Daniel Deronda (2002) s01e03 Episode Script

Part 3

Lush: I know she's got no money.
Ah, there you are.
Excuse me.
Come in.
There is some business about property to be settled.
I've told Lush to come and explain it to you.
I take it you don't mind.
You know very well that I do mind.
Some business must be done.
If I employ Lush, you will take it as a matter of course, not make a fuss, not toss your head and bite your lips.
Do you understand me? Good.
I'm going out now.
I shall come back in time to go riding If you care to get ready.
( Lush sighs ) I shall we sit down? This paper contains some information about Mr.
Grandcourt's will.
Say what you have to say.
I have to remind you of something which occurred before your engagement to Mr.
( Lush sighs ) You met a Lady on the day of the archery picnic, if you remember.
Grandcourt thinks it only right that his intentions with regard to that Lady should be made quite clear to you.
Perhaps I should illuminate the material point for you.
In the case of there being no son as issue of your marriage with Mr.
Grandcourt The little boy you saw in cardell chase His name is Henleigh Will be Mr.
Grandcourt's heir.
Is that all? You may tell Mr.
Grandcourt that his arrangements Are just as I would have wished.
It's this way.
Out of me way.
( Men laughing ) We must have our own country after centuries of persecution.
We are a people.
We must have our own land again, or we are nothing.
But the feeling of nationality is dying.
Nations have revived, and we may even live to see a great outburst of force in the arabs, who are being inspired by a new zeal.
We all dream of the promised land, but we live here now, Mordecai.
Who would go with you? Hmm? Only a handful? One handful is a village.
Two handfuls is a town; three, a city.
We have to start somewhere.
But may I speak? Of course, Sir.
We are all equal here.
I was going to say, isn't the way forward through assimilation? Well said, Sir.
There speaks a liberal Englishman.
What kind of Jew has no pride in his own people? Steady on, Mordecai.
We are only saying we shouldn't expect too much too soon.
Our tragedy is we have no expectations.
Don't you see that when we pretend to be what we are not, we lose a bit of our souls? We have to take pride in who we are! If all our scattered people could come together, we could become a nation, with a voice among the nations of the world! And it will come, be sure of that! ( Coughing violently ) ( Passing train rumbles ) ( Indistinct conversations outside ) You think I'm just a dreamer.
I don't know enough to say.
Is there anyone who shares your ideas? A few.
Small groups in Europe even in England.
Even some who have thrown up everything and gone off to build little settlements in Israel.
Our people will never be able to fulfill our destiny until we have a land of our own, and for that we need leaders.
I dreamt of becoming one of those leaders, Daniel.
I was on the point of setting off for the east that fateful day in Trieste.
I was about to embark.
The ship was at the quay.
And then the man came.
"Ezra, here's a letter for you from England.
" Ezra? Your name is Ezra? Yes, yes.
That was my given name.
It was from my mother, with the news that she had been robbed of her little one.
My little sister, Daniel.
Her father had taken her away, and she didn't know where.
Of course I had to turn back And give up my dreams to comfort my poor mother.
And that was the beginning of this slow death.
We were destitute.
That man had left us with his debts.
Everything had been seized.
I worked two jobs, three, and made myself into this skeleton that you see.
But worst for both of us was not knowing what had happened to Mirah, fearing that she had been reared in evil.
Mirah! Did you say Mirah? Yes, that was her name.
I prayed for her the night our mother died.
And you have never heard of your sister since then? No.
( Distant bells toll ) Mirah.
No, no.
Don't feel you must do that.
I'm intruding on your privacy.
No, please.
You were praying.
Don't you? No.
Very rarely, I'm afraid.
I'm sure some people can live without faith.
I used to think that.
Now I'm not so sure.
I envy you that.
You envy me? Mirah I have some news for you.
Gwendolen: "Dear Mr.
Deronda, "please come and see me on Wednesday "between 5:00 and 6:00.
"I would be most grateful.
Gwendolen Grandcourt.
" Daniel? You're not going out? I was.
What is it? Come up here.
I have something to say to you.
Come and sit down.
I have had word from your mother, dear.
After all these years, she has decided at last that she wishes to see you.
Woman: "To my son, Daniel Deronda, "my good friend Sir Hugo "will have told you that I wish to see you.
"Please come to the hotel d'Inghilterra "in Genoa and wait for me there.
"I will join you as soon as I can.
Contessa Maria Alcharisi.
" My mother is a contessa? That, and much more.
I always thought she must have been very poor.
Why did she give me up? She will tell you, dear.
It should come from her.
And My father? Are you my father? No.
Perhaps I was wrong, Dan, to undertake what I did, but it was all she would let me do for her.
She was the love of my life, you see.
The love of your life Isn't always the one you marry.
I would have done anything for her.
You understand me? Perhaps I liked it a little too well, having you to myself.
( Chuckles ) But if I've caused you any pain which could have been avoided I hope you will forgive me.
You have never caused me any pain.
You have been the best of fathers to me.
And you have been the best of sons.
( Clock chimes ) Are you not going to the club this afternoon? ( Sighs ) It's a bore.
( Mirthless chuckle ) ( Cigar lighter clicks ) ( Click ) ( Click ) But I suppose I may as well.
I shan't be more than a couple of hours.
( Bell chimes ) ( Door opens ) ( Footsteps approach ) Mr.
Deronda, madam.
It is so good of you to come without asking why.
And now you're here, I don't know where to start.
You think I am ignorant, and I am.
So what could I do but appeal to you? I'm only sorry I can be of so little use to you.
Don't say that.
You are the only I wanted to tell you I have been trying to be a better person To be less selfish.
But I can't change anything.
I hate almost everybody.
I hate myself.
If you knew what my life was like with him.
Do I seem thoroughly corrupted to you? Perhaps if he understood how unhappy you are Of course he knows I'm unhappy.
He takes pleasure in it.
You deserve better than that.
Do I? Some people would say I'd got exactly what I deserve.
You should never think that.
Then what can I do? I think of leaving him, but if I did that, I would be alone, without friends.
Your true friends would not desert you.
But I know what it's like The life of a woman who has left her husband.
I don't think I would be strong enough unless there was someone Do you understand? You must.
If you feel you don't want anything more to do with me, then please say so and put me out of my misery.
Will you stand by me? Help me.
Of course I will.
( Kisses his hand ) We can't talk much longer.
Will you come back tomorrow? I-I can't.
I'm leaving for genoa almost at once.
My mother has sent for me.
Your mother? When you return then? ( Footsteps approaching ) Good-bye.
You're a fool, Gwendolen, if you expect anything from that quarter.
He's not for you.
We're two of a kind, you and I.
I thought you would have learned that by now.
I've decided to take a little holiday.
The yachts at Marseille are ready to sail.
I think I'd better get you away from London for a bit, eh? But what about our party on the 4th? You'll cancel it, of course.
I'll have no argument about this, Gwendolen.
( Sobs ) Gwendolen.
Very well.
That's settled.
We shall leave tomorrow.
Man: Hello, Sir.
The contessa: "To my son, Daniel Deronda, "my good friend Sir Hugo "will have told you that I wish to see you.
"Please come to the hotel d'Inghilterra "in Genoa and wait for me there.
I will join you as soon as I can.
" Signor Deronda.
The contessa: "I am ready to receive you.
Contessa Maria Alcharisi.
" Well You are a beautiful creature.
I thought you would be.
Come here.
I am your mother.
But of course you can have no love for me.
I have thought of you more than anyone in the world.
I'm not as you thought I would be Am I? No.
I used to think you might be suffering.
I used to wish I could be a comfort to you.
I am suffering.
But not at this moment.
And I didn't send for you to comfort me.
Sit down.
Now I'm not foolish enough to imagine that you could love a mother who gave you away, but I chose something better for you than being with me.
I didn't deprive you of anything worth having.
Your love.
Wasn't that worth having? No.
I didn't have much love to give you.
I didn't want to be hampered with Other lives.
I was a singer, a great singer an artist, do you understand? I didn't want a child.
I was forced into marrying your father, forced by my father's wishes and commands.
But it turned out to be the best way of getting some freedom.
I could rule my husband, but I couldn't rule my father, you see.
And I had a right to be free.
I had a right to live the life that was in me.
We all have that right.
And the bondage I hated most.
I wanted to keep you from it if I could.
What better could the most loving mother have done? I released you from the bondage of having been born a Jew.
Then I am a Jew? My father was a Jew? And you are a Jewess? Yes.
I'm glad of it.
W-why do you say that you're glad? You are an English gentleman.
I secured you that.
How could you decide my birthright for me? I chose for you what I would have chosen for myself.
How could I know that you would love what I hated? Oh, forgive me.
You're not well.
It will pass.
Take comfort.
Isn't it possible I could be near you often and comfort you? No.
Not possible.
I'm tired now.
Will you come to me again tomorrow? If you don't hate me too much.
( Church bells tolling ) ( Man speaking foreign language ) ( Woman speaking Italian ) I suppose this is all your doing.
I don't know what you're talking about.
This is why you wanted to put in at Genoa.
You knew Deronda would be here.
And what if I did? ( Man speaks Italian ) I thought we might do a bit of small boat sailing for a couple of days, something I can manage alone with you at the tiller.
It'll pass the time.
I'd rather not, if you don't mind.
Let us understand each other.
I know very well what all this nonsense means.
What nonsense? I don't know what you're talking about.
If you suppose I'm going to let you make a fool of me, just dismiss that notion from your mind.
Let's go, then.
Oh, the reasons for one's actions.
Every woman's supposed to be the same, or be a monster.
But I never felt quite what I was supposed to feel.
But to give up your own child, to renounce your own family You couldn't.
You're not a woman.
You could never imagine what it is to have a man's force of genius in you and suffer the slavery of being a girl.
This is all you're wanted for a daughter, a wife, a mother, something for the man.
( Breathing heavily ) Your father was different all lovingness and affection.
He died when you were very young.
I was just coming into the height of my fame then.
The name Maria Alcharisi was spoken everywhere Europe, America.
When your father died, I resolved I would have no more ties except ties I could easily free myself from.
Naturally, I was sought after by many men.
Sir Hugo was one of those who wished to marry me.
He was madly in love with me.
One day I asked him, "is there a man in the world "capable of doing something for love of me, and expecting nothing in return?" He said, "what is it you want done?" I said, "take my boy "and bring him up as an englishman, and let him never know anything about his parents.
" You were 2 years old, and you were sitting on his foot.
He adored you, of course.
So That is what I did.
I'm not ashamed that I did it.
It was the better for you.
Was it? Was it truly? Then why have you undone the secrecy now? I think it is this illness, and thinking about what is to come.
What do I know of life And death? And what my father called "right" may be laying hold of me.
I cannot go into this darkness without satisfying him.
Nor could I I found, without seeing you again.
So what will you do now? Make yourself just like your grandfather? No.
But I do want to identify with our people.
I want to find some task I can put my whole heart into.
I know.
You're in love With a Jewess, aren't you? Even if I were, that's beside the point.
I know better.
Yes, you're in love.
Of course.
She draws you after her, as I drew your father after me.
Is she beautiful? Yes.
( The contessa chuckles ) She is a singer, like you.
I wonder how it would have been if I had kept you with me? I expect you would have turned your heart to the old things, against mine, and we should have quarreled.
I think my affection might have lasted through our quarreling.
But I'm not a loving woman, Daniel.
It is a talent, to love.
I lacked it.
And I know very well what love makes of men and women.
It is subjection.
I was never willingly subject to any man.
Men have been subject to me.
I'm dying, Daniel.
We shan't see each other again.
If I had my time to live over I would do the same.
Can you forgive me? ( Men shouting in Italian ) What's happened? It's the English dead.
No, it's the Lady.
C'est LA belle dame anglaise.
Elle est morte! Man: Oh, my God, she's dead! She's dead! ( Onlookers shouting ) Daniel: Gwendolen? Please, please.
Make way.
( Woman speaking excitedly in foreign language ) ( Woman gasps ) She's moving! Thank God! I know this Lady.
Bear her up to the hotel there.
Make way.
( Clock ticking ) How is she? She's not injured, but shocked, yes shocked and distressed.
You are signor Deronda? Yes.
Please go in.
She wants to see you.
You came! It's done.
He is dead.
Please, please.
You must rest.
How much do you know? Nothing at all, except there was a boating accident.
I didn't even know you were coming to Genoa.
A boating accident? Is that what they're saying? Yes.
What else? If I tell you what happened, you won't say that I ought to tell the world, that I ought to be disgraced? I couldn't do it.
I couldn't bear it.
I couldn't have my mother know.
Know what? If I tell you that I am guilty, a murderess, would you forsake me? But it was an accident.
Please, let me tell you.
His face, Daniel.
His dead face.
When I was a child, I used to fancy sailing away from the people I didn't like.
And now the opposite had come to me.
Take it.
I was trapped in a boat with him.
And that's what my life had become.
I think I'll smoke a cigar.
You shan't mind.
I began to pray for him to die.
I fancied impossible things.
I was afraid of our being drowned together.
I was afraid to die myself.
( Gasps ) Ohh! Aah! The rope! Throw the rope! Throw the rope! Help me! Help me! Throw the rope! Aah! Ohh! ( Gasping ) Ohh! Ohh! ( Shrieking and gasping ) ( Gasping ) ( Distant shouting ) That is what happened.
His face, Daniel.
His dead face.
If he could swim, it must have been that he was seized with cramp.
I could have saved him.
You hesitated, that was all.
That isn't murder.
And you won't make me tell anyone else? No.
There's no injury that could be righted in that way.
And you won't hate me for what I've done? No, I shan't hate you.
And you won't forsake me? No.
I wanted to tell you.
I wanted you to know me utterly, no one else.
( Piano playing ) Have you seen the paper? Mallinger Grandcourt's dead.
Boating accident at Genoa.
Oh, that's terrible.
Well, I doubt he'll be much missed, and certainly not by our friend Dan, or his duchess.
They'll be free to marry now.
W-what's the matter? How can you speak like that? So callously? The poor man is dead.
Who are you to say how people feel? ( Wan chuckle ) ( Running footsteps ) Woman: Come on, Charles.
Daniel! Mirah's gone.
Gone? What do you mean, gone? Where? We don't know.
Welcome home, Dan.
She said she couldn't bear it To see Hans suffering all the pain of love when she couldn't return it.
I think she was upset about something else, too.
What? I think you know, Dan.
I think I know where to find her.
Avoiding me, Dan? ( Sickly laughter ) Don't ever try and shift a bout of melancholy with three pipes of opium.
Doesn't work.
I'm sorry, Hans.
So you damn well should be.
I've dreamt of nothing but Mirah since the first day that I met her.
I gladly have converted for her.
But it's no good.
It's all right for you.
You've got your duchess.
Hans, you don't understand.
Oh, I do.
I've seen you with her.
And I've seen you with Mirah.
You've deceived us all.
Hans, that's ridiculous.
I'm in no mood for games.
I can't bring myself to tell you what you don't seem to know.
What? That Mirah's jealous of the duchess.
Why do you think that is? Because she's in love with you.
Deronda, Sir! I was just wondering how I could get word to you, and here you are! How did you know you should come? I don't understand.
I've just returned from Italy.
I thought I might find miss Lapidoth here.
Then you haven't heard.
Mordecai is very ill, Sir.
( Mordecai coughs violently ) Mordecai.
I came to tell you you were right.
You knew me better than I knew myself.
I am a Jew.
We have the same people.
I knew it.
Don't be sad.
I am happy to die.
Now we shan't be separated by life or by death, and you will do what I dreamt of doing.
( Speaks Hebrew ) It seems so hard, Daniel That I've only just found him again, and now he's Mirah.
Let me share this sorrow.
Let me share all your sorrows And all your joys.
I can speak freely now.
At last, now I know who I am.
I love you, Mirah.
Say say you will promise to be my wife.
Say it now.
You mean it? Truly? It's me that you want? I have spent my life in doubt and confusion, but now I realize It was always your voice that I heard.
Could you love me, Mirah? Sir Hugo said to tell you he's in the library, Sir.
Thank you.
So Now you know your mother.
How was she? How did she seem to you? She told me she was dying.
But, at the same time, she seemed more alive, more powerfully present, than anyone I've ever known.
That was how she always seemed to me.
She Extraordinary business, the accident.
I could hardly believe my ears.
I never had much time for Grandcourt, but I wouldn't have wished that end for him.
But I suppose it leaves your way free to Mrs.
Grandcourt now, if you care to take it.
I don't.
I've asked miss Lapidoth to marry me.
The devil you have! Is this some sort of perverse response to what you've learned from your mother? No Sir.
It's something that's been growing inside me for some time, but what I learned from my mother confirmed me, not only in who I am a Jew, and proud to be a Jew but what I should do with my life work for my people In the best way I can find.
So All my efforts have been in vain.
You have given me the best upbringing and education for my new life.
You told me yourself you wanted me to aim high, that I had it in me to be a leader of men, and now I believe that I could be that leader.
At least I want to try.
And I should like to have your blessing for that work, and for my marriage, too.
I can't pretend that I'm happy about this, Daniel.
Deronda, Sir! I told him.
He oh, Daniel.
He's gone.
( Horse neighs ) I wanted to see you, to know that you are well, or recovering.
I am better, yes.
And your material circumstances now? Do you have need of anything? No.
My husband left me a small amount.
Quite enough to support us here at Offendene.
I want for nothing else.
I have been trying to be a better daughter, a better sister.
You were right.
It does help to try to put others before oneself.
Rather a novelty for me.
My life has changed, too.
Changed utterly.
I have found my true family.
I am a Jew.
But what difference should that make to you and me? I must tell you that I'm going to marry miss Lapidoth.
I hope you will be very happy.
Happier than I have been.
Thank you.
I always thought I was the best of gamblers, but now it seems I have lost in every way.
So, what will you do now, with your life? I want to travel to the east and find out more about my people, and see if I can help them.
So I am forsaken.
I said I should be, and I am.
You know All my life, I thought the world revolved around my hopes, my desires.
Now I know the world goes on without me, and my hopes, my desires, mean nothing.
No, don't say that.
Don't be afraid.
I mean to live.
I am young, after all, and not all bad.
I shall be better for having known you.
Go now.
( Footsteps recede ) ( Sobbing ) ( Men singing in Hebrew ) ( Singing ends ) ( Glass shatters ) Gwendolen: "Dear Daniel, "don't think of me sorrowfully, wherever you may go.
"You must live out the life that is in you, "and I must live out my own.
"I shall remember your words, "every one of them.
"I shall remember what you believe about me, "that I am worth something after all.
"You have known me more deeply "and cared more for me than anyone, "and I only thought of myself "and made you grieve.
"You mustn't grieve anymore for me.
"It is better, "it shall be better with me "because I have known you.
Gwendolen Grandcourt.
" ( Woman sings Aria ) Captioned by Captioneering your closed captioning resource