CSI: NY s09e13 Episode Script

Nine Thirteen

♪ ♪ Love is a madness ♪ I can't get away ♪ It hurts me to love you Hey! ♪ And it hurts me to stay ♪ This sweet sadness ♪ Is this all I get? You messed with the wrong guy.
Get off me.
No move, man! (car alarm wailing) ♪ Well, if I can't make you love me ♪ ♪ And if I can't make you pretend ♪ ♪ I know I can't make you want me, baby ♪ ♪ Then there's nothing else to recommend ♪ ♪ I guess it has to end.
♪ The curse of building 913.
And Everett Harrington Wentworth.
I never believe urban legends, but this one I'm buying.
Our vic is the 37th bizarre death connected to this address since Wentworth himself jumped from the penthouse in 1929.
They say the building was cursed on that very day.
Wentworth lost all his money in the crash of the market.
Distraught, he leapt to his death.
His beloved girlfriend, Wilma Ashton a stunning blonde watched his fatal leap, then killed herself.
She was found lying in a pool of her own blood.
Many believe their ghosts roam the floors.
Anything paranormal, or otherwise, upstairs? I had a couple unis look around for a beautiful blonde, but no luck.
The penthouse apartment is used as a haunted tourist attraction during the day, and a club at night.
It closes around 2:00 a.
, employees finish locking up about 3:00, 3:30.
Hey, Sid, how come they only ever call you out to the really strange ones? They didn't call me.
Uh, this is one I was not going to miss.
Witnesses on the ground report that our vic fell from above.
The heard a roar, looked up, saw him mid-plunge.
This cabdriver parked here to get a cup of coffee.
Luckily, he missed all the excitement.
No idea where exactly our victim was when he fell? No, but I'm collecting surveillance from all the cameras in the vicinity and inside the building.
A leather mask.
In tribute, uh, Wentworth was the Gatsby of his time.
Uh, made his fortune in leather goods.
He was scarred from a disease.
Allergy to the sun, I believe.
Covered his face with intricately-designed leather masks.
So our victim was fascinated with Wentworth's story and decided to commit suicide the exact same way? Or, he was drunk at the steam punk party, decided he needed some fresh air, woops, accident, not a suicide? I've already eliminated both those options.
It's murder.
Laceration of the carotid artery.
And, no protruding glass or metal to suggest it happened from the impact.
And I wouldn't give up your search for that beautiful blonde, Flack.
Lipstick kiss.
TAYLOR: My guess is she's alive and well.
And could be our killer.
♪ Out here in the fields ♪ I fight for my meals ♪ I get my back into my living ♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
(camera shutter clicking) Well, uh, blunt force trauma resulting in a fissure fracture of the skull, and possibly the fracture of every other bone in his body.
Is there any evidence that our killer pushed him after he stabbed him? Well, with the victim in this condition, it'll be difficult to tell if there was any kind of a struggle.
What? What is it? Well, (sighs) look at his face.
He doesn't look like he fought the fall.
He could've been disoriented as a result of the stabbing, lost consciousness, then, he just fell.
You can tell all that by just looking at him? Well, it's not based on any published scientific research, just something over the years that I've learned to see in the victims that have been on my autopsy table.
Reminds me of Evelyn McHale.
She was only 23 years old.
In 1947, she jumped to her death from the observation deck of the Empire State Building.
Landed on top of a limousine.
She was clutching her pearl necklace when they found her.
Oh, is that that famous picture from Life magazine? Yes, uh, they called it "the most beautiful suicide" In the photo, she looked so peaceful.
Lindsay, are you okay? Why? You just look a little piqued.
- No, I'm fine.
- Hm.
I got a little, uh, info on our vic.
He dresses as Everett Wentworth and takes pictures with the tourists and the club patrons.
Anybody want to come in? Anybody? Anybody? You guys? Hey, come on in.
How are you guys doing? Ready? Great, thank you.
Hey, hey, hey.
Take a pic with me.
Hey, one more.
Ready? LINDSAY: Well, that could explain the lipstick on his cheek.
He got a name? That seems to be the hard part.
Guys at the security desk know him as Jason just Jason so they sent me upstairs to the folks who run the tours and nightclub, and they know him as Jake, no last name.
And, until ten minutes ago, everybody thought he worked for the building.
So, we got nothing.
We got no paperwork, no background info, no permit.
No identity.
So our Everett Wentworth is a John Doe.
♪ ♪ I ran from the tide ♪ Won't let you hide, won't let you hide ♪ ♪ I drop beats from this processed meat ♪ ♪ For a conversation, a meditation and ♪ ♪ I cut waves like some unborn sage ♪ ♪ Just like terrorists on a day of rest singing ♪ ♪ I ran from the tide ♪ Won't let you hide, won't let you hide ♪ ♪ I break bones stealing mobile phones ♪ ♪ And I'm cuttin' deals for these homeless meals ♪ ♪ Making idle threats using Chinese burns ♪ ♪ As you load my head with the Grateful Dead singing ♪ ♪ I ran from the tide ♪ Won't let you hide, won't let you hide.
♪ ♪ (trilling) Anything on the prints from Sid's ten card, Adam? No hits in AFIS.
The vic is still a John Doe.
TAYLOR: What's all this? Ah, this stuff was found inside the hidden pocket on the vic's jacket.
Our vic was a pickpocket.
ROSS: Loser.
Look, I-I-I I'm sorry, that's inappropriate and unprofessional; I'm not supposed to have an opinion, but, that guy was out there taking pictures with tourists, innocent tourists, while he was stealing from them.
Pictures, pictures.
You two want to take a pic? Yeah.
All right.
Ready? Good? One, two, three.
(camera shutter clicks) Thank you.
See you, guys.
- Bye.
- Thanks.
Wallets, watches, jewelry, phones.
Loser, okay? And he was getting away with it.
Or maybe not.
Maybe that's what got him killed, Adam.
Turn on all these phones, track them to their owners.
Cross-reference any info you get with registered guests in hotels.
See if any of the jewelry or watches have serial numbers.
Look for I.
's in the wallets.
Check to see if anything was reported stolen.
As of right now, every one of these people is a suspect.
(phone chimes) And start with whoever owns this phone.
I want a name and address as soon as possible.
I'm here to pick up shirts for my son.
It's under Jo Danville.
Thank you.
DANVILLE: Those are a little bright.
Are you trying to stop traffic? You're right, I should just go with something safe.
Well, you should always try it on first.
Make sure it looks good with your eyes.
Why are you following me? (clears throat) Uh, I'm not following you.
You were at the coffee shop You ordered herbal tea, completely gave you away.
you were at a bus stop right in front of my apartment.
Um, pleasant coincidence? No.
What's your name? Grant.
Grant Holliston.
I suppose any other woman my age would be flattered, assuming that she's got the attention of a very attractive younger man.
But I'm a little bit smarter than that.
You should know that I am a first-grade detective, a sworn federal marshal, former FBI agent, which makes me highly suspicious and acutely observant.
So, once again, you want to tell me why you're following me? Um I'm not sure what to say.
I'm carrying a gun.
All right.
I'll tell you if we can go someplace quiet.
But public.
And you promise not to shoot me.
HAWKES: Looks like our vic fractured every bone in his body.
Uh Thoracic and pelvic injuries suggest that our victim fell from a distance of more than That's somewhere between the sixth and tenth floors of the building.
- Was he dead before the fall? - He was dead before the impact.
He drowned, so to speak.
Blood from the lacerated artery flooded his lungs on the flight down.
I collected trace from the neck wound.
A powdery black substance.
And several black flecks.
hopefully, analysis of these will get us somewhere, along with trace I collected from the clothing.
The wound track help determine the type of knife used? It was very odd.
No hilt mark was evident, and the tissue is jagged at the surface as well as within the wound.
Suggests the murder weapon has an uneven blade, if it has a blade at all.
And that wasn't my only discovery.
This was in the victim's mouth.
It looks like a page of newspaper.
A message from the killer? (siren wailing, indistinct radio transmission) "I know it's you, I'm coming after you"? This is your phone, right? Well yeah.
I threatened him, but I wanted to send a clear message to whoever it was that stole it, that I wanted it back.
Where were you last night, Calvin, around 1:00 in the morning? - I can't remember.
- Really? You know, uh where this surveillance footage was taken? No, I don't.
Do you know what elevator that is? I'm guessing the elevator in my hotel.
That's a bad guess.
This is surveillance footage of your mug heading up the elevator to a nightclub - at Building 913.
LOVATO: - Around 1:00 a.
Were you looking for revenge? No, I was I was looking for a girl.
All right? I met her a couple nights ago, we hit it off, we agreed to meet at the club.
Only I didn't have my phone to find out she stood me up.
Okay? Yeah, I was a little pissed, and I sent that message.
But what law is there that says a guy can't be a little peeved? - Did he just say "peeved"? - Peeved.
That little masked man was pestering me on the street and it really ticked me off.
It's got to be when he lifted my phone.
And what'd you do about it? Nothing.
You know what, Calvin? You've got to tune into a couple cop shows.
These days, there's surveillance cameras all over the city.
Take a look at that.
Hey, man, get back.
Hey, hey, what are you doing? Just go.
I can't believe this.
I got mad, but I didn't kill nobody.
There's only one problem, Calvin.
We have a dead guy.
And we have footage of you going up that elevator, - but not down.
- I took the stairs.
There were too many people waiting in line, it would've taken forever.
You took the stairs 94 floors? - Burned off the booze, man.
- Wow.
You're in shape, huh? Got anybody who can back that story up? Look I came to New York to have a good time.
Okay? I leave tomorrow.
I have no phone, my hotel stinks, and I didn't have any fun, if you know what I mean.
Besides, like I said before, I didn't kill nobody.
It's very clear to me that I'm the victim here.
I've been trying to meet you for a long time.
DANVILLE: That part's accomplished.
I don't really even know where to start.
Beginning, I guess.
I was born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
Roll Tide! I'm from Alabama.
I went to undergrad in Tuscaloosa.
But you know that, don't you? - Did we meet before? - No.
Do we have mutual friends? No.
Not exactly.
Eight years ago, I was diagnosed with a heart disease called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.
Um, it was very hard for my heart to pump blood and I was extremely sick.
Well, you look very healthy now.
That's because three years after my condition was discovered, on September 13, I was given a donor heart.
A very successful transplant.
An incredible match, and a healthy donor.
That was you? Yes.
You got her heart? Yes.
And I've been trying to find out who she was, and what she was like.
(sighs) I didn't mean to follow you today.
Your office said you weren't in, and you were coming out of your apartment, I (sighs) didn't exactly know how to approach you.
Just trying to get up the nerve, I guess.
And now I'm hoping I haven't made a big, giant selfish mistake.
You have my sister's heart.
(choked up): I'm sorry.
♪ Is it hot in here? It's like the vent's not blowing or something.
I mean, it's warm in here, right? Mm-mm.
Really? ♪ I was towing the line ♪ Looking for a little remedy ♪ Just a matter of time ♪ Till your hands were healing me ♪ ♪ Yoo-hoo, you wanted to look the devil right in the eye ♪ ♪ Yoo-hoo, you wanted to ♪ Now I'm paying for it with my life ♪ ♪ Ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh ♪ ♪ Now that I'm a hungry and looking around ♪ ♪ All this loving on the run got me falling down ♪ ♪ Climbing up the walls, boy, you're coming down ♪ ♪ All this loving on the run got me spinning round, round ♪ ♪ I was lining it up ♪ We were out there shooting the breeze ♪ ♪ Just a hat and a coat, and a pocketful of dreams ♪ ♪ Yoo-hoo, you wanted to look the devil right in the eye ♪ ♪ Yoo-hoo, you wanted to ♪ Now I'm paying for it with my life ♪ ♪ Ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh ♪ ♪ Now that I'm a hungry and looking around ♪ ♪ All this loving on the run got me falling down ♪ ♪ Climbing up the walls, boy, you're coming down ♪ ♪ All this loving on the run got me spinning round, round.
♪ Sequins.
♪ We gotta check every floor? No, no.
We're not gonna check every floor.
If you'd do your homework and read the reports, Adam, Sid's autopsy suggests that our vic fell somewhere between the sixth and tenth floors.
- You didn't read Sid's autopsy.
- Nah, I didn't read it.
But Mac filled me in.
(laughs) That's how I do it.
Let's go.
DANNY: Looks like this floor's the one.
Blood on the glass.
On the wall here.
This could be our primary crime scene.
How tall's our vic? Five-11, five-ten.
There's a void here.
All right.
The arterial spray suggests that the attacker was facing him.
The attacker slices his throat, blood spatter goes all over the killer, on the back of the door.
And the void suggests that the attacker and the vic are roughly the same height.
So the stabbing happened here.
The blood trail indicates that our victim moved in this direction.
Then he staggered over to the edge, and yeow I know.
I mean, but the blood pool is right here.
So he dropped here.
Nowhere near the edge.
I've got partial footprints all the way to the door from the blood pool.
They're not our vic's.
So they got to be our killer's.
But why would the killer come all the way back here after he stabbed him? He wanted to make sure he's dead.
DANNY: Or (man whimpering) he wanted to leave a message.
(whimpers, gags) The vic tried to stay alive, Adam.
He got to his feet.
ROSS: He had no idea he was close to the edge.
(gasping) (man screaming) That's no way to go.
GRANT: Hey, Jo.
You left your bag at the café.
Thank you.
I never stopped to think about who got Leanne's heart.
I was just so preoccupied with my anger toward the guy that hit her.
Drunk driver.
It was raining.
I was in Virginia at the time.
Then Mama called.
WOMAN: Jo? DANVILLE: Mama, what is it? Jo, it's Leanne.
You got to come home, honey.
She's not gonna make it.
Jo, you got to come home.
She was gone before I even made it out of my driveway.
Wow, we were just all so consumed with grief, and all the while your family, thrilled that Leanne was a match.
She saved my life.
How did you find me? How did you know I was her sister? How did you know Leanne was your donor? I kind of put two and two together.
(sighs) A nurse said that there was a car accident.
The heart came from a woman.
I knew the date, September 13.
It was even a Friday.
And, uh, I knew how quickly they had to transport the heart from the donor to the recipient.
So you searched the newspapers, looking for accidents.
You must have known before now.
I did.
How do you walk up to someone and say to them that you have the heart of someone they lost, someone they loved? - What do you do, Grant? - I'm a professor.
Joined the faculty at Memphis University.
I teach physics.
Are you married? No.
Got engaged once.
I got cold feet.
Leanne never married.
Never even made it to the church.
Daddy was so mad; he'd spent all his money.
(chuckles) She was right.
That guy was a creep.
Are you a good man, Grant? I think so.
When you woke up from the transplant surgery, what was the first thing that you remember? A bright warm light.
And then a woman's smiling face.
Your mama.
It was a face I didn't know, and now that I see you, I think it was your sister.
(chuckles) Wow.
TAYLOR: Hey, are you okay? - Who, me? - Yeah, you.
Yeah, I'm fine.
Why? You looked a little, um - Perplexed.
- Well, that's not the word I was going to use, but Well, the crumpled paper that Sid found in the victim's mouth, it came from the Chelsea Voice Weekly.
So that's all I've got, uh, but I'm hoping to make a connection to our victim, that can lead us to our killer.
So I probably shouldn't be standing around here chatting with you, you know what I mean? Okay.
You need help? No.
(dialing) Hey, you owe me ten bucks.
I just saw Lindsay.
No, she didn't say anything.
I just know I'm right.
I know I am.
No, Christine, I'm not going to come right out and ask her.
What kind of proof? All right.
I'll get you proof.
We still on for dinner tomorrow night? Great.
I love you, too.
You cooking something or should I say burning something in here, Sheldon? What do you get if you combine carbon, polymer, fatty acids and chicle? Let's see.
Polymer is some kind of plastic.
Fatty acids could be almost anything, but based on the smell in here, I'm guessing it's a kind of food.
The carbon is associated with fire, chicle is gum.
We're gonna be here all day if I try guessing exactly where you're headed here.
It's our murder weapon.
Plastic, fatty acids, and gum? That doesn't sound too dangerous.
Those were all components that were detected in the trace Sid collected from the victim's stab wound.
Trace left by the knife.
Which would suggest the knife was man-made.
Mm-hmm, and it was created by first using an AA battery and a foil gum wrapper.
The creation of a spark.
Ah, the gum wrapper was the source of our chicle.
(blows air) You attach the foil side to the battery's positive and negative charge at the same time, you get a spark that starts a fire.
The question is why would someone need to start a fire that way? Well, most likely someone who didn't have access to matches or a lighter.
Both easily accessible unless You're in a prison cell.
The murder weapon was a handmade shank.
And I believe I know the recipe.
A pile of corn chips represents the fatty acids.
TAYLOR: Start a spark, ignite a napkin or toilet paper.
The oils in the chip serve as a slow burning fuel source.
The burn is the carbon.
The black soot trace found in the wound.
Polymer is a plastic.
A plastic fork or toothbrush.
In our case, the killer used a coffee cup to-go lid.
The black flecks Sid found in the wound.
HAWKES: Molded over heat in the shape of the blade.
TAYLOR: Submerge it in water, it instantly hardens.
File it down, repeat the process and you have a murder weapon.
All of these are items that are accessible to inmates.
Our killer is an ex-con.
And hell-bent on revenge.
Mac, I give up.
I surrender.
I have nowhere else to turn.
What did Danny do now? No, this time it's work.
The crumpled piece of paper that Sid found in our victim's mouth Front page.
Chelsea Voice Weekly.
February 6, 2011.
Right, so the big question is what's the significance, right? There's an article about art.
There's an article about a music festival, a Valentine's Day benefit.
None of it has anything to do with our victim.
Of course, he's still a John Doe, so I could be staring at the answer and I wouldn't know it.
ROSS: Oh, we were staring at it and didn't even know it.
That's exactly what I just said.
We assumed the phones inside the hidden pocket of the suit jacket were taken from tourists.
All of them were claimed except for one.
So I called the phone company, and I got a name.
Alex Henley, 22, from Astoria, Queens.
And then it dawned on me.
The phone wasn't stolen.
It belongs to our vic.
Okay, there you go.
I sense a promotion in the near future.
So Alex Henley is our John Doe.
So let's see if he connects to anything on the front page of the paper.
(beeping) No connection.
Maybe it's not the stories but the date on that front page.
(beeping, sighs) I hate that sound.
No match.
Wait a minute, if the connection isn't to our victim, it's got to be to our killer.
Hawkes determined that the murder weapon was a shank, making our killer an ex-con.
So connect February 6, 2011, to any legal actions, dockets, or convictions.
ROSS: Whoa, that's a huge file.
Hey, um, do men wear sequins? I mean, I know they do in cabarets and Vegas.
Okay, well, my point is Hawkes said that Sid found sequins on the the vic's suit, so it could be transfer from our killer.
That's part of the legend.
Wentworth was allergic to sun, so he rarely went out, right, and he always kept the drapes in his penthouse closed.
So he made this request that all his female visitors wear sequins to bring in the light.
The club still offers free entry to any women who still honor that request.
Okay, let's limit the search to women.
ROSS: Hopefully one of them will be our perp.
Linds, go back a set of mug shots.
This girl right here, this blonde.
Where were you last night, Calvin, around 1:00 in the morning? I can't remember.
Really? You know, uh This is surveillance footage from the elevator at the crime scene the night of the murder, roughly around 1:00 a.
, and this girl right here is also in this footage.
She's wearing a sequined scarf.
Macy Sullivan, arrested February 6, 2011.
Criminal possession of stolen property, second degree.
February 6, 2011, that's the connection, the day she was arrested.
She did a two year sentence and got out two weeks ago.
Okay, we have her in the building, but we don't have her near the body.
Transfer of the sequin could have happened anywhere from anyone.
Well, she's roughly the same height as the vic.
- I mean, it fits.
- Circumstantial.
We need a connector to Alex Henley's murder by putting her on that landing with the murder weapon in her hand.
The partial footprints Adam photographed at the scene are small could be a woman.
Can't take it to the D.
Any unknown blood at the scene? All belonged to our vic.
We dusted the door handles and the glass.
No prints.
Flack and Lovato got an address on Macy Sullivan from her parole officer.
They're headed there now.
said she didn't check in today.
She's running.
Get her picture out.
Have all the airports, bus stations, car rental companies check their surveillance for the past 18 hours.
If he finds her, have Flack pick her up for parole violation.
In the meantime we got to prove that Macy Sullivan's our killer.
(siren wailing) Macy Sullivan! NYPD! She's long gone.
She left in a hurry, too.
The guys at the lab might like this.
I think we're looking for the wrong person.
What do you mean? I mean she doesn't look like what we think she looks like.
She's no longer a blonde.
And she cut her hair.
(dialing tones) I need an APB out on a Macy Sullivan.
Brunette, short hair.
(typing) WOMAN (over radio): All units be advised: female matching description, possible sighting Long Island city bus terminal.
Proceed, no lights, no sirens.
(indistinct chatter) Hey! Lovato.
LOVATO: I see her.
(people yelling) LOVATO: NYPD, freeze! MACY: Out of my way! ♪ TAYLOR: Should've taken it with you.
I was in a hurry.
Found Alex Henley's blood on the scarf.
Found the scarf in your room.
There was a missing sequin.
Found that on Henley's body.
Why'd you kill him? Can't believe you're here, Macy.
I've been waiting for this moment a long time.
Finally seeing you again.
Really? It's all I've thought about since the day I was convicted.
(gasps) (chokes) (panting) (gasping) (screams) You were after revenge.
Hey, I was put away for crimes that I did not commit.
No matter how many times I told them I was innocent, it didn't matter.
Especially not to Alex Henley.
I trusted him.
I guess I thought I could trust him because he was my boyfriend.
I found the bag in the closet in our apartment.
I looked inside, called Alex, and did what he told me to.
MACY: Alex, what do you want me to do with it? ALEX: Just bring the bag to me.
But why is it in our apartment? Macy, calm down.
Just get here as fast as you can.
(gasps, horn blares) (siren wailing, Macy gasping) I read your case file, and you could've made a deal.
I was innocent.
What would I need to make a deal? You were in possession of stolen property, Macy.
There was a woman that identified you as someone she took a picture with, and then discovered her necklace was gone.
It's the scam that you and Alex played.
The one he continued to play.
I was not the thief, okay? It was Alex.
It was only Alex.
I didn't know that he was stealing from people.
I thought we were just taking pictures and making money.
(camera shutter clicks) (camera shutter clicks) But I never for one second considered that he was the one stealing.
♪ (camera shutter clicks) When I found the bag, he told me that he was holding it for a friend, and I believed him.
But there was no friend.
So I sat in prison and came up with my plan.
He was gonna pay.
Was it all worth going back to prison, Macy? I got him back for what he did to me.
So, yeah, it was worth it.
(door closes) Hey, I'm sorry I interrupted your plans for your day off.
Oh, it was an unexpected pleasure, Grant, really.
Something my sister would have done.
She was so spontaneous and unpredictable.
And irresponsible, but very loving.
I haven't know you very long, but if feels right that you have her heart.
Why was this so important to you? Transplant patients aren't always as lucky as I was.
Every breath that I take, I cherish.
It's still hard knowing that someone had to die so I could live.
And I wanted to say thank you to somebody.
You're welcome.
I-I have a (chuckles) I have the craziest request.
Can I listen to your heart? Hear it beat? Absolutely.
It's strong.
(chuckles) Oh, it's beautiful.
(sighs) Thank you.
You bet.
Okay, so, we're good.
Whoa, guys, guys, here she goes.
- What? - Here she goes.
(speaking quietly) HAWKES: No, no, this is no time for questions.
- I got money on the line.
- Exciting.
- Hey, what are you doing here? - Hey, guys.
I thought this was your day off.
It was.
It was terrific.
What are you all doing? Sid thinks she's about to tell him.
Oh, yeah.
Who's she? Tell who what? Oh, here we go.
Here we go.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You ready to hit the road? Danny, I'm pregnant.
What? Are you being serious with me right now? Yes.
I've thrown up twice today.
I've taken four pregnancy tests, and they were all positive.
- Really? Really? - Yeah.
HAWKES: There we go.
Look-Looking good.
- Sid - No, no, no.
Wait, wait-wait for it.
Lucy's gonna be a big sister.
(sighs) We're having a baby! ALL: Aw - Oh, my God.
- Pay up, gentlemen.
We're having a baby, Mac.
(chuckles) Congratulations.
Thank you very much.
There you go.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Yeah.
Where is it? ROSS: You take checks? She's pregnant.
I'm gone one day and she's pregnant.
(laughing) Don't you think it's a little early to be telling everybody? Uh, I think they already know.
ROSS: Congratulations.
Was there a bet? Uh, yeah.