Damnation (2017) s01e08 Episode Script

The Goodness of Men

1 Previously on "Damnation" Vote for me, Sheriff of Holden County.
We'd like the Black Legion to stop this farmers' strike.
She saw our faces.
If you wanna see your family again, from this moment forward you'll tell me every single move the Black Legion is gonna make.
Have you ever seen this man? He was last seen murdering my husband.
You are now to kill your brother.
And maybe you'll have your freedom at last.
They bring in uniform shipments from Woodbury County.
That's my father's company.
Her name was Cynthia Jo Rainey, and she's rotting in the ground because of that strike breaker.
[BELL RINGING] In some men, goodness is visible, like oil on water.
But for others, it's like gold.
It's buried deep in a mine.
[FADING] It only means we need to look harder at the heart of that man.
What if your father sees us? When Reverend Rainey is giving a sermon, a tornado could blow the roof off and my father wouldn't notice.
Besides, he's taken a liking to you.
He has? Yeah.
I'm not sure what he sees in you.
[BOTH CHUCKLE] So when will I meet the rest of your family? My older brother Wallace never came back from the war.
My mother's dead.
So is mine.
And your father? My father is not like yours.
I don't want to be anything like him.
You should be more like my father.
You'd make a good preacher.
[BOTH LAUGH] I'm serious.
We don't have to be perfect to spread the word.
We just have to open our hearts.
Oh, shit.
But I wouldn't start your sermons that way.
No, no.
It's past noon.
I'm late.
[SOLEMN MUSIC] [CLEARS THROAT] Why'd it take you so long to buy feed in town? The shopkeeper was out, so I waited till the noon train rolled in with the new shipment.
Here is the work at hand.
Paideuma Oil Company needs us to clear 500 acres of good drilling land in the next week.
Farmers, homesteaders, squatters.
All out.
No witnesses.
Lew, you'll take a man out to the Davenport homestead.
Creeley, you'll take men out to Colton Creek, and clear the Fredericks, Daltons, and Raineys.
Ra Raineys? But there's a I think there's a church there, Pa.
I don't care if we kick Jesus Christ himself off this land.
We're doing it.
And after we're done, the oil men are going to make us shareholders.
What does that mean? It means we can stop sweatin' and bleedin' for the rich.
[DARK MUSIC] We're gonna be businessmen, like the men who've hired us.
The Turner name is gonna be one your children and grandchildren will be proud to own.
You know, if your father's company is involved in all this, and his factory is in the next county over Do you know the parable of the prodigal daughter? No.
That's because there isn't one.
Help me, please.
The Black Legion is after me.
Please, they're going to kill me please, please.
[BREATHING HALTINGLY] [CAR ENGINE RUMBLING] [CAR DOORS OPENING AND CLOSING] We came to hear the word on this fine morning.
We're not quite ready for weekday service yet.
Morning, Preacher Seth.
We are eager to hear your message.
You're speaking my language, Ma'am.
Of course, the House of the Lord is open to everyone, but we prefer our congregants to leave their livestock and firearms outside.
Well, hello, Martha.
- Hello.
- Welcome.
You're running hot, dear child.
If you wish to give this morning's sermon, we'll be discussing second Corinthians, chapter four, verse two.
Look, you wouldn't happen to have seen a black prostitute around here? She stole my friend's wallet.
No, I haven't.
Welcome, friends.
Today, I'd like to talk about men who seem one way and act another.
Evil men who put on a mask of goodness.
Now, one day, of course, their masks will slip, and the truth will come out.
And a reckoning will come.
So you must be the new banker.
Glad to witness your peerless powers of deduction first-hand.
[CHUCKLES] Yes, I'm John Dyson.
I hear you had quite an adventure at the pavilion.
Explain the goons.
First, close the door.
After the bank robbery, I've hired the Black Legion to provide extra security.
And to further our shared client's interests.
And you expect me to work with those sons of bitches? They're not exactly good company, are they? But we can hold our noses and use them to our advantage.
Which brings me to this.
These documents establish your unconditional release from both Dr.
Eggers Hyde's employment and your prison sentence.
Kill the preacher and you're a free man.
Take care.
They're gone? Yeah.
Thank God.
I've been running from those bastards all night.
I gotta get back to the brothel.
If they see you, they'll kill you.
- What else am I going to do? - Turn white? We can help protect you.
If you tell us what you know.
Why are those bastards after you? I followed them to their warehouse.
I was looking for Creeley.
I saw their leader without his hood on.
And he is? Melvin Stubbs.
Candidate for sheriff Melvin Stubbs? Oh, yeah.
He was meeting with the new banker.
Gave the Black Legion a big ol' gun.
Whole lot of cash.
Can you help me? You're not really willing to throw her to the wolves, are you? Of course not.
The bank was just robbed.
Where is this banker's money coming from? We can't really help you unless we know what we're up against.
The money's from the Duvall family.
The same folks paying off Creeley.
Let's get this woman to safety.
Thank you.
[ENGINE SHUTS OFF] [DOOR CLOSES] Do you have a permit for this Communist farm market? It is actually an auction, of sorts.
Perhaps you'd like to bid on some fresh tomatoes? You keep selling your own goods like this, you're gonna put me out of business.
Then I suppose you'll have to learn how to grow your own.
Watch your lip, Martha.
Election's coming.
If you wanna shut us down, you better come back with the sheriff.
Otherwise, you're outnumbered.
Don't worry.
I'll be back.
As sheriff.
There's going to be big changes around here.
No more freeloading for you or any murderer sittin' in the soon-to-be my jail.
Melvin Stubbs, Tanner Phillips The butcher.
Myron Eddins.
These bastards are going to shit their robes once it gets out in the Labor Bulletin.
You're behind that Commie rag.
And here I thought you were just a bitchy little preacher's wife.
And here I thought you were just a common whore.
So, what do we do now? Start a little knitting circle, catch up on gossip? Oh, sure, after we fix each other's hair up at the family potluck.
[CHUCKLES] But until then, try and remember any more names of those racist bastards, hmm? "Holden Tribune," please.
DL, it's me.
Come over.
[HANGS UP PHONE] You poor, dear child.
I thought you were gonna cut down the bad man.
I am.
But I have to be certain I'm punishing the correct bad man.
And make sure he acted alone.
No accomplices will be getting away with murdering my Leonard.
Did another bad man help him? Maybe it was a bad woman.
My Leonard was stopping two bad men in Arkansas named Seth and Sal.
I was unaware that one of them had a wife.
But as the preacher himself said, soon the truth will be revealed.
Mother will you promise you won't leave me? [SOLEMN MUSIC] I don't have anyone else.
Feeling sorry never helped anyone.
Just focus on getting yourself well.
[OMINOUS MUSIC] - This is incredible.
- Where'd you get all this? Well, some of it came from first-hand observation.
Some of it came from the big, bad strikebreaker's whore.
She's our anonymous source.
Emphasis on "anonymous.
" There is so much here.
We should publicize the factories and chemical testing first.
Turn the public against the Duvall family.
Then we can tie them to the Black Legion, and unmask Melvin Stubbs right before the election.
That's really smart.
I'll pretend you don't sound surprised.
We should also think about distributing papers at Tintern Textiles.
Let the workers know who they're really working for.
Well, let's focus on printing a new edition, and, uh, then we can figure out how to get the word out.
Wish me luck.
[CHUCKLES] [OPENS AND CLOSES DOOR] Is that how you're gonna spread your revolution? Making every corn-fed paperboy wanna peek up that prim and proper skirt of yours.
My friendship with DL is based on intellectual kinship, and a shared sense of political responsibility.
[LAUGHS] Tell that to the half-stiffy he ran out of here with.
Maybe he's just excited to have a little rendezvous with you at that textile factory.
I don't plan on setting one foot in that place.
[DOOR CREAKS] I'm a patient man, but not that patient.
We made a deal.
[GRUNTS] - I spared your life before.
- Don't make me take it now.
If they find out I've been talking to you, they'll kill me.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] What's the Black Legion up to? I know Melvin Stubbs is your leader.
The bank the banker gave Melvin money if we promised to stop this farmers strike.
He's gonna take down all these farmers.
Starting with Sam Riley, Jr.
Melvin's gonna hang the kid at dawn.
I'm getting Cynthia out of Wyoming.
And I'm going with her.
You can't go, Seth.
Pa will hunt you both down.
Cynthia sees me.
Who I really am, deep down.
Do you know what that feels like? I can't even imagine.
You're stronger than you think you are.
That voice in you that Pa tries to beat out of you, the way you care about other people, that's not a weakness.
It's a strength.
Don't forget that.
[SOLEMN MUSIC] [KNOCK ON DOOR] If you catch me stealin', Papa, please don't Why does a preacher sneak in and out the back door of Myron Eddins' butcher shop? I can see more than you think from up here.
Myron Eddins is a member of the Black Legion.
Just like their leader, Melvin Stubbs.
According to Myron, the Black Legion is going to hang Sam Jr.
at dawn.
We've got to get him to a safer location.
Those Black Legion buffoons hide in their warehouse trading baseball cards.
They can't just waltz into my jail and take young Sam.
I'm still sheriff.
Not for long.
The Duvall family is backing Stubbs and the Black Legion with money and weapons to take over this town.
So if they say they're going to hang Martha Riley's only son to do it, I'd believe them.
[TENSE MUSIC] So the sheriff isn't going to move Sam Jr.
? The Sheriff doesn't realize what he's up against.
Sam Jr.
wouldn't be there if Creeley hadn't framed him.
Oh, that's cute.
Pretending Creeley even had a choice in the matter.
Everyone has a choice.
You either do what's right or you do what's wrong.
Creeley's been choosing wrong for a long time.
Oh, and how about you? Struttin' around all high and mighty after framing your own brother for murders he didn't even commit.
I put Creeley in that prison because he deserved it.
[GUNSHOTS] Who is that? Yeah, you keep your missus inside.
She don't need to see this.
You can't kill me.
You told me you need me to confess.
Not anymore.
See, I'll kill you, and the doctor will release me.
Not if I kill you first.
Either way, I'm a free man.
[DOOR OPENS] Creeley! I don't like those pompous cocksuckers any more than you do, okay? [PANTING] But they just saved my ass from the Black Legion.
Still plan on killing me for your freedom? Or does saving her change things a bit? I'm gonna go stop the Black Legion.
They're after her and after Sam Jr.
If you wanna kill me once I'm done, go ahead.
I won't squeal.
Where's Seth? What do you mean? I know something's been off with Seth lately.
Now him and his horse are gone.
[SIGHS] If your brother's doing something he shouldn't, I need to know.
I don't know, Pa.
I don't know.
Maybe he gone out for something.
[SCOFFS] I know I'm hard on you boys, but it's all done out of love.
That's why I pulled you out of that brothel, so you could grow up with your brothers.
Families are supposed to stay together, aren't they? Creeley? Help me keep my boys together.
He's been seeing Preacher Rainey's daughter in Colton Creek.
[TENSE MUSIC] He's planning on running off with her before we clear the land.
You see? That's why I can't let Seth go.
You're just too fucking weak to handle anything on your own.
I'm gonna get Sam Jr.
out of jail.
Did you really frame your own brother for murder? What's between me and my brother is between me and my brother.
And what about what's between you and me? [SIGHS] How long can you keep running from your past? Probably for as long as you can.
Or did you change your mind about visiting your father's factory? I just did.
DL and I are going to Woodbury County to see what's going on.
I'll be back in a couple of days.
[MELLOW FOLK MUSIC] Family's a curse.
Isn't it? Every time you let somebody in close, it's a sign of weakness.
Best go it alone.
Not get too attached.
Why'd you call Eggers Hyde? Sheriff offered me money to dig into your business.
It's enough to move out of the brothel.
When I found the phone number, I thought it'd be a decent angle to play.
I should give this back.
[SIGHS] Why? That's the arrangement.
That's business.
Isn't it? You're damn right it is.
[BIRDS CHIRPING] And nothing more.
You know that black whore? Yeah.
I can't stand that slut.
Then tell me where she is.
Tell you? Not if you shat out silver dollars.
[GASPS] Tell me.
[SHOTGUN COCKS] Leave now and I'll let you boys walk out of here with your little gonads shriveled up inside you, instead of rolling around like bloody marbles on the floor.
Sure thing, lady.
[DARK MUSIC] Show me where that black whore spreads her legs.
[OBJECTS CLATTERING] Some kind of letters here.
Take this hag downstairs.
Looks like Wyoming's whore knows even more than we thought.
We're alone.
Why the hell do you still have your hood on? What happened to you? I got into a scrap at the speakeasy.
I see.
Keep searching the damn room.
So what's the plan for getting these out? A little journey into the past.
Excuse me.
You run the carding machine, right? When I had to clean the cylinders the teeth were hell on my knuckles.
Hell ain't the half of it.
So, does old Theodore Hopkins still have management hotwiring the time clocks to rip you all off? How do you know about that? Because sadly enough, Theodore Hopkins is my father.
My friend and I are putting out the truth about what men like my father and the Duvall family are doing.
If you ladies would like to read about it, please take a few copies.
Maybe even pass them around.
Call me any time you want the truth to get out about how my family is cheating you out of your pay, risking your health, or management is playing grab-ass behind closed doors.
[TELEPHONE RINGING] Deputy Berryman.
All right.
Yes, sir, understood.
Was that the sheriff? What're you doing? I'm moving you.
[KEYS CLATTER] To a safer location.
I knew you'd do the right thing, Deputy.
Relax, Sam.
What's going on here? I'm tired of Uncle Sheriff Don's shortcuts and compromises.
Stubbs is right.
It's time for old-fashioned law and order in this county again.
And just agree to everything he says and they won't hurt you.
Who won't hurt me? Relax, and you'll be fine.
I'll take it from here, Deputy.
[DARK MUSIC] Take a walk with me, Sam.
Sam Jr.
, are you familiar with a brotherhood of patriots known as the Black Legion? [ICE CRACKLING] Something wrong, Martha? Preacher Seth came by for Preston and they left in a hurry.
And I have a bad feeling it has something to do with Sam Jr.
These labor struggles have no regard for motherhood, do they? Um, I'm sorry? I lost my first daughter [SETS ICE PICK DOWN] When she was nearly three years old to a labor strike not unlike this one.
Oh, Connie.
Those strikebreakers are brutal.
It wasn't strikebreakers.
It was strikers.
My darling girl was sick and needed medicine.
The strikers would not let anyone through their blockade.
My husband Leonard rode out and pleaded with them to let the medicine through.
If only those strikers had found the common decency to let the medicine through.
But despite our loss Leonard and I understood and supported the strikers' principles.
Of course, we did.
What are the hopes and dreams of one small family in the face of the greater political struggle? That poor, dear child is still running a fever.
[SNIFFLES] I may lose my composure if she doesn't get better soon.
Okay, Sam Jr.
, take cover.
Sam Jr.
ain't here.
The station's empty.
What do you think happened? I think a butcher lied to me.
Come on.
Who are these men? Hired thugs and paid killers for the oil men.
Look, we need to get going.
[HORSE NEIGHS] Who's that? I don't know.
Take this and go inside.
[WHISPERS] I'll be back.
[OMINOUS MUSIC] Creeley, what are you doing here? Pa knows.
How? He tricked me, Sam.
I told him you were leaving.
You told him? - [GUNSHOT] - [WOMAN SCREAMS] I guess the sheriff's house is the last place anyone will think to look.
So, how'd a girl like you end up with such a shitty father like this? According to the orphanage records he knocked up a whore and dumped me off.
What are you gonna do? I'm gonna keep these Black Legion bastards from getting to you.
About killing your brother.
Just like you said, family is a curse.
We can run.
If Seth and Amelia can go from town to town changing identities, why can't we? Patriots, come out! Everybody, come on out.
[TENSE MUSIC] I'll go take a look.
Stay out of sight.
[UPBEAT FOLK MUSIC] What would you say if I told you that when that cowboy came to the speakeasy, he was wonderin' who'd want revenge for Sam's murder? And someone in there buckled and gave him Sam Jr.
's name.
I'd say whoever it was still has time to make up for it.
In the name of justice, come join us now! Nothing to be afraid of.
Sam Riley Jr.
's gonna make a statement.
Where are you taking me? When their backs are turned Follow the railroad, Riley When their backs are turned Up where the mountains, Riley Everyone out! We're not armed.
This is a peaceful assembly.
Come on out! When their backs are turned Run, run, run to the railroad When their backs are turned Run, run, run with the railroad Come see if Sam Riley's son loves his country or not.
Get yourself and my boy out of here.
Okay, now, listen, you go tell your mother I'll be right behind you.
Whoa whoa Whoa Not a sound, not a sound Come on outside and bear witness.
Not a sound That's right, gather up.
Listen up! Gather around now! Unless the farmers renounce their strike, we will be forced to take matters into our own hands.
And since Sam Riley Jr.
's family started it all, it's only fair that we allow him to set a good example.
As the Grand Master of the Black Legion, I command you to prove your patriotism and kiss our great national flag.
All we ask is that Sam Jr.
Confess to murdering Pete Collingsworth.
Renounce the strike so that Holden can return to being the town it once was.
Sam Riley Jr.
, will you make this pledge? [CROWD MURMURING] I didn't kill anybody! Get him up.
- [SPITS] - Have mercy! - Kiss my ass! - He's just a boy! You got some spirit, kid.
String him up.
[CROWD SHOUTING] - Cowards! You told me you wouldn't hurt him.
He had a chance.
Which is more than he gave Pete Collingsworth.
Go home, Melvin.
Before this turns into something that none of us can walk away from.
I resent that implication, Sheriff.
I'm just an innocent bystander in all of this.
[CROWD GASPING AND SHRIEKING] Tomorrow another farmer will have a chance to renounce this strike or face the same fate as this boy.
Traitors will be weeded out and brought down.
The spirit and unity of this great land Hey! - Will once again be revived.
- What the hell are you doing? [CROWD MURMURING] Two agitators for the price of one.