Curfew (2019) s01e01 Episode Script


1 Med-Vac 239, hold position.
Checking transit approval.
Clear to proceed.
- The Curfew is now over.
It is safe to leave your homes.
Tonight's Curfew will commence at 1900 hours.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.
Sweet dreams are made of this Who am I to disagree? I travel the world And the seven seas Everybody's looking for something Some of them want to use you Some of them want to get used by you Some of them want to abuse you Some of them want to be abused Sweet dreams are made of this Who am I to disagree? I travel the world and the seven seas Everybody's looking for something I'm gonna be late for work.
You really think the race is happening tonight? When was the last time they offered us overtime? Uh Oh, that would be never.
That's what I'm saying.
It must be tonight.
I am gonna cook a huge curry, get the boys round and just stay up all night, watching it online.
You are gonna drink a bottle of wine by yourself - What? - .
and then go to sleep.
No way I'm doing a double shift.
Anyone dumb enough to get involved in an illegal street race doesn't deserve to get saved.
Twin turbo-chargers, direct injection.
400 kilowatts, high redline and linear torque curve.
8 litre V8 engine.
Seven-speed seamless shift, dual clutch gearbox.
Trust the car.
It's the fastest set of wheels in the city.
So how come they're gaining on us? - This car is the bomb! - It's not exactly discreet! Slow and steady never won any race that I was in.
Assuming we make it to the starting line.
Got you out, didn't I? - Where's the box? It was right there.
- Don't worry.
I've got it.
- Whoa, shit! - Nope.
Not today.
Target heading for the A40 flyover.
Roger that, 219.
Control to 249.
Please confirm your status.
A40 flyover secure.
Roger that.
Hold on.
Well at least they're not shooting at us any more.
Don't forget the box.
Sorry! Is everyone OK? Hey.
This yours, kid? - There you go.
- Thanks.
- There you are! Oh, thank God! - Come on! Before they get down here.
You shouldn't run off like that.
Come on! Come on! His name is Michael Garwick and he escaped from Brooke Heath four hours ago.
He evaded apprehension after a high-speed pursuit.
I want every angle of every second on every camera in a two-mile radius where we lost him.
This is cold.
I don't care how you do it.
We need to find him.
And we need to close this whole thing down before it turns into a total fucking shit storm.
Are there any questions? All right, then.
Go to it.
Have you been offered a cup of tea, Mr Donahue? No, I'm fine, thanks.
Normally when one of our customers asks to close their account with us, I like to check that they're satisfied with the service.
Uh yeah, very satisfied.
And if you're moving to another bank, I can arrange a transfer, if that's easier.
No, no, no.
Cash Cash is fine.
Is everything OK, Mr Donahue? I only ask because Well if anything was the matter, you could tell me and I'd handle it with the utmost discretion.
Uh I just want to withdraw all my money from my account.
There's nothing stopping me from doing that, is there? No, not at all.
It's completely up to you.
Then, let's just do that, then, uh please.
Thank you.
Control to 239.
What's your position? The gunshot victim's lost consciousness.
We're about two minutes away.
I thought you said it was an RTA.
Car crash? Shooting? - I wish they'd make their minds up.
- I wish they'd stop shooting people.
Coming through! - Keep clear, please! - Can you hear me? She's in cardiac arrest.
We need to shock her.
Is my mummy going to die? Not if we can help it.
Airways clear.
- She's in VF! - OK, charging.
Stand clear! Shocking.
Charging! Come on! She's gone, Kaye.
She's gone, Kaye.
She's gone.
I put time of death at 3:22.
You wanna send me the form, or shall I sign for it now? - Jeez - No, we'll send it over.
- I'm so sorry.
We did all we could.
- Mum.
- Was everything OK? - Yeah.
Everything's fine.
Everything's fine.
You didn't forget about the savings account? No, it's all there.
Every penny.
That was supposed to pay for them through university.
Yeah, well, things changed.
Everything changed.
Come here.
Come here, come here.
We are doing the right thing, Jen.
Promise you.
- Where's Roman? - Ohh.
He's having a go at reloading the car.
Thinks he's found a way to fit Brutus in.
I though we agreed we weren't taking him.
Yeah, I know, but Roman said he found a way.
Hey, Dad.
What have you been doing? Well, it was a bit like Tetris, but I mean, look.
- We can't take him, Roman.
- There's room.
It's not a camping holiday we're going on.
Yeah, but he doesn't know that.
Do you, Brutus? That's because he's a dog, Roman.
He's a member of this family.
One who actually wants to come.
It's not that your mum's not committed I'm not talking about Mum, Dad.
She hasn't told you, has she? We never discussed anything.
You just decided.
You never asked me what I wanted.
If you guys want to go, fine.
I'll move in with Zane.
- You're not moving in with Zane.
- Why not? I'm having sex with him.
We need to stick together.
Your father's decided we have to do this.
You're more likely to die of pneumonia than get eaten by one of those things.
More people die of pneumonia than you'd think.
That's not what this is about.
This is about freedom.
Don't tell me you actually believe the island exists? Oh, we have to believe it, Meg.
The island is real.
Max Larssen is real.
What kind of parents would go along with this? It's insane.
You're all insane.
Only insane people think everyone else is insane.
It's a lie.
A myth.
It's like believing in Father Christmas or the Tooth Fairy.
There's just this stupid race, where every year the same thing happens - people die.
- You have to trust us.
We have to do this.
We don't have a choice.
Look, you're my daughter and I'm not leaving you behind.
You're coming with us and that is final.
You're looking for something that's gonna hold a candle to that McLaren.
Right now it's like looking for a great big fucking turkey - the night before Christmas.
- Can you help us or not? Why should I help you? Last time, when I needed your help, you let me down big time.
- I don't forget a thing like that.
- Listen.
As much I enjoy this macho posturing, we really need a car, so if you can decide if you're gonna help us, that would be great.
I like you.
You've got spunk.
Thank you.
Cars crash, don't they? Hey, you know that.
Better than anyone, right? These things happen.
You need a car.
I'll do my level best to get you a car by sundown.
But here's the thing.
No matter where you are, what you want .
you can only have two out of three things.
Now, you clearly want this car fast, yeah? And I know for a fact that you're gonna want it to be good! So don't expect to be getting it fucking cheap.
That's all I'm saying.
Take care.
See yer.
Are those two racing? They're planning on racing.
We just need somewhere to lie low for a couple of hours, that's all.
It's a bad idea.
We've already been in one car crash today.
Hey, you're never gonna believe this but guess what.
We were in the area and wondered if we could stop by to pay a visit.
Before we hand over the money .
we'd like to have a look at the merchandise, please.
There you are.
Race your way free.
I assume there's 250,000 in there? Yeah.
Hold that.
It's been a pleasure doing business with you, Mr Donahue.
All right.
Hang on a minute, Dad.
Don't you think we should finish checking it first? Uh That That OK? Go ahead.
This isn't it.
- This isn't what we agreed.
- What are you talking about? It's basically just an empty shell.
There's no drive inside.
It's worthless.
What? You saying it's a piece of shit? Go on, just say it.
It's a piece of shit.
What? It's a piece of OK.
Well, it is.
It's a piece of shit.
Of course it is.
It's fucking useless.
Smart kid.
But guess what.
Sometimes being clever doesn't mean fucking anything.
No! No! Look, you you don't know me, all right? And I don't know you.
But let me tell you something.
I I consider myself to be .
normally, a very level-headed kind of a guy.
But tonight I'm gonna risk everything I have, everything that's good in my life to get us out of this country.
And, you know .
I'm I'm I'm willing to do anything to make that happen.
Now, we had an agreement.
You've already got the cash.
So why don't you just give us what we came for and we can .
we'll just be on our way.
Yeah? Here Give him a bit.
Do you want me to check it? No.
I don't think we need to check it.
Come on.
How old would you say she was? Eight years old? Nine? I don't know.
They'll track down an uncle or an aunt or something.
Do you think that McLaren was gonna be part of the race? Do you have any idea how callous that makes you sound? Well, you know, it's a coping strategy.
I'm crying inside.
Did you see the footage from last year's race? Rio de Janeiro.
It's It's unbelievable.
Absolute carnage.
These people, they're insane.
Race your way free.
But freedom always comes at a price.
Oh, sorry, was that Was that you being cynical? It's a coping strategy.
'Hey, you're never gonna believe this but guess what.
' 'We were in the area and wondered if we could stop by to pay a visit.
' Is everything all right? Anything I can do to help or? Yeah.
Cover for me.
You OK? Yeah.
Why wouldn't I be? I don't know.
Must be weird being back here after all this time.
It isn't weird at all.
Are you finding it weird? No.
It's totally normal.
That, on the other hand Who is that? Oh, my God! Kaye.
She's hyper-sensitive to light.
What happened to her? I thought she was dead.
He was in a car accident three weeks ago.
The wound hasn't finished healing.
There's practically no scar tissue.
He's young.
- He was in perfect health.
- As far as we know.
His medical records aren't exactly detailed.
He hasn't even filled in his home address.
Don't we need a psychological profile? We're not here to judge him, Kaye.
We're here to help him walk again.
Welcome to Kiloran Medical Facility, Mr.
Hope your journey was OK.
Not normal.
You know what? You can stop now.
We do need to assess how much you can feel.
You want to know how I feel? Like my life's over.
Do you think I'm gonna walk again? You wouldn't have been offered a place on this trial if there wasn't a chance.
Trust me, Dr.
Newman's one of the best in her field.
But you're gonna need to do exactly as I say.
OK? Yeah? OK.
Just relax.
It's not gonna hurt.
So, she's infected? Can she still understand what you say to her? Sometimes definitely.
The rest of the time I don't know for sure.
Why didn't you tell me? I tried.
I just really didn't know how to.
Is there a chance she could get better? I don't know.
She was searching for a cure when she got sick.
I monitor her every day, trying to finish the work she started.
- But so far - Nothing, right? Look, I'm gonna give her something to help her sleep.
Why don't you go and .
go and talk to her before you go? What do I say? Say anything.
Tell her about your life.
Just talk to her.
It's good to see you again.
You know, um I'm amazed that they released you.
- Brooke Heath are out of control - They didn't.
Ruby bust me out this morning.
You can't be here.
I'm sorry but I can't have people finding out about her.
You shouldn't be here.
- Brooke Heath will be looking for you.
- Just need a couple of hours.
They're gonna come here and find her.
I can't allow that to happen.
She's my mum, Michael.
She's all I've got.
Oh, you're racing.
You're racing.
Course you are.
We're getting out of here, Kaye.
Dad! The start coordinates are in.
OK, we're on.
Do you remember when we first moved in here? The coordinates are in.
We managed to fit everything we owned in the back of our car .
and now we're doing the same thing again.
We start south.
So I'm guessing we'll head north.
Alice Springs, Jakarta, Brazil.
Each race was longer than the last one, so I think we'll probably head as far north as we can go.
I know how hard you're trying to make this work, but maybe we need to be more realistic.
What do you mean? - Stay here.
- No.
We can't stay here.
- We've been through this.
- Meg could.
She hasn't done anything wrong.
Neither have either of us.
They're gonna come for him.
Our son.
It's just a matter of time.
You know that.
And And when they do, they'll take him away.
- But he deleted everything.
- Nothing gets deleted, Jen.
Everything is somewhere.
They'll find it.
They'll take him away and we'll never see him again.
We stick together, no matter what the odds.
I'm I'm just scared.
- I'm just so scared.
- Yeah, of course you are.
We all are.
But if we stick together .
I promise you, we can do this.
'The curfew will begin in ten minutes.
' 'Please return to your homes immediately.
' 'Remember, the Curfew is here for your own safety.
' 'Breaking the terms of the Curfew is a serious offence.
' 'Thank you for your patience and understanding.
' We said by dusk .
by dusk you'd get me something.
Uh about that Uh turns out it was harder than I thought to get the kind of wheels you need.
'You're racing, aren't you?' You've sold me down the river.
I'm not gonna lie to you, Michael, I'm sorry.
But I'm about to become a father again.
That kind of thing makes a man re-evaluate his priorities.
It was the right thing to do, baby.
Both of you get to the back of the house now.
- It's them.
- I told you this would happen.
- Look, just do as I say.
- It's you they're looking for.
Leave it with me.
Go on! Shit.
Who is it? Michael Garwick.
Where is he? Don't know what you're talking about.
I'm gonna ask you one more time.
Where is Michael Garwick? There's no one here except me.
Try again.
Tear the place apart.
- Sir! - You can't go in there! Open the door.
This woman's been infected.
- She's my mother.
- Not any more, she's not.
No! Seems to be the last of it.
Roman, can you do an idiot check upstairs for me? What? What's wrong? She told me not to say anything.
But then she also told me to say that she loved you.
When? When did she say that? - A few minutes ago.
- Oh, for God's sake! Megan! Meg? Meg, come inside! It's not safe out here! - Can we talk about this? - We already did that, Dad.
You wouldn't listen.
Go on, Zane.
Zane, don't you dare.
Don't Zane! Meg, I'm serious.
Oh, my gosh.
This is so embarrassing.
Meg, look There are things you don't know.
All right? Things that we haven't told you.
I know you think this is all my fault, but if you just stop and come in, I'll explain.
Speed up.
Meg, please.
Stop this! - Speed up a bit then just brake.
- Meg? Meg! Come on! I am serious! Dad? Are you OK? I I think I broke my glasses.
Aargh! Dad? Dad? Dad? Roman! What are you doing? Come on! Wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for me.
You're more likely to die of pneumonia, right? - If it's anyone's fault, it's mine.
- It's no one's fault.
It doesn't matter what either of you think.
It doesn't matter what anyone's done.
We stick together.
That was the last thing your father said to me.
If we stick together, we can do this.
We can't do it without Dad.
I mean Who's gonna drive? I drive.
I'm glad you're coming.
Is it just cos you want to watch me die a horrible violent death? No.
Zane Wait! Over here.
In you go.
Good boy.
Come here, Brutus.
Good boy.
Sit down.
Good boy.
- I am so sorry.
- No, don't.
Don't say anything.
Is he prepped and consented? Yep.
Do you really think it's safe? Yes.
There is a possibility you may regain some sensation.
The chances of you making a full recovery are - They're small.
- I'm OK with risk.
What else have I got to lose? You like him, don't you? I think he's stubborn, reckless and ambivalent about his future.
Don't let personal feelings cloud your judgment, Kaye.
I need you with a clear head.
Here, it'll be all right.
You don't know that.
Yeah, I do.
Trust me.
I want to ask you something, Kaye.
And although your initial reaction will be to say no, I want you to at least think about it first.
Not giving you my ambulance.
It's like it was purpose-built for this race.
You were there at the beginning, Michael.
You're still the best chance we have of finding a cure for the virus.
- You can't just run away.
- I'm not.
Yeah, you are.
That's exactly what you're doing.
Look, just drive us to the start line.
Why should I? All right, all right, wait Yeah, I'm running away from Brooke Heath.
But I need to get to that island.
Because there are people there, right, scientists looking for the cure, and if I can get there, I can help them find it.
That's the truth, Kaye.
You believe in it, the Island? It's real.
Kaye, I can feel it.
Just cos you feel it, doesn't mean it's there.
Yeah, it does.
Well played back there, Kaye.
Well played, yourself.
I didn't think she was gonna buy it.
Are you here in some kind of medical capacity? It's gonna take more than one ambulance to mop up this lot.
It's pretty crazy, right? So, are you part of the race? Sure.
Race your way free, right? Well good luck - I guess.
- You too.
Thanks, Kaye.
We owe you big time.
Forgetting something? Kaye.
Not gonna get very far without them.
Change of plan.
I'm driving.
- Uh - What, seriously? Looks like you could use all the help you can get.
Are you sure you want to do this? Well, it's my vehicle, so my rules.
Rule one: I drive.
- You know I'm a better driver - I drive.
Rule two: What I say goes.
Unless I say otherwise.
- Is that it? - No, it isn't.
Third and last: Whatever happened before .
I don't want to fall out about it.
I've had a bad day, Rubes.
A bad couple of years, actually.
I'm sorry that I didn't tell you about Mum.
Despite what you may think, I've missed you.
Really, really missed you.
Yeah, me too.
We can do this, Kaye.
I swear to God we can.
'Please return to your vehicles.
' 'The race will commence in one minute.
' What's happening? 'Take a look around you right now.
' 'There's one thing everyone who's come out here tonight has in common.
' 'Defiance.
But it's more than that.
' 'You didn't just opt out of the creatures and the curfew .
of the rules and restrictions that come with it.
' 'No, you went further than that.
' 'You opted in.
' 'Now, nothing about the race is easy.
' 'But it is going to be worth it.
' 'Cos at the end of tonight, one team is gonna come with me' 'to a place where you can sit out at night and gaze up at the stars.
' 'A place without creatures.
A place with hope.
' 'Good luck, people.
' 'Race yourselves free.
' - 'Ten' - Going up! Get in! Come on! '.
nine' '.
eight' '.
seven' '.
six' '.
five' '.
four' '.
three' '.
two' Smash it.
one!' Here in my car I feel safest of all I can lock all my doors It's the only way to live In cars Here in my car I can only receive I can listen to you quinnell