Damnation (2017) s01e05 Episode Script

Den of Lost Souls

1 Previously on "Damnation" We're burying the bodies of three men we just killed.
When these three don't show up back in Chicago, whatever doctor hired them will be sending more.
You get me something I can use to drive that cowboy out of town, I'll make it worth your while.
One penny for the entire farm.
- Take her bid.
- Sold to Martha Riley herself.
Why are you suppressing news of the farmers' revolt? Are you trying to get me fired? I'm trying to wake you up.
We agreed we wouldn't talk about our pasts.
- If you'd just lower your gun.
- Don't even think about it.
- Wendell! - [GUNSHOT] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] [GUNSHOTS] People change.
Mm, Mr.
So how goes your bold Iowa escapades, hmm? I think I'm making real progress in ending the strike.
- Yes.
- Real progress.
And yet I've seen you bust citywide industrial strikes in less than 72 hours.
You've been in Holden, Iowa, for nearly 2 1/2 weeks.
Why are you having so much trouble with these farmers? If I recall, you even requested this particular assignment.
Things are in motion.
Very soon these farmers, they're gonna take themselves down.
Is it the preacher? Sorry? Well, is he the reason this is taking so long? I've heard rumors of his agitations, Mr.
And I was dismayed to hear my colleague Tuck Tandy's manhood was threatened at knifepoint by this same preacher's wife at what they're now calling a "penny auction.
" This particular hayseed town is, uh It's complicated.
When I secured your release from that wretched Wyoming prison, it wasn't so I could listen to you stammer out sub-mediocre excuses.
I secured your release so you could help my client and I optimize the pace of American progress and prosperity.
Of course.
When I assigned you to Iowa, I also paid off three common Chicago street goons to intimidate the preacher at the same time.
I have yet to hear word from those goons.
I've taken liberty to hire a professional to dispense of the preacher and his wife so you can get back to focusing on the farmers and swiftly, Mr.
Turner, ending the strike.
- Who did you hire to - To kill him? It would seem that, uh, information such as that would be legally perilous for someone in your position.
End the strike.
I would so hate to see you return to that insidious prison.
[TENSE MUSIC] The enemy isn't just out there.
The enemy is inside us.
It's there when we doubt each other and God's role in our lives.
Alive or dead, we are all one body, one community.
If Wendell Davidson was still among us, I have to believe he'd agree.
We're here because I let the strikebreaker divide us because this is what the rich and powerful want For the rest of us to be too demoralized, too angry at each other to recognize that they're our real enemy.
[VEHICLE APPROACHING] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] [INDISTINCT SHOUTING] [DOGS BARKING] [DOGS WHIMPERING] Why'd you drag me out here? Well, I said I'd make it worth your while if you got me information on the cowboy.
Here we are.
Make it worth your while.
There's something between that cowboy and the preacher.
I saw it at the bargaining table.
This is about more than the strike.
I can't stop those two and get things back to normal if I don't know what it is.
That cowboy'll never know.
- I told you - he's just a john.
Who'll be on to the next town and the next.
Sporting girl.
That's how much I've got saved.
Get me the rest for the down payment, and then we'll talk.
[VEHICLE APPROACHING] What are you doing all the way out here? I've been writing about the life-and-death struggles of my fellow man.
I didn't know if you had it in you, DL Sullivan.
Be right back.
[INHALES DEEPLY] [EXHALES DEEPLY] - So? - What do you think? Let me guess.
Half-baked Hemingway? - You have a gift.
- [SIGHS] "And before the dust had time to settle, "the deal was already done.
"Four men were dead at the strikebreaker's hand.
"Their children orphaned.
Their wives widowed.
"But at least the rest of us will be spared paying three cents extra on our next gallon of milk.
" This is what people are hungry for, DL Not Hollywood gossip, real news about real people.
- Written by a fake staff.
- A fake staff? For our underground newspaper.
Our what? The "Tribune" has a printing press, doesn't it? Yes, but if Mr.
Babbage finds out I'm using it, I'd lose my job.
Well, then we will just have to make sure that Mr.
Babbage doesn't find out.
Has anybody new come to town? You know, anything out of the ordinary? Hmm.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER, LAUGHTER] That'd be one way of putting it.
The damn carnival's here? - Here.
- I'll come with you? - Eh, better not.
- Work's sloppy enough as it is.
[SIGHS] [INDISTINCT CHATTER] Yes? Y'all seen any, uh, strangers lurking around here? Every man is a stranger to himself.
Answer the question? The only stranger here is you.
Doesn't feel the way you wish it would, does it? What doesn't? Freedom.
The world of men.
Look, peddle your bullshit to someone else, okay? Uh, you seen any suspicious figures around here? You know, anything out of the ordinary? All I see is marks and carnies, just like anywhere else.
Fair enough, I suppose.
I saw you wrestle once.
When I was a boy, I went with my daddy on a business trip to Cheyenne, and I snuck into this building.
And it was Pitchfork Perry versus Ed "The Strangler" Lewis.
And I thought you were done for, 'cause The Strangler, he had you in the sleeper hold, but I'll be damned if somehow you didn't reverse out of it into this full nelson.
It was over in 15 seconds.
Anyway, uh I don't think I'll ever forget it.
We actually picked a guy up outside Des Moines.
Dropped him off at a church.
He didn't give us a name.
And he just kills you again.
[BULLETS RATTLING] [DOOR CREAKING] [GUN CLICKS] [CHUCKLES] Lew? I heard you might be out here.
I wanted to surprise you.
Happy to see me? I'm not sure that we've thought this through.
Oh, come on, DL.
Did Thomas Paine get cold feet when he wrote the "Rights of Man?" Thomas Paine was arrested for treason.
[UPBEAT MUSIC] Now, this is beautiful.
Sure beats a hand-cranked mimeograph.
It's a Super Heidelberg One horsepower, 3,000 impressions an hour.
Now let's get to work.
At least tell me you still drink.
Not tequila.
Oh, tequila's your drink.
I keep pretty dry these days, Lew.
[CHUCKLES] So this is you? Living in the middle of nowhere, not drinking, not shooting or riding, just eating beans and conversing with the Lord? I'm doing what preachers ought to be doing comforting the troubled and troubling the comfortable.
You sure you don't want some tequila? It loosens you up.
You want me to loosen up or just drop my guard? [CHUCKLES] I'm nearly getting the feeling you don't like having me here.
My bounty's almost doubled.
I'm damn near getting notorious.
If the local preacher is found harboring a bank robber, it raises questions Questions Amelia and I can't afford to have raised.
Look, I don't want to blow up whatever it is you got cooking here in Shitsville.
I just need a place to put my head down, catch my breath for a few days.
Why do you think I'll agree to that? Because you owe me.
How are we going to get these out to people? I don't know.
See you tomorrow.
[VEHICLE APPROACHING] If you value your life, you'll leave town tonight.
Somebody's been sent here to kill you and your husband.
Not this time.
[INHALES DEEPLY] You may have divided the farmers, but it won't work on us.
Seth told me that you're brothers and that Cynthia is dead because of you.
Well, then you just tell that son of a bitch that he'd better sleep with one eye open tonight.
Good evening, gorgeous.
[CLICKS TONGUE] - I see you've met Lew.
- Just about all of him.
[SIGHS] I can explain.
Please do.
Me, Lew, and Creeley all grew up together.
My father found Lew and his mother half dead in the woods when Lew was a baby.
He took them in, and they worked for us.
They lived out back behind our house.
He was practically a brother.
So, does that mean you trust him? I don't know if I'd go that far.
Why not? I know you don't like it, but there's still things about my past I don't want you to know.
Just understand that, whatever you were, whatever you've done We belong together, doing this.
No matter what your brother says.
Creeley talked to you again? He said someone was sent here to kill us.
- Let me get that.
- You're staying here.
Sweet of you to tuck me in.
Why are you really here? What are you talking about? [GUN COCKS] They sent my brother after me.
How do I know they didn't send you, too? If that's how little you think of me, I suppose you don't.
With how Creeley is these days, "pretty good" will get me killed.
Can't quite get used to hearing that.
Why, because Creeley used to be so yellow? 'Cause you two used to be so close.
If I remember correctly, you were usually at your best somewhere between drinks five and eight.
Just because you don't trust me doesn't mean I'm wrong.
Was something wrong with the butcher's boy? He trembled in his hand and voice The Devil had a hold of me [CHUCKLES] If you were anyone else, I'd say you'd gone soft.
If you were anyone else, I'd kick your ass for saying it.
The others knew to let him be So Squealy's hardened up.
He has.
And I wouldn't go around calling him Squealy anymore.
Squealy's gotten into your head.
Like hell he has, Lew.
I seem to remember a gun barrel poking out from under some bedsheets last night.
I dreamed last night that my time was done All right.
Preacher, try again.
I dreamed last night that my time was done [GUNSHOTS] Whoo! [LAUGHS] But the Devil had a hold of me Why is Creeley throwing warnings your way? He's trying to spook me out of town.
Someone's investing a lot of money in ending this farmer strike.
They've got Creeley and this asshole banker Calvin Rumple in their back pocket.
The Devil had a hold of me So are you gonna mope about it or be the man you used to be and actually do something? [SNIFFS] [GUN CLICKS] Depends.
You bring any more tequila with you? You sleep? Not much.
Four more.
Come on.
Are you gonna tell me what's going on? Wasn't planning on it.
You pay me to be of assistance, don't you? Let me assist.
The men I work for sent somebody to kill my brother and his wife, and I can't let it happen.
I thought you were sent here to stop them.
Yeah, I was, but it's more complicated than that.
I need my brother alive.
Why? - Well, just go on.
- Come on, finish it.
You're out of room.
Switch sides? Maybe you should warn your brother.
I tried warning his missus, but she's too stubborn to listen.
Well, in my line of work I've found words to be overrated.
So? So, if they won't listen Give them a warning bigger than words.
Can you think of anything big enough to scare them? Yeah, the bodies of the three goons my brother must have killed.
Hands up.
[TENSE MUSIC] Whatever you want, just take it.
I have cash, food collectible stamps [URINATING] - Whoo! - Whoo! Home, home on the range [PANTING] What the hell is wrong with you inbred farmers? Well, us inbred farmers are pretty pissed off these days.
The world is changing.
Food's gonna be made in factories.
Now, I'm probably doing you a favor for closing on your farms.
[TRAIN WHISTLE BLOWS] You What was that? [BOTH LAUGHING] Okay, okay.
What do you want? Eh End the price fixing.
Stop foreclosing and auctioning our farms.
- I can't do that.
- They want all this farmland.
Who does? Untie me, and maybe I'll tell you.
Yeah, I don't know if there's really time for that.
[TRAIN APPROACHING] [TRAIN WHISTLE BLOWS] So how'd it you feel, hmm? Overly familiar? Sweetly nostalgic? Strangely arousing? [BOTH CHUCKLE] It felt like an asshole banker just got what he deserved.
We better get cleaned up.
The local preacher will be expected to make an appearance at the carnival.
[LAUGHS] I'm a wanted man, remember? I can't really be seen enjoying a carnival.
You're going to the carnival as a different man.
- Cedar Elk Lodge.
You've reached the Cedar Elk Lodge.
May I be of service? Uh, Martin Eggers Hyde, please.
I believe Dr.
Hyde is in the Vorticist lounge.
Let me connect you.
[LINE TRILLING] Yes? Martin Eggers Hyde? - Martin Eggers Hyde, Ph.
- What is it? Mr.
Hearst is running late.
Please extend our apologies to your esteemed client.
Duvall will not be pleased.
Who may I say is calling on Mr.
Hearst's behalf? [PHONE RINGING] For when the Devil calls, it is surely because you asked for it.
Deny your worldly lusts! Deny your ungodliness! ALL: Oh! For if you do not live in this world soberly and righteously [COUGHS] Then you may as well hang yourself, for you are unworthy of Christ's love.
[APPLAUSE] I guess that's one way to get people to listen to your sermon.
[BOTH CHUCKLE] - [CLEARS THROAT] - Afternoon, preacher.
Indeed, Deputy.
It's a blessed day.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] [BOTH LAUGHING] You can get away with anything wearing one of these, can't you? [BOTH CHUCKLE] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Enjoy cutting-edge domestic technology.
[VACUUM WHIRRING, CROWD OOHS] I took care of our distribution problem.
The carnies are gonna take a stack with them on the road.
DL Sullivan, you are full of surprises, aren't you? [METAL CLINKING] Apparently I'm not the only one.
Go on.
- Preacher? Doesn't the Bible warn against weapons of warfare? I believe there's an apocryphal exception Something about winning a tiny bear for a beautiful girl.
Sometimes we're overcome by the Spirit.
[CHUCKLES] [CARNIVAL MUSIC PLAYING] [METAL CLINKING] You know we always have a place for our best sharpshooter, DL.
Thanks, Uncle Joe.
I'll keep that in mind.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] Out for your daily constitutional? Why does your car smell like rotting meat? Why do you smell like piss? Couple of farmers nearly killed me.
I'm leaving town the state.
Yeah, them, uh, farmers sure did a number on you.
Might even, uh, split open your ear there.
Ah! Oh, shit! Now, I don't have a choice but to end this farmer strike.
So that means that you ain't got a choice either.
- You understand me? - Fine, fine! What do you want? A favor.
Or you're gonna leave this fu ed-up town in a pine box, you understand? Now get in.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER, CARNIVAL MUSIC PLAYING] So what is it between the preacher and the strikebreaker? Nothing.
They just found themselves on opposing sides.
Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
You are right about one thing, though.
All this is bigger than some farmer strike.
The man behind the strikebreaker is incredibly rich, incredibly powerful.
How rich and powerful? What possible interest could a Duvall have in a town like this? I have no idea.
But whatever it is, I'd say your little empire here is coming to an end.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] It seems you've been busy.
The carnies are going to distribute the paper in every town from here to Chicago.
And if we can get the farmers in the small towns and the workers in the cities together This whole damn thing could spread like wildfire.
Now you must suffer.
Now you must suffer.
JONES' "BLESS YOUR SOUL"] Oh, when all of your ghosts in your dark hollow All them move to what's holy in you Oh, and bless your soul Mmm Mmm If you're keeping time, ain't hard if you're blind Just tap your feet to your prayers off beat [SCREAMING] Oh, and bless your soul Yes, I got all When in Rome? I'm not the fortune-teller type.
Yes, I got all Sorts of time Scribe your name.
My name is Tiresias.
Mine is a practice of spodomancy.
Divination in ashes.
Hey, partner.
Hey, what say you, uh shut this thing down for ten minutes take a little break? How about you double it? [LAUGHS] Apparently everyone's a capitalist.
- Okay, we're shutting it down! - Everybody off! Off.
[PEOPLE GROANING] Off! [INDISTINCT CHATTER] What's going on over here? [OMINOUS MUSIC] I saw some carnies fornicating behind the freak tent.
Clearly you're not who you're claiming to be.
- How do you know? - I don't know.
I believe.
That is how I see what I see.
From the vantage of eternity, everything in our world has already happened.
In eternity's eyes, you have already lived and died.
Birth, life, death.
It's all one design, a single shape, a spinning gyre that we enter and reenter again and again.
If you would only stop running from your past, perhaps then you would not be so fated to repeat it.
[SCREAMING] [SILENCED GUNSHOT] [GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] I know where the bodies are buried.
You sure you don't want to leave town? [SILENCED GUNSHOT] [GUNSHOTS] Aah! [FIRECRACKERS POPPING] [EXHALES SHARPLY] [LIGHT TAPPING] - [GUNSHOT] - Aah! Who sent you? [SILENCED GUNSHOT] - [THUD] - [GROANS] [BREATHING HEAVILY] So is this it? You're gonna kill me now? No.
I'm gonna take you in.
And you're going to confess to the murders you framed me for back in Wyoming, 'cause I'm done being punished for your sins.