David Makes Man (2019) s01e04 Episode Script


1 [BOY.]
Go see Shanobi when you get back to the field and it's done.
Boy don't be stupid, keep it closed.
You said it was a dangerous summer, amd someone close to you died.
I'm a little tired, Dr.
Can we end early? The assignment that you have yet to turn in is due, tomorrow.
And you need to incorporate Saran into it.
Can you help me? You gonna tell the whole class you don't know your daddy? I'm gonna tell 'em about my mom.
She said, this is how it happened.
The baby is yours.
You come here again, I will call the police.
Don't worry, you won't see us again.
Come clean.
I wasn't here then, but I'm here now.
If it was up to me, we wouldn't even be here.
It's not good for any of us.
I'm gonna keep working these extra shifts, and then, we gone.
Come in my kitchen You're in for a special treat Hey there baby Mornin' Mornin' sunshine.
Look at you, been awhile.
Good to see you.
Mornin' Glo.
Hey Miss Mae, you doin' aight? No complaints, how's your boys? They good.
Jonathan Greg still got the devil in him.
That boy stay a mess.
What are you going to do with him? Nothin' I can do, but laugh.
They good boys, though.
Yes they are.
David applying to this school, uh, Hurston.
My sister's boy goes there.
- He like it? - Loves it.
He's the happiest he's ever been.
School's hard, though.
Gotta be hella smart to go there.
That's David.
Boy just like me, couldn't tell me nothin'.
But that's an expensive school, right? Uh-uh.
All free, once you get in.
But I wanna move closer, you know.
Been saving up, been working extra shifts.
Did you hear back yet? Shhh.
Why I gotta shhh? Don't wanna jinx it.
Praise Jesus.
Got to keep it moving for my boys.
They've been doin' they part, I'm doin' mine.
Gloria, can I see you a minute? You know, there's a lot of people up for this position? I know.
You think you can handle being a manager? Well, Jay, I work twice as many shifts, rarely call in, I don't complain.
- I get along with everybody - Uh huh, I get it.
You more than earned your shot, but you've been working here, what a year? - And a month.
- And a month.
But there's others who've been here a lot longer.
You ain't giving me the job, 'cause someone else is at the head of the line? Wait a second, let me finish.
What I was sayin' is, others have been 'round longer, but you are a hard worker and And, and You gotta stop with all this double white boy talk.
I'm getting the job or not? - You got the job.
- I got the job! Where are you going? I'm gettin' the hell along, before you change your mind.
Gloria, Gloria, Gloria! I've called you like three times.
I got five more minutes.
No, I need you on the floor, now.
Desiree's sick, and who knows what time Kiki's rolling in.
But that's not my fault.
It's is today.
Can I get some service? Be right there ma'am.
Excuse me.
Be right with you, sir.
Glo, Glo? Order up! C'mon Earl, give me a minute.
Miss, I've been waiting 10 minutes for utensils and coffee.
Got a house full this morning, ma'am.
Be right over.
This is ridiculous.
- Cream? Sugar? - Neither.
Yup, that's how I take it, too.
Coffee and men, black and strong.
- Everything right, c'mon! I hear ya.
Hey, leave the sass at home, okay? It worked didn't it? You gonna have to rely on more than that if you wanna shot at that assistant manager's position.
I've been putting in the hours, Jay.
Just need a How 'bout a trial run? I mean, I'm ready.
You already finished it? Hell nah.
That shit too scary.
I don't think I'll ever be able to look at another clown ever again.
Kept you up? Through the entire stretch up to Raleigh.
- And you say you read King to your boys? First book me and my oldest read together.
And he was eight or nine at the time.
Them boys got balls of steel.
Hey, he make it into Harvard? Hurston, middle school.
I look that old? Fine as wine.
That's your best shot, player? I'll take it.
Say a 'lil prayer for him.
He got a big project he presenting today.
'Least he tells me it's a big deal.
That boy'll be alright, he'll be fine, but I'll think good thoughts.
Appreciate you, Walter.
All this sugar ain't good for you this early.
Which piece you talking about? [LAUGHS.]
Sir! There it go, love that smile, I been waiting on that since I walked in.
If only that smile fed the customers.
Oh believe me sweetie, I got enough to feed the needy.
Order's up! 'Bout time.
Sorry for the wait, sir.
I got another cup of OJ and extra coffee coming your way.
Grab me a donut too, while you're at it.
You're welcome.
Where the hell is Kiki? Really? Nothing, not even a dime? Kiki say when she coming in? No, she's got some sort of emergency.
Call anybody else? We're drowning out here this morning.
Just use your smile to feed the folks.
You make a decision on the manager position? Assistant manager, not yet.
You know when? Don't worry about it.
Why don't you concentrate on the job you got? Is there a problem with the way I do my job? No, except for you linger too long and you talk too much.
Some call it customer service, Jay.
I've been studying a business school syllabus about management, and everything hinges on the happiness of the customer.
Glo, I never said you had that job.
I huh, I know, but you said I had a chance.
No, I said to apply.
But I don't want you spending money on books.
I don't I didn't, I got 'em from the library.
I get most of my books from there, it's free still.
'Cept for King, I will spend money on King.
Well don't.
There's a few of y'all up for this position.
Is there anything more I need to be doing? Well for one, not buttoning your blouse all the way at the top isn't a way to get ahead.
It distracts from the food.
You know, there's very few places that would've taken you on knowing your former habits.
And I've thanked you for the opportunity.
Yeah? Yes, I have.
Natives are getting restless.
I'll tell you, some book's not gonna get you over.
So Jay, I need to get back to work.
What'd you say? [PLATES CRASHING.]
Now, you really took a tumble, but nothing's broken.
A couple of bruised ribs, a bad contusion along your thigh, but that's about it.
Stay off your feet for at least a week, that'll help with the shortness of breath.
I can't not work for a week.
We surviving off of tips as it is and barely that.
I'll write you a doctor's note, but you need to take that time off, you hear me? Yeah, yeah thanks, Doc.
I'll prescribe you some pain meds.
Sorry but, no.
Of course, of course.
We'll just wrap you up for now.
I need to see you again in a week for a follow-up appointment.
How's that? Walter why are you still here? I told you, you could go.
I just wanted to make sure you were okay.
Are you okay? [LAUGHING.]
I'm fine.
You've done plenty already.
Lady, I have absolutely no intention of letting you ride the bus home by yourself.
In fact, I would love it if you let me treat you like the queen that you are.
You keep your strength up.
David, hey.
You didn't check in with me this morning, everything okay with you at Seren's? Uh yeah, Ray came home early, so you'll have to talk to him.
Mhm, what about your project? That go okay? Yeah mamma, why you callin'? Look, I'ma need you to get home in time for J.
But I have my first session with the counselor today.
I'ma be late, remember? Of course I remember, that's something you definitely gotta do.
But if you need me Nope, I'll figure it out.
If the principal thinks you need to see her, then you see her.
Are you sure? Yeah, I'm sure.
That's much more important, you hear me? Is everything okay? Everything's fine.
Love you, okay? Love you, Ma.
Does that taste alright? Yeah, why? Maybe the bus boy took my plate.
I ordered this.
Okay, good.
'Cause I left a plate of food there that fell on the floor near the rat trap, but if you say that's yours No, you don't want it? Don't taste so good now, huh? [WHISTLES.]
Ma'am? Ma'am is d I'm comin'.
Please keep your hands to yourself.
Your skirt.
Oh my god, I'm so sorry.
Thank you.
It's been one of them days, you know? Desserts on me, for the entire family.
Aw, she didn't have to do that.
Can't comp an entire family's dessert.
It's just dessert.
Well then it's coming out of your check.
Fine Jay.
I'm sorry.
Didn't I say You know what, that's it.
You're fired.
What? Jay, please don't play with my money.
You're not even making sense, - I'll pay out of my check.
- I'm not playing, Gloria.
Yeah, I can't do this anymore.
You defy me every second your here.
Ain't nobody defying nobody! Look! You just play out your shift and then I want you out of here.
Jay! Dammit! I got, I got kids.
Dinner for you and the boys tonight, maybe two nights.
I can bring more over the weekend.
I can cook.
I know just, you call me when you run out of something to cook.
Okay? 'Preciate you.
Thanks for the food.
Bye, baby.
Forget the manager position, I'll just keep doing what I'm doing, find some hours, and make extra money that way.
Jay? Please, okay? Jay! Please! [TRUCK DROWNING OUT GLORIA.]
I'm gonna need you to watch J 'til I get home.
I'm sorry, but I'm not gonna be back in time.
I'm out here trying to get Star squared away.
I forgot David has his first session with the counselor today.
Glo, you got a least a couple hours, okay? You gon' make it.
Thanks, Elijah, talk to you.
Almost done, just a few more questions.
Anything you could do to speed up the process would be greatly appreciated.
Steve here is anxious to get back to his education.
He's got a bright future, scholarship waiting for him, so no need for financial aid.
Is this your first time applying to job corp? Yeah.
And You were born in the city or Miami D Miami.
Miami-Dade is a county.
I was asking your nephew.
What seems to be the problem? You have a flawless application, a signed guardian of consent.
This ID, now look it's good, okay? It's real good, it even scans, but I have a feeling I'm gonna find another name for you.
And it's not gonna be Steven Child.
All he wants is a chance.
Isn't that the very nature of your job description? To get those qualified applicants who come to you, a chance.
I'm sorry, but our resources are for Miami residents with a valid ID.
Look at you, look at you.
You got your job, ain't worried about the rest of us.
Us? No, I ain't like y'all.
Y'all queens stay on the scam.
Thank you, brother, for showing us where you stand.
Let's go.
Gerald? Yes, may I help you? I hope so.
I'm late getting home.
I was really hoping you could quickly ring me up? Sure thing.
You okay? Nothing a warm bath, this Icy Hot, and a few days rest won't cure.
Oh my goodness, you're bleeding.
Oh, that's just some dried ketchup.
Carnage of a waitress job.
Some days I come home so covered in ketchup, I look like a walking crime scene, but today bruised ribs from a fall.
Bruised ribs, that's gotta hurt.
Can I get you some ibuprofen, acetaminophen? Thanks, I have some at home.
Okay, okay.
If you change your mind, we've got the higher doses, in fact the 800 milligrams and higher for a small fee, there's no ID required.
I said no, didn't I? What, you don't understand the word no, mother Ma'am? Just please ring me up, I gotta get to my son.
Sure, okay, yeah.
Look, if you change your mind, here's my card, just give me a ring, okay? [R&B MUSIC.]
What are y'all doin'? Willie Derrick, you seen JG? Uh, ain't seen him since school let out.
Willie Derrick, come here you little sass tail you.
Who set these pissy sheets on fire? Boy, bring your nasty self out here.
His ass nearly burnt the entire place down.
JG? Mama! Jonathan Greg, did you do this? Did you burn these sheets? - Yeah, it was him! - Mrs.
Hertrude? Jay, come on, let's go in the house.
Why are you coddling that boy? He could've burned the entire place down to the ground! What were you thinking? Dai told me to take care of it.
David knew about Upstairs, sir.
Gloria, you better bring your ass down here and figure out how to take care of this mess.
You the manager? Manage.
What did you say? Your smart ass mouth.
What did she say? She said for you to take care of your business.
That's what she said.
This not my business, you need to teach that boy how to hold his water.
Pissing all over the damn place.
Just nasty! Now don't act like you don't have accidents.
Oh, are you a man today? Stay in your own lane, this ain't got nothin' to do with you.
I mean, those depends in the back trashcan can't be recycled and we trying to live more green here in Homestead Village.
Now go back inside, stop all that yelling.
Damn, damn, damn.
I'm sorry.
- Ma - Boy! Why is it you? Why is it always you? I'm sorry, Mama.
Don't be sorry, think.
You gotta think, baby.
Help Mama.
Just move this outta the way.
See, that's exactly what I mean, sir.
Sticking your nose where it don't belong.
Okay, Mama, That's all you got for me today, J? Yes, Mama, no, Mama? Maybe I do baby you, but that's all ending today.
Now, pick all this up.
Got something to say? Thought so.
Now, help me up.
Mama, you alright? I'm fine.
I'm fine.
Yo, where the hell you been? Yo, Dai! Yeah? Look at you nigga, I call you over to give you your props.
Couple of shout outs for a job well done and I get tude? Props for what? For a successful drop off, nigga! [LAUGHING.]
I been givin' you high praises around here.
I mean you came through like a straight up champ.
You did good.
Brought that Pharmo to The Ville.
Niggas already excited, calling you Dai Bringer, 'cause you brought the light.
'Cause I had a choice, right? Yeah, but anybody else would have buckled under the pressure.
But not you.
Not King David, Dai Bringer.
Don't call me that.
Why not? It's true.
Where you been? School.
Oh, so you spend all day and all night at school? So what I gotta run my schedule by you now, too? I had a project due.
So I stayed at a friend's overnight to finish.
Told Shinobi's ass you weren't tryna duck us.
What you need, Raynan? You.
Proving your loyalty like you did, oh, Tio is impressed.
Thanks, tell your uncle, no disrespect, but I'm not interested.
Oh, you thought I was asking? You already in the game, Dai.
That drop off was payback for the lookout, you said it yourself.
I did.
Now, today I'm sayin' somethin' different.
I need to go check on my little brother.
Aye, it's cool, Dai.
I know you gotta check on your family, we'll talk later.
Aye, tell Ms.
Glo, I hope she feels better.
How long have y'all been hiding pissy sheets? Ask JG.
I'm asking you, sir! He's burnin' 'em! I didn't tell him to burn 'em.
You shoulda said somethin'.
Now Hertrude out there yellin'.
If this get back to the rent office, his behind starting arson! I just ain't want it to be one more thing for you.
Huh, you'll be the only one today.
Somethin' happen? Why you limpin'? [WATER RUNNING.]
I fell.
Couldn't get nobody to take over my shift.
Got fired.
No job.
No promotion.
That about covers it.
Hey, hey, do not worry about nothin'.
It's gonna be okay.
I'm going straight to unemployment first thing in the morning.
I got some tricks.
Gon' get a real job, real quick watch.
Oh, so you just gon' ignore yo mama? What's in the bag? It was supposed to be a surprise, but since y'all been lyin' to me.
Dai! How was it spending the night by Seren? He got a big house? I've been there before.
I know, but you ain't never stayed the night.
Is it dope, like granddaddy's house? Different.
Mama told you what's in the bag yet? Jonathan Greg, you still on punishment! [GASP.]
It's toys, Dai! Mama brought us toys! Didn't she just say no? Let him be a kid.
Hello, darling.
Oooh, who pissed in yo Kool-Aid? Sorry, bad word choice.
Ha, yes, ma'am, you 'bout to stunt on these hoes! I'm about to pay homage to the mother land, the other land, and the brother land! [LAUGHING.]
Give them some servings, Elijah! Prophet portions.
Hot and spicy! [BOTH LAUGHING.]
Girl, I just came to see if you was alright.
You was limpin' and cussin' and carrying on.
Had to, I had all I can take.
Fell, got fired, and coming in The Ville, got the whole neighborhood basically lookin' at me crazy.
These savages.
Just had to fight back a little.
Getting tired of gettin' ousted from everywhere.
Y'all headed to the function! I would love to be steppin' out there, too.
Lord, I used to live, remember? Yes ma'am, we did.
Ain't no way I'm leaving this house tonight.
Why not? What's holding you? For one thing, my whole left side hurt! Girl, you better pop and aspirin and think about Heaven later.
- I got some - Elijah.
I was gonna say ointment.
That you could use to soothe you over, at least for tonight.
These boys.
You're the one who decided to have 'em.
I told you to leave 'em in the bulrushes, where you found them, Bithiah.
Nah, I can't just leave them here by theyself.
Chile, David damn near grown.
Nah, go, serve, slay, chop for me, girl.
You sure? Yeah No, but yeah.
You right.
You couldn't give them Glory! Like I need you anyway.
Excuse me? Ma'am, the last twirl we twiddled, you slayed that Destiny's Child song, but that was what? Eight, nine years ago? Look at you, now you got bags under your eyes.
And stretch marks.
I mean Kelly, can you handle it? You gonna get off my porch talkin' that heresy.
What you gon' do? You gonna come out of retirement on them? You gonna don Electric Lady? You trying to see if Bee Infinity now Mugler still remember that hickey? I'm trying to go to Wonderland tonight.
Start the car, I'll be down in 15 minutes.
And pull out something that'll go over these stretch marks.
How's your side feeling? Like it never happened.
This your first ball? I'm nervous.
You should be.
That's one thing I learned, the hard way.
But respect is all.
For them and for yourself.
Now, hit me one more time with this ointment.
I'ma need it if I'm gonna go ham like I want to.
It looks like we don't need to remember them cues after all.
Why? Somebody forgot to tell the Polish American Club that we were throwing a ball here and they padlocked the door at 12:30.
They said they thought we'd be done by one.
But balls don't start 'til one.
Come on, let's just pack this shit up.
Oh, hell no.
I came on this way.
These punks finna pound that floor or chop me off it.
What you thinking? ["AMAZING!" BY HI FASHION.]
Of course, they wanna lock the doors on us! Who amongst us hasn't been locked out the place that was supposed to keep them safe? What y'all know about a locked door? A slammed window? A shuttered home? But listen here sisters and brothers, studs and lovers of the night, they may take our hall, but Glo, what, Glo, what? Your side hurt? No, I said, bitch, you killing my vibe! ["SINCERELY, JANE" BY JANELLE MONAE.]
Left the city, my momma she said don't come back home These kids round' killin' each other, They lost they minds, they gone They quittin' school, making babies and can barely read Some gone off to their fall, lord have mercy on them I've seen them shootin' up funerals in they Sunday clothes Spending money on spinners but won't pay college loans And all you gangsters and bangers Rollin' dice and taking lives in a smokey dark Lord, have mercy on you Teacher, teacher please reach those girls in them videos The little girls just broken Queen, Confusing bling for soul Danger, there's danger when you take off your clothes, All your dreams go down the drain, girl Are we really living or just walking dead now? Or dreaming of a hope riding the wings of angels The way we live The way we die What a tragedy, I'm so terrified Dreamers please wake up, we can't sleep no more Gloria, you're doing that stare thing David do.
Nah, I can't go.
I wanna go.
Shit, I wanna go.
People think because you have kids you don't wanna be loved by nobody else.
Don't listen, just talking, talking out loud.
You go.
And serve, slay, chop for me, girl.
You sure? Yeah, yeah.
Being out there back in the day got me caught up.
Wouldn't wanna fall off the wagon.
You know I'd watch out for you.
Like you watched out for me back then? You look amazing.
Have fun.
Here's your refund, ma'am.
Here you go.
Can I help you with something else, ma'am? Oh, I'm sorry.
I was just looking for some Icy Hot patches.
For my side, I have an injury.
Last one, could I get you anything else? No, I'm good, thank you.