Davy Crockett s01e01 Episode Script

Davy Crockett, Indian Fighter

When you wish upon a star Makes no difference who you are Each week as you enter this timeless land one of these many worlds will open to you.
The happiest kingdom of them all.
Promise of things to come.
The wonder world of nature's own realm.
Tall tales and true from the legendary past.
Presenting this week from Frontierland And now, Walt Disney.
It's characteristic of American folklore that most of our favorite legends and fables are based on the lives of real men like Davy Crockett of Tennessee.
Born on a mountaintop in Tennessee Greenest state in the land of the free Raised in the woods so's he knew every tree Kill't him a bear When he was only three Davy, Davy Crockett King of the wild frontier He went off to Congress and served a spell Fixin' up the government and laws as well Took over Washington, so we heard tell And patched up the crack in the Liberty Bell Davy, Davy Crockett Seein' his duty clear He heard of Houston and Austin and so To the Texas plains he just had to go Where freedom was fightin' another foe And they needed him at the Alamo Davy, Davy Crockett King of the wild frontier And now, from Davy's own journal the first of three stories "The Indian Wars.
" In 1813 the Creeks uprose Addin' redskin arrows to the country's woes Now, Injun fightin' is somethin' he knows So he shoulders his rifle, an' off he goes DaVY Davy Crockett! Haul your britches out here! Hasn't a body any privacy around you, Georgie Russel? You just hide yourself back around that corner a bit and wait like a decent neighbor for us to say good-bye.
Off through the woods we're a-marchin' along And another thing.
If you don't stop making up those outlandish songs about Davy there's no tellin' what'll happen to the Crockett name.
Trouble is, ma'am, you just don't know what kind of a husband you got.
The trouble is, I do know what kind of a man I have.
I don't want you goin' off to war.
Just 'tween you and me, Mrs.
Crockett I ain't none reasonable happy over it myself.
I reckon I'd rather take orders from you than old Hickory Face any day.
Who? Old Andy Jackson, the general.
Oh, stay, Davy.
Stay with the boys and me.
You're a mighty pretty little woman, Mrs.
Crockett but you'd be a terror for looks with your hair all scalped off.
And the boys wouldn't look so good, neither.
Don't forget the Creeks massacreed every man, woman, and child at Fort Mims.
You're both genuine solid-pewter Crocketts, clean through.
And I'm puttin' my trust in you.
Billy, you take care of your ma.
Yeah, Pa.
Johnny, you mind your ma sharp.
She ain't gonna be happy without a man to boss.
Yeah, Pa.
'Scuse me, Davy, but you keep on wastin' time like this and we ain't ever gonna get no fightin' done.
If this here's wastin' time I hope I never do a lick of work in my life.
Come on, girl.
Come on, Sophie.
Well, better get going.
Yow! Howdy, Zeke.
Glad to have you along.
Yeah, me, too.
Bye, Polly.
Bye, Georgie.
Bye, Pa.
Off through the woods he's a-marchin' along Makin' up yarns and a-singin' a song Itchin' fer fightin' And rightin' a wrong He's ringy as a bear and twice't as strong Davy, Davy Crockett The man who don't know fear Davy, Davy Crockett The buckskin buccaneer Andy Jackson is our general's name His regular soldiers we'll put to shame Them redskin varmints us volunteers'll tame 'Cause we got the guns with the surefire aim Major! Major Norton! Yes, sir.
Where's that scout I told you to find? They say the best man is one of the volunteers.
- Name of Crockett.
- Well, where is he? As a matter of fact, General, he's out hunting.
Hunting? We're short on rations, and he's gone across the river.
Across the river that's enemy territory! Rations aren't what you're short on.
It's brains! He didn't take a gun, sir.
By eternal, I want this Crockett fella and I want him right now.
Fetch him! Across the river? If that's where he is.
Yes, sir.
Mighty big one, DaVY- Yeah, and real sociable, too.
Now's a good time to try out that idea I was telling you about.
Give that ol' grin everything you got, Davy.
Crockett! Shh.
Crockett! Davy Crockett! Where's Crockett? Speak up, man! Where is Crockett? Where is he? What's he doing in there? Shh! What's he doing? Experimenting.
He's twin' to grin down a bear.
Grin down a you backwoods buffoons think the rest of us'll believe anything, don't you? Crockett! Crockett, can't you hear me? Come out of there, man! I've got a message You sure spoiled things good.
Now I gotta do it the old-fashioned way.
Yee-hoo! Give him what fer, Davy! Do something! Just what'd you have in mind, Major? Stick with him, Davy! Now, Major, what was it you wanted to see me about? G-G-General Jackson wants to see you.
Just as soon as we get that bear poled up.
Come on, boys.
It's a fair-to-middlin' sized critter.
Full bellies tonight, boys.
Hear you wanted to see me, General.
That's right.
Come inside.
Now, how'd you kill that brute? With my knife.
I was figurin' on grinnin' him to death but this here stumblefooted major of yours come along and busted up my concentratin'.
Grin him to death? What in thunderation is that? Oh, it's somethin' I been experimenting with.
You see, there's nothin' so absotutely unresistable as an old-fashioned good-natured grin.
Like this.
I started out on coons.
I got so good at it one day an old coon throwed up his hands the minute he seen my teeth.
"You got me, Davy," he hollered and he skinned down that tree and plopped hisself in my sack before I knowed what was up.
I figured the same thing ought to work on bears but I never got a chance to find out.
The major here come along and busted up my concentratin'.
I wound up having to rassle this particular critter into table meat.
What was you hankerin' to see me about, General? We're on the edge of hostile territory.
I want a scouting party to find out what them redskins is up to.
Do you volunteer? Reckon me and my friend Russel'll be glad to get shut of camp for a spell.
This is a military operation, not a hunting frolic.
Major Norton and a squad of regulars will accompany you.
Well, that wouldn't make the chore no easier, General.
Like you say, huntin' Creeks in their own country ain't no frolic and no place for greenhorns.
You know your woods, Crockett.
Just be sure the major brings back the information I want.
Come on, Major.
Some of your boys rode water pretty deep, Major.
Better look to their powder.
Re-prime your pieces.
From here on we don't make no more noise than we got to.
No talking, no straggling, and everybody keep close up.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Better stick closer to us, Major.
You've done nothing but lead us through swamps, cane breaks and briar patches all day.
I see a trail over there and there's no sense in not taking it.
Has the general got your wife's address? You take that trail and he's apt to have to write her a mighty sad letter.
We're here to locate Indians, Crockett and I don't like the way you're doing it.
Now, we'll cover more ground if we separate.
I'm taking that trail.
Don't worry about me.
We'll be back here in this clearing by dawn.
- See that you are.
- I wish you luck.
Better fix up a signal to identify ourselves.
Can you do an old hoot owl? Certainly.
Hoo! Hoooo! That oughta fool the redskins just dandy.
A war party.
A big one.
Here comes another bunch.
Head for cover.
- That was Redstick.
- What makes you so sure? Creeks only got one young chief.
Gotta be him.
Let's leave the horses here.
Looks like Redstick's finally talked the whole tribe into listening to him.
I don't know what he said, but I sure don't like it.
I hope they keep that up a spell longer.
We better get back to the major fast.
Take cover! Everybody take cover! Take cover, men! Sounds like the major really got hisself in trouble.
Yeah, and I suppose we'll have to get him out.
- How? - We'll surround 'em.
Do you think there's enough of us? If we give 'em the ol' Crockett charge.
Brigade, halt! Company "A," halt! Company "B," close up! Fix bayonets! Fix bayonets! Brigade, charge! Company, charge! It's the general and the whole regiment! Flank right, dismount! On the double now! Fire at will! Charge 1 Yee-hah! Yahoo! All right, men.
On around to skirmish.
Charge! Yee-hah! We got 'em on the run, men! Company, turn! Company "B," close UP! Yahoo! Yahoo! Yee-hah! Come on, men! Come on! After 'em! After 'em! Come on! Company "A" reporting, Major.
Here's the rest of us, Major.
Company "B" reporting, Major.
You mean just two of you? Well, two was enough, wasn't they? These varmints that attacked you was just a little party.
The whole Creek nation is gatherin' up there.
You take care of your casualties, Major.
Me and Russel'll get the news back to the general soon as we catch our horses.
General's expecting me.
Oh, sorry to disturb you, General.
Never mind.
What did you find out? They aim to fight.
They was holding a big war dance last night.
Where? Back at the mountain, about 18 or 20 miles from where we crossed the river.
How many of them? Plenty.
They're still coming in.
Redstick's there.
Oh, I'd sure like to get my hooks on him.
We'll have to move fast.
He's whippin' 'em up like a cane break afire.
Where's Major Norton? Oh, he had a little trouble.
He'll be along directly.
Eh, sentry.
Trouble? What kind of trouble? Injun trouble.
Lost a couple men.
Yes, sir? Tell the sergeant major to order the camp struck.
We're moving out of here.
Very good, sir.
Sure do admire a man who don't do his fightin' on the seat of his britches, General.
Oh! Their lookouts are accounted for, General.
Sure mighty quiet for a war party.
Some of 'em still sleepin', General.
Ah, when we catch Redstick, this war'll be over.
There's only two ways he's got of getting out of that camp and I got him stoppered.
Company "A" will block one way, Company "B" the other.
Are you sure your boys can hold 'em? I know what'll happen to 'em if they don't.
Now, as soon as the regulars are in position you volunteers jump in there and stir up them red hornets.
Sure hope your Army sharpshooters don't mistake us for Injuns.
If they do, I'll see they apologize.
Give it to 'em, boys! Fire! Fall back! Fire! Aaah! Fire! Fire! Sound Assembly.
I reckon Redstick's tomahawk's got an awful nick in it.
He got away, didn't he? Yeah, but a lot of 'em didn't.
Much obliged for savin' my scalp.
Calculatin' Mrs.
Crockett might have a kiss for you when we get home.
Just don't take advantage of it.
Don't call it a victory around me, Major.
Their casualties were enormous compared to ours.
We captured three of their chiefs and they're anxious to discuss terms for a peace.
Peace? Thunderation, Norton how can you talk about peace with Redstick and most of his band still on the loose? We'll have him in short order, sir.
You know, sometimes I wonder why they give you them hairbrushes.
Chasing after Redstick is apt to be like trying to run down a fox in a briar patch.
Why, there's nothing between here and the Gulf of Mexico to stop him.
Excuse me, General.
Well, what do you want? Nothing much.
Dropped in to say good-bye.
Good-bye? Where do you think you're going? Home.
You're going after Redstick with the rest of my command.
This war isn't over yet.
lain't quittin 'the war.
Me and my neighbors'll be back directly.
You see, General, we only volunteered for sixty days and that's long since up.
Catchin' Redstick's liable to take up the rest of the year.
We gotta see our families is took care of 'fore we start out on anything like that.
Well, Major? Desertion is a serious crime in the Army, Crockett.
We ain't quittin' the war.
I told you we's comin' back.
You're confined to this camp.
That's an order.
My missus'd worry about me.
Sorry, General.
If he's permitted to leave it'll destroy the discipline of the whole camp.
He's attached to your command, Major.
Then I'm gonna stop him.
Halt! Sure got his back up, ain't he? I'm warning you, Crockett.
Turn back.
Now, Major, you know we're going home.
Prepare to fire.
Don't burn yourself.
Bring us some bear meat back when you come, Davy.
Anything you want, Major? Blamedest bunch of volunteers I ever saw.
When they volunteer to fight, they fight.
When they volunteer to go home, they go home.
Off through the woods we're a-marchin' along Makin' up yarns and a-singin' a song Hey, Ma.
Pa's home.
Pa! Pa's back! Pa's home! Oh, Davy, you're back.
- Hello, Pa.
- Hi, Pa.
Davy Crockett Whee! The man who don't know fear Davy, Davy Crockett King of the wild frontier Well, reckon now's a good a time as any to collect what I got comin'.
Georgie Russel! What happened to you while you been gone? Well, Davy allowed as how I had a kiss coming for saving his life.
He sure did.
Well, in that case You ain't never gonna get a woman that way.
Reckon I gotta learn you how.
Davy? Hmm? I missed you an awful lot.
Missed you, too.
The young 'uns like to pestered me to death.
Wasn't a moment since you went away they haven't said, "Maybe Pa'll be home today.
" Oh, but now, thank the good Lord you're home for good.
Well, not prexactly.
The war ain't quite over yet.
You're goin' back? Well, not for a few days.
I ain't goin' back till I get in a supply of meat for you and the young 'uns this winter.
You're gonna be gone all winter? Well, I hope not, but I don't know how long it's gonna be.
Oh, Davy.
Now, don't take on.
I had enough trouble with the Army over me coming home.
My major and I didn't see quite eye-to-eye on it.
But I figured I was right, and you know me.
When I'm sure I'm right, I go ahead.
Mmm, nothing could be more right than this.
Headed back to war from the ol' home place But Redstick was leadin' a merry chase Fightin' and burnin' at a devil's pace South to the swamps on the Florida trace Davy, Davy Crockett Trackin' the redskins down Halt! Who goes there? Just us, me and Davy.
Well! Welcome back.
How the devil'd you find us way off down here? You left a tolerable good trail.
Army gear, lame horses, sick men all the way.
Yeah, that's us all right.
I reckon we'd better report to the general.
General Jackson ain't here.
He's done been called to New Orleans.
Well, then, who's in command? Major Norton.
If I'd a-knowed that, I wouldn't of come back.
Well, come on, let's get it over with.
I have to admit I'm glad to see you, Crockett.
You, too, Russel.
I'm at my wits' end.
Most of my men are down with swamp fever.
I'm afraid I've got a touch of it, too.
Yeah, you do look a little peaked, Major.
What about Redstick? Still chasin' him? Ha, it's a question of who's chasing who.
Every patrol I've sent out has failed to come back.
He's outsmarted us at every turn.
Redstick's quite some fightin' man.
He can't have many warriors left.
If we could just locate them but they can hide forever in this infernal swamp.
Reckon we can help this here Army out, Russel? Looks like somebody's got to.
You fellers have had ahold of the dirty end of the stick long enough.
Me and Russel are rested up a mite.
It's only fair we take a cut at it.
No, that Indian has cost us enough lives already.
I refuse to let you two go out alone.
Looks like we'll have to start disobeying orders again.
Baby gators.
Kinda cute, ain't they? Not when they're growed up.
I'm more scared of snakes and gators than I am of Injuns.
Two days old, maybe more.
Moccasins just about wore out.
Headin' around the lake.
Suppose we scout both sides, meet at the other end.
If you see any fresh sign, whistle like a thrush.
Like a Tennessee thrush.
Hahh! Where are others? You not come alone.
I come alone.
Creek warriors, hear me! Any more of you cussed varm its think I ain't worth listenin' to? Speak, white man.
Well, I ain't a soldier, I'm a settler.
I live in a cabin like you do at home.
I plant corn like you used to.
I'm a hunter like you.
Hunter? You hunt Indians.
Only because you made war on us.
Your chiefs, the smart ones, have give up.
They found out that war is no good.
White man talk.
War no good because soldiers all die.
How many Creek warriors have died? How many of your women are crying for their men? How many of your younguns ain't got no fathers? You talk like woman.
I'm talking sense, and you know it.
You're brave, Redstick, and your warriors is brave.
But in the end, they're all gonna die because you're a bad chief.
Because I take many white scalps? Because soon I burn white man's friend? No, Redstick.
Because you could all go home in peace if you'd just listen to reason.
But seein' as you won't, I reckon I gotta challenge you according to Injun law.
Injun law no good for white man.
Why not? White man's law would be good for Injun if you'd give it half a chance.
How about it, Redstick? Tomahawks.
Aah! Yaah! Wellit worked on a bear.
Ready to listen to reason now, Redstick? I listen.
Turn my friend loose and lay down your arms and join the other chiefs in a treaty.
Do that, and I promise the government will let you go back and live in peace on your own lands.
Promise is no good.
White government lie.
Davy Crockett don't lie.
Here's my hand on it.
Why you no kill me? Maybe because of another law.
We have trouble livin' up to it.
It ain't bad for red man or white man alike.
"Thou shalt not kill.
" He'd give his word and he'd give his hand That his Injun friends could keep their land And the rest of his life, he took the stand That justice was due every red-skinned man Davy, Davy Crockett Holdin' his promise dear Davy, Davy Crockett King of the wild frontier Next week, our Christmas program will come to you from Fantasyland.
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