CSI: NY s05e03 Episode Script


*****on the seat belt sign.
Please return to your seats with your seat belts fastened until the captain turns off the light and it is safe to move about the cabin.
I don't want to die this way.
How can you be so calm? The wings are gonna rip right off this tin can.
It's all right.
There's no correlation between air turbulence and structural failure unless, of course,we're flying inside a thunderstorm.
We're just crossing a barrier between different air currents.
What are you,a rocket scientist? Crime scene investigator.
Just try not to think about the turbulence.
What do you do for a living,Mr Riley-- Ed Riley.
I'm filing a patent in DC today.
Run,swim,sleep,skydive,crash in an airplane no way this is coming off.
I call it the "The Wig Lock.
" in their 20s suffer from it.
Started losing my hair when I was 28.
Now,I know what you're thinking: this guy's too young to be follicly challenged.
Premature male baldness runs in my family.
Actually,it's on my mother's side.
All four of her brothers bald before they reached 40.
I didn't catch your name.
Uh,Mac Taylor.
Uhexcuse me one minute.
I'm sorry,sir,I'll have to ask you to return to your seat.
Detective Taylor,New York Crime Lab.
Is there a problem? Who found him? I did.
During the turbulence,I saw blood coming from under the door.
Severed carotid artery.
He was stabbed.
Did you find or see anything that could have caused this? Nothing.
What about anyone leaving or entering the bathroom before the body was discovered? No.
Federal Air Marshal.
His gun is gone.
You think his killer's gonna take over the plane? He disarmed the only person who could stop him.
proudly presents Season 05 Episode 03 Keep the seat belt sign on and notify the pilots to stay locked inside the cockpit and get us turned around back to JFK.
Do you think there's more than one hijacker? I don't know.
If we turn around,people are gonna start asking questions.
Tell the passengers someone is sick.
I'm gonna need a first aid kit and the passenger manifest.
The rest of you,back to work.
Business as usual.
If anyone needs to use the bathroom,have them use the one up front.
I want no one back here.
Remember,someone on this plane is a killer.
Ladies and gentlemen,we have an emergency.
A passenger is ill,and we have been instructed to return to New York.
Please take your seats and remain seated for the duration of our flight.
We apologize for this inconvenience.
Did you hear that? A passenger's sick.
Yeah,right,what they really mean is an engine is about to fail.
This is about a passenger.
He's dead.
What? I'm gonna need your help.
You've got to stay calm.
There's been a murder on board.
Whoever did it has a gun.
You're not joking,are you? You're gonna follow me to the back of the plane.
I want you to stand in the galley,keep your eyes on the cabin and look for anything suspicious.
Like what? You'll know it when you see it.
Why me? You're the only one I'm sure is not the killer.
You were next to me the entire flight.
That guy's dead,all right.
Nice hair,though.
You're my eyes.
Keep them on the cabin; you see something you don't like,let me know.
First aid kit and passenger manifest,Detective.
No wallet or ID.
Nothing with a picture.
Maybe he left his wallet in his seat.
What seat was he in? I think it was 6C.
No one listed on the manifest for that row.
Well,air marshals aren't always assigned seats.
But it was definitely row six.
I remember giving him a magazine right after we took off.
I'll check his seat.
And while I do that,have the captain contact the Federal Air Marshal Service.
Give them that badge number.
Let's see what they can tell us about this guy.
According to the manifest,seat 11D is supposed to be occupied by James Turner.
There was a gentleman sitting there.
Beverage service hadn't started,but he seemed very agitated,so I gave him some water.
I don't know where he went.
There he is.
Row 12.
You find anything? Nothing.
No wallet,no carry-on.
We have a problem.
According to the Federal Air Marshal Service, this badge number is registered to a guy named Roger Stockwell.
Late 40s,short,cropped salt-and-pepper hair, and scheduled to be on a flight to Los Angeles today.
Not the description of our vic.
Then,who's this guy? I can send a picture of his prints back to my lab,but,uh I'm gonna need cell phone service.
The captain has a satellite phone in the cockpit.
I believe it has a camera.
Get it.
I also need a tube of lipstick and three air sickness bags.
I'll collect the barf bags.
I got it.
Here's the pilot's satellite phone.
Hold that.
Just warming up,Walsh.
You're a show-off,Bonasera.
What I amis good.
And you and the rest of your firemen buddies aren't gonna know what hit you at the playoffs 'cause NYPD is gonna take it this year.
Hey,I told them a coed baseball league was a bad idea.
I thought you were supposed to be on your way to Washington to testify.
I was,but a male DB changed my flight plans.
What? Yeah,the vic appears to have been posing as an air marshal.
He's got a badge that's legit,but no ID and an empty holster.
Where's the gun? Wish I could answer that.
You hearing anything about any other hijackings? No,no,nothing.
Mac,if this was organized,we'd have heard something.
Unless we're the first.
I sent a set of the vic's prints to the lab.
Have Lindsay find out who he is.
And Stella,hunt down everything you can on a James Turner.
He a suspect? I don't know yet.
But in the next half hour,I just might find out.
That's when we land.
So,get everyone over to J,secure a hangar, and tell them I'm coming in with a crime scene.
This is a positive ID,Lindsay? Your victim's name is Anton Greenway.
He's your fake air marshal.
Get this.
He escaped from custody yesterday.
He was a three-striker headed to Sing Sing for a life stretch, and he jumped out of a second floor courtroom window.
Convicted of? smuggling,dealing.
He used to work at JFK as an employee for Atlantic Vista Airways, so he knew his way around airplanes and airports.
What about the owner of the badge? You been able to locate Roger Stockwell yet? The director for the air marshals said Stockwell was staying at an airport hotel last night, but he never checked in with the field office this morning.
Danny and Flack are on their way to the real air marshal's hotel.
Roger Stockwell,NYPD.
Stockwell,we need to talk to you,sir.
Open it.
There's our air marshal.
Looks like he checked out early.
This guy's been beat up pretty good.
Bruising on his face,defensive bruises on his arm.
No sign of forced entry,but it does looks like he put up one hell of a fight.
Since when do,uh,housekeepers use duct tape? I'm guessing since they started packing Desert Eagle .
That cannon packs quite a punch.
Yeah,only there were no reports of gunshots from hotel guests or employees.
So,how does a highly trained and armed air marshal take one between the eyes, and nobody hears anything? Got something in his head wound.
You mean,besides the large caliber bullet? White fibers.
Looks like there's some more of it over there.
What have we got here? Can I get a witness? Well,hello there.
Bullet hole and powder burns in the fur.
This might be why nobody heard anything.
An improvised silencer.
There's some more,uh,trace here,too.
Killer's? The variegated color and the coarseness suggest that it's not human.
And it doesn't appear to be from the panda.
Maybe the bear has a friend.
This also could be how the killer got in the room.
You got the wrong room.
Roger Stockwell? Happy birthday.
Ladies and gentlemen,please remain calm.
We'll be deplaning momentarily.
Please remain seated and stay calm.
Ladies and gentlemen,can I have your attention,please? My name is Mac Taylor.
I'm a detective with the New York Crime Lab.
A murder was committed on this plane shortly after takeoff.
We'll need your full cooperation with our investigation.
When you deplane,please follow the instructions of the officers and the agents.
We're going to start with you,sir.
What's going on? Out of your seat slowly,please.
I didn't do anything.
Come on.
Just follow me.
I I Go with this officer.
Get the rest of them off one by one,starting with the front row.
Homeland Security and FAA believe that this murder was an isolated incident.
They're willing to let you take the lead so long as they're kept in the loop.
I want each passenger searched.
Collect DNA and prints.
The only one I know didn't do it was the guy in the seat next to me.
Mac,we can't do any of that without a warrant, and in order to get a warrant, we need probable cause.
The cause is murder,and one of them is our killer.
I know.
I argued that point.
Basically,all we can do is search the passengers' carry-on luggage and ask for their cooperation.
If they refuse We have to let them go.
Right,and we can't detain them for more than 24 hours.
So unless we find evidence to hold a suspect before then,they all walk.
Now,Homeland Security's going to question the passengers.
We're gonna check for evidence.
Excuse me.
Hawkes,there's a body on the plane.
And the clock's ticking.
I'm on it.
Adam,I want you to search the waste receptacles.
Food service,walkways,lavatories.
Any place the killer could have hidden the murder weapon and the air marshal's gun.
Flack ran your suspect,James Turner.
He paid cash for a one-way ticket.
Didn't check luggage,and didn't book a hotel room in Washington,DC,and doesn't live there.
So,why was he on the plane? It's none of your business how I travel.
Actually,it is.
You were on a flight where a murder was committed,and there's blood on your shirt,Mr.
Doesn't look like you shaved today.
I don't know how that got there.
Am I a suspect? Would you mind stepping over that tent and removing your clothes,please? Yeah.
Yeah,I do mind.
We'll do this the hard way.
We're gonna make a lot of phone calls to a lot of people, and somebody's gonna tell me something you don't want me to hear.
Look,I got a family in DC.
A second family.
First wife doesn't know.
It's,uh It's complicated,but I'm not a bad guy,I swear.
Wrong answer,Mr.
What you should be explaining is how that blood got on your shirt, and swearing you didn't kill the guy on that plane.
I'm going to ask you one more time.
Remove your clothing.
Officer,escort him.
So,what do you think? We'll know soon enough.
Vic bled out.
A single stab wound to the neck.
Spatter indicates he was most likely standing with his back to the wall.
He then spun around,leaving arterial spray before he collapsed.
I've got blood on the faucet.
Looks like our killer came in here to clean up.
He could've left a latent blood trail on his way down the aisle.
Might tell us where he sat.
I'll get the lights.
Lot of trace.
Take a hotel room,stick a couple of hundred people in there a day,forget about maid service.
We got every type of stain imaginable.
No blood.
Blood trail goes cold in the second bathroom.
You know what they say.
One man's trash is another man's evidence pile.
What did you find? Air marshal's Sig.
Bottom of the lav trash across from the crime scene.
Why remove the gun from the holster and not use it? Maybe our killer didn't get the chance.
You know,he found out the airplane was turning around,he got spooked and ditched the gun.
No one went into the bathroom after the body was discovered.
The gun had to have been dumped before or right after the murder.
Anything that could have been used for a murder weapon? Nothing yet,unless you know how to kill a man with this.
What about the waste tank? Weapon could have been flushed.
Uh,youuh,you want me to process the toilets? You asked for more field work,Adam.
Get to it.
I hate poop.
Okay,our fugitive,Greenway,needs to get out of the city, so he poses as an air marshal,boards a plane using Stockwell's gun and badge.
Another passenger kills him,doesn't take the gun,and instead tosses it in the trash.
Which doesn't make any sense.
I mean,the only reason to kill an air marshal and take his gun is to hijack the plane.
And that didn't happen.
Maybe our killer knew the air marshal wasn't the air marshal.
Well,that would mean that it's about something else.
Or maybe this can help us answer that.
Oh,tell me you found the murder weapon.
Life vest? Try about 250 thou Canadian.
Five bundles.
And the air marshal's missing ID and credential.
The blood on this pouch matches our vic,it means the killer touched it after committing murder.
He takes the money and ID and hides them.
I get the money,but why hide the ID? To throw us off and delay ID'ing the vic.
If all we had was the badge and missing gun,then we'd be thinking it was a hijacking, instead of what it really might be.
A robbery gone bad at 30,000 feet.
Your real air marshal,Roger Stockwell,was dead before he hit the hotel room floor.
Shot in the head with the .
50 caliber recovered at the crime scene.
Defensive bruising? Mr.
Greenway,your airplane vic,can take credit for that.
I was able to match his fist to the subdermal bruising on Stockwell's jaw.
So that confirms that Stockwell and Greenway got in a fight.
So,Greenway's bruising came from the hotel and not from the struggle in the airplane laboratory with his killer.
And one mystery still remains.
Care to take a stab at our murder weapon of choice? Well,definitely wasn't a fine-edged instrument.
The tissue looks torn and not cut.
Very good.
Well,here's a clue.
There are two unique marks on the mandible here.
That's a tough one.
What's the murder weapon? I don't know.
Never seen anything like this.
I'm leaving this one for you.
So,I'm gonna need his jawbone to make a mold.
See if I can match a possible murder weapon out of those marks.
I also found traces of condom lubricant and spermicide on his hand.
Your vic may have joined the Mile-High Club before ending up in my not-so-exclusive one.
Of course he could have had sex just prior to boarding.
But that's not very exciting.
Any DNA,Sid? No,and without that condom,I can't tell you much more than that.
Well,except for what's on his left hand there.
What's this? Writing? Yes,uh,I found it when I washed the body.
All right,I'll run it through a language database.
See if I get any hits.
Must be some kind of indelible ink.
Whatever it is,he didn't want to forget it.
Airline's sending in the suits.
They won't let any of the crew members give us a reference sample until they each talk to a lawyer.
Already eliminated Ed.
I can eliminate the captain and the copilot.
They never left the cockpit before the murder.
Homeland Security's talking to all the women passengers again.
But let me ask you this.
If one of them had sex with our vic,why kill him afterwards? Southern black widow spider is known for eating the male after mating.
Well,at least they go out with a smile on their face.
The only problem with the Mile-High Club theory is that the vic could have had sex before he got on the plane.
There's no evidence that proves it happened in the lavatory.
My money's on Turner.
Don't trust a guy who's got two families.
Don't make that bet.
DNA results.
Blood on his shirt didn't match the vic.
Turned out to be his own.
So who else do we like for this? Without evidence? All of them.
Prints on the duct tape from the air marshal's hotel room were a match to our shooter-slash-fake air marshal-- Anton Greenway.
Now,I think his plan was to just tie up Stockwell and steal his credentials.
But he brought a gun.
Show of force.
I mean,look at the evidence: there's the tape; the fact that there was a struggle; position of the body away from the door.
So Stockwell fought back.
Greenway felt had no choice but to use the gun.
How about you? I have run these letters through every language database.
It's not a word.
It's not a phone number.
See,if I zoom in,you can see that the "I"s-- they're not actually "I"s.
They're each the number 1.
It's a code.
You know what? Maybe they're GPS coordinates.
Seven digits.
Degrees and decimal minutes.
Okay,here we go.
Andrews Air Field.
Looks abandoned.
Fake ID.
Canadian money.
Our vic wasn't smuggling.
He was gonna hijack that plane and escape to Canada.
But if he wanted to get to Canada,why not just take a direct flight? Well,being a US air marshal doesn't mean you're excluded from having to pass through Canadian customs.
He had no choice but to hijack a plane.
But somebody killed him before he could do it.
Who kills a hijacker and then returns back to their seat to watch the in-flight movie? This was the suit jacket our victim Anton Greenway was wearing on the airplane.
And it looks like a regular jacket just off the rack,right? Right.
Custom job.
Take a look.
Found these in Layout.
Hidden pockets hand-stitched into the liner.
Greenway was a drug smuggler.
Yeah,but I think this time he was carrying something else.
The 250K fits perfectly into the pockets.
That's got to be how he got the cash on the plane.
And the stolen air marshal badge was his guaranteed ticket through security without it being discovered.
But the killer moved the cash after the murder.
So either he knew Greenway had the money on him or he found it by accident.
Yeah,and he knew he couldn't take it off the plane when it landed because we might find it on him and connect him to the murder.
Well,it works.
Only who are we talking about here? I've got 40 suspects left and only theories.
Well,I did discover traces of cocaine and nonhuman hair on the jacket.
Now,the hair's a match to the one Danny found in the hotel room.
Can't tell you where it came from, but I can tell you that it's leopard.
Leopard? Greenway was in controlled custody up until yesterday.
I doubt he made a stop at the zoo between his escape and committing murder.
I think Greenway had a partner.
This was a two-man show? It's looking that way.
I just finished processing the Desert Eagle that was used to kill the air marshal at the hotel.
Serial number is long gone.
Rest of the gun wiped clean.
Shooter forgot to wipe down the magazine.
Ran the palm print through AFIS and I got a hit.
His name is Terrence Davis.
Manages a club downtown.
Okay? But before he went legit,he made a name for himself in the import-export business until the DEA forced him to retire.
Okay? He did five years in Rikers.
Prior to the arrest,he worked baggage at Atlantic Vista Airways.
Same job Greenway had.
Yeah,and they worked there at the same time.
Terrence Davis-- his name's not on the flight manifest.
If they're partners,how come they weren't on the same plane? I think we should ask him.
Either allergic to half-naked women or there's a cat in here.
There's a cat in here.
There's our boy Terrence Davis.
Big housecat.
You could say she put this club on the map.
Not really into cats myself.
Let me guess: you're more K-9? Smarter than you look.
What can I do for you,McGruff? 'Cause I'm seriously not in the mood.
Maybe the mood's better in your office.
I'm not asking.
Okay,guys,what's this about? What's this about? It's about your partner.
Anton Greenway.
We know that you two moved into and blow out of baggage claim at JFK while you worked for Atlantic Vista Airways.
Long time ago,man.
Aren't you up on current events? You know what? You're right.
We're a little behind.
That's why we came to talk to you.
Why don't you tell us who killed Anton Greenway.
Anton's dead? Don't play like this is new news.
I don't have game like that no more,man.
That dope fiend is dead,it's nothing to do with me.
Besides,he was crazier than a blind gunfighter.
Not surprise he met his demise.
Maybe you're not so surprised because you had something to do with it.
Anton was killed on a plane that he boarded using stolen air marshal credentials.
An air marshal who was murdered with a Desert Eagle that had your prints all over it.
You see where I'm going with this,T? When was the last time you saw your buddy Anton? Yesterday.
First time I seen him in years.
Tell us about the reunion.
Look,man,the game through 'cause I was holding some lettuce for him till he got out the joint.
That's it.
What about the jacket he was wearing? The one with the all the pockets sewn into it for smuggling dope.
Retired years ago.
Anton came by.
He wanted it.
I said cool,as long as I don't know nothing to do with nothing.
You know what I mean? Let's get back to the .
50 then with your prints on it.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Listen to me,T.
I got a solid murder charge that I can hang around your neck.
Wrong guy.
I didn't pull no trigger.
Your prints are the only ones on the weapon.
I don't care what you got.
I didn't kill no one.
Not bad.
But I'd pull out some tears for the jury because that performance won't keep you out of jail.
Let's go.
I'm taking you out the front door.
All right,cool,man.
Look,you want to arrest me for gun possession,cool.
But you know what? Matter of fact,I'll give you the gun.
Let me see those hands Now! Hands! Do it,now! Scum.
I'd tried to help this fool and this is what he does.
No good deed goes unpunished.
You're also going to take a hit for a parole violation for owning that gun.
Assume the position.
Terrence Davis is sticking to his story.
We're still holding him on a gun charge, but he's got a solid alibi for the time that Roger Stockwell,the air marshal,was killed.
What have you got? Well,this is everything from the airplane that could've conceivably been used as a murder weapon.
I ran it all for blood and DNA.
No hits.
Doesn't surprise me.
We know that our killer washed up.
He probably cleaned the weapon too.
So the only way for us to ID the weapon is to figure out what made these distinctive marks in the vic's jaw.
So we're looking for a two-pronged weapon.
Let's see what kind of damage these guys can do.
How do people get on board with this stuff? I had my toothpaste confiscated.
It's not our weapon.
All right.
We need to find something that would penetrate deeper.
We're running out of possibilities.
I was looking for you guys.
Oh,my God,Adam.
What is that smell? Oh,it's garbage and a little,uheau de toilet.
I hope it was worth it.
Big time.
I think I got something.
The condom that I found,in the lavatory waste You got DNA.
No way.
The vic's love glove was found floating in a toxic waste dump.
But the wrapper survived the stew,and so did the the lipstick on the wrapper.
It took a little time,but I was able to narrow it down the shade and the manufacturer.
Great work,Adam.
Yeah,uh,II should shower.
You do that.
Well,I think what we have here is a failure to communicate,Terrence.
I'm talking,but you ain't listening.
I'm just not feeling,Flack.
Well,maybe you'll feel this.
Remember that defaced firearm with your prints all over the magazine, the one Anton swiped from the club? It was used to kill a federal agent.
Now if I let this go federal,you're gonna do at least ten years up there.
However,if I keep it local,you probably won't do any real jail time.
Local that means strings attached,right? You manage the hottest club in the city.
You say you're out of the life,but I'm sure you keep your ear to the rail.
I hear things.
I want to hear what you hear.
How does it work? You'll be charged with a felony,take a plea and work off your time as a confidential informant.
Now,this is a very limited-time offer,Terrence.
Limited,in like right now.
I got a DA waiting to hear from me.
I need a decision.
The minute I met you,I knew we'd be friends.
Clock ran out.
I need more time.
I got nothing to hold them on.
It's out of our hands.
One of these people committed murder yesterday and we're letting them go.
Homeland Security doesn't like it anymore than we do,but none of us have a choice here.
I want my clothes back.
They'll be released from the crime lab when the investigation's over.
You're going to hear from my attorney.
Get on the bus.
Where you going? I'm not in the business of letting killers go.
Detective Taylor.
I've got Detective Bonasera on the line for you.
What have you got,Stella? A lipstick stain.
We might be able to match it to one of our female suspects.
Now,I ran it by the lipstick that you took off of Nina the flight attendant.
No match.
Everyone else is in play,and warrants are on their way.
They're gone.
They're all gone.
We had to cut them loose.
The bus just dropped everybody off.
Now I got guys out there ready to round up all the female passengers and crew members and bring them back, but it's going to taka couple hours.
She could be long gone by then.
What do you got,Doc? Good news.
I put the XRF to Greenway's jawbone, and I found traces of brass and nickel plating in the marks made by our murder weapon.
I did a little research,and found that nickel plating is commonly used in trophies,badges,jewelry.
But there was nothing confiscated from the plane that matches our murder weapon.
What are you thinking,Mac? And wings.
Flight attendant's wings.
They are made from metal,and the edges would be more than sharp enough to puncture the skin.
Hawkes,send me a picture of that jawbone.
It's on its way.
The points of the wing are a match to the marks in the vic's jaw.
Looks like you found the murder weapon.
And our murderer.
Look at the flight attendants.
We took their photos as they came off the plane,and Susan is the only one not wearing her wings.
I just got off the phone with the airline,Mac.
The airline rep said she used her privileges to hop a flight to Paris, that leaves out of Gate She's running.
Last call for Atlantic Vista Airways Flight 1256 departing for Paris.
All passengers should be on board at this time.
You can't go down there.
It's against FAA Let's go.
My lab found Anton Greenway's blood in the crevices.
He was going to hijack the plane.
I should be commended for protecting the passengers.
Only you didn't come forward to take credit.
I was scared.
There could've been another hijacker on the plane.
There wasn't,and you knew that.
because you knew Anton.
You both worked at Atlantic Vista Airways at the same time,while he was smuggling drugs.
If he worked at that airline,it was a coincidence.
Yesterday,you converted a quarter-million US dollars into Canadian money.
The exact amount Anton smuggled on board inside the jacket he was wearing.
I have a warrant on the way.
I'm going to match your lipstick to the condom wrapper we found.
We can continue to dance here,Susan,but the song's over.
I loved him,you know? And you were helping him escape only something went wrong.
One minute you're his lover the next,his killer.
What did he do? He murdered that air marshal.
He was only supposed to tie him up and rob him.
That's what we agreed to.
What other plans did he change? Everything.
He put a gun up to my neck and told me he didn't want to go to DC.
He wanted the plane to fly to Canada.
I agreed to help him get out of New York.
I didn't agree to take over an airplane filled with innocent people.
Listen to me.
I've got to get out of the country.
I told you we can take another plane when we land.
Forget it! Just get me to the cockpit and I'll do the rest.
Are you crazy? Forget it.
This isn't what we talked about.
Susan,I can't get into the cockpit without your help.
Do it or you die.
At that point,you had two choices: come forward,having prevented a hijacking, or go for the cash.
You made the wrong choice,Susan and now you're grounded.