Dark (2017) s01e02 Episode Script


1 9 HOURS SINCE MIKKEL'S DISAPPEARANCE Jonas! LIES The victim is male, between 10 and 12.
Time of death about 16 hours ago.
The burns around the eyes are strange.
Like they're melted.
No signs of sexual abuse, no sperm, no foreign DNA.
One thing is strange.
Take a look.
Apart from the burns, the ear canals are destroyed.
The inner ear was damaged too.
Both eardrums have burst.
From an extremely loud sound? Yes Or pressure, caused by a nosedive.
Or by intense rotation, such as in a centrifuge.
Do you know what otoconia are? Tiny grains in the ear canals that help us differentiate between up and down.
They can get confused.
When the body rotates, for example.
We lose our balance.
With this boy, none of the grains are where they should be.
Mikkel! Mikkel! Mikkel! Mikkel! What were you doing up there? Ouch! Are you crazy? What were you doing? I heard you guys talking at school.
About the caves and Erik's drugs so I thought I don't know what I thought.
I'm sorry about Mikkel.
Monday night in Winden, another boy vanished without a trace.
According to the police, the 11-year-old was last seen with his siblings in Winden Forest near the nuclear power plant and the Winden Caves.
The police are asking the public for tips that may help solve the case.
Citizens' groups are also coordinating searches with local authorities.
For two weeks now, a 15-year-old boy from the Winden area has been missing.
Police have declined to comment on whether the two missing persons cases are related.
It's Mom.
You're probably out.
About Mikkel I really don't know what to say.
Are Martha and Magnus okay? Should we Can we help? Call me when you hear this.
We're very worried.
I I couldn't get hold of Ulrich.
Shouldn't we go see the kids? They've organized various search parties.
I have to go.
Where were you last night? I woke up around midnight.
You weren't there.
Couldn't sleep.
I went into the garden to get the bushes ready for winter.
The car wasn't there either.
We were out of cord.
I had to go to the gas station.
First Mads, now Mikkel.
It's exactly like back then.
When Dad's brother disappeared, how old was he? MOTHER'S DAY 1986 Your father was 15.
Mads was three years younger.
And he was never found? We talked about Erik.
In the forest.
Mikkel thought that was the worst.
When someone isn't found.
Mikkel's coming back.
Hey, this is Martha.
Leave a message after the beep.
Hey, Martha.
It's me.
I, um Just call me back, okay? Bye.
The dead boy is neither Mikkel nor Erik.
This kid is disfigured.
The eyes are completely burnt.
There was red soil all over his clothes.
But none where he was found.
And it looks as if someone dressed the boy in clothes from the '80s.
The shoes, the Walkman From the '80s as well.
We found this around his neck: a one-pfennig coin from 1986 on a red cord.
The cassette contains this.
We fall through the time stream Then awaken from a dream - And Mikkel and Erik? - WÃller will coordinate the search.
For now we won't make the discovery of the body public.
We've got two missing kids and a dead, unidentified boy.
Contact the central office for missing persons.
Question everyone in the proximity.
Everyone! In the cave there's a door! I found a door.
Can I have a word? There's a door inside the cave, leading to the nuclear plant.
We need a search warrant.
Maybe Mikkel accessed the grounds through that door.
That's a high security area.
You can't just enter.
- Maybe he climbed the fence.
- The barbed wire? We checked the fence.
There was no damage to it.
You're thinking the same thing, right? That the cases are all connected.
The dead boy, Erik, Mikkel.
Maybe you were right.
It's just like it was back then.
Mads disappeared at the same spot.
Close to the nuclear power plant.
Something is wrong up there I just know it.
I'll request the search warrant.
The police will be here soon.
We need to get rid of them tonight, Jürgen.
They'll be snooping all over here.
Maybe someone else should do it.
Because of Erik They'll be watching.
Are you blackmailing me? No, why? Do you know the difference between successful and unsuccessful people? Exactly.
So do it tonight.
And you talk to no one.
Understood? FOREST HOTEL WINDEN Can I help you? I need a room.
Must be horrible for you.
First, the thing with your son Mads and now your grandson.
But the whole town is mobilizing.
We'll find him.
Maybe not.
A JOURNEY THROUGH TIME Ulrich, it's me Charlotte.
Aleksander blocked the search warrant immediately.
But we're talking to the judge now.
Please call me back once you hear this.
END CALL WINDEN CAVES And so, at least hypothetically, because of these gravitational anomalies, it is possible to bend time and space.
Will we ever be able to travel through a black hole to see what lies beyond? And what price would we pay? How far would scientists go? Aleksander, please open the gate.
Let me in.
There's a door in the caves.
Maybe he got through it.
Let me search the slope.
Let me search your section of the caves! Please.
I can't just let anyone in there.
It's a high security area.
My employees patrol it every day.
If Mikkel were here, we'd know it.
You fucking asshole! Why are you doing this? Are you trying to ruin me? We're talking about my son! I'm coming back with a search warrant! And then you'll open this goddamn gate! You asshole! Open up! I'm sorry, Ulrich.
- Honestly.
- Open up, man! ENTER CODE - 3 ATTEMPTS REMAINING INVALID CODE - 2 ATTEMPTS REMAINING What are you doing here? - I wanted to see you.
- Come on.
What is this? Why are you here? I'm so sorry.
Have you found out anything? Stop it, please.
I can't do this, not now.
I'll call you, okay? WHERE IS THE CROSSING? Car unidentified, unidentified "Identification: Van"? Obendorf has a van POLICE RECORDS Jankowski! Did you question Obendorf? Yes.
Why? The files say he was on duty at the plant when Erik disappeared.
He works in the storerooms and as a driver sometimes.
- Did you confirm that? - Of course.
So he has access to the power plant grounds? - I think so.
- Was he at the plant last night too? No idea.
I haven't spoken to him yet.
Drop it.
Drop it, I said! Ulrich! What is this? Is this yours? We did it together.
Erik and I.
We sold some at the school.
Were you at the plant yesterday? Yesterday? No, why? What's this? When people bring their junk here, you always find something.
Erik was saving up for a scooter.
Where's my boy? I don't know, Jürgen.
Do you think they'll find him? I hope so.
Do you think he had a secret? Mikkel? No, Dad.
Do you think he was keeping something from us? Why do you say that? Do you miss him? I think I miss a notion of him.
I don't know who he really was.
Maybe we never know that.
What a person is really like.
Did you love him? Whatever happens, you'll tell me the truth.
Don't lie to me.
Whatever it is.
WHERE IS MIKKEL? WHEN IS MIKKEL? Who are you? Why? Who are you? Mikkel.
I live here.
And I live here.
You going to grow roots? - You're at the wrong house, fool.
- Hey, Ulrich! Come on, we need to go.
Yes, Katharina, I'm coming.
Are you dense? You don't live here.
Who is that? The Grim Reaper.
Can't you tell? Ouch! Katharina.
CHERNOBYL - HALF A YEAR LATER Subtitle translation by Leah Corper, Peter Rigney
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