CSI: NY s07e15 Episode Script


** * She was made * * To blow you away * * She don't care * * What any man say * * You can watch her strut * * But keep your mouth shut * * Or it's ruination day * * Well, now she's long * * Long gone * * Oh, now she's long * * Yeah, now she's long gone * * Like Moses through the corn * * Her eyes are rubies and pearls * * And she's not made like those other girls * * Well, her lashes flap * * And they smack me back * * Like springs bouncing off of her curls * 911.
What's your emergency? I need to report a murder.
May I have your name, please? Where are you calling from? The body's beaten, bound, and gagged.
Shot three times.
You'll find it in the alley behind the old Mirado Beer warehouse, near the Brooklyn Navy Yard.
And when did it happen? It's about to.
Unidentified male.
Patrol unit arrived 15 minutes later to find the body.
No sign of the caller.
- Witnesses? - None.
Every victim of the Prospect Park Rapist was dumped within a mile of this location.
I don't think it's a coincidence.
This one's got all the markings.
Mouth gag, body beat to a pulp.
Wrists bound with purple duct tape.
All made to look like our rapist's signature.
Only this time, the victim is a man.
* Out here in the fields * * I fight for my meals * * I get my back into my living * * Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
* Mac, I got a hit on the fingerprints.
This is definitely the Prospect Park Rapist.
They match prints recovered from some of his victims.
Now we need a name to go with the title.
- Still a John Doe.
- Well, someone knew who he was.
They used his signature against him.
This looks like revenge.
Two gunshots to the groin, one to the head.
Killer's sending a message.
Got a blood pool.
No high-velocity spatter.
This was a dump job.
* Downtown living * * Everyone's great * * He plays the guitar * * She's getting rich * * It's New York * * All over again * * How're we supposed to feel * * With no one around? * * It's New York * Whatever this man's sins were in life, he paid for them in death.
Multiple skull fractures, four broken ribs, collarbone.
Both ankles.
We've got three bullet wounds, two to the groin area, one of which hit the lower abdomen.
And the other lodged itself in the femur.
Head wounds are through and through.
Close range, judging from the stippling.
The tongue is fascinating.
Results of the biopsy and histological exam confirm that it's not caused by any kind of disease or medical condition.
I'll send the sample up to the lab.
We'll run it through GCMS.
I noticed the swelling and irritation around the eyes.
Originally, I thought it was caused by the physical beating.
However, under an ALS, we get a different story.
Some kind of UV marker.
Also found high levels of oleoresin capsicum.
Pepper spray.
Thinking the rapist came upon a victim who decided to fight back.
Sprayed him, gave him a taste of his own medicine.
It's a good theory, only we have a call that was made before the murder, and the caller was a man.
NYPD spent a lot of time looking for this rapist.
Never could identify him.
Well, someone did.
Whoever it was wanted to take care of the problem themselves.
We have a vigilante on our hands.
Spokesmen for the police department confirmed that the body of a man believed to be the Prospect Park Rapist was found near the Brooklyn Navy Yard.
He singled out solitary women at night, and attacked with brutal force.
He beat and gagged his victims.
Once they were bound, he would transport them to his van where he sexually assaulted them, often for hours.
Though there's been no official statement, unnamed sources have reported the Prospect Park Rapist's body was found bound and gagged in the same warehouse area where he dumped his victims.
This begs the question, did one of his victims seek revenge? Is this the man who attacked you? Yes.
I'm sorry.
Take your time.
I've had nightmares for months.
I can't believe he's dead.
Do you have a brother? Or boyfriend? Yeah.
What about him? Does he know what happened to you? You mean, the rape? Why would that matter, anyway? It was a man who called 911 to report your rapist's death.
No one I know has the balls to do something like this.
I don't know if you remember me, but we met a while ago at your support group.
I was giving a talk.
Detective Messer.
You can call me Lindsay.
Could you take a look at this for me? Is that the man that raped me? Well, I was hoping you could tell me.
The other women identified him, right? Just take another look, okay? I really don't know.
I never saw his face.
You know, when you and I spoke, all those months ago, you were so scared.
You wanted to protect yourself.
I never got a gun, if that's what you're asking.
I gave you pepper spray instead.
- Do you still have that? - Got rid of it.
Is there a guy in your life? Male friends, relatives? There's no one.
Why are you asking me these questions? The man who attacked you was found beaten and bound in the same manner he used on his victims.
I've talked to a lot of rape victims, Kate.
Some are scared.
Some are angry.
You're the only one who ever asked me for a gun.
I don't have a boyfriend.
My father died five years ago.
There are no other relatives nearby.
I was home last night.
Don't get out much anymore.
I'm sure you understand why.
- Anything else? - No.
I need to report a murder.
May I have your name, please? Where are you calling from? The body's beaten, bound, and gagged.
Shot three times.
You'll find it in the alley behind the old Mirado Beer warehouse, near the Brooklyn Navy Yard.
And when did it happen? It's about to.
Sir, can you repeat that? Sir, sir, can you please repeat that? The operator goes on like that for a bit.
But you get the point.
He obviously wanted us to know about the murder.
Wanted to be clear that he had all the details.
The killer wants credit.
Yeah, well, we'd be happy to give it to him if he made himself available.
There's no way you can, uh, trace this call, huh? It's a disposable phone.
Caller turned it off after he hung up, and then probably tossed it.
All right.
This caller says he's about to commit the murder.
patrol finds the body.
That's a pretty small window to beat and kill our victim, huh? I'm thinking wherever that call was made, that might be our crime scene.
Let's analyze the background noise and the ambient sound.
It could help us pinpoint where the call came from.
Okay, okay, look.
It's a long shot in the best of circumstances.
Okay? But this call, it's got some sort of background frequency.
It's-- It's nearly impossible.
It's nearly impossible? Which means it's a little bit possible, so go forth and conquer.
GCMS results on our John Doe's black tongue came back with high levels of pyrethroids.
Like in pesticides.
And the only way you get a reaction to a pesticide like that is with frequent and long-term exposure.
So, either our vic worked in some kind of chemical factory, or he was an exterminator.
So you checked out pest control companies that worked the Prospect Park area where the rapes occurred.
I cross-referenced them with the companies that serviced the rapist's victims' apartments and came up with Hudlin Exterminators.
Any of their employees not show up for work this morning? Only one, and he matches the description of our vic.
Mac I compared the duct tape we found at the scene to the duct tape that the rapist used to bind his vics.
They don't just have similar class characteristics.
They're from the exact same roll.
- What about the gun? - .
380 ACP, no hits in IBIS.
Our killer is smart.
Figured out the identity of a predator half the NYPD couldn't track down.
Observed our rapist, Garland Clarke, stalked him, waited for him to make his move then informed us about it before executing his plan.
No, no, no! - And disappears.
- Of course he could be a she.
The 911 call came from a man.
DNA analysis from the hair we found on the tape turned out to be female.
Did you get a hit in CODIS? No, but I ran it against DNA samples from his victims' rape kits, got a match.
That's Kate Price.
That's his first victim.
I've never seen him.
Is there someone who can vouch for you last night? Like I said, I was home alone, watching TV.
- What show? - David Letterman.
Would you like me to list the guests? Look, there's something you need to understand.
We found your hair on this man's dead body.
That's serious.
So let's start again.
Where were you last night? Okay.
These are photos of Garland Clarke on his rounds as an exterminator.
On his stoop, leaving his apartment.
Having a beer.
You searched my apartment? Yes.
We thought you were telling the truth until we opened a desk drawer.
So tell me again how you don't know who this is.
This is the man who raped you, Kate.
The man you swore to me you'd never seen before.
You've been following him.
Do you understand how serious this is? I think I need some air or something.
What you need is to listen to me.
If you want to avoid spending the rest of your life behind bars, you have to tell me everything.
Don't say another word.
My client is done talking.
You called a lawyer? I consult with the City Victims' Network.
They informed me that Kate was being held for questioning.
Okay, I don't know what kind of law you practice, but Kate is in a lot of trouble here.
I used to be a public defender, so let's just forgo the back and forth, Detective, and let me speak to my client.
Uh, thanks.
Traffic boys found Clarke's van parked in a loading zone.
They towed it over this morning.
Keys are in the front seat.
Hey, Doc.
Think we found our crime scene, gentlemen.
So, the killer subdued Clarke and brought him back to his own van to finish the job.
Dumped the body at the Navy Yard and abandoned the van.
See what we got here.
I'll take the cab.
I've got biologicals semen, vaginal fluids.
Anyone want to go grab a bite after? This is more than Clarke's work van.
This is his lair.
Check this out.
Purple duct tape for binding.
What did he use the scissors for? Souvenirs.
He cut off locks of their hair to keep for later.
None of Clarke's victims mentioned that as part of his MO.
They probably didn't know it was happening.
Hey, how many vics did you say came forward anyway? Five.
Why? That's a lot more than five.
* So why you staying at home? * * Stay * * Staying at home? * Hey.
Five of the hair samples from Clarke's van match his victims.
So I'm guessing the other five were from women who never came forward? Five more suspects.
Anything that links Kate to the murder? Well, her DNA was all over the carpet.
Probably from when she was raped.
Might also explain why we found her hair on the tape.
Clarke kept all of his supplies in the same bag in his van-- gloves, tape, scissors.
After he raped Kate, he took some of her hair.
A strand of hair could have transferred to the roll of tape.
And the hair didn't come off until a year later when he was bound using the same roll of tape? It's possible.
It still doesn't explain why Kate was tracking Clarke and lying to us about it.
We're wasting a whole lot of man hours hunting a killer that should get a medal for doing the community a service.
There's a body on a slab in Autopsy, Hawkes.
Yeah, and he beat and raped at least ten women.
I'm surprised to hear you defending him.
Why? Because I'm a woman, I should cheer his death? I'm a cop first.
As much as I despise what he did, I don't advocate vigilante justice.
Come on, Hawkes.
You're a doctor.
What would you do if Clarke came into your ER? - He didn't.
He's dead.
- That's a convenient answer.
My girlfriend was raped, Lindsay, and after that, our relationship changed.
Hell, it ended.
And I won't lie to you.
The thought of killing the guy that did that to her definitely crossed my mind.
I mean, come on.
You know this girl, Kate.
You don't feel for her? Of course I feel for her.
But I don't know her, Hawkes.
I had a conversation with her one time a year ago, and she asked me for a gun.
I'm not her counselor, I'm not her priest.
If she's guilty of murder, I'm going to put her away.
What is your emergency? I need to report a murder.
A man's been beaten and shot at a parking garage on West 55th Street.
When did this happen? Sir? Sir? It's about to.
Second 911 call had the same signature as the first.
Murder was reported before it happened.
Only this time, the caller didn't turn the power off the phone.
Signal from the cell brought us here.
Suspect could still be in the garage.
Signal's coming from the basement level.
Let's do it.
Flack, single male behind the pickup on the south end.
Got him.
NYPD! Put your hands where I can see 'em.
Now! He's dead.
The cell phone signal is still definitely coming from here.
No phone.
It's right here.
We're too late.
Our vic's name is Craig Tomlin.
He's an ex-con.
Did five years for sexual assault.
Just got out a couple weeks ago.
So our suspect has a thing for predators.
His throat is flush against the trailer hitch.
It was like he was being choked.
So our killer calls 911, chokes this guy, and then shoots him from behind? Doesn't add up.
Whatever happened here, I don't think it went as planned.
Blood spatter pattern is inconsistent with the head wound.
And there's a void.
Someone was underneath him when he was shot.
We're looking for at least two suspects.
Two male victims, both sexual predators, and near identical 911 calls.
In the first murder, the suspects mimicked Clarke's MO, leaving the body where he dumped his victims.
Our second vic, Craig Tomlin, served time for grabbing a woman in a parking lot, forcing her to drive to another location before attacking her.
None of that was mimicked here.
The killers never had the opportunity.
Their plan went wrong.
We found UV markers and traces of pepper spray on Tomlin's face.
But look at the autopsy photo.
No irritation.
No inflammation.
A small percentage of the population is immune to the effects of capsicum.
Tomlin must have been one of them.
Caught our suspects by surprise.
He started to fight.
Plan went south.
They cut and run.
Whatever connection, these killers have taken out two predators in hours.
It's safe to assume they'll strike again.
Mac Taylor? I have information on the vigilante case you're investigating.
- Who is this? - It's Lindsay.
Look up.
It's a voice distorter.
Pretty cool, huh? Well, what would be cool is if you were working on the 911 calls like you're supposed to.
I am.
I mean, I was.
I mean, this connects.
It's possibly the same kind of device that our suspects used to make those 911 calls.
That means you'll be able to reverse the distortion on the calls, uncover the caller's voice.
That's exactly what it means, boss.
All right, yeah.
I need to report a murder.
A man's been beaten and shot at a parking garage on West 55th Street.
I need to report a murder.
A man's been beaten and shot At a parking garage on West 55th.
It's a woman.
Voice patterns are as distinct as fingerprints.
But we have a database for fingerprints, not for voices.
We don't, but 911 does.
They store every call made within a five-year period.
Yeah, but what good will that do us? What if our suspect was a victim of sexual assault? Called 911 in the past for their own attack? Anybody could have called 911.
We can't be sure that the victim did.
But we won't know they didn't until Adam checks the database for a voice match.
Yo, boss, there's over tens of thousands of calls a day and-- Narrow your search to rape victims in Brooklyn in the last three years.
Do it fast.
Pop quiz.
What do petrolatum, Brazilian Carnauba wax, and titanium dioxide combine to make? I'm guessing some kind of incendiary device or perhaps a new facial cream? Sweat enhancer.
Got it off of Craig Tomlin's collar.
That some kind of sex thing? No.
It's an ointment that athletes use before they work out.
Accelerates heat production, stimulates sweat glands.
So it must have come off one of our suspects during the struggle.
You know what the great thing about this stuff? It preserves sweat.
Meaning we have our suspect's DNA? Yup, but all we know is, it is a female.
Confirmed what Adam found out on the calls.
All right.
I got to say, whoever these women are, I respect their determination.
You think they did the right thing? Uh I mean, no, but I can't say that I wouldn't do the same thing in their position.
Where's your lawyer? I wanted to talk to you alone.
I don't think that's such a good idea.
You have an attorney for a reason.
Can I just ask you a question? What if I confessed? I could say it was self-defense.
Everyone knows what a bastard Clarke was.
I could get leniency.
The surveillance photos, the 911 calls.
Nobody's gonna believe self-defense.
We found another body, Kate.
Another rapist killed while you were in our custody.
I don't think you killed anyone, but you're covering for someone.
And while you're in here, they're out there getting ready to do it again.
You know, if you spent half as much time trying to catch these rapists as you are trying to solve their murders, maybe they wouldn't have to.
You think I don't care about you? About all the other victims? You know why I remember you, Lindsay? The day that we met at group, before you and I spoke you kept checking your watch.
You just couldn't wait to get out of there.
But I didn't blame you.
It wasn't like we wanted to be there either.
Lindsay? I think Kate blames me for not catching Garland Clarke.
I didn't work that case.
I hardly knew anything about it.
She's been through a lot.
Don't take it personally.
Still she thinks I don't care.
You know what? When she reached out to me after I spoke to her support group, all I did was hand her some pepper spray and a pamphlet on how to deal with trauma.
And now I'm accusing her of murder.
And I certainly don't blame her for resenting me, but I don't know what I'm supposed to do.
I'm a cop.
You know, the last case I worked on at the Bureau was the rape of a young woman, very high profile.
Senator Matthews' daughter.
We had that suspect dead to rights, but we mishandled the DNA.
We knew he did it beyond the shadow of a doubt, but he was acquitted.
The look on that girl's face when she was told that the man who raped her was gonna go free I don't think I've ever been looked at quite like that.
I'll never forget it.
Utter betrayal.
So, how did you handle it? How do you follow the law and still be a human being? That's the hard part.
Because a piece of me, if that were my daughter, that would want him dead, I have to put in a box in order to go back and do my job.
Even if it doesn't make sense, Lindsay, even if good people get hurt and bad people go free, that's what we do.
And it's hard.
It's hard.
How do I explain that to Kate? I don't know that you can.
Because we meet these people on the worst day of their lives.
And all we can really do for them is listen.
Let 'em rage at us, if that's what they need.
I don't see how that could ever be enough.
You'd be surprised.
- 911.
- I need to report a crime.
Please help me! I've been attacked! He said he had a delivery.
This man came out of nowhere.
Ma'am, stay calm and tell me what happened.
And then he grabbed me.
He had a knife to my throat.
He said he was gonna beat me.
What is your emergency? I need help.
My boyfriend, he's at the door! Heather, let me in! He's coming after me, please! Please, come now! I'm sending units right away.
Hold on! * We grew up and nothing changed * Pole-dancing? It's good cardio.
- I've heard.
- Uh-huh.
* And then these people say we're not the same * * Go figure out * Heather Marist? Police.
You need to come with us.
Hey! Look out.
Hey! Stop! Now! Turn around, put your hands on your head! - Got her? - I got her.
She hits hard.
You know that? - What, you mean for a girl? - No.
I mean for anyone.
I need help.
My boyfriend, he's-- He's at the door.
He's coming after me.
Please come now! You made that call two years ago, the night Alex Roberts assaulted you.
It took the cops a half an hour to arrive.
By then he'd broken my jaw and both wrists.
Raped me, too.
He's serving ten years upstate.
You want a "thank you"? I have two more phone calls you made, Heather, both to report the killings of sexual predators before they occurred.
I have traces of your sweat enhancer and DNA all over Craig Tomlin's shirt.
What do you want from me? I know you killed those men, I know you didn't do it alone, and I want to know who helped you.
Screw you.
Do you recognize Heather, Kate? She's one of the women in your support group.
There are over 500 members of that group.
If you know anything about Heather's involvement in these murders, now is the time to talk.
The only thing we're willing to talk about is Kate's release.
That's not happening.
I don't see an assistant D.
We're trying to give Kate an opportunity to save herself.
Check this out.
- What is it? - A crystal shard.
It was with the broken voice distorter from the Tomlin crime scene.
Thought maybe it belonged inside, but there was no other crystal in there.
And take a look at this.
It has a serial number on it.
That's not a serial number.
We found this at the scene of Craig Tomlin's murder.
Kate was in your custody when that man was killed.
Ever heard of microdot technology? It's like DNA for your possessions.
A distinct ID number that's sprayed on your jewelry in case it's lost or stolen.
This crystal was part of a pair of gold earrings that were purchased a year ago.
- I don't own any gold earrings.
- Not you, Kate.
Your lawyer.
Craig Tomlin was arrested for sexual assault six years ago.
You were his public defender.
Uh, there was a question of procedure when the cops picked him up.
No way the D.
could win a trial.
So you cut a deal.
My boss called me his "go-to gal for pervs.
" I quit the next day.
You started working with the City Victim's Network.
I wanted to feel good about my work.
I wanted to help people who needed it.
People like Kate.
I was doing better.
I wasn't scared anymore.
And then there he was.
He was the exterminator in my own apartment building.
Garland Clarke.
I wasn't sure at first.
I thought maybe my mind was playing tricks.
So you followed him.
I needed to know.
I needed to know.
Anybody would have felt the same way, Kate.
What's important is what you did next.
She showed us everything she had on him.
She said that she was sure he was the Prospect Park Rapist.
You didn't tell her to go to the police? For what? The cops were after him for a year.
Didn't even have a description.
Annie and I we used to fantasize about what we would do if we ever had the opportunity to face one of these predators ourselves.
Kate gave us that chance.
- Did Kate ask you to kill him? - No.
We told her to do nothing, and we'd handle it.
I didn't know what she meant until I heard the news.
And then I thought, oh, my God, what have I done? And then you know what I felt? Relieved.
So you called the pest control company that he worked for, scheduled an appointment Left out my gym stuff, some photos of me training.
And waited.
It didn't take long.
Did that make you feel powerful? He got his rocks off beating the crap out of women.
And to give that feeling back to him? I never felt better in my life.
Is that why you and Annie went after Tomlin? To relive the thrill? Craig Tomlin kidnapped that girl.
Locked her in the trunk of her own car.
As he raped her-- he whispered in her ear how he was going to come back for seconds when he was done.
He ruined her life.
And because of me, he only served five years.
He should've died in prison.
But he didn't.
He got free.
And he was going to do it again.
So you set him up? Just like Clarke? Only, the plan didn't work.
Get off me! I'm gonna kill you! You want me to apologize? Hmm? Rape is an under-prosecuted crime.
There's even a statute of limitations.
But not for the damage done to the victims.
I got what the system couldn't.
What you got was retribution.
Aren't they the same thing? Not even close.
It doesn't seem fair.
Annie and Heather were just trying to protect me, and they're being punished for it.
I know you're going through a lot, Kate.
But eventually you're going to come to see that what they did didn't help you.
What they did was wrong.
I spent the last year of my life in a daze.
I pulled away from my friends.
I gave up on life.
I was consumed by Garland Clarke and what he did.
And now that he's dead, I have a second chance.
I owe it to those women.
Listen, Kate I just want you to know, if you ever need anything, even just to talk I'm available.