CSI: NY s09e07 Episode Script

Clue: SI

? ? Okay, bring her down.
Bring her down.
Our vic is Ellen White, She was originally from Kansas.
Has no family locally to speak of.
Her classmate, Alexa Holdman, discovered her when she was practicing one of those twirly things.
A pirouette? Like I said, a twirly thing.
Any idea how she got up there? Looks like the killer used the theater's pulley system.
Alexa Holdman seems pretty together for someone who just found her friend murdered.
They weren't friends.
Ellen was Alexa's understudy, and that was the extent of their relationship.
Petechial hemorrhaging.
's most likely asphyxiation.
You needed an exam for that? She was hung up by a rope.
We're not sure the rope killed her.
A ligature mark and bruising.
No ecchymosis present.
Most likely made postmortem.
This bruising is more consistent with being choked to death.
Discoloration and swelling indicates it was made antemortem.
All right, I may not be the owner of a wonderful white lab coat, but it sounds to me like you're saying somebody strangled her, then strung her up.
Why hang somebody who's already dead? ? Out here in the fields ? I fight for my meals I get my back into my living ? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
? ? ? I don't know, Mac.
Alexa Holdman finds her talented understudy dead, doesn't seem the least bit upset about it.
I know it's a cliché, but understudies do go on to become stars, so maybe Ellen's was shining a bit too bright for Alexa's liking.
Danny confirmed the pulley system was used to hang the body, a task even a 90-pound ballerina could pull off.
That's an interesting theory.
There's only one problem.
Hawkes said Ellen's death was around 6:00 p.
Now, I just spoke to the dancers and the director of the show.
Anyone who's a possible suspect was in rehearsal from 5:00 until 8:00, including the very icy Alexa Holdman.
How about Ellen? She ever make it there? She left to use the bathroom around 5:30 and never came back.
No one thought to go looking for her? Apparently, breaks were pretty common for Ellen.
Sometimes she'd come back, sometimes no.
No one else was in the the, uh - Building? - No.
The dancers and the director had the place to themselves.
Janitors don't get here till 10:00, which is 15 minutes from now.
Well, the victim didn't hang herself.
Someone was here who wasn't supposed to be.
Find out who that was.
I'm sorry I didn't I didn't return your calls.
I didn't know what to say.
I understand why you're angry with me, Christine.
I'm not angry.
Um hurt, uh, confused a little embarrassed.
I realized I'd been acting like a teenage girl, you know? Butterflies in my stomach 'cause I'm so excited to see you, fighting the urge to text message every minute Making a lot more of this than than what it is, so I'm going to take a step back.
- No, I don't want you to do that.
- Yeah, well, if that's true, then why don't you tell me what's wrong? Why are you shutting me out of whatever it is that you're going through? That's not what I'm doing.
This isn't about us.
Oh, okay.
I get it.
It's none of my business.
That's not what I'm saying.
Mac, the problem is that you are not saying anything.
You you make me very happy.
I'm just struggling with You can tell me.
You know, all those nights that I sat by your bedside in the hospital, it wasn't because I felt some obligation.
I was where I wanted to be.
I sat there day after day, praying because I wanted I needed you to recover.
Mac, you can trust me.
I can't I can't remember things.
Since the shooting, I my mem-memory is It's the little things, mostly, like colors, names of colors, foods, little every-everyday objects.
I just I thought I could work through it on my own, but I just keep forgetting things.
They call it aphasia.
I keep seeing all these doctors, and they they tell me it could, uh it could go away, or this could be how I am.
Why didn't you share this with me, Mac? Never mind.
I asked a question I already know the answer to.
You know, one of the most endearing things about you is your pride.
But it's also your weakness.
And I-I have to decide if I can live with that.
"A dancer, more than any other human being, dies two deaths.
" Martha Graham said that.
Though, obviously, she didn't have our victim in mind when she said it.
Then cause of death was asphyxiation by manual strangulation.
The ligature mark was made postmortem.
I also found esophageal scarring and enamel loss.
So she was bulimic.
Common in dancers.
But not my only discovery.
Those weren't made by the killer.
Or, as the cool kids call it Cutting.
From the look of these scars, going on over a year now.
Well, our killer may have known about her issues and wanted us to think it was a suicide.
Bruising suggests her killer went straight at her.
But I didn't find any defensive marks on her hands.
Well, if that's the case, Ellen may have known her killer.
Hey, never get Lucy a cell phone.
She's only five, Doc.
I mean, never ever.
I went through Ellen White's cell.
There were 500 texts from this week alone.
Anything out of the ordinary? No, just a lot of "IMHO"s and "FTW"s.
The girl moves to New York a year ago.
Has no close friends in town.
Texts her boyfriend in Kansas daily.
I can't seem to find a reason anyone would want her dead.
Well, I found black trace on the rope.
Came back a mixture of saltpeter, charcoal and sulfur.
All components of black powder.
As in the type of gun powder used during the Civil War? Before the Civil War, actually.
So, how does gunpowder from an antique gun end up on the rope of our hanging victim? Messer, you got to do me a favor and tell your wife to back off, okay? 'Cause I didn't do it.
Okay, and I don't like being accused of things I didn't do when I didn't do it because I didn't do it, okay? That make any sense to you? Yeah, he didn't do it.
Hey, babe, what'd you do to Adam? Don't think that you two aren't suspects.
What happened to your eyes? Adam.
You know, I think I'm a pretty nice person.
Levelheaded, patient, as is evidenced by the man I've taken as my husband.
God knows how you do it.
Somebody decided, "Hey, she's an easy target.
Let's play lab prank on Lindsay because she's" what, weak? Whoever did this is going down.
And you think Adam did it? Well, I think so, but I haven't had a chance to process the microscope yet, so until I do, everybody's a suspect.
Okay? I don't think I need to remind you two that your fingerprints and your DNA are in our reference files.
All this is very fascinating, and I personally can't wait to find out who did it, but I'm slightly more interested in this antique gun gallery.
- Murder case? - Yeah.
Jane Doe shot in Hell's Kitchen 24 hours ago.
The gun used to kill her discharged a loading paper that's used in front-loading guns of the antique variety.
What are you looking for? A zigzagging wound pattern indicated in Sid's autopsy report.
We reconstructed the fragments.
The bullet was a .
26 caliber pellet.
The powder burns on the victim's clothing would indicate that the shooter was approximately ten feet away.
That brings out the color in your eyes.
- Thank you.
- Any luck? I think number two's a winner.
Closely mimics the wound pattern that Sid found on his CT scan.
The Allen & Thurber pepperbox revolver.
It's manufactured in 1830.
Pre-Civil War.
You find traces of black powder GSR on your victim? - Yeah.
Why? - 'Cause I found black powder on the rope that was used to hang Ellen White.
GSR from the gun that killed our Jane Doe matched GSR from the rope that hung our ballerina.
- Doesn't make sense.
- No, it doesn't.
Nothing about these two murders suggests serial killer.
The women have nothing in common: job, description, social circles.
Two completely different methods of murder.
And no signature left by their attacker.
Still, the evidence suggests that whoever shot our Jane Doe strangled Ellen White.
Keep moving.
Keep moving! - Please - Shut up.
Back up.
Freeze! Put the weapon down! Young lady, come towards me.
Come towards me.
Back away from the weapon.
Put your hands behind your head.
Patrol picked him up holding a girl at gunpoint.
Same gun used to kill the Jane Doe in Hell's Kitchen.
You like shooting young girls with old guns? I never shot anybody.
Of course not.
You're a good guy.
Let's see.
Sam Cross, Highlights include: assault, armed robbery and burglary.
So, tell me, what made you graduate to murder? Whoa, wait a minute.
Murder? Look, I didn't kill these girls.
Okay? I'm just a stickup guy.
I never graduated to nothing.
I can't imagine why.
This is a very compelling performance, Sam, but the fact is we found you with the gun you used to kill this woman right here.
You shot her in Hell's Kitchen.
Any of this coming back to you? What we can't figure out, though, is: Why did you hang Ellen White? Why not just shoot her, too? Who the hell is Ellen White? Look that's not even my gun I found the damn thing.
That's the lame-ass story you're gonna go with? Yeah, it's the truth, actually.
Look, I've been trying to go straight.
Okay? I got a job at a, uh, gym in Hell's Kitchen, but the owner just couldn't stop busting my balls, so I quit.
I decided to hit this little bar I know on my way home, and, uh, she was dead when I found her.
So, why didn't you call the cops? With my record? No.
Hell, no.
Look I searched for a wallet.
I-I found none, so I mean, I did take some jewelry.
Look, it's not like she was going to need it.
Okay? And that's when I saw it.
It was just lying there.
That's an interesting word choice.
Yeah, well, you know what? A free piece comes your way and you take it.
You ever visit the Manhattan Conservatory of Dance? Maybe last night? Last night? I was with a lady friend, yeah.
So you can actually call her and ask her about that.
Just make sure her husband's not around when you do.
We any closer to I.
'ing our Jane Doe? Not yet.
The tox results just came back.
There was a blend of chemicals in her system consistent with those found in antidepressants, but in a combination I've never seen before.
Could be a cocktail.
I have a call in to a pharmaceutical company.
Maybe they can help.
How's your search for the lab prankster going? Fine.
Finally had a chance to process the crime scene this morning.
? Tested positive for methylene blue.
That's not going to narrow your list of suspects.
We all have access to that.
I also found something else.
? Okay I think I see it.
Oh, it's there.
Just not sure exactly what it is yet.
But I'll figure it out.
When I do, I'll be that much closer to exacting my revenge.
Remind me never to get on your bad side.
Is this a bad time? No.
It meant a lot, you, um, opening up to me last night.
I wish it wasn't so hard for me.
Yeah, I know that.
But I want you to always feel you can come to me, be honest with me, no matter how hard it is.
I'm tougher than you think.
I know how tough you are.
I want to help you, Mac.
Hey, I got the Oh.
Hey, Christine.
- Hi.
- I can come back.
I-I was just leaving.
What? Oh, don't ask.
It's a long story.
I got punked.
Somebody thought it'd be funny to dye her eyes Blue.
I see! It takes a few days to wear off.
I know I look ridiculous.
No, no.
Not-not at all.
I'll call you later.
So any word on Flack and Lovato's suspect? They're still trying to track down his alibi.
But you're not convinced it's him? Doesn't makes sense.
He's a stickup man.
And even if he did kill our Jane Doe, why kill Ellen White - in such a theatrical way? - Well, maybe if we knew who our Jane Doe was, we could establish a connection.
Sid found a drug in her system called Trihoxiphil.
I'd never heard of it before, so I did some digging.
It's an antidepressant, and it's currently in the human trial phase of FDA approval.
So how'd she get access to it? I called the drug company.
They're currently working with a select group of psychiatrists nationwide, four of whom are in - New York City.
- You reach out to them? Yes.
And only one of them has a patient whose description matches our Jane Doe.
Her name is Lisa.
Lisa Weston.
She's been a patient of mine since she was 16.
Who did this to her? That's what we're trying to figure out.
Did she ever mention the name Sam Cross to you? Not that I recall.
Is he the man responsible? We're still trying to determine that.
Right now, we just need to know as much about her as you can tell us.
Did she mention anything in therapy? Anything that could aid us in the investigation? I saw her just this week.
Everything seemed fine.
What were you treating her for? She suffered from bipolar disorder.
But our work together, plus this new trial drug, she'd never been better.
What about her home life? Did she live with family, a boyfriend? She lived by herself.
Lisa came from a very privileged background, but she never wanted any help from her family.
As far as a boyfriend, she didn't have one she was very guarded when it came to men.
I can check my notes from our last few sessions together.
It's possible I overlooked something.
That'd be very helpful.
Did Lisa ever mention the name Ellen White to you? Lisa Weston and Ellen White were both patients of Dr.
Carly Emerson.
So, where's the doctor now? She's back at her office gathering notes and files on both of the victims.
Flack and Lovato are meeting her there.
Okay, so how does Sam Cross - figure into all this? - He doesn't.
His alibi checks out.
So, why is somebody targeting this doctor's patients? Tracked the seller of the antique revolver, and it wasn't easy because it was made back when the dinosaurs were roaming the earth.
Ran the serial number.
Now, problem was, you don't need a permit to buy and sell guns that were manufactured before 1899, so there was no record of the gun in any database.
However, after some masterful Internet sleuthing by moi, I was able to track down the gun to the seller.
It was bought online two weeks ago by Dr.
Carly Emerson, the psychiatrist of our two victims.
Emerson! Dr.
Emerson! NYPD! Clear.
She's gone.
Maybe she never went back at all.
Well, it looks to me like she was here.
I got Polaroids of Ellen White, the rope used to hang her and the Conservatory of Dance.
The victim, the weapon and the location.
Got it.
So, what do you make of that? Someone's playing a game with us.
With a rope.
Lisa Weston had red hair, and she was killed in Hell's Kitchen with a revolver.
Scarlet in the kitchen with the revolver.
Holy crap.
It's Clue.
Six suspects.
Nine rooms.
Six murder weapons.
deduce the killer.
Emerson may have bought the revolver, but I'm having a hard time believing she's a killer.
Science would tend to disagree.
Polaroids Flack recovered from the doctor's office had only one set of prints on them hers.
But she's a doctor, well-respected in the community.
She has no criminal record.
Why, all of a sudden, would she start killing her patients? And like this? Right now, the why isn't as important as who's next.
Four remaining suspects in the game, meaning four more potential victims.
We have an APB out on Dr.
Danny and Lindsay are reaching out to her patients, but Ellen White's the only one whose name matches characters from Clue.
Lisa Weston did have scarlet-colored hair.
So, if it's not their name, it's something specific to them that connects to the game.
I'm guessing that pattern's going to follow.
To catch our killer, we're going to have to play the game with them.
So, according to the rules, Scarlet always moves first, followed clockwise by Colonel Mustard, then White and so on.
Well, if our killer is following the order of players in the game, what happened to Mustard? Maybe the rules don't matter.
Locations haven't been spot-on.
Or there's a body out there that we don't know about.
I'll check the missing persons reports as well as the morgues for any unidentified DOAs.
Scarlet, Mustard, White.
If the killings are going in order, Mr.
Green would be next.
Maybe we need to be focusing on her male patients.
Mac Taylor.
Vic's name is Shane Simmons.
He's 19.
He was a patient of Dr.
Emerson's for two years.
He had a full ride to Stanford on a golf scholarship, but he never went.
Doc's files said it was too much pressure for him.
Body's on a green, killed with a candlestick.
Yeah, I was trying to figure that out what's the location? The ballroom.
Well, I'll give the doctor this she's clever.
We got a pretty lengthy blood trail.
He was attacked somewhere else and dragged here.
Employee found a set of keys still in the door handle, and the door was unlocked.
Our vic was probably attacked when he came out to lock up last night.
And the laceration from the candlestick is on the back of his head, so he was hit from behind.
Kid never saw it coming.
- What'd you find out? - Simmons been working here for about six months.
He takes classes at Hunter during the day and comes here at night to work the late shift.
What time does the place close? has to stay here long enough to get the course ready for the next morning.
Emerson might have known his routine, - that he'd be alone.
- No witnesses.
Just like the other vics.
Except it's not like the other two vics.
- How do you mean? - Our vic's a male.
Now, we all like Emerson for this, and I buy her taking a shot at Scarlet and hanging White, but I don't know many women her size who could drag a dude his size from where he was attacked all the way across this course to that green over there.
She may have had someone helping her.
You keep talking that same, same song But love lost make it hard to get along I get it, if it's wrong, then it's wrong But you're talking about all kinds of something, so ? Got nothing to say Don't say nothing ? You got nothing to give Don't say nothing ? You got something to bring ? Show me something ? You got nothing to say Don't say nothing Seriously, babe, how long you planning on wearing those sunglasses? Till I don't look like I'm a member of the Blue Man Group.
Did you figure out what made those markings in Ballistics? Yeah.
As a matter of fact, I did.
So, whoever stained the microscope is a detective.
Adam and Hawkes don't have detective shields.
Probably could take Mac out of the equation because, you know, joke is not really a part of his vocabulary.
You know, that just leaves you with Ms.
And you.
Me? Think I would pull that kind of prank on on my own wife? Let me see your badge.
- You want to see my badge? - Yeah, let me see your badge.
What do you want to see my badge for? Let me see it.
Give it to me.
All right, no stain.
I'm looking for a blue stain.
I'm innocent.
You could have rubbed it off.
Oh, my God.
Lucy is going to be so jealous.
How does a whisker from a giant snow leopard in the Central Park Zoo end up on a dead body halfway across town? I'm the primary zookeeper for the snow leopards.
So, does anyone else interact with them? They can be temperamental animals.
Anybody gets in that cage without proper training, that's when limbs start getting ripped off.
You recognize this guy? No.
What about her? Doesn't look familiar.
- What is this all about? - We found a whisker from one of your, uh, snow leopards at a murder scene this morning.
You think one of my cats killed someone? Mr.
Hull, where were you last night? Me? I was here most of the night.
I've been staying late.
One of my leopards is sick.
What time, uh, did you leave? About 10:00.
Drove home, got a few hours of sleep - and came back at 4:00.
- Stop anywhere along the way? No.
Why are you asking me this? Do you mind if we take a look at your car? I don't have it anymore.
I mean I know that sounds suspicious.
I rented it.
It's a Go Ride.
I pick it up when I need it, and I drop it off when I'm done.
What time did you drop it off? Uh, 10:15.
I don't know.
Check with the company.
- They keep records.
- Thanks.
Somebody could have driven the car after him.
His name's Steve Davis.
He's been a patient of Dr.
Emerson's since he was 13 years old.
What was he seeing her for? OCD and depression.
So we subpoenaed Emerson's case files.
According to Davis's file, she stopped treating him two months ago.
What ended the relationship? Kid fell in love with her.
Right, so she referred him to another colleague, but he never made an appointment.
Says here he was taking escitalopram for the last six years.
Yeah, but not currently.
Insurance company says that he hasn't filled that prescription in two months.
So he's off his meds.
Turns out Davis rented the car from 11:00 p.
to 2:00 a.
GPS coordinates put the car at Pier 25 from 11:30 to 12:45, right around the time our vic was killed.
And when we tracked down the Go Ride blood was a match to our victim, Shane Simmons Mr.
Green, killed with the candlestick.
Steve Davis! NYPD! Open up! All right.
We got a live one in here! Where's Davis now? I don't know.
Did he say anything? Indicate who his next target may be? He was over by the board, he rolled the dice, he said he had to finish the game.
Mac, Jo, you guys need to check this out.
The first three murders are laid out on this board.
White with the rope in the conservatory, Scarlet with the revolver in the kitchen, and Green with the candlestick in the ballroom.
There's a knife in the library, but no token.
He's going after Plum.
The dice is rolled to five, you move Plum's piece Goes right into the library.
Between the public libraries, the schools and the loony-tune imagination this guy has, how the hell are we supposed to know who's next? This might help.
Looks like Davis was keeping a detailed schedule on all his victims.
There one for Plum? It reads like a class schedule.
American Revolution, 10:00 a.
; Spanish-American War, and another American Revolution at 4:00 p.
Students don't repeat classes in the same day.
They don't, but professors do.
Plum could be a real professor.
Clayton! My fiancé's a professor at Chelsea University.
That's his schedule.
Jo and I will take the front.
We'll start in the back, sweep forward.
Come on.
All right, go.
Let's go.
Let me see your hands! Stand up! Turn around.
Get out of here.
Go, go.
Building's clear.
No sign of either of them.
I just got off the phone with the professor's T.
Has not seen or heard from him since his last class ended.
That was 45 minutes ago.
Maybe he took him off campus.
I don't think so.
We know Davis followed his victims, kept tabs on their schedule Scarlet in her neighborhood, White at dance, Green at work.
So it makes sense that they'd still be here.
Then what are we missing? "Hastings Library, opened March 21, 1963.
" But Chelsea University was founded in the late 1800s.
This wasn't the first library.
Pull up the original map of the university.
- Got it.
- We're looking for the location of the library.
Looks like it used to be on the south side of the campus.
Which is now a science building Lawrence Hall.
Drop the knife, Davis! Need a medic at Lawrence Hall right away.
Okay, give me your hand.
Right here.
Police! Look out! Mac Taylor in the lounge with the Glock.
You just couldn't help yourself, could you? I-I-I need to see - Dr.
- Oh, you will, in court behind a stand as she's testifying against you for murdering three of her patients and nearly killing her fiancé.
- He's alive? - Luckily.
You were in love with her.
That's why you went after him.
That's why she stopped seeing you.
Did you get my letters? I'm afraid that's what we need to talk about.
I-I meant every word of it.
Okay, I'm-I'm not going to deny my feelings anymore.
I love you.
I think you're confusing your feelings for me.
I've never been more sure of anything.
My whole life, you're the only one who has ever given a damn about me.
You know that's not true; your parents love you.
No, they don't they don't love me.
My mother loves her vacation home, and my father loves his French whores.
They don't they don't love me.
Steve, I need you to understand, I don't have the same feelings for you.
I care for you, but as I do for all my patients, which is quite a great deal.
And you have a boyfriend.
Yes, and I know that one day you'll find someone who loves you like you deserve.
No, no, she she turned her back on me, is what she did.
Just like my parents, first sign of trouble and she just tossed me aside to become some other doctor's problem.
And Clue how'd that figure in? I thought you might like to play a game.
Have a little fun while we get to know one another, break the ice.
You can choose whichever game you like.
She was Mrs.
Peacock and I was Colonel Mustard.
What about her patients? How'd you go about choosing them? I broke into her office and I went through her files.
I picked three perfect patients, I followed them, I I learned their schedule.
I wanted to hurt her the way that she hurt me by taking away the things that she loved most, but more than anything I wanted her to know that it was me doing it.
- Hey.
- Hey.
What are you getting off? You getting on? You got some hot date I don't know about? Yeah, taking my wife out to dinner tonight.
Oh, what's the occasion? You don't need an occasion to take your wife out to dinner, do you? It was you.
I knew it.
I said it was you.
Adam was supposed to be in Ballistics, not you, and Well, why didn't - you just tell me? - I don't know.
I was going to tell you.
We were at the zoo, and you seemed so pissed, and we had to catch the killer, so I didn't.
- So it was Messer in Ballistics.
- With methylene blue.
Can you forgive me? It's almost gone.
This better be some dinner.
Hey, I thought we were meeting at your place.
I have something I need to say to you, and I didn't want it to wait.
I love you, Christine.
Aren't you gonna?