CSI: NY s07e03 Episode Script

Damned If You Do

* I can feel it coming * * In the air tonight * * Oh, Lord * * And I've been waiting for this moment * * For all my life * * Oh, Lord * * Can you feel it coming in the air tonight? * * Oh, Lord * * Oh, Lord * * Well, if you told me you were drowning * 911.
What's your emergency? Hello? 911.
What's your emergency? Hello? Is anyone there? Sir and ma'am, are you there? Stay on the line please.
I'm sending someone to this number.
Are you still there.
* I've been waiting for this moment * * For all my life * * Oh, Lord * * Can you feel it coming in the air tonight? * * Oh, Lord * * And I've been waiting for this moment for all my life * * Oh, Lord * * Oh, Lord * Check the vics.
Call it in.
Central, I've got one DOA, one heavy bleeder at 232 Hillside Avenue.
Need an ambulance now.
Copy that.
Ambulance and-- * I can feel it * * Coming in the air tonight * * Oh, Lord * * Well, I've been waiting for this moment * * For all my life * * Oh, Lord * Mrs.
Travers, I'm detective Mac Taylor.
If you can hear me, I need you to raise your finger.
Can you do that? Good.
I'm going to ask you a couple of questions.
If the answer is yes, I need you to move your finger up and down.
If the answer is no, move it side to side.
Do you understand me? Good.
Do you know the person who did this to you? Was there a guest in the house tonight? When you guys arrived, was there any sign of forced entry? No, sir.
Travers, did someone in your family do this to you? Give me that picture over there.
Right there.
Come on.
Come on.
Travers, I need you to listen very carefully.
Is this the person who did this to you? Is this your son? Did your son do this to you? We got to find this kid right away.
* Out here in the fields * * I fight for my meals * * I get my back into my living * * Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
* * Come on * * Let me ooze into your ear hole * * Hold still there, don't be fearful * * What I got gonna make you cheerful * * Party, party, best prepare, oh! * * Got to get you sky high * * Birds fly by my eyes in mid-flight * * More than a nice guy, something you might try * ** Police.
What are you doing? - What the hell, man? - Leave him alone.
What the hell is the matter with you? Let go of me! Billy Travers, you're under arrest for the murder of your father, Walter Travers, and the attempted murder of your mother, Grace Travers.
That's right, buddy.
She's still alive.
What are you talking about? - Let's go.
- Billy! Where are you taking him? Get off me! Billy! She was communicative at the scene.
A-A-O times three.
Following commands.
Mental status decreased in transit.
Shallow breathing.
Dropped her sats.
Required bagging.
Get me an airway box, 7.
5 tube, and call for respiratory.
She's arresting! I need a BBM.
Drop her head down, please.
Remember what I said about having a son? - Yeah.
- Never mind.
- I'm good.
- Start from the outside in? Yeah.
We got to eliminate any prints left by the first officers and the EMTs.
And Mac, be honest-- If that was you who responded to the scene, would you have known to try to get an I.
by asking her to move her finger up and down? Probably not.
I guess that's why he's the boss, huh? He wanted us to verify there was no forced entry.
You want to take the front door, or you want the bedroom? I'll leave the bedroom to you two.
Bed or floor? I'll take the floor.
* It's unfortunate * * That when we feel a storm * * We can roll ourselves over * * 'Cause we're uncomfortable * * Oh, well * * The devil makes us sin * * But we like it * * When we're spinning * * In his grin * I don't believe you.
Believe it, Billy.
Your own mother identified you.
- That's not possible.
- Why? Because you thought she was dead? You left no witnesses? Because I didn't do anything.
You're lying.
You're lying.
She didn't-- I wish to God I was lying.
I've been a detective for a long time.
This is about as bad as it gets.
My father, he's dead? I mean, when you got there, he was already dead? I don't understand.
Why would she do this to me? Do this to you? Maybe because you beat her within an inch of her life.
I wasn't even at the house.
I haven't been home in over a month.
Where is she? Can-- Can I see her? Okay, Billy.
Let's not draw this out into a lifetime special.
Just tell me why you did it.
I love my parents.
I didn't do this.
Tell me again, where were you today? And start from the beginning.
I already told you.
- Tell me again.
- I'm not an idiot.
You want me to tell you again because you think I'm going to say something different.
You're only going to say something different if you're lying.
Well, I'm not.
Well, then, this should be easy.
We went to a vintage clothing store on St.
Billy wanted to get a gray jacket exactly like the one Tom Cruise had in the movie.
What time was that? Be specific.
He didn't do it.
He doesn't have it in him to do something like this.
Okay, Jules, I'm going to let you in on a little secret.
Everyone has it in them to do something like this.
- Everyone.
- No.
Not Billy.
How long have you been going out? - Five months.
- Five months? I usually like to wait at least six months before I can attest to somebody's lack of homicidal tendencies.
You're kind of a bitch, you know that? Where did you go after the clothing store? Back to Jules' room.
We hung out there until around 5 or something, and then I had to go get stuff for the party.
What stuff? Alcohol.
I had to get a bunch of alcohol, so we went to the store - on the corner of Bleeker-- - And West Third.
Did anyone else go with you? I already told you no.
Where'd you go after that? To the frat house to drop off the alcohol.
That was around 7, maybe a little after.
Jules go in with you? No.
I told you we split up after that.
So you don't know where Billy was from the time you left the clothing store right up until the party? Did you get any phone calls or texts from him? - No.
- What time did you get to the party? Maybe 11:00.
Was Billy already there when you got there? Yes.
So from about 8 to 11, I'm just supposed to take your word for it that you were in your room.
And the only person who can account for your whereabouts earlier that day is your girlfriend.
What are you doing? Math.
Because you're not man enough to admit what you did.
Now I gotta do math.
I hate math.
Half hour by train to get to your parents' place.
and build the courage to kill them.
Another 40 minutes inside to do the deed and change your clothes.
and then find a place to ditch the bloody clothes.
Another half hour to travel to your room.
Five, ten, carry your one.
give or take.
Plenty of time for you to commit the murder and get back to your room.
You have between now and trial to fabricate a witness who claims to have seen you during that time.
The human skull is composed of one of the most durable substances found in nature.
It takes approximately one ton to reduce the diameter of the skull by one centimeter.
Unfortunately for Walter Travers, when you get whacked in the head multiple times with a blunt-force object, that doesn't mean a whole lot.
Can you tell us anything about the nature of the blunt-force object? Sid? Oh, sorry.
I just wasn't prepared for you to be so-- - Female? - Right.
You see these two horizontal marks? They're puncture wounds.
They speak to the nature of the weapon? Oh, yeah.
I mean, possibly.
Let's take a look.
You came from D.
, right? - Yeah.
- It's an interesting town.
I've only been there once to testify before Congress.
Oh, on behalf of the National Academy of Sciences? Oh, no, no.
I was there to testify that they have no business restructuring the college bowl system.
I never got past the door.
But the town is quite lovely.
I put time of death at somewhere between 9 and 10 based on liver temp.
He was probably knocked unconscious and bled out immediately, which would put the attack around the same time.
Here we go.
See here? Appear to be equal in size, one directly in line with the other.
Hammer? Crowbar maybe? Or a tire iron.
These are the only puncture wounds? Yeah.
And I've seen Grace Travers' hospital records.
She suffered no punctures.
Odds are against Billy dropping one object and stabbing with another, don't you think? Well, more than likely, the weapon was used as a blunt-force object but contained two identical, horizontal edges at the end.
So, basically, we're looking for something with a claw on the end? A claw, right.
Is the mother gonna make it? She's not conscious yet, but the doctors say she'll pull through.
It's nothing short of a miracle.
I've never seen anyone take a beating like that and survive.
I wonder if I'd even want to.
How do you go through life knowing your kid killed his father and tried his best to kill you? You check into his alibi? He essentially has no alibi.
He was with his girlfriend most of the day, and that'll get ripped apart on cross.
He claims he was in his room alone between 8 and 11 P.
Sid puts the attack between 9:00 and 10:00.
It's pretty convenient for him to claim he was alone and plenty of time for him to get back in time for the party.
It'd be nice to have motive, but I guess the I.
- by his mother should carry a lot of weight.
- We'll need more.
It'll take a while to analyze all the evidence from the scene, but it's hard to believe he didn't leave something behind.
I just hope he pleads guilty and doesn't make the mother take the stand and have to I.
him again in court.
Hey, guys.
We got a confession.
But not from Billy Travers.
Guy over at Rikers says his cell mate confessed to killing a couple in their sleep last night.
The guy on the left is Owen Hicks.
He's over at Rikers awaiting trial for rob one.
Now, he says he got a new cell mate last night who confessed to killing a couple over in Jamaica Estates.
Burg two, burg three, criminal trespassing, at least four drug possession arrests.
Steals from the rich to feed his poor drug habit.
He's looking at serious time on his current charge.
- What does he want? - What they all want.
A free pass.
The guy on the right is Manny Ravarra.
He's doing life upstate at Fishkill for selling drugs at schools.
He even recruited a couple 12-year-olds to run a few corners for him.
What's he doing at Rikers? Two weeks ago, Ravarra escaped.
He was picked up last night, trying to boost a car on Jamaica Avenue.
They run him for warrants, see he's an escaped convict, and then send him to Rikers until he gets transferred back upstate.
And that's when he meets Owen Hicks? I find it hard to believe he'd just casually admit to a double homicide.
Grace Travers looked me in the eye and I.
'd her killer.
Take a ride over to Rikers.
Bring Danny.
See if this guy's for real.
What I do now? We're here about a homicide that was committed last night in Jamaica Estates.
Couple was bludgeoned to death.
And we don't make you for it.
In fact, we have an eyewitness who says it wasn't you.
- All right.
- But your cell mate, he says you did it.
Said you were bragging about it.
But Owen Hicks is looking to get out from under a robbery charge that will most likely send him upstate for the next 15 years, so.
Yeah, not the most reliable source.
We figured we'd come here, lay our cards on the table, give you an opportunity to respond.
Let me see if I got this right.
My crackhead cell mate gives me up for a murder that an eyewitness says was committed by someone else, and you two drop by here to give me the opportunity to say that I didn't do nothing? I got that right? - What about it, Manny? - What about it? Sometimes crackheads actually tell the truth.
So what are you saying? I'm saying your eyewitness is wrong.
I killed that couple.
I could go ahead and deny it.
What for? What are you guys going to do? I'm already doing life in prison.
I just escaped.
Do you think I care about adding another life sentence to my term? Tell me what happened.
Why'd you do it? What do you think? I was on the run.
I figured I could make out with some jewelry.
If I was lucky, a decent amount of cash.
But why'd you kill the couple? The guy woke up while I was going through one of his drawers.
And the woman? She wouldn't stop screaming.
I mean, ear-piercing screaming.
I wasn't wearing anything to cover my face, so I had to do what I had to do.
Then I got pinched for boosting a car before I got out of town.
I'm not buying it.
Is this guy for real? Great.
I'm not buying it, either.
Can I go now? I'm missing Oprah.
None of the drawers were open, buddy.
They weren't even rifled through, so what were you stealing? Not to mention these people were brutally, brutally beaten, which would suggest that this was personal, not that you were trying to keep them from I.
'ing you.
I'll make sure to tell my lawyer that when we go to trial.
Trial? You're confessing to the crime.
You think there's gonna be a trial? - What did you kill them with? - You testing me? Is this a test? Why don't you look in the sewer, at 104th Street and Lefferts Boulevard.
Let me know if I passed.
* Falling apart again * * I expected more * * But you get what you put in * * Spoken words all gone now * * No one here left to listen * * Falling apart again * * I'm falling apart again * * I'm falling apart again * * I'm falling apart again * * I'm falling apart again * * You never see it coming * * Can't accept it's over * * Just wake up from trying * * I'm falling apart again * * I'm falling apart again * * I'm falling apart again * * I'm falling apart again * * Help me * * Find my way, I'm lost again * Is she able to talk? Look, I know she's been through a major trauma, but would it be all right if I came by to see her? I won't be long.
I know she needs her rest.
Great, great.
I appreciate it, doctor.
Thank you.
Please tell me you have something that puts Billy Travers at the crime scene.
- Nothing.
- Nothing on my end, either.
All the shoe impressions at the scene were from either the first officers or the EMTs.
And the blood samples have been sent to DNA, but we were able to type them.
None of them are a match to Billy Travers.
The front door was definitely jimmied open.
The first officers told me there was no sign of forced entry.
Well, the majority of the damage was to the inside of the lock, most likely from a crowbar, which is consistent with the puncture wounds Sid found on Billy's father.
And Flack said that Billy had a key to his parents' house.
Well, he could've used the key, then intentionally damaged the lock to make it look like a break-in.
What else? Well, I was able to extract microbial DNA from the soil that was disturbed next to the front door, but again, not a match to the dirt found on Billy Travers' shoes.
All we have is the I.
Right now.
So he was either extremely careful, or we have to consider that he didn't do this.
At the scene, I thought that might be the only chance to talk to her.
When they said there was no forced entry, that prompted me to show her a photo of her family.
And she was responsive, right? She was.
She looked me in the eye and understood me.
But maybe I pushed too hard in the moment.
I can just picture Manny Ravarra, sitting the cafeteria with a stupid grin on his face, eating a bologna sandwich, gloating to the other inmates how two mope detectives are knee-deep in crap for absolutely no reason.
Actually, I only see one mope detective down here.
- You want to join me? - I don't do sewers.
It's like he said, he's doing life, he's got nothing to lose, so why not jerk us around? What was it he said about crackheads? Sometimes they tell the truth.
Yeah? Well, it might be one of those times.
So you think this Manny Ravarra guy's for real? One way to find out.
You recovered trace amounts of rust from the scrape marks on the locks of the Travers house, right? - It's right here.
- Nice.
You're gonna date the rust, huh? Pretty smart.
I have my moments.
Sample I took off the lock didn't contain magnetite.
Which means the rust is pretty damn old and won't cling to steel.
But if the magnetite hasn't yet completely diminished-- Looks like Manny Ravarra's playing you.
Why would he want to go down for a murder he didn't commit? Mrs.
Travers? I'm detective Mac Taylor.
Do you mind if I talk to you for a moment? Come closer.
What did you say your name was? Mac Taylor.
I'm a detective with the New York Crime Lab.
I came to your house last night, after you called 911.
I called 911? Yeah.
Miraculously, you-- you did.
Somehow you found the strength to pick up the phone.
It saved your life.
They told me my husband's dead.
Travers, do you remember what happened last night? No.
I just remember waking up in this room.
I realize this is hard, but can you tell me why your son would have done this? - Billy? - Yes.
You think Billy did this to me? Last night, you identified your son to me.
I showed you a photograph, and you indicated that he had done this.
No, I did no such thing.
No, Billy didn't do this.
He would never do anything to hurt me, or his father.
Travers, I know you've been through a lot-- Who are you? My name is Mac Taylor.
Why did you come here? To tell me that my son did this to me? To tell me these lies? I don't want to upset you-- No, you listen to me! You leave Billy alone.
Do you understand me? He would never do this! Now, go! Get out! Leave my family alone! Sid.
Ah, see that? A familiar face, recognition.
Neurons coursing through my synapses.
What's with the pictures? A little experiment.
Random photos of people I don't know mixed with one I do know.
See? Very little activity.
No emotional connection.
Off the charts.
So, what's the emotional connection there? Alimony.
Grace Travers' hospital records.
She's clearly experiencing retrograde amnesia.
It's very common with victims of traumatic brain injury.
Which explains why she doesn't remember I.
'ing her son.
- Right.
- But is the identification reliable? That's hard to say.
The hospital gave me a copy of her MRI.
Most of the damage occurred to the front-left temporal lobe.
You can see a significant amount of bleeding in this area here.
Front-left controls language, speech, memory.
Among other things, yes.
So you think it's possible that her memory of the event at the time she made the I.
- could've been affected.
- Very possible.
She suffered extreme brain damage.
But she was able to understand and obey commands.
I was there.
Same part of the brain, no? Well, the same area, but the effects differ.
Language and comprehension can remain intact while memory is abolished.
Sid, I showed her a photograph of her family.
She was able to communicate with me using her finger that Billy did this to her.
Oftentimes, damage to the temporal lobe results in seizures, and those seizures have a tendency to start in the hands.
So it's possible the movement of her finger up and down was involuntary.
You think I made a mistake showing her the photograph? Well, like you said, she was responsive and obeying commands.
I hate to play devil's advocate here, Mac, but a defense attorney would have a field day with that I.
Bottom line, we don't have a picture of what happened in her brain when she moved her finger.
So there's just no way to know if her I.
is reliable.
And now she's defending her son.
So this guy, he's definitely lying.
I mean, the rust on the crowbar he led us to isn't a match to the rust that we pulled from the vic's door.
So how'd he know to lead you to a crowbar in the first place? How about this for timing? Ravarra come through the 116 last night around 2 A.
-- same time and precinct as Billy Travers.
So Flack's going at Billy in the interrogation room, and Manny's sitting in the bullpen being processed.
Rookie cops.
You're telling me the kid in there hacked up his parents? He didn't hack 'em up.
He beat 'em, with, like, a crowbar or a tire iron or something.
We don't have the murder weapon.
And after he was processed, he called his girlfriend in Woodside.
I'm guessing that he asked her to find a crowbar, dump it in the sewer.
So why does a convicted felon doing life confess to a crime he didn't commit? Got me.
I want to put him on a poly, but both our polygraph examiners are up in the Bronx working cases.
Flack said his cell mate ratted him out, right? Yep.
Owen Hicks, he's awaiting trial for rob one.
Pull them both out of Rikers and meet me at the precinct.
What are you thinking? Just meet me there.
All right.
What did I do? Mac.
The tiny shard of glass from the bedspread, it's consistent with a beer bottle.
Now, nothing unique about that, right? But the polyester fiber on the shard, it's from a security laminate.
It's four layers of virtually invisible polyester film that are bonded together to make the window impenetrable.
Helps prevent burglaries.
Was it installed in the Travers' house? No.
And there was no evidence of a broken beer bottle anywhere, either.
So the killer must have tracked it in.
I just don't know from where.
Contact the security companies in the city that install that laminate and get a list of locations and cross-check them with employees.
You think we might get a hit for Billy Travers? Maybe.
We need to put him in that house.
Yo, man, what's he doing here? You said that we were gonna sign some sort of cooperation agreement.
Change of plans.
Here we go.
Have a seat.
Go ahead.
You-- You talk to Manny? What did he tell you? Don't worry about Manny.
He's got his story, you got yours.
You're all good.
As long as you tell the truth, everything'll be fine.
What the hell is this thing? Polygraph.
You giving me a lie detector test? I mean, aren't those, like, not admissible in court? They don't always work, right? Eh, only about 98% of the time.
But don't worry about it.
I mean, you're a smart guy, Owen, I can tell.
Even if you're lying, you could beat this machine.
You're gonna do great.
Uh, wait, wait, wait.
Where are you going? I can't give you the test.
I'm not qualified.
We have bring in an expert.
Ah, here we go.
Take it easy on him.
Good afternoon, Mr.
I understand there's a question to the veracity of certain statements that you may or may not have made and/or heard during your confinement in the fine institution known as Rikers Island.
Is that correct? I have no idea what the hell you just said, man.
Are you playing games with me, son? No, I'm not playing games! Because any heretofore games will not be tolerated.
Okay? Mmm.
Now let's get started.
Have you ever been a participant in or administered - any of said polygraph-- - How long do you give him? Well, if Adam remembers to plug the damn thing in, I don't think he gets past the first question.
First question? No way it gets that far.
- This simply measures-- - Nine.
your blood pressure while the test is being administered.
The information then relays to the pen thingy which will go haywire if you're full of-- if you're being untruthful.
And, based on the amount of sweat that's accumulated on your forehead-- gross-- is more than likely.
Ahh, now.
This tube, okay, is going to just go around your chest.
- One.
- No, I can't do this! I'm not gonna do this, man! He said that we could both help each other out.
Okay, look.
Manny said that he had a girlfriend who lived in Queens, all right? And he never got to see her because it was too far from the prison that he was at upstate.
So he said that if he confessed to the murder of the couple, that would bring him downstate for the trial for at least a year.
And then he'd be able to see her.
He said to make it more believable he'd blab about it to me, and then I would call the cops and maybe work out a deal for myself, all right? That's the truth! I swear to God, that-- That's the truth, man! Hey, I'm not lying! I'm telling you, that's the-- If there is a problem, just give me a call.
I'll take care of it myself.
Just dropping off the DD-5 on Manny Ravarra's false confession.
Defense attorney won't be able to use him as an alternate theory.
Did you get in touch with the D.
'S office? Judge let Billy Travers out on bail.
As of now, the mother's I.
is all we have, and I'm not even sure we have that.
Should we offer her some kind of protection? She'll refuse.
She's on her son's side now.
So unless we come up with a forensic link, he'll be at her bedside by the end of the day.
I'll follow up with Lindsay and Hawkes.
- Jo.
- Yeah? If this is gonna work, we got to trust each other.
The DD-5 documenting Grace Travers recanting the I.
D, I saw you looking at it.
Damaging to the case you thought maybe I wouldn't file it? History has a tendency of repeating itself.
What happened in D.
is not a part of my history.
Uncovering mistakes made by your lab and alerting defense counsel was part of your oath.
- Still is.
- Tell that to Senator Matthews.
I still get letters from him blaming me for the outcome of his daughter's case.
The mistake I uncovered was made by a guy named Frank Waters.
Impeccable reputation.
I worked with Frank Waters for 12 years, Mac.
I went to his wedding, his kids' birthdays.
So when I discovered he destroyed a document detailing a mistake he made interpreting DNA results, two things happened that day.
Trust became just another word, and Serena Matthews' rapist went free.
You had to make it public.
It was a decision I don't regret making, and I'd make it again.
Jo, my team does not sacrifice integrity for a desired result.
Now that you're part of it, I promise you you'll never have to make that kind of decision again, okay? Hey.
There are four companies in the city that manufacture the security laminate I found on the shards in the vic's bed.
One of them installed the laminate for something called Glassphemy.
Oh, I read about that in the paper.
It's an art installation where people get out their aggression by hurling bottles into a glass cage and the company collects the shards and recycles them.
I might need to try that.
They use the polyester laminate on the cage to keep it from breaking.
So a piece of the laminate was transferred to a shard of glass, which came in contact with our killer.
And the killer transferred it to the bed.
Glassphemy uses an outside company, Brookston recycling, to pulverize the shards.
So I got a list of their employees.
This guy is particularly interesting.
Paul Benson.
Who is he? He was released a week ago from Hudson correctional.
He served eight years for rape.
What's his connection to the case? He grew up in the victims' house.
Yeah! See him? Go.
Move! Move! He's up there.
You see him up there? Stay down! I got him! I got him! Don't move.
Right there.
Stay down.
Stay down.
Did you hear from Hawkes? Yep.
Just enough dirt under Paul Benson's shoes to match the soil at the crime scene.
I don't get it.
This guy was the senior class president, captain of the soccer team, Dean's List.
This kid had everything going for him back in 2000.
He was the guy you love to hate in every John Hughes film.
He was even dating the prom queen, Sarah Dufresne.
Apparently dating her wasn't enough.
"I told him I wanted to wait, "that if he loved me, he would respect that I wanted to wait.
He grabbed my arms and pinned me down.
" One minute he's Harvard bound, next he's Rikers bound.
Did eight years.
Got out week and a half ago.
Based on the case file, doesn't look like we had anything beyond her statement.
He claimed it was consensual.
Classic he said/she said? Not quite.
His parents testified against him.
Not a day goes by we don't second-guess our decision.
Paul's our son.
If you'd kept silent, you wouldn't have been able to live with yourselves.
Paul was a good kid.
Had so much going for him.
He came home that night and we immediately knew something was wrong.
Paul? Paul, what's wrong? Where's Sarah? What happened, Paul? Whatever it is, you can tell us.
When he told us, all I could see was Sarah's face, and what she must have been going through.
And her parents, we'd known them for years.
Sarah obviously went to the police and they arrested Paul.
When the prosecutor asked for our cooperation, it took a few weeks and several fights, but we decided that telling the truth was the right thing to do.
It was.
No matter how much it may have hurt.
So you had no contact with Paul after that? We tried, but Paul didn't want anything to do with us.
He felt that we'd betrayed him, so he just cut us off.
We moved a couple years later.
Tried to put it behind us.
Paul was digging by the side of the house for the spare key.
But the locks had been changed, and he used a crowbar to get inside.
He thought it was you in that bed.
Paul went back to the house to kill you.
You didn't know your parents had moved.
You had no contact with them ever since you went away.
What were you thinking, Paul? You were getting even? That killing your parents was somehow gonna settle the score for them testifying against you? - I was just a kid.
- You were 18-years-old.
You were old enough to be held accountable for your actions.
- They betrayed me.
- No, no.
You betrayed them.
You think it was easy for your parents to do what they did? Your girlfriend, Sarah, they were just supposed to let her go through life knowing you raped her and got away with it? The woman who went to the hospital, she survived? - She's gonna be okay? - No.
She lost her husband, her son lost his father, and she's gonna have permanent brain damage.
So, no, she's not gonna be okay.
You had an opportunity to get out and make something of your life, Paul.
Instead, you destroyed another family.
Mind if I come in for a moment? How's she doing? All right, I guess.
Doctor said she should be able to leave in a few days.
I'm glad to hear that.
I'm sorry you had to go through that, Billy.
I get it.
You were just doing your job, I guess.
You know, sometimes we lose sight of how hard it is to be called a suspect.
Look, if you ever need anything, I hope you'll give me a call.
Who's this? My name is Mac Taylor.
- Have you met my son Billy? - I have.
You have a good son, Mrs.
You're a very lucky woman.