.
We gotta check the building.
If there's anyone here, get'em out.
There's a bomb.
Hit the alarm.
Call Central ! No radios ! Suspicious package, A bomb ! Yeah, a bomb ! Is this some kind of drill ? Hello ! Get outside now ! How many people are here ? Two dozen, maybe more.
Out ! Out ! Get out ! Go ! Go ! Go ! Go ! Monroe.
Lindsay ! Get everyone away from the building ! We have a bomb.
Get everyone away from the building ! NYPD ! Everybody get back ! Get back ! Run ! Down the street ! Go, go, go, go, go, go, go ! Run ! Down the street ! Back this way ! Run ! Now, now ! Go ! Let's go, down the street ! Stay clear all the way down ! Back ! Down the street.
Now ! now ! Come on ! Go, go, go ! Everybody step right.
Go, go, go ! Clear.
- Clear ! - Clear ! All right.
Come on, let's go.
What's going on ? Hey, get the hell out of here ! CSI NY - Season 2 - Episode 24 "Charge of This Post" Corrections : Seth Cohen Mac, can you hear me ? Mac ! Lindsay ! Hey, I've been trying to reach them since it happened.
- They were inside.
- Yeah, we heard the 10-33.
Hey, guys ! Listen up ! There's at least two NYPD cops in there.
There may be other survivors ! Let's go ! Move it ! We set up a temporary post.
We were working a DOA in the back of the building.
- Are you all right ? - Yeah.
We'll check that out.
We radio safe ? If there's another charge waiting for a radio signal, it would've gone off by now.
Let's go.
I'm right behind you.
Lindsay, you're cut.
It's fine.
It's just ringing.
Lindsay's case.
It's still intact.
Mac's camera.
They must have gone up this way.
We're still not clear about the safety of this building.
You need to keep all the guys outside Who's in charge here ? Thank you.
Detective Bonasera ? Ellen Fielding, DHS.
Homeland Security.
You get here quick.
A bomb goes off in New York City, here's where we're paid to be.
- You in charge ? - Of the crime scene at least.
Which is pretty much everywhere at this point.
if you're okay with this, we're gonna set up a command post in there.
We have mobile forensics capabilities.
Live one coming through ! You call Trinity.
Let's go ! Survivors will be our number one priority.
- And in the meantime ? - We're putting a local team together.
Federal teams will arrive in a couple of hours.
The only name I know for sure is Foster, explosives and detonation.
The rest of them you'll meet.
If you have any questions, anything.
Let me know.
- Thank you.
- Dean Lessing.
You spoke at the AAFS conference in Cincinnati.
Blast pattern analysis.
- Yes.
- It's my field, also.
Well, Mr Lessing, hang tight.
We're gonna let Search and Rescue do their thing first.
Building employee did a head count.
There are at least So with and Don and Mac, we're looking at ten possible casualties.
Yeah, a weekday, would be a lot more.
Maybe the people weren't the target, maybe it was the building.
Wait, stop ! There's a hand.
Stop ! Can you get a recovery crew in there ? Alpha Team to the north stairwell.
Can we see who it is ? No.
Flack ?! Over here.
Can you move ? Come on.
Don ? Don ! You're gonna be okay.
You're gonna be okay.
Just hang on.
Just hang on, Marine.
They hit the barracks ! We're gonna get you out of here.
What's all this blue stuff ? Ink powder.
There's a copier on the floor above us.
It must have fallen through.
Oh, God.
I need your help.
Rinse off.
Hold this.
Right here.
You give me your thumb and your forefinger, right now.
Come on ! Okay, okay.
Clamp down.
Right on top of my fingers.
- Go slowly.
- Okay.
How'd you know what to do ? I've lived through this moment before.
Search and Rescue will be here.
Grab something and start banging around.
Make some noise.
You think we're going to make it out ? If the oxygen holds out, and we don't get another collapse.
- Come on.
Make some noise.
- Okay, okay.
Can anyone here me ?! Help ! Help ! We're in here ! Help ! Those damaged pieces are the ones that were closest to the blast.
Any particles of the actual bomb need to be separated for analysis at the crime lab.
You got it ? What we need is a sample of the explosive itself.
Possibly from one of the inner walls.
It's hard to believe anyone's going to survive that blast.
Yeah, well, Mac Taylor was a Marine.
If anybody would survive it, he would.
Stay with me, Don.
Stay with me.
If you can hear me, squeeze my hand.
Squeeze my hand ! They found us.
We're in here ! We're in here ! Mac ? Mac, you in there ? Yeah, Danny.
Flack's injured ! All right, we're coming ! Paper the entire floor.
We don't want to lose any trace, no matter how small.
The other survivor, Smith, is getting patched up - in the ambulance.
- Are there casualties ? No.
You cleared most of the people out, but there were at least half a dozen that were trapped because of the collapse of the floor above.
ESU's still searching the building.
Data uplink's ready.
Glad you made it out, sir.
Uplinks for reconstruction data ? Documenting debris, getting it back to the lab and - starting to put images together.
- Start with the blast pattern.
and we'll get to the bomb fragments.
I'm on it.
You know your job.
It's just that Flack.
Well, they'll do everything they can.
Old injury.
Lindsay, I'm going to send the first series of photos right now, all right ? Lab confirms : C-4.
Military-grade explosive.
Sid said the security guard was killed with a military technique.
The killer twisted the weapon to tear the aortic wall.
You know, explosives of this type are marked with identifying taggants by the manufacturer.
That could get us a source.
Shouldn't be difficult.
Military-grade explosives are hard to get ahold of.
Not hard enough.
Everything's back at the lab ? Everything we found, which wasn't much : pieces of bag, burnt wires.
What we need to do is locate the bomb's trigger.
Detective Flack is under heavy sedation to stabilize him before we operate.
The debris from the explosion is lodged in his chest.
We're going to need his clothing and any debris you taked from his body.
We'll send everything to the lab.
Can I see him ? He's best left alone for now.
Okay, but right after the operation, before he's bandaged up.
need gauze right there.
Thank you.
- Bring that tray over here.
- Got it.
I'm going to get you through this, Don.
How you doing, Lizzie, you okay ? Yeah, I'm fine.
Any word on Flack ? Not yet.
So this is what the bomb simulation looks like.
Run it again.
These are our final positions.
At the moment of the explosion, I was at the back, then Smith, then Flack.
The trigger.
We've been through everything from the blast site.
Fine-tooth comb.
We looked everywhere.
Not everywhere.
This debris was taken from Flack's chest.
Right, the trigger mechanism may have ended up in Flack's body.
Let's go to work.
See how burnt this piece of debris is ? The outer casing is almost completely melted.
Meaning he was very close to the blast.
The bomb was placed in the ceiling.
What would a cell phone be doing in the ceiling ? The cell phone was the trigger.
Somebody dialed the cell phone to trigger the bomb.
If we can recover the SIM card, maybe we can find out who it was.
Detective Taylor.
Who's this ? Your name was mentioned over the police radio frequency.
You escaped my demonstration.
Demonstration ? Another is being scheduled for 16:00 today.
Contact will be resumed, Detective.
The bomber.
Are you sure it's not a hoax ? Get a trace flag put on this phone.
He may call again.
There's another bomb.
We got three hours.
We can get the last incoming call from the SIM card.
A traceable number.
Come on.
Okay, finally.
Whoever owns the number, owns the phone that triggered the bomb.
Some kind of secured line ? A secured government department.
DHS ? I answered a page from my office.
And you triggered the bomb.
We're required to respond to certain codes.
Who has the codes that would need a response ? No one outside the department.
Laptops were stolen from an agency car two weeks ago.
Maybe we could jam the phone somehow, close down the system ? It's too late for that.
we have a little under 90 minutes.
By the time we close down every phone, every radio, every walkie-talkie We can close down secure networks.
It's not about the networks ! Anyone can return a page ! There are eight million New Yorkers, six million cell phones, any one of which could trigger the next bomb.
It's him.
Code at the end of the number.
He wants me to return the page to trigger the bomb.
This is the fourth time he's calling.
Your phone was flagged, right ? Trace is on it, but he lets it ring twice, and then hangs up.
Is there any significance to the code ? The date of the bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut October 23, 1983.
He knows.
I was in Beirut at that time.
He's baiting me.
Why wouldn't he detonate the bomb himself ? He has the capability.
Maybe he wants someone else to have to do it for him.
You know, have power over someone.
I don't think he considers himself a bomber.
That's why he won't trigger the bomb himself.
Every time, nothing.
Phone's turned off.
He doesn't want us to trace it.
Something he doesn't know.
A cell phone can be turned on remotely.
Chelsea University.
Get Technical Assistance Response.
Trace this number.
Looks like a pay phone exchange.
He's not using his cell.
Technical Assistance, we have an incoming call to Detective Taylor's cell phone.
Need a location on a pay phone.
I'm glad to see you're up to the test, Detective Taylor.
Turning on the phone remotely.
What do you want ? Consider this operation a wakeup call.
To who ? For what ? Look around the city.
Do you think we're ready ? Why are you targeting me ? You are not the target, Detective.
You are simply a part of my demonstration.
Wasn't long enough.
Set up a perimeter.
Did you get the FBI information ? Yeah.
Bomb threats were made to this library and the Greenwich Street building starting two weeks ago.
Caller said they were drills.
Called himself The Sentry.
The Sentry ? No one told us ? Feds followed up, but there was nothing solid, so it went in the hoax file.
Get everyone behind the perimeter.
Bomb squad's not too happy you're doing this.
They're good, but they haven't had time to study the trigger assembly from the first bomb.
Well, we can detonate the C-4 at any moment.
Let's hope I don't make the same mistake.
Hold this.
You're too late to detonate the device.
We wouldn't be talking otherwise.
What do you want ? You're doing what I want.
Found a hair.
I got a detonator.
Let's check the serial number on the detonator.
A cross-reference with the C-4 taggants will get us the source.
Fort Wadsworth National Guard Armory.
Could our bomber be in the guard ? I heard from Trinity General that they moved Detective Flack to a recovery room.
Thank God.
What about the hair from the bomb ? No DNA detected.
But I did find trace amounts of haloperidol.
Used to treat schizophrenics ? I examined the entire hair for different levels of the medication.
And the section nearest the root, about half centimeter, shows radically reduced levels of the drug.
He went off his meds.
Hair grows at 0.
5 millimeters a day.
Which means he stopped taking the drugs about two weeks ago.
Will he get worse ? The sample indicates he was on a dosage about 100 milligrams a day.
So if he's gone cold turkey, then the world is looking like a very dangerous place.
Making him a very dangerous man.
Would we be able to tell ? High schizophrenics can have very lucid periods where their behavior seems quite structured.
But if he's calling you, then the focus of his anger has shifted.
Thank you, Jane.
Mac, we spoke with a commander out at Wadsworth.
They hired a civilian disposal company to get rid of a whole bunch of out-of-date explosives.
Caps and C-4.
Right, three days ago the company showed up, but somebody had already taken the explosives away.
And the guy had everything.
Current ID, delivery details, you name it.
The government laptop.
And this morning a van with the company's logo was found in Queens in the garage of an abandoned house.
These are all potential targets.
A man in search of an identity.
This is the stolen laptop that allowed our bomber contact to DHS.
More than 100 pounds unaccounted for.
He was researching you.
He has access to all your military records.
Tried to get in the Marines three times.
Failed the psych evaluation.
This letter is a government response to criticism of emergency preparedness.
The names on all these letters are different.
- Who is this guy ? - Some kind of military fanatic self-trained.
Fits our profile : loner, paranoid.
All he ever wanted to be was a Marine.
He's a fanatic who has enough C-4 to build another bomb.
Definitely researching you.
My shield.
It was at the blast site.
You're wasting your time.
You are required in town.
Less than one hour to showtime, Detective.
And bring reinforcements.
You're going to need all the help you can get.
We have less than an hour.
Where ? What's the new target ? In town.
All he said was "in town.
" I'm taking this over to communications.
We're running out of time.
They need all the help they can get.
Lessing was restricted to the outside of the building.
So why does he have blue powder on his shoes ? What's all this blue stuff.
He was inside the building.
And what did he just say ? All the help they can get.
You're going to need all the help you can get.
Any leads ? It's Lessing.
Lessing ? He just took a car uptown.
Where did you say those other threats were made ? The Goodmanson ? Four blocks from here.
Send backup.
We're going to the theater.
I'm prepared to let you lead this operation, but the ultimate authority for the disposition of Mr.
Lessing lies with me.
Lessing wants to deal with me.
DHS has jurisdiction.
My team's a part of the operation.
All right, the man we're pursuing possibly has explosives.
He almost certainly has automatic weapons.
Let's go.
It's coming from the projection booth, Mac ! Drop your weapon.
That's good.
Where's the rest of the explosive ? In positions all over the building.
Sequential detonators.
Why this building ? As I said to Detective Taylor, This is a demonstration.
We are not ready.
We stopped you.
It's not over yet.
Yes, it is, Lessing.
It's over.
Detective Taylor Put the gun down.
There's nowhere for you to go.
Then why shouldn't I kill her ?! Your demonstration is over.
You've made your point.
If I put my weapon down, I no longer have a voice.
Until I do, you have to listen.
Put the gun down.
We are not prepared.
We're exposed.
We're vulnerable to any harm anyone wants to do to us.
I didn't do this for myself sir.
The gun, Lessing, - put it down.
- sir, for country, sir ! Secure your weapon, Marine.
Your warning has been heard.
Your mission's completed.
This is a direct order from a superior officer.
Secure your weapon ! Lance Corporal Lessing reporting for assignment, sir ! These men, will accompany you Lance Corporal.
Sir, yes, sir.
A hell of a thing with Lessing.
You put yourself at quite a risk.
End of the day, I don't think he wanted to kill anyone.
I think he just wanted to show us that we're still vulnerable to attack.
You are not taking his side.
His method was flawed.
Central principle it's hard to argue with the idea that we should protect our country.
This one really got to you, huh ? Took me back.
Corporal Stan Whitney.
Marine sentry at the Beirut airport.
I was there.
Young lieutenant.
Gate sentry detail, 6 :22 a.
I was injured pretty badly.
We lost 220 Marines and 21 other service members that day.
Corporal Whitney died in my arms.
He's looking up ? Yeah.
His neurological eval is set for tomorrow.
There's room for cautious optimism.
Cautious optimism.
Another way of saying "the miracles of modern medicine.
" You know, he's on round-the-clock care.
We don't all have to stay and stand watch.
We don't have to.
Black coffee, two sugars, right ? Think I'm gonna go talk to his neurologist, find out what time his CAT scan's scheduled.
Well, still want that ride ? Yeah.
Night, Mac.
Call if anything changes, all right ? I'm glad you stayed.
Mac, that's what we do.
We take care of each other.
If you can hear me, squeeze my hand.
Squeeze my hand, Don.