CSI: NY s06e05 Episode Script

Battle Scars

I'll be right there.
Hello? Hello? Help us.
Help us! Hey, up.
Thank you.
Our victim's is Brooke Hallworth.
She's 21 years old.
Paramedics found her unconscious.
Blunt force trauma to the head.
She's at T rinity Hospital in surgery.
- She was a guest here? - Nothing registered in her name.
Let's see what we've got.
Oh, this blood trail indicates she came from somewhere upstairs.
Looks like the blood trail leads into the elevator.
She pushed the lobby button.
How do we know what floor she came from? Only one way to find out.
Police business.
Here we go.
The door's been left open.
Flack, we've got a victim here.
I'm not catching any vitals.
Hey, Stell, take a look at this.
Well Iooks like we can rule out robbery.
# Out here in the fields # I fight for my meals # I get my back into my living # Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah # Is Stella canvassing for witnesses? She's at the hospital to get an update on our female vic.
So, Mac.
Luxury suite.
Ski mask.
Which item doesn't belong? What about this gunshot wound to the abdomen? Any sign of a casing? Uh-uh.
Shooter either used a revolver or took the casing with him.
This guy's all banged up.
It's consistent with defensive injuries.
Colouration suggests they were sustained over time.
- Could be he's just clumsy.
- Or he's got a painful job.
This abrasion here is very recent.
Could have happened during the struggle with the killer.
Looks like there's some kind of pattern to it.
It's tough to make out.
I'll get a digital copy to AV.
See if we can enhance what's there.
Metal housing on the privacy chain is bent.
This door was forced open.
So room invasion without the robbery.
One dead.
One barely makes it out of here alive.
Whoever did this was looking to hurt these people.
If robbery wasn't the motive, why not take the money anyway? Hey.
Room's registered to a Jesse Lewis.
Checked in a few hours ago with a woman matching the description of our female vic.
If she was inside this room when the ski mask came off the killer's face, she may be able to make an lD.
If she makes it at all.
Race you to the end of the hallway.
Whoa! Hey! Just a little humour! Well, where are we at on this hotel room murder? Behind door number one, we have a silver vase, champagne bottle and all the matching stemware.
Behind door number two, we have a wool ski mask, presumably worn by the killer.
- What's it gonna be, Messer? - It's gonna be door number one.
- Feeling lucky about getting prints? - No.
This is a little closer.
As a medical intern, we'd get kids coming in with injuries you wouldn't believe.
Hyper-extended vertebrae, cranial contusions, spiral fractures.
Football players? You'd think so but, believe it or not, they were dancers.
What dance moves cause injuries like these? OK, well, this stress fracture here is caused by torsional motion, most likely the result of a popular dance move called an air flare.
It looks like he also suffered a herniated cervical disc.
Highly indicative of gradual strain and repetitive motion.
- Our vic was a dancer.
- Specifically, a street dancer.
Hmm, now this one here has formed a callous, indicating it's freshly healed.
It's not from dancing and most likely not related to our crime.
I'd say it happened in the past few months.
COD? Sid recover a slug? No.
This is all he was able to remove from the wound.
Some type of metallic powder.
And it wasn't a through-and-through.
- That's odd.
- Yeah.
As you see, the round only penetrated a few inches into the body and stopped dead.
So we have no exit wound and no bullet.
Where did it go? And what exactly is this? Any word on our victim's girlfriend, Brooke Hallworth? She's still in hospital but showing signs of improvement.
When she's conscious, I'm there.
- Did you see the paper today? - Yeah.
Adam said he saw a quiz on Facebook called If You Were the Compass Killer, Where Would You Strike Next? He told me.
We're gonna get this guy, Mac.
Let's focus on the hotel murder.
Take a look at this.
The abrasion on our vic's neck, it's some kind of cross-hatch pattern.
Took force to cause that.
It's not just a glancing blow.
Hawkes was right about our vic's other injuries.
Jesse Lewis was a dancer.
In fact, he was performing last night just hours before he died.
I got this off the internet.
Jesse performed under the stage name, Mechanicx.
This particular competition is known as battle step.
I thought this type of dancing went out with Ms Pac Man and the Rubik's Cube.
Went underground and advanced, only to resurface with a new name.
It's now called street dancing and it's gone pro.
Street dancing? Listen, dude What's the guy in red uptight about? Could be that our vic won first place in the singles' event.
Ten grand, all cash.
Everyone in that audience saw him win.
Our suspect could have been there, followed Brooke and Lewis back to their hotel room.
Strange thing is, if the prize money was the motive, why was it still there? Why don't we ask the guy who came in second? # Beggin', beggin' you # Put your lovin' hands out, baby # Beggin', beggin' you # Put your lovin' hands out, darlin' # Ridin' high when I was king # Played it hard and fast cos I had everything # You walked away, won me back # But easy come and easy go and it would end # So why anytime I bleed, ya let me go # Anytime I reach, ya get me yo # Anytime I seek, ya let me know # But I planted that seed just let me go # I'm on my knees while I'm beggin' # Cos I don't wanna lose you # I got my arms so spread I hope that my heart gets fed # Matter of fact, girl, I'm beggin' you # Beggin', beggin' you # Put your lovin' hands out, baby # Beggin', beggin' you # Put your lovin' hands out, darlin' # The kind of man you want in the end # Only then can I begin to live again # An empty shell I used to be # Shadow of my life was hangin' over me # Broken man but I don't know # Won't even stand a devil's chance to win my soul # What we doin'? What we chasin'? Why da bottom? Why da basement? # Why we got shit, don't embrace it # Why the feel for the need to replacement? # You're on the wrong-way track from the good # I only painted a picture anywhere we could be at # Like the heart in the best way should # But I keep walkin' on keep open doors # Keep hopin' for, the call is yours - You ever see this guy before? - It's Jesse Lewis.
He thinks he's got skills for battling.
You two exchanged skills last night.
You came in second place.
Judges must have been high.
Why are you asking me about Jesse? He do something wrong? He stepped in front of a gun while someone else was pulling the trigger.
We're thinking that it might be you.
You couldn't accept you lost.
Decided to take the battle outside to another venue.
That ain't how it went down.
Then why does Lewis have an neck injury that matches your wrist guard? I'll tell you why.
You were tired of coming in second place, right? Tired of missing out on the bragging rights, sponsorships, endorsement deals.
And with Jesse in your way, none of that was ever gonna be yours.
You followed him back to the hotel, you take him out, but you leave the money behind knowing if you stole it, you'd take first place on our suspect list.
And Jesse's girlfriend, did she get in the way or was there something else going on? We may have done after-hours battling but I didn't kill him! Convince me.
I spent months working on a new move.
It's called the elbow air flare.
I'm getting ready to rock the crowd with it.
Before I get a chance, dude comes out and hits me with my move.
So I called him out.
You been scoping my practice sessions? You busted my elbow flare! Yo, man, I told you! I got my own moves! Step out of my face! Oh, my God! Jesse! If I'm gonna kill, I'll do it in the ring! We'll see about that.
Hi, Brooke.
I'm Detective Stella Bonasera with the NYPD.
We believe we've found the man who killed Jesse.
Nick? It's very important that we get an lD from you.
Is this something you normally do? I mean, she just regained consciousness.
Her memory's not all there yet.
Recollections from traumatic events are the most vivid after regaining consciousness so, yes, this is standard procedure.
- Are you a family member? - I'm a friend.
Nick Emerson.
A colleague is gonna escort our suspect into the room.
I need you to look at him and tell me if it's the man that broke into your hotel room.
- OK? - OK.
I guess.
- Tell 'em I didn't do it.
- What did I tell you about talking? I don't know.
Take your time.
I'm sorry.
I honestly don't remember.
It's OK.
Right there on the left.
Fairly substantial contusion.
Swelling of the brain.
No evidence of subdural haematoma.
The physician diagnosed it as a grade-five concussion.
That would explain the loss of consciousness and amnesia.
Even if she was staring at Dot Com, that memory would be wiped out.
She's lucky her life wasn't wiped away.
If this was a grade-six concussion, it'd be a double-homicide.
Any insight from the doctors regarding her memory loss? Yeah.
Only time will tell.
Any idea when she'll be released from the hospital? Her vitals are normal.
Her physician wants to keep her for observation.
He seems confident she'll be released within 24 hours.
I know it's the last place she'd wanna go, but a trip back to the crime scene might spark a memory or two.
Any progress on the powder from the vic's gunshot wound? XRF indicates copper and zinc metalloid.
Still trying to track down a source.
From now on I wanna be called Adam Ross Dot E-D-U.
Cos all day long I'm giving people education! - Nothing.
- Ski mask.
Right, I found a few hairs within the fibres, but nothing with roots on it to give us DNA.
Class characteristics? Same colour and pigment distribution as we got from Dot Com.
It doesn't definitively say it's his.
See if we can get mitochondrial DNA.
What about surveillance footage? - Nothing on our killer.
- Prints Danny lifted off the vase? One belongs to Brooke, which we expected.
But there was a second print.
No match to Brooke, Jesse or Dot Com.
Ran it through AFlS.
I got nothing.
If Brooke used that vase during the struggle, the other print belongs to our killer.
Run the prints through any civilian databases.
Any place that requires fingerprint lD from their employees.
What have you got, bud? This was not the first time our vic was robbed.
You can't claim New York residency unless you've been robbed twice, no? MO was practically identical.
According to the report, three months ago, Jesse wins a dance contest.
First prize is three-thousand clams cash.
Not a night you wanna walk home.
So this guy targeted Jesse again after he won this contest? Makes sense.
- Says here they made an arrest.
- Yeah.
Al Santiago.
He's number five.
Picked him up trying to pawn Jesse's watch.
- No hit.
Jesse didn't lD him.
- That's what I don't get.
He was staring the guy in the face, according to the complaint.
So why doesn't he identify this guy? Who is this clown? Me, me no speakie English, no.
All right.
You know what? Knock it off, Alice! It's Al.
It's Al, scumbag.
Al Scumbag? I thought you said his name was Santiago.
Yeah, right here on your rap sheet it says your name is Alice Adrienne Santiago.
You probably had to mail your milk money to the school bully! It's of German descent.
It means noble.
You're living up to your name.
Yeah, yeah.
You guys are funny.
So what did I do now? You know what you did.
Robbery with a homicidal twist.
- Yeah, that That sounds like me.
- Tell us about Jesse Lewis.
Give me more specifics.
I don't know the name of every dude that I rob.
Hip-hop dancer.
Followed him from a club.
Took him for three grand.
Gee, yeah, that's what I'm talking about! Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
That guy.
But, you see, I didn't do that because he couldn't lD me, remember? So you weren't gonna give him another chance.
That's why you wore a ski mask.
Now I know you definitely got the wrong guy cos I don't ski.
Ten large, you weren't passing that up even though it was the same mark.
So what went wrong? Did Jesse bum-rush you again? Did he get in another punch? He rips off your mask? You can't leave him alive to lD you cos you won't get that lucky again.
What happens next? Somebody hears the commotion? They come in to intervene? They force you out before you pocket the cash? First, I don't know what you two idiots are talking about.
And, second, anybody that wears a ski mask is a punk! As for that robbery three months ago it must really hurt, huh? You're sitting across from the dude you're so sure who did it but there's nothing you can do about it.
Everything about this guy says he did it.
But until the mitochondrial DNA from the hair in the ski mask comes back a match, we don't have anything that puts him in that hotel room.
Something's off, though.
Based on the complaint of the first robbery, Jesse stared at the guy.
Why did the lD go south? You know how unreliable eyewitnesses can be, when they're staring down the barrel of a gun.
That's it.
It's the same colour and consistency as the powder recovered from the vic's gunshot wound.
I made a few calls to some of my military contacts.
T urns out a copper and zinc metalloid is used in the construction of a tactical training round known as simulated ammunition.
Used for marking your shots.
But I thought all simulated ammunition was ink-filled, non-lethal, similar to paintballs.
There's actually two kinds.
The ink-filled, non-lethal type and then there's these.
SafeFire rounds.
They're frangible.
Designed to disintegrate on impact with hard targets.
So this must have cut through our vic's flesh and then broke up upon impact with the underlying dense tissue, resulting in the metallic powder.
I heard from the SafeFire manufacturer.
Our sample is a match to the impurity levels in one of the lots.
That lot was sent to? A weapons training facility called Center Ring Firing Range in Brooklyn.
That's where we'll find our killer.
You're dead, Frank.
Well, that's what happens when you don't check your danger areas.
You die.
You only managed to kill eight innocent civilians today.
See everyone next week.
Craig Roberts? Classes are $100 a person.
No more than seven people per group.
All instructors are licensed and trained in various firearms.
Kill House.
Nothing can touch it in terms of reality.
Except maybe reality.
I thought you were auditing the last class.
Mind if I check out your firearm? Mind if I ask what this is about? This.
Your simulated ammunition was used to commit a murder.
- You don't think I had - Relax, Mr.
I'm not accusing you of anything.
Not yet anyway.
But I do need you to explain to me how one of your rounds ended up being used in a homicide.
I have a lot of students.
Any one of them could have walked off with my practice rounds.
Don't you account for the simulated rounds distributed to people in your class? Should I be talking to a lawyer? Do you need to? Every day I meet dozens of people who wanna learn how to fire a gun.
I can't be held responsible for the actions of every person who comes in.
Well, somebody has to.
This man is dead because of one of your rounds.
Is that Jesse? Jesse Lewis? You know him? That's just crazy.
Jesse was a student in one of my classes.
You think our vic was shot by his own gun? The problem is I don't know anyone who carries a gun for protection and loads it with practice rounds.
Hey, guys, there's no record of our vic owning a handgun licence.
Adam got a hit from the prints lifted off the vase from the hotel and they match prints from a database of Zenith Limos, a car service owned by retired police officers.
The prints belong to a Nick Emerson.
Well, wait a second.
He was visiting Brooke in the hospital.
I'm a friend of Brooke's.
Nick Emerson.
Said he was a friend of hers.
He's also friends of Jesse, our male vic.
Business partners.
Jesse would do the dancing.
Nick provided the hype.
Seems that he also goes by the name of Nick "Cool".
Well, looks like it's time to talk to Nick.
See how cool he really is.
Never heard of a day gig? Means I don't have time for this.
You got a lot more time than Jesse Lewis does.
According to some of your B-boy associates, you and Jesse were tight.
Yeah, we grew up together.
Started a merchandising line for street dancers hats, T-shirts, gloves.
Anyway, Jesse was my best friend.
You should have seen him.
He tore up the stage.
Which was all part of the plan.
Jesse would rock the crowd, become a star.
I would amp the hype, kick-start a marketing campaign using the prize money.
Can you explain your fingerprint at the crime scene? Yeah.
I was there.
Earlier in the evening after Jesse won the contest, we went back to the hotel to celebrate.
- Who's "we all"? - Jesse, Brooke and l.
I mean, the party was on.
What? Nice, man! All right, my man, let's see what you got.
Dancing is your thing, business is mine.
Yeah, yeah, come on! Here we go! Let's see it, let's see it.
Whoa! I reached out to the table to steady myself.
My fingers must have touched the vase somehow.
How come you failed to mention earlier that you were in the room? It looked like you had a suspect in custody.
Seemed like it was all wrapped up.
I didn't see why it was pertinent.
I still don't.
How did the party end? Brooke and Jesse wanted to celebrate on their own.
I took the hint.
Went back to my pad.
What time was that? Are you serious, man? You want an alibi? Jesse was my best friend.
I'll also need hair and a DNA sample.
If at any point you feel like you need to leave, just tell me.
Baby, check it out! We deserve to have a little celebration.
Start out with a little champagne.
- Thank you.
- OK.
We're the best! I remember coming back to the room.
Jesse had just won the dance battle.
We were celebrating.
We won, babe! Look at it! Woo! I love you! Who was in the room with you? Me and Jesse.
What about Nick? He said that the three of you.
Ieft the competition together and then came up here.
I don't think so.
Jesse! Jesse! Please! Oh, my God! - What did he want? - I don't know.
It was like It was like he was gonna help me.
And then he just left.
Brooke, did you see his face? I don't know.
I can't remember.
All right.
Come on.
Let's get you out of here.
It's OK.
Mac, I've gone over the evidence from the hotel room three times and Jesse and Brooke, they're on the champagne bottle, the glasses, on the money but nobody else.
If Nick was partying in that room, his prints would be there too.
That's the thing.
Unless he didn't eat, he didn't drink, didn't move, there's no way that he was celebrating in that hotel room the way he told us he was.
Consistent with the little Brooke could remember during her walkthrough.
So he's lying to us.
Big time.
Mito DNA from the hair on the ski mask just came back.
Matched the DNA from our vase fingerprint.
Nick was there.
Not to party but to kill.
# I never knew a love could make me feel this way This is based on what evidence? Sometimes the absence of evidence is the best evidence of all.
We found nothing in that room indicating you were partying with Brooke and Jesse.
We did find one of your hairs on the ski mask.
The DNA matched back to your fingerprint.
No way to dance around that.
I loved Jesse, man.
Everyone did.
So you killed him.
Makes perfect sense.
You have no idea how this went down.
It's not what you think.
Doesn't matter what I think.
The evidence says everything.
That I did it.
OK, I killed him.
Why? Because Jesse asked me to do it.
It's crazy.
I mean, you know, nobody's gonna believe me.
I wouldn't believe me.
But you gotta understand, I'm telling you the truth.
And it all started with that first robbery.
Gee, yeah, that's what I'm talking about.
We read the police report, Nick.
We know what happened.
Jesse couldn't lD the robber.
But, you see, I didn't do that because he couldn't lD me, remember? What you don't know is, Brooke was with Jesse in that alley that night.
She was there.
That's the part he left out.
Why would Jesse lie about her being there? Brooke was pretty shaken up by it.
So Jesse told her to go home.
Said he was gonna handle everything with the police.
Why didn't Jesse lD the robber? Cos he was embarrassed about the way he handled himself.
He thought he should of done something.
T ried to rescue her.
My man, up against the wall! You, too! Say one word, I'll shoot you both! Understand me? Yeah.
That's what I'm talking about! Eyes straight ahead, Romeo.
Don't think about going hero on me.
No, no! He was convinced that Brooke didn't see him the same way any more.
You know, I told him he was crazy.
I mean, the robber had a gun.
He could of killed 'em both.
But Jesse blamed himself.
For not being able to protect her.
It's like he couldn't live with it any more.
So Jesse came up with this plan to redeem himself in your eyes.
You're telling me he planned the whole thing? You're wrong.
He would never do anything like that.
He wanted there to be another robbery.
Another chance to protect you, to be your hero.
Pour me some champagne.
Tell us what you want! Shut up! In the corner! Both of you! Now! Look, anything you want.
Look, just don't hurt her.
Here, here.
I have money.
Take it.
There's more over there.
It was meant to be a warning shot against the wall to make it seem real.
He used simulated rounds so that nobody would get hurt.
But I saw him get shot.
He told me that the ammunition was safe.
Simulated rounds.
That's what he called them.
And that was Jesse's fatal mistake.
He gave you those rounds without realising they could be lethal.
That's when things went from bad to worse.
Jesse! Oh, my God! Nick? When Brooke saw my face, she could lD me.
I just panicked.
I never meant to hurt her or Jesse.
That explains why he knelt down to check on you, see if you were OK.
I just can't believe it was Nick under that mask.
He was our friend.
He came to visit me in the hospital.
He was gonna go to the police to confess.
But before he did, he wanted to see you to try to explain, to apologise as best he could.
When he walked into your room He realised I didn't remember anything.
He thought the whole thing would go away.
Jesse didn't need to do any of this.
I loved him for who he was.
God he could make me smile.
Well, Brooke, I have one last thing to ask of you.
All the way to this end line.
That's him.
Number three.
Number three, step forward.
Everyone else can go.
Put your hands behind your back.
We got him, Brooke.
It's over.