Dawn of the Croods (2015) s02e06 Episode Script

There Will Be Eggs; I Think Were Alone Meow

1 Bom-bom, bom-ba-dum Ma-ma-ma-bom-ba-dum Ba-da-dum [music playing] [sighs] Mom, why do we have to gather wiping leaves in bulk? Wiping leaves? I thought we were getting brushing leaves.
Might not want to use the ones that I got, then.
[cheering] [grunting] - Ow! - Whew! That was sick! I feel so alive.
I'm hurt but had fun.
Hey, watch where you're going on those, uh, I'm gonna go with death rocks.
- [panting] - [gasps] Uh, hello.
They're called "slate boards.
" They're two parts fun, only one part pain.
Wow! Most fun things are, like, one part fun, ten parts pain.
[chuckles] How do we get one? [cheering] [growling] Two, please.
Well, what do you got to trade? [flies buzzing] Uh, these flies.
I got all the flies I need.
[buzzing] Uh, Mom, Dad, can we have something to trade for slate boards? [both] Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please! No.
You kids don't need them.
You can injure yourselves for free.
What if we look at you like this? Sorry, if you wanna waste perfectly good stuff trading for that junk, you'll have to find it yourself.
- [groans] - Oh, no! I think I'm stuck this way! [gasps] There we go.
There's gotta be something to trade, but all I see are these worthless sparkle rocks.
Hey, look, an egg.
Ooh, nice try, but we're the best egg scavengers around.
Right, Brother? "Eggs-actly", Brother.
That was us cracking an imaginary egg, and it exploding.
Can we have that? It's our thing.
We're gathering eggs for the coming end of days.
This whole valley's gonna freeze.
But we will have eggs enough to survive.
[laughing] So, that's a no? - Gee, those guys are greedy.
- Yeah.
Well, maybe we don't need more stuff.
Slate boards probably aren't as fun as they look anyway.
Yeah! [cheering] This is just as fun as it looks! Anyone thinking it isn't is wrong! I know.
We could make our own.
[gasps] Yeah! I bet we could build ones just as good as theirs.
Prepare to feel the rush.
[screaming] [grunting] [sighing] [screaming] [grunting] [groaning] At least this ridiculous number of egg-shaped rocks broke our fall.
[gasps] Oh, my bonk! How can this be? - [bellowing] - [gasping] [laughing] A moo-ooose! I've never seen one before.
They're supposed to lay eggs almost constantly.
[shouts, grunts] [laughs] Thunk, we're rich! [laughing] [coughs] I'm drowning.
[hacking] [sighs] Thanks.
- Are we still rich? - Yes.
[grunting] [cheering] [laughing] [screaming, grunting] Ow! - Hey.
- Hey.
Wow, those boards are beautiful.
Yeah, we splurged and got slicker rocks for faster speed and spider ant webbing for better grip.
[chuckles] And cool things to stick to them to show how original we are.
What did you trade to get those? Yeah, they gave me these eggs, 'cause I love to watch eggs get smashed.
[shouting] Yeah, I did it! The eggs got smashed.
Whoo-hoo! And now, the feelings of regret, for I have no more eggs to smash.
[gasps] Man, where'd you get all those? Well, we were down in this cave [shouts, chuckles] [whispering] Hey, if more people have eggs, our eggs will be worth less.
Maybe we should keep this a secret.
[whispering] Got you.
We stopped eating breakfast.
Well, bye.
[sobbing] [slurping] [chortling] [gulps] - [panting] - Put it on full blast.
[grunting] [yelping] [sighs] Now Chest Me can keep an eye on what's going on under my pelt.
[chuckles] Thanks for the heads-up, pal.
[Munk humming] Feet look good as new.
Fabulous, Munksworth.
Keep the change.
Hey, kids, we heard you've come into some eggs.
What great timing.
Mow is looking to trade his fancy reclining slab.
[grunting] Yeah, it looks so comfy.
Can we have some eggs to trade for it? No.
You guys don't need it.
You can recline on the ground for free.
Please? What if we look at you like this? [giggling] [sighing] You guys need to step up your cute game.
Look, if you wanna waste perfectly good eggs trading for that junk, you'll have to find 'em yourself.
But Oh oh.
I see what you did there.
[chuckles] [Bud] We hear you're in the egg game now.
[Thunk] Bud, Crud.
Uh we don't have any eggs.
Uh, I just laid those? [chuckles] How can anyone in this valley have so many eggs without us knowing how they got them, Brother? I think they got a secret, Brother.
An "egg-ceptionally" big one.
Oh, well-played, Brother.
So how do we find out their secret, Brother? [groans] Okay, you want eggs? Here, take this one to leave us alone.
- And stop calling each other "Brother.
" - [both] Deal! [shudders] Man, Bud and Crud sure are a few skulls short of a bone pit, huh? Yeah, it's like everyone wants our eggs.
Well, they're safe here.
I mean, only we know about this place and we can trust each other, right? - [chuckles] - Of course.
[laughing nervously] Okay, uh, so we have 444 eggs left.
Uh, didn't we have 446 earlier? Yeah, but then we traded two for that funky hat.
If you say so.
[gasps] Oh, Moosey laid five more eggs.
Five? Last time, she laid six.
You sure there's not another one? Hey, what's that behind your back? Oh, just another hat.
Why? What's that behind your back? The third kind of hat we got.
That looks great on you.
Bud and Crud really got to me.
- [sighs] Let's go home.
- Sounds good.
After you.
No, after you.
I insist, after you.
No, after you.
[growling] You two seem tense.
What you need is a nice, relaxing recline.
[whispering] Hey, don't overdo it.
Just be cool.
Just play it cool.
[Eep and Thunk growling] [Thunk] Eep, are you gone or are your eyes just closed? Uh-oh.
[grunts] [sighs] A-ha! Caught you egg-handed! I caught you! You only caught me coming here to stop you.
You can't fool me.
Now that you've had a taste of this high-class egg life, you want 'em all for yourself.
You've probably got eggs stuffed in your pelt right now.
Ha! I'm the innocent one here.
- [gasps, chuckles] - [moo-ooose bellows] Told you they had a moo-ooose, Brother.
But now they don't 'cause it's ours, Brother.
- [screaming] - [bellowing] We'll see about that, Brother.
- [groans] - Sorry.
It's kinda contagious.
[panting] Brother, Brother [shouts] Hang on, Moosey! Mama's coming.
So is Uncle Thunkster.
If you're the mom, I cannot be the dad, it'd be weird.
[panting] [pants] Almost got 'em.
We really should've gotten slate boards with slowy-downers.
[shouting] [grunting] [all] No! [all sighing] [bellowing] [both] Mine, Brother! I deserve it more, Brother.
I deserve it more I have no brother! [thuds] [both] Oh, brother.
Ah, hey, I like eggs, but I don't want to end up like those greedy weirdos.
Yeah, there's more to life than eggs, after all.
Like hats.
Hey, we still got some eggs left.
Yeah, but we don't need any more stuff.
Let's give Mom and Dad what they've always wanted deep down.
Whoo-hoo! Yeah! You were right, kids.
This is better than sitting on a rock.
[laughing] [grunts] And they're not the only ones we made happy.
Yeah! Whoo-hoo! The eggs are gonna get smashed! [cackling] It's never as good as the first smash.
[music playing] [overlapping chatter] Finally an angry mob is going after Snoot.
But none of my other wishes came true.
[Munk] Snoot's throwing a party.
There's lots of food and everyone's invited.
Even me.
[laughs] What was he thinking? And what did you bring? Oh! Giant egg.
[sniffs] Is that home-laid? - [laughs] - A party where people share food? Well, I'll try anything once.
Never trust free food.
Last time I did, I ended up married.
Oh, Mom, you never trust anything.
You told Thunk that hugs are traps.
Hugs are traps.
They pin your arms.
No hugs.
- Smiling is dangerous.
- Darn right.
The sun's too hot, the flowers are too smelly, and that pigrat's too ugly.
[cooing] Hmm.
Too sensitive, too.
Well, have fun hating everything.
We'll be over here ignoring you.
You call that a blow-off? - Ha! Even the pigrat did it better.
- [pigrat coos] They're the ones with problems.
I'm just pointing them out.
[Amber] Stop yappin' or Amber eat you, crabby pest.
Oh, yeah? Good luck tryin', 'cause this gal's all gristle.
Uh, Amber talking to crabby tabby.
Although Amber not mind if old crabby lady take it down a notch too.
Crabby tabby howl outside Amber cave all day.
Now be quiet inside Amber's belly.
It was right to howl.
Your cave's ugly.
[both howling] Okay.
You both horrible.
Nobody else appreciates us.
- [hisses] - [growling] [purring] I like you.
We crabby types gotta stick together.
How would they know how terrible things are if we didn't tell 'em? So come on, girls.
- Let's go gripe at 'em.
- [meowing] But first a nap.
We're here for the party.
[overlapping chatter] The food party that's in your cave right now.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
Party! Food party! Inside Snoot's cave right now! - [cheering] - Come on.
Everyone else is here.
Not everyone.
Not you, and not that guy over there.
Darn sky bunnies! - I'm gonna eat ya! - Oh, wait, that's Gorp.
[chuckles] Gorp, stop yelling at the sky and come party, you goof.
That guy.
Where was I? You know where you were.
I do.
But I was trying to be polite before I do this.
[howling] It hurts! It hurts so much! [grunting] Grug, your hand! No, not that.
Being rejected by Snoot! [growls] We're so finding a way into that party.
[grunts] Ow! Okay, yeah, you know what? This hurts, too.
Here, but that is the last time I'm doing your homework for you.
- [meowing] - [sighs] Hey, we caught those.
[groans] Crabby tabbies are the worst.
[grunts] No, you're the worst, whoever said that.
Don't know who you are, but you're definitely the worst.
[Eep and Thunk] Gran? Oh, it's you.
I take it back.
You're not half bad.
What are you doing with these jerks? - [hissing] - Those jerks are my friends.
Oh associates.
Well, your associates really don't like being hugged.
I don't know who's a worse influence on who, but this can't be good.
Sure it can.
We're sick of being mistreated.
One crabby alone is a pest, but many crabbies together are pests that can't be denied! [meowing] Crabbiness gets you what you want.
Isn't there anything you want? Besides this tabby off my face? Actually What do you mean you don't have my dinner? I mean, your homework.
Oh, who am I kidding? My dinner! Sorry, Teacher Squawk, but a crabby tabby ate it before you could.
[growling] So you're going to Deep Trouble.
Oh, no, you don't.
Sic him, girls! [hissing] [screaming] Oh, no, not my face! [screaming] [laughs] Wow! No more homework.
[both] Yeah! Ha! Thanks to no more Miss Nice Gran.
There was a Miss Nice Gran? Okay, so we dig inside, then eat anything we can grab.
Don't chew.
It'll only slow you down.
- [gasps] - [rumbling] [screaming] Ah, I see you Croods found my indoor watering hole.
You're also not invited to use that.
[screaming, grunting] Ow! Oh, man, this is gonna take forever.
[growls] [shouting] [gasps] A worm.
A freebie.
That's garbage fruit.
He's holding out on us.
Come on.
Where's the good stuff? [howling] - [panting] - Much better.
Gee, it's hard to eat with him looking so sad.
You're right.
Tabbies! - [screams] - Uh [sighing] We jump, then swing into Snoot's cave.
- [laugh] - [overlapping chatter] Well, Gran was right.
Crabbiness did make people treat us better by treating them worse.
- Hmm.
- Did someone say Gran was right? Missed the rest.
Welcome to your new home, girls.
Food's under the rock, sleep pile's there and whoa, Binky, that's not the poo corner.
Oh, what am I saying? It's your home, too.
- I don't make the rules.
- What? No, no, no.
The tabbies can't live here.
They keep using me as a scratching post.
And that one keeps staring at me when it licks its butt.
- Nah, sorry, Gran, but they gotta go.
- [meowing] Oh, no.
The crabby tabbies are staying with meow I mean, me.
Now, if you don't like it, you can leave.
[hissing] [sighs] Fine! But once you've crabbed everyone away, who will you be crabby to then, huh? No one, that's who.
Or maybe someone else I haven't thought of.
They just don't understand us, Winky.
- [hissing] - Oh, sorry.
Blinky? Oh, why did I give you all rhyming names? Really, Croods, you thought I'd fall for this? Stay out! Man, if that's the food they're throwing away, we really gotta get in there.
Who needs love when you can be crabby Not me, said the granny Not she, said the tabbies - Oh! - [howling] [groans] Relax.
I got your dinner.
[hissing] What do you want now? [meowing] How about wanna shred this pelt? Wait, that one's mine.
Here's Grug's.
[chuckles] Started it for you.
[tearing pelt] Oh, all right, enough! It's okay for us to be crabby together, but not for you to be crabby to me.
Well, I learned my lesson.
Time for you to go.
[hissing] - [whacking] - [crabby tabbies howling] [gasping] [roaring] Nice kitty-kitty.
[nervous chuckle] No? See ya! [panting] Eep! Thunk! You gotta help me.
What? Gran? Did you know there's a thing after you? I'm sorry I was so crabby, but I don't deserve to be pinched apart for it.
[screaming] [sighs] She did get us out of homework.
Don't worry.
They'll have to pinch us apart first.
[panting] Cold comfort, but I'll take it.
[gasping] - [gasps] - [howling] Our hug! They hated it! Again! [meowing] They really hated it.
But why? It's like being squished by love.
Okay, enough.
Don't hug me.
Hug them! We'll snuggle 'em away.
[howling] You get a kiss, and you get a wittle hair bow.
This is what I was born to do.
Now, who's next? [meowing] Aw, wabby tabbies want wuv? Hmm.
See? Isn't it fun being sweet? It is, when it makes someone else miserable! [meowing] Ugh! We're never getting in to Snoot's party.
Whoa, we're sad that we don't get to spend time with Snoot? - That's a new feeling.
- Yeah, I know.
I just wanna know why he didn't invite us.
It's not like our family is smelly or weird or [hissing] Snuggle 'em all and let somebody else sort 'em out! I thought I told you Croods Okay, who brought the crabby tabbies? You know I'm allergic to shellfish.
[shouts] Oh, no! - [Snoot screaming] - Right.
And that is why we don't get invited anywhere.
What are you talking about? Crabby tabbies are the purr-fect guests.
[laughs] [hacking] Never mind.
They're terrible.
Whoo-oh-oh-oh Ba-dum-dum, ba-dum Whoo-oh, ba-dum-dum ba-dum Whoo-oh, ba-dum-dum Ba-dum-dum, ba-dum Whoo-oh-oh-oh Ba-dum-dum Ba-dum-dum ba-dum