CSI: NY s08e12 Episode Script

Brooklyn ‘Til I Die

When I need to replace her I am the mind eraser Anything goes Yeah Anything goes But, oh Deep down I can't let go Oh Don't let it be over Over, oh, oh No Don't let it be over Let it be over (grunts, exhales, sniffs) Bingo.
(laughter) The game is punto banco.
We do not say "bingo" here.
Oh, we don't.
Uh All right.
Slide me one of those.
(laughter) Your luck is finally running out.
Six at the bank.
And nine.
(crowd gasps, groans) CROUPIER: Pot goes to the winner.
(laughing): Can you believe that! Do you know who I am? Do you know what I do? Sure.
Yeah, yeah.
You, uh (mock European accent): play baccarat.
Why don't I just cash out.
I'm sure you'll get better hands when we play next time.
How about (crowd murmuring) this hand.
I'm not really in favor of that hand.
Well, I want a chance to win my money back.
Tell you what why don't I buy you a drink? In fact, drinks for everybody.
(crowd clamoring) Oh Don't let it be over (woman laughing) Over, oh Come on, we've got to go.
Come on.
Okay, let's get out of here.
All right.
(man laughs) WOMAN: Go! (laughs) Oh! What a rush.
Oh, hey, did you get what you need? Almost.
(chuckles) (giggles) Hey.
Relentless, aren't they? Hey, got your gun? Mm-hmm.
All right.
(gunshot echoes) FLACK: Our vic is a Caucasian female, looks to be mid to late 20's.
Single gunshot wound to the abdomen.
TAYLOR: No jewelry.
Empty purse.
Looks like a robbery.
Also, there's no driver's license, but I found this.
It's an FBI badge.
Natasha Fatale.
I checked with the Rocky and Bullwinkle agent database.
No hits.
And then there's this.
A .
38 not so special.
It's a starter's pistol.
Fake I.
, fake gun real murder.
(gunshot, woman grunts) Out here in the fields I fight for my meals I get my back into my living Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah! I'll be glad When you're dead, you rascal, you I'll be glad When you're dead, you rascal, you When you're dead and in your grave No more women will you crave I'll be glad when you're dead You rascal, you Oh! I'll be glad when you're dead You rascal, you.
Perps don't seem to be masters at throwing away evidence.
Boris Badenov.
Another fake I.
What were our vics involved in? And why did the robbers kill Natasha but take Boris? (elevator bell dings) - Hey, Sid.
- Hey.
Looking over our vic, I can't help but consider the irony of her chosen name: Natasha Fatale.
I ran her prints.
No hits.
Our victim remains a Jane Doe for now.
Our C.
is massive internal hemorrhaging caused by a single gunshot wound from what appears to be a nine-millimeter round.
So our Jane Doe bled out in that alley.
Definitely not a gentle way to go into that good night.
I also found this on her dress.
Took a look under the microscope.
Morphological properties are consistent with it being a tooth fragment, partially covered in soil.
Not sure if it's animal or human, but it definitely doesn't belong to our vic.
Finally regarding our female victim, are you a T man or an A man? Toes or ankles? Okay, I gotta say toes.
As am I.
Which is why, for a woman who, from all appearances, took excellent care of herself I found this to be odd.
HAWKES: I've heard of green thumbs - but orange toes? - Our victim has micro-abrasions on her feet, consistent with running barefoot.
But also has what appear to be a series of chemical burns on her toes.
(sizzling) I swabbed a sample of her skin.
Might help us literally retrace her steps.
Maybe figure out where she came from.
And who she is.
Out on the back porch You say Tonight We bring our pocket Our pocketknives You wanna fight me You want to fight Walk through the fire Walk till it gets light There is no hiding To save your life (indistinct chatter, phones ringing) (computer beeping, blipping) (sighs) (rapid blipping) I tested the blood on the men's dress shoe.
It is Natasha's.
The shoe must have came off Boris when the thieves carried him out.
Who's that guy? LINDSAY: I don't know, but every picture in Natasha's lipstick camera features him.
DANNY: So what's our double for Minnesota Fats got to do with this? HAWKES: Looks like he's playing baccarat.
That's a high-stakes money game.
If our two vics were gambling, it could be the reason they were robbed.
Yeah, and by the looks of that nine millimeter, they were gambling with the wrong guy.
Yeah, that's why I'm doing an image search.
I'm hoping he has a mug shot somewhere.
All right, while you're doing that, Doc and I are making progress.
- Mm-hmm.
- All right, Cagney and Lacey, what do you got? According to the GC/MS, the chemicals on Natasha's feet show peaks for dyhydroxyacetone, which is a skin-coloring agent, that's used in sunless tanning.
LINDSAY: That explains the orange toes.
But how many tanning salons are there in New York? I got it, I got it.
In the bottom of Boris's shoe, we found brown trace.
Now, it’s a combination of shredded beef, curry and tomato sauce, which is also known as - Oxtail soup.
- We figure that Boris and Natasha were on foot before they ran into the thieves, right? HAWKES: So we searched a five-block radius from the crime scene, and you know what? Three blocks away, there is a tanning salon.
DANNY: Right next door to a Jamaican restaurant.
That sells oxtail soup? BOTH: Boom.
(laughs) Friend of mine jogs in her bare feet.
She keeps asking me to join her.
I don't think so.
Well, analysis of our trace suggests our vics walked through this alley before they met the robbers.
Don? Red sequin here.
Same as the shawl Natasha was wearing.
There's even more over there.
Must have got caught on the door on the way out.
(bluesy music playing inside) MAN: The game is punto banco.
We do not say, "go fish," here.
You know who I am.
You know what I do.
But I'd like to hear all about it.
You police are all the same.
You come into my establishment, and you try to give me orders.
But what you should know by now is there's only one thing that gives orders: intestinal fortitude.
Chill out, man.
This is a part of the script.
What are you doing? (squeaking) Dude, I'm just an actor.
My name's Lonnie Tucci.
I live in the Bronx, drive a cab, never been convicted of anything.
I don't even smoke, you can take that to the bank.
I don't know anything about any homicide, and I don't know where that guy is.
Then what was all this about? The GoGame.
It's a scavenger hunt.
Two person teams complete missions at different locations.
First team to finish it in Brooklyn wins.
The code name for this week's game was "Brooklyn Till I Die.
" But nobody meant that to be literal.
This is all part of the GoGame? It's the third mission of 12.
Everyone's an actor except the two people playing the GoGame.
I don't even know the players' real names.
I just show up when I'm told like everyone else.
For this version of the GoGame, the players assume the identity of film noir undercover FBI agents.
That's why they had fake badges.
And that's why she had an old-fashioned lipstick camera.
Even my beef with them was part of the game.
At my stop, the back-room baccarat joint, their mission was to get surveillance photos of the resident crime boss.
Which, in this case, was you.
So what about the money? Everyone in the GoGame knew these two had loose cash on them.
They knew where they were headed.
You think one of us maybe set them up to get robbed? (scoffs) Not unless we was trying to get fake rich.
The cash we use it's only good for the GoGame.
I know times are tough, but it doesn't make sense for anyone in the game to rob our vics for fake cash.
Our robbers may not have known the cash was fake.
May have just seen a well-dressed couple and decided to go after them.
It's a fax from the GoGame offices.
Their registration forms list I.
's for our vics.
TAYLOR: Says Natasha's real name is Michelle Lewis.
And Boris is Preston Seville, Jr.
FLACK: Same Seville, Jr.
of the hedge fund empire? His father's a billionaire.
That ring on his finger, it's a family heirloom.
I wear one myself.
DANVILLE: I know this isn't easy, Mr.
You just need to know that we're gonna do everything in our power to get your son back.
Detective Danville, I don't need reassurances.
I want to know what you plan to do.
The first thing that needs to happen is for you and I to have open and honest communication.
Well, as I've already said, aside from receiving that package, I haven't heard anything from anyone.
Is there anyone in your professional or personal life that might've had something to do with this? I wish I could say no.
The fact is, it's not that I don't know anyone willing to do this, it's that I know too many.
What about your son? Have there been any threats against him? - No.
- Any associations of his we need to know anything about? When he was abducted, he was with a woman named Michelle Lewis.
That poor girl who was killed.
I never met that girl.
I've never met a lot of my son's friends.
When's the last time you saw your son? We haven't seen eye to eye in many years.
What does that mean, exactly? It means I raised him as well as I could.
And I offer no excuses.
Give me a break.
You kidding me? I don't care if you are FBI, you don't have clearance to come in here.
Excuse me.
There a problem? Detective Mac Taylor? Yeah.
Gerald Branson, FBI.
our kidnappers stay in state, NYPD takes the lead.
But if you're okay with it, we'd like to pitch in.
We have monitoring technology that'll help, if and when these kidnappers try to communicate again.
We can use all the help we can get.
These your guys? Nah, these two are personal security detail.
They say Mr.
Seville called them himself.
According to the house attendant, nobody saw who delivered that package.
Somebody just left it on the stoop and walked away.
Well, considering who Seville, Jr.
is, these kidnappers may have been keeping tabs on him for a while.
We find these kidnappers, we find our killers.
Hey, Jo.
Sid sent up the blood sample from the severed finger.
The DNA was a match to the secondary sample we got from Mr.
It's definitely his son's finger? Yeah, the good news, though, is that when I looked at the blood under the microscope, the cells hadn't lysed yet.
Intact blood cells means there's a good chance that our vics finger was cut off while he was alive.
Can you imagine what Mr.
Seville must be going through? I don't know what I would do if anyone ever took Lucy.
I would give my right arm to have her back.
As endearing as that sounds, please, let's just have one severed appendage at a time.
(chuckles) I don't know if this will help us with our killers, but based on the crushing pattern on the upper and the underside of the bone, I'm thinking that the instrument used to sever the finger was scissors, shears, or bolt cutters.
(muffled yelling) (crunching, screaming) That had to hurt.
I also found some trace on the finger.
Ran it through GC/MS.
I got a mixture of eggshells and sea kelp.
- Odd.
- Maybe if I can figure out where that mix came from, it might lead us somewhere.
Keep me posted.
Hey, brother.
I followed up on our murder victim Michelle Lewis.
According to her tax records, she was a kindergarten teacher.
All right, looks like she was anything but a femme fatal, huh? Yeah, this Natasha persona was a serious makeover for her.
I mean, she was wearing a dress that cost a third of her annual salary.
So you got a kindergarten teacher with the son of a billionaire.
Kind of an odd couple.
Well, till you consider his background.
Seville, Jr.
was arrested twice for disturbing the peace while protesting against Wall Street businesses.
Tiny bit of contrast, considering who his father is.
- Yeah.
- Said you had something else? Yeah.
I went over the tooth fragment Sid found.
Turns out, it's from a human tooth.
So I took a sample of the pulp, ran the DNA through CODIS.
Got a hit for Cindy Allen.
And get this.
Says here, she was murdered - in 1982 by Lambert Jones.
- Yeah, Lambert murdered Put him on death row at Colorado supermax prison.
(sighs) So, what does an imprisoned serial killer and his victim have to do with our kidnapping? (phone ringing) SEVILLE, SR.
Seville residence.
MAN (distorted): We have your son.
Ransom is four million dollars.
Split it evenly into four bags, 100-dollar bills.
No consecutive serial numbers, no new bills.
No marked bills, no tracking devices.
Deliver the money to the following four locations: Bronx Square, Queens College parking lot, the bus stop on 23rd and Broadway and Metrano's Cafe in Brooklyn.
You will then receive further instructions.
Where is my son? I want to speak to him.
Deliver the money in two hours, or your son is dead.
(click) We need the location that call was made from.
Two hours isn't much time.
You got that? Considering the hard deadline, this looks like a one-shot deal, so, I think our best chance of getting Preston Jr.
back is to pay that ransom.
We follow the money, we might get to him and our killers.
: I'm not paying one damn cent.
With all due respect, Mr.
Seville, these kidnappers aren't playing around.
The next package may include a lot more than a finger.
This is about principles.
Most people inherit their fortunes, but I built mine from the ground up, and no two-bit thugs are taking a dime from me.
Isn't it a given, your son's lying somewhere with nine fingers, you pay that ransom? Obviously, Mr.
Seville's relationship with his son is more complex than it looks.
We were able to trace the ransom call to a pay phone in Staten Island.
Unfortunately, no one was there to see who made it.
These kidnappers know what they're doing.
Except a few things don't add up.
The abduction of Seville Jr.
was sloppy.
They left a dead body behind, and a host of evidence.
So, why, all of a sudden, are they a well-oiled machine? I mean, you have to wonder about the ransom demand, because Seville's worth more than four million dollars.
Why not ask for more money? Could be all they need, especially if they're in a hurry, which would explain the hard deadline.
Why the four bags in four locations? BRANSON: Two perps killed Michelle Lewis and abducted Seville Jr.
Maybe they only plan on picking up two bags.
And leave another two million out there? Ask for four, walk away with two.
Sounds like a pretty good deal.
Regardless of their intentions, with or without Mr.
Seville's full cooperation, our first priority is to get his son back alive.
This operation is a calculated gamble, but it's our best shot, considering the circumstances.
Four locations, four teams, four point officers.
With Mr.
Seville refusing to front the ransom money, we're using our own real and simulated bills.
They're lined with GPS sensors.
Now, despite the callers' demands, we'll track these bags wherever they go.
Your support teams remain out of sight until the signal's given.
TAYLOR: Watch the bags.
Watch your surroundings.
(phone ringing) Jo.
Yeah, we're all set here.
If the kidnappers contact us again, we're ready.
(radio static crackles) MAN: Taxi! Taxi! I'm in place.
Roger that.
In position, Mac.
I think I may have a bite here.
(groaning) Someone's grabbing the bag! Stop! Police! (grunts) Just take the bag, man! Don't hurt me! - Don't hurt me! - Don't move! (groaning) Don't move! Who are you?! Who sent you?! The what?! It's not my bag, man.
Don't me hurt, please.
God, I didn't do it.
It's not my bag.
Please don't hurt me.
I don't think this is our guy.
Yeah, come on, get up, let's go.
(man groaning) Listen, Mac, it ain't them.
Something's not right.
The deadline's passed, I don't see a thing.
(whispering) Four locations, four teams, strategically placed across the city.
Yeah, stretching our manpower, thinning out the group back at home base where the main source of money is.
(gun cocks) Dial that number.
Wire four million dollars to this account.
You're one of them.
Do it.
They aren't picking up the money from us.
(phone ringing) Danville.
Got it.
Seville? Jo you okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
Fortunately, no one was hurt.
Everyone in that personal security detail was supposed to be checked out.
Mac, this guy knew the right thing to say, right thing to do, dressed like personal security.
He had the entry code to the house.
Used unfamiliar people to slip in and out.
That's how he pulled this thing off.
These guys tried this right under our noses.
Means they're either desperate or crazy.
Or professional.
You get a look at him? No, I didn't.
Seville did.
He said he didn't recognize the guys.
He's giving a composite description to the FBI.
TAYLOR: I want that image circulated to every precinct and media outlet in the city.
Good news is, we were able to interrupt before he wired anything into the kidnappers' account.
So they still want their money.
(phone ringing) Go! Seville residence.
MAN (distorted): Price has doubled.
Eight million.
We'll contact you with details.
Follow directions, or the next package will contain his head.
(click) Just keep one thing in mind.
The people who took your son are motivated by greed.
He's only worth something to them alive.
What's up, Danny? All right, I got something here.
I been looking over the case files for this serial killer, Lambert Jones.
Okay, this is one weird dude.
Buried all his bodies in his own backyard.
All of his murders, including Cindy Allen, took place in the Pacific Northwest.
There's nothing indicating that he ever visited New York City, or had any connection to the Seville family.
Okay, tell me there's a "but" here.
But I did some research and found an unlikely connection between Lambert Jones, Cindy Allen and this store in Washington Heights.
You got to be kidding me.
These what I think they are? DANNY: Yeah, serial killer trading cards.
Who needs Mickey Mantle when you have Ted Bundy, right? Wow.
(Danny groans) DANNY: Crazy, huh? HAWKES: Yeah.
Welcome to Abramacabre.
Are you a Lambert head? A what?! Lambert Jones.
You're standing in his section.
We found you online.
Do you really sell personal items from serial killers? You say that like it's a bad thing.
Do you know what the subject is for most best-selling novels? The subject of serial killing.
It's a moneymaker.
So I opened this store for fans of the macabre.
Selling locks of Charlie Manson's hair.
HAWKES: Your Web site says that you offer soil samples from Lambert Jones' backyard, where he supposedly buried his victims.
As a matter of fact, we do, and for an extra five bucks, I will gift wrap the Lambert dirt for you.
Lambert dirt.
Need I remind you, it is not illegal to sell dirt.
No, it's just immoral and kind of despicable, not for nothing.
Someone gathers it for me, and I only sell it.
DANNY: Look, we found DNA from one of Mr.
Jones's victims at our crime scene.
It's very possible that the remains came from this dirt.
Look, I keep a list of all my customers.
It's a small but loyal clientele.
Here's everyone who's bought Lambert dirt, both the walk-ins and Internet buyers.
I'm printing it out for you.
There are 27 people on this list.
Well, like I said, it's a very popular item.
(printer whirring) Oh.
All right, thank you.
Another alibi checks out? Three of the customers who purchased Lambert dirt are currently serving time.
A fourth is in a hospital in Bulgaria.
Numbers five and six, you don't want to know.
I'm not having that much luck, either.
Although my alibis are a little different.
One customer was actually a housewife with four kids.
Makes you wonder if having a hobby is really that healthy.
Someone on this list is our kidnapper or knows our kidnapper.
I think I found something.
I processed the trace from the severed finger.
I remember, eggshells and sea kelp.
Right, I did a little research.
I found out it's a proprietary fertilizer that uses that mix.
It's sold exclusively to a greenhouse in Jersey.
TAYLOR: Pleasant Green Plant Observatory.
Right, so I cross-referenced their list of employees with the list of 27 from Abramacabre, and I found a common last name: Williams.
TAYLOR: Mabel Williams was a manager at Pleasant Green Plant Observatory.
And her son is number 15 on our list: Jake Williams.
I already called Flack.
Jake is out on parole, and he's using his mother's apartment as his parole address.
(sirens wailing) Move, move, move, move! (banging, crashing) (snoring) (muffled yelling) Ma! Enough with the snoring, damn it! (yelling) Get down now, get down! On the ground, down! - All right, all right.
- On the ground.
(snoring continues) Clear.
Not so fast, Ma.
Drop the gun.
The whole time, we thought it was the game.
Michelle had no idea.
Relentless, aren't they? - Got your gun? - Mm-hmm.
Great costumes, guys.
Yeah, yeah, perfect look.
So, uh How does this go, you know? W-W-What do you need us to do? Hands in the air, or put 'em up, you know? What? Break yo'self? This is such a cool game.
Well, are you guys gonna make a move or not? (gunshot) (panting, groaning) Michelle? Michelle? I asked her to play.
She was really excited about it.
Planned for weeks.
I even bought the dress.
It was supposed to be fun.
Until it wasn't.
FLACK: Jacob Paul Williams.
Priors for a little bit of everything.
Armed robbery, assault with a deadly weapon Do you realize how screwed you are? George Williams, you and your brother are quite a pair.
Yeah? We matched a bullet from Michelle Lewis's body to a nine-millimeter we found in your mother's closet.
It has your prints all over it.
We also found gardening shears with blood on them, that matches the tool marks on Seville, Jr.
's finger.
(sighs) Not to mention we have an eyewitness to Michelle's murder, Seville, Jr.
Honestly, pal, I don't even need a confession.
I'm just doing this for my own amusement.
Which is why I gotta know, you're a career criminal, you know how this works, so what on Earth possessed you to bring your kidnapping victim back to your mother's house? You saw my mother; she's scarier than we are.
We're not killers; that's not what we do.
We rob people.
Every Thursday night, we hit up Lower Manhattan.
Tuesday night, it's Brooklyn.
That's all we intended to do.
Then she pulled a gun.
Who are you guys? When we saw she was dead, we needed a way out of town.
So, you decided to add kidnapping to your list of smart decisions.
It was only after we saw his FBI badge.
We thought he was a federal agent until we saw the wallet.
Then I recognized the name, figured he could be, like, our ticket out of town.
You know, we could get the money from his father, and then just disappear.
Oh, now I'm curious.
You and your brother are about as smart as bait.
Makes your ransom drop plan a little inconsistent.
Why do you say that? Because it wasn't a stupid plan.
You almost had us.
So where'd you get the idea? Did you see it on TV or in a movie? No.
That plan came from Seville, Jr.
I told them what to wear, I told them what to say, I gave them the entry code to my father's house.
So you gave them everything they needed.
But why would you do that? Those bastards killed Michelle in front of me.
It's kind of screwed up, I guess, but All that time I was sitting there, tied up, not sure if I was gonna live or die, one thing I was sure of, there was no way my father was gonna pay a dime of his hard-earned money to get me out of this.
(sighs) I told them they kidnapped the wrong guy.
I told them the only way my father would pay a ransom would be if he had a gun to his head.
That's a sad sentiment.
It's one I've grown accustomed to.
(sighs) Do you know why I played the GoGame? To get away from this name, this identity as a Seville.
I lost my finger, and Michelle lost her life.
Because I wanted so desperately to get away from my father.
What have I done? It's not about what you've done.
It's about you do going forward.
(computer beeps) (sighs) WOMAN: Oh, Steven, you forgot your lunch! I've been slaving over a hot stove.
Thank you, thank you.
- All right.
- Bye.
- Thanks for this.
- Okay, don't trip.
Owe you this, Taylor.
Little sister makes a mean marinara sauce.
It's the best friend a patrolman ever had.
So that's the Christine you always talked about at the academy? STEVEN: She's gonna have her own restaurant one day.
Best cook in the world.
(mellow jazz plays) (chuckles) Look at you.
You look good.
Oh, you're sweet.
Well, I'm sure I look tired.
Heading up the crime lab will do that to you, I guess.
Hey, thanks for meeting me here.
Been a long time.
Honestly, I-I I wasn't sure what to think, seeing that friend request.
Well, likewise.
I never saw you as the social-networking type.
Actually, it wasn't my decision to set that up.
That was some colleagues of mine having a little fun.
That explains the blankest profile page in the history of the Internet.
How do you know that I wasn't trying to be mysterious? Because you're one of the most transparent people I know.
Like right now, you're calculating how much time you've been away from work and you're wondering what I'm doing here.
I-I read an article where you, um, dedicated the wall of remembrance to the first responder families of 9/11.
That was a nice thing you did.
And I also read about Claire.
And somehow, between life and losing contact with you both, I-I didn't know she passed away.
I'm sorry.
There's no need to be sorry.
I'm thankful for the time that we had together.
Mm You know, um I have this image that I can't get out of my head, this party that we had at Myrtle Beach.
Do you remember that? The music was playing and-and beers were flowing and-and I re I remember that.
A lot has changed since then.
Yeah, if anything, what happened to all of us,