D.P. (2021) s02e06 Episode Script

The Day

Jun-ho, hey!
Don't worry. We're the only ones
in the world looking for this guy.
Come on, drink up, huh?
That's right, let loose.
Welcome to the Dirty Players Club!
Only then do we catch the bastard.
Wake up, Jun-ho.
Why do you look so hideous?
So how have you been?
Remember how I got kicked out of the unit
right after you beat the hell out of me?
After that
because of these rumors
of how I was a deadbeat loser,
my father lost his reelection.
And due to the fact
that he took out loans,
our family's got fucking wrecked now.
I wanted to study abroad
after I got discharged.
I can't study shit, man.
I became a non-com
and extended my service to survive.
Are you saving to study abroad?
I spent the whole last year
building my body. Why?
So the next time I saw you, I'd kill you.
It's amusing, isn't it?
You haven't changed at all.
Can you bastards shut
your damn mouths?
Hot-headed kids like you can't separate
your personal life from the work, can you?
You should've checked the contents
before you destroyed it,
you goddamn idiot.
I'm sorry, sir.
All right, it's done. Fuck!
What is this?
So you're saying
there's no way to copy this?
But there has to be something you can do.
I don't usually do stuff like this, okay?
If we switch out the chip
with this one here,
then that chip would be empty.
What the fuck?
Is the original at that shop?
Do I look like a moron?
You crazy bastards.
You assholes have lost your damn minds.
Showing insubordination
to a superior officer.
This is an unbelievable disgrace!
You disobeyed your mission.
You helped him get away.
He's not just a deserter,
he stole top-secret intel.
It's a matter of national security,
do you understand?
Apologies, sir.
Han Ho-yeol.
Fuck, your entire military service
amounted to a pile of shit. Jesus!
Even your final days.
Oh, God.
And Beom-gu,
You let yourself be swayed by these
lower-rank bastards, for fuck's sake?
Okay, we're all finished here.
Right. Great work.
You're on standby.
Don't even think about
stepping off this base.
This drives me crazy.
The way things are,
won't Jun-ho be court-martialed?
It looks like it.
He could go to military prison if
they charge him with aggravated assault.
What the hell is on that USB that
could cause him to take things this far?
- Sergeant Park
- Don't ask what I plan on doing,
because I don't know yet.
No, that's not it.
My delayed discharge,
I think I'm ready now.
What are you doing now?
He said my service amounted to shit
so I should speak with him,
in private, before I go.
Hey, Han Ho-yeol! Wait!
I'm free!
- Sir, there's a phone call for you.
- What is it?
They said it's urgent.
Moron, I asked you what it is?
Who are you?
Being discharged is so nice.
Hello, everyone.
Nice to see you.
Well, look at that.
I chose the perfect outfit
for the vibe in here.
You said you wanted to see me?
Oh, no. I said you'd want to meet with me.
Your email was surprising
to say the least.
I am Lieutenant Colonel Yang Du-gwan,
Commander of the 103rd Division,
Military Police.
General Gu Ja-woon
already knew the truth
had been covered up,
at the time I sent Captain Lim
and Sergeant Park to the GP.
During the investigation,
he offered rewards and pressured me,
their direct commander.
He threatened me with his influence
over personnel appointments.
What did you do?
You better explain yourself.
The soldier, Park Se-ung
Private Park Se-ung.
Se-ung's father runs an academy
and you used your power,
to get your son accepted, right?
You paid for it with our unit's account.
Why could that be?
So he could go to high school
over in the States. Boston.
It's a green card hack to dodge the army.
- Hey, hey!
- Huh?
Don't blank out on me.
I'm gonna need one favor.
What an idiot.
So then
what do you hope to achieve here?
It's the word of one person.
Want one?
You smart-ass bastard.
Don't you dare!
If you so much as touch a hair on my head,
I'll blast that recording
all over social media.
I know you're a big shot,
but there are others bigger than you.
So what do you want?
You have to put a stop
to the arrest warrant,
and suspend all your operations.
Then, I'll bring you
the original USB before the trial.
Putting your neck out for your junior?
This means you work for us.
Does Park Beom-gu agree
with this course of action?
What about An Jun-ho?
Jun-ho's feelings on this are immaterial.
All I care about is keeping Jun-ho
safe from harm.
So, what's it feel like
being in cuffs?
Just shut up.
Jun-ho, you're going to military prison.
It makes that little jail
on the base look like a resort.
Hello, sir.
I'm transporting the prisoner now.
Turn the car around.
Come back to the office.
- Repeat that, please?
- I said come back to the base.
The arrest warrant wasn't issued.
Is there a problem, sir?
I thought you said
transport him to prison
- and then go to Yongsan to find the USB
- Staff Sergeant Park Sung-woo.
Stop running your mouth.
It's an order.
Sorry, sir. Hello?
Shit. What the fuck is that?
This is total fucking bullshit.
How many people have you put under arrest?
I wonder if you've cuffed anyone before?
What the fuck are you going on about now?
You've got a big head.
Little Jun-ho's
a big boy now.
No, it's not that.
I've cuffed a lot of people.
I've found these can break.
Oh, shit
Why won't this fucking open?
Yeah, run, you asshole.
- I'm gonna kill you next time I catch you.
- Oh, shit.
If that's the problem
then who the hell
is gonna deal with it, huh?
Sir, there's someone here
looking for Jun-ho.
Jun-ho's still missing.
Yes, she said if not him,
that maybe, um, the two of you could meet.
You and I have met before
when my little brother
was in the hospital.
There's something I need to hear.
Or maybe there's something
you need to tell me.
A while ago,
a man came to pay his respects,
he said he was my brother's junior.
Jun-ho wasn't your brother's junior.
He's the D.P. who pursued your brother.
I'm sorry.
There's no way
I can forgive him.
For all that's happened.
I can't say
that I understand it either.
But I know Jun-ho
was going to tell you the truth later.
To take the responsibility.
You bastard. You killed him.
After Shin Woo-suk
- Bastard!
- Get off him!
Your younger brother dying that way,
Jun-ho became desperate.
It was almost as if, he kept trying
to find an answer where there was none.
It was the same for all of us,
but for Jun-ho, especially.
What are you saying?
That's all just bullshit and you know it.
Well, you're not wrong.
Around here,
we can't really do much.
Listen to you
Like nothing can be done about it.
I'm sick of it.
Not giving up on the answer
to that question
it drove me
and it cost my family
Do you believe that Private Kim Ru-ri
deserves the death penalty?
Corporal Jeong Hyeong-beom
was shot in the thigh.
He didn't receive medical attention
for over an hour.
He died due to blood loss.
The USB that An Jun-ho
wanted to give to me
had evidence that supported that.
You're saying it was the military
that made Corporal Jeong die?
- That could be a stretch.
- Yes!
However, they have a duty.
A promise to our soldiers.
To protect them and save them
when the soldiers got injured.
You're right.
Sometimes I think
about how the military is,
and I don't know if
I could send my child to serve.
Your face
Have you eaten yet?
You always ask the same question.
Thank you for the food.
Eat the rest.
Please don't worry, Mom.
I have to finish something,
then I'll go back.
Your base called.
The man said to please call.
He said he was your superior.
The man who called me,
he sounded desperate, son.
How many times do I have to tell you?
He took the original.
Cut me some slack, all right?
Gi-yeon's my friend.
You know, we're brothers in arms.
Heo Gi-yeong, I'm gonna kill him.
Such a jackass.
Sir, I only need a little information.
It would really help me.
I really don't remember anything.
I'm telling you.
It's time for you to go! God!
Sergeant Park, if you're gonna try
and stop me
Let's do as you said. Find the USB
and hand it over to Gu Ja-woon.
What made you suddenly
change your mind, though?
While taking Jun-ho, he ran away.
With how this has played out,
we have to catch him first,
and hand over the USB.
That's our best play.
It's not my top choice,
but we can't let him go to prison.
Jun-ho will definitely show up
at the trial tomorrow.
Don't miss him.
Yes, sir.
I'll catch him no matter what.
Today is the day.
The trial for the lawsuit
of the Military Human Rights Center
has brought upon the government
for compensation
Here in front of the courthouse,
people from the Human Rights Center
are demanding state compensation,
while the victims' family members
are protesting against the lawsuit
and protection of the criminals.
Colonel Seo.
Excuse me
Attorney Seo.
Thanks to a certain someone.
There he is.
You're waiting for him, right?
Your star witness here,
I wouldn't bank on him saying too much.
I'm so sorry.
Are you really that desperate?
Not only are you representing yourself
in the trial,
you're silencing the witness.
Jeez, how unimpressive.
Ma'am, say what you will.
But what's relevant here,
is that you have
no material witness today.
How are you the best judge
on whether she has
a material witness or not?
- You
- We're down 100 points and
losing the testimony of Kim Ru-ri
is just another point.
Consider yourself warned.
This woman fights till she breaks.
So as a husband and wife,
you will break together.
- Jesus.
- So if we're
101 points down
how do you expect we win?
He's on the way.
We stall them until the USB arrives.
I spoke with him on the phone.
All rise.
Please be seated.
We will now begin the trial
for compensation for damages,
filed by the Military Human Rights Center,
the plaintiff,
against the State, the defendant.
You will see that these cases
and evidence of this trial,
were put together for show
by the plaintiff.
Shall we examine one?
One case in question
involves a senior officer
beating an unruly soldier.
The junior officer fought back
and assaulted the senior officer.
This case has already been to trial.
The lawsuit claimed
that the military was negligent,
and the situation lacked proper oversight.
The verdict was decisive.
The fight was an impulsive
violent eruption
that the commanding officers
could not have foreseen.
Our state supervisors
and officers who were there
could not be held responsible.
And now,
Kim Ru-ri here impulsively
started shooting fellow soldiers,
a tragedy no one could have predicted.
The comparison
of Kim Ru-ri's case to this one
is unfair and cannot serve as precedent.
In the case of Kim Ru-ri, he suffered
constant verbal and physical abuse
while he was honoring his service.
Even though administrators
witnessed instances of abuse,
it seems that they overlooked
and condoned this behavior.
Do you have any intention
of substantiating these claims?
There is a case where compensation
was awarded to a soldier
- who attempted suicide due to depression
- The soldier with depression
- did not shoot his fellow soldiers.
- Yes.
Nobody else was shot, that's true.
The point is, one of the main factors
was the lack of action by the State,
which is why they were found responsible.
That is why this case
should serve as precedent.
The defendant should not use
inappropriate precedents
to denounce the claims
made by the plaintiff.
To get to the case at hand,
the one central
to the plaintiff's lawsuit,
Kim Ru-ri's case,
it happened at 22:07 hours,
on the 4th of April.
Private Kim finished guard duty.
When he entered
the barracks, he was still armed.
He then fired 14 rounds of live ammunition
at unarmed soldiers
resting in their barracks.
- As a result
- Is he crazy?
eight soldiers were wounded,
and two were murdered in cold blood.
Your Honor, unlike the plaintiff,
this is not just a claim.
This is the simple truth.
The investigation shows the facts,
which are backed up
by the forensics of the crime scene
and Kim Ru-ri's own confession.
This means the government fulfilled
its responsibilities.
Objection, Your Honor.
In terms of Jeong Hyeong-beom's death,
it's still unclear whether he died
- immediately due to the shooting
- Do you have evidence to prove this claim?
Also, if Jeong Hyeong-beom's death
wasn't immediate,
is he not still responsible?
If nothing was done when he could
have been saved, it's neglect.
You heard her say "if," didn't you?
Even the plaintiff's counsel
is confused about their main argument.
The facts are simple.
Private Kim Ru-ri came in
and shot down his fellow soldiers,
showing no remorse!
Fourteen rounds of ammunition!
Who could do such a thing,
to their friends in arms.
Yet somehow
it's the State who's responsible?
Your argument makes no sense.
I'm curious to know
what you all think about it?
I told you I'd catch you, kid.
You want to be the hero
and throw the last punch, huh?
Beom-gu sent me.
You've done all you can.
Let's stop this now.
I don't believe I've done all I can.
Just give me the USB.
I need it, or you'll end up going to jail.
Remember Suk-bong?
Back then
we did all we could then, right?
In any case, it doesn't matter.
I have to put you into custody,
just until the trial is over.
Wow, fuck.
The camaraderie is touching.
Oh, is this some kind of D.P. reunion?
Sorry, Ho-yeol, but Jun-ho is mine.
I found Jun-ho, sir.
Okay. First check the USB
and then
Are you ready?
That crazy son of a bitch.
Well, the USB's either here
or there anyway.
This time's not so easy.
You asshole.
Hey, Park Sung-woo!
Damn it.
Where do you think you're going,
- Son of a bitch!
- Give me the USB!
Do you feel better?
Getting revenge.
Beating me up makes the anger go away?
Shut up, asshole!
You don't know what I've been through!
You're doing this
to ease your guilty conscience.
The storage lockers in the station,
meet me there.
Plaintiff, do you have
any evidence to submit?
If you don't, uh
Wait. Wait, you requested
that a witness give testimony.
Then come,
- Kim Ru-ri, please take the stand.
- Your Honor
I would like to request
a different witness.
Plaintiff calls Captain Lim Ji-seop
to the stand,
an officer of the Military Police.
Captain Lim was not only involved
in the Kim Ru-ri incident,
but also with the case
concerning Cho Suk-bong,
which likely influenced
the Kim Ru-ri incident.
He was the officer in charge
of the platoon.
That is a reach.
And nobody had more access
to this than the Captain.
I would urge this court
to listen to what the captain has to say
and form their own conclusions
about who is really accountable.
Now, now
I will allow the request.
Take the stand, please.
Captain Lim Ji-seop,
please come forward.
You D.P. bitches!
Park Sung-woo.
I'm sorry
about everything.
Don't fucking apologize,
you son of a bitch!
Did you think I knew
that bastard would die, huh?
Huh? How could I?
I never knew he would kill himself.
Hey, you son of a bitch!
Sung-woo, fucking stop it now, please!
Fuck the D.P.
It's over, okay? Shit!
Jun-ho, let's go, okay?
Please, I'm asking.
The USB, you jerk.
I'm so sorry.
Just hand it over, asshole!
Come here. Give it to me, damn it.
Give it to me.
Damn it.
What the fuck are you doing?
Jesus! Give it to me, you bastard!
I do solemnly swear to tell the truth,
the whole truth,
and nothing but the truth,
under pains and penalties of perjury.
Plaintiff's counsel,
you may begin your questioning.
Yes. Witness.
Can you tell us and the court
any information you know
related to this case?
One thing that I know that I believe
Attorney Seo already stated,
is in the case of Corporal Jeong,
he was shot in the thigh
during the first round of shots
that Kim Ru-ri fired.
The arrival of the rescue helicopter
was delayed, and he was
alive for approximately
an hour and a half.
What is he saying?
Your Honor.
He is making unsubstantiated claims
You would know if you are a part
of the Korean Military, as I am,
that what I'm telling you
right now can happen
and is not impossible at all.
As a witness, only say
what you can substantiate.
Till now
during my tenure, as a captain serving
in the Republic of Korea Army,
I have never seen anything
as terrible as this before.
So then what on earth are we
supposed to do in that situation?
What could we have done that could be
considered the right response?
It's a simple answer.
We wait for an order to come in.
Please save me.
I would like everyone here
to imagine this once.
Please, help.
It's a remote area.
On the front lines, right at the DMZ.
In order for a rescue helicopter to fly
over an area that's close to the border,
they would have needed
permission from the command.
Someone save me, please!
And we all know
We all know that at times those
in higher command are not there
so they don't grasp the urgency
and there is a delay before we get
an official to give us permission.
Does that make it okay
for a person to kill
because he was brutally abused?
No, I don't believe it does.
Does a person deserve to die
because he abused someone?
No, I don't believe they do.
So what is your point then?
Here's the point I'm trying to make.
Nobody should have to die waiting,
waiting on a captain like me to get
the order from a superior to save them.
Cho Suk-bong.
Kim Ru-ri.
Jeong Hyeong-beom.
Even Na Jung-seok.
It's because of the systems we created.
Those are your opinions.
We've heard enough.
It's the individual
that is at fault in all those
Then why do all those individuals
happen to be lumped together?
For what reason
did they join the military?
To protect this country,
that's why they all joined the military.
They all lived together,
and one of them tried to kill the others.
The State's somehow not responsible?
There's no proof or direct correlation?
Can you tell me what these soldiers
signed up to defend
and what kind of country is behind it?
This entire testimony is objective
and unsubstantiated
I guess you came to find the USB?
I'm sorry, Sergeant Han.
I don't have the USB anymore.
What's that mean?
Your Honor.
I would like to submit evidence
that will substantiate
Captain Lim Ji-seop's testimony.
Corporal Jeong's autopsy report
and a second about Kim Ru-ri
that tracked his bullets.
It is evidence that proves
that it was not an immediate death.
Well done.
This is the initial report
before any revisions were made.
The source of that evidence is unknown.
That evidence is inadmissible.
I am the source.
Military Police, Sergeant Park Beom-gu,
Your Honor.
You're Military Police.
Now remember who you are!
You're welcome, sir.
Sergeant Park,
it's me, An Jun-ho.
My mother said you wanted me to call you.
Hello, this is Shin Hye-yeon.
I heard the whole story.
About what happened back then.
And what it was
that you wanted to tell me.
I'm sorry.
You don't need to be sorry.
For you and I
what matters is tomorrow.
I'll be the one to deliver the USB
to the court tomorrow.
During the trial, Captain Lim will drag
things out by testifying as a witness.
Wait, I'm confused.
What do you mean by that?
Sung-woo, Oh Min-u, and Ho-yeol
will chase you and Ms. Shin.
You and Hye-yeon
need to create a distraction.
- Sir, what do you mean
- Just listen, you punk. It's okay.
Trust me.
The USB, where is it?
Hang on.
This was all a distraction to buy time?
Hey, dumbass, don't you see?
Beom-gu tricked the both of us.
Did you think exposing them
would be that easy?
I will now announce
the verdict taking into account
the plaintiff's evidence.
The judicial assessment and verdict
concerning the compensation due
in this lawsuit,
that was filed by the plaintiff,
the military victims and related persons,
against the defendant, the State,
is as follows.
The court accepts the plaintiff's claim
in regards to compensation against
the State, which includes the military.
It also includes commanders,
prosecutors, and investigators.
the acknowledgement includes some cases.
As for the other cases,
it was decided
that some evidence is needed.
Therefore, the ruling would be delayed.
The court is now adjourned.
Don't Don't worry.
I'm I'm sorry.
I'm I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I'm
I'm sorry for all I've done.
Mom, don't worry.
Mom, don't worry.
Take care of yourself.
Mom, don't worry!
It's over.
Great work.
You too.
I guess this counts as a tie?
You know there will be consequences.
Sergeant First Class Park,
you are charged with leaking
classified information and violating
Oh, no. Sergeant Park.
Let's have a smoke, then we'll go.
Why would you
Why Why did you do that, Sergeant Park?
I'm the one who started this.
Think about what you've done.
You didn't see this coming?
Hey, D.P.'s.
Hey, D.P.'s!
Yes Yes, sir.
Enjoy life when you're on the outside.
And don't slack off too much, you punk.
After your stint in jail, continue to
work hard and serve with integrity
until the end.
Even if it's a shithole.
Mm Yes.
It's okay.
It's okay, boys.
Oh, shit.
Let's go.
Is this a joke?
See, didn't I say that this would be
taking things a bit too far?
You were so creative
getting yourself into prison,
I thought you'd like to eat creative too.
You bastard, I swear
No problem, I'll eat it.
Give it here.
Well done.
But, sir, will this be worth it?
You're locked up in here, sir,
and we didn't even win
Did we lose, then?
Next time, we'll win.
Stop saying dumb crap,
and go get me some cigarettes
at the commissary.
But smoking's not allowed.
And I'm taking this opportunity
to sneak one.
All right.
Come on.
Let's go.
I wonder why you didn't let me join you?
You've taken all the blame.
Well, if someone has to lose his job,
it's better it's a lowly sergeant
than the captain.
Not everyone gets to be the hero.
You had to stay. Someone needs
to take care of the boys, you know.
Sergeant Park Beom-gu.
You know
You've taught me so very much.
I appreciate it.
The tofu was my idea.
Of course it was.
Hmm. To think it's our last time
in a terminal together.
Does it make you sad?
I don't feel sad one bit, okay?
I couldn't feel better.
- I'll always keep in touch.
- Don't bother.
I have never seen a junior
contact their superior after a discharge.
And I hate when people contact me
on a personal basis.
Let's stop here.
I guess we're all done now, right?
What are you talking about?
I don't think I've even gotten started.
- The 3:30 p.m. bus
- Oh, my bus is here.
will soon be departing.
All passengers, please come
to the boarding zone to board the bus.
I repeat.
The 3:30 p.m. bus to Incheon
will soon be departing.
All passengers, please come
to the boarding zone to board
It'll take a long time
to get there so rest up.
Sleep is vital for a D.P., you know?
See you.
is he gonna come or what?
- Why aren't they coming?
- Don't be mad.
- Hey, guys.
- Hey. Sorry, I'm really late.
- It wasn't me.
- So annoying.
It's him. He went to the bathroom.
You guys
wanna get coffee after this?
- Come on.
- Yeah.
Let's go.
Come on.
Hey, what are you doing?
I've met so many people
in the military.
And I've said goodbyes to many, too.
Will they remember me?
Will I be able to remember them?
This is an announcement
from the administrator.
Private Jun-ho, report to the front gate.
I repeat. Private Jun-ho,
report to the front gate.
Let's go and enjoy this, huh?
Excuse me. Are you the one
who's looking for
Hello, Jun-ho.
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