Dark Blue s02e02 Episode Script

Liar's Poker

Have you even played this before? What? Machine gun.
Ammo pack's expiring.
Oh, it is? It's flashing red, dork.
Ha ha ha.
Are you the cop or the robber, huh? Robber.
Cops are so boring.
Cops are boring, huh? handgun.
Little tip, kiddo.
Always aim center mass.
Keep playin'.
Look I'm gonna say it again.
Table 14.
You and Stacy go sing Happy Birthday.
I'm not singing to some tubby-ass sixth grader! What does your shirt say? It says "Pizza with a smile.
" Well, then, put on a smile.
And sing! Or screw.
Carter! I'm not doing it! I'm not taking orders from a kangaroo anymore! I can't do it.
It'll be over soon.
According to my C.
, it'll be over tonight.
midnight on a food-delivery truck.
Well, that would seem right, 'cause smithburg said we're closing early.
You think this pizza dude's really involved? Well, he's got keys to the place, he shuts it down whenever he wants Not to mention his two narco priors so, yeah, I do.
Is he capable of moving this kind of weight? That, I doubt.
So he's a bagman.
Okay, but for who? Good question.
If my ci's on the money, we'll find out tonight.
All right, good work today, champ.
Grab a grape soda on the way out, if you want, all right# douchebag's being nice.
Something's up.
All right, once you're clear, cover the perimeter.
We should probably talk about the fact that We had sex.
Probably, but not now.
I'm sorry.
Was that rude? No.
Not at all.
Did you hear that? What happened?! Stand by.
Shot came from the back office.
Smithburg's dead.
And I got no eyes on the shooter.
Police! You see where he went? That was a hell of a shot.
You all right? I'm good.
DARK BLUE Now, meet the late Eric moss.
Jacket full of armed robberies, one assault, no history of dealing.
So he was a gun for hire.
Yeah, but who's doing the hiring? Michael Dupree.
Who's that? A mid-level dealer.
He usually does his business in east L.
Why would a nice mid-level drug dealer want smithburg dead? Well, when we searched his apartment, we found a kilo tucked above his ceiling.
You think he's skimming product? He's dead, isn't he? How do we know it's Dupree's blow? We don't.
But smithburg worked for Dupree at his club.
Place called "indiglow.
" And we checked his phone records.
Our man's made 10 calls to indiglow in the last week.
Michael Dupree Not your typical gangbanger.
Age 30, college grad.
Expensive taste, expensive lawyers.
And the plot thickens.
Under "known associates" Terry "Teke" Kearn.
What? He a friend of yours? Yeah, sort of.
We worked together six months ago on that stolen-car ring.
He ran parts through my car wash.
You bust him? No.
Then your cover's still good.
Marcus "no spots" Watts.
High-rollin' car-wash entrepreneur.
Use this Teke to introduce you to Dupree.
Set up a buy, and we'll take him down.
Only problem, Alex, is Marcus wasn't a dealer.
He was just a middleman.
Carter will be the buyer.
You're the broker.
Oh, I guess that works.
Got to tell y'all, that Teke We had some crazy nights.
Gambling till 4:00 A.
, dancing with laker girls.
Sounds like you miss him.
Who, Teke? Your old cover.
# come at it with a battle soul # # devastate minds with a body hold # # lock in tight as I take control # # and when I pop these steps, I'm-a break the mold # # finish with a little bit of flair, I'm told # I don't get it, Marcus.
You always pay, but you never want sex.
You ain't gay, you ain't a cop.
How you know that? Which one? Gay or cop? You're just playin' with me, huh? You know, the truth is, miss Rita, you complete me.
Oh, snap.
If that ain't the legendary Teke Kearn! What's up, pimpin'? You know, you blockin' my view, bro.
It's me, man.
Marcus "no spots.
" You forget Teke number? Hmm? We had laker tickets, man.
Teke never heard from you.
You know, that's that's my bad, brother.
I was out of town.
Oh, you was out of town, huh? Yeah, I was out of town.
Phones don't work in that town? What y'all was on, Venus? Somewhere galactic, something like that? Huh? Wait, no.
You took Mr.
Spock to the game.
That it? Huh? Get out of here, man.
Hmm? Bust that you, me, Paul Pierce, next week, front row, center.
You're from beantown, ain't you, brother? - My man.
- Yo, what's up? Got a hot date or something later? Can't a girl just look sexy for nothing? I didn't say you looked sexy.
Don't worry.
I promise not to judge you for saying something nice.
Is that Dupree? Yeah, but who's Mr.
Rogers talking to him, huh? They look pretty chummy.
# I must move dance, dance # # I want you to dance, dance # yeah, I got a white, talking to Dupree.
There's something about him.
And he's leaving now.
See where he goes.
On it.
How's it going? In terms of what? The shooting.
It wasn't my first barbecue, Carter.
What's the FBI drill? See a shrink, complain about your father, shed a few tears, and get the hell out of there.
How many times you got to go? UhSix.
So I I booked us a room at the Ojai valley inn this weekend.
Kidding! Let's talk about it.
It can't happen again.
Shouldn't have happened in the first place.
I agree.
If it got out, one of us would be reassigned immediately.
I didn't mention it to anyone.
Neither did I.
It was just a random night of sex.
Nothing special.
What's up, Teke? Oh, that's my boy Marcus, man.
He good.
"He good"? Yeah, man, he good.
I got five 6's.
No, you don't.
See, man, 'pree, see, you was lyin' the whole time, man.
Damn! Like the philosopher goetha says, "we are never deceived.
We deceive ourselves.
" Whatever, man.
$1,000 a hand.
How about we make it two? Cool.
How about we double it? Well, hell let's just make it five.
How much flash money you give ty? None.
He's playing with his own money? Is he insane? That's why ty's so good.
I got four 5's, Mr.
You're making it too easy.
Huh? What, are you trying to sucker me in? You think I'm lying, huh? No, I know you're lying.
Don't be making conversation with me, man, just 'cause you can't read me.
Let's see it, cool breeze.
Let's see it.
Like the philosopher Jay-Z says, "you can't knock the hustle.
" What do we say, uh, five smash? Oh, forget about it.
Yo, man, I would have collected.
I don't play for monopoly money.
I hear you, but I got something more important I want to discuss.
I got a friend looking to buy a few birds.
You done business with this man, Teke? Oh, yeah, he buck.
Marcus found me some buyers for some, uh, car parts I found back in the day.
I own car washes.
You own car washes.
All legit.
You know how it is.
Opportunity knocks.
Yo, are y'all still working that sweet pad off Doheny? No, we moved.
Y'all mo okay, where you at now? East side.
What you buy, a house? No, apartment.
Whoo! Probably one of them ones with the fly view, huh? - Hell yeah.
- See? Look at it, man.
You own a penthouse, Marcus? What you think? Look at my boy Marcus.
I'll be damned.
You a baller, huh, Marcus? I'll tell you what.
Let's meet tomorrow at your place.
You see a man's home, you see the man.
But I don't get out of bed for less than five birds.
Five keys.
Dupree has definitely hit the bigs.
A penthouse.
I mean, come on.
Marcus is a high roller.
What's ty supposed to say? Third-floor studio with a view of the alley? Where the hell are we supposed to get a penthouse in 24 hours? Now this bullshit's my problem? You're the boss, right? "Congratulations on the promotion.
" Babe, you want to tell me what this is? I'm the new loan officer.
I beat out 10 other candidates.
Little old me.
Well, that's fantastic, babe, but you tell this, uh, Marty Simmons I.
Guy before you tell me? Baby You've been so busy I didn't want to bother you.
You have a great day.
I can't go and rent a furnished penthouse.
Why not? Crack open the federal piggy bank.
There's forms, meetings, clearances it'll take weeks! Improvise.
Should I just raid some rich dude's apartment? Maybe.
There's got to be a terrorist around with a nice pad.
Patriot act still works, right? Yeah, too bad there's more celebrities than felons in this town.
A lot of times, they're both.
Hey, guess what.
I've been following our nerdy white dude who was talking to Dupree.
Lives in encino.
And let me tell you something.
He's got a nice house.
- Name? - Edwin finn, and he Has a clean jacket.
And what does Edwin finn do? He owns a boxing club in Hollywood and two restaurants in the valley.
Maybe he's laundering Dupree's cash.
Yeah, or he's selling his dope.
Either way, stay on him.
Come on, let's go.
You have something? I got an idea.
You ever heard of ruben Sinclair? You really gonna do this? I didn't think they taught you guys how to be creative.
You said "improvise.
" So Yes? Mr.
Sinclair, I'm Alex Rice, a special Agent with the FBI.
You're under arrest.
What for?! You have an outstanding warrant for failing to appear at a child-support hearing in new York two weeks ago.
But my lawyer told me he took care Is anyone else home? Well, no, not right now, but look, I took care of all of that! Please come with us.
Aw, come on, lady.
This is some kind of mistake! I made those payments! What are you talkin' about?! I cannot believe this woman did this to me again! Come on, now! Gain Dupree's trust.
If it feels good, set up the meeting with me later tonight.
How many bedrooms? Four.
Hot tub and a master.
What street are we on? Banning.
1850 banning.
Who painted that? A mental patient.
Thomas Serrano.
a half million dollars.
You look that up or something? Art history minor.
Some charmer, that finn.
This is like a rest-home cafeteria.
Maybe we can break out a game of bingo or something.
Hey, daddy.
Looks like Mr.
Rogers has a daughter.
Did she just give him something? Yeah, I think she did.
Could darling daughter be a drug courier? I don't know.
Maybe that's our angle Work the daughter.
Why, because she's hot? It helps.
Ah, there it is.
Ah, my man.
Okay, okay, okay.
Yes, sir.
Washing cars has done you right, huh? A brother can't complain.
- No.
- For Mr.
Thank you, sir.
That's a beautiful piano you got here.
You play? The wife plays.
Wife plays, huh? Is that a Serrano? Bingo.
You got taste, huh? Taste? Man, this thing look like an old, damn squished-up traffic cone.
It's worth about half a mil, Teke.
Yeah, right.
Sure it is.
And, uh, beyoncé's cooking Teke's supper tonight.
Just don't touch it, man.
Ha! Yeah, okay, whatever.
Duke Ellington.
That's a brother who had class.
record company millions.
Sinatra comes along, big band dies They throw Duke out like an old kleenex.
Cryin' shame.
That's what you get for playing it straight.
So you got a friend, huh? Name's Martin brier.
Cool cat.
I think you two should talk.
Give it some thought.
You're nice on those keys, man.
Be right back.
So, this is your dad's place, huh? Real nice.
Thank you.
I'm sorry.
Do we know each other? I'm dean.
Hey, Maria, how ya doin'? Good.
Hey, can I ask you a question, Maria? Can I buy you a slice of pie? I mean, I know you can get it on the house, but Okay, umYou know, please, allow me.
No, no, I-I see what's happening here.
Let me just save some of your time.
I-I would love to just sit here and eat quietly alone.
I'm sorry.
I'm not interested.
This guy bothering you, Maria? Got a problem, Buster brown? Joan, no.
I-I don't.
We're just talkin'.
Look, Maria.
I'm gonna be completely honest with you.
All right? Please.
My sister She's over there, okay? See? She put me up to this.
You walked in, I saw you.
She always thinks I'm too shy.
I made a comment about how beautiful you are, and she said, "20 bucks you don't ask her out.
" Hmm.
So here I am.
Here you are.
Yeah, here I am.
And I said you'd never go out with a guy like me, right? You should listen to yourself more often.
Killing me, Joan.
Please, come on, be a sport.
So, come on.
Come on.
One drink.
Friday night.
One drink.
I can't.
I can't.
Yes, you can.
Come on.
II can't.
Sorry to bother you.
It's okay.
Impressive game, sailor.
Shut up.
One drink.
So, what kind of whip you push, Dupree? Ah.
A new Porsche panamera.
Oh, man, that is a nice machine, man.
Yes, it is.
Tell you what I'll throw in a free detail for that.
Appreciate that, brother.
Excuse me.
Hey, sweetie.
Get out of there.
Sinclair's on his way back.
I wish you would have called me earlier.
Alex just found out.
His lawyer sprung him an hour ago.
Fed efficiency at your service.
That's too bad.
Well, I got some friends over right now, but, uh, we'll clear out.
I'll call you later.
All right.
That was my wife.
She's on her way back from Disneyland.
My youngest caught the stomach flu.
Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
Thank you, man.
What do you say we, um, get that chat going with brier right now, move this thing forward a bit, huh? Mind if I borrow that? Borrow what? Oh, your phone.
Yours broken or something? You can never be too careful, bro.
Ho! Like that.
You serious? Always.
Ty again.
Don't answer.
What's up, honey? Everything okay? Marcus, are you there? It's for you.
Sorry, babe.
Everything all right? Yeah, I'm sorry about that.
Everything's great.
You just tell Marcus Jr.
his daddy loves him, and I'll see you guys later tonight, all right? Nice.
You ready, my man? Sure.
All right.
This is stupid, man.
I didn't even get to finish my drink.
You had three.
Yeah, whatever.
I pay you to take care of this stuff! You know how many hours I spent downtown?! Damn, that's, uh that's ruben Sinclair.
Sure was.
Got some fancy neighbors, boy.
Yeah, he good peeps, too, man.
Yeah? So, uh, you want to meet with my guy brier tonight or what? Tonight? Tonight.
Let's do it.
# yeah # # yeah # so, how come I never heard of you before? I do most of my business a little further east.
East like San Bernardino or east like Miami? Vegas.
You thinking a one-night stand or a marriage? Let's do 5.
See how it feels.
You can handle 5? I can handle 10.
But let's do 5, just the same.
I gotta go, gentlemen.
You gotta go? I thought you said this dude was for real.
Yeah, my man.
We're not playing games here.
You in or out? I'll call you.
# when you do what you do # # I get locked in that groove # we up on Dupree's phone yet? Nope.
Warrant just went in.
That's okay.
He'll come back.
I can feel it.
You can feel it? What, you getting all spiritual or something? You need a drink.
I'll get you a drink.
Don't you need to get home? The night is young, lieutenant.
I see.
# we gotta keep it moving # you got a funny definition of "one drink.
" So, did you get that dancer's number or what? Oh, stop.
Me? Thanks for the help, guys.
I own the place.
Wouldn't be right if I got my hands dirty.
So, what do we know about this finn guy? Not much.
Checked his financials There's nothing out of the ordinary And he's got no other priors.
That it? No, he's got a daughter named Maria.
Went to Yale, owns an art gallery downtown.
Dean's got a date with her tonight.
Purely business.
She showed up at the restaurant, gave pops a package.
Could be she's helping the old man move some coke.
Dean, how come you never dated that Oh, I tried.
She shot me down.
Talk to me.
Will do.
I'm on it.
Wants to meet to talk details.
You missed a spot.
Have a good day, bro.
I love you.
They grow up so fast, huh? I didn't really peg you as a suburban dad.
It's all about family, bro.
That's my wife, Dana.
Mind if we talk away from The wife? Nah, we're cool.
My wife knows exactly who I am and why I'm meeting you.
There's no secrets.
That's why it works.
So, what you know about this, uh, brier cat? I trust him.
You trust him? But do you like him? Come on, Dupree.
I like big faces on little green bills, man.
It don't matter whether I like him.
He keep crew around? Flies solo.
You're all right, Marcus.
This all goes well, we might have a future together.
You know this kid staring at us? Can brier play tomorrow? Absolutely Brier can play tomorrow.
Come on, babe.
when my car gonna be ready, bro? Remember boulay, that little French place over in amagansett? The word is that chef is opening a new spot on Abbot kinney french-korean fusion.
Awesome! Looky, looky, looky.
There's Drake pimrose.
Oh, man, I haven't seen him since last year at two trees.
Hey, you coming out again? Doubt it.
Drake! What's up, soldier? Well, I'm so sorry.
Uh, reid's one of those college friends you're sort of stuck with for life.
What's what's two trees? Oh, it's this fancy polo match in the Hamptons.
Truth is, I just like looking at the pretty horses.
Oh, yeah, I love horses.
And the polos are thoroughbreds and quarter horses, right? Mm-hmm.
Yeah, they're gorgeous.
Strong, agile.
How do you know so much about horses? My grandfather used to have a farm in upstate new York.
Used to spend all my summers there.
But, uh, well, let's just say, we didn't play polo.
Did I hear you you own an art gallery? Yeah.
We just celebrated our three-year anniversary.
UhWould you like a tour? Sure.
So, what do you think? Found the artist on venice beach.
I like it.
And your space is incredible.
Thank you.
Now you're thinking How can I afford this place? Not at all.
My dad's the chief investor And accountant extraordinaire.
So your dad's into art, huh? No.
His real passion's boxing.
Sounds like a real interesting guy.
He is.
He grew up poor in whittier.
Spent every last dime he had on my education.
Wanted me to be a doctor or a lawyer, but I chose the arts.
Must be very proud.
He is.
Every time I make a big sale, I bring him a big box of cigars.
He likes that.
Lucky me, I guess.
'Cause, I mean, if you hadn't made the big sale, you wouldn't have been delivering your father cigars, and we wouldn't have met.
Got to love it.
Yeah, right.
Uh, thanks for the private tour.
It was impressive, and You got great taste.
Thank you.
And thanks for the drink, but next time, I'm buying.
Next time? Well, that's, you know, assuming there is a next time, right? There's no next time? I don't know.
UmGood night.
Good night.
Horses? True story.
You on a farm? You never mentioned that before.
Yeah, well it never came up before.
You buy the cigar thing? I don't know.
She's hard to read.
She looked pretty easy to read, if you ask me.
That was one hell of a kiss.
All part of the game.
I know what I'm doin'.
Yeah, movie sold out.
We need to hit a different theater.
Everything all right? Everything is fine.
Adams and San Pedro.
Flick starts in 10 minutes.
Theater 9.
All right, see you then.
Why you changing the meeting spot, my man? Got to keep him guessing, my man.
My man.
Okay, here we go.
He's here.
Oh, yeah.
It's party time now, baby.
Come on.
Whoa, whoa.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Don't worry.
Nobody's gonna get hurt.
What you talkin' about? We're talkin' about jackin' this punk, all right? I'm short on cash with some of my business partners.
What business partners, homie? My friends south of the border.
So, y'all been playin' this scam from jump street.
Now you catchin' on, brother.
You in or out? Guess I'm in.
It's open! Give me that.
Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Man, you just said nobody was gettin' hurt! Yeah, well, I lied, okay? This is bullshit, Dupree.
Yeah, well, the good news is I'm letting you walk out of here in one piece, bitch.
Them laker seats was an insult.
Kobe looked like a damn ant.
Get the money.
Now, if I see you and brier show up again, I'll shoot first and ask questions later.
You understand me? You understand me?! Let's go.
Let's go.
Get out.
And tell your boys at the car wash they suck.
Worst damn detailing job I ever seen.
You okay? That went well.
I say we arrest this son of a bitch for armed robbery and be done with it.
Not yet.
Wire room just sent over the audio file.
Dupree's phone? Yeah.
Finn and Dupree recorded this morning.
Yeah? Seven grand.
Sunday, usual time.
Simple enough if we just knew what the hell "seven grand" means.
He talkin' money? It could be an address.
Seven grand.
Seven grand.
Seventh and grant? It's a major intersection.
Finn own anything down there? No.
But his daughter does.
She's got an art gallery on grant.
It's a block east of seventh.
Can we get eyes in there? Oh, we can get eyes in there.
You see the shrink yet? Tomorrow morning.
Pain in the ass.
Sold two paintings today.
Two more? Mm-hmm.
I mean, I'm not retiring anytime soon or anything, but Still mm-hmm.
More cigars for dad, right? You're good luck, dean.
Sorry, I'm dating someone.
Ooh, another waiter.
Or aAspiring thespian? Or, wait, no, I'm sorry.
High-school dropout with no future who pretends to be an actor Prick.
Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa.
One date.
We'll go to a real restaurant, and If you're a good girl, I'll even let you order appetizers.
Dude, lay off.
Come on.
Uh, you, sir, need to mind your own business.
UhWhat the hell, guy? Guy, you deserved it.
Am I wrong? Wow.
I'm sorry.
I-I kind of had to do that.
I've been waiting about 10 years for someone to do that.
Thank you.
What are you doing? Just getting some water.
Oh, you grab me one? Mm-hmm.
I'm telling you, I couldn't get in the gallery.
Well, did you try every key? No.
I gave up on the first one.
How did you get 'em, anyway? Dinner, and stole 'em from her purse when she went to the bathroom, and then had a C.
Go make copies.
How did you really get 'em? We in at the gallery? No, I tried, but genius here stole the wrong keys.
Now what? We move forward anyway.
No choice.
Let's go.
Where the hell is Dupree? Probably church.
He's such a family man.
Oh, yeah.
He's a real pillar of the community.
Speaking of that punk, how's your head? You sure there was nothing you could do to prevent that? Huh? Be honest.
Okay, there's dean's girlfriend.
What the hell's she doing here? Finn's here? Can't tell.
There's Dupree.
That's it.
Pull over, bitch.
The party's just starting.
What the hell is finn doin'? Callin' off the deal.
Finn must have seen Maria.
We can still get Dupree.
He's got over Sounds good to me.
Stop! I said stop! Hell no.
Are you a cop, bro? Yeah, and you under arrest! You?! Huh?! How much they pay you, bro? Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Wait, wait, wait, wait! You can work for me.
I got you, man.
I got I don't know how that got in there.
Come on.
You're smarter than that.
And you a cop, too, huh? Son of a bitch.
You Unh! Now we're even.
So here I am, babe.
I start running, right? Full speed, like a freakin' maniac, I'm runnin', and I don't know what came over me, but I jump on the hood of the car, I leap off, and I tackle the guy.
It was crazy! You need to be more careful.
No, no, no, babe.
You're missing the point.
Not being careful is how I got the guy! Are you sure you're not hungry? No.
Matter of fact, baby, let's go out, huh? Let's have a drink.
I can't wind down after that adrenaline rush.
Baby, I got to get up early in the morning.
But I'm glad you're home safe.
I could bring you three good dealers.
Pretty good size, too.
You want to do business, you need to flip up, not down.
Got any friends in Mexico? Hell no.
Enjoy wasco.
by pretty fast.
Huh? You didn't want to see your kids graduate High School, right? Rafael Garza.
I was supposed to meet with him in two days.
The Rafael Garza? That's right.
His cousin's number two in the Tijuana cartel.
How often you meet him? Once a month.
We talked to the d.
He said if you give us something good, he'd recommend leniency.
Something really good? Extreme leniency.
I assume Garza's really good.
What's extreme leniency? One year at an Arizona country club.
That don't sound extreme to me.
This isn't a negotiation.
You understand that? Garza's nuts, man.
I talk, he'll whack my wife, my kids! My dog! We'll put 'em in Witness Protection.
That crap really work? They'll be in the wind before Garza even knows what happened.
Dude's late.
He ain't never late.
Stay cool.
I'm tryin' to.
You hear me? What's up? Technical problem.
Yeah, that always works.
Tell me you got a better idea? Where's Garza? Oh, no.
Freeze! Police! Move! Unh! That's not Rafael Garza.
One of his hit men.
What's he wearin'? That is Saint Malverde.
Patron Saint of Mexican drug dealers.
Must be his day off.
Garza must have been watching Dupree's family.
Got nervous.
We should have waited a few more days.
Covered our bases better.
We made the right move.
It just didn't work out.
I got too anxious.
I could practically taste the bust.
Now what? I got to think about it.
I'm flat, I get a bead on his ankle Boom! What was he carrying? He had a nine.
You should have seen what it did to Dupree's face.
Try explaining that to the wife.
How you guys doing? Not great.
You know, I come home, she's waking up.
Leave the house.
That takes its toll, brother.
I bet.
I love her, dean, but sometimes I wonder if she'd be happier without me.
Yeah, what about you? Would you be happier without her? How'd everything go with the It went fine.
Same old drill.
Same old drill.
I lied.
I've never I never shot anyone before.
I know.
This isn't an easy situation to step into.
I felt I needed to I get it.
I get it.
Yeah? Want to go get a drink? Or three? Just a drink? Mm.
Yeah, just a drink.
You talked me into it.