Dark Angel s02e11 Episode Script

The Berrisford Agenda

What's up? Marina and Little Suki are having themselves an old-fashioned throwdown.
Yeah, Normal's back there trying to break it up.
Good luck.
Either one of those girls can kick his skinny little ass on her own, not to mention a tag-team.
What started it? - What else? Two fine, proud sisters, standing tall lowering themselves into the mud to fight over some totally unworthy man.
- Well, I wouldn't say totally unworthy.
- Oh, I should've known.
What'd you do now? Now hold on a second.
Why do you just assume I did something wrong? He told Marina that he loved her, and the next week he was cattin' around with Little Suki on the side.
No, no.
No, I never said I loved her.
That's a cheap ploy and I don't go there.
I said that she was a unique creature, unlike any other.
- "A unique creature, unlike any other".
- Yeah.
- Man, I'm totally stealing that.
- Oh, it works like a charm.
I mean, you can almost literally watch them melt.
- Please.
You're making me sick.
That's coming out of your severance, missy-miss! The gentler sex sure can pack a wallop when she has a mind to.
What are you doing standing around? Back to work.
Nothing to see! Show's over! Bip! I'm gonna see if my girls need some comforting.
Yeah, me too.
Should have expected when I hired a man in possession of your raw animal charisma that there'd be some kind of future, uh, l'affaire du coeur.
- Normal, I promise it won't happen again.
See it doesn't.
Hell hath no fury to a woman scorned, my boy.
That's why there are rules at this establishment forbidding office romances.
- Not to mention good old common sense.
- Get a move on, little missy.
Both those girls quit without notice, so it's unpaid overtime for the lot of you.
- What?! I have plans tonight! - Oh! Well, cancel.
- Alec, honey.
- Yo.
Could you come here for a minute? The girls need to have a word with you.
What do you think they want? Sounds to me like they stopped fighting each other and figured out who they should really be mad at.
Good luck.
Hold on, Max, I'll tag along.
I mean, it's not like I intended to date 'em both at the same time.
And then when it turned out that I was dating both at the same time, it's not like I didn't intend to tell both girls about the other one.
You know, eventually.
Oh my God But let's be real for a moment, shall we? I mean, suppose I did tell 'em.
What would happen, huh? Same thing.
Big fight.
Lots of anger, and resentment, and recriminations, and then who wins? Nobody wins.
- Well, at least in this case, you won.
Well, no, seeing as how neither of them are speaking to me right now, which makes any kind of sex a virtual impossibility.
At least for a couple of days.
- Do me a favor - shut up and ring the buzzer.
- Hmm? Yeah.
- Have you been briefed on your target, X5-494? - Yes, sir.
We've established a cover for you.
Hey! - What? - The buzzer? It's that little button right there below the sign that says "Please ring buzzer for entry"? - No one's home.
- Give 'em a chance.
From the looks of this place, it probably takes ten minutes just to get from the kitchen to the front door.
No one's home.
Let's go.
- We didn't get a signature! - I said let's go.
They designed her to be the perfect soldier - a human weapon.
Then she escaped.
In a future not far from now, in a broken world, she is haunted by her past.
She cannot run; she must fight to discover her destiny.
I can't believe how late we are.
Can't this thing go any faster? Hey, cut Bessie a little slack.
Considering the number of times she's been shot up and put back together, I'm lucky she even runs at all.
Besides, we were already late when you got to my place.
Don't even get me started.
We were short-handed at work.
Wanna know why we were short-handed? - Well, if I had to guess, I'd say - Because of Alec.
Ah, the latest adventures of Alec, the lovable X-5 rogue.
I can hardly wait.
Like an idiot, he mixes business with pleasure and - typically - screwed the whole thing up.
It's not like he wasn't taught better.
You think they encouraged dating within your unit at Manticore? They didn't.
- Aside from the whole breeding-partner thing.
Oh, totally different situation.
And also, may I add, disgusting.
Here's the dishes.
Everything looks great.
First dinner party.
Needs to be perfect not just great.
- Trust me.
Everything is perfect.
- Perfect.
Well, I am looking forward to spending some time with Joshua.
Yeah, I - I think you two will get along.
Just - you know - remember to act natural.
- As opposed to the unnatural way I normally act? - No.
You know what I mean.
Just just don't stare.
Oh, okay.
Don't stare at the genetically- engineered part-man, part-dog guy.
Got it.
He just has weird table manners.
And his hygiene's a little questionable.
Max, I know how to handle myself at a dinner party.
I know.
I'm just saying Of course you do.
Fix myself a dry martini, and politely ask after his stock options.
Welcome to my house.
Lovely house it is, too.
And to commemorate It's a bottle of pre-pulse Chardonnay.
I - I didn't know what we were having, so I - I, uh I thought white would - no, inside there.
I thought white would be a good idea.
It's a safe choice.
Having macaroni and cheese, and little-little hot dogs.
Sounds good.
What else? - "What else"? Are we having any-anything else? - What else do you need? - Right.
That's a good point.
- But, I mean, yum.
- Yummy! Joshua, the table looks great.
Who's the fifth place for? Hey, Max.
Nice - nice weather we're having.
And not a lot of rain, which is unusual this time of year.
Virus bitch going down? Max and Logan gettin' busy? Well, we're - you know, we're looking for a we're-we're hoping.
- No sex or politics at the dinner table, boo.
- Oh, sorry.
- Anyway we'll see what happens.
Hey, Max, could you pass the ketchup, please? Oh, you mean this unique ketchup, unlike any other? Why don't you lay off, huh? I'm going to stretch my legs.
- Mac and cheese overdone? - No, it's great.
He's upset about something else.
Upset? That boy's so spun his head's gonna fly off.
Yeah, why don't you ease up on him, Max? Fine.
But we have to do double shifts for the rest of the week because of him.
Well, far be it from me to defend Alec, but he didn't exactly force those girls to quit.
And if he didn't tell either one of them it was exclusive, then what's so terrible about dating them both for a couple weeks? - They work together.
Yeah, well, it's not like they were sisters or something.
No difference.
- Have you been briefed on your target, X5-494? - Yes, sir.
Robert Berrisford, fifty-eight years old.
CEO of Mercidyne and one of Manticore's subcontractors.
We've established a cover for you.
- What's that? - Alec.
A piano in basement.
- He's got skills.
- Did you know he could play? - Who cares? - He's very good.
- Yes, sir.
He's picked it up even quicker than we hoped.
- When did you start the lessons? - Yesterday.
- Nice work, X5-494.
- Thank you, sir.
I understand this will be your first deep-cover mission.
- Yes, sir.
- He's had four successful away missions, but nothing long-term in the field.
We've been prepping him for the last year.
I want him deployed by the end of the week.
- Looking for these? - What do you want? - Yes? - Simon Lehane.
This way.
- Have you been briefed on your target, X5-494? - Yes, sir.
Robert Berrisford.
Our intelligence indicates that Berrisford's been curious lately about the work we do here - asking questions he shouldn't.
Close surveillance has become a necessity.
Yes, sir.
We've established a cover for you.
Initially, your primary contact will be with his daughter.
Yes, sir.
According to the file, her name is Rachel.
She's seventeen.
Only child.
Mother died when she was ten.
She's a good student - excels in history and communications.
Is this all right? It's fine.
Just watch your dynamics.
How about this? It's good.
I like it.
- Well, I see you're expanding your repertoire.
- Simon's much more fun than my last teacher.
He wouldn't let me play anything but Chopin and Mozart.
I'm all for mixing it up a little.
Keeps things interesting.
- Robert Berrisford.
- Simon Lehane.
Good to meet you.
Don't let me interrupt.
She'll use any excuse to avoid lessons or practice.
- Daddy.
- Be firm.
Your father seems nice.
He's great.
It's just been the two of us, though, since my mom died.
Are you close to your parents? No, it's just me.
That's okay; they died a long time ago.
I don't really remember them.
That must have been really rough on you.
We're supposed to be playing piano, not talking about my sad childhood.
- You understand your assignment? - No! Hey! Hey! Sorry.
Sorry, man.
What the hell was that? Nothing.
- You all right? - Yeah.
Yeah, I'm always all right.
Thanks for dinner.
Fine work, 494.
Anything we need to know that isn't included in your report? Yes, sir.
I've been invited to dinner.
- When? - Tonight, sir.
We had no idea your relationship with Berrisford progressed this far.
It wasn't Berrisford who invited me, sir.
It was the daughter.
- Really.
- Yes, sir.
Under the impression there's a romantic interest on her part? Do you think she likes you? She's given every indication that she enjoys my company, sir.
Play along, 494.
This can bring you beneficial access.
Yes, sir.
Come on.
Hey, we shouldn't be gone too long.
Your father My father is busy with his cronies, talking business.
You'd be bored.
- Oh, maybe not.
- You're a funny one.
- I am? Most boys would much rather spend a few minutes alone with a girl than sit in some smoke-filled room, talking about genetics.
Well, I'm not most boys.
I know.
Do you want to go for a swim? All right.
- Can you, um, turn around? - Yeah.
In case you hadn't noticed, I've been sort of throwing myself at you for the past few weeks.
Don't you like me? I like you.
- I like you a lot.
- Your only thought is to follow our orders.
Rachel! Rachel? Let's go, people! These packages aren't going to sprout little feet and walk home by themselves! Well, well, well.
If it isn't the late-as-usual-and- doesn't-even-do-the-job-she's-been-assigned-to- when-she-is-working person.
- What's got you all rotated? You neglected to get a signature on that delivery sector ten yesterday.
- That's Alec's fault.
Make him do it.
- No, Romeo called in sick.
Hurry back.
With Alec out and Marina and Little Suki gone, we're short three men so to speak.
Jam Pony messenger.
We delivered a package here yesterday.
Can I get a signature? Thanks.
What does that say? "R.
Berrisford"? Thank you.
Simon? - Hey.
- What are you doing in here? I got lost looking for the bathroom.
- Um, the bathroom's down the other hallway.
- Right.
Well, I can't help it.
You've got me all turned around.
I love you.
Your hands are shaking.
- They are? - Are you all right? Yeah.
I'm all right.
I'm just happy.
Joshua? Hey, big fella.
Whatcha workin' on? Joshua #57.
What is it? Alec.
Alec very complicated.
Listen, Joshua.
I know you and Alec have fun.
But he's not someone you could trust all the time.
Especially now, when he's acting so weird.
- You think Alec can outsmart me? - No.
Not at all.
Alec only outsmarts Alec.
He doesn't know himself.
Outside, lots of pretty colors.
Tricks and treats.
Inside, darkness.
- What's he all dark and confused about? - Manticore.
- What's up with your boy? - He's not my boy, and I don't know.
Never seen him like this anguished and all Heathcliff-like.
No wonder the straight women fall for the tortured types.
I know I'm gonna regret this, but I should see if he's okay.
Take your time.
I got my eye on this fine shorty at the pool table.
Call me crazy, but I got the feeling you're in some kind of jam.
- Okay, you're crazy.
- What about the locket? Steal it or something? I went back to that house to get a signature.
Saw the locket you've got in a portrait.
Now I'm all curious.
Curiosity killed the cat, Max.
Stay out of my business.
- I know we don't always get along - Nicely understated.
Barkeep! but if you're in some kind of trouble and need my help, then you should ask now and not wait until it's too late and everything's all messed up, like you usually do.
- Well, I appreciate the offer, Max.
I really do.
But you don't know what you're talking about.
- Then explain it to me.
I would, see, but you wouldn't understand.
You can't understand; you weren't there.
You ran.
You and your little rugrat brothers and sisters.
You think life was rough when we were ten? A little schooling, a little brainwashing, some maneuvers outside? You think that was tough? - Sucked pretty hard.
- Take it from me.
Later on, it got a whole lot worse.
But you did what you had to do.
Then you tried to forget.
And when you couldn't forget, they had ways of making you not care.
I'm sorry.
I don't want your pity.
I want your absence.
I'll leave you alone.
Simon Lehane.
Alec! Hey! Stay the hell away from me.
- Hey.
- Hey.
What's up? - Can you come up with some information on a guy? - It's what I do.
Got a name? - Berrisford.
First initial R.
Hey! Someone's late for my lesson.
The files you brought us are very enlightening, 494.
Berrisford's acquired some damaging information about Manticore, and has plans to alert his friend in the Senate.
This might be a good time to send a message to all our suppliers.
Something decisive.
Eliminate the target tomorrow.
According to reports, he takes his daughter to school in the morning? - Yes, sir.
- Take them both out.
That's pretty decisive.
You'd better get back there.
Lesson starts at four, doesn't it? I think I got something.
Robert Berrisford Who is he? Former CEO of Mercidyne Pharmaceuticals.
They specialized in cutting-edge gene-splicing techniques and stem-cell research.
At least they did, until two years ago, when someone planted a bomb under Berrisford's car.
What are you saying? Is he dead? No.
Caught a lucky break, I guess.
A few days later, he made a deal with the FBI.
So the Feds bought him protection from whoever wanted him dead, and in return, he got out of the genome business.
- Closed the company and retired.
What does this have to do with Alec? Looks like Berrisford's company had several government contracts, including the CDC, but given the givens, can you guess who their biggest client probably was? Gene-splicing and stem cells.
Sounds like Manticore to me.
- Certainly looks like their handiwork.
- Think Alec was responsible? He was a true-blue soldier back then.
Maybe he drew the assignment.
He said there were things he wanted to forget.
Let's say I'm right.
Alec tries to kill Berrisford, but the mission goes sideways.
What if a very-much-alive and probably pissed-off Berrisford got a glimpse of Alec when you two made your run to his house the other day? So you hire some guys to take Alec out as revenge.
Now Alec knows he's been made.
Knows the man he tried to kill is gunning for him.
What does he do? What's he been trained to do? - Take him out first.
- What are you gonna do? - Try to stop him from doing something stupid.
I know.
"Be careful".
In here, Simon.
Have a seat, son.
Want a drink? - No, thank you, sir.
I don't usually partake in the middle of the day myself, but, uh some business problems, that's all.
I'm sorry to tell you, but I'm afraid your services won't be needed after this week.
I'm sending Rachel away for a while.
- Oh? - To visit her grandparents in New York.
I haven't told her yet.
I'd appreciate it if, uh, you kept that between the two of us for the time being.
Yes, sir.
Must be nice.
- Sir? - To be young, like yourself.
No responsibilities or cares.
- Yes, sir.
Once you have children, everything changes.
You try to do the right thing, because you want them to be proud of you, but sometimes the right thing can go so wrong.
Anyway I envy you.
Hey! Someone's late for my lesson.
You kids go ahead.
You understand your assignment? - Yes, sir.
It's just - It's just what, 494? Sir, I can eliminate Berrisford without involving the daughter.
It just seems to me the collateral damage is an unnecessary You're not in charge of this mission, 494.
Your job, and your only thought, is to follow our orders.
- Yes, sir.
- Are you capable of doing that? Yes, sir.
Because if for some reason we lost confidence in you we'd have no need for you.
- No, sir.
- So we're clear, then? - Crystal, sir.
- I love you.
- Sometimes the right thing can go so wrong.
Take them both out.
Good morning, Mr.
Let me take that for you, sir.
- I like you a lot.
- Eliminate the target tomorrow.
You understand your assignment? - Simon, what are you doing? - We don't have a lot of time.
- What's the matter? - Listen to me.
You and your father need to leave town right now.
- Why? I'll cover for you.
I'll tell 'em that you left in the middle of the night.
But you have got to go now.
- You're hurting me! - Come with me.
- No! Tell me what's happening.
- Okay.
I was sent here to kill your father.
It was my job.
You were my job.
Rachel! Come on, honey! Rachel! - Daddy! - Rachel! - Rachel! - Daddy! Rachel Rachel! Get in.
Let's go! Rach no! You Take him to solitary! Rachel? Where is she? Welcome back, Simon.
You came into my house.
You pretended to care for my child.
- I did care.
- Shut up! Don't lie to me! You made the phone calls.
You played the music.
Had to get you back here.
What are you going to do now? What do you think I'm going to do? - Tell me one thing first.
- What? What happened to Rachel? - They didn't tell you? - No.
She saved my life, that's what happened.
Rachel! If it weren't for Rachel, I would've been sitting in that car.
But she wasn't that lucky.
The blast knocked her unconscious.
She fell into a coma she never woke up.
She's been dying for two years.
Do you have any idea what that's like? Watching somebody you love slip away from you every day? Do you have any idea what you've done? What are you waiting for? I deserve it.
Kill me.
Do it! What are you doing here? Saving your ass.
I told you to ask for my help before it was too late and you messed everything up.
And, Max, I told you to leave me alone.
I should've tried harder, Rachel.
I should've fought them.
I didn't understand.
I didn't understand how much I loved you.
- Hey, Max.
- Hey.
You paged? Yeah.
You haven't been by for a couple of days.
I've been busy at work, covering for Alec.
He's called in sick.
Anyway, I thought you might want to see this.
Funeral's today.
So it's over.
At least he had a chance to say goodbye.
You think he really cared about her? He loved her.
Well, now he's gonna be going through a rough time.
Might want to look out for him the next few days.
He doesn't want me looking out for him.
He wants to be left alone pretend like it never happened.
He's so cut off.
Sounds like this girl I used to know.
She was just looking out for herself.
No responsibilities, no entanglements Yeah.
'Cause she kept thinking if she ran far enough and fast enough, she could forget all the things they made her do.
But sooner or later, it always catches up to you.
Learned that the hard way.
Now it's Alec's turn.
Don't come back here again.
I thought I could kill you.
I hate you that much.
Even though she's gone, I'm still Rachel's father.
I still want to do the right thing make her proud of me.
I don't want to be like you.
- Hey.
- Hey, Max.
Listen if you ever want to talk - About what? - About anything.
Now why would I want to do that? - Just consider the offer open.
- All right.
Listen thanks for saving my ass.
You're all right? I'm always all right.