Dark Winds (2022) s02e02 Episode Script

Wonders of the Unknown

Previously on "Dark Winds"
But that timer spring.
That man was dying of cancer.
- Who'd want to blow him up?
- Who and why?
How can I help you, Mrs. Vines?
We had a burglary here,
someone who stole a box.
I'll pay you to get
it and bring it back.
You ever heard of the
People of Darkness?
A little out of your jurisdiction,
aren't you, Lieutenant?
You heard about the truck
bomb. The victim's Navajo.
This belonged to my son.
He wore it on the day he died.
- Ahh!
There's monsters everywhere.


You're dehydrated.
Just just go get help.
You'll bleed out before I get back.
That'll happen anyway.
Hey, stay with me.
Come on. Stay with me.




Hey, Bern.
I got your mail.
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
- See you, Bern.
- Yeah.

Uh, what's Bigman doing on the roof?
Trying to fix the TV antenna.
Moon landing's tomorrow.
Hey, did he get it working yet?
You know, my dad was a lineman for NTOA,
so I know about that kind of stuff.
I think we're good.
Come on, man, I gotta
see the moon landing.
It's important.
They're gonna drive their
little space car around.
Bernie, Leaphorn for you.
It'll be there in three days.
You'll have plenty of time.
Hi. Where are you?
Chee and I got into a mess.
He's been shot. We're at the hospital.
How bad?
Well, it went through his shoulder.
Doctors have him stabilized,
but he's gonna have to
stay here a few days.
I need you to come and take
a statement when he's up.
Well, aren't you there now?
Yeah, but, uh, I have
to run somethin' down.
I'm pretty sure the man who
shot Chee was the same one
who blew up Emerson Charley's truck.
Emerson's son Tomas has
something to do with it,
and I need to find him.
Well, I'll check if
anyone's seen him around.
Chee got a good look at the shooter.
When he can think straight,
I wanna know what else he knows.
All right.
- I'll be there soon.
- All right.
I'm glad you're both okay.


Where were you?
I was worried.
I'm okay.
Joe. [SIGHS]
Can you set the table?
Emma, I said I'm fine.
You don't look fine.
The medicine man is coming
to the house today at 5:00.
I can't today.
Just tell him to come on Monday, okay?

What you need?
Uh, just a pouch.
Okay, pouch. You got it.
There you go. No, no, no, no, here.
Take that.
Is this all for the moon landing?
Everyone's coming over.
I'll save you a seat.
You better take this too.
There you go.
Who's it for?
A friend's in the hospital.
Well, I hope your
friend feels better soon.
Have a good one.
Lieutenant Leaphorn,
it's good to see you again.
I apologize for the
state of things here.
I just got back in last night
and I'm trying to catch up.
I'm sorry. Please,
what can I do for you?
This was in your lockbox.
I'd like to know why.
No idea, I what is this?
This is my son's.
He was wearing it the day he died.
Yeah. Um.
The Drumco explosion. I remember.
I'm-I'm truly sorry for
your loss, Lieutenant.
But there's-there's no reason for me
to have possession of
something like this.
And there's certainly no reason
I would keep it if I came across it.
Y-you say you found it in my lockbox?
We got a tip on the location.
The buckle was nearby.
But not actually in the box?
We haven't recovered the box yet.
So you assumed I'm capable
of something this ghoulish.
My son died on what's now your property.
Three years before I purchased the land.
That's a lot of time for
folks to pick through the site.
Explain something to me, Lieutenant.
The burglary we had here,
how is it your business?
Your wife hired a private investigator.
He came to me.
I wasn't even in town when
this break-in happened.
Rosemary had to tell me.
She has some conspiracy theory, uh,
about this crazy Indian church.
I was a good friend
of Dillon, their chief.
Even knew his family a bit.
But, uh, I-I can't imagine
anything in my lockbox that
would mean a damn thing to them.
Did you hear what
happened to his brother?
Oh yeah, cancer.
- Horrible.
- No.
He was murdered day before yesterday.
Somebody blew up his truck.
Lieutenant, I-I am sorry that
you've been dragged into this mess,
and I'm even sorrier that it's
brought up painful memories.
Wherever this came from,
it's got nothing to do with me.
Thanks for your time.


Everything was in the
box according to Vines.
What do you have to do
to get a Silver Star?
Way you talk sometimes,
I thought you had one.
Topped out at bronze.
This the whole list?
Why? Is something missing?
This your boy's?
Yeah. I found it up there.
Chee got a tip that that's
where the box would be.
There's a buncha other
stuff up there too.
Guy who shot at us
was trying to burn it.
You got yourself involved in
some Navajo witchy witch here.
There's a lotta talk about
that back when Drumco went up.
I remember.
This, uh, People of Darkness business,
you gotta keep that shit
on the rez, Lieutenant.
Makes white folks uneasy.
What doesn't?
You know who you should talk to?
Your old man.
Those peyote freaks used
to twist his panties, boy.
Turned him cranky.
Wasn't always cranky.
[SCOFFS] Hell he wasn't.
The People of Darkness
doesn't explain the blond man.
Well, what does the
Charley kid say about it?
I don't know.
He's in the wind.
I got a feeling he's what connects
the dots between the truck,
the blond man, and
the People of Darkness.
You got any leads?
Guess I gotta talk to the old man.
- Can I keep this?
- Sure.
Thank you.
Tell Pops I said [SPEAKING DINÉ].
Leaphorn sent me to take your statement.
Said that you got a look at the shooter,
- that you'd seen him earlier at the rug market.
- Yeah.
Some white dude.
Blond. Real blond.
Pasty. Tall. Six-feet-plus.
So how'd he get away?
He had a pickup.
Make, model?
Ford, two-tone, green and white, F-100.
Don't suppose you got a plate?
Seriously? This is what we're doing?
No "how are you, good to see you"?
I owe you an apology.
For what?
I put you in a bad spot
at the cave with Whitover.
Under the circumstances,
I don't know how we could
have played it any different.
I'm sorry, Bernadette.
Did you have protection with you?
I don't carry anymore.
I mean your [SPEAKING DINÉ].
That first day I told you.
I didn't, no.
if you'd been carrying this,
you might not be here.
And if I wasn't here, you wouldn't be.

gonna give this to Dad.
You here for dinner?
I got a couple questions.
Police business.
I still gotta solve
your cases for you, huh?
People of Darkness came up.
Thought you might know
where I can find them.
Tribal Police dropped the ball on
those peyote freaks when I left.
They were called [SPEAKING DINÉ].
They disobeyed the law, held
their meetings in secret,
taking in [SPEAKING DINÉ],
looking for a vision quest.
That's not what our people are about.
They weren't like the
Native American church.
They were real criminals.
You remember who was involved?
Anybody I could talk to?
I remember a lot of things.
I remember dragging your hide
back to school too many times.
I remember telling you,
"Make somethin' of yourself,"
and here you are, same
place you were born.
Worst decision you ever made
was letting that woman
drag you back here.
She's my wife.
Her name is Emma.
And I'm doing the
same job you did, Pops.
That's the problem.
Go talk to your friend's mother,
Margaret what's-her-name.
She knows all about
the People of Darkness.

Jesus, you look like hell warmed over.
- Mm, getting shot'll do that to you.
- Yeah.
Thought you might be hungry.
What, no Jell-O?
You find Tomas?
Any leads on the blond guy?
Not yet.
You haven't gotten any more
talkative since I saw you last.
What exactly did Mrs. Vines
tell you about the burglary?
She said that Tomas Charley took the box
and they saw him do it.
Did she specifically
mention People of Darkness?
She believes they're
behind the whole thing.
Margaret Cigaret told me
that the People of Darkness
might have reshaped themselves.
Might still be in play.
Tomas Charley told me BJ
Vines is People of Darkness.
Said that he's a witch and
that he witched his father.
He blames him for the cancer.
Where'd he get that idea, I wonder?
Rosemary Vines' theory was that
Dillon Charley gave
her husband something.
Emerson wanted it back.
When Vines wouldn't give it
to him, they argued over it.
So Emerson sent his son to get it.
Question is,
what does it have to do
with the People of Darkness?
Are you gonna finish those?
No, actually.
You can have 'em.
Bern and I are gonna go back
up to the malpais tomorrow.
Maybe there's somethin'
up there we missed.
I'll see you later.
See you.
I don't know what to do.
He's been crying all day.
Please don't be mad. Please
don't kick us out. I just
I don't know what to
do. I'm not good at this.
Here. Let me see.
Yeah. It's okay.
Yeah. Yeah.
He's just cuttin' his teeth.
It hurts and he can't
make the pain go away.
I'll make some [SPEAKING DINÉ].

cools, just dip your finger in it
and let him suck on it, okay?
It's what Emma and I used to do.

Emma Leaphorn?
Yes. How can I help you?
Mary Landon with the "LA Times."
I'm reporting on a story,
and a few women I've talked to
- said that you might be able to help.
- Help? How?
I'm writing about the effect
of the Family Planning
Services Act on Indian women.
I can protect your identity if that
is what you are concerned about.
Can we schedule another time to talk?
I don't think I can help you.
I'm sorry.
I know what you are doing to help
these young Navajo mothers.
The world needs to know
what is going on here,
what you are doing to help.
I wanna help get the word out.
Get the word out?
It's not about me or you.
You wanna take these women's stories?
For what?
So you could write something
about us poor Indians on the rez?
These are our lives you are
playing with, our stories.
You have no idea what it's
like to wake up every day
knowing everything you couldn't do,
everyone you couldn't
save, not even your own
What were you going to say?
Excuse me.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Carburetor?
There's something wrong
with the throttle cable.
It's easier to check if you take it out.
Yeah, I tried. The screw is stripped.
Thank you.
You're about eight hours
early for the malpais.
There's, uh, something I
wanna talk to you about.
Border Patrol?
It's just an interview.
Why are you interviewing
for the Border Patrol?
Well, there's a law
passing through Congress,
and next year, they have
to hire Native officers.
We have a border here, Bernie.
Well, I passed the lieutenant's exam.
I'm ready to move up.
There's nowhere to go.
Well, you'll get my post.
All right? Shit, I
can't do this forever.
I appreciate everything
you've done for me, Joe.
I do.
And I'm gonna miss it here.
But how many women have made lieutenant?
Well, how many women have they
got down at the Border Patrol?
You really think you're gonna
be better off down there?
I don't know, but this isn't
I have to find my own way.
Why do you have to go down
there to find your own way?
- Why can't you just find it here?
- Man.
Ber hey, Bern, wait a second.
Hang on. Bern, come on.
I'm sorry if that came out wrong.
Let me know if you need
a reference. I'll
see if I can find someone
to write one for you.
- I'll be back in the morning.
- All right.

This look like Navajo witchcraft to you?
It doesn't feel Navajo.
Feels like someone trying to be Navajo.
- Drumco.
- Bag it.

Ugh. Is that Tomas?
That's my guess.

We need to find his boy.
What do you got there?
I think my dad left it for me.
Well, here, let me help you with that.

Careful now. It's heavy.
There you go.
Is it your birthday?
Sometimes he just gets me things.
Not usually girl toys, though.
Girl toys?
Uh, hey, Benny, can I
see it just for a sec?

Get him in the car now.
Hey, Benny, let's take a ride.
The lieutenant will get
it as soon as he can.
Get Henry. Send him here now.

Do you know how Father
Sky and Mother Earth
were brought together
with the lightning bolt?
was created for [SPEAKING DINÉ].
She was crying,
wrapped her in clouds
and cliff rose bark.
They put a rainbow high
up to protect her head
and another rainbow
below for her tiny feet.
Then they held her
with a lightning bolt.
It's a nice story.
We have to make sure
our babies hear them
so they don't forget.

Scarborough Community Hospital.
How may I direct your call?
This is Special Agent Ralston
with the Flagstaff Field Office.
Uh, the FBI is
investigating the shootings
out of the malpais yesterday.
I was hoping to interview the victim.
Oh, of course.
Should I have someone tell
him when to expect you?
No, all I need is his room number.
You're just gonna stand there?
Doll's loaded with Semtex.
It's hooked to the pull string.
What kinda sick freak would
do somethin' like that?
Can you diffuse it?
- Needle nose, dum-dum. -
You didn't say needle nose.
I'm saying it now.
You need to pull that metal bit out.
- Why do I have to pull it?
- My hands shake.
You need to ground yourself first.
You spark that, and we're both toast.

- Easy.
- I'm being easy.
- There.
- Jesus.
What I do with it?
A good cop would take it as evidence.
You do what you want.
Is that it?
Come on. I'll give you
a ride to the station.
Gotta get home in time
for the moon thing.

Cool your jets, man.
Astronauts Scott and Irwin
will take a drive on the moon.
Can you make out what
we're seeing there, Wally?
That looks like the
ladder he'll come down.
I think we're seeing the insulation,
the orange insulation
and gold insulation
across the equipment bay.
I think we're sitting here waiting
for what Dave's immortal
quote is going to be.
Bet you it's gonna be
something about exploration.
White guys love exploring.
What's the wager?
Two cups of Jell-O
and a shot from that
tequila bottle in your desk.
You're bad.
And there he is.
Hey, look at that.
A perfect picture.
Okay, Houston.
As I stand out here in the wonders
of the unknown at
Hadley, I sort of realize
there's a fundamental
truth to our nature.
Man must explore.
- Hey.
- Hi.
You take care of it?
Hey, Benny.
We're gonna keep your
doll for a little while.
Is that all right?
What are we gonna do with him?
I just made some calls.
Somebody will come pick him up.
I realized what this is.
Arizona state seal.
This is paperwork Drumco
had to file with the state.
Yeah, first thing
tomorrow, head over there
and see what you can make of it.

You know the astronauts
used to train around here?
A couple of years ago, an elder
found them out in the desert.
They told him that they
were goin' to the moon.
The elder asked them if they could take
a very important message
from our people to the moon spirits.
The astronauts said okay.
So the elder, he repeated
the message in Diné
so they could say it perfectly.
What was the message?
Why doesn't she just call my dad?
She can't.

And nice.
Coming out very clean.
There's a car on the moon.
For you to come back
again to the homes of men
on the cool green hills of Earth.
Thank you, Joe, we're ready to
Here you go, Benny.
Last week I saw the astronaut.
He was near our house.
He looked like that
but with lighter hair.
I told my grandpa,
and he said to stay away from him,
that he was bad.
Why'd your grandpa say he was bad?
Because he blew up that well.
What well?
I don't know.

What's wrong?
It's okay. Just breathe.
What the hell's going on?
- It's the blond man.
- What?
I think he murdered my son.

- Excuse me.
- Yes, may I help you?
- Have you seen an Indian?
- JESSICA: Chee?
He's here.

- JOE: He's at the hospital.
He's coming for Chee.
Let's bag this son of a bitch!

- There has been a spike
in women being involuntarily sterilized.
Chee? Chee, where are you?
Thing about rabid animals,
they're unpredictable.

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