Culprits (2023) s01e08 Episode Script

A Forest

OFFICER: I have a contact.
He was gonna move my
money to the West Coast.
- You use him instead.
- JOE: You sure?
You saved my fucking life,
David. Yeah, I'm sure.
What the fuck did you do, Joe?
I did a bad thing.
JOE: Now, I'm going to undo it.
- MALEK: Go to hell.
Azar. Give me the phone.
- Be quiet.
- DEVIL (IN ARABIC): See you in hell.
We'll find Dianne and get
the people who did this.
JOE (ON PHONE): You're
going to Canada to hide out.
Now, turn on the GPS.
There's an address called "Still
Here." Make sure you're not followed.
JULES (ON PHONE): I don't know
when I'll speak to you again.
I love you.
JOE: I love you.
This is Fuse. Corporal Robert Yates.
Fuse and Right Hand knew each other.
So Fuse knew Dianne from before the job.
OFFICER: Fuse is inner circle.
JOE: You look around the house.
I'm gonna go check out
these buildings back there.
- GUNMAN 1: Drop your gun now! Do it now!
- GUNMAN 2: Stay where you are now!
- GUNMAN 3: Stay where you are!
- GUNMAN 1: Hands up!
- What was that?
- OFFICER: David?
- That's his gun.
- AZAR: We got to go right now.
- VINCENT: I think we should have a talk.
- JOE: Who are you?
I'm the man you robbed.
I'm assuming you don't
want to die today.
- And you want your family to live, too.
- JOE: What do you want?
I need you to kill Dianne Harewood.
She has something I need.
She stole it from me.
- JOE: The key.
- VINCENT: We need to coax her
to reveal it.
So your choice is very simple, David.
Be a dead man and lose your family.
Or be you and save them.
I'll kill whoever you want.
JULES: Excuse me.
Mind if I sit here?
Um Uh, sure. (CLEARS THROAT)
- Go ahead.
- Thanks.
Long day?
World's going crazy.
More than you know.
You sound to me like a man
who needs another drink.
Really, yeah, I do.
Excuse me.
- I need to buy this man a drink.
- Oh, no, no, no. Um No.
- Let me get them. No, really. It's fine.
- No. Don't.
Let me get them. Um
Really. I just got paid, so
Uh, I'll have another
rum and, and Coke and
And a rum and Coke? Thanks.
(MOUTHS) Yeah.
JULES: Joseph Petrus.
That's a good name.
Julian. Jules.
Um Hi.
- Hi.
So, you here for the conference?
No, I mean
- I'm just here.
- JULES: Oh, okay.
They canceled it.
The conference.
When I got on the plane, it was on,
by the time I arrived,
they pulled the plug.
- Yeah?
- JULES: Yeah.
And I'm just here.
Without a purpose.
Nothing to do.
I'm sure you'll find something
to keep you entertained.
I hope so.
BARTENDER: Gentlemen.
JULES: So, is it Joseph?
Or are you a Joe?
I'm a Joe.
Well, I'm glad to meet you, Joe.
To living through this.
VINCENT: So the question.
The question was,
is there a rat in Ratatouille?
And I said, "Yes". She said, "No".
But then she uncrossed her
legs. The door flew open,
and I started coughing like
a pig in a pepper festival.
- That's a true story.
Nature calls.
No one do anything interesting.
DIANNE: Did you hear the one about
the man who locked
all his money in a box,
then lost the key?
There is a very capable man
standing right outside the door.
I just need to shout.
DIANNE: Shout and I'll put
a bullet through your head.
Turn around.
VINCENT: Am I allowed to shake and
zip, or are we pressed for time?
DIANNE: Put it away.
Must be frustrating.
All your money are
right there in that box.
But without the passcode, without
the key, you can't touch it.
Who are you?
I'm the woman who robbed you.
I mean, it must have
seemed like such a good idea
putting everything into cryptocurrency.
Such an elegant way to
keep away prying eyes.
- Where is it?
- DIANNE: Question,
now that you can't get to
your money, how are you living?
Are you selling your properties?
How much debt have you
already got yourself into?
Where's my key?
Why? Do you want it back? If you
want it back, you can have it.
But first, you have to admit
to the world who you really are.
Admit you're a profiteer,
a manipulator, a criminal.
What are you talking about?
DIANNE: Admit all the damage you've
done, the lives you've destroyed.
Resign from every position
you hold. And apologize.
- Apologize for what?
- You know what you've done.
You know who you are.
Oh, what does that even mean?
I know who you are.
Without the box, the key
that you have is worthless.
But without the key, the
box remains closed forever.
And all your money
may as well not exist.
So, what do you want?
You have a simple choice.
You can either keep your reputation
or you can keep your fortune.
But you can't have both.
I don't know who you think you are,
but a person like you does
not threaten a person like me.
Give me back my key,
or I will hunt you down.
And I will destroy you.
Not if I destroy you first.
Turn around, Vincent.
Turn around.
MARIAN: Now, you
understand about the signal?
Harewood's signal. You
understand how it works?
Where to put it? Where to meet her?
- I can remember.
- MARIAN: Yeah?
- You sure?
- I got it.
- I'll need a weapon.
If I'm going to kill Dianne
Harewood, I need a gun.
Give him your gun.
Give it to him.
Right, remember, find her.
Give her the message.
Tell her the location.
Get her to take the key
to the box. Kill her.
Don't fuck up, okay?
Just think of your family.
Just back off.
Just fucking do it.
Are you armed?
JOE: Of course.
- Wait!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Come on.
- JOE: Wait. Where's Dianne?
Where's Dianne?
You sent the signal? What the
fuck are you doing here, Muscle?
Where's Brain?
Don't ask me that.
Don't ask me anything. You
should be in America right now.
You agreed to the rules.
Someone's killing us.
Someone's murdering the whole crew.
Which is why you being here
is a very, very bad idea.
How did you know about the signal?
Fuse told you?
Well, he was dying, so yeah.
He told me.
Fuse is dead?
- Did you kill him?
- JOE: No. It was the people hunting us.
They found him.
I need to talk to Brain.
FIXER: You can't be here.
You need to disappear. And
don't you contact us again.
Wait, wait, wait. I have a message.
Fuse wanted to give Dianne a message.
- What message?
- You take me to her and I'll tell her.
No, you tell it to me
and I'll pass it along.
I need to tell her direct.
She'll want to hear it.
I guarantee she'll want to hear it.
Take the bag off.
Get off the ground.
You cut your hair.
Suits you.
What's the message, Muscle?
Don't call me that.
Tell me the message.
First, tell me the truth.
About the job.
About the key.
I know you used us to get it.
- You played us.
- DIANNE: What's Fuse's message?
I'm not fucking around, Muscle.
Tell me or I'll have someone
come in here and kill you.
Fuse said he knew where
Hawkes is hiding the box.
What does that mean, Dianne?
What's the box?
Who's Hawkes?
Did he say where?
- Did Fuse say where it is?
- Who's Hawkes?
- Just tell me where it is.
- Who is Hawkes?
If you want to know where the box
is, start telling me the truth.
Hawkes is Vincent Hawkes.
He's a rich man.
The worst kind of rich man.
He's the asshole who
owned the Morello vault.
He sent the contractor.
Because you took this this key?
And the key opens this box.
What's in the box?
The only thing that Hawkes cares
about. His money. All of it.
The cash we took from the vault
is nothing compared to the
billions he has in the box.
But without the key, he can't touch it.
The box is the access to a crypto
wallet. The key is the passcode.
I open the box, I can take his
money. All of it. Everything.
And I want that money, David.
If I take it, Hawkes is done. He's
cut off at the knees. He's finished.
So please, enough chit-chat.
Tell me the location.
- Tell me the fucking location!
- JOE: Okay.
I'll show you.
You got a phone?
Give me your map on your
phone. I'll show you.
That's what he said.
So let's finish this.
Let's go there right
now and open that box.
- Now?
- JOE: Yes. You and me. Right now.
Don't you want to take
his money and destroy him?
DIANNE: More than you know.
But I need at least 48
hours to build a crew.
And even that's ambitious.
What is it? What's wrong?
I have a family.
My new life in America.
I have a fiance. I have kids. Stepkids.
I have a family.
Hawkes already sent people to get them.
Men broke into my house
at night. They went
They went into my kids' bedroom.
They had to run. My family,
they're still running.
Dianne, they're not part of this world.
They're scared.
They'll make mistakes.
They won't last long.
I don't have 48 hours.
Please. We have to go sooner.
I need to fix this right now.
Please, please help me fix this.
How many kids?
A girl and a boy.
Eleven and six.
You coming?
The thing about family, David, is
that, no matter how hard we try,
we can never completely protect
them from the chaos of this world.
Danger is hidden everywhere,
even in the most banal places.
You ever heard of the
Eden Carre scandal?
JOE: No.
DIANNE: It's a story about money.
Nearly 15 years ago,
the Eden Motor Company
designed a new car.
This car had a fault
that sometimes caused it to
crash and burst into flames.
And when Eden's board discovered this,
they took a vote to decide
whether to issue a recall
and take all of the cars off the
roads, stop any more accidents.
But it would be
expensive, very expensive.
Maybe even more expensive than
the cost of any settlements
for wrongful death incurred
by not issuing the recall
and leaving the cars on
the streets to kill people.
They didn't vote for a recall?
No. They voted to recall.
But the Eden Motor Company was
majority owned by a corporation
that was 52 percent owned by one man.
Vincent Hawkes.
And he saw the numbers and he
saw the vote to recall the cars
and he overruled it. So
the cars stayed on the road.
And then two years
later in Austin, Texas,
on the 26th of April 2013, one of
those cars crashed, caught fire.
Killed everybody inside.
My sister was driving.
Her husband was next to her.
Their daughter was in the back seat.
JOE: I'm sorry.
I need a crew, David.
I hate Hawkes with all my soul,
but we can't do this alone.
I have a couple of good
men, but it's not enough.
I'm sorry. We can't go
sooner without a crew.
JOE: How many more do you need?
At least two with skill,
but they need to be vetted.
- Two more?
- Yes.
JOE: Yeah, I'll, I'll be there.
Okay. Thank you. Thank you.
OFFICER: He'll move your money?
He's giving me your slot.
I'll be in Vegas in two weeks.
You sure you're gonna be all right?
I'm sure.
You got to go. You don't have much time.
Don't worry about me.
What's this?
JOE: One for me, one for you.
I have your number and you have mine.
- But Brain said that
- I don't give a fuck what Brain said.
She bailed on us.
Strictly for emergencies, though.
Hope we never have to use them.
- Me neither, but
- But what?
I, I'll miss you, David.
Is that the truth or just another lie?
I guess we'll see.
Don't fuck it up.
Fuck what up?
Where the fuck did you go?
- I thought you were dead.
- JOE: Listen, I saw them shoot Fuse,
and I had to run.
OFFICER: And you took till
now to get in contact with me?
- Listen
- What, and then you just send a text?
"Hey, I'm alive. Come meet me."
You're a dick. You know that?
I found Dianne.
- You found her?
- She's waiting for us.
- For us?
- JOE: Yeah, I met with her.
Look, there's a way to
finish this, to stop it.
Another job.
And you trust her?
After she abandoned us?
You can say no. It's up to you.
When does it go?
- Tonight.
- Tonight? Fuck.
You need me.
You need me for this.
- I do.
- Mm.
So tell me you need me.
Tell me.
I need you.
I don't believe you. Try a bit harder.
Officer, I need you.
I can't do this without you.
Pretty please.
Help me do the job.
Why not?
All right, this way.
JOE: So, you just abandoned her?
OFFICER: I stopped for petrol.
She jumped out of the car. I told
her to get back in. She refused.
You just walked away?
She's a grown woman.
And I thought you were dead.
- She seemed pretty happy to be on her own.
- Are you sure she's here?
Yes, her phone definitely is. Look.
Over there.
Come on.
What are you doing here?
And why did you bring her?
You know I don't like her.
Are you okay?
Never better.
What are you doing here?
I've got nowhere else to go.
What is it?
DIANNE: Hello again.
Are you gonna apologize?
For what?
For lying to us.
OFFICER: For getting us into this mess.
Are you going to do the job?
- DIANNE: Be ready for my call.
- Good luck.
Are you sure a train won't come?
Ninety percent.
DIANNE: Just a little further.
Wait. You hear that?
DIANNE: Guards. Two of them.
Okay. Officer, Muscle, you're up.
GUARD 1: Hey.
- Who's there?
- OFFICER: Whoa. Shit, whoa.
Oh, fuck, that fucking
light. It hurts, mate.
Is this a carpark? I'm confused.
GUARD 1: Who the fuck are
you? You shouldn't be here.
I think maybe I'm just a bit lost?
- GUARD 1: Lost? She's fucking wasted.
- OFFICER: Oh, shit.
GUARD 1: Look, you need to go right now.
- Is this a hotel?
- GUARD 1: No.
Okay, well, do you know,
where the hotel is? Oh!
- GUARD 1: Hey!
GUARD 1: Hey!
GUARD 2: Is she hurt?
- JOE: You all right?
- OFFICER: Yeah.
All right, help me out
of this dress, would you?
Come on.
- DIANNE: Is that it?
- JOE: Yeah.
Around this corner is a corridor
which leads to the security station.
Break in and reactivate the
lifts, so we can get out.
AZAR: Yeah. No problem.
Go with her.
OFFICER: Good luck.
DIANNE: Fuse said it was somewhere
in the ticket hall, right?
So, where is it?
I don't know.
DIANNE: Help me look.
Maybe Fuse got it wrong.
- DIANNE: Where the fuck is it?
- Dianne.
JOE: Wait.
The box.
JOE: Give it to me.
Give me the key.
What the fuck are you doing?
- Give me the key!
What the fuck, Muscle?
JOE: Give me the key.
Whatever you think you're
doing, it's a mistake.
David. David, listen to me.
Just give it back.
Give me back the key.
This doesn't help you!
- We can come to an arrangement.
- No, no.
No more deals.
I'm just doing what needs
to be done to save my family.
Close your eyes, Dianne.
Close them.
Close your eyes.
If you're going to kill me.
I'm going to watch you do it.
I've got it, Hawkes!
He got to you.
Hawkes, we're in here! In
the ticket hall! Hawkes!
Please, don't. David,
don't. Don't let him win.
At least take the money. Come
on, at least take the money!
GUARD 3: Drop your weapon!
I'm sorry, Dianne. I
had no choice. I'm sorry.
GUARD 3: Hands in the
air! Don't fucking move.
- DIANNE: Get off me!
- GUARD 3: Hands up!
- DIANNE: Get the fuck off me!
- Stay where you are!
What did you do? David, what
the fuck did you do to me?
GUARD 3: Keep your hands up!
You. Over there.
DIANNE: You led us
into a trap. For what?
GUARD 3: Move.
Down on your knees.
Hands behind your head.
Dianne Harewood.
Here you are.
I believe I have something
that belongs to you.
It took some time to
work out who you were.
Your sister Marianne.
Married, named Brennan.
Am I correct?
I'm not to blame for her death.
It was just an equation.
A recall would have
disrupted thousands of people,
- cost hundreds of jobs.
- My niece was nine years old.
And that is a tragedy.
But tell me, my dear Dianne.
How many people have died
because they got in the way
of what you wanted to do?
I never killed a child.
Neither have I intentionally.
Because unlike you, I have never
killed anyone intentionally.
Just because you didn't pull the trigger
- doesn't mean that you're not a murderer.
- VINCENT: Okay, okay, enough.
Right, you? You have
it? You have the key?
- Yes.
- VINCENT: Well, if you do,
why in the name of lady
fuck is she still alive?
We had an agreement, David.
Where is it?
- Where is it?
- It's in my pocket.
David, he'll kill you.
It's in my back pocket.
Snippety snip. Get
it out. Give it to me.
David. David, please
don't do this. Please.
Don't give him what he wants.
David, please don't do this.
You see this, Dianne.
I worked for this money.
I earned this money.
I didn't steal it. I didn't
cheat someone for it. I earned it.
Where is it? Where is my fucking key?
Put your guns down! Put your
fucking guns on the ground now!
- GUARD 4: Fuck you!
- Now, now!
- Someone fucking shoot him!
You better fucking tell them
to fucking put their
fucking guns down now,
or I'll fucking kill
you. Do you understand?
I will fucking kill you! Do it now!
Before three seconds. One, two
No! Wait, wait, wait! Drop your guns!
Put the fucking guns down!
Put them down on the floor.
Do it! Do it!
JOE: All of you, on the ground now.
- All of you, on the ground now!
- Do what the fuck he says.
Get on the ground.
Maybe we should tie them up?
Yes, do that. Take
their guns. Tie them up.
Call them off.
Call off the people chasing my family.
If you give me the key.
Fuck you. You! Psychic
lady! Call them off!
Someone listen to me! Call them off now!
- Fuck!
Dianne, come over here.
Come the fuck over here!
Come here and tie up his hands.
Dianne, please.
We started this. Let's finish it.
Come on. Help me finish it.
- JOE: Don't move.
- VINCENT: David. David, listen to me.
- Shut up.
VINCENT: David, David, David.
Listen to me. Listen to me.
Ah, ah!
You want me, you want me to
call them off your family?
But you want money?
Everyone wants money.
I can make money rain down on you.
There's over five billion in that box.
JOE: Azar.
If he moves
kill him.
My pleasure.
So, where is it? David, where's the key?
You said, "Let's finish it".
So let's do what we came here to do.
Let's take his money.
Okay. Give it to me.
- Come on.
- VINCENT: No! No! No!
VINCENT: I have everything in there! No!
Now, no one will ever
be able to open the box.
- I know.
- There was billions in there!
No one should have that much money.
Too much money is poison.
Well, he's poor now, right?
You got what you wanted.
So, it's over.
VINCENT: Please. Please.
My niece's name was Charlotte.
Charlotte Brennan.
Say it.
Say her name.
Okay, your turn.
Um No, wait, please.
I can call them off like he
asked. I can call everyone off.
W-We have no loyalty to Hawkes.
He hasn't paid us for months.
Not, not me, not, not them, not
anybody. I Please, I can help.
JOE: Let her call them off.
I have to be sure.
MARIAN: If you want, I can
make the call right now.
Do it.
Yes, it's me.
It's me. Stand down immediately.
Goodbye, Dianne.
Goodbye, Muscle.
You coming?
JOE: Azar?
Well, I was just thinking
I never told you my name.
JOE: So, what is it?
- JOE: No!
Officer. Officer!
No, no! Officer! Fuck.
What did you do, Azar?
What the fuck did you do?
My father.
My grandfather.
She betrayed them both.
That is why I climb ♪
Closer to the stars ♪
To glimpse the grand design ♪
That is what I want from you ♪
That is why I climb ♪
Closer to the stars ♪
Closer to the stars ♪
Closer to the stars ♪
Make me like a rock ♪
Which juts into the sky ♪
That is what I ask of you ♪
That is why I cry ♪
Freedom from this life ♪
And its twisted sense of rhyme ♪
That is what I want from you ♪
That is why I climb ♪
Closer to the stars ♪
Closer to the stars ♪
Closer to the stars ♪
Closer to the stars ♪
Closer to the stars ♪
Closer to the stars ♪
Closer to the stars ♪
Closer to the stars ♪
Closer to the stars ♪
Closer to the stars ♪
Closer to the stars ♪
- BUD: Oh!
- FRANKIE: Okay, wait.
Instead of trying to slow it down
Okay, if you go like super,
super fast. Super sharp.
Aw. It's always the corner.
- Last time, how did you get in
How did you get in there?
- So you have to
- That And then that one has to
There we go. Next one.
Okay, this is the one that
JOE: It's me.
(SIGHS) Thank God.
Are you okay?
JOE: I'm okay.
It's over.
We're safe.
- Really?
- JOE: Really.
I fixed it, Jules. You
and the kids are safe.
I promise.
Oh, my God.
Where are you?
JOE: Outside.
Outside where?
JOE: Outside here.
I can see you.
Turn around.
Jesus. How long have
you been standing there?
JOE: A while.
I wasn't sure if I should come in
Do you want me to come out?
Do you want to come out?
I think so.
Frankie, look out for Bud.
I'm just taking the trash out.
Mm-hm. And then go.
If you don't want me
to stay, I can go, um
- If you want me to go, I
- I don't want that.
It's a nice place.
You chose a nice place.
I thought you might hate it.
It's so far from everything.
but it's pretty.
And the kids like these trees.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for lying.
I'm sorry for what you've been through.
I'm so sorry.
Listen, I
I came back to say it's okay.
You can move on. You
can find someone else.
someone better. It's okay.
JOE: Yeah.
I think you got to let me go, Jules.
It's the right thing to do. It's
It's the right thing.
Maybe you're right.
But what do you want?
Not what you think is right.
Tell me what you want.
I want
I want to marry you.
And I want to be a dad to those kids.
That's what I want.
Well, then.
So, what now?
Whenever I'm alone with you ♪
You make me feel
like I am home again ♪
Whenever I'm alone with you ♪
You make me feel
like I am whole again ♪
Whenever I'm alone with you ♪
You make me feel
like I am free again ♪
Whenever I'm alone with you ♪
You make me feel
like I am clean again ♪
However far away ♪
I will always love you ♪
However long I stay ♪
I will always love you ♪
Whatever words I say ♪
I will always love you ♪
I will always love you ♪
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