Dark Matter (2015) s02e11 Episode Script

Wish I'd Spaced You When I Had the Chance

1 Previously on "Dark Matter" So what do we do with this thing now? Complete the delivery.
Get paid, what else? Whoever delivered the device could be considered an accessory to mass murder.
- Who are you? - Chief Inspector Kierken.
Galactic Authority.
I intend to see each of you face trial.
Under the jurisdiction of the Galactic Authority.
I will return to claim my throne.
There are those in the court who are still loyal to me, but without my memories, I don't know who to trust.
[dramatic music] [women giggling] [indistinct chatter] You started without me.
So what'd you get? Cleaning supplies for my weapons.
There's nothing more disrespectful than killing an opponent with a dirty blade.
What did you pick up? Oh, you know, girl stuff.
Scented creams, ammunition Knives.
You heard from the others? Um Three, Five, you there? Yep.
How goes? The rest of us are done.
Ten more minutes? Well, we're on the other side of the station, so let's say 20.
Hey, Kid.
Wrap it up.
Try the red ones.
Yeah? [gagging] Yeah, I know.
They're super sour, huh? Ugh! My salivary glands are imploding.
[squishing] Mm.
- I'll see you in ten.
- What? - That'll be one bar.
- What? This ain't a buffet, buddy.
Three pieces for a bar.
You can take another two, if you like.
I don't like.
But I'm gonna take two, anyway.
And I'll need a bag.
Watch where you're going! [tense music] You ran into me, buddy.
- You sure about that? - Yep.
Hey! [dramatic music] Well, I guess I'll go around you, then.
[chuckles] - [hissing] - [gasps] Come on.
[engine turning over] Kid? [indistinct chatter and laughter] Kid.
[energy surging] [rock music] Okay.
[laughs] Do you ever guess wrong? Eventually.
Let's go.
Red or blue? Neither.
Am I that easy to read? It's your unpredictability that makes you predictable.
[dramatic music] She's about this tall, green hair, you haven't seen her? [sighing] Thanks.
Hey, uh, you were with the girl.
- The one with the green hair.
- Yeah.
- They took her.
- Who did? Outside.
[stammers] Excuse me! You sure it was them? Positive.
[button chimes] [earpiece beeps] Two, this is Three.
Come in.
Nyx, Four, anyone! Come in! Do you know who they were or where they went? Yeah, the Danker brothers.
They probably took her back to their cabin.
Do you have a truck? - Right here, but - You're driving.
They're dangerous.
They got nothing on me.
- Want me to prove it to you? - No.
You're driving.
You seem to have settled back in quite nicely.
Do I? Your physiological indicators suggest you're quite well-rested, certainly more relaxed than my last scanalysis.
Last scanalysis? How often do you run them? I regularly monitor this ship and its crew for anomalies and potential red flags.
For instance, I advise you cut down on your sodium intake and increase your consumption of soluble fiber.
Good to know.
I also noticed that the reduction in your stress level has increased your appetite.
As a result, your body mass has increased by 2%.
Are you saying I'm fat? I'm saying you're clearly more at ease.
I've decided not to worry about things I can't change, like other people's opinions.
You've been granted full access to the ship and its systems.
That would suggest a level of trust and acceptance.
Yeah, but they draw the line at giving me free run of a station.
Let's be real.
If it wasn't for Two, I wouldn't be alive, much less on board this ship.
Granted, some of the other crew members may take some time to come around.
I did betray them.
They're very forgiving.
When we first met, I tried to kill you all.
Now I've been accepted as one of the crew.
[electronic pinging] What's that? [pinging continues] The "Raza" has just intercepted a subspace alarm from the planet's surface.
The station has just enacted silent lockdown procedures and sent a coded transmission to Galactic Authority Central.
- Up there.
- Who are they? The Danker brothers.
They're bad news.
They get into all sorts of trouble Theft, smuggling.
What do you suppose they want with a kid? All due respect, but your friend didn't look like a kid to me.
Two, this is Three.
Come in.
Four, Nyx, anybody.
Come in.
[sighs] Damn it.
Look, you may have your reasons for not wanting to go to the authorities, but you can't take on the Dankers alone.
If you've got friends back at the station, we should go back for them.
We don't have time for that.
She's alone up there and defenseless.
[men laughing] Yeah.
[laughs] I swear I'll kill you! [laughing continues] I'll hurt you real bad! [laughter] What're you gonna do, huh? Spoon me to death? [men laughing] [screams] [groans] [bones crack, blow landing] [groans] [grunting] [groaning] Stop! Don't damage the merchandise! [groaning] Don't blame you, kid.
If I was going where you're headed, I'd probably want to stab someone too.
Guess I got to up the dosage.
[whimpers] [hissing] [both chuckling] How many of them are there? Five in all, but they do a lot of hunting, so chances are they're not all there.
Okay, I'm gonna need you to wait for us.
You go in there, you're not coming back.
Sit tight.
I'll be back.
Sit! [engine turns over] [sighs] Man.
We've received unconfirmed reports that the crew of the "Raza" has been seen on this facility.
Consider them armed and extremely dangerous.
And remember I want them alive.
Now let's go get them.
No! Blue.
You sure? Yes.
Ah! How Now I'm just predicting your predictive patterns.
Three, Five, come in.
Three, Five, are you there? Over.
Don't bother.
Comms are down station-wide.
Is it a system glitch? Silent security protocol.
Station's under lockdown.
Something's up.
But don't worry about it.
The GA's on their way.
[tense music] It's time to go.
[dramatic music] This is Three.
Anyone out there? [branches scraping] [bird squawking] Market's this way.
[metal clanging] Kill those.
They're clones.
That would explain how they got here so fast.
We need to get back to the "Marauder.
" Not without the others.
If the GA secure the "Marauder" before we do, it won't matter.
We'll all be trapped on this planet.
[foreboding music] [suspenseful music] [screams] [groaning] [blow landing] Casto Capari.
That's who she goes to.
No, not Casto.
Why not? Because a healthy girl like her, she'd fetch a far better price on Stropa-3.
We'll cut out the middleman.
We'll rent her out to the miners.
When they're done with her, we'll sell her organs to the harvesters, her flesh to the meat traders, and I want whatever's left over.
I'm gonna make a jacket out of her skin.
I am gonna stuff and mount her face and put it on the wall.
[door crashes open] [gunshots] [gun clicks] [sighs] [blow landing] You son of a bitch! Ah! Hey.
[light slapping] Come on, wake up.
Wake up.
What [groans] You okay? Hey.
Take a minute.
Everything's all right.
There were these men, they Took care of 'em.
Cleaning lady's gonna have a fit, huh? [chuckles] Where are the others? Back at the station.
[electronic beep] This is Three, come in.
Is anybody receiving? [tense music] You have your comm, Kid? Uh No, I must've lost it.
The station's under lockdown.
No one gets in or out.
Clear this area.
Clear this area now! Move.
Come on, go, go.
Move! Lower your weapons and stand aside.
[blades slicing] [dramatic music] What're you looking for? These.
You okay to walk down to the truck? Yeah, I think so.
- I'm still kind of dizzy.
- All right.
It's no problem.
Just wait here.
I'll bring the truck around.
- Hey.
- Yeah? Thanks for coming to get me.
I was scared.
Me too.
Kind of.
Just relax.
I'll have you back at the "Raza" in no time.
[suspenseful musical flourish] [gunshots] The Galactic Authority is at the station.
What? How is that possible? Predominance by proxy.
They used transfer transit.
Apparently, they've encountered some resistance and suffered losses.
What about our crew? They eluded escape and are still at large.
We still have the transfer pods we used to break into Reynaud's facility.
Could you use one of them to get me down on that station? - Of course.
- All right.
Then let's do it.
I'm sorry, Six.
I'm afraid I can't help you.
Are you serious? What, you don't trust me, either? My trust in you is irrelevant.
I'm under strict orders not to allow you off this ship.
All right, technically, I'd still be on the ship.
My clone would be down in the station.
I believe you're sincere in your desire to make amends and that you harbor no ill intent toward the crew.
Of course, my assumptions are sometimes fallible, so I've identified a weakness in your left ventricular free wall that I will target if my faith in you proves to be misplaced.
Good to know.
It is good to know.
[tense music] - What is it? - The "Marauder.
" It's on its way back.
[panting] Ugh! Shit.
Shit, shit.
Check my back.
Do you see an exit wound? Uh, yeah, yeah, I see one Good.
Good, we're not gonna have to root around for a bullet.
I'm bleeding out.
I need you to cauterize the wound.
Kid! I need you to help me.
[stammers] Okay, okay, what do you want me to do? Stop the bleeding.
I need you to find something to seal the wound.
Okay, I'm gonna disinfect the wound.
Good, good.
- Come on.
- Okay.
Ah, Jesus! Disinfect it! Don't get it drunk! [groans] [hissing] Ugh.
Oh, man.
[tense music] Okay.
Ready? - Yeah.
- Okay.
- [screaming] You recognize them? Yeah, they were here a couple hours ago.
Sold 'em some fruit.
Did you talk to them? Argued some with the guy.
He was a jerk.
- Anything else? - No.
He got into it with one of the locals and he left.
What do you mean by "got into it"? Nothing major, just a stare down.
Boys being boys, right? Do you know the name of this local? Uh, Temal Danker.
He was in here with his brother.
Probably good and gone by now.
Hey, you guys discussing the Dankers? I've been monitoring all surface communication.
Your escape has been noted.
Latest reports have the GA in pursuit of two fugitives.
Their present whereabouts are unknown.
All right, so they've managed to evade capture.
But for how long? We'd be better off if they did get caught.
Think about it.
At least if they're in custody, we'd know where they were, make it easier to retrieve them.
With all nonofficial channels down within a 20-mile radius of the station, we are effectively blind.
We can't just sit here waiting.
We have to do something.
Getting back onto that station is gonna be tough.
They've got all entrances and exits covered.
Then let's make a new one with the "Marauder.
" Because I guarantee you the nearest GA ship is already en route to lend backup and take possession of any prisoners.
We need to get our people back aboard this ship before they get here.
So what's it gonna be? [gun cocking] The Android's identified the station's command and communication center.
We'll target it going in, take down their defenses, then breach and access.
Hopefully create enough commotion to draw out Three and Five.
You think they'll know it's us? Explosions, shooting, and screaming.
Who else would it be? I'm assuming I don't need to ask permission to tag along.
I was gonna ask you if you wanted to drive.
"Marauder," are you there? Go ahead.
An assault on the station won't be necessary.
Five and Three have reportedly escaped containment.
The GA has pursued them to a local rural dwelling.
I'm sending you the coordinates.
All right, copy that.
[dramatic music] [spaceship engines roaring] [groaning] Easy.
How you feeling? Mobile? Yeah, I'm fine.
I'll be right back.
Whoa, not so fast.
What, you don't expect me to walk all the way back to get help.
Nope, because I'm driving.
You can barely move.
I'm fine.
[grunting] You don't sound fine.
And you look terrible.
You're all sweaty and pale.
More than usual, anyway.
I'll be fine.
It's nothing that a little R&R and three shots of plasma won't fix.
All right.
Good to go.
All right, turn around.
Check that vehicle.
[muffled chatter] Well there goes our ride.
Single shot.
He was the last man killed.
Before that [foreboding music] He catches them by surprise.
[gunshot] [gun clicks, metallic clinking] [gunshot] [gun clicks, metallic clinking] [blow landing] [blows landing, wet thudding] Boone or the girl.
And one of them was wounded by the man with the gun.
Close range exchange.
They were both surprised.
Dead man goes down.
Boone gets shot.
And we just missed them.
How do you know? The only reason they didn't take the truck is because we beat them to it.
They'll travel north, northwest, put as much distance as they can between us, then circle back around to the station.
Inform our people.
Have the vehicles flank them on the roadway.
We're going after them.
- Hey.
- Yeah? Hey, we should stop.
You tired? No, I'm worried about you.
I'm fine.
Yes, yes, I I'm tired.
I need to stop, okay? Okay.
[panting] [groans] I don't think you can make it.
Oh, thanks for the words of encouragement.
Should I shoot myself now or do you want to do the honors? I mean make it back to the station.
[pants] I'm okay.
No, you're not.
You're hurt.
You're bleeding again, and you're slowing down.
- I should go find some help.
- No! No.
I wish you would stop underestimating me.
I stopped underestimating you when you snuck into my quarters and you stole the bullets from my gun.
[chuckles] There's a difference between underestimating someone and not wanting them to get hurt.
Damn it.
You could always give me the gun.
'Fraid not.
[groaning] You're better off getting caught than shot.
Me, on the other hand little late for that.
[groans] I don't see anyone.
Oh, they're coming.
How can you be so sure? 'Cause I recognized their leader.
His name's Kierken.
He's one determined son of a bitch.
Four spent some time with him during the tunnel collapse when we were going after Corso.
What's he doing here? What do you think he's doing here? It's not coincidence.
He's after us.
Probably has been since we escaped from prison.
Followed us to the station, followed us to that cabin.
Now he's following us through these woods.
He's not gonna stop until he has us.
Okay, we need to go.
Come on.
Yeah, okay.
Five bodies have been discovered in and around the target site.
Three and Five are still reported to be on the run.
The GA is in pursuit.
Copy that.
Run a scan for heat signatures.
[electronic beeping] Nothing.
I'm not picking up anything.
They're jamming up all electronics and surveillance as well.
We're gonna have to rely on visual sightings.
Take us in for a closer look.
[dramatic music] [spaceship whooshing] [groaning] - Hey.
- [groans] Hey, come on.
Get up.
Let's go.
I can't.
Get up.
There's a change of plans.
We're gonna split up, okay? No, no.
No way.
It was your idea.
Yeah, and I realize now, a really bad one.
- Look, they're right behind us.
- Yeah? I'm not gonna leave you to be captured or worse.
What're you talking about, "captured"? You're just gonna draw them away, buy me some time, that's all.
Don't lie to me.
I'm not gonna abandon you.
After what happened to One, I'm just not ready to lose another friend.
Friend? Are you kidding me? I'm not your friend.
I don't give a rat's ass about you, I never have.
If it was up to me, I'd drop you off at the nearest space station and never look back.
I think you are a pain-in-the-ass, know-it-all little brat.
You're a burden to the ship.
You know what I wish? I wish I'd spaced you when I had the chance.
Oh, is it you're crying now? - Is that it? - [sobs] You're tearing up like a little baby? Why's that? Is it 'cause I hurt your feelings? No.
[sniffles] No.
I'm crying because I know what you're trying to do.
[somber music] You know staying here with me is not gonna do either of us any good, so just go.
- Give me your gun.
- No.
Well, then toss it, but don't give them a reason to shoot you.
Kid please.
[dramatic music] Good luck.
Say hi to the gang for me.
[groans] [tense music] [gunshots] [gunshots, lasers zapping] [gunfire] Cease fire! Cease fire! I want him alive! Flank him, and have the trucks cut off his retreat.
- [gun clicks] - Come on.
Shit! Come on.
[groans] Marcus Boone, you're under arrest.
Interrogation, file 32486-A.
Kyle Kierken, Chief Inspector Galactic Authority Serious Crimes Division.
Suspect, please identify yourself.
[grunts] Suspect uncooperative.
Suspect identified.
Marcus Boone.
Wanted for murder, assault, Kidnapping, piracy, terrorism.
I want you to tell me all about the circumstances leading up to the incident on Iriden-3.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Over 15,000 people died after you and your crew delivered a prototype white hole bomb to a Mikkei research facility on that planet.
I don't know anything about that, but even if I did And I'm not saying I do what difference does it make? Right now, Mikkei is set to take the fall.
But I have a feeling that if you come clean, we can deal some serious damage to two major corporations.
Why would you want to do that? Because, right now, it's probably the only way to head off an intergalactic corporate war.
Oh, yes.
There's one on the way.
And if it comes, those 15,000 deaths, they'll just be a drop in the bucket.
Now, I can either get the truth from you, or I can wait and get it from Emily Kolburn.
Who's that? The one you call Five.
I know she's here with you.
Last I saw, she was up in the ship.
If y want her that badly, that's where you'll find her.
Oh, I'll find her, all right.
Sooner or later.
But what happens to her after I find her is entirely up to you.
She was party to the destruction on Iriden-3.
She'll be facing multiple life sentences, at the least.
Execution would also be on the table.
I know what you're thinking.
You're thinking that if you tell the truth about what happened that day, you'll be implicating yourself and your crew.
But given the litany of offenses you already face, it won't make a difference in the long run.
You're all going down for a very long time.
Do you really want to drag that poor young girl down with you? I can wipe her record clean, give her a fresh start, let her be a kid again.
But it's up to you.
[tense music] [spaceship whooshing] Brush is too thick.
I can't see anything.
We should land, search on foot.
No, the nearest clearing's a ways out.
Okay, we'll do one more sweep, and then we'll land.
[spaceship engines roaring] That's your friends looking for you.
[electronic beep] Lieutenant, is the missile prepped? Yes, sir.
Save the girl.
Save your friends on board that shuttle.
[grunts] We were hired by Mikkei's Commander Truffault to steal a device from another corporation.
Did you know what it was you were stealing? No.
Who else was involved? Lin? Ishida? No.
They had a bad feeling about the op.
They respectfully declined.
[chuckles] You expect me to believe you acted alone? No, I had help.
Another crew, led by a guy named Wexler.
Other team members, Tash, Vons, Cain.
I'm sure you can dig up their rap sheets.
Do you have any idea where these men are now? Can't say.
You know, we left on not the best of terms.
So no one else from the crew of the "Raza" was involved? I just told you.
It was only me.
[electronic beep] Lieutenant take them down.
You son of a bitch.
[grunting] Copy.
[spaceship whooshing] [device beeping] [explosion booms] What was that? Well, we were looking for a landing site.
Looks like someone just made one.
Take us down.
[coughing] Helps to be down in the first place.
Drop your guns.
Or I'll put a bullet through his head.
We used transfer trans to get here.
I'm a clone.
A clone with all the memories you made over the past two hours, memories that would die with you if I pull this trigger.
All things being equal I'm guessing that you'd rather know than not.
Drop your weapons! - You okay? - [panting] I've been shot.
What do you think? - No.
- He's just a clone.
I know.
[gunshot] Leave him something to remember us by.
[engines roaring, electricity crackling] Hey, look who it is.
Come by to thank me, huh? Thank you for what? For saving your life back on the planet.
[chuckles] Fine.
Thank you for saving my life.
You are welcome.
So you're gonna be okay? Oh, yeah.
Yeah, I'll be up and at it in no time, you'll see.
This isn't gonna change anything between us, is it? You're not gonna go all soft and sweet on me? Oh, I won't.
What's this? I made you some oatmeal.
Thank you.
[chuckles] Oh, and I put in some of that fruit you picked up at the space station.
See you later.
[chuckles] Ugh.
What're you watching? The weekly news packet The Android downloaded from the station's data hub.
Oh, yeah? Keeping up on current events and trends? Snow cap skirts and ocular piercings are in.
Apparently, so are uprisings in the outer colonies.
Rebellions brewing all over colonized space, the GA's stretched thin, a corporate war looming the status quo is headed for one hell of a shake-up.
Change is good.
Change is interesting, at least for a while.
Then everything eventually resets itself.
Same game, different players.
Maybe not.
Maybe this is an opportunity, especially now that we have the Blink Drive.
I mean, it gives us the power to make a difference.
Let them fight it out, weaken each other to the point where we can step in and finish them off, all of them The corporations, the GA.
And then what? Let chaos and anarchy rule? That would be better? Maybe for us, but what about the civilians? The people that rely on the authority to keep them safe? We'll keep them safe.
From outlaws to peacekeepers.
The people can choose their own leaders, police themselves.
And if there's ever a situation too big for them to handle, we can step in to quash it.
This ship gives us that power.
What if the others on board aren't into this idea of us being intergalactic cops? Then you convince them.
[dramatic music] Being a powerful and respected force in a power vacuum will have its perks.
Change is coming whether we like it or not.
[foreboding music] [dramatic music] Hello, Four.
You're up late.
A lot on your mind? In truth, not enough.
It's my neural imprint.
I want to upload it and regain the memories of Ishida Ryo.
I need your help to do it.