Dalziel and Pascoe (1996) s04e04 Episode Script

The British Grenadier

Frank, you're talking rubbish.
Who is it? I mean, who - Who was upstairs recently? - Frank, just leave it! - I'm leaving.
- No, don't walk away! I'm talking to you.
This is not rubbish! Yes, you are.
Yes, you are.
Look, don't go.
Explain it.
Go on, you explain that.
Come on, take it easy.
No, I won't calm down till I know what I want to hear! Just give me a name, eh? Whose is that, then? That's not yours, is it? - I don't know! - It ain't mine.
I found it upstairs.
- Frank, leave it.
- Don't push me! No, I won't leave it.
Will you just calm down? - Do you think PD threw it in there? Leave me out of it, Frank.
You stay out of this and I'll stay out of that, all right? Hey! - I'm talking to you! - Frank! Dalziel.
Hello, girl.
I tried to get you last night.
I couldn't get through.
Mr Popularity, that's me.
What do you mean? Well, I don't hear from you in ages, then you're suddenly never off the phone.
I'm worried, Andy.
It's Frank.
Would you like us to come over? Would you? You're a love.
So you used to tell us.
I'm on me way.
- Morning, Harry.
- Are you all right, Stella? I'm fine, thanks.
- Summat else for your bonfire.
- Righty-ho, then.
Just watch him today, will you? Ta-ra, son.
Be good for your nana.
Thanks, Mam.
- Rosemary? - Sorry, dear.
I was on the phone to Angela.
Guess what? Little Holly won the Victor Ludorum yesterday.
She had a clear round.
Little Holly? The child's the size of a sow.
The horse deserves the medal.
Morning, Mrs Stewart, Mrs Grainger.
For goodness sake, don't encourage him.
- Hello, love.
- Everything all right? So far.
Hello, British Grenadier.
Good morning, girl.
I thought it might've been Frank.
You know how to insult a man.
Haven't you heard from him? No.
So, what are you going to do, my lovely? Open up.
What else can I do? Yeah.
Well, I'll be over soon.
By, am I glad to see you.
No more than me, Stella.
Wish I'd taken me Viagra this morning.
You know how to talk to a lady, don't you? - You get bonnier every day.
- That's better.
I'm at me wit's end, Andy.
Let's have a drink.
Last night we had the mother and father of all rows.
He went for us.
If some of the regulars hadn't got in his way, he might've Well, I don't know what he'd have done.
- What happened then? - He walked out and never came home.
Has he done this before? - Do a little heart in foam for us, like.
- Drop dead.
Oh, stick one of those pizzas in the oven, will you, Les? - Been catching rabbit.
See? - How fascinating.
- Thick or thin? - Thick.
How appropriate.
I'll tell you what, Les, I wouldn't mind getting inside your knickers.
Not if you were the last organism on Earth.
Except somebody got in there first, didn't they? You pig! Lesley? Lesley! - Excuse us a minute, will you, Andy? - Take your time.
Kieron? Hello, Mrs Moon.
- Have you been upsetting Lesley? - No, Mrs Moon.
- Are you sure? - Yes, Mrs Moon.
Then how come she's blubbing her eyes out? I don't know, Mrs Moon Stop calling us Mrs Moon.
It makes us feel like an old woman.
Well, you don't look it, Stella.
- What's this? - Oh, it's me dinner.
Les were going to stick it in oven when she Oh, I got you this.
It's for your dinner.
I don't know, lad.
What am I going to do with you? - Strange topping for a pizza.
- I'll be right back.
And yea, verily, thou shalt head to the kingdom of Heaven.
I say, potman, pour me a pint of ale, will you? Pour your own.
And don't make personal remarks about my belly.
Yes, it's like being in a chocolate factory all on your own, isn't it? What's your name? Willy Wonka? Patrick Drury, friend of the landlady's.
- Andy Dalziel, same.
- Pleased to meet you, Andy.
I gather the landlord hasn't got many of his own? Friends, that is.
- Hardly surprising.
Have you met him? - Not had the pleasure.
I don't think much of his taste, either, by the look of this place.
Where does he get all this tat? From me, actually.
I'm, uh, I'm in antiques.
Well, that's one word for it.
I can think of a shorter one.
Take no notice, love.
He's just a daft lad.
He's like all of them.
He doesn't think about people, their feelings.
Just what's in his trousers.
Come on, now.
I know how you feel, but I need your help.
Today of all days.
Go on.
Take him his rotten pizza.
Hey, and mind you don't spit in it.
- Sorry, love.
- It's all right.
- Should we go up here where it's quiet? - Aye, if you like.
- Hello, love.
- Pizza.
Hey, I'm sorry if I upset you, Les.
I was having a bit of a game, that's all.
- How do you want it? - What? This piece of decorated cardboard.
Four or six pieces? Oh! Uh four, please.
Yeah, I'm not very hungry.
God help us.
I might watch the England-Wales match in here, Harry.
Keep an eye on Stella, you know, in case he comes back.
He will do and all.
- Stands to reason, chap like that.
- Like what? Went through the Argies like a dose of salts, didn't he? Now, don't give me any of that war-hero guff, Harry.
Tried to thump his missus.
Any road, he's past it.
Couldn't tackle a fish supper now.
Look at that! What would happen if a mother tried to wheel a pram through there or someone with a wheelbarrow? - Oh, dear.
- I think they do it deliberately.
It's happened again! Look, Brigid.
Right, I've had enough.
PC Clark! PC Clark! - So, where's he gone? - I don't know.
- Do you think he'll come back? - I don't know that, either.
Do you want him to? Please, Andy.
There's Freddie to think about.
Shall I tell you what I think, Stella? I think it's about time you were with someone who looks after you properly.
Afternoon, Frank.
Frank! Oh! Who's this then, eh? Another one? - Oh, Frank, please.
- You slag! Hey, come on, there's no need for that.
I'm talking to my wife.
It's got nothing to do with you.
Yes, it is.
She's also my friend.
Oh, yeah? What sort of friend would that be, eh? Andy was a pal of Terry's and to me after he died.
Bed him, did you? I'll tell you what, sunshine.
If words were cricket balls, you'd bowl nowt but wides.
Howzat! Or was that just a favour you gave to this smiling Irish git? Frank, just calm down, so we can talk properly, okay? I don't know.
On the other hand, maybe you were both getting your eggs fried in the same pan as me.
Oi! Frank, give it a rest, all right? Oh, yeah.
I'm back.
Now, what was it you said last night? Show me face around here again and you'd rearrange it? Well, come on, sonny, I'm here! That was only the ale speaking.
And he wasn't the only one to say daft things.
- Yeah, Frank - You just keep out of this! - Come with me - No! No! It's finished.
All of it.
You and me, finished! The only reason I'm here is to pick up Freddie.
I'm taking him with me.
Now, where is he? We never had these problems until these dreadful people moved in over there.
And if you don't do something about it, I will.
- He's not here.
- I can see that! Where is he? - Take it easy, lad.
- You stay out of this! I know it's against your nature, Frank, but come on, be reasonable.
- Mr Moon - This will get you nowhere, lad.
Keep out of this, Harry.
I've got a right to know.
He's my son! Not when you're in this state.
When you've calmed down.
You're a woman.
You've taken him to your mum's, haven't you? - Frank, no! - Oh, you want to come? All right Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Stay out of this! You back off, now! Yeah.
Shut you up a bit quick, didn't it? - Where's your big mouths now, eh? - Frank, for God's sake! I promised myself my foot would never cross this threshold again, - but I can no longer stand idly by - Shut up! - Oh, my goodness! - Stay out of this! What was that? I'll be right back.
Frank, no! Anybody else want to try, eh? Eh? Come on, you.
Stella and me will be on our way.
Out! Frank, what do you want? What do I want? I want Freddie.
I want my son! - Well, you can't have him! - Oh, yes, I can.
I'm going to take him away from you, Stella, you and all your filth.
You can't! You can't have him.
He's not yours! Now, what do you think you're doing? - What? - Hello, Frank, Stella.
Everything okay? Get stuffed, will you, Clarky? What did you say? I thought I heard a gunshot.
- Come on, come on.
- What's going on, Frank? Look, this is private.
It's between her and me.
Now get out of the way, will you? Is that what you want, Stella? - I'm not sure I can do that, Frank.
- Oh, God Almighty.
Look, why don't we just go inside and Now, why don't you just leave us alone and get lost! Oh! Careful with that thing, lad.
It might go off.
Careful, Clarky, he's lost it! Listen, you Frank! Get in the pub, get in the pub! You, get in the pub.
Frank, for God's sake, you shot him! What are you doing? Will you shut up? Just shut up! Uh Right, all of you, up there.
Move, quick, now.
Move! Quick! Get him off the road.
And you, close those curtains.
Just take it easy.
Now, nobody moves a muscle.
He's Frank Moon, the publican in the village.
He's just shot PC Clark.
And I think he's got some hostages in the pub with him.
What on Earth's going on? That's what I'd like to know.
Nobody touches that! Whose is it? - It's his.
- Well, get it for us.
Anyone else got one? I wouldn't mind having it back later, Frank.
I have to phone me bookmaker.
Or should that be me undertaker? Andy, are you all right? Oh! God! Now, just take it easy.
Where is he? Don't worry, Andy, you're not having a nightmare.
- This is really happening.
- What are we going to do? I know.
- Have a drink.
- Where do you think you're going? Come on, Frank, it is a tavern.
You ain't going nowhere.
I want you all up here where I can see you.
You know, Frank, it's about time the brewery sent you for one of those customer relations courses.
Get out of the way! Come on, where are you? Alpha and Delta teams have already been deployed and a sniper squad is en route.
You are to draw your weapons and kit and deploy immediately.
Should the situation become critical, you will be doing the entry.
The commander is Inspector Sillitoe, who is already in situ and will meet you on your arrival.
Now, we're all aware of his recent history, but I'm sure you'll give him every support during this operation.
Just one more point, Chief Constable Raymond is on the ground, so keep your wits about you, all right? Any questions? Okay.
Oh, dear! - Oh, dear what? - I've left the oven on.
The lamb will be dried out by now.
I suppose I ought to feel relieved, if that's your greatest concern.
I wonder if Mr Moon would pass a message to Constable Clark, so he could go and switch it off? Rosemary, I don't think you understand how serious this situation is, my dear.
It's a gunman there.
He's hardly likely to go outside.
Anyway You know, the last time I saw a face like that, a midwife was slapping it.
When us were in Palestine, in '46, chap went off his rocker.
He had a gun.
Well, he would do.
He were an MP.
Military Police, that is, not Member of Parliament.
What happened? He run amok in t'market.
Shot a couple of Arabs, bagged a rabbi and another MP copped a bullet in the buttock.
Then chap stuck gun into his mouth, blew his head off with last round.
Blimey! Aye, messy things, guns.
Oh, we'll get back to you with that.
Is that all right? Listen, nobody knows as such yet, but I will find out, I promise.
So about 15 minutes, is that okay? The incident's in the pub, the jig room's a church hall.
- Who's in charge? - Raymond.
- How's the PC? - Alive.
Listen, the press got wind of this really early.
- They're all over the place.
- Well, what happened? In the continued absence of Mr Dalziel, I shall be Ground Commander.
Inspector Sillitoe will be the tactical firearms advisor.
Good to have you back on the job, Inspector, after your, uh time away.
Thank you, sir.
The telephone people are working to establish secure landlines.
We'll conduct negotiations from upstairs.
Inspector Pascoe, you will be the lead negotiator.
Who else has been on the Hendon course? - Inspector Richards, sir.
- And me, sir.
Where is Inspector Richards? We haven't been able to raise him, sir.
Perhaps he and Mr Dalziel are together.
Is there some major sporting event on this afternoon? Very well, Wield, you will support Inspector Pascoe - and liaise with me, understood? - Sir.
DC Novello, I want you to compile a profile on this man.
His background, his history, criminal record if any, his psychological state.
Pick up on what Sergeant Wield has started, okay? Initial enquiries confirm that we have seven hostages.
Three men, four women.
Is that right, Wield? - Yes, sir.
- So, the usual strategy.
We control the situation.
Buy time, create a rapport with the hostage taker, calm him down, make him see sense and ultimately, hopefully, give himself up.
Ladies and gentlemen, you know your tasks, let's proceed.
- Inspector Sillitoe.
- Yes, sir? I shall want contingency plans from you for the following situations.
A threat being made, shots being fired, the subject attempting to escape, the subject indicating he wishes to surrender, understood? I already have them, sir.
He's used his weapon once before, likely to use it again I'd have thought.
- You all right? - Yes, sir.
Has Sillitoe been on his holidays? Suspended.
That business in Molton.
Oh, yeah.
Trigger-happy cops and the community care retard with a water pistol.
Sillitoe was cleared.
He's a good bloke.
Well, sure.
That's why they call him Quick Draw McGraw.
What's happening out there, do you think? Most of the crack shots north of the Trent will be gathering, their sights trained on these windows.
- I'm scared, Andy.
- Don't worry.
They'll only be looking for the present.
They won't squeeze any triggers.
At least until your husband tries any more pot shots.
Listen We have to help him, Stella.
You and me, and the others Get him out of this tall tree he's climbed into, understand? Come on now.
Be a brave lass.
I want the three roads in and out blocked.
I want an inner cordon established.
I'll draw up an outer one once I've recce'd the ground.
Keep the noise down.
He'll be pumped up enough as it is.
Andy Dalziel's in charge, once they get hold of him.
Beta three in position.
No target.
Alpha two in position.
No target.
Beta nine in position.
No target.
Alpha eight in position.
No target.
Does he know I'm a copper, by the way? Don't think so.
I never talked about you.
It's important he doesn't find out.
Why? It'll give him another weapon, won't it? Aw! What a lovely couple.
- I don't trust him an inch.
- Is this him, is it? Mr Moon, don't you think this has gone quite far enough? Do what? Why don't you put down that weapon so we can all go home? And why don't you shut your cake-hole? - Listen to me - Listen? Who wants to listen to you? You're an ugly, unpleasant old cow and the whole village hates you.
What was that old line about clouds with silver linings? I'm perfectly well aware of what people think, but I must speak out.
My friend, Mrs Grainger, is ill and I demand that you You demand? Listen, just shut your mouth or I'll shut it for you.
Come on, love.
Let's just leave it for now, eh? Got a way with the ladies, haven't you, Andy? Compared to you, Frankie boy, the Dalai Lama's got a way with the ladies.
That's right.
Keep it going, Paddy.
They bought the place about five or six years since.
Used to be called the Middleridge Arms.
Been run down for years.
Weren't short of money then? Both had a bit put by, apparently.
Been wed five years? She'd been married before.
Husband had died and left her with a packet.
Life insurance salesman.
And him? - Army.
Welsh rifles.
I'll check.
Yeah, let's have his full service record.
If he had any special pals, let's get them here.
So how's the business doing? Well, put it this way.
It's Sunday lunchtime when Frank pulls his stunt.
He's got seven other punters in there, two of which are old ladies, come to complain about parked cars.
Frank's got himself a reputation.
Genial mine host very much not.
We are in a green state.
I repeat, green state.
Let me remind you what the law says about that.
It allows for reasonable force to be used.
It's states that each individual is responsible for his or her own actions.
Remember that.
Neighbourhood's been cleared, sir.
- Snipers in position? - Yes, sir.
- Any sign of any movement? - No, sir.
Time to establish contact.
Oh, and there's something else.
There's a kid, a little boy called Freddie.
- He's in there? - No one seems to know.
Only child.
Frank dotes him.
Right, find him.
If he's not in there, then bring him here.
He could be critical in all this.
Now how long before we get a secure phone line? Any minute, sir.
Yeah, he is.
Sir? CC Raymond here.
Where's Dalziel? Probably left his pager in a pub.
Yes, I heard.
We're now conducting a murder enquiry.
PC Clark has just passed away.
Damn! It's imperative that Moon doesn't find out.
We must get these phone lines secure as soon as possible.
- I'll have another go.
- Please don't bother, Brigid.
He was so horrid to you before.
I'm not afraid of him, Rosemary.
He's only a man.
But he's got a gun! Rosemary, he's not going to shoot me.
Be careful.
Please be careful.
Yes, I will, my dear.
I know what I'm doing, but the situation is very urgent, isn't it? - Where are you going? - Getting somebody a drink.
- Sit down! - Frank, Harry's got an headache.
I'm getting him an aspirin and a glass of water.
And my friend wants to go to the lavatory.
Sit down, the pair of you.
Do you think I'm playing a game here? Can I make a suggestion, Frank? There's no point in people being uncomfortable.
While they're here, they need to be watered and fed, provided with the usual facilities.
And the occasional facelift.
Shut your mouth, Pat.
Give your backside a chance.
I mean, if they don't They'll only give you headache.
Look, um I know she's a bit of a pain, but let the old bat go to the lavvy.
Oh, all right, go on, go on.
I should think so, too.
Come on, Rosemary.
Who are you? - What's your plan, Frank? - Plan? You're a soldier.
All soldiers have a plan.
What's yours? - Good question, Frank.
- I mean, you've got us all here.
Your regulars.
All them lads out there.
What is it you want from us? I'll tell you what I want.
I want to know which one of you three has been having my wife! And I want to know what you meant out there! What did you mean, he's not mine? I just meant he's not only yours.
He's got more than one parent.
Don't give me that! There's only Who's that? British Grenadier.
Frank? Is that Frank? Who wants him? Frank, my name's Peter.
I'm talking to you from over the road.
I'm in the church hall.
- You're a copper, aren't you? - Yes, I am.
I don't like coppers.
Frank, right now I'm not a copper, just a bloke who wants to talk to you.
Find out how we can help you.
Well, that's easy.
Get lost and leave us alone! Nothing I'd like better, Frank.
I've got my daughter's birthday party on this afternoon.
But the thing is, we're worried about the people in there with you.
We're also worried about you.
- You're beginning to sound like a padre.
- What's that? You like the sound of your own voice, don't you? That's what my boss says to me sometimes.
Sometimes he says, "Shut your mouth, Peter, "and give your backside a chance.
" Sometimes he's probably right.
Frank? Frank? Frank? What? Frank, is Freddie with you? Freddie? No.
No, he's not here.
Would you like to see him? Uh Frank, can you hear me? Frank? Frank? Talk to me, Frank.
Tell me what's on your mind.
No, I don't want to do that! Let's go for it.
What's to lose? Give me the phone.
Now, I want a proper answer and I want it now.
What? Frank, my name's Gail Steward.
- Who? - I'm from On the Spot News.
Why'd you shoot PC Clark, Frank? What had he done to you? - Get stuffed! - Word is he's dead, Frank.
He's what? Few months off retirement.
Why, Frank? Why'd you kill him? Frank? Frank? Frank? - Frank? - What? Frank, just one last thing.
It's important.
Anytime you want to talk, just pick up the phone.
I'll be here.
He's dead, isn't he? Frank? - That's it, then.
- Frank? Listen to me.
Frank? So Frank was a good friend, then, Mr Pritchard? Yeah, we joined up together straight from school.
Sort of grew up together.
He was a London skinner.
I was a boy from the South Wales valleys.
Somehow we got on.
And then in the Falklands.
That's a long story.
Was he a good soldier? Oh, aye.
Made it to Colour Sergeant.
Could have gone further if he'd known how to use a fish knife.
He got a DSM, you know.
Troop of his got pinned down in Armagh.
Frank led them out in the dark.
One dead, two injured.
Carried one of them out on his back.
- Brave man.
- Oh, aye.
Frank's scared of nothing.
You all right, Andy? Ah, it's good to talk, isn't it? Oh, yeah.
You want to talk? I'll show you someone to talk to.
Get out there! All right, I've had enough of this! Don't be stupid, Kieron.
He's got a bloody hostage with him.
- Don't shoot! Don't shoot! Don't shoot! All right, come on, then.
Let's get on with it, eh? I got one of yours, so you're going to get me, aren't you? So, come on then! Well, I'm going down, I know that.
But I'm gonna take a few of you with me.
Alpha three, clear target.
So, come on then, show yourselves! Where are you, eh? Come on, then.
Let's get on with it, eh? - What's happening? - Frank's out.
He's got a hostage.
- He knows about Clark.
- What? Awaiting your orders, sir.
We have him in our sights, sir.
Shall we take him out? Where are you, eh? - Sir, we're waiting for an order.
Cowards! It's too dangerous.
Alpha three, clear target.
- Alpha eight, we've lost target.
- Too late.
Frank! This is all your fault! Rosemary? Oh, dear.
- Where are your pills? - I don't have any with me.
- Oh, Rosemary! They're in my other handbag.
My weekday handbag, this is my Sunday handbag.
Oh! Don't scold me, dear.
There's a dear.
If only I could get some air.
You all right? - Did he hurt you? - No.
Drink that.
You and me have stumbled into a war zone, Pat.
A small one, but nasty with it.
We might end up on the slab.
Best to know your enemy, you mean.
So what rank are you, Mr Dalziel? Inspector? No.
Higher, I'd say.
What makes you say that? The way you handle people.
With authority.
You act like you're used to dishing out orders.
The only time you're not doing it is when you're gazing at the lovely Stella.
Not that I blame you.
I'm besotted meself.
- What are we going to do? - Lesley, a wet towel.
Is there a doctor in the house? Or possibly a vet? What's wrong with the old bag? Don't you dare speak about Rosemary like that! What's wrong with her? Rosemary, are you all right? Does she often get dizzy spells? She has high blood pressure.
She takes tablets for it.
Well, give her one, then.
Are you all right? - As the Archdeacon said to the Bishop.
She hasn't got them with her! Frank, you're going to have to let her go.
- Nobody is leaving here.
- She needs a doctor.
She could have a stroke! She could.
You want that on your conscience, Frank? Frank? Get out of my way.
Frank, it's Peter.
Can I talk to you for a minute? Frank, are you there? Pat, I know you're scared and you're cracking gags to keep the jitters at bay.
But you're not helping anyone.
And frankly, they're starting to get on my nerves.
So just cut it out, okay? Frank, are you there? Frank, I've got some news about Freddie.
You want to hear it? And the important thing is that the crowd are Turn that bloody thing off! - The match is about to start.
- Turn if off now! Been noisy for the last half hour or so.
The big cheer just now was for the Frank, are you there? Can you come to the door a minute? I've got a message from Freddie.
Talk to them, Frank.
- Don't keep - Frank, are you there? And don't you even think of trying anything, all right? Come to the door a minute, will you? Go on then, talk.
He's at the door.
Steady, now.
Come on, lad, let's see you.
Frank, this is my friend Ed.
Anything you need, Frank? Food or drink? Don't be stupid.
This is a pub, innit? Now, what about my boy? Everybody all right in there, Frank? Just get on with it, will you? Freddie's on his way home.
What, he's coming here? Would you like to speak to him? Maybe we can arrange that.
Could you? Maybe.
We need to know if everyone's all right, Frank.
You want a deal, don't you? Just wait a minute! Has she come round yet? Well? One of the old women, she's not feeling too good.
- What's up? - I don't know.
She's fainted or something.
Is she bad? Why don't you let her go, Frank? No.
No one's leaving here.
But have you got a doctor, someone who could take a look at her? - Frank, we can't - No! You let me talk to my son, I'll let a doctor in.
Nobody's going in there, doctor or anybody else.
It's probably one of the older women.
No swaps, either.
I'm not adding to the hostages.
Well, it could be an advantage, sir.
Someone to talk to him on the inside.
I'm not having it.
Well, we need something to bargain with, sir.
Look, Peter, this is my decision.
We'll have to think of something else.
Hang on.
Why don't you let me talk to him? He might listen to me.
Come on.
Hurry up.
That's your lot.
No more.
What's your middle name, Torquemada? You should have something to eat, soak it up.
Waste of a good mouth.
Why eat when you can drink? Or talk.
Or kiss, eh, my lovely? Get them crisps down you.
Is there anything else I can do? Exert some influence on your husband, perhaps.
I'm sorry.
So am I.
I know you're not responsible for him.
Yes, I am.
I'd never forgive myself if I know people laugh at us, say all kinds of awful things.
But she's very dear to me.
These aren't crisps.
They're autopsy scratchings.
Stiffened by road-gritting salt.
Harry? You all right? Harry? Mmm.
Just a bit weary now, that's all.
Us usually takes a bit nap about this time.
Give us a bar of Fruit and Nut, will you, love? Have a crisp, Harry.
That'll stiffen you up.
There you go.
No, I won't need that.
He won't shoot me.
Still no news on Dalziel? No, sir.
Good luck, Mr Pritchard.
Right, then.
Frank, listen to me.
Whatever this is about, it's got nothing to do with that old lady.
Just leave me alone.
Frank, look at me.
Please! She's sick.
Do you want her to die? Is that what you want? Frank? Frank, it's me, Peter.
I want a word.
Can you come to the door a minute? 30 seconds! Frank, listen to me How many sniper sights you got trained on me? I promise you, nothing like that's going to happen.
20 seconds.
- How's the old lady? - Where's the doctor? Frank, we can't let a doctor in there.
Listen! Listen! But we can do a deal with you.
Okay? If you let her go, we'll let you talk to Freddie.
No, that wasn't the deal.
Oi! Frankie boy! - Who's that? - It's me, you daft sod.
Get off! Who did you think it was? - Nye - Hey! Whoa, whoa.
No sudden movements.
Remember your training.
- What are you doing here? - Just here to help out an old mate.
Hey, is it true you got a sick old lady in there? Listen, Nye, you don't understand.
Is this Colour Sergeant Moon of the Welsh Rifles I'm talking to or some other toe rag? - Okay.
- Right.
But you get Freddie here right now, all right? Frank! He's agreed.
Nobody breathes, nobody moves.
- All right, she can go.
- I'll need help.
Come on, love, up you get.
How about letting old Harry go, eh? He's not too good, either.
Get off.
Harry's fitter than the two of us put together.
- Oh, come on! - I said no! - Oh, Frank! - Get her out before I change me mind.
Mind your step, now, that's it.
Come on! Excuse me, madam, can we come through, please? Excuse me, sir.
Let us through, please.
Thank you.
Target sighted and armed.
Take it easy, everyone! Now, listen.
If you've got Freddie here, I'll let the two old women go.
Freddie's here, Frank.
Let's try and find a way out of here.
Kieron, keep an eye on the front door.
Give me a shout when he comes back.
You have to let the old ladies go first.
- Right.
- Well done, Frank.
Oh, this is stupid.
I can't talk to you properly with this thing.
- Hey? - Hold it, hold it.
Not pointing that me, are you, Frank? That'd be a bit rich.
I seem to remember it was me who found it.
Yeah, I'm sorry, mate.
Come on, you two.
Come on, get a move on.
Yes, thank you.
Listen, Frank, now you got this far, why don't you let them all go, eh? End this thing right now.
Green state.
I repeat, green state.
Go, go, go.
- Get in! - Hold your fire! Hold your fire! He's coming back! Andy! I should finish you off right now! Frank, you've been shot! It wasn't us, Frank.
It was a TV crew! Nye? Hello, Stella.
Did you get it? Yeah.
I got everything.
It's a good 'un.
Get up! Get up! Back over there.
And where the hell have you been, as if I didn't know? - Take it easy, Frank.
- No, you take it easy! Welcome aboard, fellows.
It's going to be a bumpy ride.
Have you any idea what you've done? We're not on some sort of exercise here.
As a result of your grossly irresponsible actions, a police officer was taken hostage and a man was shot.
The lives of dozens of others were put at risk.
And for what? You're beneath my comprehension as well as my contempt.
Now, just get out of here! Give me the tape! Come on! There.
Now, sue me for criminal damage if you dare.
I knew as soon as I saw him.
Soldiers, they're always trouble.
- The marriage, it didn't work out? - For a while.
Grand passion.
It died like it always does, but they could find nothing to put in its place.
She went into it with her eyes open, mind.
I mean, what she had with Terry wasn't exactly wine and roses.
But she had to have a go, didn't she? As I always say, "There's always pain in wedlock, but there's never any joy in celibacy.
" Was there anybody else? For Stella, I mean.
I'm not sure.
She's talked a couple of times about this chap, Andy, his name was.
Andy? When the slide started with Frank.
Well, I said to her, I couldn't help myself, "Marry in haste, repent at leisure.
" Still, you can't write it off altogether, can you? Not with that little lad there.
And I'll say this for soldier boy, he doted on his Freddie.
No, just leave it.
Leave it.
Don't be stupid.
Let me have a look.
Frank, will you just listen to a mate for a minute? Just answer me one question.
What's all this about? Huh? What is it that's so important that an old policeman had to die? Why don't you ask Stella? My ever-loving wife.
You're losing a lot of blood, Frank.
Just leave it.
Leave it.
Inspector, we've got to get something straight.
Your handling of that situation was, to say the least, precipitate.
The circumstances called for an armed response.
He used his weapon twice.
And immediately shielded himself with Inspector Pascoe.
A fellow officer might have been killed, not to mention a civilian nearby.
I cannot share that view, sir.
A weapon was being discharged.
Next time, Inspector, and you can be sure there will most almost certainly be a next time, you will follow my orders immediately and completely.
Do you understand? Yes, sir.
- What's happening out there? - Usual strategy.
Then how come we just had the rerun of the gunfight at the O.
Corral? Who's in charge? - Raymond.
- Say no more.
If we thought he was desperate before, he'll be like a bloody caged lion now he's been shot.
All right if I get a drink? - Who's he? Help yourself.
Friend of Frank's.
Served in the Army with him.
Whose side is he on? His or ours? - Hiya.
- Hiya.
Can I have a whisky, please? Thanks.
I'm Lesley, by the way.
Nye for short.
- You what? - It's Welsh.
It means "all gold".
Like a box of chocolates.
That's lovely.
Nice to meet you.
It's all right, love.
Doesn't feel as bad as it looks.
Oh, no, it wasn't that.
I thought it might hurt.
Not any more.
Come on, Harry, lad, eh.
Let's go somewhere a bit more comfy.
Oh, aye.
I'm bloody knackered.
Nye! Nye, where are you? Come on, we've gotta get out of here.
- Take cover! - Move it! I'm not leaving you.
Come on! We've both got to get out.
- Frank, leave me, leave me! - Come on! - Leave me! - Now, move! I'm gonna get you out of here! - Climb on out there! - You get up here! Go on.
Come on.
- You an ex-squaddie too? - Yeah.
Old army pal of Frank's? What happened? You remember a ship called the Galahad in the Falklands War? Me and him were on it when it got bombed.
He got me out.
And there have been times when I've cursed him for it.
But I owe my life to Frank.
- Sir.
- Make it brief, Novello.
I've got plenty on my plate just now.
Sir, I've been debriefing the two old ladies.
They say there's another man in there, an extra hostage.
Well, one more or less won't make much difference now.
- Do we know who it is? - No, they didn't know him.
He's not from the village.
They said he seemed to be a friend of Mrs Moon.
What? Her fancy man, you mean? Well, that's what Frank seems to think.
I've got his description.
The thing is they said he was fifty-ish, thick set, sure of himself, rather blunt.
So? They said Stella called him Andy.
Are you suggesting Well, we haven't been able to raise Mr Dalziel all day, sir.
Novello, do you know how many blunt, middle-aged men called Andy there must be in Yorkshire? Take my word for it.
Our Mr Dalziel has been holed up in some rugby club all afternoon with his mobile and pager switched off.
And the Lord help him when I see him next.
Hello, Freddie.
You all right? My name's Ed.
Did you enjoy your ride in the police car? You're a Leeds United fan? - Who's your favourite player? - Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink.
- Why's that? - 'Cause he does cartwheels - when he scores.
- Does he? I bet that's a sight.
Listen, Freddie.
I think you might be able to help me.
Would you like to do that? The thing is, your mum and dad are at home, but your dad, he's not feeling too good and he won't come out.
So, I thought it might be a good idea if you had a little chat with him on the phone.
Have they been shouting at each other again? Yes, they have.
How do you feel about that, having a little chat with him on the phone? Okay.
- Just to say hello.
Is that all right? - Mmm-hmm.
He'll be a year old on Friday.
He'll be wondering where I am.
I'm usually finished by now.
Well, don't worry, love.
It'll all be over soon.
It's a good life, soldiering.
Hey, why did you pack it in? Kieron, are you blind? Couldn't hold a rifle now, son, never mind point one.
There's folks here as could never do that.
Too dangerous, but it's not, really.
Except when there's a war on, of course.
Military men.
Men of action.
I despise the lot of them.
- Were you in it with him? - For a bit, yeah.
- Did he ever get hurt, like? - No.
Well, not on the outside, anyway.
Had a good war mesen.
Worked in a REME store for a while.
At Colchester Barracks.
Made a bob or two, I'll tell thee.
Ah, hold on, I tell a lie.
He did break his leg once.
In action, like? No, coming out of a pub in Aldershot bladdered one night.
Fell over a flower tub.
Hey, I broke me leg once.
How'd that happen? - Oh, me dad kicked us.
If you don't shut up, I'll do the same.
Millions were killed in that war.
But I had a cracking time.
Time of us life.
Happy now, though, aren't you, Harry, eh? - Like a pig with a tattie.
- Oh, aye.
There's plenty to think about when tha thinks about it.
Aye, I do like Fruit and Nut.
Dirty Harry strikes again.
- Hey, but I'm tired.
- Have a lie down, Harry.
- Yeah, have half an hour, Harry.
- Aye, it's a good idea.
- I'll lie here for a while.
- Yeah.
Night-night, Harry.
- There you go.
- Oh, thank you, Kieron.
Where's that? Whose is it? Answer it, Frank.
You might hear something to your advantage.
Hello? Go on, son.
Talk to your dad.
Hello, what's What's happening? Hello, Dad? Freddie? Hello, son.
I've been to Grandma's.
I was playing football in the garden.
Oh Oh, that's smashing.
Was it good? - I'm wearing the strips you gave us.
- Yeah, well.
You'll score lots of goals with that.
The man here says you're not well, Dad.
Does he? "I want to see you, Dad.
I don't want anything bad to happen.
"I want you to come out and see us.
" Yeah, I know.
I know you do, but I can't, you see, son.
Look, son, it's Frank.
It's Eddie.
That's all for now.
Think on what Freddie said.
No one out here wants that to be the last time you talk to him.
You got a lot to live for, Frank.
Whatever's happened.
- No, I haven't.
- You got this lovely little lad.
Your son.
- My son? - Listen, Frank.
- Frank.
- All right, all right.
Let's get this sorted out once and for all.
Good lad.
All right, you two.
Down there, come on.
Come on, move! Get over there.
Over there.
You two, come over here, in a line.
I want you all in a line.
Don't be daft.
- Get over here now! That's it.
What's this, Frank, beauty competition? I love children and animals, and my ambition is to help people in the third world.
Now, gentlemen.
Which one of you three has been having my wife, eh? Volunteers, one step forward.
More to the point.
Which one of you was having her five years ago? - Frank, please! - No, you said he's not mine.
So whose is he, eh? What about you, Casanova? Got such a big reputation, haven't you? How many times have you slept with Stella? Oh, many, many times.
Patrick! - In my dreams.
- Don't get funny.
- Oh, seriously, Frank.
I tried every trick in the book.
I chatted to her, charmed her, made her laugh, but I just couldn't get her into bed.
She wasn't having any of it, as you might say.
No! That's for all the smarmy cracks I could never give you back.
But she's still my friend, Frankie.
And who's to say that isn't a better thing entirely? - Shut up.
- You know something, Frank? I've known hundreds of blokes like you.
Yeah, big men, handy with their fists, full of themselves, especially when they've got a gun in their hands.
Do you know who you remind me of, Frank? You remind me of me old dad.
Yeah, I was afraid of him, too.
But not any more.
Yeah, you're just like the rest of them.
A coward and a bully.
And a very small man.
Hey you, come on.
Where are you going? This spectacle's got nothing to do with me, boy.
So? What about you, eh? What do you got to say for yourself? Not so bleeding noisy now, are you? Leave him be, for God's sake.
Yeah, she's getting on a bit for the likes of you, isn't she? - Jesus, Frank.
- Was it her know-how, eh? Show you what to do, did she? Was that it? No, no! Were you her toy-boy? Well, come on, toy-boy.
Tell us what happened.
How many times did you do it? When did you start Look, I've never been with anyone, all right? Look, no one's interested.
No one is interested in me.
I don't know what to say to 'em.
But that's it, you see, that's the thing with Stella.
She talks to me.
You know, she's beautiful, is Stella.
But you know, she's nice with it.
I love you, Stella.
I never even touched her.
And then there was one.
How much longer? Couple of minutes till we get a pictures, sir.
- Where's the boy? - Downstairs, sir.
Do you think we should let Frank talk to him again? No, let him sweat it out for a bit.
Well, come on, say summat.
I'm not going to play your game, Frank.
You don't deny it, though.
You look a bit uncomfortable, Andy.
I'm just fine, thanks.
It's probably because you're more used to asking the questions than answering them, eh? Mr Policeman.
You thought you were so clever, didn't you? Playing it cool, playing it pally.
Pretending not to recognise the late arrival here.
Ah, but he'd already blown your cover.
So Recognise that, do you? Look.
Standard issue, aren't they? You ought to take more care, son.
It must have fallen out of your trousers when you came here yesterday.
Probably wasn't the only thing, either, was it? Frank, the only person I slept with yesterday were Freddie.
I found that on the floor of the bathroom when I came back from Wetherton.
What were you doing, eh? Checking the shag pile? But you know the worse thing is your brazen brass neck, standing there denying it all to me.
- I did come here yesterday, Frank - I wasn't talking to you, toe rag! But only to talk.
Okay, so I used your bathroom.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know you were so particular about your porcelain.
God, you're some piece of work, you know that? So how long has it been going on, eh? Years.
Do you mean before me? - When you were still married to Terry? - Yes.
Oh! God, but he was supposed to be your best friend! - Yes, he was.
- You dirty Very probably.
- How? Why? - Because I was lonely.
Because I was miserable.
Andy He was there.
He were good to me.
He were a friend.
I bet he was.
So So then your beloved husband snuffs it.
Why didn't you marry him instead of me? I asked him.
He wouldn't.
I told you, love.
- I'll never wed again.
And why's that? - It's none of your business.
- His wife left him.
See, Frank, we all of us have our grief somewhere down the line.
- Well, why me? - I fell in love with you, Frank.
But you never loved me.
Not really.
All we had was anger and jealousy and a little lad growing up in the middle of it.
Yesterday, when things got really bad, I called Andy.
I wanted a shoulder to cry on, not a man to sleep with.
And that's the truth.
I never betrayed you with him, Frank.
Sad but true.
No, but the damage had already been done, innit? Five years earlier.
Now, come on, Andy.
Come on, tell us.
Tell us what she was like.
Look, Frank.
You really want to know? She was the best.
The bloody best.
Get over here now! A - ha.
Frank's house party.
This'll stop you sleeping around.
You haven't got the balls.
Go on.
Come on.
Come on! Andy.
- Come on! Frank.
It was me.
I slept with Stella.
What are you talking about? - You haven't seen her for years.
Harry! Harry, wake up! I knew it.
It's all going off.
Hurry up! - He's gone.
Harry's dead.
- No.
- Harry.
Oh, God! - Gosh.
He's dead.
He's dead and it's down to you.
Oh, no, I like old Harry.
No, he's just asleep.
He was old! You could have let him go.
I asked you to.
Oh, just shut up, will you? It was you.
You killed him, you! You're dead! He shot somebody.
Sir, a weapon has been discharged.
Sir, I'm waiting for an order.
- I - Sir, it's time.
We have to go in, all right, sir? - Okay.
- Okay.
We're in green state.
Go, go, go! Kill the power inside.
Just give me another reason, eh? No, Kieron, no! Oh, God! No! Eagle team moving down the corridor.
Stay down, Lesley! - Kieron.
Kieron, talk to me.
Talk to me.
- Hostage two down.
Where's the gunman? Medic! I'm scared, Les.
I'm scared, Les.
Where is he? - Stay down, Lesley.
Don't shoot! Don't shoot me, lad! - No! - Where is he? Where's the gunman? There! They've gone down to the cellar.
Don't shoot! Cellar.
Check the cellar.
Please do something! I'm scared, Les.
- It's all right.
- Hostage four sighted.
- Kieron.
You gonna be all right.
Kieron? Kieron.
Kieron! Baxter! - Are we clear at the back? - Kitchen area clear.
What the Everybody in that corner now, go on.
Move! It's locked from the inside.
Leave that.
Well done, Frank.
How are you going to get out of here? Tunnel? - You all right? - Champion.
Sunday nights are usually so boring.
You? Fit as a butcher's dog.
I've been screamed at, threatened, smashed in the face with a pistol and punched in the belly.
Ah, just another day at the office.
Any ideas? We could revert to plan B.
Which is what? I can't remember.
Mind you, with General Custer in charge, I think it's down to thee and me, lad.
I don't see the problem.
We could smash that door in seconds.
And then what? He's at the bottom looking up.
My men can only get through one at a time.
It would be like shooting fish in a barrel.
- Come on, we have superior fire power.
- We can't bring it to bear.
Even if we could, we might hit one of the hostages.
It would be a massacre, sir.
- Sir.
- Not now, Novello.
- But, sir, it's about Mr Dalziel - DC Novello, you're in the way here.
Please go outside.
Just can't stand here and do nothing.
That isn't an option.
You okay, Stella? Kieron was only a lad.
We'll never get out of here, Andy.
Who's going to look after Freddie? We are going to get out of here.
And when we do Kind of feel like I've been here before, Frank.
Little dark place underneath the world, Mayhem up above.
Thinking I'm not going to survive.
Only last time, you got me out.
Yeah? Well, you were my mate, weren't you? I thought I was yours.
Get over there.
Get over there.
- Did you get much of a look at him? - Couple of seconds.
Well, it's not long, is it? Sarge, I know what I saw.
Raymond just won't listen.
- He's Freddie's father, isn't he? - I don't know.
Oh, look, just for once in your life, tell me the truth.
It might be your last chance.
It was when I came to stay after Anne left me.
I was lower than I've ever been in my whole life, Frank.
Stella found me, crying like a baby.
Put her arms around me It was human comfort, Frank.
- So, he's the father.
- I don't know.
I slept with him once, I slept with you loads, so probably not, but I don't know.
Then why did you say it? Because sometimes that's what I feel.
- But I don't know.
- Does it matter, Frank? Does it matter? You brought him up, cared for him, loved him.
- To him you're still his dad.
- But that's just it.
I'm not, am I? How can I look at him, think of him and say he's mine? - There is nothing of me in that boy.
- He loves you, Frank! And you're telling me it doesn't matter? You know what I meant.
You've dumped on our friendship big time.
But it's not important.
What is important is that you robbed me of the only thing that's ever been precious.
How will I go on? How can I let you live? I'm sorry, Frank.
That's not enough.
Don't do this, Frank.
You're going to execute me, Frank? What else can I do, eh? After all this? What else can I do? You think I'm desperate to live? I stopped living years ago, boy.
Maybe you should have done us all a favour and left me on that ship.
Come on! Go on, get out, get out! - Get out.
- Frank's got the key! It doesn't matter.
I've got the gun, come on! We have to go in now.
- Okay.
- Sledgehammers Stella, come on.
- Nye! - Nye, come back! - Come on.
Clear! Hold your fire! - No! - Andy! Medics! Andy?