CSI: NY s03e02 Episode Script

Not What It Looks Like

Take it easy, and you get to see your wife tonight.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is a robbery.
Do exactly as we say, and no one will get hurt.
Everybody down on the ground now! Face down, hands by your side! Come on! I said get down! Everybody stay down.
Do it! Beth! Let's go, let's go, let's go! Everybody stay down! Nobody move! Go, go, go, go! Vic's name was Michael Willis.
He was the assistant manager.
His wife just gave birth two weeks ago.
Today was his second day back on the job.
Hey, Flack, was this gate open or closed when you arrived? First on scene had it opened once he determined the suspects were gone.
Why? Well You know, I'm thinking, from the position of the murder weapon, and the GSR pattern on the floor I'd say it was an accident.
Vic was killed during the commission of a robbery.
That makes this felony murder.
Who do we like for it? You tell me.
That's the last shot before they did a number on the surveillance cams.
Security guard said all three were wearing the same disguise, but he heard one call another Beth.
They're all dressed like Holly Golightly.
Breakfast at Tiffany's.
Except I don't get it.
I don't remember Holly Golightly ever robbing a jewelry store.
You're right.
It was a love story.
No love here.
I wasn't even in the store two minutes before they came in and forced us on the ground.
Well, my dog started to bark, and then, there was a crash.
And the display cabinet just exploded.
And I thought home was dangerous.
Central Africa.
I come to New York four or five times a year on business.
I was shopping to get my wife a gift, and now I've got an exciting story to go along with it.
I have no idea how they got out of the store.
Soon as the alarm went off, and the gate came down, they just disappeared.
We're running the name "Beth" along with a description and M.
Waiting to see what comes back on that.
All right, why don't you kick it over to the FBI, as well? Yes.
Also put the word out on the street and the Diamond Trade Theft Alert.
If our thieves try to fence the merch, we'll know soon enough.
Don't even think about it, Montana.
This necklace is worth more than I make in a year.
It's crazy.
I don't really see the big deal.
A diamond is just an allotrope of the element carbon.
Well, spoken like a true romantic.
Hey, Lindsay.
What you got? Check out this glass.
Every piece is the same.
The edges should have directional stress marks indicating where the force was applied, but they don't.
Well, something had to break this glass.
Hey, Detectives, you're going to want to check this out.
Where does it lead? No idea.
Manager assumed it was an old ventilation shaft.
Looks like our Hollys used it to escape.
We need to take a look inside.
Size two will get you in.
Guys? They were definitely in here.
I'm at the end.
It goes down into some kind of channel.
I'm going to check it out.
The entire city's built over a series of tunnels that haven't been used in at least 100 years.
Yeah, Prohibition, bomb shelters.
Alfred Beach's secret subway.
There's a whole world right below us.
Yeah, you just got to know where to look.
I'm thinking this wasn't their back-up escape after the alarm was triggered.
This was their escape.
They never intended on going out the front door.
And if the managers didn't even know this tunnel existed, how did our thieves? We believe it's Pauline Rayburn.
The clothing fits the description of the last thing she was wearing before she went missing over three weeks ago.
You okay? It's my first mummy.
Dehydrated flesh takes some getting used to.
There's no evidence that tells us how she got here, or how long her body's been in the building.
Her husband wears a matching Claddagh wedding band.
Let's not share this information with the press just yet.
I don't want this crime scene turning into a backdrop for the evening news.
Till we officially ID the vic, everything is unofficial.
Should I notify Councilman Rayburn? He's still our primary suspect in connection to his wife's disappearance.
Just follow proper procedure.
Who found her? A wrecking ball operator saw what he thought was a body flying across the room.
No one checked the building before they started demolition? The construction foreman was told that the structure was cleared and ready to be torn down.
Rest of the building's been empty and has been for the last few weeks.
Do you know what was on that wall? What do you mean? Any item, color distinctive markings that would make it easy to find.
Because somewhere down there in all that mess is part of our crime scene.
It's heads.
She's yours.
Can I at least watch? This is one of the most well-preserved mummies I've seen in my many years as a pathologist.
The environmental conditions of-of temperature and humidity and ventilation must have been, you know, just optimum.
One can only compare it to the best sex you've ever had, reaching climax at precisely that-that-that All right, Sid, you can help.
But I get to print her.
Fair enough.
Camera? Camera, sure.
You ready? Teeth gave us a hit in IDIS, and we confirmed with a thumbprint match to a notary's documentation.
Our vic is definitely Pauline Rayburn.
Time of death? I'd guesstimate three to four weeks.
Roughly the same time she was reported missing by her husband.
Cause of death? I'm still a few hours away from that answer.
But histology and tox should get us close.
There's damaged bone tissue along the jaw line.
It's crumbled, indicating postmortem injury.
It's most likely from the impact of the wrecking ball.
Shafts of hair that are broken and there is tears in the flesh here and here.
And of course, significant discoloration.
They could be artifacts from the dehydration and shrinkage of the skin.
Or defensive wounds.
Determining which is the hard part.
I should tell you that I've had three phone calls from the media and two from the D.
's office in the last hour.
What'd you tell them? To call you.
Danny, you've been staring at that same piece of glass for five minutes.
Can I bag it for you, or are you waiting for it to turn back into sand? No, one of the customers said that a dog barked right before the cases shattered.
Yeah, that's right.
Why, what are you thinking? Would you, uh, finish up? I'll, uh, I'll meet you back at the lab.
What?! Well, you know what they say about dogs and their owners.
The resemblance is uncanny.
Yeah, that's funny, that's funny.
You know, Messer, I always imagined you with something a little meatier.
He's a loaner.
Sure he is.
Hey, I'll be in Reconstruction, you clown.
Hey, you know Yeah, I know.
I look like the dog, right? Okay, check this out, all right? Normally when you break glass, there are stress marks indicating directionality Like that.
The glass at the scene of the crime didn't have stress marks indicating directionality.
That doesn't make sense, right? Mm-mm.
And I remembered that one of the customers reported that he heard a dog bark right before the display case shattered.
That got me thinking, maybe they used a frequency device.
So I got the same kind of glass they use at Fieldcrest Jewelers and I think I got our answer.
All right.
Boom! Just like the glass at the crime scene.
Oh! Who's the good boy?! By using a frequency device, the Hollys didn't even have to touch the glass to break it nor risk leaving an evidence trail.
How does someone rig something like that? A sine wave generator.
It's a program that manipulates sound.
Download the output to an MP3, and you're ready to boogie.
All right, check all websites, bricks and mortar, anyone who deals in this kind of software.
One of our Hollys was named Beth.
See if that name rings a bell.
Oh, yeah, and give this dog something to eat.
He earned it.
Now you like the dog.
Detective Taylor! Detective? Detective, you found the body; are you arresting Councilman Rayburn? Detective, why is the Medical Examiner's office not releasing the autopsy report? Has Pauline Rayburn's family ID'd the body? When can we see the mummy? I can only confirm that the body is Pauline Rayburn.
The investigation is ongoing and that's all.
Detective Taylor, Assistant District Attorney Jeremy Bloomfield.
Well, unfortunately, I don't have any information for you yet, Jeremy.
Can I assume that Councilman Rayburn is our primary suspect in the murder? Well, I don't know how you work, but I don't assume anything.
At this moment, there is no evidence to suggest he killed his wife.
No evidence to suggest that he didn't.
I mean, you're not denying it was murder.
Sounds like you're in a bit of a hurry to make an arrest.
The District Attorney has a press conference in less than an hour.
I have to give him something more than "The investigation is ongoing.
" I'm not in the business of providing sound bites.
More importantly, I don't rush the science.
Tell that to the DA.
The COD's natural causes.
What? Arteriosclerosis.
Pauline Rayburn died of a heart attack.
There is no evidence of murder.
Peyton, she was only It's young to have a heart attack, but it's not unheard of and the victim has a history of heart disease in the family.
That body hidden in that building wasn't an accident.
Somebody intentionally put it there to be destroyed, never to be found.
But I can't change the results of my findings based on that.
So rule that the cause is undetermined pending police investigation.
Mac, I'm past that.
I've determined cause and manner of death.
Well, don't make it official yet.
There's got to be another explanation.
I can't rule out murder.
Well, there's endless tests that I could perform on Pauline Rayburn, but I can't blindly go in there searching for something that could easily destroy evidence that a guided search would lead to.
I need direction.
I need to know what it is I'm looking for.
I'll find it.
We need to prove murder, Adam.
Oh! I know we got to process this scene, sir, but unless we have a lot of duct tape, um, I'm not sure this place is going to hold up long enough for us to do it.
That's why we're going to take the crime scene back to the lab.
Hey, Hawkes, what do we know? Hey.
I found some type of blue trace inside one of the pairs of gloves Lindsay found in the vent.
I also got blood on the outside of another.
I think our suspect cut herself during the shopping spree.
Rushed it through DNA along with some hairs I found inside the wigs.
No hits.
What about the hardware? An Amantino double-barreled hunting weapon, easily purchased at any sporting goods store, obviously sawed off, and the serial numbers have been removed.
I'm telling you these girls were good.
Ah, we're better.
We'll find something.
Excuse me.
All right, I'm on my way.
Flack has a suspect in custody.
She was trying to appraise a necklace; fits the description of one of our stolen items.
Where's the rest? I have no idea.
Demming, we have you at the scene, we got you with stolen merch in your possession, and you're the exact height and weight of the crew we're looking for.
Wait a minute.
You think I was in on it? I was a victim, face down during the robbery.
I gave you guys a statement.
Maybe that statement was to throw us off.
Yeah, you see, that's what plants do; they're bearers of misinformation.
I'm not a thief.
Then explain the necklace.
It fell out of the display cabinet right next to where I was lying.
Crime of opportunity, huh? I made a mistake.
I went in to get a brooch appraised, and that's when those girls came in.
After the police questioned me, I went to another jeweler to have the necklace appraised for the Upperware party on Madison tonight.
Wait, wait, wait.
The Upperware party? Upperware, it's like a Tupperware party, except we sell jewelry.
Sounds like a fancy name for fencing stolen goods.
You don't believe me? No.
I believe the evidence, and everything we've got points to you.
Hey, Lindsay, what do we know? Well, I found what looks like high-velocity blood spatter on the necklace you got off our suspect Eve Demming.
The DNA doesn't match her or anybody else in the system.
What about the salesman? He could have gotten blood on it when he was shot.
I thought of that, but the lab confirmed that the DNA was female.
Then who does this blood belong to? Councilman Rayburn refuses to comment.
He is raising his left hand, showing his Claddagh wedding band.
The heart's point is turned toward the hand, indicating marriage.
So far, we have not received any other news from his camp.
We were looking for a comment earlier Bovado has no known connection to Rayburn or his wife.
Rap sheet includes everything from robbery to public nudity.
And now maybe murder.
Bovado? NYPD.
We need to talk to you.
He's running.
Lucky for us we got a bench warrant.
Wait, stop! You missed.
I swear to you, I totally forgot about that gun.
I want to make it very clear that I am not a cop killer.
It was sincerely intended for anyone else but you, Officer.
That didn't come out right.
Tell me about Pauline Rayburn.
Don't know her.
You know her now? No, I don't.
Yo, man, I'm sensitive to graphic material.
I've got a print that connects you to this body, Sal.
The DA's desperate to make an arrest.
If you didn't kill her, you might want to tell me your story.
I don't have a story.
All right, all right, don't be so dramatic about it.
It was I don't know, two maybe three weeks ago.
He paid me to help him hide the body.
He? The husband Matthew Rayburn.
You know him? Know him, know him? No.
I think he got my name from a friend of a friend who heard I needed some cash.
I had been working construction and knew the Varick Building was gonna be torn down.
I suggested we dumped her there.
I had no idea demolition would be postponed.
- Which one of you killed her? - Hey the wife was already dead when he brought her there.
I ain't a murderer.
Did Rayburn tell you what happened? I got a "don't ask, don't tell" policy.
Hey, take this picture with you, man.
Thank you, Detective Taylor.
I'll issue a warrant for an arrest within the hour.
Who are you going to arrest, Counselor? Sal Bovado just said that Matthew Rayburn killed his wife.
No, no, he said that Matthew Rayburn moved his wife's body.
It's circumstantial evidence, but we've arrested with a lot less.
First of all, Mr.
Bloomfield, Matthew Rayburn is smart enough to know that the testimony of Sal Bovado, a convicted felon, won't hold up in court.
And if you had more experience so would you.
Secondly, Rayburn has enough money and legal connections to make this all go away before any of us has a chance to read him his rights.
But you can go ahead with your circumstantial case.
Just be prepared to explain the acquittal to your boss.
Or you can let me do my job and get the evidence we need to put the murderer away for life.
I'll call you when I get something.
Hey, I heard you were down here.
Want a knish? My treat.
No, thanks, but you might want to eat that knish pretty fast.
What do you got? Well blue trace on the glove turned out to be ferric ferrocyanide.
Also known as Prussian Blue.
That's blueprint ink.
Yes, a very old blueprint ink.
It's been replaced by Diazo and Whiteprints.
That's how our Hollys knew to usethe ventilation shaft - as their escape route.
- Exactly.
They got ahold of the original blueprints.
Cross and Cross designed the building in 1940.
Only place that has the original blueprints is the Department of Building and Records.
Put a call in; turns out an engineering student recently requested the plans.
- Oh, tell me you got a name.
- You know I do.
Who's our suspect? Natalie Lederman.
Natalie Lederman, NYPD.
Lederman? Hello? Heads up.
We got a woman down.
I got the bathroom.
- I got the closet.
- Clear.
She's just a kid.
Got a muzzle stamp on the gunshot wound.
Says close contact.
Yeah, she was executed.
It's a through and through.
The bullet's lodged in the mattress.
SP-4 armor-piercing jacketed.
Ammo of choice when using a PSS 7.
62 caliber pistol.
Not a weapon you see every day.
And not the weapon our crew used for the takedown.
Well maybe they were carrying spares.
Found blood under the debris.
Indicates that the place was ransacked after Natalie was murdered.
Our intruder was looking for something.
Yeah, the stolen merch, but it's not here.
Double cross? But if her partners whacked her for the jewels, why would they toss her place? Well Maybe they had a falling out, and Natalie hid it from them.
Found this in the bathroom.
A sine wave generator.
Download the output to an MP3, and you're ready to boogie.
This is what the Hollys used to break the display cabinets.
I don't hear anything.
That's the point.
She was a tough one.
How do you figure? I found traces of gun oil on her head.
Slight bruising.
Your killer held a gun to her head.
The pattern indicates it was held there for some time.
Are you sure this is the same girl who robbed your jewelry store? Mm-hmm.
This kid's barely out of her teens.
She should be at a kegger,not you know, here.
She just looks so much like my daughter.
It's okay.
We're human.
Anyway - This cut on her arm.
- Yeah.
- looks fresh.
It's in the exact location of a tear I found in one of the gloves.
You said there was a lot of glass.
I'm guessing she cut herself during the robbery.
That's why there was blood on the necklace that Eve was trying to appraise.
Blood dripping into blood.
Explains the high-velocity spatter.
Also found something in the corner of her left eye.
Looks like some type of mineral.
The primary coloration appears to be red.
I'm thinking some kind of rust.
In her eye? - Mm-hmm.
- That's weird.
Danny, what do you got? The name you gave me was good.
A woman by the name of Beth Larson bought a sine wave generator program last month from an on-line distributor.
Sent it to a P.
box in the city.
- Did you check it out? - Yeah, I did.
Turns out she closed the box two days after the package arrived.
Left no forwarding address and the guy who owns the mail drop remembers Beth as one hot party stopper.
Also mentioned she was studying physics in college.
Beth was studying physics, and Natalie was studying engineering.
Both minoring in robbery and homicide.
Using our scanned data points and portions of the wall pulled from the rubble, I recreated the crime scene and made an attempt to prove that Sal Bovado or someone else killed Pauline Rayburn.
And? I got nothing.
And what I thought I was sure of I'm not.
For example? Well, I checked the weather patterns for the last month and for the most part it was hot and humid, not dry.
Okay, so the body of Pauline Rayburn should have decayed, not mummified.
And low humidity is mandatory for mummification.
The air conditioner must have been running.
The body must have been directly in the path of the air flow.
So the killer's intention was to mummify the body? No He placed it in front of the air conditioning unit to prevent the smell of death.
Get me a print off this knob.
Chances are it belongs to Sal Bovado, or if Sal is telling the truth, Matthew Rayburn.
You were born to do this work.
The beetle.
What? We found a beetle stuck to the detached wallpaper.
Which would indicate that the glue got sticky as a result of humidity and heat.
Which completely contradicts everything we just concluded.
Unless the power went out.
Which means the air conditioner was out for a short while.
The body started to decay which attracted insects.
But the autopsy report shows little evidence that there was larvae in soft tissue areas.
There's one explanation for that.
The power came back on.
For a short while, there was significant temperature fluctuation in that room.
That's it.
That's what we're looking for.
Great work, Adam.
Thank you.
What you looking at? Surveillance video before the robbery.
The trace that Sid found in the corner of Natalie's eye wasn't rust.
Turned out to be red chrome pyrope.
It's a sediment found in the inclusion of Congo River diamonds.
Means it was on the diamonds, and our vic probably tried to remove it and that's how she came into contact.
Congo River? Then Natalie was holding a blood diamond.
What's a blood diamond? They're also known as "conflict diamonds.
" They're mined by slave labor in African war zones.
Guerilla groups use them to finance their operations.
Some people say that's how 9/11 was financed.
They're the most portable form of cash on Earth, and the people who trade in them will kill you in the blink of an eye.
Fieldcrest Jewelers wouldn't sell conflict diamonds.
They're illegal.
Then the diamonds didn't belong to Fieldcrest Jewelers.
Our thieves stole somebody else's ice.
But how would the stones have wound up in the jewelry store? Good question.
That's what we need to be looking for.
Freeze it.
Punch in.
Look at the size of that rock.
It's uncut, unset.
He's trying to sell them to the store.
I think we may have just figured out how the blood diamonds got into Fieldcrest Jewelers.
I get the feeling I've got work to do.
Lots of it.
We discovered that the mummified body of Pauline Rayburn was in a room where the air-conditioning unit was on for a period of time, then off again.
That cold-to-hot cycle was repeated when we then transported the body in a warm environment and then stored it here in one of your freezers.
So the body was exposed to drastic temperature fluctuations which gradually brought out changes that weren't visible when I first examined it.
I need to go back to the body.
You want some help? Oh, I think I've got it.
Isotropic crystals that reach extinction under crossed polars.
There's red chrome pyrope under the fingernail scrapings of our first vic.
He handled the same raw diamonds as Natalie.
So the question is: where are those stones now? Based on the search job our killer did on Natalie's apartment, I'm guessing he didn't find them.
He held that gun at her head for quite a long while.
He wanted the location of those diamonds.
Looks like our little smash-and-grab just got a whole lot more complicated.
And then some.
Your diamond seller gave us a fake name.
I pulled the statement he gave us after the robbery.
He said his name was Adir Motubu from Central Africa in New York on business.
I ran it.
No person by that name exists in any Customs database.
So our primary murder suspect's in the wind.
We have to find this guy before he gets to those girls.
we don't.
those two will die Hey, expanded the database search of every print we pulled from Natalie's apartment.
Still no hits.
All right, we're looking at all the flights that have arrived from Central Africa in the past two weeks.
Hey, guys, look at this.
This was taken at JFK two days ago.
Flight in from Kinshasa.
Similar cranial features and stature.
Yeah, but nothing definitive.
Hey, hold on.
The jacket's the same.
Isolate that.
Bring up what we have from Fieldcrest Jewelers.
What are you thinking? We can match the jacket if we compare the wear pattern along the seam.
- That's him.
- All right, cross-reference that time code from JFK with Passport Control.
Let's find out who came in just before then.
A man with the name Mosi Ghedi, passport issued from the Democratic Republic of Congo, passed through Customs exactly at our time code.
All right, let's pull up his credit cards.
Let's find out where he's been since he arrived.
He rented a car.
Anti-theft tracking.
Let's find out where he is now.
Hairline fracture, antemortem.
You're looking at tears in the tissue of the jaw line.
The vic was struck in the jaw and the neck area before death.
After death, the red blood cells were trapped in the capillaries near the injury site.
And there was no visible bruising.
But the multiple cycles of hot and cold temperature caused the red blood cells to lyse and then created a bruise in the dermis of our mummy.
What we thought was caused by the impact of the wrecking ball was actually our cause of death.
The impact on the neck and jaw caused stress to the carotid sinus, which led to the heart attack.
It's definitely murder.
I think we have a suspect.
We know that the Rayburns wore matching Claddagh wedding rings.
It's a perfect match to the impression we found in the sub dermal tissue.
He is raising his left hand, showing his Irish Claddagh wedding band Domestic violence led to death.
Matthew Rayburn killed his wife.
Did you have anything to do with your wife's disappearance? Councilman Matthew Rayburn will be charged with first-degree murder.
It was our investigative team's ability not to rush to judgment, but to simply and prudently examine the evidence which makes me very confident that we will get a conviction.
The suspect has been identified as Mosi Ghedi.
The vehicle is located at 2116 Bedford Avenue.
All units proceed with caution.
The suspect is considered armed and dangerous.
Move, move, move, move! Wait.
Stop, stop! That girl I've seen her before.
That's one of our Hollys.
What the hell is going on? Please, you don't understand.
You have to let me go.
Merry Christmas.
Looks like it's all here.
What's your name? Beth.
Beth Larson.
Please? Are you working with Mosi Ghedi? Who? No.
Please, they already killed Natalie.
Who pulled the trigger? Whosever diamonds we stole.
I don't know his name, but he knows us.
He followed us after the robbery.
We all split, and someone called me.
How did he know how to find you? He said he had a partner waiting outside the store for him.
He must have followed us.
He thought Natalie had taken everything home with her.
She didn't.
I did.
And when he found out Natalie didn't have his diamonds, he killed her, but not before he got her to turn over her partners.
I want their names, where they live.
Tell me or I pull the trigger! This wasn't supposed to happen.
It was a one-time deal.
We-we figured between us what we knew- engineering, physics, film, we could pull it off.
That's putting your college education to practical use.
None of us came from money, okay! It was a way of staying in college, keeping our apartments.
No one was supposed to get hurt.
God, please, you have to let me go now.
You do not understand! You're not going anywhere.
You're under arrest.
If I don't deliver the diamonds, they're going to kill Dana! Please.
The man on the phone said not to involve the cops! Okay? I only have till 5:00! That's ten minutes away! They have a hostage.
We can't just move in.
If we let her do the drop, she's dead.
I know, Stell, but I can't get an undercover here in under a half an hour.
I'll do it.
I'm the same size.
They were wearing wigs.
They'll never know.
He's putting a flash-bang grenade with a pressure-sensitive trigger at the bottom of the bag.
It'll only go off when Detective Monroe sets the bag down.
When she does, ESU's moving in.
What do you think you're doing? Danny, I'll be fine.
We have undercovers who can do this, all right? It's not our job.
Well, it is now.
We're out of time.
You heard what she said.
If we don't get in there in four minutes, her friend dies.
Come on, kiddo.
Raise your arms.
Turn around.
Let her in! Here's everything we took.
Who are you? Beth.
Try again.
- She's been made.
- Move now! Repeat: move now! I'm at the door.
Maintain cover on my mark! Who are you?! Who are you?! On the floor, on the floor! Move, now! Everybody freeze! Gun, gun! Got it.
Lindsay! You like shooting little girls, you sick bastard, huh? Lindsay! Danny.
Clear! Clear! - It's all right? - Yeah You're fine.