Dare Me (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

Code Red

1 Previously on "Dare Me" I didn't know Beth had her bow and arrow.
Jealous much? What if I tried the bow and arrow today? I said no.
You think I'm avoiding responsibilities? I'm not, I am just juggling everyone else's trying to be perfect every single second.
Nobody's asking you to be perfect.
We just want you here with us.
- You can talk to me.
- You have to go.
Hard being this talented and this beautiful.
You two take the night off.
Beth? She's down there.
I don't need to talk about Friday.
Why are you acting so weird? You and Kurt Nothing happened that you didn't want to happen, right? Nothing happened.
These girls are going to regionals! You're going to regionals and you're going to regionals and you're going to regionals! Get that foot down.
It doesn't hurt as much as you think it does.
Her face ruined because of you.
You are the coach, the adult the mother.
This is on you.
Fire Form Perfection.
That's what Coach used to tell us.
On the gym floor, on the football field Everywhere.
Sometimes it was like she was telling it to herself.
Now I think it was another way of saying, "To make things happen, you gotta burn the candle at both ends.
" But she never told us what comes next [JOEY PURP'S "ELASTIC".]
You incinerate.
Yeah, you remind me of butterfly doors Waist tight with a body like oh Hit you with the dougie, fresh pose Rick James, "Super Freak," what you know about those? Yeah, how you came with it, damn Don't look, don't touch, don't play with it Focus.
Never take your eyes off your girl.
Focus on her and only her.
She a freak, she a dancer That's how you stop falls.
Throw it back if you nasty Bounce it like it's elastic Go ahead, break it down Tell her she'd better call me today.
Go ahead, break it down real low Stop playing with it, red light, green light, go Five, six, seven, eight, one.
We got that.
We could point fingers, but blame is pointless.
Blaming others, blaming yourself It eliminates focus, and focus is what we need to get back on track before regionals.
If RiRi comes back from the doctor today with a concussion, she's useless to us.
But her misfortune will be someone else's opportunity to shine and take her spot.
Anybody think they're ready for that? [INSPIRING MUSIC.]
That's what I like to see.
Hungry little vultures, aren't you? No, don't apologize for that.
That hunger is what drives us.
That hunger is how we win.
Hanlon, you look hungry to me.
Do you think you can learn RiRi's part by tomorrow? - Yes.
- Good.
Brianna, you'll step into Addy's part.
Do I get the back tuck, too? Hungry and thirsty, I like that.
Ambition isn't a dirty word.
But, no.
Just the dance sequence.
The back tuck is Addy's to lose.
Welcome back, Curtis.
Or not.
Got one left, but I don't think you'd like where it's been.
Come on.
For fuck's sake, we can't all be riding the crimson tide.
It's like Shark Week in here.
Do you have any extra tampons? You must have some in that purse.
Are you sure? Yeah, I'm sure.
Ugh, it's so weird.
One day she's at the center of everything RiRi And then the next day it's like she's a ghost.
She's not a ghost, she's just just damaged.
You know, we all get damaged one way or another.
Worked out for you, though.
And just in time for regionals.
Yeah, you, too.
You're back up there.
Guess we both got what we wanted.
Guess so.
I can't.
No way.
- I know it's a huge favor.
- We're well past "favor" here.
Look, it's J.
I don't want to have dinner with her either, but we've lost two deep-pocket investors in the past month, and Diamant Pharmaceuticals replaced them both.
She's one of their top sales reps.
just wants to shame me.
I I have called her three times to check in about RiRi It's never enough.
These girls are athletes.
Athletes get injured, okay? [STAMMERS.]
You can't defy physics and not have injuries.
These girls fly 20 feet in the air, they're taking huge risks, and they're humans, right? They fuck up, they make mistakes.
She was supposedly a flyer here a hundred years ago.
She should know that.
You land on your head, you walk it off, put a smile on your face.
Right? That's cheer.
That's the risk you take going in.
I get it, I do, but we need this.
Bert is really laying the pressure on thick.
You know that saying, "Never press a desperate foe"? Who's desperate here? We all are.
Cloudy covered mood I'm not feeling all too great If I was feeling you before, I'm not feeling you today Or any other day In my feelings, that okay? I don't need you to say, cloudy covered mood Hey! Looking good, Ms.
Adelaide! I'm not feeling you today or any other day I got RiRi's part.
I mean, I can get it.
I've just gotta nail it.
Well, all right, then, yes! Well, we we're sad for RiRi, of course.
Of course, we We're sad for RiRi.
Everyone's sad for RiRi, but someone's gotta do it.
Why shouldn't it be me? [DISTANT HORN HONKING.]
Should I ask? Just Marines from school.
Again? Is Michael really serious about this? I think he just kind of likes hanging out with them, and they're kind of friends, at this point.
- With the recruiters? - Yeah.
They're not friends, Addy, they're adults.
And they want something.
They could be friends.
You don't know.
Not everyone wants something.
The Sarge is here.
- About time.
Good to see you.
- Good to see you.
- What's going on, man? - You knuckle-heads.
How you doing? You good? Good now that you're here.
You wanna grab us some beers? All right, all right, [INDISTINCT CHATTER.]
Dee-dee-dee-dee Here's your favorite toy.
What are you laughing at? - Um - You want me to take her? No, no, no, I got it.
Will you sign the check? Yeah.
Can you get the stroller? 18% yeah, 20%.
Be nice.
You got it.
Where you running off to? Oh, we're not running.
Just, you know, ready to get back home, you know? All right, so if I signed up - When, when I sign up - Mmhmm.
Do I know where they're sending me? [ALL LAUGHING.]
Oh, def Definitely, definitely.
You you get to choose: either Disneyland or Disney World.
And and that one guy got sent to Dorney Park.
Okay, okay, dumb question.
I'm just wondering if they send the new guys somewhere less intense.
They won't send me right into a warzone the day I sign my papers, right? [SCOFFS.]
You go where you're needed.
Basic will suck the candy-ass right out of you.
You'll be ready; you'll be a soldier.
Better yet, you'll be a goddamn Marine.
Yeah, he's right.
Yeah, one one day you'll be saying good-bye to your mommy, the next, you'll be riding next to your buddies in a convoy.
Stacked like sardines in a Humvee laughing at the guy who puked over the side of the truck at the last curve.
And then you know what'll happen? What's that? Well And artillery shell is gonna rip right through the thousands of pounds of metal surrounding you.
It'll rattle your bones so hard it makes you feel like a bomb went off inside your guts.
A month, a day later, you'll be shocked at how quick you get used to it.
You'll be shocked at how what hurts more is the email you get from home.
The things that keep going on when you're gone.
The things that pass you by and never come back.
Don't sign up, kid.
Don't ruin your fucking life.
Hey, Grim Reaper, what the hell was that? Just telling the truth.
So you don't want to do your goddamn job now? Is that what you're saying? [DOG BARKING.]
No, I'm saying you're a fucking predator.
A goddamn disease.
Who do you think taught me to prey on these kids, huh? Who's the expert, huh? How many have you signed up? Nobody had to teach you how to be a predator.
- [YELPS.]
- You're a goddamn natural.
- I don't - You know what you did! You know what you did at that fucking party.
Hey, what I don't know what you're talking about.
I don't know what you're talking about! [BOTH GRUNTING, PANTING.]
What the hell are you doing? [SCREAMS.]
You know whatever you did when you look in the mirror, you goddamn monster.
We all are! You're a monster! - [GRUNTING.]
- Stand down, soldier! - Stand down! - [HOLLERS.]
Fuck off! [ALL PANTING.]
Get the fuck off me.
Don't you touch me.
Don't touch me.
Let me put the water in the bowl For your wounds, babe Let me fill you up with the fingers of love You can't lose, babe When you watch me play Does it feel bad, darling, when they choose me? [COUGHS, GASPS.]
Say again, this place [GASPING.]
Say again This place I broke my neck Dancing to the edge of the world, babe Say again This place Say again This place [SIGHS.]
Here is your princess And here is the horizon Here is your princess And here is the horizon Here is your princess And here is the horizon [NO AUDIBLE DIALOGUE.]
Here is your princess Here is the horizon [SOBBING.]
- Hey.
- You still not sleeping? - [GRUNT SOFTLY.]
It's always like this before a tournament.
It's never this bad.
Yeah, well, the thought of making nice for J.
Curtis kind of makes me want to crawl back into bed.
- When is it? - At 6:00 at Snickers.
The name is not encouraging.
Hey you know, I could, uh I could take her to daycare today.
I've got a little extra time if you wanna head into school early or maybe take a disco nap.
Yeah, you can't take a nap if you just got out of bed.
You can if you never went to sleep.
Yeah, that sounds good.
Um, I will - take you up on that.
- Great.
Um, I'm just gonna go in early.
- Thank you.
- Hey, there you go.
You're welcome.
We had the same idea.
Always used to.
Yeah, but you beat me to it today.
I haven't really been sleeping.
Weird witchy dreams? Yeah.
It was here, the dream.
It was in this gym.
You were standing you were standing Exactly where you are.
You were right there and I was up there.
I was on top of the pyramid.
Except it was, um It was it was dark.
It was it was black all around.
And I was fine.
Till I wasn't.
And all of the squad, they just They fell away.
And no one was there holding you up.
No one.
That sounds so scary.
It's the accident.
A lot of us are pretty freaked out.
They say when something like that happens, it kind of just sticks with you for a while.
Yo, QB, come here.
Catch you later, bro.
Uh, about last night: the Sarge has a lot of responsibility.
I'm sure he's gonna want to talk to you about it.
Yeah, yeah, it may It may look like we just stand by a table all day, but, you know, the job gets to you sometimes.
Yeah, no, I I get it.
Hell, we're crazy.
I mean, we mix it up sometimes, we're Marines But not like PTSD crazy.
Yeah, yeah, nothing like that.
He just gets like that sometimes.
You know, he drops out for a while, you know, but He's had some bad times.
But nothing to do with the Corps.
Bad times on his own.
He had this wife and That'll do.
Sergeant ain't gonna like you telling tales.
It's worth it if we can keep the kid interested.
I was sure I'd wake up today and find myself heading to the brig or facing an Article 15.
I don't want to go to jail again.
Yeah, a little too late for that now.
Well, the Sarge has his own problems, right? That's none of your damn business, Corporal.
Better run, just move it, lose it - Arm angles.
- 'Buse it, 'buse it Clean it up.
Everyone on the same beat.
Watch that timing, own that floor.
Hit, hit, hit.
Five, six, seven, eight.
Better run, just move it, lose it Got a plan, just 'buse it, 'buse it Gal are goin' and they done up the dance floor Drinks gone, just a-run up the tab more Till the beat stop, here till your feet sore Got your man like whole night, one score Got me gripped tight, want see me front door But me still just a-run up the tab more Any, any, anything, we will drink that Bring me Henney when they drift, let me lose that [BOTH GRUNT.]
Haven't you caused enough accidents? Shake it off.
Back to one.
Hey, no one's gonna notice you're at regionals.
You know that, right? Queen B's back on top and you're still her bottom bitch.
You shouldn't even be here after what you did to her.
You stole her spot.
Bitch, you crushed her face.
Regionals are less than a week away, and all I see is weakness.
It is pathetic! It makes me sick! It should make you sick! Does it? You say you want things, and then it's this bullshit with your phones and your goddamn hormones.
Twirling your hair and crying over boys, over pussy.
You are throwing it all away, all of you, for nothing! For no one! You are so close to having everything that you want.
Do you know how often that happens in life? Never! Most people are born and they die and they never even come close to getting what they want! Four more days.
We have to get this right so this thing that is hanging over all of you Fix it.
Do whatever it takes to rid yourselves of what happened to her.
You're trying to pull me down Can't get my feet off the ground Keep beggin' for more But I won't feed you You came to me in a dream Not as sweet as you seem Please wake me up so I won't see you They say you're reckless at heart You're tearing good girls apart Cut me open, but I won't feel you Uh Ow! Hands on my face, I can't escape She gets around Hands on my face, I can't escape God, I worry about her all the time.
- It's so hard when you know - [MADISON BABBLING.]
How hard it is being a girl.
My mom never helped me with that kind of stuff.
You needed a mom who could run a background check.
A cop mom? - Yeah - [MADISON BABBLING.]
You needed a cop mom.
Well, let's just say that my mom has a passing familiarity with law enforcement.
Only misdemeanors so far, but she's really working on it.
I don't know what came over me in practice today, yelling like that.
No, it was good.
You should yell at us more.
I don't like feeling like that Out of control but It wasn't like that.
We needed to hear it.
I want those scouts to see you, Addy.
That's why I gave you RiRi's part More time to shine.
Never feel guilty for wanting things.
People will always make you feel guilty for wanting things.
Mm, I have to go get ready.
I'd rather do this all night instead of going to that dinner, but Okay.
I'll be back in five.
What are you looking at? [LAUGHS.]
Coach? Yeah? - Will's here.
- Here? - At the house? - Yes.
I let I let him in.
I didn't know what you'd want me to do.
Um, keep him in the kitchen.
I'll be right out.
All this? Everything, she she made it seem like nothing.
She make you think things too? Think things like what? That she needed you.
She definitely doesn't need me.
I'm sorry.
I'm I'm sorry for being here.
Sorry I ruined your afternoon.
You didn't ruin anything.
Are you insane? You have to leave now.
There she is.
Will, I am serious.
Do you even see me? Am I even here? 'Cause I saw you.
With your kid and your family, and you looked so Look, we can talk about this, but not here, not now.
You looked happy.
You looked so goddamn happy.
If you're so happy, then why are you with me? You know why.
No, no, I don't.
I don't know a single fucking thing about you.
But you like that, don't you? It's exactly how you want it.
I don't even register to you.
I'm not here; I never was.
This is my life that we're talking about.
You are my life.
That's it; that's all I have.
I no.
I'm gonna put you down for just a little bit, okay? [TOY PLAYING LULLABY.]
You sure you have a wife? [LAUGHS.]
I'm sure she'll be here soon.
It's probably just an issue with the babysitter.
Garçon, we need a little hydration.
Thank you, thank you.
"Garçon" is French for "waiter.
" Wonderful, water.
Thank you so much.
So, listen, uh, perhaps we can talk a little business while we wait.
, as you know, our much-vaunted stadium is poised to transform Sutton Grove into El Dorado, city of gold.
It's always a new one with you.
- Well - The river walk, the big box mall out by the highway.
Oh, the luxury casino.
That was That was a bit of a bust.
You always got a hustle.
You know this one is different, J.
And as their number-one rainmaker, we know you could open doors for us with Diamant.
It's a simple meeting with your boss.
You're acting like I I'm asking you to buy into 200 acres of swampland in Florida.
No, I'm acting like a woman who holds all the cards.
Uh, okay, look, at regionals next week you're gonna see naming opportunities, sponsorships Why would I go to regionals if my daughter has a concussion caused by your wife and can't even compete? Hey hey, hey, we're all friends here, right? And we we all want the same things, right? Well, I know why I'm here.
And so does she, which is why she's not here.
She's gonna be here.
Have you have you texted her? I'm sure she's just on her way in.
You know, she doesn't wanna look at her phone while driving.
Remember that day we drove out to the gorge? I wish things could always be like that.
They can't.
What what's going on, babe? Listen, okay? If you care about me, you will do what I ask and leave.
I think we should order.
I think we're all just hungry.
I think I think that's what's causing all this ill will.
No, it it's a lack of basic respect, and here I thought Colette's bad timing was only responsible for getting my daughter's face smashed in, but no.
It seems like her reverberations are endless.
Sorry, I forgot, did did any other coach get you to regionals? What? I mean, she did exactly what you wanted her to do.
- Yeah, and and we are - Right? And this is the thanks she gets? You have no goddamn idea, all right? None what it takes to do her job.
Managing a bunch of drunken, needy teenage girls and their mothers all damn night trying to turn them into athletes, warriors.
Oh, you you were a cheerleader yourself back in the day? - Excuse me? - It's not the same now.
Not even close.
Everything is hard now harder and she has given up everything to get you where you all wanted to go.
You're lucky to have her.
We're all lucky.
Sorry, you'll have to excuse me.
Okay, Matt [SIGHS.]
All right.
Forget it, don't come.
It's too late.
I don't know where the hell you are.
My knight in shining armor.
Love trouble? [PHONE RINGING.]
He ain't worth it.
I, uh I thought Colette would have got home first.
We we left in separate cars.
That's okay.
- Did you have a good night? - What? - Did you have a good night? - Oh, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, Snickers did not disappoint.
Uh, is this okay? She usually takes care of this stuff.
Um I only overcharge for brats.
Madison was great.
She ate all her food, kept most of it on the plate, and, uh, fell asleep.
It was easy.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
Are are you okay to get home? I can, um I can wake up Madison and give you a lift No, it's not even late.
I'm fine.
Uh, will you tell Coach I will see her tomorrow? Yeah.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Where were you? Colette.
Colette, are you okay? What happened? [SOBBING.]
Hey, hey, baby.
Hey, baby, come on.
It's me, it's just me.
You're okay.
What's up? - Just tell me what happened.
What happened? I'm here.
How was your night, Bethie? It was fine.
Just bored.
Baby girl You're not bored; you're heartbroken.
Your heart is broken.
Wish I knew why.
It doesn't matter.
Sure it does.
Do you know how proud I am of you? When I was in high school, I wasted all my years getting in trouble with boys, but look at you.
You're working so hard, about to get into the state championships.
- It's regionals.
- Huh? Regionals.
We're competing at regionals.
Oh-oh We did everything from a place of heat.
Desire, longing, ambition, rage.
I think We did everything because of the fire inside us.
Down It kept us moving forward.
I think I'm coming It kept us alive.
Down Until the day it swallowed us whole.
I'm coming down
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