CSI: Vegas (2021) s01e09 Episode Script

Waiting in the Wings

1 Previously on CSI: Vegas GRISSOM: Anson Wix.
The attorney for the class action against the state.
He killed Kline and framed Hodges.
We can't prove that he's behind this criminal conspiracy.
ROBY: I'm gonna show you something that'll make your hair stand up.
- What are we doing? - Wix hired someone you know.
He paid Estaban Ruiz to kill a retired cop.
Man, you picked a crappy assassin.
If he were better, we wouldn't be here.
And you wouldn't have to help us take down Anson Wix.
- (WHIMPERS) - (LIQUID POURING) (GRUNTS, PANTING) Please! You can't do this! Please! Please! No! (SCREAMS) - No! - (GAS CAN CLATTERING) (SCREAMING) No! (SCREAMING) WOMAN: Jack Zimmerman was a loving father.
He was a successful dentist.
And he died last year in prison.
Why was he there? Because he was convicted of a crime he did not commit.
Because David Hodges acquired methamphetamine crystal meth and he boiled it down to contaminate an innocent man's blood sample.
We may never know how many times David Hodges abused his power.
A crime scene investigator's job is to search for the truth, not to sell a suspect's guilt.
Guilt is determined here by the 12 of you.
And, ladies and gentlemen, when all the evidence is presented, you'll have no doubt where the guilt really lies.
What are you leaving out, Guillermo? Nothing.
It ain't a long story.
My lawyer asked if I knew somebody could pull a trigger for a price.
I gave him a name.
That's all.
That's all.
Just a homicidal conspiracy.
Jim Brass, the guy he targeted? He's a retired cop.
Hey, that's Wix's business.
That man tried to take down my lab.
- I don't know anything about that.
- No.
'Cause you're just a damn pawn.
And we know there's more you're not telling us.
Wix likes to farm out his dirty work 'cause he likes to keep his own hands clean, but he's not above killing just to tie up some loose ends.
He doesn't realize he left one dangling right at the beginning.
You are gonna prove that Wix sent that killer after Brass.
(EXHALES) I can't.
I don't even think we talked direct.
It was on a burner.
Maybe it was even a text message.
I don't remember.
Well, you better try harder.
'Cause we got you on camera.
Now, I can't prove that's a drug deal, but I don't have to.
'Cause even just standing there with a known cartel affiliate, that violates your parole, doesn't it? All right.
Hold out on me, go back in.
Look, I don't know how I can help you.
I never even saw Wix when he paid up.
It was a cash drop? In the desert.
He stuck me with a bunch of old-ass hundreds.
The guy must've pulled them out of his mattress or something.
Sure didn't come from no bank.
Probably came from a 25-year-old kidnapping.
You still got any of it, Guillermo? Should've asked for Venmo.
- Did anybody else touch this? - (PHONE CHIMES) Hell, no.
That's mine.
Somebody needs to run this back at the lab.
Will I get that back after you guys - (SCOFFS) - If Anson Wix's prints are on this blood money, you might just stay out of prison.
Consider yourself lucky.
You think we can tap in some more folks? Yeah, the circle on this can get a little bigger.
- Okay.
- So, duty calls? I got to get to a scene out past Enterprise on the 215.
All right.
- Hey.
- Hey.
What'd they tell you? Construction crew came back to finish a road project that was dormant.
Found a couple of bodies that must've been buried a few months back.
Got to give it to dispatch.
- They can make anything sound routine.
- Are those the guys - that found them? - RAJAN: Just a few who got a look.
FOLSOM: That's disturbing.
Looks like somebody was playing dress-up.
RAJAN: Mm, that's the thing.
You got to take a closer look.
The horns, the wings.
It's his skeleton.
They're real.
RAJAN: Surprising couple, don't you think? Who are you? Who, who, who, who? Who are you? Who, who, who, who? I really wanna know Who are you? - Oh-oh-oh - Who Come on, tell me who are you, you, you Are you! FOLSOM: And what would you call this? - Art.
They were incredible.
Melanie loved their work.
Oh, th-that's right.
Your wife she's a fire performer, - right? - She didn't know the Tanners, but they had a lot of friends in common.
We heard they were sweet people.
Their whole act was about love and redemption.
When the end finally came, just look at how he lay down next to her, shielding her body from the flames.
You think she died first? His hands were bound.
Hers weren't.
It's not just that.
His bronchioles are inflamed and shot through with soot.
(GASPING) Smoke inhalation.
He was burned alive in that pit.
By then, Tori was already deceased.
- No soot in her lungs? - No.
What was left was filled with blood.
Why? I wish I could say.
There's not enough here for C.
She could've been shot, stabbed, killed by blunt force.
The only thing I ruled out was poison.
Tox showed a few prescription drugs in her system, elevated glucose, but nothing deadly.
What's going on with her clavicle? I'm guessing that's part of the procedure she had.
- Standard wing implant? - Huh.
They took some bone from the bottom of her scapula and grafted it back on to build up these little anchor points.
So, the wings could clip on and off.
- They were detachable? - Yeah.
Aluminum frame.
Thought you might want to borrow them.
MAN: Those are his horns.
Her wings.
That's Mom and Dad.
Jonah and Tori Tanner.
I'm sorry.
Kind of been expecting this call the last couple of months.
Since you told me they were missing.
You said then you had a bad feeling.
- You ever put your finger on why? - It's hard to imagine a happy ending for people like my parents.
You've met the people they hung out with, - right? - I spoke to their colleagues at Bizarre Del Arte, yes.
Bizarre Del Arte - is, um - A freak show.
You can say it.
Basically a wannabe Cirque du Soleil on acid.
So, the bone grafts, the tattoos was that all part of their job? They loved what they did.
Their act was Dad's take on John Milton.
Paradise Lost.
They were this star-crossed pair of supernatural beings.
With a mortgage and a kid who wanted to be a CPA.
Couldn't have been easy.
It wasn't.
The Tanners were last seen leaving Bizarre Del Arte after a Saturday matinee performance.
Then their Accord turned up on the side of I-215.
RAJAN: No sign of struggle there? Not there or their home.
We looked.
Dante, was there anyone specific you were concerned about? One of their friends - or their coworkers? - I hadn't spoken to my folks in, like, a year.
No idea who they've been, uh dealing with.
Look what they did to themselves.
SIDLE: Folsom said that Max had that Guillermo guy sweating bullets.
- How'd she find him? - Well, the guy that was hired to kill Brass had tattoos that marked him as a cartel soldier.
Max started looking into Wix's old cases, clients with the same affiliations.
If Wix's dirty hands are on this money, that is the ball game.
Amino acids are degraded.
Best I have is a tiny little bit of a whorl here.
Could be a thumb.
It's not enough to run, though.
Maybe we could put Guillermo on the stand.
You were in court.
Without hard evidence, we PENNY: What about DNA? Anything we get will be pretty mixed-up and degraded, but we can run the M-Vac and then pull samples.
Have you been listening this whole time? - I'm not as innocent as I look.
- (GRISSOM EXHALES) Don't destroy my illusions, Penny.
I love this place.
And I'm not gonna let that jackwagon Wix ruin our reputation.
We all hear the rumors.
You should let me help you.
RAJAN: The melted dental waxy stuff is saturated hydrocarbons.
Looks like the wings were polyester.
Well, now we know what angel wings are made of.
I stand corrected.
- (CHUCKLES): "Pure love" wasn't a very good guess.
- (CHUCKLES) I think her body was dragged at some point.
Doesn't look like fire damage.
I doubt she performed that day with ratty, beat-up wings.
And here's something that's not paraffin or polyester.
She didn't pick that up at the bottom of a construction trench.
This is either an original part of the wings, or this is a little piece of her murder scene.
Tyner, Mr.
Hodges, this is Attorney General Michael Rhodes.
It's Lauren's job to sink you at trial.
It's my job to push you into a lifeboat.
Somebody tell me why this didn't plea out two months ago.
My client maintains his innocence.
RHODES: Oh, okay.
Well, my client is the state of Nevada and its three million residents, and we would like you to pull your head out your ass.
I was framed.
I didn't do any of RHODES: You got a baby on the way, right? You admit to tampering with evidence in those dozen cases we found in that storage unit of yours, you'll be home in time to see your kid - graduate high school.
- TATE: It's a great deal.
12 years with good behavior.
- That's only one per charge.
- (SCOFFS) But the confession really has to deliver.
D-Deliver what? RHODES: Confidence.
In the system.
You tampered with a few cases and only those cases because they were deeply personal.
You never futzed with any other evidence.
TYNER: You want to contain the damage at the civil trial.
If Anson Wix can slime the crime lab with a widespread pattern of behavior, the number of wrongful imprisonment settlements could just about bankrupt the state.
We need to make sure You need a fall guy.
Five years.
- What? - You already have our best offer.
You sign that, just think of all the killers, rapists and creeps you'll keep off the street.
Your life's work.
I, um, I need time to think.
Can I You have until the prosecution rests next week.
SIDLE: You're not considering this, are you? The sentencing guidelines are pretty grim.
A deal makes sense.
And this way, at least all those criminals would Stay in prison.
With you.
Gil, I-I don't expect you to understand this, but my wife isn't sitting next to me.
Emma is so stressed-out that they've got her under observation.
And I'm not gonna be able to be there for Cooper's birth because I'm gonna be on trial, and I don't want to miss the rest of his life, too.
You don't know that you're gonna lose.
We're running tests on the money that Max found, and we might be able to David, you can't give up.
Promise me.
If they pressure you for an answer, don't say yes without talking to us.
I am so sorry I'm late, - Mark.
- Oh, you never have to be.
You're very attractive.
And you're the sweetest boyfriend.
I was pretty hungry, though.
I hope you don't mind splitting a tomahawk.
(CHUCKLES) - How was your day? - Oh.
Well, that all depends on how you feel about the FTC's most recent filing on the interstate transport of latex goods.
Shall I go on? Mm, as long as I don't have to make eye contact whilst I chew.
So, we got the ruling we wanted from Debussy, but everyone thinks the appeals court is gonna rule in our favor, but What is it? - Cause of death.
- What? Oh, man.
That is (CLEARS THROAT) That's horrible.
RAJAN: That's not a surgical incision.
Sorry, I I got to make a call.
CHO: How much do you know about body modification? I don't think either one of us has ever had any.
(CHUCKLES) It's a growing field.
Especially here in Vegas.
We love our patients, and they spread the word.
Looks like you'll do anything for them.
There are ethical considerations, but at the end of the day, it's about how they want to be seen.
The mental health benefits are enormous.
RAJAN: The Tanners looked pretty happy.
Their son said you did all their procedures? Just the best people.
That's what's so crushing about this.
I mean, Tori? She was literally an angel.
Beautiful, right? I loved Tori's design, so I had the artist she used make me a pair to display.
So These are identical? Well, I'm not seeing any red Vinylon.
Vinylon? It's a type of synthetic fabric from Korea.
It's derived from stone, actually.
But that's not why we're here.
We need your eyes on something.
It may not be easy to look at.
These marks in her scapula we thought they may have resulted from her elective procedures, but turns out they're a little too wide to have been made - by a scalpel.
- Without a doubt.
So my question is do any of your bone grafting techniques use implements with a thicker edge? No.
That's not how it works.
It might be helpful if we could look at her records.
Of course.
You can have them if it helps.
Uh See? All my work was done down here to her back.
That must be What killed her.
I've cut more bones than most people.
My professional opinion? What you have there is like an axe or a sword or something.
Crazy as that sounds.
It's probably not that crazy, actually.
SNYDER: Ladies and gentlemen, what you are about to watch is not normal.
(APPLAUSE) What you are about to watch is not safe.
(APPLAUSE) What you are about to watch is Bizarre Del Arte! - (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) - Sit back, strap in, and get ready to meet some truly fascinating human beings.
I'm ready.
You ready? I don't cut anything with my swords.
I just lick fire off of them.
So, they don't have to be razor-sharp? I wouldn't say they're dull.
It's just that fire weakens metal, so if I were to sharpen them, they'd break.
- Mm.
- And my mother got those for me, so (CHUCKLES) Don't want that.
FOLSOM: Your boss told us that you came to him right after the Tanners disappeared.
You demanded to replace them as the show's big finale.
I wouldn't mind being a headliner.
You know, little more stage time.
But if that's motive, everyone at Bizarre Del Arte had the same motive.
FOLSOM: You filled in for Tori in their little acrobatics routine last year.
Tell me about that.
She twisted her ankle.
- Jonah asked me to fill in.
- Big promotion.
Big pain in the ass.
And the armpits.
That whole rig.
Flying around that stage? Longest week of my life.
I have to confess.
I always figured that sword swallowers used plastic ones or that, uh, they were collapsible or something.
Did you really think that, or did you just want to start me off with the word "confess"? I'm just impressed because the swords in your locker were the sharpest at Bizarre Del Arte.
All the edges were between one and two millimeters.
Yeah, they have to be.
Onstage, I cut paper, fruit, - you know, whatever.
- Mm.
You have to show the audience the danger so they can feel it in their throat.
(CHUCKLES) Do you keep any practice blades at your house that are closer to three, four millimeters? What would be the point? The only prop in the whole show that was that dull was probably Jonah's scythe.
- His what? - You know, Death's curved blade.
(GASPS) He used to swing it over Tori's head during their finale, so he kept it really dull.
Just in case.
There was no scythe at Bizarre Del Arte.
They retired that thing two years ago.
They changed their closer to the big fireball.
- Mm.
- I'm sure it's still out there somewhere.
Looks like Tori Tanner took a lot of prescription drugs.
(PHONE RINGS) Mark, hey.
Everything all right? I just got you a job offer.
You what? I was talking to my cousin Adam.
He needs someone to run his lab.
I brought you up, and he got really excited.
He wants to meet.
That's flattering, I guess, but I'm not interested in working at a genetic ancestry website.
I got to go.
Uh, I'll talk to you later.
Hey, uh, do you think you could tell me if me and my relatives are descended from Europe? 'Cause that's the rumor.
I left a case file open last night, and Mark saw some crime scene photos.
He got creeped out, and now he's playing corporate headhunter.
- He found you a new job? - (SIGHS) I know he means well, but it really bugs me.
Is that crazy? Uh Oh, come on.
I know you have an opinion.
You have an opinion about everything.
Detective Zaya.
How'd it go? In his own way, Dante Tanner is as interesting as his parents.
He had a realtor over there listing the house.
Didn't really appreciate the visit, but he let me take this.
That doesn't look like a scythe.
It's the mount the scythe hung on.
Dante says the blade is missing.
He thinks one of their freak show buddies probably stole it.
We'll run prints, but you buying that? Tanners didn't have much.
Dante's going to inherit all of it.
Might call that motive.
It's not a crime to be embarrassed by your parents.
- If it was, I'd be in supermax.
- Mm.
But your dad wasn't the devil.
GRISSOM: How'd we do, Penny? It's like we thought.
Most of the DNA on the bills was too degraded to work with, but I was able to amplify two samples.
That's two more than I was expecting.
Neither one is a match for Wix, though.
Not even three gene loci in common.
So any claim that he handled this cash won't stand up in court.
Maybe he wore gloves.
How about the two that didn't? One was an ex-con named Guillermo Chaves, but I was told to eliminate him.
The other wasn't in CODIS.
I'm sure this doesn't help.
Oh, Penny, you were doing so well.
- What? What did I do? - You made an assumption.
Sometimes a question's as good as an answer if you know who to ask.
I don't understand what I'm looking at.
We don't want you to read a DNA report, Guillermo.
Just tell us the part you left out.
Somebody else had their hands on your money.
It wasn't Wix.
- They're not in the system.
- Who was it? I don't know.
Lots of people touch cash, right? SIDLE: Not this cash.
It's been buried in the desert since 1996.
All right, look, there's got to be another way I can help you.
What if I call Wix, tell him I want more money to stay quiet? You run, like, a sting on him.
I don't want you going anywhere near Anson Wix.
I want to know who else was in on this.
All right.
- Oh.
- (PHONE CLICKS) - (SIGHS) - I'm-a call all your friends and introduce myself as your girl from Criminalistics.
- It's ringing.
- (EXHALES) Garza.
His name's Manuel Garza.
And he is ? He's with CDS.
I kick up to him.
SIDLE: CDS? Cartel de Sinaloa? Same as the killer that went after Brass.
Wix wanted that old blind cop iced, so he called Garza to handle it.
And Garza called me.
Wait, so you didn't even talk to Wix? - Where do we find Garza? - (GUILLERMO SCOFFS) Look, I ain't saying, bro.
Hey, go ahead.
Call them all.
You can put me in prison.
Garza would put me in the ground.
ROBY: Look at you, thinking we can't find him ourselves.
- That's my fingerprint? - Found it on the mount that held the scythe that hung over the Tanners' fireplace - in their home.
- SNYDER: Oh, well, that makes sense.
I took the scythe the last time I was at their house.
I'm sorry, when was this? Well, there was a candlelight vigil, ceremony type thing after they went missing.
You admit you burglarized their home? I took back a few things that belong to me.
Their kid never answers my calls, and I needed the costumes and props back.
To replace them.
FOLSOM: We talked to some of your people.
None of them mentioned anything about a new angel and devil.
Haven't been cast.
I got to find them.
We're getting killed at the box office without our big act.
But it's hard to find actors who really commit.
Meaning what? Horn implants.
Cho is an artist, but the man needs a canvas.
What are these drapes made out of? No clue.
Why does it matter? We'll let you know if it does.
(SIGHS) That's not a happy face.
I'll run everything through ATR to confirm, but it doesn't look like anything from Snyder's office is a match under the scope.
If the thread is a dead end, maybe we circle back.
I can recheck the dump site.
You can go hack up - some more cow bones with Hugo.
- (PHONE CHIMES) That's odd.
I had Tech run tests on the prescriptions Tori Tanner had.
One of the bottles was filled with sugar pills.
- Which one? - Amoxicillin.
- (PHONE RINGS) - Ugh.
I'm having a hard time finding a polite way to tell him to butt out of my career.
What do I say? Mm.
Uh, I don't know.
I'm looking for another perspective here.
Why won't you tell me what you think? Don't move.
(CHUCKLES) We have a match.
I swear I didn't kill the Tanners.
You know what this means? Wherever Tori Tanner's body was dragged, we've already been there.
TATE: And now, Your Honor, with the court's permission, the state of Nevada would enter 36 exhibits into evidence.
Items found by Detective Kim inside David Hodges' private storage unit.
Go ahead.
TATE: Exhibit 1, titled as JW1, is a receipt of the storage unit with Mr.
Hodges' signature clearly present.
Exhibit 2, titled JW2, is a flat-bottomed flask where Mr.
Hodges' fingerprints can easily be found.
Look at Wix.
- TATE: Exhibit 3 - He knows he's got this.
He doesn't know that we got Guillermo.
(KNOCK ON DOOR) Hello? Here to fix the AC? Oh, my God.
Small blessing, I guess.
GRISSOM: What's that? There would've been more blood if his heart was pumping when it happened.
GRISSOM: I think someone didn't like that he was talking to us.
Someone who worked for Wix.
Took a tongue.
Left a message.
Yeah, but not much else.
- No bullet casing.
- He was killed somewhere else.
There's dual lividity here.
So he was hauled in here for us to find? So we could see what was missing.
Looks like a sharp tool.
Garden shears.
Or bolt cutters, maybe.
(GRUNTS, GASPS) This was our last shot, Gil.
It's not over yet, darling.
There's always something.
May I ask what you're looking for? RAJAN: Here we go.
Looks like Vinylon to me.
Really? Thought that was some kind of mesh.
- Been meaning to get that reupholstered.
- RAJAN: You should have.
We found the same red thread embedded in Tori Tanner's wings.
Guess that makes sense.
She was my patient.
She was here many times.
- She ever sit in your chair? - No.
But she wasn't dragged across my floor, either.
There's got to be an innocent explanation.
Maybe the thread stuck to her the last time she came in for an appointment.
And when was that? Oh, I'd have to check.
You probably should.
Right now.
This was probably it.
Tori and Jonah Tanner.
Routine post-op consultation.
September 20th.
The day they disappeared.
7:00 p.
Were they your last patients of the day? Uh, I guess.
Uh (CHUCKLES) I don't know what to tell you.
Maybe you'll think of something while we're taking a look around.
RAJAN: I tested every blade in this place.
Maybe Dr.
Cho was right.
Maybe there's an innocent explanation for it all.
Another piece of Vinylon down here.
It's different.
The door on the left's got some new tempered glass.
Right side still has the original antique glass.
- (ZIPPER RASPS) - (FLASHLIGHT CLICKS) Refracts light differently.
Modern glass is easier to see through.
I'd say Dr.
Cho is now, too.
(GLASS BREAKS) (CLEARS THROAT) You know how you get marks like these? You push a woman headfirst through a glass cabinet.
"You" meaning me? Well, if it wasn't you, then how did Tori Tanner's blood get on the bottom of your book? That could've been transfer from one of my gloves.
I am a surgeon.
Tori was my patient.
So, as her doctor, can you tell us why Tori's blood was chock-full of phagocytosing leukocytes? What would that indicate? Oh, it would mean she was suffering from an infection.
Is that why the Tanners came to see you that day? The prescription you wrote to treat her infection wasn't helping.
These were a placebo, not antibiotics.
Why would I give Tori sugar pills? Great question.
You knew that her surgical wound gave her an infection.
It's in the file.
There must've been a mix-up at the pharmacy.
- (IMITATES BUZZER) - Her pharmacy had no record of this prescription on file.
You gave Tori those pills yourself, and she suffered because of it.
Was it because you loved her? What? - (SCOFFS) - FOLSOM: You mounted a replica of her wings in your office.
You light up every time we talk about her.
I cared about Tori.
I care about all my patients.
Yeah, but come on.
This was different.
RAJAN: If you fixed her, you couldn't see her anymore.
So you kept her sick to keep her coming back.
Did the Tanners want a second opinion? I can up the dose, but I think if we'll all just be patient No.
We're tired of this.
It's not working.
We need something stronger.
I'm taking her to the hospital.
- Wait, wait.
Don't do this! Come on.
- Going to the hospital.
Someone was gonna find out you were violating your oath and diagnose you.
With what? Munchausen by proxy.
You kept her sick so you could see her, - so you could - No.
None of this is true.
The Tanners came to see me for a follow-up.
I admit that.
But they left right after the exam.
I don't know how Tori's blood got in my cabinet, but But you're sure there's an innocent explanation for that, too.
I didn't kill them.
FOLSOM: I think you did.
You see these grains of sand we found in your cabinet? They have the same ratio of silica and feldspar as samples taken from the burial site.
Probably fell out of your sleeve when you came back and cleaned up.
I-I didn't want this to happen.
Oh, my God.
Call 911! (GRUNTS) CHO: I didn't know what to do.
I just knew I had to get rid of them somehow.
I'd do anything to take it back.
What happens now? Do I sign something? (INDISTINCT WHISPERING) I don't think one session has started on time.
You okay? I knew Guillermo was scared.
I pushed him anyway.
SIDLE: You warned him not to get in front of Wix.
My chambers.
Right now.
And you, Dr.
Join us, won't you? I need to clear my conscience and set the record straight.
I started at the crime lab in 2003.
I'd only been a tech a few weeks when I tampered with my first case.
Hodges didn't think it enough to simply email this confession to the court.
He posted it online.
I forced a guilty verdict with a fake DNA test.
And that was just the beginning.
Since then, I created evidence for more cases than I can even remember.
Where is he? Great question.
He disabled his ankle monitor.
I've notified the LVPD that Mr.
Hodges is on the run and officially a fugitive from justice.
It's not exactly the limited confession we were hoping for.
Your buddy just handed Wix a win on a silver platter.
Emma, I am so sorry, but I won't be coming back, honey.
You and our baby you have to go on.
Talk to Gil Grissom.
He'll make sense of all this.
Well, Dr.
Grissom? What's going on? I have no idea.
I'd only been a tech a few weeks when I tampered with my first case.
I forced a guilty verdict HODGES (ON PHONE): You've reached David Hodges He's still not picking up.
He didn't say anything to you before he sent that confession? - Mm-mmm.
- ROBY: I don't get it.
Did the pressure just break him? I don't buy a word of it.
TYNER: I don't know what he was thinking.
He's been pretty quiet since the trial started.
He's been worried about Emma, the baby.
HODGES: Talk to Gil Grissom.
He'll make sense of all this.
I'm not sure.
But he knows I don't take confessions at face value.
So maybe it's an invitation for me to find him.
When's the last time you saw him? We were supposed to meet this morning at 9:00 to prep for court.
He said he had permission to visit Emma first.
She never saw him.
His phone is turned off.
We can't use it to trace his current location.
ROBY: True.
But there's more to that file than audio and video.
DANTE: Thank you.
I needed to know what happened.
I hope it's given you some peace.
Actually, I feel guilty.
I thought they brought this on themselves.
Every kid gets embarrassed by their parents sometimes, but I never shook it.
It wasn't their fault I didn't understand them.
Wasn't yours, either.
I'm just glad I was wrong.
It's got to be rough when your own kid doesn't get you.
At least they had each other.
Kindred spirits, you know? - Mm.
- Yeah.
Not everyone finds that.
Wait, was that about me? No, I'm just saying, you know, in general.
I'm gonna drop these off up front.
He's not just gonna come right out and say it, Allie.
Say what? That you should break up with your boyfriend.
I-Is that what you think he meant? PENNY: It doesn't look like Hodges recorded this confession from his personal cell phone.
Uh, the phone's MAC address doesn't match.
What device did he use? PENNY: A prepaid.
Like from a gas station.
Why would Hodges buy a disposable phone to make this video? Answer's in the question.
Maybe he didn't.
I can tell you when and where he recorded it.
At 6:26 a.
this morning, David was at this geolocation.
Right here.
That's across the street from the hospital where Emma's gonna deliver.
This stain's got to be here somewhere.
No, no!
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