Da Vinci's Demons s02e08 Episode Script

The Fall From Heaven

Anyone who wins their way past the threshold will behold the Book of Leaves.
Now! Let's get what we came here for.
I believe those symbols may imply there are other ways out of here.
You must kill the horse before it snaps your neck.
No more games! Have faith that my plans proceed.
I intend to take my rightful place.
The Sword of Osman.
It cannot be.
And what is it you want in return? To bring you to Rome.
I am about to embark on a journey to the den of my sworn enemy.
Don't speak to me of risk.
This is not what we agreed upon.
You entered the vault without me by your side.
There's someone here.
Leonardo! No! That's my mother! No! Did you ever think we'd see the end together? I never thought that I'd be facing an end at all.
God is laughing at us, Da Vinci.
This is not our fate.
One way or another, this is every man's fate.
Our lives are made by the deaths of others.
You are very quick to surrender.
After all we've seen? Lost? Perhaps you are naive to endure.
That's all I've ever known.
I was born a bastard.
I was raised in a monastery.
Abandoned at birth.
Did you know that? No.
The Holy Father appeared and he asked me to be the sword of the Church.
To strike out its enemies wherever they were to be found.
He asked me to do terrible things.
This is where faith has carried me.
Florence, it is withering.
My wife grows dependent on my grandfather's bastard.
Do you fear Carlo seeks to turn your absence to his favor? The timing of his arrival is telling.
Giuliano is dead and I am endlessly forestalled here.
Could Clarice be so easily swayed? She has never lacked resolve.
But she has also never endured a hardship like this.
I would never break faith with you had I the honor of her position.
There was a time There was a time I was certain that no other woman would claim that role save you.
We were all of us pawns.
Married young, in the service of alliances that have since evaporated.
What is there to stop us from declaring our hearts now? I'd rather escape and live as an anonymous citizen than be Alfonso's queen.
And I would hope to do that with you.
To what end do we sacrifice our happiness? Our lives are not our own.
If Naples is your only hope, then Florence is already lost.
Ferrante's deranged.
Distracted by his bizarre recreations.
Why not choose a different life? I've already dispatched Piero to meet with the Neapolitan nobility.
If Ferrate discovers you're attempting to buy influence? What will he do? Throw me back in prison? I have to do this.
I must fight for what I hold dear.
As must I.
Tuscan towns fall with ease.
Trade has ceased.
Florence stands alone.
Without God's favor and without their leader, their walls will not stand for long.
About their leader, Your Holiness Lorenzo lives.
In time, I fear he will negotiate with my father, unraveling all you and I have built.
Ferrante plays games while the world awaits action.
Duke Federico surrounds Florence.
It is not the course I planned but perhaps it is time to strike.
My dreamer Understand, this brings me no joy.
What of my mother? Have you found her? No.
Nor the book.
We still have to solve that last mystery of the vault.
I can help you.
My visions foretell your deaths will please our gods.
And they will reward us with the Book of Leaves.
Oh, well, that sounds nice.
I will hold this as a treasure from you.
As you meet the gods bearing a treasure from me.
I ask only that you spare the life of my companions, Zoroaster and Nico.
Topa Inca has declared them unfit for sacrifice.
They will spend their days in servitude.
Show me.
Your friends are safe.
Don't worry about me.
Just remember that you're a shovelful of sun-laden camel snot.
Thank you.
What did the Maestro mean? Why didn't he fight? He had no choice.
It's that phrase.
I know I've heard it before.
What does it matter? Yeah, years ago, Leo and I were in this tavern outside Forli.
I complimented the curvature of the tavern owner's wife.
Big tits didn't take kindly to it, called me a shovelful of sun-laden camel It was a message.
Leo He wants us to get out of here.
Without him? What about the guard? Why don't you watch and learn? Guard, he's trying to escape.
Get him! No, no.
What the fuck did Riario do to you on that ship? He taught me to survive.
Thank you for your time, Signor.
Ah, thank you for coming to see me, Signor Campano.
I see Ferrante has finally allowed his guests to enjoy the finer side of Naples.
Where is Il Magnifico? Recuperating from his triumph.
And yet people whisper that the King delays negotiation.
Building an alliance is a lengthy process.
Ferrante is not easily drawn away from his delights.
At least not without a word from those properly positioned, like myself.
It would be refreshing to be honest about it all.
Tell me, what is the price of the word you offer? Messieurs, might we have a word? This establishment is private.
Which of you two gluttonous peacocks is the Florentine banker? He is.
He works for Lorenzo de Medici himself.
Take them.
Fucking Frenchman! For all Ferrante's military might, he couldn't keep band of pirates at bay.
Ozzo's been savvy enough to escape Ferrante's wrath.
For months now he and his men have stolen from the royal fleet and then ransomed the cargo back at twice the cost.
I lack resources here to buy their freedom.
Florence is surrounded and all the funds I carried have been paid in bribes.
You cannot turn to Ferrante in this matter.
His own advisor was apprehended with Piero.
Surely the King would provide a loan.
If he sees you as weak, he will never grant your alliance.
But if you best Ozzo, you may yet gain Ferrante's favor.
Holy Father, my apologies.
What do you want, Rodrigo? A most unusual visitor has arrived requesting an audience.
It appears the world has come calling.
We both wanted to see what's next.
There's still time.
We have failed, artista.
You should accept this.
You heard my mother's voice yourself.
I once believed I heard the voice of God.
The mind plays shameful tricks when we want something too much.
Would you let anything stand in your way if it were possible that your mother was inside the vault? Or Zita? Just be ready.
Now Pachamama shall drink your blood and grant me the power to save my people.
Right, so what are we looking for? The fat we've scraped off those bloody bones.
They can't have carried it far.
Why do we care about that? The owner of the tavern outside Forli, he and his cronies had us surrounded but I came up with the bright idea to launch a pan of pork fat into the fire.
What? The distraction worked believe it or not.
I escaped.
Leo wasn't so lucky.
The wart-faced owner gave him a beating reserved for me.
He wants us to save ourselves using a similar diversion.
What about the Maestro? He said not to worry about him.
But this time I'll make sure the distraction works for all of us.
Wait for me in the next life, Leonardo.
The Book of Leaves will save my people.
There's no escaping the wrath of the Sky Gods, Leonardo.
Translate all I say.
Children of the sun! My companions and I, we have faced the trials of the divine and survived.
Let us return to the vault freely and you may be spared the gods' vengeance.
This is your plan? It's a bit fluid.
Lay down your blade, Leonardo.
If I can't find my mother, what else do I have? What else do I Run! Bishop of Rome, I present myself to you.
Bayezid the Second.
Eldest son of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror and heir to the throne of the great Ottoman Empire.
Why are you here, son of the Sultan? I have come at your invitation.
My invitation? Your father's empire plagues our shores.
Yet your emissaries urged me here to discuss a proposal for a mutually beneficial peace.
I sent no emissaries.
He comes on false pretenses simply to get close enough to strike.
Perhaps we should speak in private.
I have no words for you.
This man was one of two who came bearing the Sword of Osman as proof of your endorsement.
Why grant me such a prize if you had no intention of discussing peace? Apprehend that man.
I've never seen this Mongol in my life.
Cardinal, make your way to the Archives.
If the sword is indeed missing, then you come here not only as infidels, you come here as thieves.
Leo, that was one shovelful of sun-laden llama fat.
We owe you our lives, Zo.
Now bring these.
Easy to repay.
Get me off this fucking mountain.
Leo, where are you going? We're escaping through the Vault of Heaven.
Are you out of your mind? We cannot outrun them.
These are their lands.
We must resort to the unexpected.
Bullshit! Maestro, when we get in the vault, how will we escape? I have a plan.
Of course he does.
Up the fucking mountain.
Be warned, I have men stationed outside the city gates.
If they do not receive word from me within the hour, they will inform the Sultan of my injury at your hands.
That he allowed you to come here perhaps demonstrates how little he values your life compared to that of your brother Cem.
What did you find, Rodrigo? The Sword of Osman is gone, Holy Father.
From whom did you acquire the sword? Did these vermin send you? I sent no-one.
There may be some misunderstanding.
But I come to make a sincere overture to an accord between our empires.
Your father grows feeble if he believes that we would seek peace with heathens.
Mehmed the Conqueror would never entertain such an improbability.
Which is why an ambitious and overlooked son might commence this mission without the Sultan's knowledge.
You came here expecting peace? I came here with the hope of peace.
Your dream of diplomacy is entertaining.
Utterly misguided.
Rid my house of this filth.
Spare only the Sultan's son.
Pity I can't kill you.
I made no such promise.
You disgrace me by not taking my life.
Strip him.
Even of his boots.
Slay his horse and dump him outside Rome's gates alone.
If he returns to Constantinople, all the better.
He will send a clear message.
Christendom knows no boundaries.
I hear I may have the pleasure of exchanging words with an Italian compatriot.
Jacob Pasha.
Adviser to the Sultan.
You're a Christian.
Not any more.
I'm told your name is Amelia Monleoni.
It's a Florentine name.
You know Florence? Before coming to serve the Ottoman Empire, I visited Florence often to revel in its uninhibited society.
They said you came to see Bayezid.
Was the matter urgent? He certainly left without warning.
It was personal.
Oh, I see.
What personal business would the son of the Sultan have with the prized mistress of Lorenzo de Medici? As I said, I know Florence.
One does not forget a face like yours, Signora Donati.
Ah I can't help but wonder at your true purpose here.
I'll hide no secrets from you.
Of course you will.
It would be diverting to hear your newest lies but you underestimate us.
We shall soon know the truth without laying a hand upon you.
I see you had no trouble finding the place.
I could smell it a mile off.
Stinking Frenchman.
Get up! I said, get up! We brought your payment.
Now release these men.
Your sack is very small.
And new facts have come to light.
My price is now double.
We had an agreement.
It's criminal.
I named the sum before I knew that one of my hostages was the father of the infamous Leonardo.
You see, Mirko here had a brother.
He once served as a papal guard.
Where is your brother now, Mirko? Blown to bits by your son's diabolical canon.
Ozzo, wait.
Good Duchess, I cannot be trusted.
You should have learned that from my dealings with the King.
Oh, I did.
There is no need for this.
That double-crossing putain would have gladly lent you the money.
Watch your words.
Why? She is the one who paid me to kidnap your man in the first place! You You planned this? More than mere bribes are needed to impress my father-in-law.
I sought to create an opportunity.
Go ahead, Lorenzo.
Save your beloved Florence.
Tell me again.
Whose sack is small? Hurry up.
Someone's been busy.
Destroyed the mechanism.
It's a race to the vault.
Unless we stop them in their tracks.
There's no time.
We have a head start.
Right, Nico, gather the supplies and cut the ropes into lengths of eight paces.
Go! You're locking us in? I'm locking them out.
Come on! This is a version of something I designed a long time ago.
It's a plan for ropes and cloths to form miniature canopies that will allow an escape from a great height.
Have you ever tested it? The design's sound.
That's a no.
We just cut the fabric into this shape and then Leo, come on, we've got this.
Go find your mother.
Thank you.
The Incas have clearly made no progress.
There must be a clue somewhere.
Leonardo! Mother! Tell me you heard that.
I did.
Perhaps she and the book lie in this vault.
There has to be an anomaly somewhere.
The spheres.
These spheres! I remember that they have magnetic properties and the vault is metal.
Oh, it doesn't do anything.
What? It only functions under these two arches.
Come on, come on.
Any more? There must be an arrangement.
There must be a secret to placing them.
A combination, an order of numbers.
Will these riddles never end? Wait, wait, wait.
These arches, I've seen them before.
The landscape behind this woman It's mysterious.
Sort of riddle.
I can solve this.
One, two, three.
That vault belongs to my people.
You know what will happen to us, to me, if you take it.
Four, five, six.
What is this? Where is she? Where is she? Where is she? This is where her voice was coming from.
It matters not.
The book is not here.
This is the Lord's cruelest joke.
Leonardo It speaks with my mother's voice.
Oh, that is astonishing.
Why would someone craft clockwork like this? Because this machine, it allows you to hear the voice of someone who Who is not here.
It is a charlatan's toy.
It is not the reason you have come all this way.
Where is the book? Where is the book? Where is the book?! Where is the fucking book? Leonardo.
Leonardo, my dearest.
I was betrayed.
I could not keep the Book of Leaves here.
The only way you will find its location is if you give up your quest for me.
You must Leo! We've got trouble.
Nico! I'm almost done.
We must leave at once.
On this we agree! That one.
That one.
Just go to the one nearest you.
Grab the handles as tight as you can, then gather the canopy into a bundle and throw it high in the air when you jump.
I pray this works.
Don't bother, Nico.
If this is the end, let it be ours to choose.
Not the Lord's.
I hate flying.
Not a chance, beautiful! Please.
Don't take the book away from my people.
There was no book.
Then we are doomed.
I can't believe we fucking did that.
He's going to be easy to find if he keeps up that noise.
Fuck! Come on, he needs help! Easy, easy.
Oh, shit.
Right, we need to set the bone.
Put that in his mouth.
Now hold him still.
Ready? Go, go.
Come on.
They'll know a way down.
We need to move.
A litter will move him faster.
Let's just leave him.
We are not doing that! Having this fight again! He's coming with us! There's been enough death.
My love, will you now grant yourself a measure of happiness? As I said before, your joy must come first.
Who is there? A message, Your Excellency.
Slide it under the door.
What are you doing? What does it say? Well? What does it say? Come on.
The King will see you now.
Move! The French pirate Ozzo.
A thorn in my side for too long.
I thank you for this latest addition to my collection.
I've never seen a banker so willing to get his hands dirty.
Nor so able.
I may deal in gold and silver but I have my way with steel as well.
I thought you soft.
Incapable of wielding true power.
But you used real force to deal with this scofflaw.
A sign of a true leader.
Kind words indeed, Your Grace.
Approach, Magnifico.
Allow me to show you some of my secrets as the dawn of a new friendship Who dares? Alfonso, you impudent infant.
Father, consider your words with such an honored guest in our midst.
Lorenzo de Medici.
Excellent to find you here as Florence falls.
What a priceless opportunity to discuss your surrender.
It's a shame.
After all this.
To not find your book.
It's not a loss, Zo.
This device My mother's message.
It wasn't finished.
She might still be alive.
I'll retrieve the rest of it by repairing it on our return to Florence.
Florence You're mighty optimistic.
Amerigo will return with our ship.
Just have a little faith.
In that greasy little nancy man? Maestro.
He He wants to speak with you.
I'm afraid I have nothing to offer you that will dull the pain.
Your theoretical generosity is touching.
When His Holiness called me to be his instrument, he tested my resolve.
He He sent me to exact vengeance against a sinner who crossed our path.
A Jewish prostitute.
In God's holy city.
I followed her for hours.
I wanted so badly to please my father.
But how could the Lord desire me to take a life? Sixtus chose her specifically.
Didn't he? Celia Lysimachus.
You brought flowers to her grave.
She was um someone familiar.
She was your mother.
We both grasped it in those moments.
And II didn't stop.
I saw it in her eyes.
She knew who I was.
And I only squeezed harder.
How foolish I have been to follow the Book of Leaves to the end of the world, thinking it could absolve me of my sins.
Well, at least my father was right on one account.
It has all been a path to ruin.
No, it's a fitting reward I should go home so very empty-handed.
You've seen You've seen the Brazen Head.
How could a device like that be built without without the knowledge of the Book of Leaves.
I never said the Book of Leaves wasn't real, Da Vinci.
But is it really worth it? Leo, it's Amerigo! For me the quest is far from over.

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