Dark Angel s01e10 Episode Script


It's that idiot in 12B.
Where does he get off, thinkin' he can jack our power on bath night? Says he needs it for his heater, so his cannabis doesn't die.
I'm gonna have a hot bath.
His weed's gonna have to chill.
I mean, we stole the power first.
- It belongs to us.
- Totally.
Got another date with Mr Multiples? "Date" might not be the most exact term.
You think "date", you think of getting dressed up, going somewhere, some wine a movie.
And then bad-a-bing.
And? Our evening starts off naked, cos all we do is get busy - all night, without pause.
You can't bang the gong for 12 hours.
You can, Max.
You so can.
Well, that's not been my experience.
I mean, men always have to stop and talk.
They need to hear what a good job they're doing.
Then they do this weird cuddle thing.
Not all men.
- I gotta meet this guy.
- Oh, you've met him.
Really? Who? I'm not letting you near him.
This better be global.
- Max.
- Hey.
Found out where the witness is being held.
Got it.
The hit's going down today, so you gotta get over there.
I'm preparing myself mentally for the task at hand.
- Where are you? - I was in heaven, but you're bringing me down to earth with this urgent tone thing.
- Are you taking a bath? - Damn straight.
And it took me an hour to boil 20 pots of water to fill this tub.
I'm going to enjoy it.
Rescuing this witness and keeping him alive to testify tomorrow is the only chance we have of bringing down Mayor Steckler.
- I know.
- And I don't trust Witness Protection.
I got it covered, Logan.
Nothing's goin' down for at least an hour.
It's not even dark yet.
This guy needs to relax.
Right on schedule.
Freeze! You all right? You interrupted a dream I was having about twins from Portland, the Ba-bing sisters.
You pull 50 large from your mattress.
I make the call to bring her over.
And I work your face with a pair of pliers for a couple of hours till you tell us where she is.
Bruno - Bruno, I thought you were dead.
- I thought you were dead.
Ugh! Sorry to disappoint.
Oh, great! Now I need another bath.
Ooh! Meet the courageous citizen who we just saved.
I would just like to go on record as saying I'm unhappy with the treatment I'm receiving.
- Say hi to Bruno Anselmo.
- I thought you were dead.
I got shot up pretty bad takin' out Sonrisa, thanks to chicky here, but I pulled through.
- Shame.
- Hey! You tricked me into killin' the best boss I ever had.
I was makin' a good livin', breakin' legs.
The next day I wake up in a hospital.
I'm surrounded by cops telling me that if I don't turn into a snitch, I'm a dead man.
You agreed to testify, and they gave you an early burial so no one would come after you.
Why don't you two tell me how you figure into this? I got a tip that the chief witness in the murder case against Mayor Steckler, you as it turns out, was gonna get greased.
We didn't want that to happen.
- Speak for yourself.
- Now, I want you nice and healthy, so you can tell the commission about how Steckler conspired with your boss to keep Cartodiazapine from the vets who needed it.
How 149 people died because of his greed.
Wait a minute.
This is about Sonrisa? Didn't we do this months ago? - We didn't finish the job.
- I got enough on Steckler to put him away.
Well, that's assuming we can keep you alive.
You cannot be asking me to baby-sit this dirt bag.
He's the one who put me in this chair.
If I can wrap my head around it, so can you.
What chair? Take a look at the fruits of your labour.
You might have an easier time recognising him through the scope of a grenade launcher.
Yeah, now I remember.
I did this? Yeah.
It was nothing personal, you know.
Could have been worse, right? You got a nice pad here.
I appreciate you lettin' me crash here.
I got a safe house for you.
I'm begging you to let me turn him over to the people who wanna grease him.
can crawl back under the rock he came from.
Some spending money.
Play nice.
So from what I remember, you can hold your breath for a long time.
You know, guys pay a lotta money for that.
And setting me up against Sonrisa? I forgive that.
I'll sleep better now.
And I thank you for saving my life back there.
Don't rub it in.
So, um, you and this Logan character, you workin' together, or Bruno, how about you and me take a vow of silence for the next 24 hours? Hm? Oh, no.
No, this is not working for me.
Argh! - Excuse me? - Do you see a TV, huh? Do you see a stereo? What am I supposed to do for food, huh? - You're takin' me to a nice restaurant.
- You're staying put.
Oh, no.
Not in this dump, I'm not.
No, sir.
- Hey, Bruno.
- Uh-huh? Oh! Well, yes, I should have figured you for a little kinkster.
Yeah, I'm game.
Two people, alone in a room for people just passin' through.
It's me.
It's you, lookin' hotter than you've ever looked.
It's like déjà freakin' vu, isn't it? Argh! Ow! That's not a turn-on.
No, no.
- What'd you do that for? - Let me connect the dots for you.
There are people that want you dead.
Logan wants to keep you alive.
I am on the fence.
But I'll make sure nothing happens to you until you walk outta that hearing.
That means that you will stay here, even if the accommodations aren't to your liking.
You know you're different, right? You're not like other girls.
What do you want on your pizza? The works.
But I'm a vegetarian, so I don't want sausage and I don't want pepperoni, and I don't want cheese cos I don't do dairy.
- Got a thing for tying up guys, don't you? - I save it all for you, Bruno.
Most people watch home videos to remember the good times.
It's like it happened to someone else.
That is definitely me.
- Do you need to put yourself through this? - And the shooter was Bruno Anselmo.
You're a better man than me sticking your neck out for the man who did this to you.
We have a situation in the here and now.
That's all that matters.
- How'd you get this video tape anyways? - Money.
What else have I got? You gotta scream a little, or you're gonna explode.
- What good would that do? - Might make you feel better.
For how long? A minute, five minutes? It's a lot healthier than pretending to be the benefactor of the man who tried to kill you.
A normal person might even entertain the idea of revenge.
To what end? Bruno's a germ, and there are 10,000 more just like him ready to take his place.
What I have to attack is the disease, not the symptom.
The disease is Mayor Steckler, and Bruno will bring him down.
Now, can I have my remote back, please? They didn't get him.
They said some girl showed up on a bike and took off with him.
I'm gonna take care of it myself.
Don't worry, I'll find him.
Let's just say he has certain weaknesses.
It ain't all good And that's the truth Things ain't goin' like you think they should It's all on you It ain't all good Hey, hey, Maxie! Ladies, say hi to Maxie.
Maxie, this is Brittannica.
And this is Ling Ling, which is short for something.
Are you a complete idiot, or do you just have a death wish? Huh? They're trusted associates.
C'mon, kids, put your clothes on.
Bruno's got school in the morning.
Hey, I can't put my life on hold because I'm doing my civic duty and testifyin'.
The reason why they call it a safe house is cos nobody's supposed to know where it is.
Who forgot their thong? Well, like the duck said to the working girl, put it on my bill.
Sorry, baby, we gotta have the paper.
Well, I kinda didn't get my wallet, cos you grabbed me so fast.
Do you mind payin'? I'll pay you back.
I'll get you a lap dance, if you want.
It's my treat.
Ow! God, don't do that! You and your kinky-kinky lady have a good night.
Oh, I'm sure we will.
- We gotta blaze.
- You know, you're overreacting.
We gotta find new digs.
You wouldn't have to protect me if you had got me dead back when you tried.
Ow! - Think there's a lesson in that? - Yeah, try harder.
- May I help you? - Checkin' in.
Name? - Stark.
- Galt.
We just got married.
No, I don't have anything under either name.
Baby, tell me you remembered to make the reservation.
I thought you were handling that.
Oh, well, I didn't marry her for her brains.
Can't we just get a room? Let me see what I have available.
- Oh too bad the bridal suite's ocupado.
- I'm heartbroken.
Your room is right this way.
I should carry you across the threshold for good luck.
You're out of luck.
Oh, now, this is some style.
I'll send your luggage right up.
We don't have any, we're newlyweds.
Who needs clothes? Can you tip the young man, honey? Listen, can we get a free bottle of champagne or somethin'? I'll see what I can do.
Well this is more like it.
Last room in the place and one bed.
Great! - We're all adults.
I think we can share.
- Yeah, right! Well, you take the middle.
I'll take the top.
You get the floor, pal.
Honeymoon's over.
It's all comin' back to me now.
Is that all you've got? - You pack a big wallop for a little thing.
- Silence.
- I'm bored.
- Watch television.
You won't let me order any movies.
Hose Monkeys: the Next Generation is not a movie.
It's excrement.
The leading lady is a personal friend of mine.
Dinner's on its way.
Why don't you take a nap or something till it gets here? I can't sleep.
Want me to put you under again? - I'm gonna take a shower.
- Some dirt just doesn't wash off.
Why don't you come help me? Towels are all scratchy! There's no water pressure.
- We got a problem.
- What? I'm supposed to protect your boy, only I'm close to killing him.
He turns my stomach.
He's subhuman.
He's A witness in the biggest trial in Seattle history.
Can't we lock him in a trunk for the next Remember the goal here, bringing down Steckler.
I don't have to remind you what he did to your friend Theo.
- He died on account of him and Sonrisa.
- Like I'd forget.
Then keep your eyes on the prize.
But you don't have to share a room with the creep.
Why am I not worried about you taking care of yourself? The only thing you need to worry about is me snappin' his neck.
Just get him to the courtroom in one piece and able to talk.
Does he need to have all his teeth? - I'll see you tomorrow.
- You owe me for this one, large.
Bruno, dinner! What's this? - The gentleman ordered whipped cream.
- Here.
Knock yourself out.
You can take that champagne, too.
Honey! Dinner! Bruno? I am entering this room to determine that you are safe and unharmed.
It should in no way be construed by you as The gentleman I checked in with, do you know where he went? I called him a cab.
Where's my ten per cent? Ten per cent? Of what? Either I get paid, or you don't work this hotel again.
You puttin' a touch on the workin' girls? You think you deserve a piece of the action for sittin' on your can? I don't think so.
- I can't breathe.
- I hear about you shakin' down my sisters, I'll come back here and slap you like the bitch that you are.
- Now, where did my husband go? - Steel Pole saloon, Eighth and Pender.
Have a nice night.
- Slop, man.
- It's not slop, I called that.
What the hell are you doing here? I'm just teaching this douchebag how to play pool.
- What'd you just call me? - You heard me.
Bartender, I wanna get a vinegar and water for this douchebag over here.
Oh, yeah! My wife.
Anybody else want a piece? No takers? Let's go.
- Not bad for a girl.
- I was pretending they were you, sweetheart.
It's Johanssen.
Yeah, he was just here.
She's good.
I'm gonna need the team.
I can't reach the phone from here.
No more phones, no more room service, no more showers.
You're gonna go to sleep, and I'm gonna sit here and watch you.
I gotta call my little girl before she goes to bed.
Right! And then visit your sick Aunt Mary.
- I'm serious.
I gotta call my kid.
- You actually have offspring? Is it considered Homo sapien? Say whatever you want to about me, but don't make any cracks about my girl.
Understood? - You really have a daughter? - Yes.
Her name's Annabelle and she's seven.
She doesn't sleep good unless I call her at night.
No way.
If Steckler's goons are sittin' on your family, they'll trace the call.
- You must think I'm dumb, huh? - D'you really want me to answer that? I gave my ex a scrambled cell.
Nobody can trace the call.
Thank you.
What's the number? This better be real, cos I'm listenin' in.
Hey, Mary Jo, it's me.
I know it's late, I had a bit of a situation.
Is Annabelle still up? Can I talk to her, please? I promise I won't keep her very long on the phone.
See? She waited up for me.
D'you mind going to the ice machine for me? Yeah.
I would like a glass of iced water on my bedside table.
- So open a vein.
- C'mon! You got me locked up here.
I'm waiting for my little girl to come to the phone.
Where am I gonna go? Hi, sweetheart.
How was school today? I'm gonna try and come down there tomorrow and see you.
I got a busy day.
Well, I'm gonna be there.
So which story do you wanna hear tonight, sweetie? Again? OK.
Are you all tucked in? All right.
Are you ready? In the great green room there was a telephone, and a red balloon, and a picture of the cow jumping over the moon.
Can I help you, gentlemen? You checking in, or just visiting a guest? Ugh! Argh! Good night, moon.
Bruno, we gotta get outta here.
- Good night, light and red balloon.
- Hang up the phone, now! Goodbye, chair - Let's go! - I didn't get to the kittens.
Hello, police? Argh! Oh, God! There's a rat! Calm down.
It's 10.
45am, and even you feckless bums have been working for an hour.
Where is she? - I resent being called feckless.
- Me, too.
What's it mean? Where is Max? - In the bathroom.
- On a run.
If she's not present in the next 15 minutes, she will be without employment.
- You tell her that for me.
- Normal, I swear I just saw her a minute ago.
Get out of my sight.
Get out of my sight.
- Do we have any idea where Max is? - None.
But we gonna fix that.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- You got Original Cindy here.
We already did that.
Do you know where Max is? I've been paging her for two hours and she ain't hit me back.
Which is not her stilo.
- Max is OK.
- That's not what I asked.
Where is she? - She'll be back at work this afternoon.
- If the man don't fire her ass first.
Say she had a medical emergency and she'll bring a note from her doctor.
- What you got her doin'? - It's a favour.
A favour! Look, you wanna be international man of mystery, that's your dealio.
But you get my homegirl jammed up, I'm gonna beat on your ass, chair or no chair.
- Trust me, Max is OK.
- She better be.
I overheard you use the M-word.
Did you enquire as to her whereabouts? She's at the doctor's.
The good news is they caught it before it turned into chronic brain dysfunction syndrome.
She'll be in as soon as they're done testing her.
For the love of Mike.
I've been paging you all morning.
Little run-in at the hotel.
Had to bail and left my pager.
- What happened? - Some goons paid us a visit.
- Is he OK? - Yeah.
I'm OK, too.
Thanks for asking.
- You figure 'em for Steckler's people? - These weren't the same guys as last night.
They were scary.
A lot of players want him dead.
I'll look into it.
I'm in the home stretch with Dumbo here.
See you in court? OK.
Max, be careful.
I'm supposed to be at the park in 15 minutes.
- What are you talkin' about? - I promised my kid I'd see her.
You look at me like something people scrape off the bottom of their shoes.
My kid looks at me, she sees her father.
- I wanna go see my daughter.
- I don't like it.
Eight years of marital pain with a guy like me, you think Mary Jo didn't learn somethin'? She can avoid a tail like most wives can make a casserole.
Still, it's risky.
That's why I got myself one kick-ass bodyguard.
Hey, sweetie.
How are you? Yahoo! - Annabelle, my friend Max.
- Hey, Annabelle.
- Hello.
- Shall we go say hi to Mommy? OK.
- Thanks for bringing her.
- Annabelle deserves a father.
Despite everything.
- Say hi to Max.
- Hi.
- Daddy? - What? - Push me on the swings.
- I'll race you.
Let's go.
- So where do you dance? - Dance? You're with my husband, you gotta be a stripper.
The teacher said the moon can't be yellow.
Really? Why not? She says the sun's yellow.
What colour do you want the sun to be? - Purple.
- Purple? You know what? I think, then, the moon has to be yellow and the sun has to be purple, and that's the way it's gotta be.
Yes? Yes? - Yeah.
- OK.
I thought I heard every excuse there was, but bodyguard? That's a new one.
It's true.
Your husband has a lot of enemies.
You're talking to one of his biggest.
It's not like I care if you're foolin' around, but don't kid yourself, you're not his only bodyguard.
Excuse me.
Bruno! Bruno! This just came for you.
Oh, great.
Thank you, Bling.
I've been waiting for that.
What is it? A security camera from the hotel that Max stayed at last night.
- Trigger men looking to kill your witness? - They don't look like Housekeeping.
What the hell was that? That's a good question.
I have no idea.
I think I better go see Sebastian.
I gotta ask, Bruno.
Why are you doin' this? Coming forward, I mean.
I do my part, the cops will forget about me whackin' Sonrisa.
Guy like you? There are a million ways to get out from under the beef.
- You could just disappear.
- Well, I've thought about it.
Your conscience got the better of you.
Three plus decades of being a dirt chute, all of a sudden you have to do the right thing? I'm doin' it for Annabelle.
Even though you may never see her again.
She's gotta live her life knowin' who she had for a father.
The very least I wanna do is give her one thing she can point to and say I did good.
Believe me, sir, I understand the importance of this mission.
Once we have her, I'll be in touch.
- What's the trouble? - His arm won't stop bleeding.
Clotting agents are too thin.
Get me the girl.
This kinda problem will be a thing of the past.
My guess is they are military.
Ours? Probably South African disposables.
- Bingo! - What? That's where the implant is inserted.
In the trade, these guys are known as the Red Series.
Yeah, I've heard about 'em.
Soldiers modified to be all they can be.
The implant burrows into the brain stem, blocks the pain receptors so they don't feel anything.
They become hyperadrenalised, which makes them incredibly strong, essentially fearless.
How can their bodies take that kind of punishment? They can't.
They burn out in six months.
A year, tops.
The South Africans have been trying to fix the problem by re-engineering their DNA.
Pretty tall order.
They could marry state-of-the-art transgenic science with neural-implant technology, if they can get their hands on a genetically enhanced prototype.
Question is, what are these guys doing in Seattle? - She may already be inside.
- Doesn't mean she's safe.
- Max can take care of herself.
- Not if she doesn't know what she's fighting.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
- My name's Logan Cale.
- Press is over there.
- I'm covering the hearing.
- Closed session.
- Miller, move the crowd back.
- Thank you.
Somebody out there's on Steckler's payroll, with a big piece of lead just for you.
I don't care.
I'm still goin' in.
Only not through the front door.
All right.
We are back in session and will hear testimony regarding the alleged involvement of the mayor's office in the Cartodiazapine crisis, which, of course, led to the deaths of 149 Balkan War veterans.
Next witness is Bruno Anselmo.
- Is the marshal in the gallery? - Yes, Your Honour.
I've just received a note indicating that the witness is not ready to appear.
It was our understanding that Mr Anselmo was in protective custody.
Yes, Your Honour, he was.
Until about 16 hours ago.
- And what happened? - We're not exactly sure.
A search is being conducted to determine his whereabouts.
Well, either Mr Anselmo presents himself immediately, or this hearing is concluded.
Call to the stand Mr Bruno Anselmo.
Since Mr Anselmo is not present we are adjourned.
Your witness.
Sonrisa had the plan.
Sonrisa did the deal.
Mayor Steckler was who made it happen.
He made a chunk of cash off a lotta dead Gls.
Did you ever personally witness Mayor Steckler receive payoffs from Mr Sonrisa? Are you kiddin'? I put the money in his hands myself.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have just been notified that a bomb threat has been made.
Adjourned until further notice.
Everyone, please exit the building in an orderly fashion.
- Let's go.
- No.
Seriously, this way.
I'm gonna ask you to move away from the building.
Move away from the building! We've got a situation here.
Why am I not surprised you know your way around courthouses? Back upstairs.
- What the hell are you doing?! - Just holdin' up my end of the deal.
See, there's some people in town that are willing to pay large for What d'you call 'em? - Manticore prototypes.
- Yeah.
I know you think I'm dumb, but I'll tell you what I figured out.
Yeah, that's good.
I figure a girl that can run faster than a bullet, and can hold her breath forever and take out guys three times her size, well, I figure she might be one of these, uh - what-em-you-call-its.
- You figured that out yourself? Uh-huh.
I even staged a demonstration in that biker bar.
- So now you're all ker-ching.
- I got a family to think about.
Bruno, I saved your life.
And I'm grateful, but I'm a bad guy doin' what comes naturally.
It's been fun.
So goodbye, girlie.
Wish I could've thrown a hump into you.
You have two choices.
You can come quietly.
- Bite me.
- Or not.
You should've brought more guys.
Gentlemen Check the other side.
Bruno! Bruno, where's Max? One at a time, boys.
There's enough ass-kicking to go around.
Now you're pissing me off! She only got away because someone helped her.
It won't happen next time.
Even better than we thought.
She's stronger, faster and well trained.
We just need some time to regroup, figure out our next move.
But we'll get her.
Don't worry.
We've got a lead.
Mayor Leopold Steckler is expected to be indicted on 149 counts of murder.
The most damning testimony was from Bruno Anselmo, who was felled by gunmen only moments after his testimony.
Why is it that the good die young? City and state officials hail Anselmo as a courageous man who paid the ultimate price for justice.
- He got what he wanted.
- Hm, a bullet in the chest? Something his kid could point to and say he did good.
Argh! They got you good.
I need to get my ass kicked once in a while.
Just to keep me real.
- These guys aren't going away, Max.
- Kinda pesky like that.
Max You don't have to tell me to be afraid.
I'm already there.