Dalziel and Pascoe (1996) s02e02 Episode Script

A Killing Kindness

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday, dear Brenda! Happy Birthday to you! As you know, I became manager at West Wetherton only lately, but I've come to appreciate Brenda Sorby's pleasant smile, her excellent appearance and her meticulous work on the counter.
From all of us, happy 18th birthday.
Happy 18th! Well done! Well done! Thank you, Mr Mulgan, everyone.
You're very kind.
Um, I'm sorry, but I actually have to go now.
I'm sorry.
She's, em in a hurry to meet her fiance.
Brenda? "Brenda"! Tommy! RUMBLE OF THUNDER Dave! Come and have a look at this! I remember when those mills WERE mills.
Making stuff.
Why doesn't anyone make stuff any more, Peter? We live in the age of the new service economy.
I knew if I asked you a sensible question I'd get a stupid answer.
Banks's warehouse had a break-in last night.
Night watchman injured.
Don't get jealous.
We've probably got a crime over here.
Sir? The doctor will see you now.
You always take this long, Doc? By the time you're done, half your patients are dead! This one is.
Girl about 18.
She's been in the water since last night.
Drowning? Not necessarily.
There's bruising on the neck, here and here.
Like the others? Very similar.
The canal's a bit different, though.
There's one way of finding out.
Choker again? It's one possibility.
Had any calls yet? Nothing yet.
Who's the victim? We'll know shortly.
Half Wetherton was at that fair.
Didn't anyone notice? We'll find out.
It's "Police baffled".
No, it isn't, Sam! You've got a serial killer.
That means nationals.
The Daily Scumbag.
We don't even know it's connected.
KNOCK ON WINDOW We'll find out.
Put it through! Sam Hunmanby, Wetherton Evening Chronicle.
'I must be cruel only to be kind.
' Sorry, can you say that again? LINE GOES DEAD Was that Hamlet? "I do repent, "for heaven hath pleased it so.
"I am their scourge and minister.
"I must be cruel, only to be kind, Bad begins, worse remains behind.
" Don't tell me I've got to read the whole flaming thing again! Three murders, three Hamlet calls.
Is that connection enough? Right, let's just go through it, shall we? Detail by detail, case by case.
Right, sir.
Victim number one, Mary Dinwoodie.
Aged 37, widow.
Kept the Linden Garden Centre, five miles out of town.
Found near pub car park, strangled, hands neatly folded over her chest.
No obvious suspects.
First Hamlet call to newspaper.
Victim number two.
June McCarthy, aged 17.
Body found PHONE RINGS In a shed.
Strangled, hands folded.
Yep? CID, Sergeant Wield.
Sorry, sir.
No obvious suspects.
Second call to paper.
Inspector Pascoe.
Third call to newspaper.
Which confirms victim number three, found this morning.
A Miss Brenda Sorby.
Just celebrated her 18th birthday.
How did we get the ident? Parents reported her missing last night.
Found in the Wetherton Canal.
Strangled, but not laid out.
Different, though, innit? I meanthese other two were found in secluded areas.
This is next to the Horse Fair.
One possible suspect.
Her fiance, Tommy Maggs.
He spent the evening with her, which is interesting.
Well, go on, then.
Delight me.
His car cracked up on the bypass.
He was alone.
Complained his fiancee had done a bunk.
Now, he'd been drinking.
After he broke down.
That's your suspect.
Find out what he was doing on those other nights.
But I doubt if Tommy Maggs knows Hamlet.
Any fool can quote Hamlet! "Alas, poor Horatio, I knew him well.
" Sir, do you mean, "Alas, poor Yorick" or "I knew him, Horatio"? Bloody hell, Singh, don't you start.
There he is.
Inspector Mr Pascoe, give us the story.
There is nothing to say at the moment.
ALL SHOUT QUESTIONS Mr Pascoe? How long have you been on the case? Mr Pascoe, go on.
Inspector Pascoe, CID.
Oh, I thought you were her.
Her? Madame Rashid.
No, come on, Mrs Sorby.
Oh, well Don't mind me, Inspector.
Mrs Sorby? She's been upstairs all morning.
Her way of coping, I suppose.
I'm sorry, love.
I'm not paying attention.
What can I do for you? A cup of tea? No, thank you.
What are you doing? Oh, she she needs something of Brenda's.
To help her concentrate.
COMMOTION OUTSIDE Oh! Oh No, come away from the window.
Let them in! Let them in! No, no, look! What have you got in the case? No! Oh, you're here.
My dear Mrs Sorby, I came as quick as I could.
Oh, thank you so much.
Oh, Inspector, this is my friend, Madame Rashid, and her niece Pauline.
Now, I've picked out a few things for you, dear.
Well, please, come upstairs.
Tommy Maggs? Who wants to know? Sergeant Wield, CID.
He popped out for a sandwich.
Tommy? It's the police, Tommy! What's your name? Ron.
Well, why don't YOU pop out for a sandwich, Ron? I broke down.
I was stationary! Plain or printed? You were out with Brenda Sorby last night.
Why not? She's my fiancee.
What did you do? What did we do? We went for a little drive in the country.
Had a bit of fun.
You know how it is.
I've heard rumours.
So you went out, you had some fun, then your car broke down? Yeah, on the bypass.
Water in the engine.
You're a mechanic, but your car broke down? It can happen to anyone.
Brenda legged it home, I stayed to fix it.
Then your lot Tommy.
We found Brenda's body in the canal basin this morning.
What? Her body? You mean Brenda's dead? Strangled.
Last night.
So what time did she leave you and leg it home? Tommy Maggs! I want you! Police, sir! Mr Sorby You put that down! Come on now, sir, calm down.
We'll take you home, yeah? Shit! Ludlow's Garage.
Suspect escaped.
Made off in Fiat Uno.
I was going to buy her a car for Christmas.
Second-hand, like.
All over me.
Waterchoking me! Cold at first then boiling.
Roaring and seething! Cooling and clearing.
Through glassy water I see the sun, bright as a lemon.
Birds' wings, wide as a windmill's sails.
Small faces peering down The water covers me now.
What the hell is going on?! Jack, no! Everything's gone.
Brenda's gone? Yes.
You! You blinking witch! Get back to the fairground where you belong! Oh, you stupid man! But we reached her then! No, you didn't! Brenda's dead! SHE WEEPS We've got to face the fact, Winnie.
We've got to face the fact.
What wilt thou do? Murder me? Help! Help! Ho! What, ho? Help! Help! Help! The sword, Ian! Sorry.
How now, a rat? Dead for a ducat! Dead! Ohh! I am slain! What hast thou done?! Stop! The killing, Ian, the killing.
Yeah, not real enough.
You're suffering from paranoid delusions.
You see assassins everywhere.
Death is breathing down your neck.
So when you see that curtain move Urgh! Urgh! Yeah? From the killing, Darren.
Dead! Oh, I am slain! What hast thou done?! Nay, I know not.
Is it the king? What a rash and bloody deed is this! As kill a king and marry his brother! As kill a king? Stop! "As kill a king.
" Why does she repeat Hamlet's line? Why draw attention to her crime? Her guilt reacts before her brain can? Like a reflex action? Exactly.
She's not thinking.
Everything's drowned out in these terrible emotions.
That's why it has to come out like THAT.
Peter, I've been thinking.
Should we have her christened? In church? They've stopped doing it at the petrol station.
Drive out the demons.
Sometimes you amaze me completely.
I try.
Eminent academic sociologist.
Scientific, rational, modern.
You'd be surprised what I believe.
What about clairvoyance? Beware - a large, fat stranger is about to make a mess of your life.
Right? Premonitions.
"There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in our philosophy.
" As a famous playwright once said.
How did you know I was thinking of that play? QED! What are you doing today? Having lunch with the sisterhood.
Do you want to get into that? Yes! If you'd gone biological, you'd want to separate your brain and your body.
Right, come on, you.
Time you got dressed and off on your paper round.
BABY CRIES Yes, I know Come on, then.
Any messages for me, Inspector? No, sir, I don't think so.
Not even from the other side? Yeah, look, sorry about that.
Madame Rashid arrived And grabs you by the crystal balls! Wieldy loses our only suspect.
Sir The last person to see her.
He's all mouth and no trousers.
He was smart enough to see you and run.
I doubt he'll get far, sir.
And as for you, Inspector, have you seen the newspaper? Look at me, sunshine.
Do I look baffled? No, sir.
Did you get owt useful from that gippo? It was quite impressive.
She described the whole drowning in detail.
Sun like a lemon Well, cross my palm with silver! It wasn't a mucky canal at night? The sun was like lime juice and she was in a sparkling stream! It was very vivid! When I want spirit help, I know just the pub! Right, ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your patience.
Good afternoon, SuperintendentDalziel? Correct.
Nick Bennett, The Times.
Does your use of a clairvoyant indicate inspiration or desperation? Come on, then.
Out we come.
Oh, look! Look! Who's a good girl? Good girl.
It's good, isn't it? Come on, then.
Morning, Mrs Pascoe.
Adi's going to be a bit late.
How's little Rose? Fine.
Likes being out here.
Don't we all? I envy the gypsies.
No central heating.
It's a hard life.
But it's everyone's secret dream, to search for the greener grass.
Only to find this! Yes, but when you travel, there's always the chance you'll turn a corner andthere it is.
Have they been here long? They follow the fair, looking for work.
Leave me alone, will you? You got a moment? Yeah.
I see the price of the future's gone up! It was 50p last year.
I'm not allowed to tell the future.
A bit bare, the mystic universe.
Truth doesn't need show, Mr Pascoe.
Sit down.
Read your palm? A good one.
Except your life is split between two powerful forces seeking control.
Could it be a strong, older man and a determined woman? You're planning an important event.
Not bad at all.
You wanted to talk to me? Yeah.
Rosetta - Madame Rashid - she was very upset about the papers.
She doesn't read them in advance? Even a clairvoyant can't foresee everything, much less control it.
When her husband died, she knew, but she just couldn't prevent it.
Are you sure? You know nothing, do you? Once this was a real Romany fair! There were fortune tellers here before there were police! Don't think she exploited Mrs Sorby! She took no money.
She wanted to help her understand what happened to her daughter.
Except it didn't.
Oh, and you know better? Let's just say we each have different ways of finding things out.
All right? Excuse me.
Inspector Pascoe.
I've just been speaking to Sorry we're late.
Hello, Austin.
This is Lorraine Wildgoose.
Austin Greenall, the club's CFO.
Chief Flying Officer.
Also secretary, barman and master of all trades.
Nice to meet you.
Are you going up today? Time I overcame my fear of flying? Seriously, you'll love it.
Up there, you're king of infinite space.
Or queen.
I'll go and put the heating on.
You like him, don't you? Unlikely as it may seem, yes, I do.
The question is, are you on board, Ellie? To do what, exactly? To help support the gypsies.
You'd think them being here wouldn't be a problem.
But they're treated like Mongol hordes! The police are helpful as usual! I'm happily married to one of them! I won't hold that against you.
But now they use a gypsy clairvoyant.
Actually, Peter was at that seance.
He thought she had something.
What did she say? She had a vision.
About what happened to that woman in her final moments.
Let's hope it helps them catch the bastard.
What's your name? You been here before? You work full-time? What time did you arrive yesterday? You see owt suspicious last night? There were hundreds of people here yesterday.
Until the rain started.
So nowt at all to tell us? I'm not Mystic Meg.
Try the fortune teller.
A gypsy was seen hanging round here.
Got into an argument.
Who was that? Maybe Dave Lee.
He's always hanging around.
Go and ask her over there.
All right, lads.
Evening, love.
Seen a Dave Lee? You a copper? No, his rich uncle! Then he'll find you.
What do you want? Arrest the bastard? Put him back in jail? I'd need to know what he'd done.
Him? What's he not done? I have to find him.
Where's he gone? He went off in t'van.
Back to camp.
You wouldn't be Mrs Lee, would you? No, copper! Go away! WIELD: Victim number four.
Pauline Stanhope, aged 18.
SCOTTISH ACCENT: 'Get thee to my lady's chamber.
'And tell her to this favour she must come.
' BIRMINGHAM ACCENT: 'One may smile, and smile, and be a villain.
' NEW VOICE: 'The time is out of joint.
'O, cursed spite, that ever I was born to set it right.
' What do you reckon, then? Are they Choker? Three different voices.
We've now got the local loonies in on it.
Who's the dead girl? Pauline Stanhope.
A palm reader at the fair.
Can't have read her own very well, can she? Come on, then.
Time for a conference with the vultures.
Nothing personal, Sam.
Sir, the gypsy who was seen hanging around the tent.
Name of Dave Lee.
Well, go on, Wieldy.
I've checked his scoresheet.
Disorderly conduct.
Even a rape charge, but he got off.
You mean he's the type folk call suspicious? We'll go to the gypsy camp and talk to him.
You, Inspector, go and see Madame Rashid.
Find out why her crystal ball shut down.
Can I say you have a suspect? No.
For the sake of the rugby club.
Don't you rugby club me! You've got four murders, no suspects, the last one in a fairground packed with policemen! You're losing it! QUESTIONS ERUP The horses are out! Whoa, whoa! Gypsy! I want a word with you! If I see one more stray bloody pony! Come on I'll shoot it! Yeah? And shoot the clown that owns it! I'm sick and tired of coming here Go home! Shut up! Calm down! Who are you, sunbeam? Sylvester Herne.
Are you the king of this lot? No, just an old gypsy.
Right, Sylvester, shall we mend the fence, stop the ponies straying? No problem, pal.
Thank you, Officer.
Go play somewhere else, Biggles.
Bloody pony ran out in front of us! We You better be on your way, sir.
I tell you, this lot needs a right royal sorting out! Yorkshiremen! Always after a fight.
Oh, no, not me, Sylvester.
I just want a talk.
Come on.
I'm looking for Dave Lee.
Where is he? Dave? He's not here.
He left to go north.
You don't like talking to us, eh? What is it you call us? Gaujos? What do you call us? Dirty gippos? We're travellers, Mr Policeman.
Dave's a travelling man.
He could be anywhere.
We'll find him.
OK, then.
Be lucky.
I knew there was danger yesterday, but for me, not her.
This weren't what was intended.
Her death was a mistake.
I don't understand, Mrs Stanhope.
I don't, either! How's it possible? In a crowded fairground? The middle of the day? We want to talk to a gypsy.
Dave Lee.
Do you know him? Of course.
He's a relative.
I left them to marry a gaujo and settle here, but you never leave.
The gypsy world is a very small world.
I saw him go into the tent.
He argued with Pauline.
Dave Lee didn't kill her.
Nobody she knew did.
How can you be sure? I feel it.
Pauline wasn't Romany, but I looked after her.
She became one of us.
So now I feel what she feels.
As long as her possessions remain, she stays among the living.
She's telling me she were killed by a stranger.
Mr Mulgan will be with you in a minute.
SHE SNIFFS You were a friend of Brenda's? Yeah.
I was.
She was great.
Is he the boss? Yeah, that's Mr Mulgan.
Fancies himself, does he? Interested in Brenda? Interested in all female staff.
Brenda was glad to get an engagement ring! Any idea where he was Saturday night? At home by himself, I expect.
Mrs Mulgan visits her mother.
Down our street.
Excuse me, Maureen.
How may we help, sir? Oh, hello, Biggles.
Superintendent Dalziel.
Further enquiries.
I didn't recognise you without your goggles! We've told your officers everything.
This has been a terrible tragedy.
I'd like a list of all the customers Brenda served that day.
I can't divulge bank business just like that.
Nose, Maureen.
I would appreciate it, Mr Mulgan.
Superintendent I wonder if you realise what the feeling is in this community about these tragic crimes.
Don't you think it's time you found Tommy Maggs? What were you doing on the night of Brenda's death? Me?! I watched TV with my wife.
But your wife was out, so you were on your own.
Well, that's right, but You can't possibly think Oh, I can.
I want an account of your movements on the occasion of every murder.
You will make sure I get that list of customers, won't you, Biggles? Don't keep her up late, sir, she's got school tomorrow! I just don't like it.
No crime matches any other crime.
Tomorrow we go through the lot, applying what we got from the new ones to the old ones.
Never forget Stalin's wise words.
"Them as fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it.
" Isn't that right? No, Karl Marx.
Sod you, Pascoe! I want constructive suggestions! I think they're connected.
Educated killer with a complex motive.
I've sent the tapes for analysis to the Psychology Department.
You do the psychics and psychotics.
We'll do the real policing.
What about them interviews at the Horse Fair? Must be something.
Not much, sir.
MOBILE PHONE RINGS Various people were seen at the tent.
Including me.
Aye, but who was the last to leave? 5pm.
Large man in a pale mac acting suspiciously.
That was me, you soft sod! Thanks for that, sir.
What's the matter with you, then? Could be the answer to your prayers.
The Glider Club's had a burglary.
Whisky missing.
Meaning what? Meaning it's next to the gypsy camp.
It calls for another Highland Park! That's great! You bugger.
Are you going to hit me? Don't tempt me! I've always wanted to say, "Hold the front page!" DOORBELL RINGS Oh, Lorraine.
So, this is a policeman's pad.
Not bad, is it? Well, the bribes always help.
You're not busy, are you? I could murder a gin.
I was trying to start my new novel.
22 publishers turned down the last one.
Could be telling me something! We all have troubles.
How about two frantic kids and a nasty divorce? Mm, how's that going? Adi's being brilliant.
I'll keep the house.
So what's happened to? Mark? He's got some trendy flat.
Mark likes a free lifestyle.
Free anything.
Not too much tonic.
Don't bother about ice.
There was another one.
I heard it on the radio.
Another what? At the Horse Fair.
Another Choker killing.
It reminded me, your man knows my man.
He interviewed him when that girl was found dead on the allotments.
Next to Mark's.
June McCarthy went to Bishop Crump.
So did Brenda Sorby.
Which is where Mark teaches English and Drama.
And guess what he picked for the school play this year.
Mr Greenall? Yes, Superintendent.
How can I help you? Oh, Highland Park, if you have it.
As it happens, we do.
I came to investigate your break-in.
It hardly merits a Superintendent.
Just some whisky.
No stone unturned, that's me.
What's a Chief Flying Officer doing pulling the pumps? It's not what I expected when I left the RAF! You thought you'd fly jumbo jets and bonk air hostesses in Dubai? Sort of.
But I failed the medical.
Air hostesses are very demanding.
I think you mean Cabin Crew.
Sorry, Ms Pritchard.
I didn't see you there.
Of course, I have seen you in court.
And I've seen you.
I came here for peace and quiet, believe it or not.
You picked the wrong neighbours.
Oh, I like the gypsies.
They're mostly good people.
Even though it's 10-1 they broke in here? I'm disappointed in you.
Aye? I thought all that offensiveness was just an act, but really you're as small-minded as the rest.
Which is the quickest way to the camp? The path down by the pond.
Don't you want to see the spirits? No, your word will do very nicely, thank you.
Racist slob.
I just couldn't believe it.
She practically said, "Get your husband to arrest mine.
" We usually like to have a reason.
She just said he was dangerous.
And he teaches English and Drama.
Can't get more dangerous than that.
Two of the girls went to his school.
But there are what, 2,000 kids at Bishop Crump? They won't know their English teacher! Well, it seems some know him pretty well.
Lorraine says Mark screws his more attractive pupils.
The jealous wife.
According to his victimised partner.
According to a bitter woman in the middle of an unwanted divorce.
Guess what the school play is.
Hamlet or The Prince of Denmark? I bet you can bend spoons, too.
Who are you, Fatty? Right, sonny! Who are you? You bust my gut, you bastard! Who are you?! I don't ask the same question three times! Lee.
Dave Lee.
What the devil's this? Put some clothes on.
Oh! What's your game? I thought you'd never ask.
Looking for stolen property.
I I don't have a warrant, so why not nip out and call your lawyer? Stolen property? Break-in at the Glider Club.
Bottles of booze.
No booze here, Mister.
Look around if you like.
They said you were up north, Dave.
Wonder why I didn't believe them.
This is nice stuff.
Must be worth a pretty penny.
What do you call it? The Gypsy Bank, don't you? Don't touch that.
No booze there.
Watch that good stuff.
Oops! Butterfingers.
Get out of here with no warrant! A strange place to keep flour, Dave.
Put it back! Oh Looks a bit lumpy.
I've never seen that.
Lucky dip.
Try again.
Hey, you! Stop it! Look at the mess.
What's this? .
Stay there, Dave! I wouldn't want you to bust another gut.
This wouldn't be Brenda Sorby's, would it? Excuse me, I'm looking for the Discourse Analysis Unit.
Dan Cordeski.
Oh, him.
Just downstairs.
WOMAN: 'Help me! Somebody help me! For God's sake! 'Emergency.
Which service do you want? Fire, Police or Ambulance? 'They're killing each other! 'Madam, Fire, Ambulance or Police? 'Just send someone, please!' Hello! 'Oh, my God!' Hi.
It's Peter Pascoe.
'Hello, caller? Can you hear me?' How's Ellie? She's fine.
Yeah, she's well.
Good, good.
I listened to your tapes.
Four messages from the same guy.
The rest are hoaxes.
We did a sonogram test, too.
That measures frequency? Yeah, basically.
Then we're intomurkier waters.
The obvious questions are why is he calling you up and why use Hamlet? He's clearly educated.
Why doesn't he use something a bit more original, then? I think he wants to be understood.
He's saying, "I have a reason.
"I'm a nice, cultured guy.
I read Hamlet.
In fact, I'm just like you.
" All the quotes are about marriage.
I noticed.
Two of the victims were engaged.
Maybe he sees marriage as a death from which to save them.
"I must be cruel, only to be kind.
" But don't focus on the text alone.
The delivery is the really dark stuff and that's all his own work.
It's nothing to do with Shakespeare.
'Why wouldst THOU be a breeder of sinners?' It's personalised.
It's like he's addressing someone real.
Someone who really pissed him off.
An actor might emphasise "breeder of sinners", but he goes for "thou".
'I say we will have no more marriages.
' He sounds desperate.
Say you're driving.
You take a wrong turn.
Before you know it, you're lost.
And what do you do? You speed up.
You speed up in the hope that you'll find your way again.
That's him.
That quote should be a bold pronouncement, but from him It's defensive.
It's justifying.
Trouble, sir! Dave Lee's collapsed! Come on! He's been moaning, groaning and complaining since I signed him in.
Trying it on.
No, it's internal bleeding.
He's for emergency surgery.
Superintendent Dalziel.
Ms Pritchard.
Can I be of assistance? You can.
I represent Mrs Lee.
You searched her caravan without a warrant.
She was hiding a suspect.
Her husband has stomach injuries.
It's eating all them hedgehogs.
You struck him.
You used unnecessary force.
I know you are prejudiced against gypsies.
Oh, aye? Oh, definitely, aye.
Don't harass my client or interview Lee without his solicitor present.
Meaning you? Meaning me.
Is that clearly understood, Mr Dalziel? She said I was prejudiced against gippos.
Extraordinary, sir.
There is a willow grows ascaunt a brook, that shows his hoar leaves in the glassy stream; There with fantastic garlands did she come of crow-flowers, nettles, daisies and long purples.
The liberal shepherds give a grosser name, but our cold maids do Dead Men's Fingers call them.
Her clothes spread wide, and mermaid-like a while they bore her up.
Stop, stop.
What's wrong? You're not reading poetry.
You're playing a character.
How Gertrude expresses her grief tells us a lot about her.
I'll work on it.
KNOCK AT DOOR Remember me? Inspector Pascoe? Do you want me to go home? No, stay.
You're all right.
No, it's all right.
I'm tired.
See you tomorrow.
I love you.
Have I my ex-wife to thank for this? Ex-wife? Was I misinformed? We wait upon the law's delay, yes.
Hamlet? An educated policeman! Can they spare you to talk to me? Your wife claims you seduce your teenage pupils.
Seduce? What does that mean?! I'm strangely drawn to attractive, young women.
You don't share that? Tell me about June McCarthy.
She was my pupil.
Someone killed her.
Brenda Sorby also went to your school.
I may even have taught her.
Pauline Stanhope? Absentfrom my memory.
Been to the Horse Fair this year? Sure.
I love fairs.
When? Saturday.
Saturday afternoon.
The day Brenda Sorby was killed.
Must have been me! Monday evening? Sorry.
Rehearsing the school play.
Hamlet? You've got me bang to rights, copper.
I'll come quietly.
Hiya! I'd offer you some wine, but I think I've drunk it all.
I hear your boss has been beating up gypsies.
He hit the Fat Man first.
But he can't just thump people.
I'm sure Adi will see that justice is done! I just came by to see if you'd arrested my brute of a husband.
No, I didn't.
Can I ask why not? Being the victims' teacher and having an allotment isn't cast-iron.
He did tell you he knew the Dinwoodies? He did tell you that, didn't he? WIELD: 'Victim number one - Mary Dinwoodie, aged 37, widow.
'Kept the Linden Garden Centre.
'Strangled, hands neatly folded over her chest.
' A TELEPHONE RINGS Good morning.
Ey up, thee.
We're shut up.
Can't tha read? I'm a policeman.
Aye, thowt tha might be.
I'm enquiring after Mary Dinwoodie.
Have you been left in charge here? Aye.
Want to poke around, do you? He's still in emergency surgery.
Can't be seen for a couple of days.
What's the lawyer from hell up to? Wanting Mrs Lee to bring charges.
Don't let her in before the Fat Man.
How, sir? Charm and innocence! Tommy Maggs! Get bored of Watford Gap, did you? I'll tell thee what I told yon fat bugger that came and never found out nowt.
It all started when their Alison died.
Mary Dinwoodie's daughter? Aye.
Mary thought it were her fault for sending her to Scotland to get wed.
She was killed in a car crash? Aye.
Lass should have wed in the village.
I said so mysen.
So, why didn't she? Her father.
She were nowt but 17.
He reckoned she were too young to wed.
They all do now, don't they? Then he died, too? No, keep up, Sherlock! He died, but he weren't her father.
Mary were married afore in Germany.
And this chap turned up here and stuck his oar in, didn't he? That's them doing their acting.
Mary Dinwoodie and Mr Dinwoodie, him as died.
And that's Alison, when she were a kiddie.
What's that? It looks like a hand.
Someone else in this photo's been cut out.
I've never noticed that.
Any idea who it is? Not a clue.
Funny, Tommy.
I always had the feeling you'd come back to us.
I came to help find Brenda's killer.
Except you fell downstairs and broke your ankle.
Yeah, that's right.
Whose stairs, Tommy? Ron Ludlow's.
You were a bad lad rushing off like that.
Made me look a prat.
I'm sorry, Mr Dalziel.
I wondered why you did a runner.
So far, I've thought up two reasons.
One, you murdered your fiancee.
I didn't kill Brenda! I loved Brenda! And, in her innocence, I think she loved you, too.
Which leaves the other.
What's that, then? Say you never met Brenda that day.
So you and Ron had to find yourselves a bit of fun.
Like doing Banks's warehouse.
Wait a minute But not being much of a mechanic, your getaway car breaks down.
So Ron legs it.
You tell the Bill you were having a bit of rumpy with your fiancee.
Close? You can't prove a thing! Oh, I don't know, Tommy.
Showing the suspect Police Evidence Bag 5877.
One pair of headphones.
You left these in your car at Watford Gap.
We had this bright idea and traced them - to Banks's warehouse.
Ron said that guard we hit was serious.
He is serious, Tommy.
But not dead like Brenda.
Mr Dalziel I'll do anything to help catch that bastard who killed Brenda! Stupid ponce has had us looking for the wrong man! He didn't do it? Of course he didn't! It was Lee! We do have another suspect.
Mark Wildgoose.
Knew three victims.
You keep your thoughts to yourself! Wieldy? Lee's out of theatre, but still unconscious.
How did he meet her and where did he rob her? We've to mount another search of that camp.
The whole bloody site! What about Pritchard? Send someone who keeps his fists to himself.
A liberal-minded officer who isn't prejudiced against gippos! Hang on! Hang on! So who gets thumped this time? You're not making this easy.
No, I'm not! You find conflict exciting.
Talk to me, pal.
Sylvester Herne.
Sir, we need to search the camp.
It's the Choker murders.
Nothing else interests us.
I don't know how they'll feel.
Pauline was one of ours.
So help us catch him.
I'll help you this much.
It weren't Dave Lee.
Now, why don't you just go? Perhaps I could rephrase that.
Mr Herne's too proud to ask, but could you hold on for five minutes? Why? The fire.
It's for Pauline.
They're burning her things, so her ghost can rest.
I won't play the insensitive copper for anyone, but I must search here.
Five minutes.
OK? All right.
Five minutes.
Hello there.
Do you like playing by the water? No.
Why not? Mochadi.
What's that mean? Dirty, Mister.
What are you looking at, Mister? Why is it mochadi? Don't tell him! Why is it dirty? Here's my mum.
Ask her.
Leave him alone, you great, sodding bully! Through glassy water, I see the sun, bright as a lemon.
Birds' wings, wide as a windmill's sails.
Small faces peering down.
The water covers me now.
Brought you some clothes, sunshine.
You all right now? Lucky Wieldy can swim.
That's where it happened.
By the pond.
These are standard uniform! What do you expect? Armani? It's where what happened? Happy returns to the land of the living, Mr Lee.
All set to be charged with murder? Youyou're crazy.
I never killed anyone.
Who says? That's our problem.
Wife, kids, pals from the campsite.
Nobody says owt.
Which is your bad luck.
Cos you'll need all the talk you can get to wriggle out of this one.
If I tell you what really happened, will you look out for me, like? Look - I already know what happened! If you want me to think different, open your mouth and hope it flows like honey.
Oh, just rearranging the pillows, Sister.
There you are, David.
Is that better? Grand.
I didn't kill that girl.
She was already dead.
Oh, aye? Come on, sunshine.
Tell me everything.
Unless you want me to undo your stitches personally.
It was late that day.
The kids were out playing by the lake.
Happened I was passing.
So they called me.
"Woman in water!" I told the kids, "Fetch Sylvester.
" Syl said the girl was dead.
He wanted to call the police, but I told him they'd never believe us.
In the end, he agreed.
"A gaujo woman," Syl said.
"Then let the gaujos have her.
" But you decided her jewellery and money were worth keeping? Later on, we put her in the van and took her to the fairground.
It had been raining, so the fair got empty.
Syl and I carried her to the canal and And who the devil are you?! Oh, sorry, sir.
Just going.
I'll let you know when your new suit's ready, Mr Lee.
It all fits.
Brenda was killed in broad daylight, just as Madame Rashid said.
Old Moore's Almanac? Forensic should have known.
Now we've not a single line of enquiry, unless you've got summat.
Wildgoose Mr Mulgan's just confessed.
To what? On the night of Brenda's murder, he was at the fair with his fancy woman.
Great! Bloody hell! Suspects are going down like nine pins! Sir, Mark PHONE RINGS Yeah? What? All right, Wieldy.
I'm coming in.
Another phone call.
Another body? Just a call.
Sam Hunmanby thinks it might be Hamlet.
He's in a meeting, Miss Ms.
I'll let you know when he's free.
OK? OK, thank you.
TAPE: 'Oh, God! I could be bound in a nutshell 'and count myself a king of infinite space, 'were it not that I have bad dreams.
' Hamlet, all right.
Act Two, Scene Two.
Is it the same man? Yeah.
He seems sort of unhappier.
Wieldy always had this sensitive ear! Oi! Come back here! Grab her! Grab her! Excuse me! I want to see Superintendent Dalziel! Let her go.
Thank you.
I want a word with you.
In private.
Say it in public, Ms Pritchard.
If you don't mind your colleagues knowing I'm formally complaining about your treatment of Mr Lee.
You interviewed him against medical advice while he was recovering from injuries you caused.
Without informing him of his rights, you coerced a confession from him.
And you have shown ethnic prejudice.
You could be right at that.
Oh, you admit it? I am prejudiced against him.
Not cos he's a gippo.
When he should've reported a girl's murder, he robbed the victim and destroyed evidence.
Our investigation was set back a week and another young woman was murdered.
The killer may be about to strike again.
See you in court, darling! I'm nobody's darling! I know you're not.
Goodbye, Ms Pritchard.
LOUD DANCE MUSIC I can't hear you! You're getting old! No, I'm fine, I'm fine! Do you want a drink? Just a lager.
A half of lager.
I'll get that fat monster if it's the last thing I do.
You could be over-reacting, Adi.
The man's a fascist and a bully! Look at Dave Lee.
I know.
Sometimes the people we most want to help don't deserve it.
Will Lee be charged with murder? No chance.
Two lagers, please.
Is that what I think it is? Yeah.
Just got it today.
Who's the lucky man? They want to know the lucky man.
Mr Wildgoose! Your divorce has gone through? Forget those drinks.
We should go.
All right, sir! 'Night, lads.
Got any drugs, sir? Can we go? Mark! Mark, I know you're there! I expect you've still got your little tart with you! Aaaaah! Victim number five, Andrea Valentine, aged 18.
Sixth Former at Bishop Crump.
Hands neatly folded.
Is that the body you were expecting, Andy? It's strangulation, much the same as before.
And she's wearing an engagement ring.
She's Mark Wildgoose's girlfriend.
I met her here two days ago.
All right.
Tell me about Mark Wildgoose.
You've been dying to.
He's tied into it every which way.
Knew June McCarthy, Brenda Sorby and Mary Dinwoodie.
Andrea was rehearsing it with him.
Hamlet's the school play.
Who found her? Lorraine Wildgoose.
A friend tipped her off about them.
A friend? Ms Pritchard, sir.
Well, well.
Take Mrs Wildgoose to the station.
Get it all.
She's not distressed.
Says she deserved it.
"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
" Karl Marx.
Put out an all mobiles call for Mark Wildgoose.
Description, sir? Morning, Superintendent.
Highland Park? I like that.
A man with a memory for essentials.
Tell me, what do you remember about last night? Usual crowd.
The kids from Bishop Crump.
One had an older man in tow.
Mark Wildgoose? That's right.
I got the impression he didn't want to be here at all.
The girl was showing him off.
Was she showing an engagement ring? I wouldn't know.
I was stuck behind the bar all night.
And Ms Pritchard? Did she see it? She called a friend.
She was in a bitter mood.
I think it had a lot to do with you.
You wouldn't know what time Wildgoose and the girl left? Quite early.
About eleven-ish.
We've found Mark Wildgoose.
Oh, good.
Not really.
Killed by a heavy blow to the back of the spine that broke his neck.
Not here.
Time of death, about midnight.
Same as the female victim.
Killed together? Or one killed the other, then was killed by someone else.
Maybe his wife.
It was a powerful and expert blow.
Why lug him out here? "I'll lug the guts into the neighbour room.
" Hamlet, sir.
Looks like Choker motives.
Choker motives? What? Everything points back to here.
Why am I listening to you?! That's your prime suspect! Sir, I've got the Chief Constable.
Yes, sir? I'll come right away.
"Boozing While Wetherton Burns"! The thing is, Andy, you're a big fish in a small pond.
The national press aren't your rugby club cronies to be bought a pint.
We're part of a bigger picture these days.
Point taken.
Still, so long as you confine your drinking to periods between assaulting the public I suppose we should be grateful.
He was a prime suspect.
But not any longer? He's coughed.
But not to the whole lot.
And your other suspects, how are they shaping up? They're either dead or guilty of something else, so you'll just have to trust me.
Andy, I think this may be the end of the road.
Trust is not the issue.
It's not a notion I'd expect you to be familiar with.
TAPE: 'Say something, Daddy.
'I don't know what to say.
Say you love me.
I DO love you, darling.
'Time for bed.
Close your eyes and go to sleep.
Good night, Daddy.
'Good night, darling.
Sweet dreams.
' MADAME RASHID: 'Green all over me.
'Water choking me! 'I see the sun, bright as a lemon.
'Birds' wings, wide as a windmill's sails.
' Mr Greenall! Not a good moment, I'm afraid.
I'd like to talk to you.
About Mary.
I'm about to go up.
You and Mary were posted to Germany with the RAF.
That's where Dinwoodie met your ex-wife.
My wife, Mr Pascoe.
She ran off, but there was no divorce.
Why did you track her down after so many years? I came back to see my daughter.
But she'd grown up.
Wanted a husband.
She was 17, Mr Pascoe.
An innocent.
She needed a father, not a husband.
"Get thee to a nunnery"? Her mother was a whore.
She killed my little girl.
She died in a car accident, Mr Greenall! Driven by her husband.
Did Brenda Sorby need a father? I liked Brenda.
She was always so cheerful at the bank.
'It started to rain, so I offered her a lift home.
' Hello, Brenda.
'She'd been stood up by her fiance on the very day she bought his ring.
'I knew I had to help her.
' So I brought her back to the club.
But you never got to the club.
'She became quite agitated, 'but I told hernot to worry.
'I didn't want to hurt her, 'but it was the kindest thing.
' And Pauline? Was that kind, too? That was a mistake.
I thought she was helping the police.
It was wrong.
Wrong?! The wrong reasons.
Well, give me a right reason! I wanted to save them! Save them from what? Desire.
The desire of men.
You're a man.
You desire.
That's not what I meant.
Dress it up in Shakespeare, but it's desire! No.
You desire them, don't you? Is that why Mary left you? No! You desire young girls.
No! Stay out! Stay out! Aaah! WIELD: Inspector Pascoe's car.
Pascoe? POUNDING What are you up to in the shed with my friend Ms Pritchard?! Come on! Are you flying her? Yeah.
There he is! Dalziel here.
Send backup.
Suspect escaping.
In a glider.
What brought you here? Premonition? Mulgan finally coughed up his list of customers.
Greenall was on it.
I was just beginning to reckon him.
You must be clairvoyant.
So was I.
Bloody hell! Come on! Maybe it was the kindest thing.
The godfather takes her.
Now, in the name of this child, do you, Andrew, renounce the devil and all his works, the vain, pomp and glory of the world and the carnal desires of the flesh, so that you will not follow or be led by them? Go on, then.
"I renounce them all.
" I renounce them all.
Thanks very much.
Thank you.
It wasn't so bad.
Even he wasn't so bad.
Ellie, never do that again.
What? I thought it was a christening party.
I renounced all desires! You ARE coming to a party.
And it was only in church.
Same as in court? Yeah.
You simply need a good lawyer.
So long as it's not Ms Pritchard! Come on, Andy.
Hold her.
Hello, little lass.
You all right? I think you've to cross her palm with silver.
Oh, aye? Let's get her somewhere warm, eh?