CSI: NY s06e16 Episode Script

Uncertainty Rules

- What are you doing, man? - Oh, my God! What the hell? Drop the axe! Drop it.
Don't do this! Drop the axe now! Freeze! Do not take another step, do you hear me? Get down on the ground.
Do it! Uniform found the key in his pocket.
Belongs to this hotel.
- Make any statements? - No.
That's where he got the axe.
He was completely out of his mind.
They had to take him back to the precinct in a body bag.
No! No! Let me out! Stop! - No cuts or wounds? - None.
He was definitely wearing somebody else's blood.
What the hell happened in here? # Out here in the fields # I fight for my meals # I get my back into my living # Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah # Clowns? That's what you're going with? Clowns? That's your official story? They were trying to kill me.
Oh! So they're the "homicidal on the inside" kind of clowns.
But hang on a second while I put out an APB for two guys with frizzy pink hair and big red noses.
Shush! Shush! They stuck a gun in my mouth.
- Open your mouth.
- Uh-uh.
- Do it! - Open your mouth! Open it! This gun? This gun, James? This is a water gun filled with tequila.
And what do you have to say about that? - I don't know.
- You don't know? That's the last thing that I remember.
What drugs are you on? What did you take? I, I didn't take anything.
I don't want to know.
Enough with the lying.
Enough! We have your driver's license, James.
We know you were celebrating your 21st birthday with your friends.
Things got out of control, and so what happened? I remember I remember I was underwater swimming with seahorses and and and starfish.
Mark Ask Mark.
Mark's dead.
They're all dead, James.
You hacked your friends to death.
Now, tell me why.
I'm cold.
It's really cold in here.
I wanna I wanna I wanna go home.
Can I go home now? He's clearly on something.
Dilated pupils, cold sweats, tremors Most likely LSD or some other psychotropic drug.
It explains why he was swinging the axe at cars and didn't respond to the officers.
He was hallucinating.
Drop the axe! Do it! Depending on the dose, the effects could last between He has moments of lucidity, but he could go in and out of hallucinations during that time.
Let's see.
He's a Physics major at Chelsea University.
And a member of the Manhattan Physics club.
- The kid's no dummy.
- It's strange.
A kid like this.
No record, clean as a whistle.
- James' phone? - Yeah.
Got 1 1 missed calls from a Sara.
Girlfriend? And one call from his mother.
James, it's your dad and l.
Happy birthday! I hope you're having fun.
Happy birthday, son.
Put the books down.
Go out and have a drink.
Go out and have 1 0 drinks.
Don't tell him that.
Don't have 10 drinks, sweetheart.
We'll be home Friday.
We love you so much.
Say hello to Sara for us.
Happy birthday, son.
Happy birthday, James.
What's up? She was first.
Angle of the wound suggests the axe came down from above.
But it was clean, so if one of the others were first, there would be a cast-off pattern on the ceiling.
It's hard to say who was next.
Well, this guy's hand is on top of the other guy's leg.
So he goes down, James hits him in the back multiple times, causing this blood spatter on the wall and the bathroom door.
When this guy gets hit, his arm falls on top.
- All right.
So two, three.
- Maybe.
There's nothing to rule out her as number two.
- Right.
- So, three, four.
Horizontal wound.
The axe came straight back.
And boom! Causing that cast-off pattern on the wall.
There's a break in the pattern, a void.
So who was standing here when she was killed? And there's no cast-off pattern on any of our vics' shirts.
Someone else was right here.
This is crazy.
James never did a drug in his life.
That's why we asked you here, Sara.
Maybe fill in the blanks.
None of this makes any sense.
Two of the victims were Mark T urner and Daniel Vaughn.
- Do you know them? - They're his best friends.
How about them? Do you know who these girls are? No.
They weren't at school with you and James? I don't think so.
Did you know James was going out last night? Yeah.
Mark and Daniel set it up.
It was his 21st birthday.
You weren't supposed to be with him? James never made a big deal out of his birthday.
Last year, he spent it in the library.
Said he was celebrating with Einstein.
James is a science buff, huh? Yeah.
I can relate.
I was gonna throw a party for him.
He made me promise not to.
Mark and Daniel said they weren't taking no for an answer.
James He isn't a party guy.
He's kind of a wallflower, you know? He just sits back and watches everyone else have fun.
I don't care though.
I love that he's not one of those fraternity-type guys, you know? No! No! Get away from me.
Get away.
What's gonna happen to him? I wish I had a good answer for that, Sara.
So he was telling the truth.
He was kidnapped by two clowns.
Found a hair in both masks.
It came back to the two male vics.
The clowns were his buddies.
Are you serious? Not funny, guys.
- Happy birthday, man.
- Happy birthday, bro.
I thought he was hallucinating.
What happened after the jig was up? I don't know.
Your guess is as good as mine.
Hey, Doc.
So, Sid printed the vics.
Got an lD on our two girls.
Names are Jackie Wright and Lacey Deshane.
Both have priors for drug possession.
They go to school with James? No, I don't think they're the school type.
The only detention they've seen is probably Manhattan's House of Detention.
Tox also confirmed LSD in our two male vics, but not the girls.
So they were partying pretty hard.
I've heard of people having a bad trip, but something set this kid off.
Or his accomplice.
You have any theories on who created the void in the wall? Nothing.
I sent blood swatches to DNA.
Unknown stain on Mark's shirt and trace amounts of shampoo on James' jeans.
Shampoo? Yes, James needs to come down off the LSD and reveal the other person in the room.
This might tell us.
This is James' shirt.
Unis found it on the stairwell at the hotel.
You see? No corresponding cast-off patterns across here.
So he didn't create the void.
It doesn't confirm James was holding the axe.
But I don't see any medium-velocity blood spatter.
Not on his shirt or his jeans.
And these are close contact axe wounds.
If James were the killer, there would be blood spatter evidence on him.
So he didn't create the void and wasn't swinging the axe.
What was he doing when they were being massacred? Oh, no! You did it.
Oh, yes.
I did.
Hey, Adam.
How far have you got? Uh, well, I have a prelim sequence of events based on the crime scene photos and DNA results.
- Run it.
- OK.
So, we know Jackie Wright was our first vic.
Angle of the wound and no cast-off pattern on the ceiling.
Now Mark T urner either tried to bum rush the killer or make a run for the door but, he took a shot in the back, went down and was hit a few more times Causing the blood spatter on the bathroom door.
Now, the other guy, Daniel Vaughn, probably tried to step in.
Not wise because he takes a hit to the chest, goes down, Ianding on top of Mark.
How do you know for sure they're number two and three? The DNA results came back from the girl's shirt and there was blood from the other three vics on her.
So, everyone's blood was on the axe before she got hit.
Danny, was the bathroom door slightly open like this when you got there? Yep.
Nobody touched anything.
Adam, go back to the second victim.
Highlight the door.
All right.
No blood is on the edge of the door.
Now, with a pattern like that, blood would have definitely gotten on the edge, unless - Unless it was closed.
- Exactly.
James said he remembered swimming with the seahorses and starfish.
And he had traces of shampoo on his jeans.
James isn't our killer.
He was tripping in the bathroom.
I didn't kill my friends.
I know you didn't, James.
I know it.
What's happening to me? - You took LSD.
- No, no, no, no.
I Listen to me, James.
You're experiencing hallucinations, heightened anxiety, intense paranoia.
I wouldn't have done that.
I, l Your friends took it, too.
It was your 21st birthday.
You were probably doing many things you hadn't done before.
I'm gonna take your handcuffs off, OK? Just relax.
Do you trust me? I understand you're a man of science.
Studying Physics? Quantum Physics.
That's heavy stuff.
Your girlfriend said you're writing a paper about the unified field theory.
You talked to Sara? Where is she? Can I see her? Maybe in a little bit.
How long am I gonna feel like this? I need your help, James.
I need you to try to focus.
Remember everything from last night.
I don't know.
There's just pieces.
Every piece, no matter how little, is important.
Who are the two girls? - Do you remember them? - No.
Where did you go after you got back to the hotel? A bar? A club? No.
I remember walking out of the bathroom, seeing them.
No! I don't know what happened.
Why are you asking me these questions? I wanna go home.
Why can't I just go home? Why can't I just go home? James.
I know you're scared.
But we're gonna get through this.
The two of us, OK? You and me.
You don't have to answer anything you don't want to.
We'll just take it slow.
T ry to figure this out together.
OK, the two male vics, Mark and Daniel, bring James to the T ribeca Grand Hotel for his 21st birthday.
Now, there's drinking and drugs.
This will be a night that they only vaguely remember.
As far as the two female vics, Jackie and Lacey were not their friends.
And the hotel manager said the girls did not check in.
So the guys either met them at some point that night and they all went back to the hotel to continue the party.
Or they were the party hired to blow out the birthday boy's candle.
All the blood at the scene belongs to our victims.
The same goes for the blood on the axe.
Now, we know that someone other than James used it.
T ry laser micro-dissection.
T ry to separate the blood from any skin cells that may have been left on the handle.
What else do we have? I'm still waiting on DNA from the bite mark on James' calf.
You're telling me he doesn't remember that? He remembers nothing, so we have to piece together his night with the evidence we have.
- Right.
- Here's what I got.
Mark and Daniel checked into the hotel at 6:00pm.
I'm guessing they left, got James, got back to the room around 7:30pm.
They ordered room service at 7:40pm.
ATM records show withdrawals from all of them at the bank right next to the hotel at 8:00pm.
After that, no credit or debit card transactions, so wherever they went, they paid cash.
None of them made calls from their phones.
We couldn't find any text messages as whoever we're looking for crushed their phones.
But, I was able to salvage a photo taken of one of them.
It was just taken at 8:45 last night.
These guys know how to party or what? Did they organise a Golden Girls reunion? Any of our vics related to one of them? - No, I checked.
- Checked where? Wesleyshire House.
It's an assisted living facility and none of the vics had relatives there.
So why were they there? - The next number is 07 - The sweetest boys you'll ever meet.
I beg to differ.
Helen nearly kicked a bucket when she kissed that boy on the cheek.
Do you mean they came to play bingo? Well, this one - I think his name was Mark - said they were doing research for a documentary about nursing homes.
- I don't think they were here to - I'm not stupid, sonny.
We don't get many youngsters visiting around here, so why not have some fun, right? You're going down, Mary.
Comin' to getcha.
Ah, bring it on, hotshot.
Did I mention I was State Champion for three years? I beg to differ.
Bingo! What did I tell you, sister? You don't mess with these skills.
Bingo has been called.
How much did he win? $25,000.
And the next number is What? This ain't your grandmother's bingo game.
We play high stakes.
Spices things up.
- And he kept the money? - We insisted.
I beg to differ.
They won it fair and square.
So yes, I insisted.
Obviously, we didn't find that kind of money in the hotel room.
- No.
That could be our motive.
- Is that all, gentlemen? I can think of better things to do than sit here all day with you two.
I beg to differ.
Hi, Stell.
Just completed laser micro-dissection on the axe.
I found some epithelials.
If we're lucky, they belong to someone other than James.
Well, I just got another piece of the puzzle.
DNA came back from the bite mark on James' calf.
- Someone in the system? - Calvin Moore.
Priors for assault and resisting arrest.
Apparently, he put two officers on their back when they tried to arrest him for drinking in public.
Wait a second.
Is this right? It says he's 3ft 9".
- He took down two officers? - And bit one of them.
We know where to find him? We have his work address.
Danny and Flack are headed there now.
Yeah! I'm gonna do a little dance around your pathetic lifeless body.
My manager will shove a folding chair into the ropes, the ref's gonna try to stop me.
Boom! I'm gonna hit the referee with the chair, and then you.
Blood, blood, blood.
Now, the ref is gonna come through just in time to see me pin you.
The crowd goes wild.
Who the hell are you? No, no, no, no.
You can't lock me up for this.
They asked for it.
So I get a little carried away, take things too far.
- Who was with you? - No one.
It was just me.
- There was someone else in there.
- Hey! - I only work solo.
- Why did you do it? - Why do you think? - For the money.
- You bet your arse.
- How much did you get? - A grand.
- A grand? - You did this for a grand? - Yeah.
It was the easiest money I ever made.
- What are you talking about? - What are you on about? A quadruple homicide that it seems you committed last night.
That I committed? - It sounds like that.
- Last night? And we got your DNA on one of our vic's legs to prove it.
Wow, wow, wow.
These guys are dead? Hey, I didn't kill no one.
These two jokers came in last night, gave me $1, 000 to bring their buddy, the birthday guy, into the ring.
We put on one hell of a show.
- Get him! - Yeah! One two three.
- You did it! - Winner! They had fun, I had fun and they left.
- Alive.
- Uh-huh.
Uh, were they, uh, were they high? - On drugs? No, I don't think so.
- What about these two girls? - Were they there? - No, it was just the three of them.
All right.
Go fight.
That's another piece, but where do the girls come in? And where did they get the drugs? I wanna help.
I really do.
And I didn't take LSD.
You don't believe me, do you? I believe you don't remember taking LSD.
You and I probably have a lot in common.
Never had a desire to be the life of the party, unable to just let go.
I think your buddies just wanted you to loosen up, take a moment to let the world happen to you.
It definitely happened to me.
- Why can't I remember? - Just relax.
It'll come in time.
Yeah, what if it doesn't? You should tell me about your studies.
Tell me about that paper you're writing.
An open letter to Albert Einstein.
I hate to break it to you, James.
But Einstein's dead.
Not his ideas.
Einstein believed everything in the universe is predictable.
Until Niels Bohr proved him wrong at the atomic level.
Protons, electrons flying around a nucleus in a completely random fashion.
No, Einstein didn't buy it.
He said that God "l can't believe God plays dice with the universe.
" That phrase comes to mind often in my field.
There have been times in my life where I wish everything was as predictable as you say.
But I think you'll find the world's a far more interesting place James! James! James! Hey, hey.
Yo! What are you doing? - Huh? - Hey! Hey, hey! James! James.
Hey, hey.
It's me.
It's Mac.
I rode a bull.
What? A bull.
Tell me.
Tell me what you remember.
I rode a bull It didn't have a face.
- I remember.
- OK.
A bull? There's only two in the city.
The other one's in Brooklyn.
Danny already spoke to the bartender there, so no.
Our vics weren't there.
Huh? Yeah, will do.
- How's it going? - Hi.
Let me guess.
Cosmo? Or an Appletini? Let me guess.
Long lsland? Maybe Dix Hills? Our manager makes us talk like that.
I got a question for you.
Do you remember these guys? Yeah.
From last night.
They were big spenders flashing a lot of cash.
They were, uh They were funny.
They got really wasted.
- This guy actually took on Pedro.
- Who's Pedro? Rode him to level four.
Yeehaw! Pretty good for a city boy.
- About what time did they come in? - Maybe 12:15am.
- Any of them seem high? - I don't think so.
Neither were the girls they were with.
- What girls? - They were with these two girls.
They, uh, they ordered a round of shots for everyone.
Actually, they may have put something extra in three of the shots.
Were the guys drunk before they met the girls? They didn't meet the girls here.
They all walked in together.
- Thanks for your time.
- My pleasure, cowboy.
Stell? Where are we? They hooked up with the girls sometime between 12:00am and 12:15am, which is a small window as they took a cab here from the wrestling thing.
To be honest with you, I don't know where we are.
Get hold of Danny.
Have him meet me at the cab depot on 40th.
Cab depot? Remember the unknown trace on our vics' shirts? It's antifreeze.
And Sid said one of them had a bruise on his shoulder from a seatbelt.
I think they had an accident.
It wasn't just a fender-bender.
- We're looking for a banged-up cab.
- OK.
Let me know what you find.
Strangest thing.
Came outta nowhere.
The lamppost? - The lamppost came out of nowhere? - Right.
They tend to do that when you drive on the sidewalk.
This is what I'm saying.
Mr Gordon, you never reported the car accident.
Why is that? I'm reporting it to you now.
Do you remember these guys? Dropped them off at a bar over on Ludlow last night? Something like that.
Do you remember these girls? Were they with them? I'm losing my patience.
Tell us what you know or I'll lock you up for reckless driving.
- You can't do that.
- Watch us.
No, no, I mean you can't because, uh I wasn't the one driving.
Get out of here.
Just go! They gave me $100 to drive the cab and another $1,500 for the damage.
$1,600 to flush a medallion down the toilet? This is what I'm saying.
Good man, Gerald.
He's got security cameras in here.
I can't believe I wrestled a midget.
Little person! I can't believe I wrestled a little person.
Wow, wow, wow.
- Pick up these girls.
- No, no.
Relax, Gerald.
You're off-duty.
Freeze it right there.
Let's see if they match.
That's Lacey Deshane.
And that's Jackie Wright.
So they just randomly picked up these girls last night.
Looks that way.
Man! That's some bad luck.
- Of all the cabs.
- Hmm.
- Where you headed? - Wherever you guys are.
Get in.
- So, what's going on? - What do you say we - Just drive! - OK.
Those girls didn't know what lay ahead.
Well, they knew enough to slip the guys some LSD most likely to get their cash.
If you go back to where the cab first pulls over Right there.
Jackie put something in her purse.
How close can you get? Let's see.
It looks like a gun.
It came from right here.
Something happened up in that apartment.
All right, I'll start.
Me and my partner here are recruiting on behalf of the NYPD.
We're looking for a couple good guys to do some undercover work.
Inconspicuous types who blend in.
We think you got what it takes.
- You interested? - Let 'em in.
What do you two want? Oh, I'm sorry.
Where are my manners at? Why don't you boys have a seat? That looks like a gunshot wound.
You all right there, chief? It ain't nothin'.
Mama said there'd be days like this.
Tell us about Jackie Wright and Lacey Deshane.
Ain't them bitches dead? - Yeah.
What do you know about that? - Same as you, I suppose.
I got eyes and ears all over the city.
Some crazy bastard went all Paul Bunyan on them girls.
Guess that makes you Babe the Blue Ox.
They left this building last night.
We know that.
Jackie was carrying a gun.
Now, why would that be? I don't know.
Bad parenting, maybe.
Now, she should know better than to play with guns.
- Yeah, you're quite the role model.
- Hey! Check this out, super wits.
I had nothin' but love for them girls.
Huh? I put money in their pockets, food in their mouths.
So it's a crying shame what happened.
When I heard you arrested someone I was a happy man.
But see now, I'm thinkin' things have changed.
That boy a witness? All right.
I'm done with you two.
Now, get your arses out of my house.
His name's Rufus Knox.
Drug dealer.
Twitchy son of a bitch.
How is he linked to the girls? He employed them to sell drugs in an underground nightclub.
Rufus bailed them out on their last two arrests.
So the relationship goes south, the girls put a bullet in his face and then take off.
Right when James and his buddies drive by in the cab.
It's circumstantial with no witness.
Nothing circumstantial about this.
Laser micro-dissection identified the epithelials on the axe handle.
DNA belongs to Rufus Knox.
Already called the DA for a warrant.
- Bingo.
- Let's move.
Move, move! Go! Go! There's no one here.
It's just me, I swear.
Check the bedroom.
- We're all clear.
- Nothing.
Where is he? Where is he? Get down! Get down! You think I'm pissing around here, huh? You punk arse kid! Don't you move a hair on your head.
James! James! Don't do it, James.
Don't do it, son.
Listen to the nice police officer, kid.
Girls, you're some crazy arse bitches! Yeah, you want out, huh? Oh, you want out? Well, you got it! You were there.
- You killed my friends.
- Put the gun down, James.
You don't wanna do this.
T rust me.
I'm gonna tell you.
This is gonna be good.
Lower the gun! Lower the gun! On your knees.
On your knees! Hands behind your head.
Do it! T urn around.
T urn around! She's scared out of her mind but she's talking.
Apparently, our two female vics wanted out of the drug business.
I just wanna start over, you know? I got a friend in California Do yourself a favour! Just shut your mouth.
After all I've done for you you just want out.
Just like that.
No! Now, I'm starting to get the distinct feeling here that I'm a little under appreciated.
Oh, my God! One of Rufus' girls saw them entering the hotel with James and their friends.
James' friends were collateral damage.
He would have been, too, if he hadn't been in the bathroom.
Rufus wasn't leaving any witnesses.
The timing is unbelievable.
Driving up with a cab just as the girls ran out of the apartment.
The sequence of events.
What are the odds? Worlds colliding.
How are you feeling? Guilty.
This is all my fault.
My best friends are all dead because of me.
That's not true, James.
This is life.
It throws things at you.
Some good, some bad.
No one could have predicted what happened not even if you're Albert Einstein.
So what do I do now? You've been through a major trauma.
It's gonna be tough.
So don't pretend to have all the answers.
You talk to people.
If you're feeling something, you reach out.
Depend on the people who love you.
You'll be all right.
Hey, mum.
Hey, dad.
- I love you.
- God! I missed you.
Let's go home.