Curfew (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

Hello michael You know, Who is Maslow, Michael? Nothing, what am I to you on "you"? My name is Sebastian.
Maslow once formulated hierarchy of needs.
This is a theory according to which people moves a certain set of priorities which can be portrayed in the form of a pyramid.
At the very bottom are physiological needs then follow security, belonging, respect, self-actualization and finally at the very top - going beyond yourself.
You will be given both food and water, except for the days allotted for operations.
You will have a roof over your head and the heat is not below 22 degrees.
The walls of each chamber - from reinforced glass fingerprint tolerance each door has security.
You will be safe.
You belong to us.
Not in the sense that we are your masters, but the fact that we are one family and we have one goal and hopefully through that you will gain respect.
Because you very important to us.
And I hope, then we we can extract your hidden potential and you will go beyond yourself - you can understand your value not for oneself, but for the common good.
Reach the top of the pyramid.
Can you imagine? At the top of the pyramid people are being sacrificed.
If such is the will of the gods.
I look forward to a new conversation.
You will not wait, I will not stay here.
Even if you run away, which is highly doubtful we will find you again - there is an experience.
I told you that we will find you.
I missed our conversations so much.
The object is detained.
Manchester will be waiting for you police escort.
Take them to the helicopter.
I am escorted to anything.
Their city is their rule.
And no subordination.
Drivers pose a danger? - Only for yourself.
- Well.
Then I withdraw support.
Local to know nothing about the value of your shipment.
- Sir.
Pursuit Cars back to base.
Kay! Kay! Hope it's worth it.
They will pull me out.
Paddle weighs three and a half tons, Michael.
No one will enter and quit therefore I recommend trusting me and do everything as I say.
Trust? Why? Never doubted in their decisions? Like a soldier who understood that fights not for those.
How you fucked.
I no longer serve Brookhit.
They want to monetize the drug.
Professor Newman removed the blinders from my eyes.
Helen is dead.
She was in artificial coma.
I managed to bring her to consciousness.
She wanted to find out why you are the only one who is not sick.
She studied for several months your biometrics I was looking for a failure.
A grain of sand that once can turn into a pearl.
We are thinking, that the answer is in your past.
And if I can find this very answer is find a cure for everyone and without any brookhita.
Please, Michael, help me.
Want to help her, yes? You want - so come on.
Kay lost her sister.
Besides this guy, she may have no one left.
- I said: come on.
- I hear.
Calling all the crews.
Kay needs our help.
- They follow us.
- What the fuck? Where did they come from? I know that race is more important to us, but you need to slow down the car Brookhit and get Michael out.
Excuse me.
These are their problems.
No, no, no, you need help.
I see them, they are three kilometers away.
You see.
They have bulletproof lobovuha, Steel body 60 millimeters.
Probably, also bluetooth in the set.
Is it waterproof? You are still skinned by a banana leave.
This is genius.
And really, not bad.
We have to help them.
Roman, we go in sixth place.
Michael can save everyone from the virus.
- What? - It started back in Kiloran.
He is the only one who is not ill.
In brookhita He was nearly disassembled.
Why are you so sure? Linus and I Opened Brookhit system.
And where is he now? It would be better if you searched for porn on the web, like a normal teenager.
Stop it.
And if I depict a sexy hitchhiker? All right! Enough, I don’t need help.
We have already lost many.
What is it with her? - Okay.
- Gloomy kind.
I have an idea.
Maybe a bazooka? Carefully, dear.
You were going to save Michael, and not to destroy.
They said, that the bus is made of thick steel, right? Yes.
True, they are morons.
Bazooka punches half a centimeter.
The bus will stop, but Michael will not kill.
We overtake them, so you banged back again? Want to help - pass it through the window.
So, probably better - after all that was.
Come on.
She refused help.
I need not help, but your bazooka.
And we do not need? Well, what are you doing? The future of mankind or zhlobstvo? - Zhlobstvo.
- Zane? He is like me.
Mom, your voice is decisive you are the main judge.
Do you believe you can find a cure? He needed them for that.
So you need help.
Zane, slow down.
Judge, her mother.
She's on safety but very sensitive, careful.
Do you hear? I hear.
- It is charged.
- Well.
Let's go back to your accident.
Recall all the details.
Already remembered.
Yes, and we will remember until we find the answer.
Molehill can become a mountain and an acorn is an oak.
I need complete information.
I broke my spine.
In a car crash.
What was the road, wet, dirty? Could an infection have gotten into the wounds? Michael, I understand that it is difficult but we have little time.
From Manchester you will be returned to London and there they will pull a ridge.
Okay, let's discuss the research in Kiloran.
They were led by Professor Newman.
Then you met her daughter Kay.
You need to understand what you feel.
What I feel? Yes.
As if life is over.
Don't you have a chance you would not be called participate in the study.
Judging by your medical record below the belt sensitivity was absent but the speed with which you recovered after surgery, - it is a miracle We know that clinical studies in Kiloran led to an epidemic.
Every patient became infected, but not you.
And you were discharged.
Why? - I left.
- Together with Kay Newman.
It is written there.
No more reaction to the drug? Did not have.
Kay did not renew the course, did not offer substitutes? Not.
What's next? Kay went to visit her mother and disappeared.
Left me in Cornwall.
And you started dating with her sister Ruby.
I did not know that Helen is ill.
I thought Kay left me.
I do not blame you, Michael.
Okay, back a little further.
What happened before the accident.
And it has to do with it? Michael seems to be I quite clearly explained Even if you're not lying, that scored on brookhit, this is not my battle.
- And whose then? - There, so you.
Like Helen.
- Scientists.
- Yes.
And we will play our part.
But it all started with you, you are a zero patient.
- And what is my fault? - In that I wanted to go? - No, but you will be guilty, if you leave.
But this is your spirit, right? That said in the characteristic.
You leave answers, and left Brookhit and now you want to leave.
And then? You will drink a cocktail on the beach, pretending not to think about those who left to die? If only it happened.
Don't worry, Kay.
We will help.
Looks like your friends have taken last try.
Well, let's go back to what preceded the accident.
12th caliber.
Reinforced chock Shop feed.
The return is minimal firepower - maximum.
You estimate? No, I'll get along.
Count up, said.
Now, when they take a job, forced to take tests.
In my time talked, hands shook - and work.
Therefore, it was all shit.
Unions, their mother, one job for life and so on.
I'm a businessman, professional and work only with professionals.
You have good recommendations, I know.
But I need to know that your gut is not thin.
Can you not freak out? Relax! When the heart hammer like an abnormal, and the eggs got sucked into the belly, and you already tearing from the power of your weapon.
I have enough experience.
I'm not talking about this circus of yours.
with horses on a moped - beat shop windows and poke bijoux in your pockets.
I'm talking about normal work.
Machine and two trunks.
What do you say? Ready to raise real attendants? Well done.
I robbed a bank.
Let's do on - trunks are not needed.
I have family.
And I will definitely return to her, at any price.
So do not be afraid, understand? No one will kill anyone.
What are you looking at? Come on.
Why was this not the case? Ears to the ground, mouths on the lock! Who will look at me - no more dick in this life will not see! Well done.
Come on in the bag.
- Be healthy.
- Who said? Who said?! I.
Thirty seconds! Repeat.
You sneezed I said "be healthy.
" I bless you? What is it? I'm sick, and you fucking doctor? Easy, almost everything.
What should I, pants, something to take off? Or how to the waist? Money that you do not collect? I got what I deserved.
If I had stayed - could have prevented him from killing him.
And if I hadn't gone to work, maybe nothing would have happened.
He sneezed.
Does he have pollinosis? Allergy? And it has to do with it? You said he sneezed.
Why did he sneeze? I do not know.
Maybe I'm cold.
Well, of course.
This is an acute viral infection.
During the operation in your body there was a cold virus strain.
It made your immune system start producing antibodies.
These antibodies also inhibited vector surface proteins.
And the vector could not penetrate into your cells and replicate.
Hello! Remove the members, get the guns.
Looks like our guest from the sunny south decided to come with fanfare.
Brookhit, mean? What's in the van? Incense? Maybe lambs? Obviously something valuable.
Otherwise they would not have called the turntable.
Your rear turn signal is not working.
After all, I can write out a fine.
Skip it or not? Of course I will.
We are in the same boat, right? Do you know where to go? Do not descend from the route.
It is better to perebdet than noddert.
You have to believe me, Michael.
You will not return to London.
We will return to Kiloran.
Infection! Bitch! And madam something with a pistol.
Not worth the most poking around.
- Drive through.
- We can help.
Yes Yes.
I know what karma is.
Holed a bunch of tires - and now I have a flat tire myself just.
I almost crushed you.
Want revenge.
On the contrary.
On the contrary, Mademoiselle.
The fact that you almost crushed us - it is good.
We again began to appreciate life.
Your, your and this bun is inside you.
Change you wheel - this is really such a small thing.
Come out and change! - We leave.
- Something is fast.
Hands so that I saw.
Here they are, pens.
It looks like a nail.
- Closer is not necessary.
- Good.
- You sit, we can handle.
- Not.
Massage want? I'm a little pro in matters of madness.
What are you doing! How long are you? 36, 37 weeks? Honey, you need to go to the hospital.
I am a doctor, I know.
Natural childbirth is the norm.
- But not in the car.
- And what are the options? Score a race and stay? Raise a child in the world where there are monsters curfew and people ready for anything just to survive? I'd rather take the risk.
Let's go with us.
We will take care of you.
Listen to the secret, Cheese.
You take the tool in both hands and pulling the eggs.
Then do not fall.
You always have one thing on your mind.
Is done.
- Well done, son.
- Watch out there is a man with a wheel.
I am on my own.
Listen, no matter who you are.
What you earn.
Thrive or survive.
There is something in the world that makes everyone equal.
All I have to get Michael out.
Manchester is a fierce city.
We are with you.
Listen, don't.
Roman explained how important Michael is.
I am very thankful, but you have the same family.
Think about how to win a race Why risk? Your sister gave life for us.
I do not forget this.
This we are different from freaks: dedication altruism, courage.
We race, to get out of that shit.
What is the point to win if we lose the most important thing? According to Roman, save Michael - means not to give someone lose a loved one.
I think it's worth it.
And you? We will return Michael - and we are competitors again.
And every man for himself.
Do you agree? Only in this way and nothing else.
My advice to you.
If you are a kid - don't think you can solve problems all girls.
And if the girl - do not wait, that men will do everything for you.
What a deep thought.
Look, I'm like a kid, but still waiting that men will do everything for me.
You do not think I'm with the electrician - on "you are with a plus".
But the plumbing This is really an ass.
And plants are not mine at all, refuse it immediately.
You on dick climbed here? I will be your maternity partner.
What do you know about childbirth? Before the rumors began about freaks, my sister was in the ninth month.
I stayed with her for almost a month.
We were together.
Nowhere to run.
Have you given birth to her? What are you, this is my sister, something else was missing! We watched "Call the midwife.
" But I answer you: childbirth is like pissing two fingers don't even worry.
Mouzon you have nothing.
And relaxes.
What kind of team? This is a whale song.
Whale? Fish do not sing.
Whales are mammals.
And I did not know.
And I thought that i am a great helper.
- Are you sure? - Yes Yes.
If you had to leave after dark, these questions are always solved officer Darby.
Chef! Hey.
Lulu, I did not understand.
You must represent us.
in wild races.
Hook done.
We need a car, which you just missed.
Yes? Why? Inside is my friend Michael.
- Is he sick, or what? - Not.
Then why did Brookhit call a helicopter for emergency evacuation? - Where is this helicopter? “Could I tell you?” - Come on, Darby.
- You don't give me a damn.
Already curfew.
You both should be arrested.
Well arrest.
But you will not, right? I would like - already would have arrested so good goat.
Listen, I understand everything.
We are business people.
You just fill the price.
There is an option.
You say they fly away today? Yes.
Contact them say it is broken security protocol and redirect them to my factory.
Let us drive and when we do what we must, plant you leave yourself.
We bought it, when Salford completely sbrendil.
Only one equipment costs a couple hundred thousand.
We will either win or die.
In any case - not going back.
Welcome to Manchester.
You know the road, yes? - Everyone knows what to do? - Yes.
Make a hassle with a psycho from private security and a pair of sales cops.
There are a lot of us, and we are on our land.
Here it is.
Keep a spare.
For the cause.
We arrived.
Get out.
Something happened? Where is the helicopter? That's interesting to me.
Give a link to your boss.
Something is wrong? You redirected us.
We had to wait for the helicopter.
Where is he? Am I like planting masters ping pong racket planes? Guns to the ground! After you.
So, we have a Mexican duel.
This is when opponents are equal to each other.
by force Oh.
What a twist.
Michael will not return to Brookhit.
Kay, I'm on your side.
Your place is at the microscope.
Back has changed.
- Roman, shut up.
- Okay.
Anyone take the keys? Keys? Well yes, for sure.
I don't care about the rest but if you touch my son, I will kill you.
- Hello.
- Hello.
All is well? Yes.
You two, go to the car.
We are yours.
And if he, too? He will not go.
And the place will be? This is now my factory, is it true lulu This is absolutely no reason to goat.
Quiet, quiet.
There was a deal.
So, all that is there, now mine.
Including it.
And since you started such a fuss I think you can raise the dough.
So let's all of you put the gun on the floor leave the guy here and get out of here.
Not that kid banged.
“No choice, Kay.
” - In no case.
Michael is too valuable for medicine.
I do not care.
Wait, mom.
If everyone puts a weapon Robocop will be able to kill Kay.
- In general, anyone.
- Which of them is Robocop? Remove it from the equation.
Then Darby will take Michael.
Yes, and shit! Guns on the floor.
Put your gun on the floor! Guns to the floor! I am not so important! Is important! Is important! Listen, put the weapon! Quiet! What are you doing? All because of me.
So? You are all here because of me.
Remove from the equation me.
And everyone can get back to work, race, in general to life.
Michael, you are too important.
Now we can find a vaccine.
So everything is ready.
Your immune system must be subjected to new tests.
You are clever.
You will understand.
I can not do it anymore.
People die because of me.
The world needs you.
I need you.
Therefore, we are here.
Well, save the world.
Sixty to forty.
Move, Roman.
Move on.
Caught up here two bags of horseradish - and now everything is new.
Not really.
I miscalculated.
Yes good twitch! On the floor! He is dead? Yes.
Well, you're a shooter! Meg, how are you? I think I need the help of a doctor.
Roman, come here.
All is well? What a strange feeling.
Like you're falling backwards.
in slow motion.
We take it to the ambulance.
Cleaner in the morning ohrenet clean.
So, by car.