CSI: NY s04e06 Episode Script


Smallpox, yellow fever, influenza, you had the bubonic plague.
What are you talking about, pops? Long ago, when several coffins were excavated and scratches were found inside our ancestors, they realized they'd been burying folks before their time.
No, kid, back then when the plagues hit, guys like you and me, we couldn't dig fast enough.
Come on.
Saved by the bell? Doesn't mean what you think.
Morticians would tie a string to the hand of the dead person and take the other end of the string and tie it to a bell above ground.
And immediately after the burial, a person from the mortuary would be assigned the task to sit by the new gravesite and listen for the bell to ring.
That was called the "graveyard shift.
" You're freaking me out, you know that? My God! What? I am gonna kill you! thanks for coming.
All my guys are on that cessna crash in suffolk.
The report said a little girl was missing? Rose Duncan.
That's her in the middle.
We have alerts out.
The rest of the family's inside.
No signs of B & E, the place doesn't look tossed.
Shaping up like a murder-suicide.
And just so you know, the media's gonna be all over this.
Yeah, multiple homicide.
It's expected.
No, this one's gonna be covered differently.
Why's that? shot himself in this house.
Two days later, his daughter disappeared.
Bill's wife Betty claims her husband was hearing voices.
He told people the house was possessed by evil spirits.
Just like the amityville horror.
All I know is the folks inside this house were good people.
For Gil Duncan to shoot his family, commit suicide, there's got to be an explanation other than ghosts made him do it.
This is detective Monroe.
It's october 31st, 2007, 23:30 hours.
I'm at 1135 Ocean Avenue, Amityville, New York.
I have two bodies in the hall, both male.
Believed to be the sons, Tommy and Charlie Duncan.
Both are lying prone in a north-to-south direction.
Both appear to have sustained single gunshot wounds to the back.
No apparent stippling, indicating they were shot from medium or long range.
Gravitational blood drops indicate both victims were running towards the door when they were shot.
Third victim, female, believed to be Amy Duncan, age 35.
Also received single gunshot wound to the back.
No apparent stippling.
Final victim, believed to be Gil Duncan, age 38, shotgun six inches east of his left hand.
Single gunshot wound to the abdomen.
Circular bruise pattern can be seen around the wound, bulge on one end, consistent with the weapons foresight, indicates a close contact shot, also consistent with suicide.
All right, I'm out of step plates.
I'm gonna go grab some more, all right? Danny? Danny! Lindsay.
What's up? What's the matter? - What? - Shh, listen.
Please, help me there's someone inside the wall.
Stay back from the wall! Help me! I'm gonna get ya.
It's Rose from the photo.
All right, hang on, sweetie.
Okay, hang on sweetheart, I got you.
She's been shot.
Get her to a hospital now! Excuse me.
Happy holloweird, Mac.
Looks like quite a massacre.
Zombie flash mob? Yeah, I don't get it either.
So Stella told me your mysterious caller disappeared.
I haven't got a call at Maybe your guy decided it was time to stop stalking you.
Maybe he's getting ready to take it the next level.
hey, meet john doe.
Wallet's missing and no one's stepping forward to say they recognize him.
Witnesses say they saw him hit the deck, but they thought he was just overacting.
Got the torn clothes, dirt, blood blunt-force trauma to the head.
Nothing fake about that.
Medium-velocity spatter indicates he could have been hit here.
Blood trail? I don't know.
We've tested 30 stains, so far- all fake.
So we don't know if we're looking at a primary or a secondary crime scene.
All we had is our vic and 300 zombies crammed into midtown vandalizing stores, stalling traffic and scaring tourists.
All for a laugh.
Maybe someone didn't get the joke.
Trick or treat! Hey-hey! Mom? Yes? I don't feel so good.
Someone ate too much candy.
Come on.
Let's go home.
Danny? Danny is that you? Get out! Get out! I told them to leave! I warned them, but you still have a chance! Leave this house.
Leave now or it will get you! Whoa, whoa, whoa, what are you doing? You didn't see her? See who? I got my men doing a canvas of the neighborhood, grid search of the yard.
But so far, no evidence of any elderly female intruder.
Do you not believe me? All I'm saying is people come to town and get caught up in the folklore.
Do we look like we're here buying postcards? Sheriff, we've all got a lot of work to do, if you and your men would just secure the perimeter, that'd be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
Lindsay, Lindsay.
Forget about this guy.
You saw the old woman who grabbed you.
She went down that secret corridor? Right.
Like she already knew where it was.
Danny, she said that she warned the Duncans to stay out of the house.
That something was going to happen.
She knows something.
We should find her.
Well, she couldn't have gotten too far on foot.
We'll find her soon enough.
Hey, you know what? She scratched my arm.
If she left her dna behind, we might not have to wait that long.
quite the ambience, sid.
Halloween is the one day of the year we're allowed, encouraged to celebrate the dead.
For without death, one cannot appreciate life.
What about this one? Cod is subdural hematoma.
Wound like this often isn't immediately fatal.
Your vic could have been somewhat lucid, and even walking or stumbling for about 15 minutes post impact.
Okay, so if he was transient after he was hit, it means that midtown isn't our primary crime scene.
Any idea on the murder weapon? That's tricky, Mac.
Your vic suffered blunt force trauma as well as sharp force trauma.
The sharp force trauma wounds are approximately a half inch wide and extend into the bone.
Looks like chopping wounds.
May be looking for an axe or a machete.
Even more interesting, is the blunt force trauma.
It was localized in the parietal region of the skull.
Looks like a "w" or an "M.
" Murder weapon had raised lettering on it.
He could have been hit with two different weapons.
Anything else? Found wood-like fibers under his nails.
Already sent them up to trace.
Finally, for what I can't explain: Body temp indicates your vic has been dead for eight hours, even though witness reports established he's been dead for three.
Means he died twice.
That's not possible.
Well, I didn't find any bite marks on him or human brains in his stomach contents.
But he was dead before he was killed.
Which medically makes him a zombie.
Happy halloween.
Marks on our vic's head weren't made by two different weapons, they were made by one cricket bat.
Any luck, with narrowing down primary crime scenes? Yeah, I have a radius of origin.
And considering his injuries, our vic could have kept walking for up to half a mile before collapsing.
I'll get Flack working on a canvas.
If we can find where our vic was coming from, maybe we can find our killer.
I don't get it.
Who puts a secret passageway in their own house? Probably from the prohibition era.
A lot of these homes out here had them back then.
Guessing Rose discovered the room when the family moved in.
When she saw her father go on a rampage, she went in there to hide.
And that's when the shot went through the wall and hit her.
you know, the only question I have is, if Gil wanted to kill his whole family, why not go after Rose? There's no bloody footprints.
There's no indication that he went looking for her.
I mean, unless he knew she was behind the wall and he shot her deliberately.
Maybe Gil's not our shooter.
This pad's giving me a weak positive.
There's only trace amounts of gunshot residue.
If he handled this gun, he'd have gsr all over him.
But what about the circular bruise pattern on the wound? That's consistent with a close contact shot.
I'm thinking the shot cup could have made this mark.
Well, that means our contact shot isn't a contact shot at all.
Which means Gil might not have shot himself.
We've got to get this to hawkes for testing.
Danny, Gil Duncan didn't kill himself.
Distance determination showed the muzzle of the barrel was about four feet away when Gil was shot.
So there's no way he could have reached the trigger.
So we're not looking at a murder-suicide.
We're looking for a killer.
Trajectory of the shot suggest that our shooter was standing right around here when he pulled the trigger.
Which means our killer left this footprint.
It's the hospital.
Hi, Rose.
I'm detective Monroe, and this is detective Messer.
We're trying to find out who hurt your family.
The monster.
You saw a monster in your house? Those belong to our zombie? Yeah.
Clothes we got from the vic.
Nothing unusual, though.
He was covered in dirt.
Gravitational blood drops on the shoe confirm the victim was up and walking when he was hit.
But found this a little strange.
A diaper? Our vic was wearing it.
Tested positive for urine.
Seemed a little young for incontinence issues.
Could have been his costume, or he could have been drinking and just knew how hard it was to find a bathroom in midtown Manhattan on any day, let alone halloween.
Tox came back totally clean.
Our vic wasn't drinking.
And the wood-like substance that sid found under his fingernails turned out to be jute coated with traces of a water-based varnish.
Jute's usually used in rope and rugs.
Where did the varnish come from? A coffin.
Flack did a little digging.
He found out that two cemetery groundskeepers reported a zombie attack last night.
Half of Manhattan reported zombie attacks last night.
Yeah, but this one was different.
Diggers reported they were filling a grave when a man broke through a coffin but not just any coffin, it was biodegradable, made from jute.
Very easy to get out of.
Did you get an I.
From the funeral home? Yeah.
The vic's name is Dexter Nevins.
married to a Sophia Nevins.
We're trying to find her now.
Dexter was an immigration attorney.
His funeral was yesterday afternoon.
Small ceremony.
He's not saying what I think he's saying, is he? We may have discovered where our vic first Rose from the dead.
think our vic could have squeezed through that hole? If he was desperate enough.
Those are definitely scratch marks.
How did Dexter Nevins get buried alive? Flack's pulling the death certificate to see who pronounced him dead.
That's a voodoo doll, Mac.
Maybe this will tell us who wanted him dead.
So what do we have that'll put us on the trail of our doll maker? Found a photo of our vic torn up in the doll's head.
Morley cigarettes, bottle of haitian rum and three extremely rare haitian blue coffee beans.
According to an internet search, all these items right here are traditional offerings to baron samedi, voodoo God of the dead.
Even creepier, the hair on the doll's head was a match to Dexter Nevins.
This wasn't some toy.
This was made specifically for Dexter.
Only voodoo didn't kill him, a blow to the head did.
Except there's no reason to make a voodoo doll other than to wish harm on someone.
Speaks to prior motive.
Yeah, but wouldn't we expect, though, to find the doll with the killer and not the victim? Unless our killer decided to bury the evidence.
With the body.
The only flaw to that perfect plan, when your vic decides to come back to life.
I hate zombies.
I know.
They spoil all the fun, don't they? So whoever made this doll may have used Dexter Nevins as the ultimate sacrifice.
Went through a reference catalog of shotgun wounds and the spread pattern on Gil was consistent with dr.
Hawkes' findings; four feet seems about right.
Also found numerous hairs while removing the victims' clothing.
They didn't look human, so I sent them up to kendall and she said they came back to multiple dog breeds, one being a tibetan kyiapso.
It's supposed to be extremely rare.
There's nothing here in the house that indicates the family had a dog, sid.
Then maybe your killer did.
Maybe, yeah.
Hey, Linds, I took a look at those shoeprints you sent back to the lab.
They're work boots, size 11.
Gil Duncan wore size nine.
What about the shotgun? No prints.
Looks like it was wiped down.
Did find trace on the trigger guard, though.
Chromatographic fingerprint revealed it's sap from pinus strobus, also known as the eastern white pine tree.
It's indigenous to wait a minute.
Did you say white pine? Yeah, that's right.
Sheldon, I'll call you back.
Hawkes said he found sap from the eastern white pine on the murder weapon.
This is a white pine.
Yeah, check it out.
Those branches are broken.
Our killer could have climbed this tree onto the second story, made his way over to that roof and into the attic.
there's a footprint with sap and bark on the roof.
More sap on the frame.
That confirms point of entry.
There's a shirt.
It's about the only thing not covered in dust.
I got something.
It looks like I got absorbents right here.
Small tears, sap.
This belonged to our shooter.
That's a latent blood stain underneath the dust, which means somebody tried to cover this up a while ago.
Let me see that.
There's sweat all over this shirt.
Yeah, well, it's like a sauna up here.
The amount of sweat; I think our shooter was up here for a while.
But the question is what was he waiting for? excuse me.
We're looking for thank you.
The man is cursed.
Excuse me? The tower card the hanged man and the devil.
Be careful! I have strangers here, I see.
Your names? Mac Taylor, Stella Bonasera, NYPD.
Josephine Delacroix.
How can I help you, detectives? Miss Delacroix, did you make this doll? It might be one of mine.
Well, we found haitian blue ce offebeans inside of this doll and yours is the only store in the city that sells them.
We believe the doll was specifically made for one man.
This man here.
He was murdered last night.
We need to know who you made the doll for.
What are you doing? I'm not doing anything.
Close your eyes.
What? I said close your eyes.
I'm not gonna ask you again.
Who are you? Josephine Delacroix, I just told you.
How do you know me? I don't.
You just walked into my store.
Mac? In the past two months, I've been getting anonymous phone calls, all at 3:33 in the morning.
Some people believe 333 to be a proverb: "The curse of the lord is in the house of the wicked, but he blesses the habitation of the just.
" What do you believe it to mean? the one who collects souls for the sins of our youth.
Okay, we're leaving, but we'll be back.
This is all my fault.
I did not make that doll for anyone.
I made it for myself.
Nevins was a client.
His death is my doing.
You killed him? I put a curse on him.
Why? Mr.
Nevins wanted to know about haitian voodoo.
More specifically, about returning back from the dead.
He said he wanted to know the scam.
I told him there was no scam.
It was voodoo.
So how did the doll get in Dexter's coffin? I put the doll in at the funeral.
The only place for it to be was with mr.
Nevins as he greeted baron samedi, God of the dead face-to-face.
Mac? It's starting to sound like Dexter buried himself alive.
Wanted to fake his own death.
You think it was a life insurance scam? Probably.
Explains the diaper.
But why plan for a bathroom break and not the fact that you're gonna run out of oxygen 40 minutes after being buried? And then why have an open-casket funeral when you're trying to fake your own death? Witnesses, in case the insurance company balked.
So how did he fool all those people into believing he was dead? Get anything from the dna off of your arm? No hits in codus, but when I ran the old woman's dna against the blood that we found in the attic floor, I found shared alleles at all 16 loci.
So the blood in the attic was from the daughter? Or mother.
And the nmr analysis dated the blood back to 30 years ago.
Which is when the Willens family lived in that house.
So what does the old lady and the blood in the attic have to do with the Duncan family murders? We need to find out what happened in that house 31 years ago.
Danny, this is the former owner of the house.
Okay, this is gonna sound really weird, but I think that's the woman who attacked me.
Betty Willens? What would she be doing in her old house? I don't know, but I'm gonna age this, see if I'm right.
- That's her! - I don't get it.
What would make Betty Willens return to that house after 30 years? I might be able to answer that.
What do you got? Rose's monster.
Dna from the sweaty shirt you found in the attic came back as Betty Willens' son Henry.
His dna was in the system, and take a look at this tattoo.
Rose wasn't imagining it.
She did see a monster.
This guy's been in and out of prison his entire life.
Currently on parole after serving a nickel for armed robbery.
His P.
Got him a job as an animal control officer for the county.
That could explain the dog hair we found on the vic's clothing.
Let's bring this guy in.
Not so fast.
Got to find him first.
Reached out to his boss, turns out Henry's been mia with his truck since yesterday.
His last dispatch reported he picked up several dogs and never made it to the pound.
Called him at his house, he doesn't answer his phone.
Same with his mother, Betty.
Got an alarm out on both of them.
Maybe his truck has one of those anti-theft tracking no, no, no, come on, already asked.
You know what, the dogs might.
What? Sid said that the hairs he found came back to a very expensive breed of dog.
So I'm thinking if I were that pet's owner, I'd do everything in my power to make sure it never got lost.
You can't lojack a dog though- wait, can you? No, but they do make dog collars with gps tracking chips in them.
So you said that that dogs Henry picked up never made it back to the pound? Right.
I'm thinking maybe they're still with him.
And if one of those dogs has a gps collar then maybe we can track Henry down.
Dexter Nevins' death certificate.
Cod was congestive heart failure and was signed by a dr.
Roger burgess.
I think I know how Dexter fooled him.
I figured it had to be some type of drug that our routine tox didn't catch or that had already metabolized out of his system.
So I went to our most recent sample.
The diaper.
I found tetrodotoxin in Dexter's urine.
That would explain why the body temperature didn't reflect time of death.
- Dexter would have seemed dead.
- Right.
The only question is: How does an immigration attorney get his hands on a drug like that? Unless he has a friend who's a doctor.
Who'd be willing to sign his death certificate, no questions asked.
Hey, guys.
So I'm loving your insurance scam theory.
Dexter Nevins was insured to the hilt.
His wife Sophia was the beneficiary and it turns out he and Sophia were in major debt.
So Dexter's dead and there's a lot of money to be collected.
Where's the wife? No one can find her.
She hasn't collected the insurance either.
It's like she disappeared.
If dr.
Burgess was in on it, they could be together.
Took a look at Sophia's last credit transactions.
Everything stops the day before the funeral, and get this, the last charge on their joint card, a helios personal oxygen system.
With oxygen, Dexter could have survived ten, 12 hours.
Sophia comes back, digs him up and they split town with the money.
There was no evidence of an oxygen tank in the coffin.
Maybe it was never put in the coffin because Sophia never intended to dig her husband up.
Take a look at this.
This is a real-time map of all the animals that are reported lost and being tracked by ani-trac, the GPS collar company.
I got 20 hits in Manhattan and Western Long Island.
Everything's in motion except for these four.
All right, where is this? That's the Duncan's address.
This guy's going back to the crime scene.
That's Henry.
Don't move.
Don't move.
Toss the lady.
I got him.
Henry! What's in the suitcase? Henry! Don't.
Don't open it.
Please! Please don't open it! Don't! My baby.
My baby.
Ma'am, I beg you, don't let them take my babies.
Please, please, please, don't let them.
I beg you, don't let them take them, please.
When you're a little kid, you don't know nothing, you know? My crazy dad shoots himself in the head, all my mom tells me is, he went to live with the angels.
that's dumb, right? That's dumb.
My father loved guns.
I loved my father.
When he was gone, I just I wanted to keep remembering him, you know.
Henry? It just went off.
Henry was never right after that night.
And it was my fault.
I knew I had to protect him.
I knew that they'd take him away or they'd declare me unfit.
I'd already lost my husband.
I couldn't bear losing all that was left of my family.
So you cleaned up the crime scene and you buried your daughter in the house.
Only you told everybody that she just disappeared.
And for 31 years, people believed you.
I should I should have moved her years ago.
I was evicted.
- I just didn't think anyone would - why now? I read the story in the paper about the old place being sold.
No one had lived there since Henry and I left.
Everyone thought it was haunted.
Except the Duncans.
They told reporters they didn't believe in ghosts.
They said that they were looking forward to renovating the old place.
Which meant they'd uncover your secret.
So you sent Henry to go get your daughter before she could be discovered.
It was all supposed to be so simple.
And those people weren't supposed to be there.
I mean, it was halloween, you know.
I waited till they left.
but they came home early, because little Charlie had a stomachache.
And when they found you inside their house you killed them all.
I panicked.
I couldn't go back to jail.
Who are you? What are you doing here? Honey, call the police.
Don't do that.
Hey, man, no, no, no.
then when it's all over, you put the gun in Gil's hand.
Thought people might assume the house was still possessed.
It was you, Henry, who killed that family.
It was not the devil.
You're wrong.
The devil did kill that family that night.
He came to me the day my sister died in that house.
I just didn't know enough not to let him in.
Hey, Mac.
I'm trying to reach dr.
Burgess who signed our vic's death certificate.
His office says he hasn't shown up for work today.
You try him at home? - No answer, but look at this address.
- 40th and park.
It's less than ten blocks from where we found our vic.
It's also on the perimeter we set for the point of origin.
I'm thinking his home might be our primary crime scene.
Burgess? Nypd.
We want to have a couple words with you.
Hey, Mac.
I've got dirt and blood.
I've got a faint pulse.
They're still alive.
Get me a bus at 1530 west 40th street and put a rush on it.
Bet I know what this is.
Just like Dexter.
Makes sense now.
Once Dexter escaped from the coffin, he knew they left him for dead.
He wanted some answers.
Looks like Dexter got his answers and his revenge.
You think they'll survive? Depending on what the dosage was.
But for now, they're caught between the living and the dead.