Dark Angel s01e15 Episode Script


- It'll run out before they get to us.
- Will you stop? - I really need new shoes, man.
- Sketchy, this line is for gas.
I know.
Sky said, if I score him a few gallons of premium, he'd give me bike tyres.
- Hey, no cutting! - I thought you wanted shoes? - Sky doesn't have shoes.
Herbal has shoes.
- So you'll trade the tyres for the shoes? Herbal doesn't need tyres.
He needs a waffle iron for his lady.
Original Cindy needs tyres.
- And Original Cindy has a waffle iron.
- No, Normal has a waffle iron.
He's gonna swap Original Cindy for some lingerie, so she can give it to Herbal for the tyres Sky's giving me for the gas, so I'll get my shoes.
What does Normal want with lingerie? I'm a businessman.
I don't ask questions.
Don't you wish you could get away for a few days? The reason why I'm standin' in line.
Hey, it's Logan.
I need your help with something, Matt.
Remember some protesters went missing when the city imposed martial law? Rumour was they were disappeared by a police death squad.
I think I can prove it.
I got a tip about one of the cops on the scene.
Partner tried to step forward about what happened.
Partner turned up dead.
The guy took off.
He's been laying low in a little town up the coast ever since.
Think he'll talk? Can you score me a Sector pass, so I can leave the city and find out? The Sector Police clamped down after the riots.
No one gets in or out of the city without a Class One pass, and even I can't get one.
- Right.
- I know you're not gonna just give up on this.
But do me a favour.
Be careful.
You got it.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Where are you goin'? - We, remember? The dizzying heights? The fresh country air? Hiking in the Cascades? We talked about it last week.
You might have noticed there've been some changes since then.
Unless you're planning to roll me off Mount Rainier, you might wanna reconsider.
What? You're back in the chair so you can't have a life any more? No, but I can't exactly scale mountains now, can I? Forget about the dizzying heights.
What about the country air? - Campfires? S'mores? - I got work to do.
And I spent the entire morning waiting in line for gas.
You can't get out of the city anyway.
Not without Sector passes.
Class One, VIP, no-questions-asked Sector passes.
I had to hang upside down outside a window for an hour to swipe them from the police.
I almost horked, I got so nauseous, and I hate horking.
You're not bailing on me.
Who said anything about bailing? I don't mean to bruise your delicate male ego, but your uncle's cabin is that way.
Didn't I tell you? It's being fumigated for termites.
All tented up.
- So? We'll untent it.
- Ever hear of a town called Cape Haven? A little resort community I passed through once.
Your uncle's cabin's pretty damn charming as I recall, not to mention free.
You It's rented out.
Didn't I just tell you that? - You just told me it was tented for termites.
- Whatever.
You're really gonna love this place, though.
Perfect vacation spot.
Long as I get my s'mores.
I remember this hotel.
Enormous swimming pool.
High dive.
My parents This hotel.
Did it have valet parking by any chance? - Where you headed? - Into town.
- If you're lookin' for work, there isn't any.
- I've got a question.
Can I see your badge? No badge.
We're out here because we don't want any trouble.
No, we're just here for the weekend.
Curfew's ten o'clock.
After that, you'd be advised to stay off the streets.
- Got it.
- Welcome to Cape Haven.
Where the men are men, and the tourists are afraid.
- What was his deal? - You know what it was like after the Pulse.
Places like this were overrun by people trying to get out of the cities.
Desperate, starving.
Figured things wouldn't be that bad.
A nuclear burst fries computers and satellites, turns the Information Age into the Stone Age.
Doesn't mean you can't still fish or farm.
They had to keep people out or places would be mobbed.
He was just hassling us cos he was bored.
Don't they realise people wanna get away from martial law - and pretend the Pulse never happened? - Easier said than done.
- 12.
- June 1st, 2009.
The time the Pulse hit.
- Are you Trudy? - Mr Cale.
Uh come on around.
Through the kitchen.
- Nice.
- Uh The stove's gas.
So's the hot-water heater.
If you just turn it on when you need it.
- Propane's hard to get these days.
- No problem.
The fireplace works.
You can use the cuttin' stump outside if you need Oh, the steps.
I'll get a carpenter to put a ramp down in the mornin'.
The bathroom's through that door.
The master bedroom.
Where's the guest bedroom? - I snore.
- Guest room's through there.
We didn't turn it down.
I'll get Sage to bring some linens.
Now, where's the phone? - There isn't one.
- Because my cell can't get a signal, and I - I need a phone.
- There's a payphone back in town.
- Great.
- If it's not a problem, would you mind Oh, yeah.
- There you go.
- Thanks.
Sage, let's go! - Spill it.
- Spill what? You need Bling to feed a cat you don't have? There's a source that I need to talk to here in town.
- What? - I should have known.
- Max, this is important.
- You came here to work.
Ten years ago, 18 people were murdered for standing up against police brutality.
- This guy was there.
- I don't care if he could raise the dead.
- This was supposed to be a vacation.
- How can I have a good time when When 18 restless spirits are waiting for you to avenge them? When the man responsible for killing them was Rollins Miller, the Chief of Police! And not only did he get away with it, he got promoted for it.
If I'd known it'd be an Eyes Only retreat, I wouldn't have come.
- So I let him get away with it? - You can't right every wrong.
- You got to at least try.
- Whatever.
Go talk to your source.
This girl's gonna kick back, make s'mores and relax.
I'll be back later.
Don't hurry.
Have fun, because that is the most important thing.
I'll try.
Even though I'll be racked by guilt, since I don't have enough to share with every single person on this planet.
My aunt's a doctor.
I can go get her if you want.
- No, it's OK.
- What's the matter with you? I have this problem.
The chemicals in my brain go all buggy on me.
I just have to take these pills and it goes away after a while.
That's what's in milk.
- How'd you know? - My aunt's a doctor.
She doesn't just give you a glass of milk when you can't sleep.
- She tells you why it's gonna work.
- I have a hard time sleeping too.
- I don't really like to.
- How come? Bad dreams.
Me too, sometimes.
- Like what? - People chasing me.
Tryin' to hurt me.
In mine, I'm hiding from them.
When I try to get away But you can't move.
- They keep coming.
- They never get closer.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
You sure you don't want me to go get her? Yeah.
- How come? - It's complicated.
Kind of a secret.
I have a secret too.
Yeah? I'll tell you mine if you'll tell me yours.
Nice try.
I'm looking for Herman Colberg.
Herman? - Mr Colberg? - Yeah? I'm Logan Cale.
I'm a journalist.
- Uh-huh? - Can I talk to you for a minute? In private? What about? I know who you are.
Who you were.
And I'm not here to make trouble I don't have any idea of what you're talking about.
You used to be with the Seattle PD.
You changed your name back in 2010 when you quit the force.
I don't know what to tell you, but you got the wrong guy.
- I understand why you'd be reluctant to talk.
- I'm not the man you're lookin' for.
Maybe you don't care about those 18 people the cops killed.
But your partner did.
He died trying to come forward and do the right thing.
Don't let his death be for nothing.
Aw, shoot.
- You sure like milk, huh? - Does a body good.
Hey, Benny.
Top us up there, fella.
And a glass of milk for the lady.
Is that your girlfriend? Hey, why don't you be a good pal and introduce us, huh? It's OK.
I'll do it myself.
I'm BC.
Are you done with the table? Go on.
It's all yours, honey.
Come on.
Hit it right there.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I got your note.
- You remember Sage.
- Yeah.
- How's it goin'? - OK.
So? How'd it go? Find him? Uh, it turned out he wasn't the guy I thought he was.
I guess you got no choice but to, uh enjoy yourself.
You all right? I'm fine.
He knows.
I'm just a little shaky.
Mm! - Sorry, bucko.
My game.
- Thanks.
For not treating me like a kid and letting me win.
- So, you wanna be my next victim? - Mind if I break? Lucky.
- Lucky.
- Not bad.
- You got a problem? - I ain't got no problem.
- Just enjoying the view.
- Why not go enjoy the view from your cave? Oh, OK.
- Oh! - Whoa! I've fallen, and I can't Hey - You OK? - Yeah.
I'm fine.
- Morning.
- Hey.
- Want some breakfast? - No.
I'm not hungry.
- Seizures getting bad? - No worse than usual.
I just got a headache and I'm trippin' over my own feet.
- That's new, huh? - Guess I need my 50,000-mile checkup.
Are you cold? Cos I can get a fire started.
- No, I'm fine.
- Let me get you a blanket.
I said I'm OK.
That's right.
I forgot.
I'm not supposed to help you, cos you're the superhero.
I'm the guy on wheels.
How did my screwed-up genetics suddenly become about you? When you're done eating, do you wanna go for a walk or something? Wouldn't wanna slow you down.
You wanna feel sorry for your bad self, be my guest.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Friend of yours? - Sort of.
What do you mean, sort of? - Remember when I said I had a secret? - Yeah.
- Promise you won't tell? - Promise.
I see him sometimes.
At night.
- Like, when you're asleep? - No.
He's there in my room.
You mean, like a ghost? Maybe it's just my imagination.
- Cos I know the story.
- What story? How he died.
- Can I help you? - Trudy sent me.
- You're the carpenter? - Toolbox, wood.
- Thought I was a dentist? - I was thinking something else.
It happened before I came to live here.
It was right after the Pulse.
They were running a generator to keep the power on.
There was an accident.
They all died.
This was his room.
Hey, Sage.
Check this out.
What's wrong? Sage! Ah! Sage! Yeah.
That's it.
All finished.
- Wanna try it out? - I'm sure it's fine.
It's a little steep.
I, uh wouldn't want you to tip over.
It's fine.
You have a nice day, now.
No one here knows who I am, and that's the way I want it to stay.
If you're smart, you'll leave this whole thing alone.
- Maybe I'm not so smart.
- Nothing you can do can bring them back.
No, but maybe I can get the cops responsible off the streets so they don't do it again.
You don't know.
You don't know what it was like bein' out there on the front lines.
- You make it sound like a war.
- It was.
Summer of '09.
Seattle went crazy.
People were looting, burning down the city.
We had to do something.
Like rounding up demonstrators, shooting them - and dumping their bodies in a mass grave? - Demonstrators? They incited people to riot.
- They were trying to keep the police in check.
- Keep us in check? I saw people hanging from telephone poles, lynched by their own neighbours.
I mean, at first everybody thought it was the Arabs set off the Pulse.
Just about any foreigner was a target.
Pretty soon, anybody who had something that somebody else wanted was fair game.
We had to get the situation under control.
And if you had to break some heads to do it, then so be it.
We were protecting people like you.
People that had the most to lose.
You didn't want the barbarian hordes comin' to your neighbourhood, but you you wanted us to be nice about it.
You wanted us to play by the rules, but the rules had changed.
- Murder was always against the rules.
- You tell that to the cops out on patrol, who were being shot at by snipers.
You tell that to the firemen who had their throats slit by piano wire strung across doorways.
We didn't have any choice! It was us against them! Kill or be killed! But the people that I came to talk to you about were unarmed when they were killed, and they posed no threat to the police involved.
As long as they were in custody, no.
But some judge would have let them right out.
And they would have been right back at it.
Somebody decided to make sure that didn't happen again.
Who gave the order? Who pulled the trigger? - I don't know.
- The bodies? Where are they buried? - You were there.
- I don't know.
I don't know anything.
Hey, Sage.
Let's take a ride.
Clyde here tells me he saw you up at the house on Willow Street.
And you were with that girl from out of town.
Yeah? What were you two doin' up there? Nothing.
You tell her about the house? - The people that died? - Yeah.
How did they die, Sage? Cos, um I forget.
- The generator shorted out.
- That's right.
It was a couple of days after the Pulse, and all the lights went out.
But you're probably too young to remember that, aren't you? Hm? No.
I remember when the lights went out.
What else do you remember? Why are you lookin' at me like that? Don't stare, kid.
It's not polite.
I said don't stare.
Now, you listen to me.
You stay away from that girl.
You don't know her, you don't need to be talkin' to her.
You got it? Good.
Now get outta here.
Sage? Trudy? Anybody home? - Sage! What happened? - Nothing.
- Who did this to you? - Nobody! - Tell me.
- Leave me alone! I have a secret too.
I see him sometimes.
At night.
- Max, this is insane.
- It's the only explanation.
- No, it's grave-robbing.
- The scar.
The fire.
What scar? What fire? I get it now.
Even the ghost makes sense.
Ah, the ghost makes sense.
- So now you're avenging restless spirits? - They lied to him all this time.
- He was at the house.
- Who? What house? Why are you doing this? What will you find? Nothing.
- See? It's empty.
- Max, what the hell's goin' on here? He didn't die in that fire.
He's alive.
Sage is Sam Gilan.
Where do you get off, diggin' up that poor boy's grave? Where do you get off, burying an empty coffin? We wanted to give him a proper funeral.
It was empty because his body had never been found.
According to the death certificates, which you filed and signed, the remains of John, Emily and Sam Gilan were retrieved from the site.
We know you falsified the documents.
- And we know who Sage is.
- I don't know what you're talkin' about.
- The burns on his body? - He was in a car accident when he was little.
- The scar on his hand? - He's Sam Gilan.
Leave it alone.
- Please.
- Why would you lie to him? Why would you lie to everyone? Because they woulda killed him, just like they did John and Emily.
Who? Who woulda killed him? BC and his friends.
Night of the fire, I was the first one up there.
They didn't see me, but I saw them.
Runnin' off, laughin', yellin'.
I heard somethin' in the woods.
It was Sage.
He was burned all over.
In shock.
I took him home before anyone else got there.
Didn't know what else to do.
- Why didn't you go to the police? - What police? They'd all been reassigned to the cities to put down riotin'.
We were on our own out here.
I didn't have anyone to turn to, and I didn't know who I could trust.
So I didn't tell anyone anything.
Just kept him home.
Waitin' for him to get better.
But you couldn't keep him hidden forever, so you told people he was your nephew.
Things were chaotic back then.
No one questioned it.
They all had their own problems to worry about.
And Sage He was so traumatised by what had happened He started believing it himself.
The only ones I had to worry about were BC and the others.
And why would they go up there and kill those people? They did what a lot of people in town thought about doin'.
Attacked the outsiders.
Sage! - Well? - They went over there to talk to her.
We're screwed.
We're so screwed, man.
- She doesn't know we did it.
- Oh, yeah? Then how come she hasn't spoken so much as a word to any of us in ten years, huh? I told you we shoulda killed her back then.
Both of them.
So it's our fault? Wasn't it your idea to go up there? You said they had food.
- Is that what you'll tell Herman? - You lost it and hit the guy.
- I thought he knew the Pulse was comin'.
- Yeah.
You and your theories.
So I was wrong.
Anyway, we wouldn't have had to kill him if this idiot didn't grab the wife.
Somebody had to teach those Arabs a lesson.
- Besides, you had some too.
- Yeah, when you weren't up for the job.
Hey! - Cut it out, man! - Guys! God! Maybe she didn't tell them anything, huh? - Yeah, well, what about the kid? - He doesn't remember anything.
- It won't go away because you want it to! - Stop yelling! Shut up! Just let me think.
Benny, your foot's botherin' you again.
You're gonna pay a visit to the doc.
Suss out what she may have told 'em.
Clyde, I think it's high time you volunteer for watch duty.
Find out what Herman and his storm troopers know about the grave.
- You're with me.
- Where are we goin'? We're gonna remind the kid that good little boys don't talk to strangers.
It's not true.
It can't be.
It is true.
In a way, you've always known.
I know it hurts, but you can't hide from it any more.
You OK? Whoa.
We've got company.
Take him in the bedroom and stay there, OK? Do it.
Hey, Sage? - We're lookin' for Sage.
- He's not here.
So you don't mind if we just come in, just to I guess you'll have to take my word for it.
I got a call from Trudy, said Sage was missing.
Yeah, they got him inside.
- What are you doin' here? - Tryin' to help find the kid.
He's found.
So why don't you get lost? Go on.
Don't make me tell you again.
- She's getting worse.
- Get back in the room and give her her pills.
I'm gonna go get the guys.
Block the end of the driveway and make sure no one comes up.
Make sure they don't take off to get help.
I don't know who gave the order.
But It doesn't matter now.
Don't try to speak.
We we all did the shooting.
All of us.
Kill or be killed.
Must be the implant.
Piece of junk's still stuck in my head.
It's affecting your balance, making the seizures worse.
- It'll pass.
It always does.
- In the meantime, neither of us is in a shape to make much of an escape.
- They're coming back.
- I'll be ready for 'em.
You're gettin' out.
- I'm not leaving.
- Listen to him.
I'm done hiding.
I don't wanna do it any more.
- Ready? - Ready.
Hey, Johnny! Come on out.
We wanna talk to you.
We are armed.
Leave now or you will meet with forceful resistance.
All right, we'll just be leavin', then, man.
Just gonna tie up a few loose ends first.
- What's that? - Gasoline.
Go round the side of the house.
Now go back and take care of Max.
Go! Oh, damn! I'll take the front.
Go round the back.
I'll take the front window.
What you lookin'at, raghead? You knew it was comin', didn't you? Huh? Put it down! Dammit, doc, you set off the Pulse! Wasn't it? Wasn't it, huh? - No! Please! No! - Be quiet now, huh? You're gonna pay! Let's torch this sucker.
The thing about the wheelchair It builds upper-body strength.
Sage! The fire extinguisher! Sage! Get the fire extinguisher.
Sage! We didn't know what happened up there that night.
The evidence was destroyed in the fire.
I'd heard what people were saying: "Why are they the only ones who got food and power?" "They musta known the Pulse was comin'.
" You could see that house of theirs from miles away.
The only thing lit up.
I know it sounds crazy now, but back then well, people would say they must have known it was comin'.
Somehow it made sense.
- It didn't help - That the Gilans weren't from around here? Never thought anybody'd go through with it.
She went through a lot for you.
You're lucky to have someone like that in your life.
You too.
It's good to know that when the superhero's otherwise occupied, the sidekick's ready to step in.
- How are you feelin'? - OK.
- Considering I never killed anyone before.
- Sometimes you have no other choice.
Logan figured it out.
You can get more than you bargained for when you go looking for where the bodies are buried.
Even when they're not buried after all.
They say you can't raise the dead, but sometimes, if you're prepared to go through a little bit of hell maybe you can.