Dancing On the Edge (2013) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

He didn't see you, I'm pretty sure he didn't.
He's holding a picture of me, so he'd better not have.
Did I tell you I spoke to Eric? No, you didn't When did you do that? When you first arrived last night, bleeding all over the place.
And what did you say to him? I said bring a car in the morning.
We need to move Louis.
And can he be trusted? I'm not sure.
We'll soon see if the police turn up now.
Who's this? Don't know.
What the hell is he doing bringing something that size?! Get in the car, Louis.
Not until I know where you're taking me.
We're going west, about six miles.
Why are we going west? We can't stand around and have a conversation about it get in the car.
Got to lie right down on the seat.
Go on, lie down.
Hell's she doing here? Don't let her get in this car.
What? You heard me Don't let her in.
Sarah, what are you doing here? I thought this was the only place you could come.
I wanted to say something to Louis.
You weren't followed, were you? No, I wasn't.
That's Pamela's car.
I stayed with her last night.
Nobody's going to follow her.
I need a word with Louis, just for a moment.
Sarah, we've got to go.
I have to have a word with Louis.
Some other time, Sarah.
She can follow us.
What? You can follow us.
Why on earth did you do that? She was going to follow us anyway.
Get right down! Jessie! I saw you with Jessie Taylor.
I saw you arguing the night she was attacked.
You saw Mr.
Luscombe in the hotel when he maintains he was on the train to Paris.
I'm not taking any help from Mr.
I promise you, Stanley, that's the last thing I'll do.
This is so very exciting.
You told the police that you saw Julian in the hotel when he couldn't possibly have been there.
Come back to the hotel? I'm not that stupid, Sarah.
What are you saying? That you don't trust any of us? My brother's going to be an American businessman, and suddenly you're his partner, too, Mr.
Masterson? Don't be concerned.
I'm going to see a doctor now.
Get down, Louis, for Christ's sake! I told you to keep down! Why won't you tell me where you're taking me? We have told you we're going west.
I don't know why on earth we're going out to the suburbs.
The obvious thing for us to do is to get to Victoria You buy a ticket, you give it to me, and I get on the boat-train.
We should be doing the simplest plan.
Oh, really? Done this before, have you? The longer we leave it, the more places they'll be watching.
Going in the opposite direction is plain stupid.
Pull up, Eric! Pull up right now.
You want to do that? Go and catch the boat-train? Yes, I think I should go straight there.
Well, then we'll turn right round, drop you in front of Victoria Station, and watch you being arrested within 20 seconds.
We don't have to do it like that of course, I And you have your passport on you, do you, Louis? No, because it's at the hotel, and you told me not on any account to go back there, but one of the band could easily get it from my room and meet me.
Whilst you're sitting in a restaurant in Victoria Station drinking coffee, I suppose.
For God's sake, Louis, listen to me.
Donaldson told all of us last night that the police have Harry Thornton saying that he saw you screaming at Jessie the night she was attacked.
They've timed the drive from the airbase where you were playing when it happened and worked out you could have easily got back in time to knife her.
And after I attacked her, I got back in the car, did I? Covered in blood, because I would have been totally covered in blood.
And somehow drove up again to the hotel so I could be seen arriving, as relaxed as Yes, they think you could have done that! How?! Because you're a clever Negro! "He thinks he's such a clever Negro.
Everybody knows what an opinion he has of himself.
" That is what they decided you did.
So if you want to take your chance with the entire English legal system, I'm not gonna stop you I promise you, I'm not.
Because I don't need to be doing any of this, you realize, carrying you around London, while the whole bloody police force is on your back.
And why are you doing it then? I'd like to know that, Stanley.
Maybe because your last interview might make quite a good story.
Stop that at once! Get out of the car! All of you, get away from the car! I don't trust her.
Well, she's here.
So you got no other choice but to trust her.
Louis, come on.
Eric, what is this place? This is my brother's.
He's even more interested in taking things apart than I am.
Where is he? He won't be back till later.
He works in a film studio.
I have a key because I work with him sometimes.
We're building a projector.
Keep away from the window.
How long do I need to be here for? - We need a few hours.
- Till it's dark.
There's a meeting with Mr.
Masterson in just under two hours.
You're going to that? Well, Eric and I have to.
And Sarah, too, but she can join later.
Wax is signing off the magazine.
We need to be there for that; if we're not, then They might think that we're holding a fugitive.
Which we are.
What are you doing? I need to change your bandage.
It's all right, the bleeding's stopped.
You need a new bandage, it'll get infected otherwise.
I'm going to do this, keep still.
You want me to stay here Yes.
All day until it's done? Yes.
What if somebody needs your brother? Well, don't answer the door, whatever you do.
Keep still, please.
I'm going to do this properly.
I think I'll get your passport.
Be much easier if I do it than anybody else, and I'll still have time enough for the meeting.
The most important thing is to get out these.
Wearing this in the middle of the day By the time it's night, it won't matter.
I'll get you a change of clothes I'll do that.
You're expected at the meeting.
They won't worry if I'm late.
I'll get them and I'll come straight back.
We can't both go to the hotel! I won't go to the hotel! When I get a change of clothes, I can do the rest on my own.
Thanks for the help, but I don't want you all taking risks.
Louis, as hard as it is, you've got to stay in this room.
And when it's dark, we will move you.
Now, maybe we can find somewhere out of London for a couple of days, and then you try to reach a port.
But just promise me you won't be stupid and try to leave.
Is there anything I can get you, sir? No, no, quite unnecessary.
Please carry on.
You're here even earlier than I am.
Well, it's a big day, signing of the agreement, so I thought I should be early.
Days don't get much bigger than this, do they? Well, not for me, anyway.
Nor for me.
After the signing, I'm leaving the country with Mr.
You're going today, sir? Indeed.
It's a very interesting trip, in prospect.
We're flying to Cherbourg tonight, then crossing to New York on a brand new liner, which is kind of appropriate, don't you think? How all new ventures should begin.
I don't think I should take too many clothes, because I will get a whole new wardrobe when I'm out there, won't I? I'm don't think you'll need a whole new wardrobe, darling.
I'll need some very serious shoes, especially so that when people look at me, they say, "My word, that young man is someone.
" I'm sure they'll find you some extremely serious shoes.
Oh, G-God, darling.
A day of good-byes.
What a terrible prospect.
I'll cry so much.
And I will miss you so much.
You will do most of your good-byes on the telephone, won't you? That way, you won't get delayed.
Marvelous idea That'll be so much easier.
Then I can just say, "This good-bye has gone on long enough, so good-bye.
" You'll be here? Of course I'll be here.
Nearly all the time.
You'll stay close by me? Really close? I'll stick very close.
Almost all the time.
Is Her Ladyship in? Yes, sir.
Good morning.
We've all decided to have a final cup of tea together.
A "final" cup of tea? Yes, the old hotel is going up in smoke, apparently.
We're giving up our apartments here.
It's very definitely time to move on.
We've all agreed on that.
They've been here for absolute ages.
And when one thinks back to the great things that have happened, to the wonderful artists who played here, I thought those days were coming back when the Prince of Wales came here to listen to the Louis Lester band play.
But a fight among musicians, a fatal stabbing, a girl singer dies And, well, it's the end of the place.
Was there a fight amongst musicians? Well that's what the police seem to believe.
Lester does appear to be the culprit, does he not? Which is tremendously sad, of course.
But until the court has pronounced, we certainly mustn't.
So dark in here.
Looks like there might be a thunderstorm.
We must get to work, mustn't we, Stanley? Mr.
Masterson awaits.
You can come in my car.
We are to go already? Yes.
Have to be early on our first day.
Here he comes now.
I told him to bring the car round to the back.
Because there's so many taxis out front.
Everybody's trying to get away.
What is it, Stanley? What are you doing that for? I have no secrets in front of Pardoe.
I want you to consider something.
What is that? That Louis isn't guilty.
Well, of course one hopes that might be the case, but the evidence is rather damning.
There is no evidence.
Of course there isn't.
But we need a little time.
"We"? What do you mean "we"? Well, he needs somewhere to go while things calm down.
I wondered if you could help.
If I could help? If we could use your house in the country for a couple of days.
No one would look for him there.
Pardoe, stop the car.
I'm amazed you should ask that.
The police are out there looking for him right this moment.
I don't know why you're amazed.
We encouraged the band.
I don't see how that changes anything.
I'm stunned you should ask me, Stanley.
Truly stunned.
But I am asking you.
Because I know, in a way, you will understand and want to do something.
Just for two days.
We use your house.
You could say you knew nothing about it.
After all, I've been to the house, I could have suggested it to Louis.
There's the stable block.
There was a knifing in the hotel, and a girl died.
Louis is a very intelligent man, of course, but we must not be blinded.
This was always the likely outcome.
A Negro band in this hotel A fight, a stabbing.
Do you really believe that, Lavinia? Yes, I do.
What if Mr.
Masterson's involved? What if he's protecting Julian? No, that's impossible, quite impossible.
And you know that.
Do I? I thought it was impossible, but maybe it isn't.
Stanley, if you're helping Louis I didn't say that, I didn't say I was.
You could go to prison for a long time.
I know that, Lavinia.
Are you helping him? No, I'm not.
Not yet.
I'm going to be the proprietor of the magazine, and this is our first day.
And I was really looking forward to it, us, working together, and you bring me this.
What do I bring you, Lavinia? You bring me chaos.
God knows I've had enough of that in my life, with what happened with my sons.
I know that, Lavinia, of course.
For a moment, I thought it had stopped.
And now this.
I don't know what you thought you were doing.
You've ruined everything.
You've ruined our day.
Your Ladyship.
Lavinia! What do you think you're doing? Looking for Carla.
I'm doing an article on the breakup of the band.
Are you, indeed? Yes.
You think anyone wants to read that now? Well, maybe We'll see.
Do you know where she is? No, I don't.
You brought the roof down on all of us, Stanley.
You realize that? I have? You brought the band here.
I watch all day! We've had so many burglaries, I've lost count.
Where are the police?! Always too late I tell you we've had enough! Why is Pamela here? She insisted on coming.
I couldn't stop her.
Don't worry, though, Louis.
She wants to help, I really believe she does.
I've brought the clothes, they're in the car.
Why are they in the car? I wanted to make sure you were still here first.
Nobody followed us, I promise.
I was keeping an eye out the whole way.
So how do they know I'm here? I don't know.
Louis, believe me, I You think we're gonna put up with this? You don't do anything about it! She had five visits from the police, and all she had stolen was a cigarette case.
The police are never here.
They should be! I'm gonna write to my member of Parliament, Herbert Stringer, and you're gonna hear from him! I promise you will Keep going! I've got the clothes.
And what did you say to the police? As little as I could.
They said they were investigating a burglary.
Let's not go back to the car, yet.
Better get you changed, Louis.
Where do you suggest I change? We'll find somewhere.
We'll do it there.
And they're not going to notice? We act as if it's the most natural thing in the world.
You take this suitcase, Louis.
After all, why shouldn't you be my servant? That's what they'll think.
Sit there, and I'll go and find out if I can get us in.
Sit there? In full view of everybody? Of course.
The police won't look for him here.
You've got to hold your nerve, Sarah.
Bernard, you and your friends are going to play the music for us, are you not? I will go and see how big the space is and if it'll suit.
I just wanted to see inside.
I hear there is a room for hire? Of course! There is? Then you must show me.
Lead the way.
I didn't bring them here.
The police.
I promise.
I know they didn't follow me.
It doesn't matter.
What doesn't matter? It matters to me what you think more than anything.
You can't cry.
I'm not crying.
I'm not going to cry.
I shouldn't be sitting here.
If I'm your servant, I ought to stand.
Don't stand, please don't stand.
Talk to me.
I won't cry, I promise.
Look as if you're giving me orders about the party.
What party? The party you've hired me and my friends to play at.
It's not easy to pretend at this very moment.
Pamela's not finding it too difficult.
There's a very good reason for that, isn't there? She doesn't care about you the way that I do.
Oh, don't say anything to that, or I will break down.
Hurts so much that you don't trust me.
You're right.
We shouldn't talk about this now.
But that doesn't mean we never should.
Give me orders about what you require for the entertainment at the party.
How many of you will there be, providing th-the music? About ten, ma'am.
What's taking her so long? I've got to be at the meeting, the signing of the magazine's future, and we need to get you away from here and changed before I think it might do.
It might well be what I'm looking for.
The lady's got to go, ma'am.
Yes, you go, Sarah.
Take the car.
Take the car? Yes.
If the police are following the car, it's best Louis isn't in it.
But where will you go? We'll find somewhere back in town, maybe that little club where Louis played for the prince that time, and there was that thunder storm.
Go to your meeting, darling.
We'll take care of the arrangements.
Let's see if this could possibly work, Bernard, or whether it's far too pokey.
Now, let's find you somewhere to change.
Excuse me.
This may take a little while.
Why are you here? I'm not sure you should worry about that right at this moment, Louis.
Has the opportunity to to really gain some new readers.
Gentlemen, we have an incredible opportunity here.
Where on earth have you been, Stanley? I've been with Lavinia, uh, Lady Cremone.
She's gonna be a little late.
Almost everyone seems to be late today.
Just when their future is being decided.
And Sarah will be here very soon, I think so.
Yes, we have something for her.
Eric was just showing us the new magazine.
Quite a transformation.
We're going to have the space for so many more pages, I thought we needed to expand, boldly.
Our biggest new section is our cinema section, which will have at least three particular subdivisions The USA, Hollywood, of course, Europe, and, naturally, us.
And equally exciting, I think, is this A special section on censorship, on movies that can't be shown here, at least not yet.
Like this amazing new erotic film from Czechoslovakia, Ecstasy.
It is quite poetic, but it does have full nakedness.
A few photos from that will move a hell of a lot of copies.
What do you think, Stanley? And there are going to be so many photographs.
About ten times more than we had.
Yes, Mr.
Masterson has bought a brand new camera for Sarah.
This fast-speed camera's only just come out.
I think it will cause quite a revolution in the use of photographs.
And we will show the way.
A new camera, Sarah will love that.
Stanley, I need a word with you.
What is it, Mr.
Masterson? You must call me Walter.
All right.
Walter, what is it? I just wanted you to check your new salary.
It seemed to me to be a fair figure to start with.
Do you agree with that figure? Yes.
It's, uh very generous.
Of course I do.
As we expand further, it'll go up.
I have to ask you, Stanley.
Have you seen Louis Lester within the last few hours? I have not.
You don't know where Mr.
Lester currently is? No, I don't.
What's this got to do with the signing? This is the first magazine I've owned.
I think people might feel it's rather sensible of me to make sure my editor doesn't wind up in jail.
Well, that certainly isn't going to happen.
Good, I'm reassured.
You've had no contact? No.
Of course, when the police do arrest him, I'm going to see if I can get his last interview.
That will be a scoop, certainly.
And in fact, Mr.
Lester is about to be found.
He is? I fully expect him to be found before midnight tonight, because I've offered a reward of 10,000 pounds for information leading to his capture.
It's about to be announced.
You've offered a reward? Of 10,000 pounds? Yes.
Why is that so surprising? Because we all knew Louis.
We all did.
It's one thing to not actually help him, but it's a little different, isn't it, offering a huge reward for his arrest? Is it? I think we have to disagree, Stanley.
It seemed to me to be the right thing to do, because although I wasn't responsible for the band being at The Imperial, I am a resident there.
I've seen what's happened to the hotel.
In any case, it's done.
It'll be out in the first edition of the evening newspaper, which is within the hour.
I don't think we should keep Mr.
Wax waiting any longer, do you? Do I take the plunge? Or do I have a change of heart? Nope.
No change of heart.
The price was too good.
I'll go check the luggage.
Why are you all alone? Just perching here for a moment.
You mustn't ever drink alone, even coffee.
Terrible idea.
I was just a little early for a meeting and and now I may be a little late.
Walter's meeting? Yes.
Well, your life is going to be full of Walter from now on His calls, his telegrams, his commands.
Me, too.
He's taking me away, you know.
I do know that, yes.
He's got fingers in every pie.
It's amazing, isn't it? He doesn't ever have deep thoughts or anything like that, but, suddenly, he's in every pie! Come on, Lavinia, why are you so sad? You can smile at that! I am a little upset, of course, about what's happened to Louis Lester.
It's a terrible business.
It is.
It's it's shocking.
Quite awful.
And the news changes every minute, doesn't it? Walter told me, this morning, that he's offered a reward Quite a big reward, actually For any information leading to Louis' arrest.
He's offering a reward? Are you sure? Oh, yes.
It's going to be in the paper.
Well, that took long enough.
They nearly fit.
Where do they come from, one of your servants? Yes.
But that's much better.
Come on, Bernard, over here.
The taxi will be here any moment.
Yes, ma'am.
When the taxi arrives, Bernard, I want you to tell the driver to go to Fortnum & Mason's in Piccadilly.
I need a couple of items from there.
Yes, ma'am.
You may sit with me.
We're not going to Fortnum & Mason, are we? Of course not.
When we're back in town, we'll head to that little music club, don't you think? It's funny what people choose to do with their lives.
I expect my mother would like it here.
I don't think bowls is very popular with Jews, so she wouldn't find many here, and that would make her so happy.
Don't worry, the taxi will be here at any moment.
As soon as it's dark, I'm going to get out of London, to Bristol or Cardiff, and get a ship.
Let's hope it's that easy.
It'll be easier on my own.
Or maybe you're less easy to spot when you're being a servant, Louis.
There you are! Mr.
What a surprise.
I've been saying good-byes all over town, and of course one of my first had to be you, Carla.
It's been such a terrible day, hasn't it? With all those awful things in the papers about Louis, it's it's not possible.
It's just not possible he did anything to Jessie! I know he can't have! 'Course he didn't.
I miss Jessie awfully! I find myself saying things to her.
There's so much I wish I had said, when I had a chance That's absolutely right.
So do I.
It's especially true today, because my sister's gone missing, for a little while at least, and I have all these good-byes to do in just a few hours.
You're-you're going today? Tonight, yes.
I really don't want to go.
I hate the idea of a business job, of belonging to someone, of not being able to do what I want, like you can, Carla.
I won't be anymore.
We're having to leave this place.
The band's breaking up.
When I get to America, I'm going to look after you.
I'm going to take you out there for a holiday and tell everybody what a wonderful talent you have and how much you mean to me.
Mean to you? How unforgettable you are, and our times together, you and Jessie and me.
And how it will always be, it is the highlight of my life.
You're holding me too tight, Mr.
How do you want us to say good-bye, then? I don't know.
Shake hands, like proper Like proper what? Proper gentlemen? I don't know, Carla, if I ever will be a proper gentleman.
And shall I tell you something? Nobody I know is! Absolutely nobody! Except Mr.
Schlesinger, of course.
Luscombe, good morning.
Carla, I have to tell you this now, I'm afraid.
Tonight is the last night you can use your bedroom here.
That's our notice, is it? Just one night Sarah.
We have a little present for you.
It's a new camera.
Thank you so much.
This is tremendous.
It has an amazing telephoto lens and a totally new high-speed shutter.
And it allows you to take pictures really quickly, as many as you want.
Louis had to move.
What? I told him! He had to, the police turned up.
Where is he now? I think if we start by putting this all up around the walls, uh, so we can see the magazine at a glance.
One can do without chairs, but not notice boards.
It's like this morning never happened at all.
I don't think we should involve him any further.
I left Louis with Pamela.
Pamela? Well, what was she doing there? I couldn't stop her coming.
She said they might go to that club.
You know, the one you first found Louis in.
Um, put those there and, uh Let's go and get the big one.
I'm going to go home in a moment, because that's where Pamela will be able to contact me.
Yes, they need to be able to find us.
He's offered a reward, you know.
Right now, people are reading about it.
So we don't have long.
It's the first time I've found myself wishing something terrible had happened in the news, an airship crash, just so his reward doesn't get much space in the paper.
I've got to find out.
For Christ's sake, Eric! Good.
Uh, Sarah, could you help us with these boards, please? They're gonna go all around the room.
Good position, is it? What? The reward.
Has it got a good position? Yes, I think you can call it that.
Do you think it'll work, Stanley? I'm sure it will.
So am I.
Now come up and chair your first editorial meeting.
Donaldson? Nathan.
This must be terrible for you, all these rumors about what's happening to the hotel.
Unless something extraordinary happens, the Bertram brothers are going to sell the place.
It's going to be demolished and an office block put up.
Knocked down for an office block.
The final insult.
So it really is the last days of the place.
Well, you never know, Nathan.
Something extraordinary might happen.
Like what? Another buyer will ride to the rescue.
Not even Mr.
Masterson would want this old pile.
We'll see.
The man is very unpredictable.
While I am the complete opposite, of course.
Take a seat.
I have information about the whereabouts of Louis Lester, the bandleader.
Oh, yes? I didn't know whether to go to the newspapers or come here first.
You made the right decision.
I followed Mr.
Lester to the offices of the magazine Music Express.
Well, you're not going to get 10,000 pounds for that.
No? I saw him go inside.
You're still not gonna get 10,000 pounds for that.
I bet that's better information than anybody else has given you.
We've visited those offices.
There's nobody there.
They're helping him, though, aren't they? They must be.
We've visited all of Mr.
Lester's friends.
And we will continue to do so.
Mind that bag, Bernard, there are fragile things in there.
You'd better wait there.
We don't want to give them too much of a surprise, do we? ls Deirdre here? I have a visitor for you.
You've bought Louis here? Yes, I have.
May we come in? Hello, Deirdre.
You can't be here long, Louis.
Not long at all.
We won't be long.
I just need to make a telephone call.
May I use your office? Yes.
What's happened to you, Louis? Why are they saying these things about you and Jessie Taylor? Why do you think? What do you mean? They think I must have done it.
This won't take a moment.
Yes? - Darling, it's me.
- There you are! I've been looking for you.
Where have you been? I just had to pop out.
But where are you now? I just had to do a little shopping.
I've just been to Swan & Edgar.
I'm coming home.
But I need you here! You said you wouldn't leave me.
And I've got so much to arrange before tonight.
I'll be home very soon, darling.
Promise? I promise.
I went to the hotel to say some proper farewells, but everybody was so busy and so depressed It was very upsetting! It must have been.
Concentrate on getting everything packed, darling, making sure you've got everything you want to take.
You've got to be ready for when Mr.
Masterson comes to pick you up, because you can't keep him waiting.
I'll be ready.
Be more than ready to assist Walter to help him buy all sorts of things! From now on, I'm going to do everything he says.
That's good, darling.
I'll see you very soon.
Come quickly.
Why did you lie to him about where you were? Why do you think? Because he's the most indiscreet person in London.
You'd rather I'd told him, would you? What do you know about your brother and Jessie? What are you trying to say? I'm saying, what happened between Julian and Jessie? My brother didn't kill Jessie Taylor, if that's what you mean.
Of course he didn't.
If you think that's the reason I'm here, out of guilt because Julian attacked Jessie, then you are quite wrong.
Then why are you here? Because neither did you attack Jessie.
And naturally, I don't want to see you swing for it.
Is that so strange? We have spent rather a lot of time with you and the band, after all, haven't we? Oh, don't make a mess, please, dear.
This house always seems to get untidy.
I won't make a mess, Mummy.
You know I'm going off tonight? Yes.
Yes, and I'm sure it'll be thrilling, working for Mr.
He's such a capable man.
There are so few capable men nowadays.
When he arrives, we'll say a proper good-bye.
This house is full of guns, isn't it? Huh.
to-to market.
It has to be in people's hands Stanley! Your desk has arrived.
So I see.
Do you think he's trying to bribe us all? If he is, he's left me out.
It seems to be working, doesn't it? I've got to go, Rosie.
Tell him I've gone to talk to the police, see if I can encourage them to let me have a few minutes with Louis after he's arrested.
Where are you really going? Eric? I think I should come, too.
You don't know where I'm going.
I have a fair idea.
You're going to help Louis move somewhere.
How did you do that, anyway? You were showing him your diagrams a minute ago.
He's still looking at the diagrams.
He's probably showing them to the police now.
You've got to go back.
We can't both disappear.
If it looks odd, I can't help it! I'm not a very good liar, Stanley, so when I saw the police, I thought I'd better pop out.
Hello, it's lovely to see you again.
The small room, today? No, we're not going to the office today.
Straight through to the rehearsal room.
Thank you.
That's another singer.
I can't stop them coming in here! One of them is going to recognize you, Louis! There must be another room we can go to, Deirdre.
Even just for a moment.
There's nowhere else down here.
They're early! I told you they were coming! You'll have to go upstairs while they're arriving.
We don't own upstairs, but it's the only place.
I want to help you, of course, but it's too difficult! Really.
It is.
To the right there, Louis, right! Just wait.
Wait! These people are waiting.
For a taxi.
Yes, for a for a taxi, and just wanted to watch while they're waiting.
I hope you don't mind.
I simply love dance.
Miss Peters! You've been a difficult person to find.
Havel? We'd just like a word with you, if we may.
It's all right, Father.
The police just want to have a word.
That's right.
We just wanted to ask your daughter if she knew the whereabouts of Mr.
Louis Lester.
Louis Lester? His whereabouts? No, I don't know that.
When did you last see him, Miss Peters? A couple of days ago, at The Imperial.
A couple of days ago Yes, that's right.
Before all the stories in the newspapers.
Yes, you must have been very shocked by those.
I was.
Sir, if you have no objection, could we have a look upstairs? Upstairs? What do you expect to find up there? No, please, uh look upstairs, by all means.
This is my dark room, as you can see.
I'd like to look inside, if I may.
These are just my photographs.
Well, I'm very interested in photography.
We're using it more and more ourselves.
And this is a splendid collection of photos.
Thank you.
Especially of Mr.
Louis Lester.
I took a lot of photos of his band, of course.
Yes, we've heard about how much time you've spent with the band from, uh, Mr.
Harry Thornton at The Imperial.
He never liked the band.
You were having an intimate relationship with Mr.
Lester, weren't you? He was a friend of mine.
You were having a sexual relationship with him? I'm not going to answer that.
Oh, you don't have to.
I just have to look around.
All your photographs they say it all.
Where's your colleague? He's just outside the door, Miss Peters.
Would you like him to come in? It might become a little crowded.
Maybe you and I can deal with this.
You were having regular sexual relations with Mr.
Lester? That's not against the law.
No, not in this country, no.
You're quite right, Miss Peters.
But in other parts of the world, it would be another matter, wouldn't it? I didn't realize you spoke for them as well.
Now, your father's Russian? He is.
His real name is, uh, Petroff? It was, before he became a resident here.
Now let me put this simply, Miss Peters.
Your father's had dealings with the Soviet Trade Delegation as part of his work.
Has he? I don't know much about my father's work.
Well, I'm telling you that for a fact, Miss Peters.
And anybody who has dealings with the Soviet Trade Delegation whose conduct comes under suspicion can be summarily deported under the Undesirable Aliens Act.
The Home Office have those powers.
If Mr.
Petroff's daughter was suspected of helping a fugitive escape from justice, well, then, that would be a case for deportation.
So you're threatening my father, Mr.
Horton? No, no, no.
I'm just explaining to you what will happen if you don't tell me what you know.
What I can see you must know.
And what a talented photographer you are and what a future you ought to have in the professional world.
My father can't go back to Russia.
No, I understand that.
And I know that you won't want to be the reason that that happens.
So you tell me what you know.
Where Mr.
Lester is.
Or would you rather talk over the matter with your father first? Talk over the dilemma with him? Although I'm not sure it's that much of a dilemma for you, Miss Peters.
Now, you're sensible enough to put your own future And your father's future first.
Luscombe! Hello, you two.
We're staying with Uncle Arthur.
Are you on a surprise visit? I am on a surprise visit, yes.
Because I like surprising people, and I like this garden very much.
Let's explore it together, shall we? One of the best days of my life was spent in this garden.
I like this area, particularly.
Is Uncle Arthur in the house? He is, yes.
Well, let's not call him just yet, shall we? No, we won't.
What's in the box? Is it a present for Uncle Arthur? You can look inside if you want.
Is it a real gun? Yes.
You can hold it if you like.
Why have you brought it with you, Mr.
Luscombe? Well, I just thought I'd go for a walk with it.
See if there was anything I wanted to shoot.
Like a really fat pigeon.
Or a revolting mangy dog.
Or a particularly hideous man.
You wouldn't do that, would you? Shoot a dog? Or an ugly man? No.
Probably not.
It would be better if one waited until one saw somebody far more important.
Uncle Arthur! Uncle Arthur, look who's here! Julian, my dear fellow! To what do I owe this honor? Everything is satisfactory? Oh, absolutely.
Your daughter has been extremely helpful.
She's given us a lead to follow up.
Oh, I-I know she would, uh, give you any information she had.
She's good girl.
Uh, she saw a little of that man, but only very little, you understand? Yeah, she told me that.
Stanley, they're upstairs! If it was your idea they're here It wasn't my idea, Deirdre.
it wasn't a good plan, not a good plan at all! I can't have them here! Yes! All right! I just can't! Uh, the gentleman was very kind.
He offered to play so I could watch more easily.
And it really was a help, wasn't it, girls? And he's quite a good player, I have to say.
From the top? One, two, three, four.
Police! Open this door! You took your time.
You've got to go now! What? Go where? Now, you've got to get out! You can't be found in the building! Deirdre! The police are here.
They're downstairs in my office going through my things.
The police? They didn't follow us! They absolutely didn't follow us! You can't go through the club.
One of you in here.
There must be a way out this way.
Another flight of stairs.
There's no way.
No other way out to the street.
There has to be another way out.
There isn't, I tell you! Everybody from up here has to go through the club! They're must be a cellar! Can we reach it this way? Can we use the cellar? The cellar? We'll be trapped! Get down there.
I know nothing about this.
If they ask me to show them the cellar, I'm not gonna refuse! I think I'd better come, too.
I don't know how I'd explain why I'm here.
Oh, Pamela.
I'll stay up here and speak to them.
They don't really know me.
Maybe I can lie.
It's the immigration authorities that are here.
You know how strict they are about musicians.
Musicians of color especially.
Uh, how often they get deported unjustly.
Well, they're making inquiries about the gentleman who was playing for you a moment ago.
So if you All right.
Have you seen a Negro in this building? Was there a Negro here?! A Negro musician! I'm afraid you've made her cry.
It's rather horrible being down here.
What on Earth are you doing here, Pamela? Why do people keep asking me that? Why shouldn't I be here? Why shouldn't I help? When they've gone, I'm going to get the band to come here.
So, you've had the same idea I've had.
I don't know what idea you've had.
But I know what I'm going to do.
Hide yourself in the band? In the band? Don't be silly.
Now, where can the band go? I don't know.
I have no idea.
If they find us now Then even you won't be able to talk your way out of it.
Well, you'll need a lawyer very quickly.
It's too late for lawyers.
I'm not sure they'd ever have helped me.
I should've gone straight to the station, Stanley, like I said.
We'll never know that.
Well, maybe you wanted to hold on to your story.
Take me to where you thought was a safe location, and get the scoop nobody else has got.
You really think I meant that? I can't believe you think that's what I do.
I think it's a part of it.
Maybe not the main part.
But a little part of it.
Oh, God.
Here they are.
I-I think they've gone.
I'll make sure.
You better stay here a moment longer.
Come in.
Your Ladyship? Thank you, Harry.
I wondered if you could find me someone to come and do my packing? My maid's gone out for the afternoon 'cause I thought I was leaving tomorrow.
But now I've decided to leave at once by tonight.
Yes, of course, I'll send somebody up immediately.
So many people doing this today.
Leaving the sinking ship.
So I gather.
It was a terrible thing having that band here.
To have them actually staying in this hotel.
And look where it's led to.
Well, I'm sure you'll survive, Harry.
Oh, don't worry about me.
I have all sorts of plans.
And this should help find him, shouldn't it? Such a big reward.
Indeed, yes.
A very big reward.
Surprisingly big.
Very public-spirited of Mr.
Yes, it must be, mustn't it? What other reason could there be? What do you mean he isn't there? Julian is not currently here.
I thought he was with you.
No, he is not with me.
I was about to come around in my car so that we could have a meal before we go to the airport.
Well, I'm sure he won't be long.
He knows he mustn't keep you waiting.
You have no idea where he is? I'm sorry I don't.
We've already said good-bye.
So, I wasn't, um really looking.
Will you ask him to telephone me at once the moment he comes in? I'm about to return to the Imperial Hotel.
He can find me there.
Come here, please.
You and I appear to be the only ones left here, Miss Williams.
Yes, sir.
You know why that is? I don't, sir, no.
See that? This is coverage of the assassination attempt of the American president.
What a terrible little picture that is.
Don't you agree? Yes, sir.
If my news magazine full of photojournalism would've been on the streets already, we could've done a great job covering a major story with dramatic pictures.
Couldn't we? Yes, sir.
So, you see I'm not just playing at this, Miss Williams.
I really do have a vision.
I can see that, sir, yes.
But it is important that things in my life work to schedule.
The one thing I don't allow is changing my travel plans.
Luscombe and I will be taking off tonight at 8:30.
As arranged.
Without fail.
Yes, sir.
How wonderful to drink in the middle of the afternoon.
I have to say I don't like rules about when I'm allowed to drink, or indeed, when I'm allowed to do anything.
Quite right.
Couldn't agree more.
What a perfect room this is.
You have such a wonderful life.
Don't you, Arthur? So few worries and problems.
Every day I wake up and think how fortunate I am compared to so many others.
Can I stay here, Arthur? Just for a few days.
Hide inside your wonderful life.
Are you going away, Julian? Well, you know what Walter's like.
He makes plans for everybody.
And sometimes you just have to find a way of saying no.
Just for a few days.
Let me stay.
Please? I will.
If that's what you want.
And you won't tell anybody where I am? Promise me, Arthur.
You won't tell.
I won't, no.
I've just come for my last wages.
I think I'm owed a week.
Uh, um, I can't help, uh, I'm afraid.
It's all been taken out of my hands.
What? There's a phone call for you, Carla.
You can take it at the desk.
Nathan? Hmm? A word if I may.
So, all the musicians are going, are they? Good.
Hello? Who's there? Hello, Carla.
Louis? Did you tell them to bring their passports? Did you remember that? I told Carla, yes, to get them all to do that and they Will.
Yes, I will.
Thank You will? Good night.
That's the last one gone.
But I know the police will be back soon.
I want you out.
Just give us half an hour.
"Half an hour"? You won't keep to that.
My brother's not at home.
He will be all right, won't he? Looking for your band underneath all that? I am.
Our first poster might still be here.
They seem to keep everything.
You lied, of course, that first time.
You keep saying that.
I didn't lie.
You came in here having missed the whole thing, and lied your head off about how good we were.
For goodness sake.
I didn't lie.
I'd heard enough.
It was enough to set you on your way, wasn't it? And look where it's led.
You don't know where it's led yet.
My darling brother, when you get this you will already be in New York.
No doubt having bought your splendid new shoes and maybe talking with a little bit of an American accent.
Although after only a few days, that would be quick.
Every time we got more success, I told myself it's not going to last.
They're going to move on.
They're going to find something else they think is more exciting.
And that's going to be okay.
Because we'll still be able to make a living.
And I was ready for that.
But I never thought that I'd That you'd be up for murder? Well, naturally you didn't.
Just because we didn't see it coming doesn't mean it was inevitable.
That they'd hang me.
Don't you lose control, Louis.
It used to drive me mad how in control you were.
But right now, it be really useful.
It's easy for you to say.
You think I'm just here for the ride? Do the interview? I just thought I'd put down a few thoughts about you working with Mr.
And how exciting it can prove to be for you.
And also how much fun.
Because we all know how many parties he likes to hold.
I can just imagine you dancing at the top of the Empire State Building and keeping half of Manhattan awake.
Just try to listen carefully to what he says.
And to feed him plenty of cheese of course.
I know it's going to be a gloriously successful time for you if only you can apply yourself.
And remember to get up in the morning.
Because I won't be there to badger you.
Do you remember the rain here? It was like the end of the world.
Of course.
You weren't here for the hailstorm.
That was incredible.
All right, I'm coming! I'm coming! What are you writing? I'm writing a letter to explain to Walter why I will not be going to America with him, but hiding away here with you instead.
Of course, I'm not going to send it just yet.
Because then he might know where you are.
And nobody's going to know that.
I like that.
The idea of hiding away from all trouble.
Sometimes when I walk out into this garden, I think I can just shut the door and live here.
I've got everything I need Food, the occasional delightful companion who will come in through the little door in the wall.
But I've never need to go out again.
Or be bothered by what's happening on the other side of the wall.
So, Louis will tell you what we have in mind.
And then I'm going to go into a little more detail.
I am locking up in ten minutes.
Goodness knows I've allowed you to stay so long.
But I am now locking up.
Thank you, Deirdre.
We're going to get a train.
We're going to say that Carla and the rest of you are going to play in Paris.
That there's no more work at the Imperial and you're going there.
And I'll be the one carrying most of the luggage.
If I carry the luggage, they'll see a servant.
And not a bandleader.
When we get to Calais, I'll disappear.
Get a ship somewhere as a merchant seaman.
Which is what it says on your passport.
I know it sounds desperate.
But it might just work.
Any man of color trying to get on a train by himself is going to be questioned very closely at the moment.
That's why I can't do it on my own.
You'll never all manage to get on the boat train at Victoria.
- They'll stop you.
- This is true.
But I have a route.
The train stops at Bromley, or South Bromley to be exact.
If we use a suburban station, there will be fewer police and no press hanging around.
Except for me.
I will travel with you to cover the concert.
I've picked up my passport especially.
Won't that draw attention you being there? No, no, no, no.
We have to make it look like it's a real booking as we go through customs.
Like Carla's about to make her Paris debut.
Yes, Carla? There's a problem, Louis.
Yes? I don't have a passport.
What? I don't have a passport.
I've never been out of the country.
Lavinia? Walter? I apologize for the intrusion.
But I just wanted to ask you something.
I'm a little busy as you can see.
We're leaving very shortly.
The flight leaves at 8:30.
So, I hope you'll forgive me if I continue doing this.
Of course, Walter.
I just wanted to ask you why you've gone to the newspapers and offered an award for Louis Lester's arrest.
I've always done my own packing.
One of the little habits I've retained from my youth.
I like to know exactly where the things that matter to me are.
I offered the reward so that he would be apprehended quickly.
Why else? He let us down, did he not? After we encouraged him so much.
In many places he would never have been able to mix in the way he did.
It turned out disastrously for him.
It did not turn out well, no.
And what about Julian? Julian? Yes, I keep ringing him.
Do you? Yes.
I don't know where he is.
He's not as his home.
His sister rang here just now.
She doesn't know where he is, either.
Do you know where he is? I don't, Walter, no.
I need to find him in the next half hour.
I'm sure I will.
You're very fond of Julian, aren't you? I think he shows great promise, yes.
Well, that's not what I meant, Walter.
Then you'll have to tell me what you mean, Lavinia.
Well, you have strong feelings for him.
You care about him deeply.
I don't have a son.
I come to this country, and I find a boy who is so full of life and who is not afraid.
So many people are afraid of me.
But he is not.
So, I find this young man, who is like a son to me.
As maybe you have with Stanley Mitchell.
You have a very powerful affection for Julian.
It's the small objects which are most difficult to find if anybody else packs my luggage.
What are you trying to say to me, Lavinia? Because I'm afraid you're going to have to say it more clearly.
That your love for Julian could've led you to want to protect him at all costs.
I would like to think it's natural to protect the ones we care for.
It's not always possible, of course.
Walter? Is there something you can do for Louis Lester? Even at this late stage? I can't imagine what that would be.
Masterson's suite? Could that be? Could that be him? A call, sir.
Yes? Yes, thank you.
No, immediately.
Yes, absolutely immediately.
Thank you.
They found him! You told him where I was?! Yes.
Why?! You said you wouldn't do that! I thought I had to, Julian.
He's been so generous to you.
If you really don't want that, then you need to tell him yourself.
Quite right.
Forgive me, Arthur.
Ring him back immediately.
I was behaving like a spoiled child.
Don't either of you ever do that.
Can you put me through to Mr.
Masterson's suite? Thank you.
Walter, there you are.
Julian? Yes.
I went missing.
But I'm back now.
Without the smell of cigar smoke, you don't recognize the place, do you? The last clays of a hotel are always horrible.
People suddenly treat you with contempt.
Say things they would never have said before.
You must look to the future, Nathan.
For a start, maybe you could find Louis Lester and get some of that money.
How would we do that, Harry? Just by thinking clearly.
Where was it Stanley first found the band? What club were they playing at when they saw him? What was it called, Nathan? I can't remember.
You sure about that, Nathan? As it happens, I think I remember it myself.
Let's see if I'm right.
It's time to go, Eric, please! In a few minutes.
It it has to be completely dark.
It is dark, Eric! If we stay any longer, we'll run out of luck.
I'm locking the front door in precisely four minutes! Pamela? Excuse me.
Go home, Pamela.
Why do you want me to go? I don't want you to go.
You've done a lot, but you should be at home.
Your brother's leaving.
Why aren't you at home with him? I should be there.
You're right.
But I'm not going to be.
Why? Because I will be needed tonight.
How will you be needed? Well, first of all, for this probably.
Somebody has to pay for all the first class tickets.
I like the boldness of us all traveling first class.
I brought this money for Louis.
Well, give him the money, and then leave.
Because you're going to need me for something else.
Something that might happen on the train.
I just have a feeling I might be useful.
It's time, isn't, Eric? It has to be.
The transport's here.
Everybody, make sure you have your luggage with you.
Make straight for the vehicle.
But don't run, don't rush.
Just walk normally, all right? Go.
Yes? No, he can't speak at the moment.
Louis? I-I don't know what to do! It's, um it's Sarah Peters.
Louis, I've been trying and trying! This line has been engaged for ages! Sarah, I can't talk now.
I so wanted to see you.
But I couldn't come myself.
I might've been followed.
The police came anyway.
But they didn't find you? Of course they didn't.
You knew they were coming then? I couldn't stop them.
I-I was weak, Louis.
I couldn't find a way of not telling them.
I'm so sorry.
It's not completely how you think it was.
I'm sure you think that about me.
Maybe you have to right now, but Sarah, I can't talk now.
There's a lot of people taking risks for me.
I can't make them wait.
But we can't say good-bye like this.
We're going to have to, Sarah.
I can't say something that makes everything all right.
I don't want you to, because I know everything's not all right.
So it wouldn't mean anything.
I just don't want to say good-bye like this, Louis.
It's not always possible to have the right sort of good-byes, Sarah.
I hope you're not too late.
Good luck, Louis.
Louis, come on, quick.
We had to move the transport.
We were too conspicuous here.
My brother arranged this.
Come on, get in.
Please, get in.
Pull the flaps down.
Louis, where you been? Something happened.
You have to act the star, remember, Carla, when we get out.
Order the band around.
Boss Louis like a servant.
Just when I've lost my job, I have to act the star.
You think everyone you see must know.
And when we're on the train, Carla, it has to really look like the band is going to Paris.
Do it with confidence and people will believe you.
After all, why shouldn't you have an engagement there and be taking a servant? Yes, I'll try.
I'm so sorry everything had to change.
Half a plan is better than no plan.
We'll get the train to Dover, and then we'll see what Louis can do.
There's no passport controls before Dover.
Why can't we try to drive all the way there? We will get stopped if we try to drive.
Walter, I have all your luggage with me.
I've taken care of everything.
I want Arthur to come as well.
You'll come won't you, Arthur? Help me say good-bye to the old country? Please! Come on, it's a warm night.
You don't need your coat.
Get the girls to bed, Mrs.
Please let me choose where we're going to eat.
I've decided already.
I've booked a table at the Savoy, an early meal, before we drive to the airport.
No, no, no, no, I-I-I have the perfect place in mind.
Please, let me choose.
This is the perfect place, don't you think, in which to say good-bye to England? Good sausages, normal people, of course, milky tea.
Don't you think it's exactly right? Oh, I thought I heard somebody.
I was worried I was completely alone up here.
No, no, I'm here.
I thought you were leaving, Lavinia? Well, I was, but suddenly I felt I had to stay.
I'm not sure why.
Go further down, keep going.
- You'll find your carriage.
- Carla.
Carla, this is your carriage.
- All right, we need the tickets.
- There you go.
A nigger band in first class.
The world's gone mad.
Get that luggage on the train right away.
Get a move on, del boy.
I have to say good-bye, to take the transport back.
Thank you very much.
But, uh, have a wonderful tour.
Thank you.
Wonderful concerts.
Where are you all going, may I ask? Miss Carla is going to Paris.
I'm going to Paris with my band to play some special concerts.
Is that enough for you? Um, yeah, they, uh, like your sort of music in France, don't they? Bernard, will you close that door? We want some peace and quiet on this journey.
Why are we still here? Why aren't we going anywhere? The train often waits here.
Waits for what? Maybe for them.
Oh, God, are they going to search the train? Don't look at them.
Please come in.
Yes, my servant has finished putting away our luggage.
Please, stay where I can see you.
I need you near me at all times.
That's why you're in first class.
I will just be outside the door.
You-you are their servant, the servant? I bet, I bet they treat you worse than I would.
Why don't you go back to your own kind? Join the rest of your, uh, jingo-jango boys back there.
A nigger band in first class.
But maybe, do you think? You can take them back and burn them a little? I just love burnt sausages.
I'm not sure we have time for that.
Oh, it doesn't take long to burn some sausages, Walter.
Take the others back and burn them.
You want your last meal you have for a while in this country To be burnt sausages? Yes.
The sausages here are surprisingly edible.
Arthur loves it here, don't you? Often brings his discoveries here.
I have been known to, yes.
Isn't it wonderful to be able to select a young person and to give them a chance, transform their lives just like that? That's what we both try to do.
Of course, and you do it so well.
I think maybe we should have more than just sausages here.
I think we should try everything Arthur recommends.
I told you, we don't have a lot of time.
I don't believe you, Walter.
It's your private plane, after all, and we know now what we can do with private planes.
Get them to take you to France at very short notice, even in the middle of the night.
And then get them to stamp your passport with all sorts of different times and stamps, when a little money changes hands.
It's a terrible thing, isn't it, this world of passports and papers and officialdom? How I loathe it.
Yes, but you two can do anything you want, can't you? Nothing really inconveniences you.
After all, these people here, they might lose everything just like that tomorrow in another crash.
But you two will just float above it, always able to float.
Nothing can touch you.
And me, too, of course.
Am I any different? No.
I can float just as well as anybody else.
Always come out on top.
We sail through it all, the three of us, together.
Excuse me.
What is that, Julian? That box? Nothing that special.
Tickets please.
Thank you.
And we'll be stamping your passports, too.
Please have them ready.
Passports? Why do you need our passports? It's our new procedure, for first class passengers only.
So they do not have to queue at Dover with the second and third class passengers.
Why don't you start with him in the passage? We've got to find ours.
Yes, he does have a first class ticket.
Why don't you ask him? I like to keep my servants close.
Merchant seaman, eh? Will you hurry up? We need him to help us find our passports.
He packed them away in our luggage, and now he has to show us where he put them.
Of course.
Carrying their luggage is a lot easier than working on ships, isn't it? I think, on reflection, the rest of us will have to queue with all the other people.
It is regrettable, but we don't want to keep you waiting while he snuffles through our luggage.
Please, carry on.
You should have advertised your new service more clearly.
Then we would have been prepared.
Have your passports ready, please.
Passports ready, thank you.
You were right.
You were needed.
I hate trains.
Excuse me? Will you keep this for a moment? It's very private.
Don't let anybody have it until I tell you.
Do you understand? Please, just for a moment.
You mean keep it until you leave the restaurant, sir? That's right.
It explains a few things.
Why I think it happened.
How she looked at me, how I wanted to love her so much, how she fought me when I tried to show my love.
Keep it till you hear from me.
Thank you.
How many do you think I should get? I'll take these two first.
Then the rest.
You're right.
I shouldn't do it.
I'll leave it to someone else to do.
This is much better.
Walter, you must go, Walter.
The boy, the boy.
D-Don't look! I will take care of this.
You must leave! The boy.
The boy.
He was such a difficult boy.
What have you done, my difficult boy? You must go, Walter, Walter.
What have I done? Go now, please, please.
Go now.
Has someone called for the police? However terrible things are, they pass.
This will pass.
Where are we? Folkestone.
One stop from Dover.
Bernard, can you come in here? Maybe.
Oh, yes, I forgot we're all getting off here.
We're being met here, Miss Carla.
Thank you.
Gut! We're getting off here.
We're being met here by a car.
How can we say good-bye with these bastards watching? We can't.
She's right.
We can't.
Just walk off now.
Thank you.
Travelling first class was not too bad.
Pity about the company one has to keep though, eh? You must go and check if the car's arrive.
Be careful.
Don't worry about me.
I never did get that full interview.
Don't rush.
I never do.
What a journey.
Maybe it'll work.
I'm just going to telephone home, make sure Julian's left for the airport.
He should be about to get on his airplane.
They've all gone.
We can celebrate.
You played the part of the star very well.
I think so, yes.
I'm just gonna make sure.
Julian is dead.
What? He shot himself.
Oh, my God! What have I done, Stanley?! What have I done? Why wasn't I there for him?! I should have been there.
You had to be here.
You chose to be here, and that was very brave.
I love you.
It was so difficult, I know, but it was very brave.
I love you.
Miss Peters.
What can I do for you? You can just stand there.
I have a new high-speed camera which can take pictures very quickly of people who don't always want to be photographed.
You will excuse me, but I'm a trifle busy right now.
People who prefer to live in the shadows such as you, Harry.
Now I can catch them with this.
And shall I tell you something else, Harry? I'm going to try to find him.
I'm going to find Louis.
Don't expect it to sell thousands and thousands of copies, Stanley.
Why not? You don't think people want to hear the truth? Not as much as when Louis was the culprit.
The other papers reported on it in a very small way, didn't they? In a few months, I doubt anybody will remember the Jessie Taylor case that clearly.
It'll slip away, bit by bit.
Well, I hope you're wrong.
But you're probably not.
Of course, we don't have Louis' side of the story.
I still haven't heard from him.
Perhaps we never will.
Do you think she knew about her brother? I don't know.
In a way maybe.
Deep down.
I thought you'd like to know I've been dealing with some colleagues of Mr.
Masterson, and I've held on to the magazine.
- He doesn't want it anymore.
- That's good news.
Isn't it? But of course, I may have to make some changes.
Well, aren't you surprised? For once I am early.
And I'm never on time.
You should know that by now, Stanley.
Some things never change.
I haven't been out for a very long time.
It's strange being back, isn't it? Yes, it is.
Very strange.
What does he want? Stanley? I'll be back in a minute, my darling.
There's a telephone call for you.
Thank you, Nathan.
Yes? Hello, Stanley.
Is that really you? It is me, yes.
Where are you? I'm in Marseilles.
I'm getting a ship to America.
What are you gonna do there, start a new band? Maybe.
There's a lot of competition there.
No, I just didn't think that You'd ever hear from me? No, I didn't.
I mean, I knew you must have made it out of England.
Did you read about Julian? I did.
Just a few lines.
Best we don't talk about that.
I have to be quick.
Ah? Oh, blimey, I can't hear you.
I said I have to be quick This is costing a fortune.
But I have to know, what are you doing back at the Imperial? I called the magazine, and they said you were there.
Ah, yes, yes, yes, it's my first night back.
None of us have been here for several months.
So it didn't close? The old place is still there? Just about.
It's sort of hanging on, week by week, getting even shabbier.
It's very like it was before we ever met.
The old dowagers sitting in their corners.
Maybe even the masons have crawled their way back.
Oh and if I look across the lobby now, there's Lady Cremone coming down for dinner.
Now, she and I, well Are not quite what you were before? That's right.
You'll never guess.
This is good.
Jack Paynton is about to play.
Jack Paynton?! He's not back there playing, is he? It really is as if we were never there.
Well, not quite, my friend.
Twice a week, for a short while, before Jack Paynton plays, just as the dowagers are tucking into their salmon mousse this happens.