Curious George (2006) s01e24 Episode Script

Keep Out Cows

(THEME SONG PLAYING) George! NARRATOR: One great thing about living in the country is fresh dairy products.
(EXCLAIMS) Morning, Mr.
Renkins! NARRATOR: And to George, one great thing about fresh dairy products (COWS MOOING) was the cows.
(MOOING) (SLURPING) (LAUGHS) Mmm, Leslie sure likes you.
(LAUGHS) Well, happy cows give more milk, so please, stay as long as you like.
Does that sound like fun, George? (EXCLAIMS ENTHUSIASTICALLY) Okay, remember be a good little monkey.
(CHATTERS) NARRATOR: George really liked cows.
(EXCLAIMS IN DELIGHT) No one else he knew was that big, that friendly and gave milk.
(IMITATING COW MOOING) (MUTTERS IN CONFUSION) NARRATOR: It seemed like Jumpy Squirrel must've had food stored everywhere (CHITTERING) (CHATTERS) (GASPS) (EXCLAIMS IN DELIGHT) NARRATOR: Wildflowers.
(GASPS) George had never seen so many colors anywhere else but in his crayon box.
And they smelled better than crayons! (SNIFFING) (EXCLAIMS ANXIOUSLY) George wanted to share his discovery.
(SNIFFS, SIGHS) After all, who doesn't like to smell nice flowers? (CHOMPING) (EXCLAIMS) (CHATTERS) (GULPS, SLURPING) (CHATTERS) NARRATOR: George tried telling her to be a good little cow.
Leslie obviously didn't speak Monkey.
(GASPS, EXCLAIMS) So, George tried to speak Cow.
(GASPS, EXCLAIMS WORRYINGLY) Maybe this whole field had once been filled with beautiful flowers, and they'd already eaten the rest! George had to act fast before these flowers became a big bovine buffet.
(GEORGE EXCLAIMING ENTHUSIASTICALLY) Unfortunately, cows don't understand arrows.
He tried to distract them by juggling apples, but the cows ate his act! So George borrowed an old scarecrow and turned it into a frightening scare-cow.
(COWS MOOING) (EXCLAIMING) NARRATOR: That night, George thought hard about ways to save the flowers.
What he needed was some way to keep the cows away from the flowers.
(GROANS) Hey! Are the Renkins putting a new wall across their cow pasture? (GASPS) NARRATOR: That was the answer! A wall would keep the cows out of the flowers and the flowers out of the cows! The next day, George got an early start.
(SNIFFING) It was good to smell the flowers again.
Huh? But half of them were gone! No doubt in a cow's stomach or two.
The cow's morning milking would soon be over and they'd be hungry.
(GEORGE GRUNTING) (CHITTERING) George's wall worked well against a squirrel.
Now, here came the real test.
George had successfully hidden the flowers from the cows.
Of course! George needed something stronger than paper.
Like wood! (BLOWS) Yes, this fence wouldn't blow open.
(CHITTERING) Huh? (GASPS) (EXCLAIMING) The wood fence wasn't even squirrel proof.
Why? Ah! NARRATOR: He needed big sticks.
(STRUGGLING) Unfortunately, a little monkey couldn't move these big sticks.
He had to stop them before the flowers were all gone.
But what would make a cow-proof wall? Then, an idea hit him.
Ow! (CHITTERING) Stones are strong, they come in all sizes, and they make great walls! The next day, George set out to build the world's most cow-proof wall.
(SNORTING) (EXCLAIMS) It was amazing how many unused stones were lying around.
The flowers were all eaten.
(BELL RINGING) As the cows went in for their afternoon milking, George felt like a big, cow-stopping failure.
(EXCLAIMS IN DELIGHT) (GASPS) (GRUNTING) (SIGHS, EXCLAIMS) This wasn't easy, but George wasn't going to give up.
(CHITTERING) Why was that wall stronger than George's? (GRUNTS) (GASPS, EXCLAIMS) (SIGHS) These stones were staggered, which made the walls stronger.
This would be the best cow-proof wall a monkey ever built.
(COWS MOOING) If he finished it in time.
George promised the flowers that he'd save them.
(SNIFFING) Uh-oh! (COWS MOOING) Huh? NARRATOR: George's wall had saved the last flowers.
(GASPS) The next day, George brought The Man with the Yellow Hat to see how he helped the flowers.
(CHATTERS) You're taking me to see these flowers? Okay, I'm coming.
I don't see any flowers, George.
(EXCLAIMS IN DELIGHT) Huh? (GASPS) NARRATOR: The wall stood, but somehow, the yellow flowers were gone, replaced by these things.
Were those your yellow flowers? (WHIMPERS) (LAUGHS) Oh, George, it's okay.
That's what's supposed to happen, they change.
(EXCLAIMS) (EXCLAIMS CURIOUSLY) Huh? (CHUCKLES) Well, that's supposed to happen, too.
Those are seeds, they'll land somewhere and new ones will grow.
NARRATOR: So, George's wall had helped the flowers to survive (BLOWING) and he had until the new flowers grew to think of a way to keep cows away from them.