CSI: NY s04e04 Episode Script

Time's Up

Give me a couple hours, I'll get back to you on that.
I've killed him! Get back! Get back! Stay back.
I've killed him.
Killed who? Kevin.
Kevin Murray.
Chelsea dorms- 9:45.
Do you hear me? It's 10:15.
Was that this morning? Last night? No.
Kevin Murray? You Kevin Murray? Yeah.
What what do you want? I want you to put this towel on and get dressed.
Deep puncture wound over the left carotid.
Lacerations to the neck and shoulders don't appear to be self-inflicted.
Nudity, headgear, apparent dementia Think we should be checking with Bellevue? Right over there.
Let's check with him first.
No, I've never seen this guy before.
Sure about that? Yeah, I'm sure.
Why? Because he just confessed to your murder.
He? Well, obviously he was wrong.
Actually, it's a little early to tell.
Said he came from the future.
And he doesn't kill you till tomorrow.
You guys going to catch that fruitcake, or what? He scared the hell out of my kids.
I think I just found our murder weapon.
No evidence to suggest he was stabbed here.
And no blood trail leading up to this point.
That means the glass was already in his neck.
A shard this size, tamponation would've prevented a lot of blood loss, until he pulled it out.
Which would explain the arterial spray.
So where was our vic before he was here? So what's your major, Kevin? Physics, I study physics.
I told you that already.
How about extracurricular activities? ?with our friend in the helmet? No.
For the last time, I told you, I don't know that guy.
What were you doing before I pulled you out of the shower this morning? I went jogging around campus.
Anybody with you? Anyone see you? I don't know.
Come on, kid, you had to kill him before he made good on his promise to kill you, right? Am I under arrest here? No.
You're free to go.
We appreciate your time.
Well Can you at least tell me what he said? What who said? The guy- about me dying tomorrow.
I'm sorry, that's part of ongoing investigation.
This morning you said he'd been to the future.
Did he say how or where or when I'd be killed? Again, unless you have some information to share that might shed some light on our victim, I don't see what else we can do for you.
How about guaranteeing me I'm still alive in 24 hours.
Nobody knows what the future holds.
Come on.
Thank you.
Must have been a hell of a pickle.
The city's best.
Looks like somebody might have enjoyed the pickle with her.
No I.
Nothing in the purse but an allergy ialer and enough change for coffee.
Vic's hands show cadaveric spasm.
Same with her toes.
It was a typical nighttime crowd.
Dumb kids, blue-hairs and blowhards.
Then things started to get really weird.
Oh, my oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my Personally, I've given much better performances.
She was clearly faking it.
Take it from a man who knows, sweetheart, that show was all real.
That was the most disgusting young woman I have ever seen come in here for a cup of coffee, then some guy joins her.
I bring back the pickles, the next thing you know Tell me more about the guy.
Some jock, probably around her age.
Wearing a Chelsea shirt and had a T rex tattoo on his arm.
Can I get your phone number? Why, you in trouble? No, but I'd like to be.
So did you give him your number? The bottom line is, the busboy and every other witness that I spoke to said the two of them never made any physical contact.
And a few folks told me that she seemed upset before the fireworks even started.
Anything else about the guy? Whoever he was, he didn't stick around to cuddle.
Maybe this time Harry killed Sally.
It definitely attracted the mercury.
And the way it magnetically pooled on the back of his hand, is what first drew my attention to the chip.
Any idea why it was in his hand? No, but the fresh scarring tells me it hasn't been there long- a week or two tops.
I found injection points around the wound, a faint trace of local anesthetic in the surrounding tissues.
And it was sealed with cyanoacrylate adhesive.
I found traces of it on his fingers.
Which suggests our vic implanted the chip himself.
And there's something else.
What's he got lodged in his brain? You want to help me find out? There's safer ways to beat the traffic.
Oh, traffic I can handle.
Men are another story.
What is it? Gift certificate for a skydiving lesson.
I met this guy in an antique store, and then bumped into him again at a coffee stand and, suddenly, he wants to hold hands at 10, 000 feet.
So he sent me a parachute.
Original and daring.
And a bit too aggressive for me.
What? You were smiling when you opened the box.
Mac, my last boyfriend tried to kill me, and I shot him.
Well, maybe this guy's a little different.
Why don't you just run him through NYSPIN? Actually, I already did.
There are three Drew Bedfords in the city.
One is 96 and lives in a rest home.
The other is in juvie for painting boobs on a billboard.
And my original and daring friend is, uh squeaky-clean.
You and I are alike in a lot of ways.
We both do everything we can to avoid this sort of thing.
But sometimes you just got to take the plunge.
So you're telling me to fall for all this? Stella, Peyton pursued me.
I never thought I'd enjoy another relationship either.
Forget about all the risks of romance and enjoy the rewards.
It's an R-FID transponder.
"Radio frequency identification.
" Is it active or passive? It's active, so it's not only receiving a signal from a distant control point, but it's also drawing on its own power supply and transmitting the signal to the same place.
Like a handheld GPS unit.
Only, this time, it was hand-mounted.
Why would our vic go through all the pain and trouble of installing his own internal compass? I don't know but, if we can just capture the signal, maybe we can figure out where it's phoning home.
Hang on.
Hang on.
We're getting something.
Come on.
Freeze it.
They're latitude and longitude coordinates.
Let's see where they lead us.
Mac, is this what I think it is? It's a very elaborate attempt at time travel.
You guys talking time machine? Whoa.
Paging Dr.
You mean Dr.
Mac, this is our John Doe.
Got any pictures of him in a straitjacket? Believe me, Flack, this is no madman.
I've read about this guy.
Martin Browning was a cutting-edge genius.
He even won a Klimko Prize for Advanced Math and Physics.
So, what, now he's graduated to time travel? Well, if anybody could do it, it would be him.
looks like? This thing looks like an electric chair with mood lighting.
I mean, we all agree here, right? Time travel only happens in movies, or under the influence of certain controlled substances.
Hard to believe Browning would be messing around with something like this.
But he was truly a genius.
There's a fine line between genius and insanity.
Thinking Kevin Murray's the one who put a permanent end to his future- kid's got a shaky alibi at best.
So if you guys can place him here, I'd be more than happy to place him in lockup.
Someone came knocking a little too hard.
I can tell you that much.
I don't know.
If I could go anywhere back in time? Probably go back to my folks' place in Queens for one of my ma's Corned Beef Wednesdays.
I would endure every one of my brother's insults at the table for one more taste of that paradise.
The late, great Dr.
Browning would have told you that it's practically impossible to go back in time without a wormhole.
Sorry? It's a hypothetical tunnel that connects distant regions of space and time.
And, as of today, nobody has found one.
And since we haven't been visited by any tourists from the future, I think it's a pretty safe bet that nobody's going to find one tomorrow either.
So it is all make-believe.
Not necessarily.
In theory, if you built a machine that could travel the speed of light away from here, then slowed down, turned around, and flew home just as fast, when you got back, a trip that might have lasted seconds for you could have been weeks for everybody else.
Kind of like your explanation.
It's heady stuff, Flack, I know, but Browning was a genius.
I mean, come on, he may have been on to something.
Or maybe he was out of money.
According to this racing form, he played the horses at Hillridge Downs last week.
And looks like he was trying his luck with the lottery as well.
But a Klimko Prize comes with a million and a half bucks.
It's hard to imagine Browning in a tight spot for cash.
The evidence speaks otherwise.
In 1982, the U.
Mint lowered the copper content in pennies as a cost-saving measure.
They switched to a lighter, copper-zinc blend, but pennies that were made before that, they're much heavier - almost the weight of a quarter.
So, if you just rough up the edges a little bit you get a great return on your investment.
Trouble is, when I spoke to the building's landlord, he said that Browning didn't own a car.
Then whoever's been shaving pennies may know who killed him.
Or be our killer.
Sid? We keeping you up? No.
My brain just needs a little oxygen.
Looks like it needs more than that.
I found a few interesting marks on your unknown coed.
Okay Sad face? One of 27 drawn withaw permanent marker, then washed away, save for residual pigmentation.
Maybe some sort of compulsive behavior? Uh, I don't know.
Take a look.
Give me a hand? Yeah.
Now, see that? There's no way she could have done all this to herself.
Unless she was capable of drawing on her own buttocks.
I knew a kid back in the Bronx who could blow out a candle with What about stomach content? Black coffee and pickles, part of your nutritious breakfast.
So far, we're not hearing COD.
I see you're not much for foreplay.
Very well.
In this case, the cause of death was aortic aneurysm due to extreme sexual excitement.
The victim's pupils would have dilated.
Her breathing accelerated.
And with elevated natural levels of endorphins and oxytocin, her increased heart rate triggered vasocongestion and pudendal reflex.
Death by orgasm? Yes and no.
Tox found something else in her blood that shouldn't have been there.
It's an analog to Ecstasy and methamphetamine, but I really haven't seen anything like it in any of our databases.
I don't know.
Some kind of designer drug.
That's what I thought at first, but this was pure.
Not what you'd expect from a homemade cocktail.
And it was administered at a very high dosage, which would have easily led to acute neuromuscular myotonia.
How in the world did this poor girl get her hands on a drug that turns pleasure into pain? The prints I lifted off the penny got me nothing in AFIS.
What are you staring at? Dr.
Hawkes gave me this computer to data-comb and, just as I thought my mind was about to explode, all right? Check out this Internet posting I came across.
Assistant to travel through time.
Must be of sound mind and body.
This is not science fiction.
I have seen the future.
In other words, our suspect pool has gotten a whole lot deeper.
It's a number nine steel sewing needle.
Consistent with those used by industry for making fine stitches through heavy fabric.
But we carefully studied his skull.
There were no puncture wounds of any kind.
Must have happened when he was an infant.
Oh, shh, it's okay.
Oh we're okay.
Oh, okay go here before the cranial sutures had fused.
And the needle's position would have very likely prompted petit mal seizures, which would have only gotten worse with any low-level electrical stimulus, like Like from the Time Machine.
Plus, he'd have no memory of the seizures afterwards.
Might have even thought he'd been to the future.
If you look at the way the needle bridged his corpus callosum, it literally connected both hemispheres of his brain.
Linear logic on the left was directly hardwired into right brain intuition.
This needle may have actually been responsible for his genius in the first place.
Kevin Murray- the kid we interviewed- we know he studies physics at Chelsea.
Was Browning still on the faculty? Mm-hmm.
An honorary position.
Well, then, do us the honor of finding out what the dean might know about either of them.
Martin Browning was my star pupil.
I was proud to sign his diploma.
I mean, he grew up in a sewing factory.
Can you imagine someone like that turning out to be my prot g? That's pretty impressive.
But as dean, it must have been a little hard watching him surpass you so quickly.
I beg your pardon.
I never once begrudged his success.
Nor did I take any pleasure when he started to Lose his mind? For God's sake, the man should have just enjoyed his early retirement.
Instead, he chose to experiment with how much he could embarrass all of us.
No room in the curriculum for Time Travel 101, I guess.
What exactly is it you want from me? Dean Risenhoover, I found blood and epithelial residue on the door knocker outside of Martin Browning's apartment.
Why don't you just tell me what happened to your forehead? Martin was a sick man.
I mean, he struggled with seizures since he was a child, but over the last six month, it was it was different.
It was like something in him snapped.
I tried phoning him ande-mailing, but he wouldn't respond, so I thought if I went to see him in person, maybe I could finally get him some help.
- Dr.
Browning? - Open up.
He doesn't want to see you! Get outta here! Instead, I was attacked by someone claiming to be his assistant.
Can you describe the person that attacked you? Black hair with a bad attitude.
- A student perhaps? - It's possible.
Dean, are you familiar with a junior named Kevin Murray? We have hundreds of students here.
Why didn't you report this when it first happened? Because I finally decided to wash my hands of Martin.
I could see already there'd be nothing but trouble in his future.
Hard to know that without traveling through time.
Our vic's allergy inhaler was tampered with.
I lifted prints from the inner cartridge and they didn't match our Jane Doe's.
And instead of an oral antihistamine, someone inserted something called PT-604 in the chamber.
- Ever heard of it? - No.
But I also never heard of an elephant eating kosher dills, either.
The dust I collected from the booth came back as dentin ivory trace from some kind of pachyderm.
Well, Sid didn't find trace of the dust anywhere on our vic, so it couldn't have been what killed her.
?ll, if the guy in the booth is our perp, maybe this dust can help me follow his trail.
Kevin Murray.
? Do you hear me? I'll be damned.
He was right on schedule.
This place was sealed tight after you guys processed the crime scene.
Yeah, well, it looks like Kevin Murray found his way in.
I knew that kid was lying.
He was asking all those questions about Browning to find out what we knew.
Kevin Murray must have been the assistant Risenhoover talked about.
Probably one of Browning's students.
He broke back in, tried to use the machine.
Then our killer killed himself.
The way this contraption was wired, I'm surprised it didn't kill both of them a long time ago.
I don't remember photographing that before.
You couldn't have.
Because it wasn't there.
Any luck with the prints off the inhaler cartridge? Nothing in AFIS, but when I tested the inhaler's contents, guess what it matched? The mystery drug Sid found in Tox? Exactly.
So I contacted the manufacturer.
Turns out it's an experimental sexual enhancement drug only available in clinical trials.
Don't look at me.
I don't need it.
You're too old anyway.
It's currently being tested on students at the Chelsea University Health Center.
That's like throwing gas on a raging hormonal fire.
Well, Detective Angell just got me a court order to pull all the patient files and talk to the students directly.
I'm hoping that this will give us an I.
on the perp.
We got horny college kids, and horny mammals.
You want to trade? - Mammals? - Prehistoric, to be exact.
I had the trace from the deli carbon-dated.
That was no elephant that was munching on pickles at Kraus'.
We're looking at a four-million- year-old mastodon.
You like to play dirty, huh, kid? Brent Vandeman? Get up! Get up! They didn't teach you not to run in a museum? The only person in the city currently working on mastodons.
Yeah, well, that's when he's not, you know, leaving girls for dead in a deli.
Look, I'm sorry.
If I tell you the truth, I'm gonna be screwed out of a scholarship and They'll screw you out of a lot worse than that on the cell block.
You better tell us everything you know about that girl.
Her name is Robin Graham, and I only followed her to the deli 'cause I didn't want her to be pissed off, but, you know then she started just Yeah, right, right, right, we know, we know.
Why don't you stay focused on why she was upset in the first place? Come on, man, we do it every year.
Get in there, get in there.
It was just a stupid raffle, but, you know hundred bucks to play and my name got drawn, so I got her all to myself, you know? Then when I made my move, h- sh-she freaked, so I followed her to the deli.
Listen, hey, I'm sorry, you know, I? I tried talking to her, I did, you know, but then, you know, she just started wigging in front of everybody.
I don't know, I-I just bailed.
You know, for a smart kid, you're a real bonehead.
Let's go.
So you're a part of this PT-604 clinical study here at the university? They paid me 150 bucks and I spent a week straight in bed with my boyfriend.
Then when he couldn't take it anymore, I got myself a new boyfriend.
Oh, my God it was off the hook.
What about Robin Graham? Have you ever seen her in the clinic? Or somewhere else? On campus maybe? No, I haven't seen her anywhere, and I'd rather not if she looks like that.
Well, that's it for the control patients.
You want the placebos, too? No, these were the only kids participating in the study with direct access to the drug.
And the Student Health Center has prints on file for every one of them.
Okay, let's get those back to the lab, see what they have to say.
Did you know that I was the third-grade hopscotch champion of Hawthorne Elementary? I don't remember seeing that on your r?um? no.
Well, trust me, I played and won 'em all, but I never saw a hopscotch game like this one, and that's because it's not hopscotch.
It's game theory.
Exactly, but I didn't make the connection until you sent the time machine manual over for analysis.
Look how similar these formulas are.
Browning was using complex game theory tables to calculate mathematical probabilities like which horse might win the next race or what lottery ticket might pay off.
Or who might be next to die.
He knew the machine was broken.
Browning's blood was on the chalk.
He used it.
This is the formula he scribbled to figure out the odds of Kevin's survival if he tried to use it after he was gone.
K, Kevin.
Faster than light.
Time of death: 9:45.
But if the machine was busted, why would Kevin have gotten in it? When you figure probability, there's usually choices to make.
Maybe Kevin didn't have one.
So who the hell is L? I don't know, but you might want to check your math.
According to Sid, Kevin's body showed signs of defensive wounds, which occurred prior to electrocution.
I also got another partial print off this manual which doesn't match Kevin's, and here's the kicker- the blood sample we took off the cover is an exact match to Dr.
Martin Browning and it was wet blood.
That puts him in the room and on the day.
- But we all know he was dead in the drawer when Kevin got killed.
- Mm-hmm.
Well, Dr.
Browning did say he'd been to the future.
I think it's high time we separate the science from the science fiction.
Browning's blood was rehydrated.
The book was left on the seat.
There had to be somebody else in the room.
L is our real killer.
I don't get it, Mac.
They're something we're missing.
Okay, we've got three partial prints- one from the shard, one from the book and one from the penny.
Lindsay, hand me that piece of paper.
What? None of these partials match either of our victims, right? And there was no hit in AFIS because we didn't have enough surface area on any print to confirm a match.
You just handed me this piece of paper.
Your thumb left a print.
When I grip this penny thumbprints.
If L held the manual, scraped the pennies for the meter, we put the partials together And A complete print.
Let's see if we get a hit.
What, I'm not beat up enough? You're lucky my men pulled those bookies off you when they did.
How much you into them for? What happened, your luck finally run out? You must have been licking your chops when you saw Martin Browning's classified ad.
Nice address, swank apartment.
Probably figured you could shave a few pennies and play along with his time travel story just long enough to lift yourself a new stereo or flat screen TV.
That was no story, man.
He could really travel through time.
Look, when I first showed up, he already had college boy for an assistant.
So, yeah, I admit it, I conned him into letting me stick around long enough to case the place.
And then he started taking those trips.
You know, didn't look like he went anywhere, but he said at faster than the speed of light we wouldn't be able to see him move anyway.
So I decided just to test him a little, you know.
He comes back with the damn trifecta twice.
That's when I started to believe, and I got to tell you, man, that was the best damn run of my life.
Till you got greedy.
Tried to force him to take another trip.
Hey, Doc, number six, Soldier of Rome.
- I need this, man.
- It's not safe! - It's not ready! - I need one more! I didn't build this for you! You got to get in that machine! Get up! Get away from me! So you murdered Martin Browning.
I didn't mean to.
I even tried to chase after him, make sure he was all right, you know.
But it was too late.
You guys going to catch the fruitcake or what? Once you knew he was dead, you had to find another way to try and cover your losses.
I was too deep in the hole, man.
I flunked out of sixth grade science.
There was no way in hell I was going to learn how to fix that thing on my own, much less drive it.
- Move.
- I'm going.
I said move! I had to get the kid back to the time machine.
Now remember, pick three in the trifecta, - number two race.
- All right, move, man! All right, first thing you do is you check the regulator thing.
What is it? Got that.
Come on, hurry up.
Hit it! It's going.
I don't know what happened.
You know, we we tried to read the manual.
But, hey, you guys are smart, right? Maybe if we work together, we could fix it, you know? Try to make things Sorry, time's up.
You lied, Kelsey, you did know Robin Graham.
Okay, you're right.
She wanted to be a Gamma Delta Gamma.
She wanted to be my little sis, but neither of those things was going to happen until we took care of her business.
Who told you that Robin was a virgin? She did.
During the mirror ceremony.
Mirror ceremony? It's just a little ritual we use to help pledges face their flaws.
But the minute I heard about her virginity, I knew she'd need a little extra help.
Is that what you guys call a virgin sacrifice? That's what the frat boys call it.
Nobody was going to make her do anything that she didn't want to.
What do you call switcng out her allergy inhaler? Setting the mood.
This way I knew she was allergic to flowers from all the ceremonies since the beginning of the semester.
So I figured I'd just use that to loosen her up a little.
I mean, it worked for me.
Guess you couldn't be bothered with any contraindications.
Contra-huh? The fine print that you didn't bother to read before you made the swap.
You see, with these clinical trials, they're really not sure exactly how it's going to react with the patient's preexisting condition.
Like Robin's asthma.
See, when she didn't get any relief from her inhaler after the first couple of puffs, she had to have more.
Yeah, and that's when she lost control of herself in front of God and everybody.
You killed that girl.
It was just an accident.
That you caused.
you got to be kidding.
You can't pin this on me.
Oh, yes, we can.
We found your prints on the rose petals, and they match the prints we found on the cartridge used to kill her.
So now we're going to perform a little ritual we like to call arresting you for manslaughter.
Turn around.
Turn around! Well, at least she went with a smile on her face.
No, and I can promise you this you won't either.
Let's go.
Dear Mac I'm writing you this letter because I know if I call, the moment I hear your voice, I'll be lost.
I know you only left London last month because it was time to go home.
But what I've realized since then is that this is my home.
There's a new job for me here.
My family is here.
My life is here, Mac, and as much as I would've loved for you to stay and be a part of it, I know that your work and your life, would inevitably take you away.
We could fly back and forth in one of those commuter relationships for awhile, I'm sure, but as close as we are, there would still always be an ocean between us.
So it's best we say good-bye, my love.
Sorry, Mac, but I've got another file o/~ I'm not in love o/~ o/~ I do think I have tried o/~ o/~ It costs too much o/~ o/~ I don't have the money or the time o/~ o/~ Caused me to fall apart once or twice o/~ o/~ It's worse can lack the beautiful mess o/~ o/~ In a perfect world we never came o/~ o/~ Oh, we never left o/~ o/~ But you remember what we were o/~ o/~ Do you find out owhat a kiss is for o/~ o/~ Right before you die? o/~ o/~ And just like when you had fallen o/~ o/~ I will be there when you rise o/~ o/~ In all kinds of weather o/~ o/~ I will be there when you rise o/~ o/~ Oh, it's the most o/~ o/~ Peculr feeling o/~ o/~ Don't know what's coming o/~ o/~ After we die o/~ o/~ Oh o/~ o/~ I will be there when you rise.