Day of the Dead (2021) s01e01 Episode Script

The Thing in the Hole

2 Luke! Hey, Luke, wake up! Come on! Luke, wake up! Did we get 'em? Is he dead? Yes.
And no.
We gotta go.
Can you move? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Run! Come on, come on! Woah! Jesus Christ! They're everywhere! Did you know we had this many dead people in town? I never thought about that until today.
I think there's a fire escape off that alley.
If we can make it there we can take the roof tops back towards the store.
Alright, let's do this.
Go, go, go.
Shit! Woah, woah, woah! Where's the fire escape? You said there was a fire escape! I said I think there's a fire escape.
Shit! Listen.
Cam? Hey, it's ok.
We're good.
Mom?! Get in the car, boys.
You like that? How's the second amendment taste, motherfuckers?! Mayor Bowman, we gotta go! Wait, Lauren, stop the car! Why are we stopped? Just go! That's my dad.
What the hell was that? Someone's gonna have to go down there.
Where's the new guy? Blackwood! What the hell? Why me? 'Cause you're the new guy.
Come on.
Ahhhhhh!!!!! What the hell? Hey Dad, I'm leaving.
For work.
Whatever, asshole.
Sorry to wake you.
No, no, I was up.
Cam and I got into it last night.
College thing again? Yeah, same shit.
So what's up? Got a call from the Cleargenix drill site.
Said they found a body.
I need you to go take a look.
Twenty bucks says it's one of their dipshit frackers that came to work drunk and took a header into a well.
Don't get into the politics, just see what the hell they're talking about, ok? And just tell Cam you're an asshole and that you're sorry.
He's your son, McDermott.
He's all you got left.
Don't fuck it up.
No, I know you can't control the weather, Mom.
It's just, maybe if you would have flown in a little earlier.
No, no.
Please don't make this about Amy's parents and their money.
Mom! Mom! No, she did not put them on Instagram to torture you, it was her wedding shower! Mom.
I am getting married today and it would mean an awful lot if you and dad could be there so just let me know the minute your plane can take off, ok? Yeah, I love you, too.
I am in control of my life.
I am in control of my life.
By the choices I make.
By the choices I make.
I am a powerful presence.
I am a powerful presence! Jesus Christ! I am calm and relaxed.
I am calm and relaxed.
Sweetheart? Today is a very big day, not just for me but for our entire family.
I'm in a very tight race and it would be unfortunate if the mayor's son got caught drinking underage with his dickhead friends.
Do we have an understanding? Yes, ma'am.
M'gosh, I sure do appreciate it.
And Luke, honey, you're 18 now.
Don't forget to vote.
Who should I vote for? Are you in charge of this site? No.
Then why the hell do you think it was your job to call the cops? We found a body.
That's what you're supposed to do.
Really, Blackwood? You find a lot of dead bodies in your life? No.
Then how do you know what you're supposed to do? Half the town doesn't want us here as it is.
They think we're contaminating their water, causing earthquakes or some bullshit, and the last thing we need to do is give them a reason to shut us down.
You weren't there! You didn't see it! That's a person and somebody did some messed up shit to him! We're on a time table.
We go off schedule, it's my ass! I'm sorry but I can't un‐call the police! They're on their way.
You're right.
Um I'm under a lot of pressure and you did the right thing, ok? Why don't you take the rest of the day off? Rhodes, I'm fine.
I can work.
Well, we don't even know when we're gonna be up and running again, and besides, after what you've been through you deserve a break? See you tomorrow? Hey.
I'll deal with the police.
I want the men back to work and making holes by lunch! Hey Lauren, smoking that cigarette makes you look real cool.
Thanks, Cam.
I've always wanted cool tips from a guy wearing cargo shorts.
Why aren't you at school? Senior skip day.
And you're here mowing the lawn? Mmmhmm.
Don't you have any friends? I'm trying to make as much money as I can before the end of summer.
I barely have enough to pay for first semester as it is.
Dad's still not down with the whole Hawaii thing? That depends.
Ripping my acceptance letter in half and throwing it in the garbage in front of my face sound down to you? It does not.
Wasted my whole smoke break talking to you.
So I'm saving you from lung cancer.
Would you call me your hero? No, I'd call you the asshole who made me miss my smoke break.
This this thing we do, it's gonna be one of the things I miss most when I get out of this shit‐hole town.
Don't kid yourself.
You're never getting out of this shit‐hole town.
Is there a body under there? No, it's a six‐foot party sub named Jerry.
I do not know how you work with dead bodies.
I'll take the dead over the living any day.
Jesus! Lauren, take it easy.
Why are you creeping up on me? I'm not creeping up on you, I'm checking up on you? See how everything's going.
Look at this piece of crap.
Think of the poor wife? Could you imagine doing it with this guy? I'd rather not.
Hey, I gotta run out a little bit later.
Do you think you can take care of this bastard's services on your own? My first solo funeral? Are you serious? Yeah, you're ready.
Lazlo, this is awesome.
Thank you.
Hey, maybe we can go out for drinks tonight.
We can celebrate.
Lazlo, I'm 90 days sober.
Congratulations, there's another reason to celebrate.
Um, it's not you, I just have this strict no boning my boss policy.
Also, it's a little bit you.
Well hey, that's cool.
I just thought it'd be nice.
I can't believe I forgot to tell you this.
I got a message from your parole officer, he wants me to call him back.
Probably just wants to check up on how everything's going at work.
Make sure I'm satisfied with your performance.
I better go call him.
Lazlo! One drink, and I'm getting a Diet Coke.
It's a date.
Yo, I can't believe you got busted.
I told everybody we're pulling up with brews.
Please don't call them brews, ok man? You sound like my dad.
Do you know what the difference is between me and your dad? He's got a fridge full of brews.
And he gets to plug your mom.
Damn, she is fine for an old lady.
Yeah, well, she'd probably blow you for your vote.
What, are you serious? Damn.
I wish I was old enough to vote.
Man, she's so up my ass about not embarrassing the family, you know? She thinks she's like a Bush or something.
Ok, well now I can't stop thinking about her‐ Dude, if you say "bush" I swear to god I will kick you out of this car right now, man.
Look man, relax, ok? I got a cousin who works at a liquor store.
I can ask him to hook us up with a keg or something.
Why didn't you say that in the first place? 'Cause he's an asshole, that's why.
Yeah, he's not the only one in your family.
Got a call about a body? That, yeah.
Sorry to drag you all the way out here.
Just a dead deer.
Female crew, she saw it, freaked out.
I don't know how many times I told corporate a drill site ain't no place for a lady.
I'm here, might as well check it out.
Hey, look man.
This misunderstanding, it's really put us behind schedule, so can you just work with me here? I ain't leaving until I see that thing with my own eyes.
You wanna get back on schedule, I suggest you get out of my way.
Have at it.
But you're gonna need this.
A drill site's a dangerous place.
Hate to see anything happen to you.
Appreciate it.
Shit, I'm gonna have to go down there.
You fellas got a rope or something? Ok.
Yeah? Turns out it was a false alarm.
Why don't you head back to the station? But I haven't seen it yet.
It'll take me 10 minutes.
I just got a call from the mayor's office.
It's been strongly suggested that we back off so that's what we're doing.
I thought you said to leave the politics out of this.
Just let it go.
Thank you for coming out, Officer.
The people of Mawinhaken sure are lucky to have you on the force.
It's Detective.
Have yourself a good day Detective.
Let's go! Excuse me.
Are you the one who called it in? A lot of good it did.
Looks like we're both getting sent home.
That depends.
Can you get me down in that hole? Why aren't you wearing your gun? 'Cause I'm going to vote.
Jesus Christ, Trey.
One of the cornerstones of my campaign is open carry.
You need to be carrying.
In the open.
Between you and Luke it's like neither of you give a shit about the political future of this family.
Babe, calm down.
You got nothing to worry about.
You're gonna win.
Nicole says it's close.
The whole town is divided over this fracking thing.
It was supposed to be a landslide.
Everything's gonna be fine.
Even if you don't win, I won't love you any less.
Why do you say shit like that? Is that supposed to make me feel better? Christ.
Hey, Nicole.
Tell me something good.
The press is here ready to go live.
Let's do this.
I love Mawinhaken.
I was born here.
Raised here.
And god willing, I will die here.
But hopefully not any time soon.
Now I know some of you folks have some concerns about Cleargenix coming to town, but fracking creates jobs.
Jobs this town sorely needs.
And without the money that drilling brings in Mawinhaken would be a ghost town.
It's as simple as that.
But the work here isn't done.
I have been proud to serve as your mayor for the last four years and I would be honored to serve you for four more.
Now, if you all will excuse me, I'm gonna go vote.
Hello, hello.
Looking good, Jerry.
Somebody there? If we have rats again Son of a bitch! Um These roses are white.
My‐ my fiancé, she specifically asked for‐ for cream roses.
I I know most people can't tell the difference but Amy Amy can tell the difference.
She's very particular.
Um, so I mean, if it's‐ if it's not too late maybe we could just‐ Give me a hand? There's six more of these in the back of my truck.
S‐Shawn, are‐ are those cream roses? Yeah, yeah.
I had to drive to Philly at the crack of dawn.
I was dropping off chairs last night and I saw all these white roses and I was like Amy is gonna flip out so I took care of it.
Wow, thanks, man.
That's, um, that's huge.
I'm the man of honor.
Somebody's gotta keep our girl happy, right, buddy? Hey, check it out.
There's Cam.
Man, I hate that kid.
Always acting like he's better than the rest of us.
Bitching about how he can't wait to get out of this town.
Such a prick.
Man, screw that guy.
Forget him.
Check this out.
Hey man, what're you doing? What're you doing? Luke, what are you‐ Luke! What the hell, Luke? Did I scare ya, lawn boy? I think he crapped his cargo shorts.
See you around, dickhead.
Bye, loser! Shit! What're we doing, bro? There he is! Goddammit! Shut it down! God.
What the hell? Hey, can we go now? He's gotta be around here somewhere.
Look, forget the window.
Just tell your mom that a rock hit it or something.
Man, I don't care about the window.
Ok, then why are we here? Shit! Nice.
You're joking.
Look at my jacket.
It's good.
You look good.
Thanks, dick.
My Hi.
You must be Bobby.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
I'm Lauren.
I'll be taking care of your grandfather's service today.
Where's Lazlo? We made all the arrangements through him.
He had to step out but I assure you I have everything under control.
I'd like to see my Peepaw before everyone arrives.
Yeah, of course.
Just give me a moment.
Lazlo, you asshole.
Hurry up! Hey! Hey! Wha‐ what're you doing? They're coming.
Just chill.
I sent you home.
‐It's ok.
You got this.
‐Thanks, honey.
Let's do this.
What're you doing? Are you trying to get us busted? You gotta admit, it's pretty hot.
Your wife is right in the next booth.
If we make too much noise she'll catch us.
You crazy girl.
Dammit, Lazlo! This isn't funny! Come on, come on.
Lazlo? Lazlo? My god! My god!! Lady, people are starting to show up here.
Ok, I'll be up in a minute.
Damn basement.
Stop! Hey! I'm still here! Thank you.
Is my husband still in there? You'd think with his wife on the ballot it wouldn't be such a tough decision.
Trey? Christ, Paula, you can't just open the curtain like that! It's a violation of my civil rights.
Mayor, we should probably get going.
Let's do it.
Come on.
What the hell is that? My god, that's a bone.
Help! Ma'am? Woo‐hoo! Woo! Shit, shit! Hey, yo! You good? Is something going on down there? No! No, you don't.
Stop! Stop! No! What the hell is happening?! Die! You piece! Of! Shit! Hey, everyone.
What in the hell did you do to my Peepaw? I'm gonna call your boss and get you fired.
Lauren, you're not gonna believe this.
The dead‐ Not dead anymore? It's them.
Ok, everybody, follow me.
Come on! Come on! Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Get in the basement! What is going on? Fucking zombies! Zombies? Just calm down, alright? We're safe down here.
There's bars on the windows, the door is bolted, nothing can get in here.
Unless they're already here.

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