CSI: NY s06e19 Episode Script


"He ascended into heaven, and sits on the right hand of God, "the Father Almighty.
"From thence, he shall come to judge the quick and the dead.
" - Dr Hawkes? Warden Davis Ollenstein.
- Sorry, I got stuck in traffic.
This way.
10 more minutes, you would have missed it.
Did Mr Tifford say why he wants to talk to me? All he said was that he asked you be a witness to his execution.
- I don't even know him.
- Apparently he knows you.
May the Lord Jesus Christ protect you and lead you to eternal life.
Reggie, Dr Sheldon Hawkes here to see you.
You have one minute.
You got her eyes.
Do I know you? I spent the last 10 years thinking about this.
Wondering when this day was gonna come and thinking when it did I want you to be here.
To witness your execution? Why? And I want you to know somethin'.
Reggie, it's time.
Excuse me, sir.
Give me your hands.
- l, l - Hey, give me your hands.
You know the drill.
- Let's go.
- Wait a second.
- Wait a second, fellas.
- Sorry, we're on a schedule, sir.
Reggie, what is it? What did you want me to know? Hey.
I'm the man who killed your sister.
- Let's go.
- Maya? I'm sorry, man.
I wanted you to know that.
There's something wrong with him, man.
Donnie, you all right? What's going on in there? Donnie, you all right? We need a doctor in here.
I'm a doctor.
He's dead.
Get him back to his cell.
# Out here in the fields # I fight for my meals # I get my back into my living # Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah # - Detective T aylor.
- Mac, it's Hawkes.
You on your way back? Not exactly.
I got one dead in the execution room.
The problem is, it's not the inmate.
Pictures headed your way.
Your victim is a prison guard? Yes.
He collapsed just before Tifford was due to be executed.
And a murder on a death row gives him a stay of execution for the length of the investigation.
If Reggie was responsible, he just bought himself some more time on this earth.
Pennsylvania State Police and the local Crime Lab are both on their way.
Blood-stained mucous from the mouth.
Bright red in colour.
I'm also picking up a bitter almond smell.
That's consistent with cyanide poisoning.
Acute toxicity.
I estimate the poison was administered within the last couple hours.
Thing is, according to the warden, the victim's shift started about six hours ago.
If Reggie's behind this, he must have had that cyanide smuggled in.
It means someone's helping that scumbag from the outside.
Open 17.
Cell 17.
Do it, now! So help me God, I will put a bullet in you if you don't do what I say.
That sounded like a gunshot.
I'll call you back.
NYPD, Crime Lab.
I heard shots.
Is he dead? - Yeah.
- We got a problem.
- I'm gonna find that State T rooper.
- Wait! This is Ollenstein.
We got a situation red.
Full security breach.
This is not a drill! I need a lock down now! # Let me hear you scream # I'm black and bruised, beat up But still I take the blows # Cause all I need is blood and sweat # And skin and bones # I'll take this rage, rattle your cage # Nobody said it's easy # It's do or die, only the strong survive # Get ready for the # Shane Casey.
Son of a bitch is back.
We have a serial killer on our hands.
# Let me hear you scream like you want it # Let me hear you yell like you mean it # If you're gonna go down # Go loud, go strong, go proud, go on, go hard or go home # Let me hear you scream Did you talk to Hawkes? - A few minutes ago.
- I hear it's bad.
You've reached Dr Hawkes.
I just heard riots broke out.
Shots were fired.
No casualty reports yet.
- Did Hawkes leave? - He's still there.
They find out who he is, he's as good as dead.
# go strong, go proud, go on, go hard or go home # Let me hear you Let me hear you # Let me hear you Let me hear you # Let me hear you scream Come on! Who's next? Come on! Come on! Some more? Back up! - Come on! - You're bleedin'.
Get away from me, dude.
We gotta get you out before they come after you.
- Get away from me.
- Hey, listen to me.
I coulda took a shot at you, but I didn't.
I know what you think.
I didn't kill that guard tonight.
Why should I believe you? Because I was ready to die tonight.
It was a wrap, son.
It was a wrap.
You were the last part of it.
Now, I swear.
I had nothing to do with that guard.
Now, you wanna live? You come with me.
Now! Now, man.
Come on! #go strong, go proud, go on, go hard or go home # Let me hear you Let me hear you # Let me hear you Let me hear you # Let me hear you scream # Look, look.
Captain, I understand your situation.
You need to understand mine.
I have a man inside who won't survive unless you and your team come up with a plan to extract him now.
- What do we know? - One confirmed dead, a guard.
Rest of the personnel is unaccounted for.
So we can assume they're hostages.
- Everyone.
Including Hawkes.
- Pennsylvania State Correctional.
Isn't that where Shane Casey was moved to? Danny? What? A few weeks ago, I'm getting therapy on my back.
I go to the locker room to change.
All my stuff is gone.
They got everything.
My, my, my wallet, my, my cards, my money.
Even my grandfather's dog tags.
My badge.
Flack and I questioned a suspect a few days later in a pawn shop.
I look in the display case.
I see my grandfather's dog tags.
So I take 'em back here.
I figured, I could find the scumbag who robbed me.
I get a print.
Comes back to Shane Casey.
- What? - Yeah.
Did you find your badge? Just my dog tags.
- I know.
It's not good.
- And he got his hands on 'em.
How? He's been locked up for the last three years.
I have no idea.
But without a doubt, it was his print.
Keep me on the loop on your end.
- Thanks.
- What do we know? SWAT's on the scene.
They got a first-stage tac plan in the works.
Shut down the power, then open a line of communication.
- That could take hours.
- What about getting Hawkes out? Right now, that's low on their priority list.
We'll be safe here if we keep this door closed.
What are you doing, man? What's the.
? You killed her.
You killed Maya.
- Mac.
- You OK? Yeah.
I've been better.
- Everyone's here for you, Sheldon.
- Where are you now? In one of the cell blocks, some kind of storage room.
Can you get to an exit? No, no, no way.
They got guards in cells.
- lnmates are running things.
- Yeah.
Shane Casey is one of them.
Yeah, I already saw him.
We just lost power.
That's coming from outside.
It's part of the tac plan.
Mac called the negotiation team.
They know you're there.
Now, they're standing down until they can assess the situation.
- I'm sorry, Sheldon.
- Hang tight, pal.
I don't know how much longer I can be in here without someone finding me.
Is there anyone there you can trust? No.
Keep your head down, conserve your battery.
We'll be in touch.
Put those on.
Only way you're gonna survive in here the next few hours is if you look like one of us.
We're gonna need blueprints of that prison.
Everything you can get your hands on.
Electrical systems, service corridors.
- Every single access point.
- You really think we can do this? What? What are you thinking? We're gonna have to break Hawkes out of prison.
Move, move! - Where are you going? - None of your business.
You might look like one of us, but there's more to survival here than wearing the clothes.
You wanna help me, is that right? Well, you may have saved my life in here, but you killed my sister.
And there's no redemption for that.
Not in my book, no matter how hard you try.
Don't you wanna know what happened? My sister never had it easy.
She got mixed up with drugs, met people like you.
I can fill in the blanks, all right? I, trust me.
I see it all the time.
You're wrong, man.
- Maya was a good woman.
- Yeah.
A good drug addict.
No, man.
She, she beat that.
Maya was already clean when I met her, man.
I wasn't.
She made the mistake of trying to help me.
- She got clean? - Yeah.
Listen, man.
I was high at the time, right? And we got into a fight, and you know, I had no idea what was happening 'till it was over, man.
I, I swear.
I had no idea.
And then I lied to the cops and told 'em she got killed by some dealer she tried to buy drugs from.
After that, I was out of control.
Took two more lines, ended up here.
And, man, not a day goes by I don't think about what I did, man.
Look, veritas lux mea.
That's Latin, right? It means, "T ruth is my light.
" Maya said she had a smart brother.
She was proud of you.
Look, let me help you.
Not for you and not for me.
But for her.
If he can make it past these guard towers, he's got a good chance of an egress over here.
Unless the inmates are in the towers.
Lindsay and Adam are pulling sub-basement plans right now.
- Where are you? - Where are we? - Cell block B.
- Cell block B.
- Who's with you? - An inmate.
He's helping me.
We're trying to get you out.
In the meantime, if you can give us a description of what's going on, we'll relay to Tactical.
I can do better than that.
Photo should be coming through now.
I'll get it to T actical.
That doesn't look good, Mac.
How many guards? I got one, two, three down.
Maybe another five or six being held in cells.
SWAT won't move in until they've evaluated the situation.
Potential for casualties is too great if they try to go in blind.
Lay low and wait for us to devise an escape plan.
We can't do that.
We gotta keep moving.
Plus I got a guard's murder to investigate.
Are you kidding me, pal? Just duck and cover.
Wait for us to find a back door.
The longer I wait, the colder the evidence gets.
- Remember who said that? - Yeah.
But I wasn't factoring in a prison riot.
Yeah, but those are the cards I got.
You still think it's your death row inmate, Reggie Tifford? - I don't believe he did it.
- What makes you say that? - I'm not sure.
- What about Shane Casey? - I wouldn't put it past him.
- I got the same feeling.
And I think I know who helped him.
- Who? - A Pennsylvania State T rooper.
I gotta I'll call you back.
Y'all, look who we found trying to sneak outta here.
Hey, it's the warden.
Oh, you don't wanna miss the party, boss? Ha.
We're just getting started, man.
- Never seen you before.
- That's my man Frosty, man.
- He's been in solitary for a nickel.
- Is that right? Yes.
You wanna keep eyeballin' me or we gonna make some noise? You wanna make some noise? Go ahead, slugger.
Take a shot.
We all deserve one.
Let's go, Frosty, batter up.
Yeah, come on.
Hit him.
Hit him for that nickel.
- Wait, wait, wait.
- What are you doing? Yo, the boss ain't no good to us dead.
Look at him.
He almost done.
If this cat dies, we lose our leverage.
He's right.
You know they're assembling firepower outside? And I'm enjoying my newfound freedom.
So let's use this scumbag right here to get what we want.
You gonna give us what we want, right? - All right.
- Right? Keep him on ice for now.
We're outta here.
That was good.
- We gotta keep moving.
- Where to? You know an inmate by the name of Shane Casey? Nah, I been out of general population for a while.
I think Casey killed that guard tonight.
I wanna take a look in his cell.
- Hey.
Shane Casey, you know him? - Of course.
I need to know where his cell is.
Who are you? I never seen you before.
I'm not an inmate.
My name is Dr Sheldon Hawkes.
I'm with the New York Crime Lab.
I was here to witness Reggie's execution when all hell broke loose.
You picked the wrong time to pay us a visit.
- You're telling me.
- Digital inmate tracking device.
Shows us where any inmate is at any time.
Also contains every inmate's prison file, including cell info.
If I was you, I'd hurry up.
We're gonna get you outta here, OK? Forget it.
We ain't going nowhere, man.
So how's my escape plan coming along? It's gonna take some time, Hawkes.
I'm looking at everything.
Sewage pipes, air ducts, even the laundry chutes.
Meantime, think you can find me a way to Cell block G without going through B? - Why? What's there? - Shane Casey's cell.
I think we can do that.
Move, man, move.
Come on.
# Stop and panic # Stop and panic Stop # Panic # Stop # Panic # Stop and panic # He said it should be behind this wall.
Hope he's right about that air duct.
Found it.
- Here it is.
Casey's cell.
- All right.
So you think Casey really did it? He's certainly capable.
He's a bad dude, huh? Three years ago, he cut off the head of one of his victims and hung her corpse upside down from a ceiling fan.
That makes him a Hall of Famer in here.
- Prison serve these? - Yeah.
Every Wednesday.
This is how he poisoned the guard.
With peaches? With the pit.
Peach pits contain close to in the form of a compound known as amygdalin.
By crushing two pits and extracting the water soluble poison, you can easily end up with enough poison to kill an average-sized adult male.
Stomach acids convert the amygdalin into cyanide.
He must have slipped it into the guard's food or a drink, explaining how he killed the guard.
Yeah, but to what end? If he's planning an escape, he's still gotta get through concrete walls, metal bars.
That's where the State T rooper comes in.
I'm guessing he was gonna walk him out.
Either they got some kind of previous relationship or Casey's got some kind of leverage over him to make him cooperate.
- Tell me you got something good.
- We found an exit.
- We're getting you outta there.
- And I found our killer.
- It's Casey.
- That's no surprise.
We'd like to know the details, but let's get you out first.
- Can you get to the prison kitchen? - Kitchen? - Easy.
- Yeah.
We're on our way.
Call us as soon as you get there.
Good to see you again, Dr Hawkes.
At long last, you get to see what life is like on the other side of the bars.
Your brother was proven guilty.
There's nothing left between us.
This has nothing to do with you, man.
So let me outta here.
What do you want? Well, you know, basically, you know, what every American wants.
Life, liberty and, uh, my freedom.
So you killed a man for that? Oh, man.
That bloodthirsty guard I poisoned? Come on.
I just sweetened his coffee a little.
He had it coming.
Isn't that right, Mr Tifford? I mean, the guy, he, he took more lives than, than a god, man.
That was his job.
And the people he executed were sentenced to death by a jury, not the twisted imagination of a madman.
You know what? - That really hurt my feelings.
- Yeah.
You let me out, I'll do more than that, you coward.
Uh, oh, wow, wow.
Tough talk, Mister Science Guy.
You know what? Unfortunately, I can't engage you any longer.
I do have an appointment to keep.
But, uh, have fun.
- That's an interesting fella.
- We gotta get outta here now.
You kiddin'? These cells is escape-proof.
Ain't nobody ever got out these cells that wasn't let out these cells.
There's gotta be a way! Where are Mac and Stella? T alking to Flack and Tactical, letting 'em know our plan.
I'm getting worried.
What if this plan doesn't work? It's gonna work.
That's his reflection in the photo.
He looks OK.
This picture was taken two hours ago.
Who is that next to Hawkes? I assume that's the inmate that's been helping him.
I have an idea.
We should figure out who that is.
You know, get a heads up to Tactical so they can tag him as a non-hostile.
That's good.
That's good.
His name is Reggie Tifford.
That's the guy who was meant to be executed tonight.
He was being put to death for a burglary homicide in Pittsburgh.
Victims were a married couple.
Todd and Jackie Smith.
- You ever heard those names before? - No.
You think that's the case that Reggie wanted to talk to Hawkes about? - What you got? - It's Danny.
Is this guy you're with Reggie Tifford? The guy who was meant to die tonight? - Yeah, that's right.
- What did he talk to you about? My sister.
- What? - Hawkes, you have a sister? Her name was Maya.
She was murdered in Pennsylvania about 10 years ago.
- Why didn't you ever tell us? - I don't know.
She got into some trouble years ago.
Just as I was graduating medical school, she moved to Pennsylvania and we lost touch.
And sometime there later I found out she was murdered.
They never found who killed her, did they? Police never made an arrest.
We're just so different, you know.
I, I was pulled away from her, she pulled away from me and I guess it, it was I don't know.
I was thankful for that at times.
Maybe I was just embarrassed by her.
Guys, I can't talk about this right now.
- I'm locked in Shane Casey's cell.
- What? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
And he killed the guard, Danny.
I found the evidence in his cell.
Before I could get out, he locked us in.
We gotta get him out.
Is there anything there you can use? No, nothin'.
That's the problem.
Got the clothes on my back and just a tracking device I got off some guard.
T racking device? The guards use 'em to keep track of the inmates.
That means they're always on.
And they must go through batteries like crazy, Hawkes.
Yeah, I'm already ahead of you.
Nice work.
I'll call you back.
You look like a man with a plan.
Rechargeable batteries are filled with sulphuric acid.
Meaning? Meaning we gotta find a hammer or some kind of tool to break this open.
What about the foot of the bed? They're good at cracking skulls open on occasion.
- They might work for a battery.
- Yeah, it's worth a try.
There's not much acid in one of these.
- So, don't overdo it.
- Break it open carefully.
Got it.
Now, the acid's not gonna eat all the way through.
But, if we smear some of it along this weld point here, it might be able to weaken the metal enough to loosen it from its frame.
- I'm meant to fit through the hole? - You have any other suggestions? No, wait, wait, wait.
Let me.
Let me.
I always said I was gonna break out this joint.
This might be our only chance.
- All right.
Right there.
- All right.
The reaction releases hydrogen gas, so stay back.
You don't wanna breathe the air, man.
It might kill you.
Should've went to medical school.
- So, you got it? - Yeah, it's right here.
Exactly what you asked for.
All right.
An NYPD uniform.
You got any better ideas? Yeah.
Yeah, baby.
Some bad-ass MacGyver stuff you just pulled.
- There you go.
- Ah, damn.
Hey, yo, forget it, man.
Forget it.
Forget it.
Come on.
Hang on.
You need to exhale.
- Get the air outta your lungs.
- Excuse me? It'll reduce the size of your thoracic cavity.
- My what? - Just exhale.
Your lungs will get smaller.
T rust me, it'll work.
I promise.
All right? Let's go.
- Come on.
- No, I think I broke a rib.
- You probably did.
Can you walk? - Ain't no problem.
I'm good.
Let's move.
We can't let Casey get outta here.
Did you report your shield stolen? No, I mean, I didn't wanna make a big deal about it.
- It's a big deal.
- I know.
So? How do I look? Gun.
I don't see him.
I can't believe Hawkes had a sister this whole time and never told us.
We know Sheldon.
We know how hard he had to work to get where he is.
Maybe he felt like people from his past would undo that.
I had Louie.
I was upfront about him.
- My sister's no picnic.
- I don't like talking about my dad.
I know what it's like to wanna bury your past.
I just spoke to Tactical.
They're done waiting.
- They wanna go.
- How long do we have? Then they stage a full assault.
We gotta get him outta there now.
There's Shane Casey dressed like a cop.
Let's go.
- What is it? - We don't have much time.
Look, I've done everything you've asked.
Make the call.
Have your people let my family go.
As soon as I'm out of these prison walls, it'll be the first call I make.
- I promise.
OK? - Casey? - I got Casey.
- We'll get you outta here.
Hang on.
- I'm sorry.
- OK.
Just hang on.
OK? Where the hell is he? Stay with me.
I had no choice.
Casey has someone helping him.
Who's helping him? His former cellmate.
He has my wife, my kids.
He said he'd kill them if I didn't cooperate.
I won't let that happen, I promise.
Promise I won't let that happen.
Where do you think you're going, man? - lnmate! Release the officer! - He's not who you think he is! Inmate, on the ground, now! Drop the weapon! It's OK.
It's OK.
I'm Officer Messer, NYPD.
I came to witness an execution.
lnmate, on the ground now! That's Shane Casey.
He's an inmate! Stop him! I'm telling you.
He's not a cop! Let go of me! That's Shane Casey! You've got the wrong guy! Don't let him get away.
Stop him! Stop him! He's not a cop! Stop him! Stop! No.
There he is.
- There he is.
- Welcome home.
- What's up, Doc? - Hey.
- Glad you're well.
- Thanks.
Officer Miller's family is all safe.
SWAT moved on the house an hour ago, arrested Casey's ex-cellmate and rescued the family.
- What about the warden? - The hospital just released him.
And Shane Casey? We've got alarms out across Pennsylvania and New York.
They're running a profile on the evening news.
But as of right now, he's still in the wind.
# Still I wonder why it is, I don't argue like this, # With anyone but you # We do it all the time Blowing out my mind # You've got this look I can't describe # You make me feel like I'm alive When everything else is au fait # Without a doubt you're on my side # Heaven has been away too long # Can't find the words to write this song # Oh, your love # Still I wonder why it is I don't argue like this # With anyone but you Maya, I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
OK, so, uh, where do I begin? Um I, I've become a crime scene investigator.
And I'm happy.
# Now I have come to understand The way it is # It's not a secret any more #