Dark Winds (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

Monster Slayer

Yeah, let's get tickets!
Get up.
Get up!
My partner, he's in the back.
All right.
Come on, open it up.
Stay down, man.
We got help coming.
You're gonna be fine.
You don't have to do this,
you know?
That's enough.
Open it.
Is that all of it?
Put 'em back.
If I catch you
stealing artifacts again,
the hole you'll be digging
will be a lot bigger.
Are you the one I spoke to
on the telephone?
I'm Anna. Come in.
Did you bring a token?
Tribal Police.
Got some nerve
showing up here.
She's in shock.
Maybe we should talk inside.
You arrest her?
For what?
She ain't done nothing.
Guy, we should talk inside.
You think I'm gonna let you
set foot in my house?
Anna was killed at
the Big Rock Motel last night.
I'm sorry.
Damn you!
Oh, man, you all right?
Guy, you okay?
Let me go, let me go!
Now they're both dead!
Are you happy?
I said, are you happy?
I'm sending her body
to Flagstaff for an autopsy,
but the scene
where I found her
suggests foul play.
I'm afraid that's all
I can say right now, Helen.
- Did you catch who did it?
- No, not yet.
Homicide's a federal crime.
The FBI has to take lead
on the investigation.
Since when did the FBI
give a damn about a dead Indian?
You, of all people,
should know that.
You know there's going
to be a revolution
You know we got no solution
Hey! Hey!
We gotta stand up
and we gonna fight
We gonna take up for
all our human rights
Because we got rights
just like they do
We're gonna stand up
And get back
what they took from you
Know that they do
Long hair and short hair,
it don't go together
Just like rain and snowy
kinda weather
We're not gonna fight
and we're not gonna run
We're not gonna shoot nobody
with a gun
Because we got rights
just like they do
You got a visitor, Lieutenant.
Jim Chee.
He says you're expecting him.
I'll be right out.
Lieutenant Leaphorn.
Sorry I'm late.
Jim Chee.
Have we met?
Uh, they didn't call you?
Somebody from Window Rock
was supposed to call you.
I'm your new deputy.
You know about this?
How long you been
with the Tribal Police?
Almost three months
working in Window Rock
for Captain Largo
as his adjutant.
Didn't know Captain Largo
to have an adjutant.
Well, looks like you gus
could use the help.
a few of my men enlisted.
Did you serve?
I went to college, sir.
Get out of 'Nam
for free card, huh?
Wasn't cheap.
Yeah. Well, you picked
a hell of a morning to show up.
I'm sorry,
what is your name again?
- Chee.
- Chee, yeah. Hmm.
Well, you caught me
in the middle of something.
Sergeant Manuelito's
my number two.
She'll show you the ropes.
You and I can talk later.
Welcome aboard.
Thank you, Lieutenant.
Mm, nice suit.
You look like Pat Boone.
You got a uniform, Pat?
It's in the car.
Well, go get it.
Right, Sergeant.
Oh, there we are.
So sometimes late in pregnancy,
as the fetus grows,
there's less room
for it to move.
That's most likely why you
haven't felt anything lately,
but nothing to be alarmed about.
Everything sounds
perfectly normal.
Were you planning to deliver
here at the clinic?
'Cause I would like
to strongly discourage
against a home birth.
It's dangerous
for you and for your baby.
She'll think about it.
Suit yourself.
You're good here?
All right.
I have to go.
Can I help you?
I'm looking
for Lieutenant Leaphorn.
You got him.
What can I do for you, Father?
I'm here about
my grandfather, Hosteen Tso.
I'm sorry for your loss.
The officer
in Window Rock said
that you were handling the case.
Well, homicide's
a federal crime.
I'm required to turn over
all evidence to the FBI.
So no leads, no idea
who may have done such a
terrible thing?
Well, I'm afraid I can't
comment on that, Father.
But I can put you in touch
with the Flagstaff field office
if you let me know
how to get ahold of you.
I'm staying at
my grandfather's place
until his services are seen to.
It's out by
Many Ruins Canyon, right?
Doesn't have a telephone,
Do you have any other family
that need to be notified?
Well, I don't mean to take
any more of your time,
Sorry, Father.
I didn't get your name.
It's Benjamin.
Benjamin Tso.
You don't see many Diné who
take the Jesus road anymore.
No, you don't, do you?
Hollow points?
Welcome to Kayenta.
- Chee.
- Lieutenant.
Grab these boxes.
Let's take a ride.
We'll talk on the way.
- Where you going, Lieutenant?
- Morgue.
On a good day,
we've got 50 tribal officers
to patrol 27,000 square miles.
If you break down out here,
you lose radio signal,
it could be hours before
somebody even notices
that you're missing.
So carry a gallon of water
in your vehicle at all times.
Do you smoke?
Buy a carton anyway.
People around here will tell
you more for a pack of smokes
than in an interrogation room.
I read your file.
You graduated from Berkeley.
Did you grow up here?
How long were you gone?
Nine years.
You know, most Diné your age
would've jumped at the chance
to get off the rez
and get a college degree,
but you came back.
You still have family
in Shiprock?
No, when my mom died,
I kinda lost touch.
Well, you are back now.
Who buys this crap anyway?
Tourists, mostly.
Assholes looking
for something to show off
when they head back
to Kansas or Missouri.
People like you.
I'm from Nebraska.
That's for protection.
Yeah? From what?
Dark energies,
evil beings,
shape shifters,
and skin walkers and such.
- And you believe that?
- Mm.
You spend as much time
on this reservation
around people who believe it,
you start to believe it too.
- Don't make it real.
- Ha.
Real is in the eye
of the beholder.
The mind's a powerful thing.
Hey, Lester,
what about these here?
Oh, my wife's taken up
a new hobby.
I think they're ugly as sin,
but white people have no taste.
I sold six last week.
I'll cut you a deal.
Why pay more
when you could pay less?
You're late.
Well, it's good to see you
too, High Pockets.
What did I tell you
about calling me that?
This is my new deputy,
Jim Chee.
Well, this
is Special Agent Springer.
Oh, Low Pockets.
Let's get on with it.
I don't wanna spend
my whole damn day here.
Y-you kidding me here?
Why'd you put the bodies
in an ice box?
Why go to the trouble
of staging the scene
like a damn bear is in the room?
I don't know.
Mess with the FBI, I guess.
It's the same reason the killer
took the man's liver and eyes.
Spooks people around here.
You think it's just
some kind of witchcraft?
See, the Diné believe
that talking about witchcraft
or even speaking the name of
the dead invites more death.
When word spreads
about what happened,
even if people know something,
they're not likely to say.
Smart, actually.
You wanna introduce me?
Hosteen Tso, age 60.
Address on his ID card
puts him out
by Many Ruins Canyon.
It's Canyon De Chelly.
All right, let's have
a look at the other one.
Anna Atcitty, age 19.
What's the cause of death?
I was hoping
you could tell me.
Couldn't find a bruise
or a broken fingernail.
- OD?
- Considered it.
Can't find
any needle marks though.
You guys can do a tox screen
when you get her back
to Flagstaff.
Canyon De Chelly
to Monument Valley
is a hell of a long drive
for a lay.
She's not a prostitute.
Have some respect.
Well, what in the hell
was she doing
in a motel room with the ma,
having a sewing circle?
- He was there for a sing.
- A what now?
Male victim appears
to have been in poor health.
Looks like he was there
to get a healing.
There's no token here.
It's supposed to sit in
the center of the sing cloth.
All the other pieces are here,
but the token is missing.
Hey, Springer,
load these bodies up.
I wanna get back
to Flagstaff before dark.
Give Low Pockets a hand
with the bodies.
Special Agent Springer,
You'll get back to me
on the cause of death
of the Atcitty girl?
Do you know that gal
or somethin'?
Why you got such a burr
in your saddle about her?
Two people were murdered.
Isn't that reason enough?
There's a witness, by the way.
Oh, yeah?
It's the girl's grandmother,
Margaret Cigaret.
She was in the room
at the time of the murders,
but they left her unharmed.
Probably 'cause
she can't ID 'em.
- Why's that?
- She's blind.
Well, did she hear anything?
Don't know.
She wouldn't talk.
She was in shock at the time.
A blind, mute witness.
That ought to look
just great in my report.
Well, I think you should
question her again.
Maybe she recognized a voice,
heard a name.
I'll go with you if you'd like.
You hear about this armored
car robbery down in Gallup?
The one they used
the helicopter for?
Thought we're talking
about a double homicide.
We're talkin' about both.
One hand washes the other,
I got five eyewitnesses
place that hijacked chopper
headed north
into Navajo country.
If you have something to say,
I wish you would say it.
I think I just did.
You know,
my people have a saying
for white folks that
steal from white banks.
Okay, what's that mean?
White people's problems.
Well, who said they was white?
Tell you what, High Pockets,
I will pretend that
your bank robbers are Navajo
if you pretend my two
murder victims are white.
Let's see which one of us
does our job quicker, huh?
Where'd you get that?
The Big Rock.
She was wearing it.
- What's it doing here?
- Em, it's just a jacket.
You need to get rid of it.
Promise me.
I'll get rid of it, I promise.
The killings are bad enough,
out of all the girls on the rez,
why'd it have to be her?
The feds are gonna screw this
up, too, I know it.
There's not a damn thing
I can do about it.
I got something you can do.
What's this?
It's an address.
Well, I see that. Whose?
Dick Cavett's.
He wants to have you on
tomorrow night
so you can charm America
with your pleasant disposition.
Well, I can't.
I'm doing Carson tomorrow night.
What's this about?
Young pregnant girl
came into the clinic today.
I just wanna make sure
she's not in any trouble is all.
It's just a feeling I have.
Why's it every time
that you get a feeling,
it always ends up being
more work for me?
I'm sorry.
I'm just in a hell
of a mood tonight.
I love you.
Can you pour me a cup?
Another cup
in the glove box for you.
Oh, thanks.
You know, the other day
at Short Mountain,
you noticed the token
was missing from the ceremony.
It was a good catch.
Yeah, my grandfather
was a medicine man.
You know,
he'd let me hang around
and help out with some of te
ceremonies when I was a kid.
We were close.
You know, it could've been
the killer who took it.
The token.
Maybe it was
something valuable?
Well, they didn't bother
with the money
or the girl's jewelry so
What if it was
something personal?
Or something he thought
might tell who he is.
What is this?
Knife was found
on Navajo land.
It's got copper deposits
on the blade.
That's why it's yellow.
Mineral composition like that
isn't native to this area.
Wrote my thesis
on the interconnectedness
of the Northern and Southern
Athabasken peoples.
Wait, so you went to college.
Arizona State.
What, you thought
you're the only tribal officer
with a college degree?
If you consider ASU a college.
How's your Diné?
It's been awhile.
How's he holding up?
How long's he been up there?
Since yesterday.
Should we go and talk to him?
You can talk to him
till you're blue in the face.
He's not gonna hear
a word you say.
Leave him be.
Has she spoken at all?
You're welcome to try.
Was Anna seeing anyone?
Anybody you know
that could've done this?
No one since
If you think of anything
You send for me.
Otherwise, I'll be by in a day
or two to check on her.
Hopefully she'll be better
by then, hmm?
I found this in Anna's things.
I figured you and Emma
might want to have it.
Take care of yourself, sister.
Lieutenant, everything okay?
I have to check on something.
I'll radio Sergeant Manuelio
to pick you up.
She's doing a welfare check
out by Medicine Hat.
Just ride along with her.
So, what, you're just
leaving me here?
Why can't I ride with you?
I don't understand.
Tribal Police.
Have a look around back.
Anyone home?
Hello? Tribal Police.
What do you want?
I'm officer Manuelita
with the Tribal Police.
What do you want?
Does Sally Growing Thunder
live here?
Are you Sally?
She's my daughter.
Any particular reason
you lied to me just now?
Is it just the two of you
living here?
What is this about?
What do you want with her?
She hasn't done anything
I need to speak
to your daughter alone.
I could do it here
or I can take her
down to the sub station.
You choose.
He doesn't live with us.
He just comes by sometimes.
Do I have to tell you?
Can I go now?
Are you okay here?
I mean
But don't look at her.
I'm fine, Officer.
What was that?
Hey, you said it was just a
Would you like to come inside?
Walk in beauty, Officer.
Let's go.
What are we doing here,
What are you doing?
Got a medicine bundle with you?
Well, if you don't,
at least get you a pouch
of juniper ash and corn pollen.
Keep it with you
while on patrol.
Out here,
sometimes the best protection
isn't your .38,
but your medicine.
I'll keep that in mind.
Let's go before
these roads turn to mud.
Let's go.
What's up with you Navajos
and being late?
It's 'cause
we're on Indian time.
You want a beer?
What the hell am I doing here?
Well, I thought
you might enjoy
seeing a little piece
of film history.
This is where all the big stars
used to stay in their day
when they were making
those great westerns
in the '40s and '50s.
They even put their pictures
on the door
so you can see
which room they slept in.
My wife and I, we stayed
in the Tyrone Power suite
for our anniversary one year.
Where did the Indians sleep?
- What Indians?
- Exactly.
I mean the rez.
What am I doing here?
Oh, is your homecoming
off to a bumpy start, Chee?
All right, look,
now, I'm assuming
you heard about them old boys
took down that armored car
up in Gallup?
Just what was in the paper.
Well, here's something
that wasn't in the paper.
That helicopter was last sen
headed into Canyon De Chelly.
So you think that
the bank robbers are Navajo?
- Not just Navajo. Radicals.
- AIM?
Ripping off armored cars
doesn't seem like their M.O.
But your old friends
Buffalo Society.
Why would the Buffalo Society
be here?
Well, it's the largest
Indian reservation
in the goddamn world.
Not a bad place to hide out
if you're a bad Indian
doing bad shit.
So what exactly
do you want me to do?
Search 27,000 square miles
by myself?
They could be anywhere.
Navajo land
is the tribe's jurisdiction,
but if the FBI found
a tangible lead,
like a positive ID
or a location,
we could go to the tribe
and negotiate
a joint task force.
Ergo, I had to get creative.
Why does Leaphorn call you
High Pockets anyway?
You report directly to me
and only to me.
And what about
the two homicides?
What, the Indians
at the motel?
I put you here
to find that helicopter, okay?
You are the one that
can help me bring this home.
And when you do,
we get to write
our own ticket out of here.
Organized crime? Bank robbery?
DC, Chicago, New York
Whatever you want, Chee.
It's yours.
Just don't go forgetting
which tribe you belong to,
Special Agent Chee.
Hey, buddy.
How are you?
Come here.
Father Tso!
Father Tso, Father Tso
This season on "Dark Winds"
I saw something last night.
C'mon man, this is all
bogeyman stuff.
Frank Nakai, ring a bell?
That is Federal jurisdiction.
That's my life on the line.
Girl: You're scared
of my mother aren't you?
She's not the one
you should be afraid of.
Get down!
Think we should call for backup?
What backup?
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