Dark Matter (2024) s01e03 Episode Script

The Box

Did you find him?
Is he okay?
What? What happened?
Jesus fucking Christ, Leighton.
I take the blame for what happened.
You hear me, Jason? I take
the blame for what happened.
You came back, and we were not prepared.
We were not prepared for you to be as
unwell as you are.
I don't wanna restrain you.
But as long as you're a
danger to yourself and others,
this situation can't change.
Did Did you
Did you send that woman
to Daniela's apartment?
I am just trying to help you
remember the brilliant man you are.
And this incredible thing you created.
Fuck off.
[JASON] Thank you.
Thank you.
what is this?
- That's wine.
- Uh-huh.
- I got a second bottle
- Okay.
'cause it was so nice.
Yeah, it was. It was great.
It was also a hundred dollars.
Feels like you're
trying to sleep with me.
I am definitely trying
to sleep with you.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
[CHUCKLES] Okay, but the, you
know, full seduction thing,
it's been a minute.
Don't get me wrong
[CHUCKLES] it's amazing.
- Keep doing it, but
Hey, hey!
- Oh, my God. [CHUCKLES]
[CHUCKLES] I can't linger.
Mike is out getting our car,
but I saw you two lovebirds
- Aw.
- and wanted to come say hi.
Hi. No, I'm glad you
did. It's good to see you.
- Yeah. I'm so excited about tomorrow.
- Tomorrow.
- What can we bring?
- Nothing. Just your beautiful selves.
- Okay, perfection.
- All right. I'll see you later. Bye.
- Bye.
Yeah. See ya.
What, uh, was
- Barbara?
- Yeah, Barbara.
What's going on tomorrow?
Our dinner party.
At the house?
Yeah, we talked about it.
- You forgot.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, you did. [CHUCKLES]
- No, no Hold Yes.
- Yes. Yes. Mmm.
- Yeah.
Who all is coming again?
He'll be right with you.
[LEIGHTON] This was my
grandfather's office.
Keep it exactly the way he left it.
I'm Detective Mason.
Leighton Vance. Pleasure.
- Your family was in aviation?
- Mm-hmm.
He founded Velocity 52 years ago.
Built jet engines.
Is that you and him?
My parents died when I was young.
He raised me.
Please, this way.
- [MASON] So Jason Dessen.
- [LEIGHTON] Mm-hmm.
[MASON] He worked here for
Eight years.
And when was the last time you saw him?
uh, more than a year now.
You know, one day, he just
didn't show up for work,
and I haven't seen him since.
No one has, as far as I know.
You sure you don't want a coffee? Water?
- No, I'm good.
- No? Okay.
You know, I did speak to the police
when Jason first went missing.
What do you guys do here?
R and D.
What's that mean?
- Research and development?
no, I know what it means.
What do you make?
Transistor-based silicon qubits
for quantum and healing processors.
That's a mouthful.
- You know,
there was another woman, Blair Caplan.
She worked here too, right?
Yeah. Uh, Blair.
Yeah, she went missing.
- Eighteen months ago?
- Yeah. It, uh
hit everyone here really hard.
So were she and Jason in the same group?
No, Blair was in process improvement.
What's this all about?
Jason Dessen checked into John
of God General three nights ago.
[SCOFFS] What?
You didn't know?
No, no, I didn't.
Is he okay?
He He left the hospital
before I got there.
But he was apparently seen at
an art show later that night.
I thought he might
have reached out to you.
To me? No. No. [CHUCKLES]
- I wish he had.
- Hmm.
Well, we're trying to find him.
According to my predecessor's notes,
he was in a relationship
with another employee
at the time of his disappearance.
Dr. Amanda Lucas.
Is Dr. Lucas in the office today?
[LEIGHTON] How'd it go?
How'd lying to the police go?
Awesome. Super great.
Dawn said she tried to dial 911.
So she shot her?
Lower your voice.
[AMANDA] Leighton.
I told her to bring
them both here, okay?
I didn't know that she would
Because she's a deeply
unstable person
- Amanda.
- who refuses treatment for her PTSD.
- Amanda.
- I warned you about hiring her.
Enough! Enough.
[SIGHS] Shit.
Did she mention Blair? The detective.
Of course she did.
Amanda, Chicago PD is so close
to connecting the dots on Jason,
Blair, all of it.
You know what happens if they do.
We lose everything we've
worked for. We go to prison.
It's been a year and a half
since the box came online.
- I've sank a billion into this shit.
- Fuck your billions.
Fuck my billions? Oh, fuck my billions.
We have four people missing.
And now Daniela Vargas.
Meanwhile, he somehow found a way back.
How? How the fuck did he do that?
I mean, what the hell happened to him?
Maybe superposition is brain-damaging.
So what, he he scrambled
his memories? His identity?
I don't know.
That's why I wanted more testing.
There's so much we don't know. I need
[JASON] Hey.
Help me remember.
Hey, bud.
Brought you some clothes.
Thank you.
Listen, uh,
just curious,
why'd you run?
I was scared.
So you went to Daniela's apartment?
She's [SIGHS] She was
an old friend of mine.
I was just looking for someone,
anybody, that I remembered.
That's all.
Did you tell her or
anyone about this place?
I don't know what this place is.
And you and I, you said we're close.
What exactly are we protecting here
that would justify,
um, killing a person?
Just I mean, for any of us?
It doesn't.
Listen to me. Everyone
here has given everything
to your work. Everything.
And any one of us would lay
down our lives to protect it.
Including you.
Especially you.
I would?
You've forgotten what we built.
So show me.
- [AUTOMATED VOICE] Name, please.
- Leighton Vance.
[AUTOMATED VOICE] Please enter passcode.
- [AUTOMATED VOICE] Access granted.
A long time ago, I tried
to build a one-inch cube
that could put an aluminum
nitride disc in superposition.
To actually create what
Schrödinger had imagined for
- his cat.
- [LEIGHTON] That's right.
So you remember your breakthrough.
When you started scaling up in size?
No, I-I never finished.
Could never find a way to fully shield
the box from the outside environment,
and the superposition
state kept collapsing.
Okay. So your memories stopped
before winning the Pavia.
[JASON] Is this some kind of alloy?
I mean, that can't be the answer.
Jason, you came up with so much more.
See, underneath that alloy
is a layer of active, adaptive
shielding that you developed.
- Adaptive?
- Yeah.
Adaptive. Fuck. That's it.
[LEIGHTON] It's full of smart
materials that generate fields,
cancel out whatever radiation
or sound tries to make it inside.
It's like the world's most
advanced noise-canceling headphones.
It doesn't just block the sound,
it blocks the noise
of everything outside.
And gives off a robust magnetic
field in exchange for that trick.
What's inside?
So far, you were the only
person to go inside and return.
There are others? What happened to them?
We don't know. Recording
devices can't be used inside.
How many were there?
How do you sweep three
missing people under a rug?
The first was an employee.
See, when Blair didn't return,
you started talking about going next.
I mean, we tried to dissuade
you, but you felt guilty.
Said you'd built the box,
that you should be the one to
figure out how it works, and you did.
And what happened after I disappeared?
[LEIGHTON] We put out a call
for volunteers. Anonymously.
Did they even have any idea
what they were signing up for?
[LEIGHTON] And poof. You're gone.
Until three days ago.
You said any one I want?
Sky's the limit, kiddo.
Let's call it an early
birthday present, huh?
- Is that the one?
- Yeah, yeah.
It's, um, kind of
expensive. Is that okay?
- It's cool.
- Yeah.
What else do you need?
Knock yourself out. Come on.
Are you gonna join us
for dinner tomorrow night?
Absolutely not.
What, you don't want to see,
uh, Barbara and and Mike?
- GG and Marcus are gonna be there too.
- Oh, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, that new, uh, boat of
theirs is pretty sweet, huh?
Charlie, what's Blair's last name
again? I'm I'm spacing on it.
- Wait, what?
- Blair. Her last
I I gotta write everybody an email.
Uh, Caplan. I think. Thank you.
Can I come in?
Reviewing your work?
This is like forgetting every
single thing about yourself
and then reading your own biography.
So I guess you really don't remember me.
Then I should start over.
Amanda Lucas.
What's your role here?
I'm a psychiatrist.
Just for this lab?
I train the box pilots.
Training? What kind of training?
Mental conditioning
for harsh environments.
Emotional regulation. Hyperfocus.
I oversaw trials for Lavender Fairy,
the drug Ryan built.
So you said that you
and I live together.
For over a year.
Off and on.
Listen, that day that I disappeared
What happened that day?
We woke up that morning,
and I could tell something
was bothering you.
You had seen an ex-girlfriend
the night before.
You said you were fine. I
said I didn't believe you.
I knew you were going to do
something. I just didn't know what.
When I got out of the shower
you were gone.
I must be out of my mind.
other explanation could there be?
Sometimes an extreme stress situation
can trigger psychogenic amnesia.
Abnormal memory functioning in the
absence of structural brain damage.
What if I'm not the
person that I think I am?
That all these [STAMMERS]
thoughts are just a like you said,
a by-product of the trauma
or brain damage from working
here or being inside the box.
See, these thoughts, the files,
t-t-they are that's me.
That's These clothes. Even these.
They're They're not mine,
but they might as well be.
what if
I'm not me? I'm I'm the person
that everybody else thinks that I am.
[DANIELA] You greet people when they
arrive. I'm gonna go get changed.
- [DANIELA] Oh! You're on.
- I'm on it.
- [DANIELA] I'll be two minutes.
GG and Marcus. Barbara and Mike.
- Cheers.
- [JASON] Mmm.
How you been?
No complaints.
But you must, uh, love
being a lawyer. It's
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, I like I like
being a lawyer. [LAUGHS]
- What do you I mean, it's all right.
- Yeah.
[STAMMERS] I'm happy to see you.
I'm happy to see you too.
- Yeah, you look great.
- Thank you.
- I'll go just check on everybody. Yeah.
- Of course. Go, go, go.
Yeah. I'll I'll see you in a minute.
- I've always wanted to see Fiji.
- [MARCUS] Mmm.
- [GG] Oh, gosh.
- Always.
I mean, the snorkeling
was life-changing.
I'd go back again in
a second, wouldn't you?
Oh, shit. I'd live there.
- There you go.
Uh, so, uh, Charlie,
he's Thank you
Is, uh, he still thinking art school?
[JASON] Last I heard.
Oh, and, uh, what about Connor?
Is How He must be a senior now.
[BARBARA] Yeah. Yeah. Connor's
driving us both fucking crazy.
He's failing two classes. I don't
think he's gonna get into U of C.
You can imagine how Mike is taking that.
- Not so good, huh?
[SHUSHES] Don't fight it.
- Who's that?
- Just accept it.
- Okay.
- Absorb it. Hey, buddy.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Uh, Daniela invited me, so
- [JASON] Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- [RYAN] Oh.
- Care for a drink?
- I'm okay right now, but thank you.
Okay, and you [GROANS]
probably want a Diet Coke.
I would kill for a
Diet Coke. You know me.
- Can I have some? Do you have those?
- Hey. Hi. There she is.
[SIGHS] My God, it smells
good. What is happening here?
- [DANIELA] It is a beef Wellington.
- [RYAN] What?
[RYAN] Do you need a hand?
[DANIELA] No, I think
I'm good. Thank you.
[RYAN] Okay. Sure.
- I'm so glad you could come.
- Hmm.
- It's really nice to see you.
- So good to see you.
Sorry, I was just in the middle
of a conversation. We'll catch up.
How dare you go have
fun with better people.
I want to, uh [STAMMERS]
apologize again for
overstepping boundaries.
I shouldn't have called Daniela.
No. Forget it.
We're cool?
Yeah. Yeah, we're cool.
You look good.
[LEIGHTON] I hear you've been
going through your old files.
Ringing any bells?
That's too bad.
You know what I think?
I think the reason why you don't
remember anything about your life
is because it wasn't
yours to begin with.
We're gonna finish what we started
the night that you returned.
I'm gonna ask you a few questions.
And this time around, you're
gonna tell me the truth.
- I am telling you the truth.
- No.
You told Daniela Vargas the truth.
You told Ryan Holder the truth.
[LEIGHTON] Tell me what you told Ryan.
Tell me what you told this
woman you thought was your wife.
You're an impostor.
Another version of the Jason we love.
Where you from?
And where's our Jason?
How did you use the box
to get to this world?
- So now
- Yeah, your new place.
I just have to wait to see
if I actually got the place.
- I-I love Bucktown.
- Mmm. So do I.
And it's gonna take 25
minutes off my commute.
Also, it's right by Map Room.
[MARCUS] It's the best beer
bar in Chicago. Not even close.
Underground caves that you can swim in.
- Have you heard of this?
- [GG] No.
Yeah, it's incredible. Jason.
- [DANIELA] Sorry.
- Yeah?
[CLEARS THROAT] What was the name
of that hotel that we stayed in?
With Which
You remember last Thanksgiving,
we stayed in that hotel.
You were obsessed with
it. What was it called?
Uh, Mahekal.
Mahekal, that's it. Mahekal.
It was beautiful. We loved it.
[DAWN] Where's our Jason?
[GG] Oh, no. Here we go.
Wait for this. [CHUCKLES]
Thank you all for coming.
- [DAWN] Where's our Jason?
To my extraordinary wife, Daniela,
who made this amazing meal.
I do not deserve you.
- That's true.
- Listen, I You people. [LAUGHS]
- [CHUCKLES] Well, it's true.
I would rather spend time
with the people in this room
than the best people in the world.
- Oh. No. Knew it.
- [BLAIR] Mmm. It's pretty good.
- [MOUTHING] I love you.
- [BARBARA] It was nice.
- [MOUTHING] Love you too.
- [LEIGHTON] Dawn.
Everything I've done, I had to do.
I know I've made mistakes, but
I never wanted to hurt anyone.
I never wanted any of this to happen.
I have the key to the
box at my fingertips,
and I don't even know how to use it.
It's fucking me up.
Well, I can't help you.
I don't know.
Mm-mmm, brother. You gonna
have to do better than that.
Everyone who gets in that box
vanishes, never to be heard from again.
Now, I don't know what
happens in that box.
Could be an experience beyond my
wildest dreams. Could be a nightmare.
Even if you didn't build the
box, a better version of you did,
which means you have some
innate sense of how it works.
Please, Jason.
This is important, not
just to me but to all of us.
- Why?
- Why?
- Yeah.
What if there was a world where
cancer had been solved, huh?
Or climate change. Poverty.
Social discourse. Hunger.
What if we could bring that
knowledge into our suffering world?
Now, it is all going
to shit around here.
So, Jason, I'm only gonna
ask you one more fucking time.
How does it work?
You get in the box.
You close the door.
And you twirl around and you fucking
cross your fingers. [CHUCKLING]
I don't fucking know. [LAUGHING]
- [SIGHS] Fuck.
- What is this?
You were amazing tonight.
Are you drunk? [LAUGHS]
- Hmm.
Just, mmm.
Are you sure you're okay?
Do you promise you would
tell me if you weren't?
'Cause past few days
have been different.
They've been great.
They've been different.
[JASON] No. Fuck.
- Hey, no! Fuck!
- [JASON] Ryan! Help me! [GROANING]
- [RYAN] Hey.
- Come here. Buddy. Oh, God.
Come here. Oh. Oh, my God.
What is happening, man?
I'm so sorry. I
I think it's my fault.
Leighton was reaching out to me,
and I called him back
after Daniela's thing.
[GROANS] That's
That's how they knew how to find me.
so sorry. I didn't know.
I don't know. I don't
know what's happening.
- Ryan.
- Hey.
- Ryan.
- What?
They killed Daniela.
They just broke into the apartment.
And they just shot her
right in front of me.
- She's gone. She
'Cau 'cause 'Cause I called.
- This is my fault. This
- No. No, no, no, no.
- This is my fault. My fault.
- [STAMMERS] Listen.
[JASON] It's not your
fault, okay? It's my fault.
It's my fault. I just
I shouldn't have gone there.
Brother, you gotta tell me.
What was it that you were
working on at Velocity?
You're the missing piece, Ryan.
- I just need you to tell me what it was
- You
You asked me to build a drug
that would alter the brain
chemistry of the prefrontal cortex.
- Alter it?
- Yeah.
- How?
- To put, uh
To put certain areas of it asleep
[INHALES SHAKILY] for an hour.
Why? What was the application?
You wouldn't tell me!
I was throwing darts in the dark,
and you would just tell me if I
fucking came close to the bull's-eye.
I'm not who you think I am.
They were trying to put a
human being in superposition.
Theoretically, it's impossible, okay?
Because the consciousness
just wouldn't allow it.
Ryan, we'd be making observations
that would cause everything to decohere.
But if there was a [SIGHS]
if there was a mechanism
in the brain responsible for it.
- The observer effect.
- effect.
That's what it is. My
drug stops the brain
from causing its own decoherence.
That's what it is.
That is what it is.
Okay, but but but it wouldn't
it wouldn't stop others from
decohering us if they observe us.
That's where the box comes in.
What? What box? What
are you talking about?
The box!
Inside the room, there's a hangar.
- They have a box, and that is a gateway.
- You
would you come with us, please?
You know
how I came home late from
Ryan's party the other night?
When I left the bar, my
head was somewhere else.
I was thinking about Ryan's job offer.
And I was feeling down, and I
just stepped into the traffic.
And a cab nearly splattered
me across the pavement.
And I don't know if it was because
my life flashed before my eyes,
but ever since that moment,
I've felt so alive. [CHUCKLES]
Like I finally see my life
with, uh, force and clarity.
And all the things that I
really should be grateful for.
You. You, especially.
I realized that I've just been so afraid
to live my life the way that I want to.
And I'm not gonna do that anymore.
You need to come with me right
now. I'm getting you out of here.
[JASON] What? The c The cameras.
I turned them off. Let's go.
Hey, what about Ryan?
I'm sorry.
We have to go.
Hey, why are you helping me?
know that I can come back
from what I've been a part of,
but I have to try.
Stay there.
Come on.
What happens now?
We just have to get
through the night watchman.
This elevator is the
only way out. Let's go.
[STAMMERS] What do we
thinking. [SIGHS] Shit.
[SIGHS] Can we get out?
[JASON] What? The box?
- [AUTOMATED VOICE] Name, please.
- Amanda Lucas.
[AUTOMATED VOICE] Please enter passcode.
- Access denied.
- [AMANDA] Shit.
- [AUTOMATED VOICE] Name, please.
- Amanda Lucas.
[AUTOMATED VOICE] Access denied.
They've frozen my clearance.
Hey, wait, wait.
[AUTOMATED VOICE] Name, please.
- Jason Dessen.
- [AUTOMATED VOICE] Please enter passcode.
Come on.
[AUTOMATED VOICE] Access granted.
[LEIGHTON] Jason, stop!
[AMANDA PANTING] Get in the box.
Amanda, no!
[AMANDA] Come on.
- [AMANDA] Come on.
[JASON] Can anyone get through?
[AMANDA] I don't think so.
It's supposed to stay
locked for three minutes.
Set a timer.
[JASON] And, uh And then what?
We better not be here.
You can't You can't come with me.
They just shot at us.
Just tell them that I made you.
That I forced you to. That
It won't make a difference.
Leighton doesn't forgive.
[PANTING] Oh, God.
[AMANDA] We're supposed to inject
ourselves with one of these.
Roll up your sleeve. Put this on.
Okay, great.
- I need to hit your antecubital, okay?
When I'm over the vein,
it's gonna turn green.
- Ah, yeah.
- Okay?
[JASON] What is it? [GROANS]
[AMANDA] Sorry. Are you okay?
I don't know how to work the the box.
[AMANDA] That makes two of us.
[JASON] I need to get back to my family.
- Hi.
- [JASON] I'm gonna do it.
- [DANIELA] No. No. You're declaring
- [JASON] Yeah.
- [DANIELA] But you're not [GROANS]
- I am a super-sleuth detective
- and I'm doing it.
- He's not.
Am I doing Yes, I'm doing it.
- [CHARLIE] Mm-hmm.
- Miss Scarlet
- Mm-hmm.
- In the study, obviously
[JASON] with the with
the knife. Don't believe me?
Just read 'em and weep, birthday boy!
[LAUGHS] Read 'em and weep, Charlie.
That's right. Ready?
- [JASON] Damn it! No!
- [DANIELA] Always! Every time!
[JASON] Goddamn it. [GROANING]
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