CSI: NY s07e11 Episode Script

To What End?

** Not bad.
Not bad.
For my sixth birthday, my old man got me a pair of tube socks.
You scared the hell out of me.
What are you doing here? The party doesn't start for another hour.
No, no, no! Maria, call the cops! Gino! Oh, my God! Oh, my God, Gino! No! Shooter's in a clown outfit.
He went in the alley.
We'll take the suspect.
Hey, stop! - Where's the victim? - In here, in the back, on the floor.
- Freeze! NYPD! Don't move! Freeze! - Ohh! - Put your hands on your head! On your head! - I didn't do anything.
Get down on the ground! On your knees now! All the way down! - I didn't do anything! - Got a weapon on you? - No! - Get your hands on your head! You got him? - I pat you down, I'm gonna find a weapon? - No.
- You got the gun on you? - Frank.
I got nothing.
- What the hell? - Frank.
Frank! Frank! - What? - Frank, what the hell is going on? All right, buddy.
You can take a seat.
Thank you.
Don't say anything.
It's just better if you don't say anything.
- The victim's inside? - The owner.
Gino Cressida.
It was his son's sixth birthday.
Witnesses say a clown just walked in and wasted him.
And when you showed up, the arresting officers had these guys detained? Yeah.
Now, some of these costumes are way off, but more than half of them match the description witnesses gave of the shooter they saw walk across the street and disappear down the alley.
So one of these clowns might actually be our killer.
** * Out here in the fields * * I fight for my meals * * I get my back into my living * * Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
* If you squirt me with that thing, I will shoot you right here in front of everybody.
- You understand me? - All right.
- Talk.
- Look, it was posted online.
It said show up at the corner of Sullivan and Davis at exactly 11:00 wearing a clown outfit, you get 500 bucks.
- 500 Bucks? - Yeah.
- Just show up and stand on the corner? - Nah.
It said something about distributing flyers.
Witnesses tell me you look exactly like the clown who walked into the bakery.
That's 'cause the ad had a photo attached to it.
Said there was an extra 50 in it if you came looking exactly like it.
Don't go anywhere.
I'm not done with you.
Hey, look, is there some kind of stipend here for cooperating? I mean, this outfit put me back a hundred.
- Sit down.
- Hi, Flack.
Who shoots the owner of a bakery? I mean, really.
And at his kid's birthday party.
Single gunshot wound to the chest.
Shooter dropped the gun, walked out the front door.
Sounds like a hit.
Did we get the name of the clown he hired for the party? Wife said the vic took care of it.
We're looking into phone records.
One of my guys found these in a Dumpster five blocks from here.
Looks like we're rounding up clowns out there for no good reason.
Gotta hand it to this guy.
Putting out that ad so he could blend in with the clowns.
Pretty smart.
- What's our first move? - Leave the cannolis and take the gun.
The bullet shattered into multiple fragments, so once Sid extracts them, I'm gonna have to reconstruct the bullet and then run it through IBIS.
If it's that badly damaged, we may not be able to get reliable striae to make a comparison.
I'll do my best, but it's definitely gonna take a little time.
You download the CT data of the wound path? Yeah.
Then there's a faster way.
* Don't pull your pants before I go down * * Don't turn away * * This is my time * * Don't make demands * * I don't take none * * Just say a prayer that it gonna get done * * Go ahead, go way low where I can do no harm * * Go ahead, go way low in my honey-lovin' arms * * Go ahead, go way low where I can do no wrong * * Got you around my finger like a lonely lover's charm * Wound tracks don't match up.
So that's not our murder weapon.
I don't get it.
Whose gun is it, and why was it at the scene? Well, it's possible the shooter used a different gun, then dropped this one to put us off his track.
So I'm still gonna need to extract the fragments and reconstruct the bullet.
- That's a lot of fragments.
- I imagine it is.
So what do you say? Gonna skip lunch, help me out? Nope.
I get to be the boss this week.
I'm on it.
Hey, Mac.
So our clown's shoes were covered in dust.
They were found in a Dumpster.
Yeah, but this was a very particular mixture of dust.
It contained a significant amount of carbon and flecks of bone.
I extracted DNA.
It came back human.
It looks consistent with talc or ash.
It also contained concrete.
So what do we have, a burned body that was also buried? Run DNA through CODIS Missing Persons, see if there's a connection.
All right.
You know, one more thing.
Do you wear sneakers inside clown shoes? Are you seriously asking me that question? What? No good? What the hell do I know about clowns? I'm a bright man, but I'm afraid I can't help you with that one.
Jo, do you wear sneakers inside clown shoes? - I don't know.
I don't own any.
- Clown shoes? - Sneakers.
- Danny, get out of here.
Get me some answers.
This case is getting stranger by the second.
Trace I found on our victim's shirt-- cyanide.
Our killer clown tried to poison the vic before he shot him? Virtually nothing's adding up so far.
Clown, bakery owner, mystery gun at the crime scene, cyanide-- And Danny just found female DNA.
Hawkes, do you wear sneakers inside clown shoes? Don't you start.
How do you know I'm calling from the crime lab? Do you not have caller ID, sir? Okay.
Well, listen, perhaps my Fine.
You got me, okay? I work at the New York City Crime Lab, but I moonlight as a criminal specializing in clown identity theft.
And my next caper, okay? Is gonna be to defraud the entire clown industry as Jumbo the Clown.
You hung up-- You-- You hung up on me.
I hate clowns.
He hung up on me.
- I see that.
- Yeah.
- Who exactly hung up on you? - The New York Clown Registry.
All right.
Start from the beginning.
The vic's phone records could not tell me who he hired as a clown for the kid's birthday party, okay? So I went online to the ad the killer posted, and I scanned the photo, ran an image search, and I came up empty.
However, I discovered that there's a New York Clown Registry.
Like, they register their faces, actually.
It's a trademark thing.
So we match the makeup to the registered face, and we get an ID.
But Anal McGillicuddy-- he will not give me this guy's information until I get a subpoena, so now I gotta do all this-- - Adam.
- Yeah.
I'm relaxed.
I'm relaxed.
Lay off the caffeine.
I wanna meet the guy who blows the yolk out of these things.
I wonder what he does on the weekend.
Do you not appreciate the attention to detail associated with this kind of craftsmanship? Yep.
There's a hole.
They put one at each end, and then they just suck the yolk right out of those things.
Mom and Aunt Evelyn had it down to a science.
They would just paint the most glorious eggs.
They were beautiful.
Okay, how cute is he? Look at that hair.
This is our guy.
I wouldn't do that if I were you.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I was just trying to see what-- Each individual egg is meticulously hand-painted to match the likeness of our members.
A very time-consuming process.
A process best left undisturbed, particularly by the oils on your fingertips.
You don't walk into the MoMA and poke the Picassos, do you? Anal McGillicuddy.
I beg your pardon? I believe you talked to one of my employees.
Detective Mac Taylor, New York Crime Lab.
Oh, yes.
I see you have all the charm of your subordinate.
- And I see you have-- - Okay.
I think we have gotten off on the wrong foot here.
Can we start over? I am Detective Danville.
We're looking for-- Save it, Kentucky.
Adam Ross faxed over the subpoena five minutes ago.
I suppose he anticipated your lack of persuasive skills.
You're not very nice for someone who works at a clown registry.
Not all clowns are happy.
The name and the address of the man that you're looking for are in here.
Kindly show yourselves out when you're done.
Stan Ridgeway.
The last time we did this, it didn't really work out for us.
He's a clown, Flack.
He registered his face.
I'm just saying, the last time we were in this position, six bullets came through the door.
I'm pretty sure he doesn't keep his balloon gun loaded.
- Why are you standing off to the side then? - I'm a little scared.
Stan Ridgeway, NYPD! Three, two - Agh! - You okay? Oh, God.
You tell me.
Head's pounding like he split it open with a cannon.
It's nothing a Band-Aid and a beer won't fix.
- Did you get a good look at the guy? - Uh, yeah.
Dark hair, dark eyes, clean-shaven, uh, jeans and a blue shirt.
That's kind of generic, Stan.
Anything about him stick out? Yeah, the barrel of his gun.
He had it pointed right between my eyes.
That doorjamb looks pretty solid.
So how'd he get in? Look, I opened the door, okay? He said he had a delivery.
He needed a signature.
I got a delivery.
Somebody's got to sign.
- Oh, my God.
- Turn around.
Down on your knees.
- Okay.
Don't shoot.
Don't shoot me! - Shut up! Son of a bitch even asked me how much money I was gonna make today.
Just please don't kill me.
No, no, no! No, no! When I came to, he was gone, and so was my clown suit.
Look, he took my hair and my nose, too.
I need those back.
Okay? They're specially made.
They're very expensive.
One of a kind.
All right.
We'll see what we can do.
In the meantime, let's get you some ice.
** ** Lunchtime.
That was fast.
Huh? Mama, not interested.
'Cause the last time you set me up on a blind date, I had to handcuff the guy within 20 minutes.
- I don't have control issues.
- Jo.
Mama, I'm at work.
I have to call you back later.
I got a hit in AFIS on the prints that Danny lifted from the makeup.
I think I found our killer clown.
Bobby Renton.
Oh, I keep telling Mac he needs to give you a raise, and he won't listen to me.
Renton's only arrest was a fare beat eight years ago? Doesn't quite fit the profile of a cold-blooded killer.
According to the officer's report, Renton lost his wallet, had no money, jumped the turnstile at the subway station, got arrested, and his prints have just been on file ever since.
And that's it? No burglary, no assault, not even a public disturbance, and he gets up this morning, dresses like a clown, and kills a man.
Gino Cressida's murder was premeditated.
You don't just wake up one morning and plan all that.
- You're sure about the match on AFIS? - Yeah.
15 points of comparison.
- Definitely Renton's print.
- There was something else that was odd.
-Okay? He hasn't had a license in five years.
-Don't need one in New York City.
Okay, but at the same time, he got rid of his credit card, moved from his only known address in Queens, quit his job, and doesn't exist in any database that can find anything on anybody.
So I did a quick date check.
It's like he started to disappear from his own life all in the same day.
All in the same day? All in the same day.
It's a possibility.
Thank you, Adam.
- Did they contact you? - "They"? - The FBI.
- We're expecting a call? Well, they usually get their panties in a wad when we start getting in their business.
- And we've done that? - Well, AFIS got us the match off of the print that Danny recovered from Stan Ridgeway's makeup.
The name is Bobby Renton.
He's gonna be tough to track down, 'cause Bobby hasn't existed for the past five years.
If he was in jail, there'd be a record of it.
And if he was dead, there'd be documentation.
But there's been no report that he's missing.
So you think he's part of the FBI's witness protection program.
'Cause Iknow the FBI.
And I also know this overconfident agent who just got off the elevator.
He's right over there.
Overconfident? What, you worked together? Slept together.
My ex-husband.
- You're leaving? - Oh, yeah.
I'm sure you're aware, Detective, that our system alerts the FBI to any inquiries made about our protected cooperatives.
Your lab's AFIS hit was flagged.
So you wanna tell me what your interest in Bobby Renton is? - We're looking for him.
- Well, he's a protected witness in a secure location outside of the state of New York.
Agent Josephson, we believe he's back in New York.
In fact, he's in Manhattan, and he's a prime suspect in a murder investigation.
- You seem pretty sure about that.
- We connected his prints to the crime.
Well, maybe you wanna run those prints a second time, Detective.
You think we got this wrong? Murder is definitely not in Bobby Renton's wheelhouse.
So, yeah, I think you got the wrong guy.
I imagine it'd be embarrassing for the bureau to find out a witness wasn't where he was supposed to be, living unprotected, or worse, involved in a crime the NYPD knows more about than the FBI.
Trust me, this is not about the bureau's ego.
In fact, his protection was a request from the NYPD.
He's an informant for you guys, not us.
This was a favor for Detective Don Flack.
Bobby Renton? You sure about that? Danny recovered his print from Stan Ridgeway's apartment.
So that puts him in Stan's place, but it doesn't make him a killer.
He took Ridgeway's clothes, Don, dressed as a clown, and killed Gino Cressida.
Let's bring Stan in, see if he can pick Bobby out of a six-pack.
I'm missing something here.
You, the FBI-- nobody buys this guy as a killer, but the evidence points right at him.
Bobby was a good guy, Mac.
He wasn't some thug who flipped to try to make a deal and get a government-paid ticket out of Queens.
He testified against three PCP dealers who put a bullet in his friend's head.
He was a decent guy.
Did the right thing.
And now you're telling me he's back, and he's a killer? That's the way it looks, Don.
These guys are gonna come after me.
You know that.
- We'll protect you.
- How? I got friends in the FBI.
They'll set you up.
Witness protection? No, man.
I'm not gonna get involved in all that.
I told you who did it.
That's all you need.
We need a witness, Bobby.
That's you.
- What about Ainsley? - We'll protect her, too.
Bobby, drug dealers like the Foleys don't stop unless they're made to stop.
You saw them walk him out of the bar that night.
They killed your friend, and they're laughing about it.
Don't let them get away with that.
- I don't know.
I just don't know.
- Yes, you do.
Yes, you do.
- I gotta go.
- Listen, Bobby-- - I gotta go.
- Bobby! I saw you run out.
I had work to do.
You've been avoiding my phone calls.
I've been busy, Russ.
And we've exchanged at least five text messages over the last eight months.
I think that's plenty.
Jo, do you realize this is the first time I've seen you since you moved to New York? That's not true.
I saw you at Tyler's.
Yeah, you saw me, and I saw the back of your head as you left the room.
- What? - You look great.
- What was the reason we separated? - Divorced.
Because you wanted me to be a housewife, and I wanted a career.
We're completely incompatible.
And you know what? My first clue should've been you insisted I take your last name.
Jo Josephson.
I just wanted the guys to know you were mine.
Another problem-- ownership issues.
If I say you're right and I'm sorry, will you have dinner with me? No.
You didn't have to come all the way over here to deliver that message to Mac.
- You could have just called.
- But then I wouldn't get to see you.
Jo, the bullet fragments are a match-- - Sorry.
I'll come back.
- No, no, no.
We're all good.
He's an FBI agent.
Lindsay, ex-husband.
Ex-husband, Lindsay.
Nice to meet you.
You, too.
We've heard nothing about you.
Bullet fragments.
Uh, yeah.
Uh, 3-D software reassembled the bullet fragments that we pulled from Gino Cressida.
I was able to realign the striae.
I got a match to a bullet that was pulled from a man killed two days ago in Memphis.
So the same gun was used to kill both men.
And possibly the same shooter.
Bobby Renton was in witness protection in Memphis.
Crime scene photos of Elmo Vidivic and the preliminary autopsy report from Memphis PD indicate three gunshot wounds.
One to each knee and one to the chest.
The latter being the cause of death.
Laceration, multiple bruising to the face.
Vidivic was tortured.
- Agh! - Who sent you here to kill me? Nobody sent me! Oh, God! Agh! Try again.
You didn't come to Memphis to sightsee.
All right.
It was Gino Cressida.
Renton was clearly looking for the name of the man who arranged the hit.
Gino Cressida.
Does that make sense to anyone? Why would a baker who makes the best cannoli in New York want to kill Bobby Renton? There's no intel on Cressida in our files, no apparent connection to this case or the suspects Bobby Renton testified against five years ago.
Cressida's background's clean.
Husband, father.
Owns the family bakery which he inherited from his mother.
Maybe Bobby Renton got the name wrong, or Vidivic gave him any name he could think of.
You don't kill two men the way Renton did without being sure.
- I still can't believe he did it.
- Yeah.
Russ, was Bobby cooperating on any other cases that were still going to trial? Not with us.
He disappeared into witness protection.
That was the last the NYPD heard of him.
Well, somebody wanted Renton dead.
His identity and location were compromised, and a professional was sent all the way to Memphis to take care of him.
We're missing a connection here.
We got every resource the commissioner would authorize looking for Bobby Renton.
- No sign of him.
- So he's fled the city.
Only if he's walking.
We got eyes on the piers, the bus terminals, the airports, train stations.
Not to mention checkpoints on every major road out of the city.
If taking out Gino Cressida was the reason he returned to New York, and Bobby's done the job he came to do, why is he still here? 'Cause he still has unfinished business.
So what happens now? Do I get to pick my new name? Choose where I'm gonna live? When do I stop being me? Day after tomorrow.
The FBI will put you up in a safe house until then.
You can't go home.
I'll swing by and grab some of your stuff and bring Ainsley to wherever you're You didn't tell her.
What for? That's your girl, man.
Come on.
You gotta tell her.
Why, so I can ruin her life, too? Make her move away from her family and friends? She's five months pregnant, Flack.
I can't do that.
I chose to do this, not her.
So you're not even gonna say good-bye? It's easier this way.
If they come after me, then so be it.
But if she came and they hurt her and my kid, I couldn't live with that.
I know your head is probably spinning, but believe me, you did the right thing.
Can you do me a favor? Tell Ainsley I Never mind.
Let's get out of here.
Hey, Mac, I just received the tox report on our victim in Memphis.
Traces of ether were found in Elmo Vidivic's lungs.
Now, at our crime scene here in New York, I found cyanide on Gino Cressida's clothing.
- Cyanide and ether.
That's PCP.
- Yeah.
It could prove that they knew each other, were together, or something.
Now, Renton testified against the Foley brothers.
- They dealt PCP, right? - Well, that's a leap, Sheldon.
There are a lot of uses for cyanide and ether, and we have no definitive proof that either one of these men were in the same place at the same time prior to their deaths.
- Thought you might say that.
- Which means you came here with an answer? I ran a utility usage check on Gino Cressida's bakery.
Wattage was off the charts.
Compared to similar structures in the area, their kilowatt hours show 50 times more usage.
Mac, I know it's a bakery, but they ain't baking that many bagels.
Cressida's is a front for a PCP lab.
Cressida was supplying the Foley brothers.
I was hoping you'd walk me out.
Leaving so soon? Yeah.
The FBI's work is done here.
We have no jurisdiction over the murder investigation.
Leaving the hard part to the NYPD? And I thought our separation was amicable.
Hey, Mac seems like a nice guy.
He is.
Any reason I should be jealous? Oh, baby, I love that.
We're gonna hang it on the fridge right when we get home.
More coffee? - Thank you.
- Sure.
What can I get you? Has Bobby gotten in touch with you? We have a special on the pastrami, we're all out of apple pie, and I highly recommend the fish and chips.
Come on, Ainsley.
Don't play games with me.
- He's in trouble.
- So you want something to eat, or no? What kind of trouble? - Have you seen him? - No.
- If you have, you gotta tell me.
- I said no.
- Manny, I'm on break.
- Yeah.
Go ahead.
- So Bobby's back in New York? - It looks that way.
- He okay? - No.
He's not hurt.
He's just done something stupid.
Really stupid.
Look, he may come to see you.
If he does, please call me.
You got a lot of nerve, you know that? - Listen to me.
- Listen to you? What, are you kidding me? Listen to you.
That's what got us in this mess in the first place.
You convincing Bobby to snitch on those guys.
He trusted you.
We both did.
I am never gonna be that stupid again.
Take your card.
I'm not helping you.
And you know what? If Bobby does call me, you will be the absolute last person I tell.
He left to protect you.
Yeah, well, you got what you wanted.
So what's it matter, huh? I'm sorry.
Baby, I'll be right over by the counter if you need me.
Order's up.
Chicken and waffles.
I knew there had to be a deeper connection.
What do you got? Connection between who? Gino Cressida and the Foley brothers.
- He was supplying them with PCP, right? - Clearly looks that way.
But to hire a hit man to hunt down Bobby Renton, there had to be a more personal connection.
Gino Cressida is the godfather of one of the Foley brothers.
That's more than enough motive.
So somebody must have spotted Bobby in Memphis, Cressida got word and sent Vidivic to kill him.
Revenge for his godson's conviction.
Looks that way.
Either of you hear from Flack since this afternoon? - No.
- I've left a few messages.
- This case is personal for him.
- That's what I'm afraid of.
Yes, yes, yes! EDNA, I love you.
Is there another woman in your life? This is the magnification of the dust collected from the clown's clothes and Stan's apartment.
On the other side is a match from EDNA.
I had female bone, ash and concrete, and I couldn't put it all together.
- Until EDNA came to your rescue.
- Don't be jealous.
I was thinking we were looking at the remains of a burned body-- another one of Renton's victims-- but the degree of thermal destruction was so great that it would take a significant amount of heat.
High heat, bone, ash.
Yeah, exactly.
I thought you said there were traces of concrete.
There used to be a crematorium that offers a burial at sea, okay? They mix your remains with concrete and lower them into the ocean to promote coral reef growth.
Okay, so how did the ash and the concrete transfer to Renton? He must've picked up the ash in the abandoned crematorium and transferred it to the clown suit.
The crematorium was in Brooklyn.
It's been closed for six years.
It's gotta be where Renton's hiding out.
We need to let Mac know, and send units.
Bobby? It's Flack.
I'm here.
Bobby, come on.
I got your signal.
You brought me all the way out here.
Bobby? Glad you could make it, Don.
- Put the gun down, Bobby.
- I'm already facing life in prison, man.
Killing a cop.
What's that, double life? Hey, back up, man.
Back up.
You don't want to do this, Bobby.
Yeah, I didn't want to testify, either.
You remember that? What was it you said? Oh.
"Be a hero, Bobby.
Do the right thing.
" What did that get me, huh? You made promises you couldn't keep, Flack.
Come on.
Lower the gun.
Take another step, man, I'll kill you.
You know the worst part, Flack? What's that? and I managed to stay out of trouble.
One conversation with you, and I get shipped off to Memphis.
Can't even get a decent slice of pizza.
You saved lives, Bobby.
You know that.
But I lost mine! It wasn't worth it, man.
Every day, looking over my shoulder, wondering when they'd come.
And they did.
They did come.
So I had to end it.
I've never even laid eyes on my own son.
Protection? No.
This might as well have been jail.
This is what happens when you do what's right? Yeah.
Thieves get rich, saints get shot.
And God doesn't always answer your prayers.
So instead of thinking about what's owed you, think about your little boy, think about Ainsley.
You can still have a life, Bobby.
You shot a hit man and the guy who sent him after you.
There's a real chance you could still get out of jail and be a father to your son.
If you pull that trigger, that does not happen.
Don't do this.
Bobby! Bobby, stop! Come on! Bobby! It's over, Bobby.
You were MIA for a while there.
I needed a little time to wrestle with the demons.
You okay? Five years ago, when Bobby flipped on those guys, I got a big pat on the back.
Felt really good.
It does not feel really good right now.
It's tough asking a witness to testify, especially in a case like that.
But we do more than ask.
We're taught to persuade, right? Get the bad guy off the street, close the case.
You get caught up in that, and it's easy to lose sight of the sacrifices that some people have to make.
It's a necessary evil, Don.
Without witnesses being brave enough to testify, where would we be? And for what it's worth, you didn't talk Renton into testifying.
Deep down, he knew what he had to do.
Listen, I'm gonna take him over to Central Booking myself.
Thank you.
I got him, guys.
Let's go.
What do I do now? * A hundred days have made me older * * Since the last time that I saw your pretty face * * A thousand lies have made me colder * * And I don't think I can look at this the same * Go ahead.
* But all the miles that separate * Ten minutes.
* Disappear now when I'm dreaming of your face * * I'm here without you, baby * * But you're still on my lonely mind * * I think about you, baby * * And I dream about you all the time * * I'm here without you, baby * * But you're still with me in my dreams * * And tonight * * It's only you and me * * Yeah * * I'm here without you, baby * * But you're still on my lonely mind * * I think about you, baby * * And I dream about you all the time * * I'm here without you, baby * * But you're still with me in my dreams * * And tonight, girl * * It's only you and me * * Yeah * * Whoa, yeah * * Ohhh * * I'm all alone *