CSI: NY s07e05 Episode Script

Out Of The Sky

What exactly do you expect me to do with this? Just like I said, it's my gun.
The one I used to smoke Little Pete.
- Allegedly.
- Right.
What's going on with that copter? It's the 43rd floor, Melvin.
Helicopters happen.
- Well, it could be the cops.
- Focus, Melvin.
The gun.
I was just hoping you'd hold it for me, you know.
Just in case I get pinched.
You come into my apartment, unannounced, and drop a murder weapon on my $10,000 coffee table? Well, I just thought, you know, 'cause you're my lawyer, that you could, you know-- you could do something-- Stash it for you? I'm your lawyer, not an accomplice.
If I accept that gun, I am compelled to surrender it to the authorities.
Compelled, Melvin.
You understand what that means? What you need to do is take that thing away from here now.
Something ain't right here.
Don't be so paranoid.
No one is coming to get you.
Come with me.
- Hey, man! - Get in there.
Stay quiet till I tell you to come out.
I'm going for it.
You with me? Hell, no.
Come on! Let's go! Move! Recognize our robbery vic? Roland Carson, defense attorney.
I prefer scumbag lawyer, but, yeah, that's him.
Body belongs to Melvin La Grange.
He was a drug dealer whose hobbies include murder and extortion.
Let me guess.
Scumbag's client? Yeah.
Only this time he's collateral damage.
According to Carson, he was shot trying to stop the robbery.
- We got a survivor? - We do.
Carson's bodyguard, James Belson.
Took one in the gut.
He's over at Trinity General in surgery now.
- There's an ex-cop named Belson.
- Used to ride with Danny on patrol.
Same guy.
Apparently he's working for the other side now.
Our robbers fly in on a helicopter, turn the place into the O.
- What were they after? - Cash, stock certificates and, get this, five million dollars in precious gems and jewelry.
Carson was keeping them for a client in his private safe.
It's not so safe after all.
* Out here in the fields * * I fight for my meals * * I get my back into my living * * Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah * Just heard from the hospital.
The bodyguard, Belson, is out of surgery.
Well, Melvin wasn't so lucky.
I counted eight entry wounds, He was dead before he hit the table.
He did manage to get one shot off, though, before he died.
I found gunshot residue on his hand, and a spent .
45 casing, which is consistent with his gun.
That could explain the blood trail I found on the roof.
Maybe he winged one of the robbers.
I saw a bunch of surveillance cameras on my way in.
There were more on the roof.
They're already on their way to the lab.
Oh, and then, there's this.
Sand? The cash and the stocks don't matter to me, Detective.
What I need back are the gems.
That's your most important assignment.
You mean other than finding who killed Melvin? Of course.
- You want to tell me what he was doing here? - Lawyer-client confidentiality.
Not anymore.
Melvin was meeting with me about some personal matters.
He asked me to hold something in escrow for him, but I promise none of that is relevant.
Well, why don't you let us decide what's relevant so we can do our job? Don't give me that look.
I see how you guys are eyeing me.
I've cross-examined enough of them in my time.
I'd like to believe there's no hard feelings.
They're thrilled to be working the case.
I just want assurances you'll go after my client's gems as rigorously as any other citizens.
We work every case equally hard, Mr.
I need more than that, Detective.
The man who owns those gems will be coming back for them in a few days.
If I don't have possession, you might be investigating my homicide.
And we'll work that case equally hard, too.
We're thinking the robbers sabotaged the surveillance equipment like they did the alarm system? Well, that's the thing.
The alarm control panel was on the roof.
The surveillance controls were in the apartment, untouched.
- Then how did they do it? - Well, as you can see from the monitors, our robbers are wearing the very latest in B & E chic.
This season, no heist is complete without these little beauties.
I'm walking, I'm walking, I'm walking.
I'm busting the safe, I'm making my escape.
A must-have for the fashion-forward felon.
- What are they, LEDs? - Infrared LEDs, to be exact.
These things are cutting-edge technology.
They're not even on the market yet.
So the robbers we're looking for are well-funded and well-connected.
These guys are pros.
Do you need anything, Mr.
Belson? Mm-mmm.
Jeez, Jimmy boy, look at you.
Danny Messer.
I gotta get shot before my old partner here comes and pays me a visit.
If I would've known you were so desperate, I would've dropped by sooner.
I'm good.
I'm good.
- You mind if we have a second? - Mm-hmm.
Thank you.
You should get her number.
I'm married now, buddy.
Got a daughter, too.
Really? - Yeah.
- Wow.
Way to go, Messer.
Hey, man, I hope you have a better run of it than I did.
My ex-wife took my kids and split to Phoenix just to keep them away from me.
So how you feeling? Aw, it's, you know-- It's not as bad as it looks.
- I'll be out of here in a few days.
- All right.
Think you're up to telling me what happened? I remember the sound of a helicopter.
I heard some noises outside.
And then, on the surveillance monitor, I see these two guys breaking in.
I get Carson and the client secure, and, uh, next thing I know, I'm sucking carpet, trying to keep my insides in.
Did you get a look at these guys? The faces in the monitor were obscured by some kind of light.
When they kicked the door open, that's when I took a bullet.
Maybe you can tell me what this guy Melvin was doing there.
Even if I knew, Danny, I couldn't tell you.
Carson would fire me like that.
Six years on the job, Jimmy.
How you end up working for this bastard Carson? Oh, come on, man.
He doubled my salary.
Wasn't like I had a lot of options.
If you're interested, now that you're a family man, maybe I could line something up for you.
I don't plan on retiring any time soon.
Well, neither was I, if you remember.
All right.
You should get some rest.
But I want you to call me if you think of anything else, all right? Sure thing.
Hey, Danny.
It was good seeing you, bud.
- Hey.
- Hey.
A private helicopter took off from the West 30th Street heliport last night with three men inside, supposedly for a pleasure tour, but never returned.
- Got any idea where it was going? - Not yet.
But what goes up must come down somewhere, right? - Yeah.
- Hey, how's your pal Belson doing? - He gonna make it? - Yeah, I think so.
Bullet missed his vital organs.
That's good.
I never met him myself.
But you gotta wonder how an ex-cop goes over to the dark side, working for a sleaze like Carson.
No, no, no.
He was a great cop, Flack.
We used to call him Mr.
Everybody loved him.
So what happened? Honestly, what happened to him was bad luck.
We went out one night.
It was the end of the shift.
We got a felony car stop.
- Look here, Jim.
- Huh? Oh, all right.
Who wants to cop to the gun? No one? - That's gonna mean it belongs to all of you.
- Mm-hmm.
And that you're all coming in.
Constructive possession.
That's one of my favorites.
So we call in for a backup unit.
We wait for them.
They take two of the guys.
We take the other two back.
We get to the precinct-- Oh, Jim, you hear that? - Huh? - Sounded like a clank.
Clank? I don't know.
Take him.
I'll check it out.
So we put these guys away for gun possession.
Meanwhile, the midnight shift comes in.
And these cops who took the radio car had no idea what they were getting into.
Both of them survived, but one of them was in the hospital for a month.
- So they fired Belson? - Nah, they put him on modified duties, riding a desk.
But he could tell that everybody was treating him different-- that nobody trusted him anymore.
He resigned.
If Jimmy would've just patted these guys down a little better, or if that gun just fell one inch in the other direction, his whole life is different right now.
- What do you got? - We got the helicopter.
Vic is definitely one of our robbers.
No ID, but the LEDs are still attached to his shirt.
I'm guessing that bullet in his arm came from Melvin's gun.
Hey, there was sand at the crime scene.
Any connection to the beach? The sand at the penthouse was concrete-grade.
There were two bags, right? 'Cause there's a strap by itself.
Looks like one's missing.
This looks similar to the strap on the bloody one.
Must've ripped off.
So our guy bleeds out while his accomplices make their escape.
I count one other gunman and the helicopter pilot.
They leave him here.
Where'd they go? I say we follow the money.
- It's a microchip.
- Technically, a nanochip tracking device.
Except it's teeny-tiny.
Yeah, I found it in the stitching of the bag we recovered.
Two bags, two chips.
We got one bag.
Can we trace the other? If there's another chip on the same signal, we can find it.
We just have to reverse-engineer the signal.
Carson didn't mention planting a device like that in his safe.
This is high-tech equipment consistent with the LEDs the robbers wore.
They could've put the nanochips in the bags themselves.
In case they got separated, make sure no one tries a double cross.
I got the signal.
- Wait a second.
That's weird.
- Where is it? - It's here.
- You mean here in the city? I mean right here in this building.
Mac, Hawkes, I'm not sure who you're here for.
Been a busy morning with your body from last night and the one from the helicopter.
Uh went for coffee, came back to find this John Doe waiting for me.
Found in an alley in Midtown.
Looks like a mugging gone wrong.
And they say violent crime is on a decline.
- Sid, hand me a magnifier.
- Sure.
Uh, what are we looking for? It's a nanochip about the size of a grain of rice.
Wait a minute.
We got it.
But who the hell is he? Mac, hey.
Just got back from Ballistics.
The bullet that we pulled from the dead robber in the helicopter is a match to Melvin's gun.
There's no surprise there.
We got another hit on Melvin's gun in IBIS, too.
It was used in the killing of a rival drug dealer, Little Pete, two days ago.
We also got a positive ID from our dead robber's fingerprints.
A guy named Logan Peele, heist man from California.
That's quite a résumé.
He's pretty hardcore and high-tech.
He robbed a bank a couple years ago and used some kind of computer virus to shut down the security system.
Also shot an employee on his way out.
You pull sheets on known accomplices? Yeah, I did.
These are hardened, experienced career criminals.
Doesn't fit.
- What doesn't? - That kid down in Autopsy.
Whoever he is, the way he's dressed, he's not one of these guys.
No wallet, no ID.
The only thing linking this John Doe to our robbery is that tracking device we got off the bottom of his shoe.
We may not know who he is, but we do know how he died.
Single gunshot wound to the head.
Appears to be at close range.
What about the bruising on the face? Looks like he was in a fight.
If so, it was one-sided.
- There's no sign of defensive wounds.
- Yeah.
Maybe he couldn't defend himself.
Take a look at this linear incise cut on his throat.
- Could be from a knife? - Mm-hmm.
Hey, Sid, there's something inside this cut.
Let's see here.
Got it.
Seems cellular in nature.
Morphology consistent with epithelium.
This poor boy was beaten, cut, and shot.
Does it seem at all extreme for a simple street mugging? What do you wish for? You know, when you see a shooting star or you find an eyelash, or you, say, toss a penny into a fountain? For my kids to be all right, of course, for Alabama to win another BCS championship.
Very good ones.
But most people wish for money.
I'm wishing there was a point here.
I processed the John Doe's clothing.
I found what appeared to be splash patterns all over shirt and his pants.
I found Legionella bacteria and filamentous algae.
Like you find in stagnant water.
Ran it through the XRF, and I found high levels of zinc and copper.
Properties that make up a penny.
He made a wish.
And the duffel bag fell out of the sky.
The robbers must have dropped the second bag.
That explains the torn strap we found in the abandoned helicopter.
And somehow the tracking chip got stuck on the tread of John Doe's shoe.
The robbers could have followed the signal, killed our John Doe, and then gotten their gems back.
Five million dollars' worth of gems just fall in this guy's lap.
And there he is, thinking it's the luckiest day of his life.
Turns out to be anything but.
- Hey.
- Hey, bud.
- How's Jimmy Belson doing? - He's gonna be all right.
- Docs patched him up pretty good.
- Mmm.
Hey, look.
I took a closer look at the sand that we found on the floor of Carson's penthouse.
Put it under the scanning electron microscope, and I found trace of lead, barium, and antimony.
Gunshot residue.
What's GSR doing in the sand that wasn't anywhere near the gunfire? Check it out.
Got a match on your tires.
"Supra Quadtreads.
" That's as common as they come.
Well, that's all right, 'cause I found what looks like pollen particles in the treads.
This may help lead us to our two remaining thieves.
Got a lot of evidence and not a lot of answers.
Stay positive.
- What would you do? - What would I do, what? You know, if you found millions of dollars of gems in the street? - Give them back.
- Oh, come on, guy.
You wouldn't keep some? - Why? Would you? - No.
I-- I'd give them back, mostly.
I mean, maybe keep one or two.
Know what happens to people that take things that don't belong to them, right? - No.
- Other people getting hurt.
Doc, come here.
We got an ethical debate going on, and Adam's failing miserably.
What do you do if you come across a fortune of precious gems that don't belong to you? I'd give them to the guy with the knife to my throat.
I got a hit in CODIS on the epithelials from our John Doe's knife wound.
Most likely from our suspect's fingernails.
Say hello to Arnold Vonley.
Got any bad habits, Arnold? For instance, I crack my knuckles.
This used to drive my mom nuts.
Some people pick their nose, chew with their mouths open, use a penknife to clean their fingernails in public.
So what? That's a crime now? No, Arnold, that's not a crime.
It's disgusting, but it's not a crime.
Unless, of course, you use that same penknife to mug someone.
That's not my knife.
It was in your pocket when we picked you up.
- I'm holding it for a friend.
- It's got your DNA all over it.
- Along with your victim's.
- What victim? Scrawny kid, 20's, holding a duffel bag.
No? Let me jar your memory.
- He's dead? - Very observant, Arnold.
Why don't you tell me where you stashed the gun? Now, hold the phone.
He was alive when I left him.
So you do know him.
Kid comes walking out of the park maybe 8:30 last night, all alone.
Wallet and watch, now! Okay, okay, okay.
Take it.
He was breathing just fine when I left.
If he got himself shot, that's not on me.
- What about the bag? - Man, I'm a specialist.
Strictly cash and jewelry only.
I'm not risking my life for some sweaty gym socks.
- How much did you get away with? - 20 bucks, plus the watch.
Probably, like, 80 bucks total.
I'm gonna be honest with you, Arnold.
You're probably the dumbest mugger I've ever met.
Why? What was in the bag? Five million dollars.
Those were some valuable gym socks.
Five million? No way Arnold did it.
He's strictly small time-- muggings, petty theft.
So he robs our John Doe and leaves behind a bag worth five mil.
And I guarantee you he will regret that decision for a very long time.
I'm guessing Arnold didn't keep our vic's ID? No.
Tossed in a Dumpster.
So we still got two robbers out there who already killed once to get those gems.
Smart money says they tracked our vic using the nanochip and killed again.
- Yeah.
Thanks a lot.
- Yep.
Can I help you? Jenny Harper.
I need to report a missing person.
My boyfriend, Heath Kirkfield.
You think something might've happened to him? He was coming here this morning to turn in a bag that he found.
Do you have a picture of Heath? Why don't you have a seat? Here's some water.
I was calling Heath all morning, and he didn't answer.
I kept telling myself not to worry-- that he was fine.
But I knew.
I just knew.
Then I-- Then I got this.
It came from his number.
Went straight to voice mail.
Do you mind if I take your phone and have the lab analyze that message? He was just going a couple blocks.
To the police precinct, for God sakes.
You're telling me that he had the duffel bag on him when he left? He was going to return it.
He ever mention to you how he got it? Heath's a busboy at Lucy's.
He'd always walk through the park on his way home.
He'd make a wish at this fountain.
Last night, he said his wish came true.
- How much is it? - I don't know.
It feels like millions.
Give me your hand.
Oh, it's beautiful.
Hey, what did I tell you, huh? If we worked hard, our luck was bound to change.
You want to keep it? We can pay off our student loans and our credit cards.
We can quit our jobs.
We can finally have a real life.
Huh? Heath, we gotta turn it in.
Yeah, I know.
It was fun to dream, though, right? Wait.
You don't blame him, right? 'Cause he wanted to keep it? I think he was very lucky that he had a girlfriend who pointed him in the right direction.
That direction got him killed.
The men who stole those gems placed a tracking device on them, so they were probably tracking Heath's movements.
The fact that he was bringing them to us didn't save his life, but it might've saved yours.
- Bad connection? - That's what I thought at first.
But you can make out some ambient sounds as well.
It's got all the auditory markers of an ass dial.
You know, when your phone's in your back pocket, and you make a call that you don't even know you're making.
For instance-- Okay.
My ass dialed my girlfriend once when I was out at a bar with some friends.
Left, like, a 15-minute message, you know? It would've been really funny, except we were talking about her the whole time, and-- - That's how she became your ex-girlfriend? - Well, yeah.
Clear out the ambient sound, see if there's anything useful underneath, and call me when you got something.
With your fingers, not your ass.
Hey, I got something on the particles I found in the tire treads from our getaway car.
I figured it was some kind of pollen.
- It's not pollen? - Actually, it is.
It's a lot of pollen.
Parrot flower, Lithops, voodoo lily, Cape sundew.
- None of these are native to New York.
- Right.
They all require special care and maintenance.
Only a couple nurseries in the city handle these varieties, and one of them is a few miles from where we found the helicopter.
Put your hands on the dash where I can see them.
You hear me? Put your damn hands on the dash where I can see them, now! So much for a clean getaway.
So here's our last two thieves-- the pilot and the second gunman.
Both shot execution style.
No sign of the missing gems.
They're in full rigor.
They've been dead for at least 12 hours.
And Heath was killed eight hours ago, so there's no way they're responsible for his death.
- So who are they? - Ted and Paul Kendricks.
They're brothers.
They were arrested a few years ago for trying to rob an ATM cash warehouse and use a plane as a getaway car.
- They served two years.
- Just two years? - How's that happen? - Well, their lawyer was Roland Carson.
- What a coincidence.
- Right.
And we also ran ballistics on the bullets we pulled from these two and Heath.
- All three were shot with the same gun.
- Okay.
So whoever killed Heath killed the Kendricks brothers as well.
We got a hit on IBIS.
It's a SIG Sauer P226.
Guess who it belongs to.
You, uh-- You recognize anyone? Should I? They're the men who broke into your apartment last night.
They're also former clients of yours.
You care to explain that? I've defended a lot of criminals, Detective.
It's my job.
That's not an answer.
I don't know what else to tell you.
Maybe you should ask one of them.
They're a little bit dead right now.
Killed with a handgun registered to you.
I have clients coming in and out of my apartment all hours of the day, as you know.
Any one of them could've walked away with that gun.
Already preparing your defense theory? A little fanciful, even for you.
You think I set up the robbery? Hired former clients to have my own apartment broken into, my bodyguard shot, and millions stolen from another client, then murdered my former clients with a gun that's easily traced back to me? That's what I call fanciful.
I'm not hearing a denial.
This must be the highlight of your career, Detective-- going after me.
It's not even an honorable mention.
You got a vendetta against me? Did I embarrass you on the stand one time? I'm just looking at the evidence, and right now, it doesn't look good for you.
I mentioned that the guy who rightfully owns those gems would slit my throat if they're not returned.
You said something about it.
So why would I risk my life for a few bucks? I charge more an hour than you make in a week.
As an errand boy for drug dealers and thieves.
Maybe you got sick of carrying their water.
You seem to have made up your mind.
You gonna read me my rights, offer me a phone call? I assume you'll want to call your lawyer.
I don't need to.
But you will.
Because if you come after me, I will hit you and your department with a malicious prosecution suit that'll spin your head.
I'm still not hearing a denial.
- What's up, Doc? - Hey.
I got the bullet those ER doctors pulled out of your buddy Belson.
Thing is, it's deformed in a way that's inconsistent with his injury.
He wasn't wearing any kind of body armor that you know of? No way.
Nearly severed his intestine.
Heading to the hospital now, hoping he'll shed some light on what this Carson's been up to.
Yeah? You think he'll tell you what he knows? On the inside, Jimmy's still a cop.
If he finds out that Carson tried to have him shot to rob his own penthouse, he'll tell us what he knows, and after everything's said and done, maybe we can get this bullet back to him as a souvenir.
Hey, Mac, I think I figured out why we found GSR in the sand pile at Carson's penthouse.
Now, this is the bullet that shot Belson.
He said that he was heading to the doorway when the robbers entered and shot him in the stomach.
The bullet's deformed on both sides.
Means it was tumbling when it hit Belson.
Dentley to Radiology.
Dentley to Radiology, please.
Now, a flight of a bullet is nose first until it's made contact.
Wouldn't tumble unless there was an intermediary target between it and the victim.
Like a sandbag.
Now, Belson had access to all of Carson's clients, his gun, security weaknesses Best way to avoid suspicion is getting wounded in the robbery.
Belson staged his own shooting.
According to the surgeon who treated Belson, the bullet missed hitting any major organ, but it did graze the intestine.
He must have checked himself out of the hospital right after Danny came to see him, met up with the Kendricks brothers, killed them, then tracked Heath down.
That's a lot of activity for someone who just had abdominal surgery.
He's gonna need medical attention soon.
Well, he's got five million reasons to play through the pain.
I've notified all the hospitals in the Tri-State area.
I have officers posted at his apartment.
Assuming he got the bag of gems from Heath, he's not going home.
If we can't catch him in the New York area, maybe we can trace where he's going.
I've had his computer brought from his apartment.
We'll start searching its history, see what we come up with.
Do it.
I don't know what to tell you, boss.
Should've posted an officer outside of Jimmy's room, I guess, but I didn't think.
None of us did, Danny.
Walk with me.
If the evidence wasn't staring me right in the face, I wouldn't believe it.
Robbery's bad enough.
But triple murder? You never know what a man is capable of.
Even old friends.
Jimmy was a good guy.
I don't know.
How does one turn of bad luck change all that? No.
Belson made the choice to go down this road.
Luck has nothing to do with it.
I got it, I got it, I got it.
I got it.
- You got what? - The voice mail on Jenny's phone.
- So Heath was leaving a message? - Yes-- No, no.
But yes.
He didn't leave a message, but there was a message left.
Just-- Just come with me.
I was able to isolate the background frequencies and drop out the atmospheric sound.
Left me with these voices.
- Where is it? - I don't know what you're talking about.
- Wrong answer.
- No, please.
Wait! Wait! That's it.
He says, "Where is it?" Does he mean the duffel bag? But Heath had the bag with him.
Heath's cell phone wasn't with his personal possessions when his body was brought in.
Could've dropped it in the struggle.
Pull up Heath's crime scene photos.
Stop there.
-That's it.
-There's a void in the blood pattern.
Belson killed Heath, took the duffel bag, then took his phone.
- We gotta track that phone.
- I'm all over it.
A phone is not just a phone anymore.
It's got your whole life in it.
What else could Belson possibly want from Heath? All right.
Got a signal, guys.
That's Midtown, just a few blocks from where Heath was killed.
I know why Belson wanted the phone.
He was looking for Heath's address.
-But why? He got all the jewels back.
- Maybe not.
He's on the move.
Heath, we gotta turn it in.
Yeah, I know.
It was fun to dream, though, right? Who's there? Hello? Oh, my God! Put down the gun, Jimmy.
Put it down.
Harper, stay inside your apartment! Would you believe that this isn't what it looks like? Not in the mood for your jokes, buddy.
Put it down.
What are you gonna do, huh? Gonna shoot me in the back, Danny? And not think twice about it, buddy, if it comes to it.
So just lower the gun.
Okay, I think that this may have gotten a little out of hand.
No, no.
What I think is you ended up spending too much time with that Carson and the criminals that he represents.
Started thinking you can get away with too much, that's all.
You have no idea what I've been through, okay? You have no idea.
Losing my life, losing my family and taking crap from Carson for all these years.
What, you think that justifies five dead bodies? You ever think about that night? You ever think about what it would've been like if you would've patted those guys down instead of me? If you would've been the guy with the flashlight in the backseat? And don't you even pretend that you would've seen that gun any better than me.
Doesn't matter, Jimmy.
Now put the damn gun down, or I will shoot you.
- I'm sorry, Danny.
- Yeah.
You're sorry? Screw you! I got it, Flack.
Thank you.
You're sorry.
Miss Harper, it's Detective Flack, NYPD.
Is everything okay? It is now.
Can I have the gems back now? My client would like to take possession.
They're evidence now.
What the hell am I supposed to tell my client? Well, you're a persuasive guy.
Persuade him not to kill you.
You're enjoying this, Detective.
Can I at least make sure it's all accounted for? Be my guest.
Where's the ring? Diamonds, emeralds.
It's an heirloom.
It's worth a million at least, Detective.
What you see is what we found in the trunk of Belson's car.
Can't be.
Maybe Belson kept it with him somehow.
Uh, they usually check prisoners for heirlooms at Rikers.
It's the most important piece here.
Carson, these gems have been all over the city, in and out of many hands.
The ring could've gotten lost anywhere.
That's not good enough, Detective.
Sue me.