CSI: NY s08e06 Episode Script

Get Me Out of Here!

Stop running! You can't get away! You can't run forever! You're mine, now! Hey, look over here! We got her! We got her! Come on! Let's go! Hurry up, man! Told you I'd nail you.
You haven't nailed me yet.
Do you have something? Huh? Oh.
Think I've got one in my wallet.
Put a helmet on that soldier! No! Annie, where are you going? Annie! Come on, Brian.
You really think that I was about to just roll over and? Annie? Happy Halloween.
Not often you find a body where it actually belongs.
Call came in from the 108 about 4:00 a.
Bunch of high school kids snuck through the fence for a game of flashlight tag, one of them lost their way, wound up in there on top of him.
Any chance he was a part of their tag team? They say they never seen him before.
He is wearing a fraternity shirt, so he's probably closer to college age.
Body temp suggests he died at least an hour before they showed up.
That blunt force trauma around the right parietal subconjunctival hemorrhage probably due to brain swelling.
Must have been hit before the fall.
We're canvassing the area.
Expecting the dead to speak? For a murder weapon.
Scratches in the soil, dirt under the fingernails.
Definitely tried pretty hard to claw his way out of here.
You find I.
? No.
One, two, three Four.
Four cell phones.
I know this generation likes to stay connected, but that seems a bit overkill.
So does dying in somebody else's grave.
Out here in the fields I fight for my meals I get my back into my living Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
I'm sorry.
I'm just not trained to handle this kind of death.
Don't worry, about it, Mr.
We are.
Can you tell us why the grave was open in the first place? It was pre-dug for a service to be held later today.
Unfortunately, the bereaved have chosen to hold their service elsewhere.
What about security? Are there any guards on the premises? They're posted at all the main entrances, but every year at Halloween, the kids love to sneak in and scare themselves.
May be time to fix that fence.
Believe me, even if I could afford it with 400 acres and three million graves they're still gonna find a way to sneak in.
Wait a minute.
Did you say three million? Here? Detective, there are as many people buried beneath New York City as there are living in it.
Well, you can add one more to your list.
Mac was definitely right about the blunt force trauma.
That is our official C.
And my mineralogical analysis of the impact wound came back positive for steel components.
So he was probably struck with some type of hard metal object.
Mm, and judging by the large volume of soil on the skin and within his pulmonary pathways, he clearly struggled to survive.
But I'm afraid that even if he hadn't been hit and fallen in that hole, we might have still wound up with a body on our hands.
How so? These are the results of a routine tox screen.
Look what he had in his system.
Arsenic? The levels are low, but awfully hard to ignore.
So you're telling me our vic was poisoned, then hit over the back of the head and left in an open grave? Someone definitely wanted this young man dead and buried.
Are all these from, uh, the vic's cell phones? Yeah.
And all sorts of other information from their SIM cards.
Meet our vic Paul Warren.
Looks a lot better there than he does down in Autopsy.
Yeah, his on-line class schedule says he's a senior business major from Long Island.
In the meantime, I haven't been able to find any pertinent voicemails, e-mails, or texts that relate to what he was doing in the cemetery.
What about these guys over here? They're the three owners of the other cell phones found in Paul Warren's jacket.
Thad Wolff, Curtis Almquist, and the unhappy-looking guy Anthony DiCorda.
Doesn't look unhappy to me.
He does in the video I found on Paul Warren's phone.
Seriously, do we have to do this? I mean what if they don't? Does this thing have a time stamp? All right, so how are these guys connected? I don't know, but I did spot this on Anthony.
What is it? Judging from my collegiate experience, I'd say it's a pledge pin.
Fraternities make pledges wear them as a sign of solidarity.
Oh, don't tell me you were a frat boy.
I dabbled a little bit.
All right, check this out.
Thad's wearing one.
And Curtis is sporting one, too.
But our vic Paul Warren isn't wearing one at all.
But he was wearing a fraternity sweatshirt in the grave, so, maybe he was already a member.
All right, that means there's one thing that these guys have in common.
That's Theta Delta Pi.
Tell me again why you join one of these.
Chicks and beer.
Oh, that's gonna be a rude awakening.
So is this.
Wake up.
What? Good morning.
How you doing, buddy? NYPD.
How you doing? I-I don't really remember.
That's probably a good thing, you know? How about your name? Can you remember your name? Matthew.
Matthew, um Matthew Kane.
Where's everybody else, Matt? Uh, I I don't know.
Class, probably, or-or still upstairs.
We had a kegger with the Kappas last night.
Oh, yeah.
That was probably a good time, huh? You know this guy? Sir, yes, sir.
That's Paul Warren, a great man amongst men and a proud Theta Pi, sir.
Uh, are you a pledge, Matt? Sir, yes, sir.
Okay, well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Mr.
Warren, whom you clearly have a profound level of respect for, uh he's dead.
Are Are Are you serious? Murder One serious, pal.
So maybe you ought to sober up and tell us why that doesn't seem to bother you.
He's our pledge master.
Pledge master? It's another word for ass-face.
Basically, it's Paul's job to haze us and do everything he could to make our lives a living hell.
How about these guys? What can you tell us about Thad, Curtis and Anthony? Uh, they're my pledge brothers.
Assuming that they didn't get dinged.
Dinged? That's what they call it when you get, you know, kicked out of the house.
Let's go, ladies! Paul thought Thad and Curtis were skaters, you know, just skating by, blowing off chores and meetings to party and hook up with little sisters, so they had it pretty bad.
But Anthony, I mean, he had it even worse.
He just moved here from Vermont.
Pretty quiet, but you could tell that he wants to fit in.
It was like the harder that he tried, the the uglier it got.
Do you know where any of them are right now? Yeah.
I saw Thad and Curtis here last night before the party.
They told me that Paul said to show up at some kind of cemetery.
They told me that Paul How about Anthony?p I haven't seen him at all.
You okay? Wow, so, when you say you dabbled in fraternity life, you mean you got dinged.
Eh, let's just say I drew the line at naked leapfrog.
Well, Thad, Curtis and Anthony seemed to have their fill of being hazed, also.
They showed up at the cemetery when they were supposed to, confronted their pledge master, and then Paul wound up in an early grave.
Yeah, and they haven't been seen since.
So we need to get out an alert and have unis sitting on their classrooms and their dorms.
These three pledges, they're our new prime suspects.
Made you smile away home Made you say What everyone knows Made you smile away home Made you say What everyone knows Made you smile away home Made you say What everyone knows Made you smile away home Made you say What everyone knows It's all that you said And I've been stealing back All that you said And I've been stealing back Hey, Mac, I think I might have I.
'd this small metal object I found in the open grave.
It's an antique eye cap.
When you die, your eyelids dehydrate and peel open.
Loved ones don't like to look at that, so for years morticians have used them to fill out and seal the eyelids of corpses.
Today they're made with plastic.
This one is made with tin.
Primitive design and advanced corrosion date it sometime early in the last century.
Like, say, 1910? I did some more testing on the soil we got from Paul Warren's body and clothing.
First of all, it's not a match to the soil that you found in the grave.
It's not? No.
That soil was fresh, but the soil we found on our vic had a different moisture content and it's also a totally different color and texture.
It's old.
Not only that, it also spiked extremely high for levels of arsenic.
More arsenic! It turns out that arsenic was used to preserve bodies after death, but they stopped using it in 1910 because it was leaching into the soil and poisoning people.
Explains how we found it in Paul Warren's system.
But all this evidence seems to belong in an old grave, not a freshly dug one.
Well, maybe the pledges attacked Paul in an older part of the cemetery and then buried him.
And he got it out, but with a fatal head wound, he didn't get very far.
Means our victim crawled out of one grave, stumbled across the cemetery and fell right into another.
All right, I collected six different parts of the cemetery.
Well, this is my 20th, so I think we have enough from old and new sections to do a comparative soil analysis.
If we can pinpoint the arsenic levels in the different areas, then we might be able to figure out where Paul Warren was buried.
Really sharp.
Someday, that's gonna say Mr.
and Mrs.
That's depressing.
We gotta think about those things.
You know, make a plan for how we want to go out.
Well, I'm definitely not gonna be buried in a place like this, I can tell you that.
What?! What do you mean? Wh are you talking about? This is beautiful look at this! Got a view of the city.
Yeah, Danny, these plots are, like, 20 grand.
I'm not paying for a city view when I'm dead.
Besides, what happens if something happens to me, God forbid and you get remarried then where's she gonna go if I'm already here? She's gonna go right on the other side of me.
Not gonna happen.
That's money we need to save for Lucy's future.
You should You can cremate me.
Agh! I'm not gonna cremate you that's morbid.
That's morbid? Yeah! You started this.
I just been thinking about it you know What kind of service would you want? Danny I think we need to know what each other wants in this moment you want to hear what I want? I think I'm going to.
I want a wake that lasts two weeks.
A two-week wake.
First week, you know, devoted to sobbing Lucy, you, my family, the whole police department wallowing in their misery.
- But week two - Yeah, what? Suspense is killing me.
I want you to throw a party open bar, all-you-can-eat cannolis, live set, maybe, from our favorite band a little KISS and you know, we can even have the tattooed lady we saw dancing in Coney Island.
I knew you liked her.
I think she's talented.
All right.
I think I get this tattoo lady uh, I-I, I have a plan.
All right.
Let me hear it.
I'm not going.
What do you mean you're not going? That's my plan.
After I die, I'm gonna stick around and haunt the apartment.
And then, when you've moved on and you've found someone who's actually willing to put up with you, I'm just gonna whisper in your ear that she doesn't like those ratty green boxers any more than I did, and then, I'm gonna sit on the edge of the bed and eat cannoli after cannoli while the tattoo lady breaks up with you.
That's just wrong.
What, was it something I said? No it was something I saw.
Seriously, do we have to do this? I mean, what if they don't Mac? Sid.
What brings you up to the land of the living? Well, I'm sorry to interrupt, but if you've got a second, I took a closer look at Paul Warren's skull.
Once I peeled back a few layers, I was able to make a good cranial mold of the impact wound.
And, as you can see, the two-pronged impression it left behind suggests Warren was probably hit with some kind of tool.
A carpenter's hammer, maybe? Could be a crowbar.
Either way, I'll leave it with you, in case it can be of any use.
Thanks, Sid.
No problem.
Was that it? Uh, no, actually.
I've been working on a little something else I'd like to speak with you about.
How's your sleep? Why? I look tired? No, no but what if I told you I could offer you the most relaxing sleep you've had since you were a child? Mac, I give you the Hammerback Sleeper.
"You'll sleep like a corpse"? It's an experimental pillow I've developed after years of working in the M.
's Office.
I couldn't help noticing how the autopsy headrests we use for bodies provide a level of support for the cervical vertebrae that might also offer a high degree of comfort to people while at rest.
Not eternally, I hope.
Uh no.
But I've been carefully modifying it over the past few months and I think I've finally got a prototype ready for beta testing.
Which is, hopefully, where you come in.
Me? As my trusted friend and colleague, how would you like to be the first to try my pillow and give me your honest, confidential feedback? Well, Sid if only to satisfy my curiosity, why not? Sure.
Oh, thank you so much, Mac.
Uh and here.
Uh it comes with its own carrying case.
Trust me, you're gonna love it.
Sleep well.
We're looking at a whole lot of gibberish.
Can rule out license plates.
Not enough digits.
And they don't correspond with any of Warren's classes, either.
Yeah, but six figures across, six figures down.
Yeah Numbers in the top four.
All letters in the bottom two.
What's going on? I found this beer can at Marymount Cemetery had a code on the bottom of it which matches this note that we found on Paul Warren's phone.
Print analysis confirms that Warren handled the can, plus two other unidentified prints.
Only two? I thought we were looking for three pledges.
Yeah, but maybe one of them didn't touch it.
Or maybe the video we found of Anthony DiCorda is telling us something.
Seriously, do we have to do this? I mean, what if they don't That he wasn't in the cemetery with them? Well, no, his name's in the codes "TONYDC" so we know he was definitely involved.
And Warren asked Thad and Curtis to meet him at Marymount, so maybe that's it.
What's it? Marymount M-A-R.
You said the can was sitting on top of a tombstone, right? - Mm-hmm.
- Do you remember which one? Uh, plot D21.
MAR-D21 see where I'm going with this? - Yes.
- Yeah, but if that code represents Marymount plot D21, then the others could represent cemeteries as well.
HEA Heathbriar Cemetery, plot 118.
HEA 118.
Just like on the can.
So maybe they had to find the first one, and then that tells them where the next one is.
Scavenger hunt.
Warren was the pledge master, so he was probably leading them on some kind of graveyard goose chase.
In that case, next one, EOK - Eternal Oaks in Brooklyn.
- Yeah, and SP could be - Sleepy Pines in the Bronx.
- Yeah.
I'm guessing that's Grant's Tomb.
I'm just really curious how you two know every cemetery in the city.
My Uncle Al is buried at Sleepy Pines.
My grandfather's at Eternal Oaks.
Uncle Al.
All right, so, let's say Paul showed Thad and Curtis the tape of Anthony, and, uh, they didn't like the way their pledge brother was being treated.
Things got hot, and Paul got whacked.
They couldn't go to the cops, they had to keep playing his game in hopes of finding Anthony.
Then if we play the game, we might find them.
I know, man, but I don't want to just stay here all night.
All right, wait.
Look at the bottom of the can.
"Tony DC.
" I don't know what that means.
Hey! NYPD.
Freeze! I'm sorry.
We didn't mean to trespass.
We're just trying to find our friend.
Face down, on the ground! On the ground! Hands out! He called it a Six-Pack Challenge.
A Six-Pack Challenge.
Who did, Paul Warren? Yeah.
He told us that he hid six beer cans across the city in six different cemeteries.
So, you were supposed to collect them all, and then what? Drink 'em.
Drink 'em.
Was this before or after you kill him? We didn't kill anybody! Paul showed us the video of Anthony.
And then, he told us that-that he had the sixth can, and and if we didn't get it from him, then we'd all be dinged.
Guess I don't have to tell you how that turned out.
Turned out a lot worse for your pledge master.
Keep talking.
Once we found the fifth one at Grant's Tomb, it was already empty with Anthony's name on the bottom.
We couldn't figure out what to do next.
I mean, it wasn't like we could call him.
Warren had your phones.
Yeah, and all we knew was what he told us.
We had more than our own fate in our hands.
Sit tight.
Still haven't been able to locate Anthony, but I did speak to his parents.
And? Well, like any mom and dad, they think he's eligible for sainthood.
Just filed a missing persons report.
What about these guys? Think we're both in agreement that neither one of them killed Warren.
But Anthony's still in the wind, and if he's not our killer, he could be another victim.
After all, God can keep my soul England have my bones But don't ever get me up I could never get back up When the future starts so slow You find something? Maybe.
I'm just not sure what.
I was processing all the beer cans we collected from Paul Warren's Six-Pack Challenge, and I heard a rattle, and I found this stuck inside the last can Thad and Curtis picked up at Grant's Tomb.
Hey! NYPD.
Freeze! I'm guessing with all the excitement, they failed to realize it was in there.
Looks like brass.
testing confirms that.
And the patina and ornate filigree, tell me it's pretty old.
I haven't been able to date it, yet, because because I've been so busy just trying to figure out what it is.
" Warren? You think it might belong to Paul's family? Could be an heirloom of some kind.
If it's an heirloom, why would he stick it inside of a beer can? Might have been his pledge's next clue.
By the time they'd traipsed through half the city's cemeteries, they were too clueless to even know it was there.
Well, there's no pin or backing, so I doubt it's a medal.
It's too heavy to be a bookmark, and there's no beveled edge like a letter opener.
There's no lock ridge detail, but it does bear these grooves along one side.
What if it's some kind of key? Then we've got another question to answer.
What exactly does it open? - The pitcher's mound? - Yeah, you know how much I love the Mets.
It'll be the perfect place to put my ashes.
All right, sure, no problem.
You know what, I'll just have my next husband fly his private jet over City Field on our way to Paris, And then maybe if I empty your urn into the toilet and flush it at exactly the right moment - You're not getting married again.
- All right, easy.
Oh, good.
Adam, listen, I need you to help us out here.
Since my wife put the kibosh in my two-week wake, I decided I wanted to be cremated and have my ashes spread in Queens.
Meanwhile, she wants to be put on ice in the land of the Unabomber.
Glacier National Park in Montana.
So that means at her funeral, we'll all have to hike up a glacier, so tell me who you think's being unreasonable.
Well, truthfully, I don't like either option.
Why not? I've always wanted to have my remains shot into space.
You see, there's this rocket company in Florida, and they seal you in this really cool steel capsule, - and then they shoot you - Hey, whoa.
That's the second cemetery soil sample that's come back with peaks for arsenic.
That's the highest level yet.
Where are they from? Uh maintenance area.
The other one was from a section of new graves.
Whoa, new graves? That doesn't make any sense.
I mean, if they're breaking ground for the first time, why would it be full of arsenic? They've run out of real estate.
That's sure how it looks.
According to this report I just got from the State Division of Cemeteries, Marymount reported being at 99% capacity.
And that was five years ago.
So what do you do when you run out of room for new paying bodies to be buried? You dig up some old ones.
No surviving next of kin to complain.
It would certainly explain the hundred-year-old trace we keep finding.
But where do you put the bodies once you've dug them up? Who in God's name would ever do something like that? Detective, there are as many people buried beneath New York City as there are living in it.
Headaches they're the most common symptom of arsenic poisoning, and that manager at Marymount was rubbing his temple and popping aspirins.
Then let's go see how's he's feeling right now.
Get out of here.
NYPD! Stop the vehicle! Get your hands up! Turn around! Get down slowly! Where is he? Where's Anthony? I don't know what you're talking about.
So he gave it up? Made a full confession to the murder of Paul Warren.
Said they left the maintenance gate open, and he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
What the hell? You shouldn't be here.
Then they buried him alive.
Only to have him crawl out later and fall where we found him.
And they still deny knowing anything about Anthony? Swear they never saw anyone else.
And without the science that puts Anthony there with Paul and the other two pledges, I'm sadly inclined to believe them.
Then where the hell is he? You won't like it, but this might be an answer.
It's a crypt key.
Brass dates back to the mid-1800s.
We'd be looking at some old graves.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Are we thinking Anthony might be buried somewhere out there? Could be the final cruel twist in our pledge master's prank.
Well, if that's true, then the time stamp on that cell phone video tells us that Anthony's been trapped for at least 48 hours.
And the only person who knows where he is, is dead.
Somebody! Get me out of here! Please! Still no 20 on Anthony DiCorda above ground, so we're going to stay on the science in the hopes of finding him elsewhere.
All right, well, Flack's got men patrolling every cemetery from Inwood to Battery Park.
Hawkes, I want you to keep working that key.
- Will do.
- If we're right about this, there's a 17-year-old kid buried alive somewhere in the city in desperate need of our help.
I tremble They're gonna eat me alive Can they hear my heart beat Like I am alive Beating like I am alive help I am still alive Like rats like you If my life is mine What shouldn't I do? I'd get wherever I'm goin' I'd get whatever I need And while my blood's still flowin' And my heart still beats Help, I'm alive, my heart keeps beating like a hammer We know Warren had a penchant for playing mind games with his pledges, but this Six Pack Challenge seemed to be designed for them to fail in the first place.
He hid Anthony somewhere, then sent Thad and Curtis all over the city looking for him knowing full well they'd hit a dead end and get dinged.
Unfortunately, they missed the one key that could have told them how to save their brother and themselves.
Well, it might've just helped us unlock something else.
I found a microscopic stone chip wedged into a groove on the key's surface.
Closest match in EDNA suggests it may be Tuckahoe marble.
Ooh, sounds rare.
It is.
Only quarried in the early 1800s from the Bronx River.
They used it to build Federal Hall and the Memorial Arch in Washington Square.
How about headstones and burial vaults? Well, we might wanna check the Marble Cemetery for those.
Apparently it is the oldest public non-sectarian graveyard in the city surrounded by walls of Tuckahoe marble.
Incoorated 1831.
That's it, "1831 M-C.
" He's there.
Anthony DiCorda! Anthony! Anthony! Anthony! Hawkes, Flack, over here.
Warren it's a family crypt.
This one, officer.
This has gotta be it.
This is the only access point I'm seeing.
Anthony DiCorda! Anthony?! Anthony? Anthony?! Anthony? Anthony?! - Hello? - Shh.
Hello? Can you hear me? Hello? Please! Can you hear me? Please! Over here, guys.
Please! Hawkes, the key.
We're coming, Anthony.
Hang on.
Got it.
Let me out! I'm in here! Anthony? We're here, Anthony.
Hang on.
Please get me out! Help! Okay, we got you.
We got you.
You're okay.
Shh, it's okay.
It's okay.
Hang on.
Let's get him out of here.
Oh, I'm so happy to hear that.
Tell Anthony it was our pleasure.
Okay, bye-bye.
He gonna be all right? Dehydrated after having nothing to drink but a beer for two days and nights, he's scared of his own shadow, but at least he just got out of the hospital.
That's good to hear.
T, I know kids do some really dumb things, but I just cannot for the life of me understand why he would go along with climbing down in that crypt in the first place.
His pledge master didn't make it optional.
And some people will do whatever they have to just to belong.
Even if it nearly kills them.
Mm, all right.
Are you ready? I don't know.
Haven't we had enough Halloween fun? Come on.
Oh, come on.
This is an important scientific study.
Don't close your eyes.
Never close your eyes.
I want that Adidas jumpsuit.
Oh, don't kill him, don't kill him, don't kill him.
He knows it's coming.
He's sad.
Just push him off the roof! He's tired, you guys.
He's in trouble.
Are you kidding me? He just knocked his block off! Hello? They call it connective tissue for a reason.
Not to mention a cubic inch of bone is four times stronger than concrete.
You'd have to sever the cervical vertebrae plus 18 muscles and tendons.
And both carotids, the trachea, the esophagus.
Now on top of murder and trespassing, he's looking at life plus 30 for ridiculous.
Okay, you guys are so much fun to watch a movie with.
I told you it'd be a hoot.
You never disappoint.
I'm gonna go get another root beer.
You want one? No, I'm good.
So, Mac Sid, it was incredible.
Really? I don't know what I was expecting, but that pillow gave me the best night's rest I've had in years.
That's fantastic news.
Thanks so much for trying it.
No problem.
I-I do have one slight modification that I'd recommend.
What's that? You might want to rethink that whole "sleep like a corpse" thing.