Dark (2017) s02e05 Episode Script

Lost and Found

1 Isn't it peculiar that we feel the most repulsion for the very people who are most similar to ourselves? I just want to know how to get home.
Get dressed.
June 25, 2020 Two days until the Apocalypse Wait a minute.
There's something you need to see.
- We have to go.
- It's probably best if you sit down.
Maybe some other time.
We really have to go.
I I've got to tell you this.
It sounds insane, but I need to know what you think about it.
What the hell? For months you haven't even spoken to us.
And now you want to know what we think? Look around you.
We're the kids here, but you've behaved like one for months! I mean, fuck, Mom, think you're the only one who deals with this shit? But it's not you alone! No.
Even if you want to talk now, we don't need it.
Why is he so interested in the power plant? I want you to find someone at the Federal Police who knows Clausen.
Find out what he's really doing here.
Call me as soon as you're able to figure this out.
Bartosz isn't here.
His bed wasn't slept in.
He wasn't here all last night.
- He's probably at Martha's.
- They broke up.
They could've gotten back together.
Did you try calling? No one's answering.
I'm sure it's nothing.
Say everything's okay.
Everything's okay.
Doing all right, Inspector? Former Winden Chief Inspector Egon Tiedemann Found dead on June 26, 1987 Circumstances surrounding his death still unclear Ms.
The French delegation.
They're all waiting.
I think you better Reschedule.
What? - Reschedule.
- But I can't just Why am I here? A man lives three lives.
The first one ends with the loss of naïveté, the second, with the loss of innocence and the third with the loss of life itself.
It's inevitable that we go through all three stages.
You turn into your older self.
And your older self will turn into what you see here.
I don't have time for all this shit here.
I have to get back now, to my time! I know what will happen.
I've seen all the graves.
You have lots of time.
This is the year 1921.
Strictly speaking, you have 99 years left.
So, a fresh snack.
People can say whatever they want.
This Reagan, he's a great guy.
The Olympics, on both sides of Berlin.
I'd say that's visionary.
I recorded his speech.
It was on last night.
You haven't been here in a long time.
I just wanted to see how you were getting along.
It's all right.
Claudia You know that I'm quite proud.
Of all your accomplishments.
And your mother would be too.
I have to go.
The actual reason I came is I think you should live with us.
You wouldn't have to be so alone.
And Regina would be happy to see more of you.
How about tomorrow? Tomorrow? You're acting as if I'm inches from death.
Think it over, please.
All right? Katharina! What do you want? Is he here? Jonas.
He disappeared.
I have no idea where he is.
You said you saw Mikkel.
You were there.
How do I get there? He has a sort of apparatus.
I guess you'd call it a time machine.
A time machine.
And do you know how this thing works? It wouldn't help even if I did.
He took it with him.
He was always there.
Right in front of me.
I just can't take in the fact that you slept with my husband and my son.
I guess you always wanted everything that was mine.
You're like a parasite.
Did Ulrich ever tell you that he loved you? In the end, he would always choose us.
Good afternoon.
- Hello.
- You missed your appointment yesterday.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I guess I forgot about it.
One would think a mother whose child is missing wouldn't forget that.
You're the last person I expected to see here.
But since you're already here have you ever seen this man? No, I haven't.
How about you? You recognize this person? No.
Do you know everything that's going to happen? I know when wars begin and end what discoveries science makes in the next few years what shares to invest in.
But I don't know what my counterpart will do as long as I haven't seen his future.
But you know my future.
You know what I'm going to do.
I am your future.
There must be a way to change everything.
So that things happen differently.
A loophole.
It took me 66 years to discover a way out of all this.
A way to finally leave this hell.
I've been here about a week, and I get the impression no one here is telling the truth.
Everyone's hiding something.
What I don't know is whether everyone is hiding the same thing, or if they all have their own skeletons in the closet respectively.
Is he paying you? Aleksander Tiedemann.
I don't quite follow.
You worked for him as a physiotherapist.
You've stopped now, correct? Mm-hmm.
And yet he still wires you the same amount every month.
One would normally require a service in return.
What exactly is the service? What you don't understand is that we support each other.
We stick together here.
My son has disappeared.
Aleksander helps out with money.
That's all.
Nothing beats a good neighborhood.
It's quite remarkable that Mrs.
Nielsen is also so understanding.
Uh, maybe that's how it is in small towns like this.
You don't just share secrets you also share your bed.
- I want to know what you know.
- All right.
Who is Noah? He is one of them.
A traveler.
He's Adam's puppet.
He killed the children.
Mads, Erik, Yasin.
It seems like all of this is somehow tied to me.
Do you know who my parents are? No.
But I knew your grandfather.
He's not my real grandfather.
I just grew up with him.
Did he know all of this? Is he one of them? A traveler? He's just a pawn, like most of us.
Claudia, she used him, like she used me, Peter and the others.
She had him build this.
You know what will happen, in the future? Yes.
What is this? Want another night, maybe? Bartosz, look at us.
What are we doing here? - Why won't you tell us what's going on? - I would if I could.
I'm not allowed to.
Even if I told you, you wouldn't believe me.
Why wouldn't we? Humans can survive three days without any fluids or nourishment.
You're crazy.
You can't do this.
Are you going to leave me here to die or what? Hey, Martha.
Martha, please.
Martha! You can't do this, Martha! Martha! Okay.
It's a time machine.
What? Are you kidding me? I told you you wouldn't believe it.
Come on.
We're leaving.
Then show us how it works.
I need a phone.
- There's no reception.
- That doesn't matter.
It just needs to search for the signal.
That's all.
Come closer.
The incident last summer You said it was the result of a reaction in the volume control system.
I checked the data.
Everything was normal.
So? What really happened? I knew you'd always refuse to let this go.
After the incident, I had a sample taken and analyzed.
What you see there are the results.
These values They don't make sense.
I thought so too, initially.
So I had them run the tests another time.
The results were always the same.
If the data is correct, then - is this what I think it is? - It's possible.
It corresponds in several ways with the calculations of Englert, Brout and Higgs.
In '64.
Ah, but not entirely.
The God Particle.
The particle that gives all things the mass they have.
This is just sensational.
If this data is correct, we have to make it available to everyone.
As I've told you before, sometimes it's all right to let sleeping dogs lie.
Hmm? If we make it public people will want to know how we discovered it.
The nuclear plant is my only legacy.
Do what you want with the data, but just keep my name and the plant out of it.
At least so long as I'm alive.
Are you all right? Can I help you? Hello, Ines.
Ina, hello.
We're out of iodine again.
- Have you heard? - Hmm? A patient escaped from the nuthouse.
In the '50s he supposedly killed two kids and beat another one half to death.
He's on his last legs now, but they say we should stay on alert.
Thank you.
You look familiar somehow.
I've waited 33 years for this moment to get here.
"The question isn't how it is when.
" That's what you said.
Do you recall? Papa.
In the future there's a prophecy about a new world.
That Sic Mundus will lead mankind to paradise.
Is that this? A religion? We're the exact antithesis of that.
We've declared war on time.
God is our antagonist.
We are creating a new world.
Without time.
Without God.
How is that? In short, the God mankind has prayed to for thousands of years the God that everything is bound with, this God exists as nothing other than time itself.
Not a thinking, acting entity.
A physical principle with which you can no more negotiate than you could with your own fate.
God is time.
And time is not compassionate.
The instant we're born our lives start to trickle away, like the sand in this hourglass.
Death is always inevitable.
Our destiny is nothing but the connection of cause and effect.
In light, in shadow.
What do you want from me? - I am Noah.
- I know who you are.
You've been killing the children.
I can't make you change your mind about me.
But perhaps one day you will understand that I only did all this to finally put a stop to everything once and for all.
So you won't be taken from me again.
Just like your mother was.
They didn't think you had much of a chance when you were born.
You were premature, tiny.
But you wanted to live.
You were so strong.
Your little hand grabbed my finger and wouldn't let go of it.
Stop it! This isn't possible.
Your mother took this picture.
I promised her I'd bring you back.
I kept searching for you.
But you were here all along.
Adam knew it was you.
He knew it the whole time.
He is preparing for what's to come.
I've read all of the last notes.
The nuclear plant, Jonas.
It's all going to happen again, the apocalypse.
In two days.
But I know now what I have to do.
I have to end Adam so that everyone else can live.
Not just those in the bunker.
Who is my mother? She loved you very much.
She still loves you.
What happened here? The chair is gone.
- What's going on? - I didn't believe it at first.
But then he told me about things that were going to happen.
And they all eventually did.
That you and Jonas would kiss each other.
He told me about it before you did it.
That my mother would get cancer.
That Jonas would vanish.
Who told you this stuff? - Noah.
- Noah? The priest? Tall, blue eyes? - You know him? - I don't, but Elisabeth does.
Okay, what is all this? Noah said it's about a war.
About controlling time.
That my grandmother is involved.
- That Jonas would return and that - Jonas? Jonas will return? Yes, he's a part of this war.
I'm going home.
Do you trust me? Michael? Michael! Michael! Egon, it's Ines.
I know this sounds strange, but I got home and Michael isn't here and The man who broke out of the psychiatric clinic.
I What man broke out of the clinic? It was all over the radio.
Do you remember the kids from the construction site in 1953? That man, that's who broke out.
I'll get in touch with the station.
I might know where they're headed.
I'll pick you up.
Stop! Don't move! - Michael! - Let go of the boy! - Let him go! - No! - Get on the ground! - Michael! - You don't understand! - On the ground! - This is my son! - I said let go of the boy right now! - Mikkel! - Michael! Mikkel, I I'll come back.
I'll take you home.
I promise! I promise.
It's all your fault.
It always has been.
I swear, next time I will kill you! Let's go! Mikkel! Mikkel! Mikkel, Michael, our father, is just a small part of a knot that is infinitely greater and more convoluted.
The entire universe is nothing but a giant knot from which there is no escape.
If that's the case, if everything is tied forever in this knot, if nothing can change then haven't you already had this conversation? And asked that very question.
All my life I was convinced that this moment here could never be repeated this way.
I would never be able to say the words that my older self said to me back then.
Because I couldn't understand how I could ever want what he wanted.
Now, 66 years later, I understand.
There are moments that change us forever.
There is pain you never forget.
But there is also a way that leads out of all this gruesome, senseless futility.
But if that's correct, if there is an escape, why is everything happening again, why have you changed nothing? Every development is built on its predecessor.
First there is the wheel, then the automobile.
I cannot be me without having been you first.
You have seen the passage yourself, the bunker, the chair, the device, the thing in the future.
But that's not the end of the chain.
Thank you for taking the time.
I'd like you to test this for me.
And not a word.
To anybody.
What is this? If it's what I think it is, it will change our understanding of the entire world forever.
Preserve creation gain the future Hey.
Hey, stop the car! Those are my children! Magnus! Martha! Believe me now? You came back.
Where'd you go? Did this ever mean anything to you? Did you love Dad at all? I know you had an affair with Ulrich.
If you could choose between Papa and Ulrich In all this mess, I really thought you were the only person I could trust.
I fucked up everything.
I know that.
Maybe you've always done that.
You need no one.
You only need yourself.
It's not the same as the one in the future.
Maybe it's something like its twin.
It's a section of the infinite.
It penetrates everything.
People have given it all sorts of names over the centuries.
Ether, dark matter, Higgs field.
How was it created? In the future, by the catastrophe in two days that you so dearly want to prevent.
This one was created by us.
It is the continuation of technical evolution.
And it will be the end of this knot.
This one will send you exactly to the day that you want to travel to.
It will break the 33-year cycle.
That's why I'm here.
That's what you want from me.
The way to stop this all from happening is for me to stop the very beginning.
That is right.
The question is, when is the beginning? And what sacrifice must we make? The 20th of June, 2019.
The day before it happened.
Before my dad committed suicide.
Before it all went to chaos.
If you can prevent him from taking his own life, then nothing that follows will occur.
Mikkel won't travel back.
You I will never be born.
But everyone else will live.
Martha will live.
If you succeed, we will reorder the whole world.

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