Dark Angel s02e21 Episode Script

Freak Nation

Terminal City is a twenty-block no-man's land here in the heart of Seattle.
Closed ten years ago after a massive toxic spill, it is without power or water, and it is a felony to go beyond this security fence right behind me.
Terminal City is far from empty; it is home to rats, stray cats, a few homeless humans, and - according to many reports - an ever-increasing number of transgenics, some of them far from human.
Local citizens have begun setting up flaming X's, like this one, outside the fence as a warning to the transgenics inside.
- Go back where you came from! - Hey! Freakazoids! Two million years of human evolution and this is what we get.
You morons.
What the hell?! Did you get that? Tell me you got that! - Hey, Mole.
- Hey, Max.
How'd it go? Ever notice how drug dealers have no sense of humor when it comes to money? That oughta keep us in Skittles and beer for a coupla weeks.
Good, 'cause we got a lot of new people around here.
We got X-5's, X-6's, even a few sevens.
We got transhumans, anomalies, pregnant females It's turning into Grand Central Station around here.
Now we're gonna need gas for the generator, iodine tablets ASAP, blankets, bedrolls, Sterno for stoves, we're gonna need food, we're gonna need weapons, bullets, ammo, guns, grenades, anything we can scrounge.
Oh, I'm gonna need more cigars.
- Hey, there are only so many hours in the night.
- Evening, gents.
- Hey, Max.
Some people are calling you vigilantes.
How would you answer that? Nah, we're just concerned citizens, that's all.
Kinda like, uh, a neighborhood watch group.
Look, we just want our streets safe from these mutant freaks.
You know what I'm saying? I mean, what are we supposed to do - wait until they break into our houses and take our daughters? - You believe this pudknocker? - I mean, they need to go back wherever the hell they came from and stay out of our neighborhood.
- Yeah, get out of town, you egg-sucking freaks! - Yeah, you're right on, Charlie.
Well? You heard him, boys.
Looks like it's back to Manticore.
- Hey, Joshua.
- Hey.
- Whatcha doin'? - It's a flag.
It's our flag.
- Yeah, 'cause we're gonna need a flag when our transhuman drill team is marching down Fifth Avenue in the St.
Paddy's Day Parade.
- Let's not forget halftime at those Seahawks games.
- Hey, cut it out.
This is you, me, even them.
It's all of us.
This is where we came from - where they tried to keep us.
- In the dark.
- Secret.
This is where we are now, because our blood is being spilled.
This is where we want to go.
- Into the light.
- Right.
You understand that bringing in this team now could compromise my cover at the Agency? Your Agency position has served us well, Ames, but the Conclave feels that With all due respect to the Conclave, bringing in outside muscle is not the solution to this problem.
Hardly outside muscle.
The Phalanx are the best we have - the elite of our warrior breeding line, the tip of the spear.
They come by direct order of the Conclave, so discussion is pointless.
I bow to the wisdom.
- Fe'nos tol.
I'm Thula, team leader.
- Fe'nos tol.
I've heard a lot about you, Brother White.
I'm surprised you couldn't handle one girl on your own.
- Your target's a little more than just a girl.
- You defend your failure by flattering your enemy? we've worked for throughout the generations.
Her death is our highest priority.
Don't worry, Brother.
We'll clean your mess up for you.
They designed her to be the perfect soldier - a human weapon.
Then she escaped.
In a future not far from now, in a broken world, she is haunted by her past.
She cannot run; she must fight to discover her destiny.
- You seen my girl? - No.
Do I need a touch-up? No, you're good.
Hey, guys, check this out.
- It's a hat.
- Yeah, with a fully rotational brim, so you can always represent.
Yeah, represent your massive stupidity.
That's one opinion.
All right, babe.
Normal, what's the good word, buddy? For he's a jolly good fellow, for he's a jolly good fellow, for he's a jolly good felloooow - The man's finally lost it.
Many happy returns, there, buddy boy.
It's not my birthday.
Yeah, it's right there in black and white on your application form.
Oh yeah, yeah.
Boy, nothing gets by you, does it, Normal? Now I made that without eggs and butter, all right? I know you like to look after the ol' physique.
Go ahead.
Blow it out.
By the way, if you see your shiftless colleague Max, tell her she's fired.
She's gonna be here like any minute.
- Do you think I buy your tissue of lies for like a nanosecond? - The man is like a steel trap.
You keep covering up for that reprobate, you're gonna be out of here, miss.
Ya promise? - Basic CDC procedure.
- Yeah, to protect you against your biohazard girlfriend.
- I didn't mean that last part.
- It's okay.
- This is awkward.
- For me, too.
But I figured you should check these out before they faded.
- When did they appear? - Last night.
So, any luck on translating the stuff? Hold still.
I'm making progress, but some of it's still missing.
Maybe not.
- Hmm.
- Hmm, what? Just hmm.
If Sandeman put these in your genome from day one, like your barcode, then it's part of a plan.
- Yeah, well, instead of turning my skin into a JumboTron, why didn't he give me something I could use, like X-ray vision or something? Maybe he did.
Maybe it just hasn't shown up yet.
I gotta jet.
Could you zip me? I'm way beyond late, and I still gotta go home and change, so Thanks for this.
- Yeah.
I'll give you a call if I, uh, turn up anything on these.
- Okay.
You sure this is the right way? I think so.
Said south on Seventh.
I figure we got another half a klick or so.
Can you make it? I'll make it.
Hey! Hey! Come back! Hurry! Get in.
Get in.
Go! Go! - Hey.
I'm Gem, X-5.
This is Dalton.
- X-6.
- Joshua.
You're having a baby? - Yeah.
- When's the baby due? - Last week.
Just been keeping my legs crossed until we reach the Promised Land.
Yeah, well, Terminal City ain't exactly the Promised Land, honey, but we got a couple guys with some medical training - Watch out! - Is everyone fine? - Yeah, I think so.
Bastard son of a bitch backs out without even looking.
We need to go.
Uh, we need to go.
- Yeah, yeah, hang on.
It's not starting? This is not good.
We've got company.
Uh, we gotta - we gotta blaze.
We gotta blaze now! Man up, dog.
You're the one who wanted some action.
- Oh-oh.
- Hey! Punk-ass! Look what you did to my truck! - Oh-oh.
- Punk-ass? Oh-oh.
You mean Mr.
Punk-Ass, don't ya? Damn.
It's one of those freaks.
Now, that hurts.
I'll say one thing for ordinaries - they know when to run.
- Maybe we should run, too.
- We don't run, we fall back.
Let's go.
- Go for Max.
- Little fella, little fella, everything's gone sideways, it's FUBAR, people screaming, and Gem is trying to keep her legs crossed so the baby won't pop out! - What? Where are you? - I'm at South Market You're right around the corner from Jam Pony.
Find Alec; he'll get you a car.
Okay? Joshua? - Max? Max? Battery died.
She said Jam Pony, then battery died.
- Which way? Come on! - Come! Come! Go! Go! Go! Out of the way! Out of the way! Whoa! Freaks! Look at that! suspects in sight.
I'm in pursuit! Alec! I'm so glad to see you.
- Uh-huh.
- This is Gem.
She's having a baby.
Oh, so naturally you thought of stopping by Jam Pony in broad daylight.
Max said to come see you, and to get a car, and head back Don't turn around.
Don't turn around.
Keep walking.
Keep walking.
You, in the hood! Drop your weapon! Drop the weapon now! Put your hands on your head! - Don't move! - Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Whoa! Get back! Or he's dead! I said, stay back or he's dead! Play along.
- Yeah, no problem.
Oh, this should be interesting.
- Jumpin' George Dubya.
- Don't blow my cover.
- This cannot be good.
- Got a back door? - Yeah.
All right, nobody move! They've got my boy.
- No, no, no, no, go back! - Freeze! I said freeze! Get back! Hold it right there, freak show! You're bleeding.
Yeah, bullets will do that to you.
Okay, you're safe now.
No I'm safe now.
- No one leaves! - Nobody move! Cece's one of them, too? Cool! Cece, call base.
Tell 'em we're in trouble.
- Joshua, take the front.
Mole, you got the back? - Got it.
- Kid, what's your name? - Dalton.
All right, Dalton, why don't you head upstairs and keep an eye on the street for me? - My golden boy's a mutant.
- We prefer "genetically empowered.
" - Take me, Jesus.
- Careful what you wish for.
You in the building! This is the Seattle Police Department.
The building is completely surrounded.
Throw your weapons out and come out with your hands visible, and you will be treated fairly under the law.
Throw your weapons out, and come out with your hands on top of your head.
Who ordered a pizza? - My watch.
- It's all yours.
What's that? - It's a hole in my body made by a bullet.
- Been there, done that.
Check the news.
- Hey.
How's Gem? - This girl is having a baby.
I can still move, if you need to displace.
Turning into a damn pig farm out there.
Who said you could get up? Uh bathroom.
Hey! No more pictures.
- Go.
- Uh Go! - Who put you in charge? - These people are not the enemy.
Don't be so sure.
I always knew you were a wrong number.
You never had me fooled for a second there, miss.
Yeah, whatever.
Transgenic Central, right here under your nose.
Shut up.
All right, people, listen up.
I know things are really tense right now Gee, I wonder why.
But if you'll just sit tight and be patient, me and mine will get out of here before you know it.
Well, I got a hot flash for you, girlfriend.
Me and mine are gonna get out of here right now.
Let's go, people! Bip bip bip! Go on, take your best shot, frog boy! Nobody's shootin' at anybody.
Now sit your raggedy ass down.
Oh, I see.
Not only are you one of Sappho's daughters, you're one of them, too.
What I am is a friend to Max, and Alec, and Cece, and the rest of 'em.
We walk outta here now, and they're toast.
- Well, I don't have a problem with that.
Well, I do.
And I'm guessing so does anyone else here who's down with my girl.
So how 'bout we just take a minute and figure this bitch out, so that nobody else gets hurt.
Aiight? It's been less than an hour since an unknown number of armed transgenics and transhumans barricaded themselves inside this building - the offices of the Jam Pony messenger service - but already angry crowds have gathered, shouting anti-transgenic slogans.
Just moments ago, an unknown woman apparently commandeered a hoverdrone.
She somehow rode it over the police cordon and into the building in which the suspects are barricaded.
Police believe that the woman is also a transgenic, apparently come to the aid of the suspects inside.
- Good news.
We found our target.
- Excellent.
The bad news is she's sitting smack in the middle of Seattle P.
, sector cops, my agency people, and every news crew in the city.
This complicates things.
I think we can get her right under their noses.
I need a little bit of time to heat things up.
Be ready.
- Always.
- Get the mutant freaks out of our city! - Stay behind the barricades! Where the hell is my phone? A secure line should have been in here ten minutes ago.
And get that damn news team behind that barricade! Next camera I see in the street, the guy carrying it goes for a ride.
- Special Agent in Charge Ames White.
- Nice badge.
Picture looks just like you.
Appreciate you securing the area, Detective.
We'll take it from here.
I'm so pleased.
Now I won't have to miss my little boy's recital this afternoon.
Get this idiot out of here.
You're out of your league, Detective.
Please ask your men to stand down.
Not until all those hostages are out of there in one piece.
Where's my freakin' phone? You're not dealing with a bunch of thugged-out punks who boost TVs for a living.
They're highly-trained, genetically-engineered killing machines.
As far as I know, no one's dead yet, and I intend to keep it that way.
So I need you and I need your lady friend to situate yourselves behind that barricade so I can do my job.
- You forcing me to go over your head? - Do what you gotta do, Special Agent in Charge White.
Just do it someplace else! Where the hell is my phone, damn it? The economy's bad enough; you want 'em taking your job? You want 'em living next door, spittin' out their mutant, half-breed kids? These mutant freaks are an affront to nature.
They don't deserve to live.
Where's the accountability? Who's taking care of this? Nobody! These freaks are running rampant.
They get to do whatever they want.
They got protection or somethin'? These things aren't natural.
They shouldn't be alive.
They don't deserve to live.
They should be lined up with the scientists and shot like the bunch of rabid dogs they are.
These freakoids smashed up my truck.
That's taking bread out of my mouth.
Really FUBAR, little fella.
We just gotta hang tough.
It's gonna be okay.
I don't know.
The way upstairs people look at me I don't know if it'll ever be okay.
I say kill the freaks, or send 'em back to whatever cesspool they came from! Yeah! If it's a package, get a number.
- Start talking.
- Detective Ramon Clemente of the Seattle P.
Who is this? - Let's just keep it simple and you call me 452.
Okay 452.
I want a van parked outside with a full tank of gas.
Before you give me your Christmas list, why don't you let those people that you're holding in there come on out? Not until I get my transportation and a guaranteed safe passage out of here.
I understand you have a wounded man and a pregnant woman in there who I'm sure need medical attention.
Just the van.
We'll take care of our own.
If I agree to your terms, when do I get my hostages? Half when the van arrives, half when we get to our destination.
- Which would be where? - It's not far.
They'll be home for dinner.
You're dreaming if you think they're gonna let us just drive off into the sunset.
Get it through your head - the only way they want this to end is with us dead.
Oh, there's no point in discussing human rights, since they're not human, so they don't have rights.
They don't even have souls.
And it's worse than that, because animals don't have souls, but they were meant to be here.
These things were never even intended by God to exist.
They are an insult to everything in His creation.
Hey, Max.
I was hoping you might possibly be interested in having me interview you about your life as a hot transgenic female on the run in post-Pulse America? No.
Sorry, dude.
Please tell me that he is not the baby daddy.
He was another X-5.
We were breeding partners.
That sounds real romantic.
It wasn't.
- What do you got? - A headache.
And I got the vehicle.
Now send out the hostages.
It's on.
Get our people in position.
How's it look? I don't know; it's dicey.
We got shooters on the roof and the bus door's on the exposed side.
Yeah, looks pretty messy.
All right, you're going to have to use the messengers as shields.
Clemente! I'm gonna need the snipers on the roof pulled back, or no deal! Sniper team, pull back.
Pull back.
All right, you're clear.
Wish me luck.
First group's coming out! Okay, guys, come on.
Keep your arms in the air and go slow, all right? Be careful.
This way.
Come this way.
Keep your hands in the air.
Come towards the barricades.
Okay, 452, the keys are in the vehicle.
Your ball.
Okay, guys.
They're not going to shoot at us.
We got a kid and a pregnant girl.
They don't know which ones are transgenic and which aren't.
Yeah, well, a couple of us they got a pretty good idea.
Come on.
- They saw you, boo flyin' right over their heads.
I got you.
They don't know about me.
- Then help me protect my girl.
- All right, let's file in, guys.
Come on.
This is my cover story, man.
Let's do this.
Wait for my command.
Take the shot.
Max! Go! Get back! Cease fire! - Cease fire! - Move! Move! Move! Move! Fall back! Cover the door! Anyone else hit? - No.
All right, get down.
I want everybody on the floor, now.
Get down.
Stay there.
Stay down.
They killed her.
Go take care of Gem.
Why did they do this? We did everything they wanted.
This is on you.
I told you not to trust the cops.
It wasn't the cops.
It was White.
- White is out there? - Yeah, White's guys did this.
They killed Cece.
They screwed this whole thing up on purpose to escalate the situation.
Yeah, well, it worked.
What difference does it make who fired? They all want to see us dead! - Everybody needs to calm down.
- I'm not gonna wait around for them to try again.
- Whoa! - What are you doing? Until we get safe passage, we kill one hostage every hour, starting now.
- Let him go! - I don't take orders from your kind.
No, but you take orders from me.
Now let him go.
No! We gotta show them we mean business, or we're dead! That's a good idea.
Start shooting people, 'cause that's what White wants, and then you can prove you're the monster people think you are.
Shut up! You're not one of us! No, I'm not.
But I'm standing right here with you, aren't I? All right, people, listen up! If we don't stick together, we don't get out of here alive.
You understand that? Okay.
But if they come near the building, I start taking them out.
Come on, Joshua.
Joshua Joshua! Thanks, guys.
That was close.
You fed son of a bitch! You get off my scene right now, or I swear I will kick you to the curb myself.
- Seems your snipers got a little carried away.
- Those were your men back there, and we both know it.
- Is that what we know? See, I don't know that at all, but what I do know is that this was just faxed in from the governor's office.
So you got friends in high places.
I'm supposed to be impressed? I draw your attention to the part where I'm given overriding jurisdiction.
You screwed up, Lieutenant.
- Yeah, when I voted for this nimrod.
Now my tactical team is going to go in and we're going to get this thing done, and you are going to stay out of my way.
But thanks for coming out.
Damn it.
Wasn't your fault.
This is all my fault.
I let these people loose in the world.
But there's no place for us out here.
There's no place anywhere.
You gave them freedom, Max.
The thing about freedom it's never free.
That's it, girl.
Push! Push.
Don't you know anything about birthing babies? Pushing is exactly what she should not be doing right now.
Listen, I want you to breathe and relax, okay? All right, breathe and relax.
Breathe and relax.
That's it.
That's it.
Okay, you're fully dilated.
You're in a late second stage.
It's not going to be long now.
I want you to breathe from your diaphragm, okay? - And you know this how? - Dad was a dairy farmer.
I know my way around the inside of a heifer better than you do.
All right.
- I need a weapon.
- You're out of this fight, soldier.
Me and my baby are getting out of here alive.
You get that baby into this world.
We got your back.
Okay? Just breathe, honey.
I say we kill 'em like cockroaches.
Burn 'em out, before they spread before they breed.
Clemente, this is White.
I'm inserting my team now.
Remember, zero interference.
It's your world.
What is this? Who are these people? - They're on loan from another agency.
- What agency? I don't understand what's going on here, sir.
- Let's keep it that way.
You're not cleared for this op.
Now move the men back and secure the perimeter.
Walk away.
Do it now.
Look at them.
When we carry her out in a body bag, they'll be clapping and cheering.
They'll never know that she was their only hope.
It's me White wants.
I'm going out there.
- No way.
- He wants this thing to end as badly as possible, and I'm not gonna let that happen.
- Max, you're not going out there.
- I have to.
Max, listen to me.
After you left, I translated the new runes on your skin.
- Is that the message from Father? - That's right.
I think it's complete now.
The symbols have multiple meanings, but the gist is something like, "When the shroud of death covers the face of the earth, the one whose power is hidden will deliver the helpless.
" - What's that supposed to mean? - It means something really, really bad - like maybe biblically bad - is going to happen.
And you're the one who's gonna stop it.
If all of this is about White getting Max - I mean, specifically Max - then I think she should go out there.
- Forget it.
No, she makes a break for it, lets him see her.
She's fast; she has a chance at making it.
- Nope.
- Then he'll leave us alone because he knows she's gone.
- No.
Out of the question, Mole! - Wake up, chimp! We're out of options here! - No, you wake up.
If she is the key to saving millions of people from some kind of apocalypse Your people or my people? People! Human beings, like you and me! They're coming.
They're coming.
Carry Gem.
Come on, let's go! - I don't hear anything.
- Shh! Joshua, you carry Gem.
- Max, we're clear.
- Don't argue with me.
Dalton, let's go.
Come on.
I need everybody upstairs right now.
Let's go.
Follow me.
Hang on.
Come on.
- Remember, our primary target is 452.
- What about the hostages? Let's show the viewers at home what the mutant menace does to innocent people.
Take out the hostages, the freaks, the kid take out anything with a pulse.
Come on, guys, file in.
Stay low.
All the way to the back.
Hey, Sketchy - keep 'em quiet, and keep 'em down.
Take cover behind the desk.
Behind the desk.
Come on! Hurry up! Keep her behind the desk.
- Mole! - Go! Go! Go! Take cover.
Wait for my signal.
We hit hard, we hit fast, and we don't back off.
This is for all the marbles, people.
- 452.
- Just bring it.
Okay, it's time to push now.
Come on.
Push push push push push, with all your might, all your might, all your might All right, it's coming.
It's coming.
Okay, the baby's coming out.
I can see the head.
Now you really gotta bear down, now.
Really bear down.
Time to push now.
Bear down hard, now, honey.
Bear down hard.
That's it.
Go! Push push push push push push push push push! - You all right? - Yeah.
One more big push.
You gotta really crank down.
Really crank down, okay? - Stay down! - Max! Clear! Clear! Joshua, no.
Joshua, no! Joshua, no! - He deserves to die! He killed Annie! - No.
He deserves to die, a lot.
But if you kill him now, the only thing people will remember about today is how some transgenic killed a human being in cold blood and then they'll never stop hunting us.
Bring around your muscle queens anytime.
I'll be happy to kick their ass.
- We are not finished.
- Fe'nos tol, bitch.
There you go.
Oh, what a dear little sweet soul.
No barcode.
She doesn't have one.
- Then she's free.
- Not yet, she ain't.
Weapons down! Hold your fire! Team coming out! Let's go.
Federal agents! Step back! I need you back.
Move! Move! We may have a biohazard here, people.
Make a hole.
Make a hole.
Move! Move! Let's go.
Agent White wants your people in there to secure the crime scene ASAP.
Let's go! Let's go! Let's go, let's go! We're going to need to commandeer this ambulance.
Agent White is not a man who likes to be kept waiting, Detective.
All right, we'll take over from here - unless you want be stuck in a six-hour decontamination hose-down.
Clear the barricades.
Clear the barricades.
Clear the barricades! Clear 'em! Let's go! Nice and easy.
Let's move it! Move! Move! Let's go! Let's move it! Move, move, move, move! Get out of the way! All right, where are we going? - Just drive.
- Can I turn on the siren? Just drive, fool! All right, let's get in there.
- We're clear.
- Yeah, baby.
That's what I'm talkin' about.
- It's all good.
- All right! We rock! Just for the record, that chick was kicking your ass.
I had it.
I was just settin' her up.
All right.
Head for Terminal City.
- Anyone hurt? - No, we're okay.
But you better go look upstairs.
Special Agent in Charge White.
What? The transgenics taped you up and took your uniform? No way.
And you want me to go after them? That's a good idea.
We got company.
Stop your vehicles now, or you will be fired upon.
Pull over now, or we will use deadly force to stop you.
Don't stop.
Keep moving.
- Uh-oh, what should I do? - Keep driving.
Just follow Max.
She's gotta know what she's doing.
- Go straight through the gates.
- Hold on.
You're gonna make a right, a left, then straight up the ramp.
Straight through the building.
End of the line.
Throw your weapons out and let me see your hands.
- So what's your plan now? - Max? Throw your weapons out now! - You heard the man.
- Well, this sucks.
I fought the law, and the law won.
Throw your weapons out and put your hands where I can see them.
Throw them out.
Do it! Step away from the vehicle, and keep those hands up.
Do it! Put your hands up.
Keep them up! Keep those hands up.
Step out of the vehicle and keep those hands up.
Get down on your knees and put your hands on your head.
Get down on your knees now.
Do it! You can call me Max.
- I think you better get down on the ground.
- Actually, I think you should probably go.
- I'm not gonna tell you again.
- I'm not gonna tell you again.
You can try to arrest us all, but you guys might want to call it a night and go have a beer.
All right.
All right, everybody, let's back it up.
Let's back it up! Outside the fence! Back it up! Come on, let's move! You kept today from turning into a bloodbath, and I respect that.
- You held up your end, too.
- But you haven't won anything.
This is gonna get real ugly, and this is way over my head now.
These people's lives depend on the decisions that you make right now.
I pray you make the right ones Max.
Escape and evade.
We divide up into teams, pick an azimuth, and go to ground.
No, we stay here.
In a couple of hours, that perimeter will be completely locked down.
Tanks, National Guard, every cop within a hundred miles.
- We'll be digging our own grave, Max.
- Mole's right.
If we move now, they'll never be able to catch us all.
Where are we gonna go? I can't stop anyone from leaving, but I'm through running and hiding and being afraid.
I'm not gonna live my life like that anymore.
Aren't you tired of living in darkness? Don't you want to feel the sun on your face? To have a place of your own where you can walk down the street without being afraid? They made us, and they trained us to be soldiers, to defend this country.
It's time for them to face us and take responsibility, instead of trying to sweep us away like garbage.
We were made in America and we're not going anywhere.
So they call us freaks; who cares? Today I'm proud to be a freak.
And today we're gonna make a stand, right here.
Who's with me? What the hell.
Right on.
Tell us about your captors.
What are these creatures like? Is it true you delivered a transgenic baby? - Yes, I did indeed.
And a beautiful, bouncing baby girl she is.
- So you're saying they're not all monsters, then? Monsters? No.
No more than you and me.
Hey! Let's go, there, Sparky.
Not a country club.
Bip bip bip! Move! As dawn breaks on this, the third day of the siege at Terminal City, the situation is tense but unchanged.
While several hundred transgenics remain barricaded inside the restricted area, police and National Guard stand an uneasy watch at the perimeter - each side seemingly waiting to see what the other will do next.
Now look what you've done.