Day of the Dead (2021) s01e05 Episode Script

'Til the Dead Do Us Part

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Nicole! Look out! I'm so sorry.
Go home, Blackwood! Keep your mouth shut! Maybe you'll stay alive.
I got some questions and I'm assuming you're the one with answers.
You should have left when you had the chance.
Put your gun down! Have you guys seen my dad? You know he loves you.
I'm sure he's fine.
We should be getting the hell out of town right now.
I gotta get to Amy.
It's our wedding day.
Then you won't mind signing a prenup.
- Amy! - Go away! None of this would be happening if she'd have stayed with Shawn.
I'm the man of honor.
Where is everybody? What the hell is going on out there? We need to get Luke! He's at a party out by the lake! You go and get Luke, then you go home.
It's Mom.
There's a bit of a situation.
Help!!! I just want to make sure that you're safe.
Oh, God! I'm gonna die! Back off, asshole! Luke! Dad's here! I've got you, buddy! Hell yeah, Dad! Goddamn! Oh, shit.
Oh, that's not good.
Dammit! Paula was right.
I should have worn a gun.
Dad, come on! Put your gun down! I said put it down.
Shoot her! No, no, no, no! Hey, don't-don't you dare! Take her out.
- Take her out! - Don't! Back up! I will shoot her! What the shit is going on here? Blackwood! I thought you took care of her.
I did.
I put the fear of God in her.
Obviously, you weren't very convincing.
Blackwood! I told you you'd regret coming back here! You been in a lot of gun fights? I've shot some people.
Only 'cause my CO told me to.
First time? Yeah, is it that obvious? Dammit.
I'm out.
No, no, no.
This isn't how today was supposed to go.
I was gonna come up here, look around, go back home, tell my kid that I'm an asshole and pass out in front of the TV.
Listen, if I don't make it out Forget it.
You can tell him you're an asshole yourself.
Okay, kid, we gotta move.
I'll go first and draw their fire.
Cover me.
Ahhhh! McDermott! Get out of here.
Go find Captain Pike.
Go! Go! Come here.
Find Blackwood.
That bitch has been a pain in my ass all day.
I'll see you later.
Herb, what on earth is taking so long? It wouldn't be our daughter's wedding without a little bit of drama.
Well, can you try to speed it along? - People are starting to talk.
- Oh, calm down, Janette.
I'll take care of it.
Give her something.
No, thanks.
Dammit! Come on! I know we've been planning this forever and I know I sound crazy Damn right you do! But Amy, please, alright, you have to believe me.
This place, it isn't safe and we have to get everyone out of here.
Jai, sometimes, when people are under a lot of stress, they tend to fabricate.
Alright, don't life coach me right now.
I'm just telling you, a lot of my clients I'm not one of your clients, I'm your fiancé.
I I can't believe you don't trust me.
Oh, God.
Is that what this little temper tantrum is all about? The prenup? What prenup? Oh, please.
Like you didn't know about the prenup? I had no idea, I swear.
Dad, how could you? I did it to protect you.
That's all we want, Amy.
For you to be safe and happy.
Oh, come on.
Jai, what is it? Why'd the music stop? Leave a message and I'll call you back.
Don't forget to vote Paula Bowman for mayor.
Trey, please.
Call me as soon as you get this.
I need to know that you and Luke are safe.
I'm sure they're fine.
You haven't heard from Luke, have you? Not in, like, a year.
I wasn't drinking that.
Give me that.
You know, friends fight sometimes.
You and Luke, you go back a long way.
Seems like just yesterday your mom and I were running the PTA together.
Things change.
Whatever happened between you and Luke, it won't last forever.
Okay? You just let me know if you hear from him.
Blackwood! Don't worry, we'll find her.
It appears that your friend is officially at the top of Rhodes' shit list.
I told you that you should have left when you had the chance.
But since you're here, you can be part of my little experiment.
We don't have three hours! We need backup here now! It's I don't know, uh, protesters, uh, a mass overdose, domestic terrorists.
All I can tell you is things are out of control and I don't have the man power to handle it.
Tell them to get here as soon as possible.
Hopefully there'll be something left of this town to save.
That didn't sound good.
It wasn't.
For the next three hours we're on our own.
Get that thing away from me! Please! Stop! You're out of your goddamn mind, you know that? Someone put that monster in that hole for a reason.
Now, now you need to put it back, bury it, and walk the fuck away.
Do you know what this is? It's a tribal mask.
It must have been made by the indigenous people living in this region.
And what's left of the clothing on our friend? That's indicative of early Swedish settlers.
I don't give a shit! What's your point?! My point is that thing has been in that hole, alive, since the 1700's and I wanna know how that's possible.
Something's wrong with you.
You know that you're messed ? Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!! Hey! Hey! Ahhh! Wha what're you doing? No! No! Ahhhhhh!!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!! Fuck! Ahhh!!!!! Ho-ho-holy shit.
You saved my ass.
Thanks, Dad.
Sorry about your truck.
I don't care about the truck.
I'm just glad you're okay.
I was so worried the whole drive out there.
Just I don't know what I'd do if something happened to you.
How's Mom? Is she safe? Yeah, she's fine, bud.
She had me drop her off at City Hall.
I mean, she wanted to come with me, but I was like "Honey, there's an emergency.
The town needs its mayor.
" Yeah, okay, Dad, just don't.
Alright, you don't have to make excuses for her.
We both know she's just gonna try to spin whatever the hell's going on into some kind of political win for her.
That's not fair.
Just why are you defending her? She doesn't care about you or me.
All she cares about is being mayor.
We just have to sit there and smile and pretend to be happy.
It's such bullshit.
I don't even know why you're still married to her.
Dad? Are you okay? You're right.
We haven't been happy for years.
I guess that's how these things happen.
You wake up one morning and you look over and it's like you're sharing your bed with a stranger.
She won't even touch me anymore.
It's like I disgust her.
Do you know we haven't had sex in over two years? Um uh I guess that's why I fell for Nicole.
What? She was pretty and nice, and she laughed at my jokes.
She treated me like a person.
And the sex Luke, you wouldn't believe it.
She did things, I didn't think I'd like them, but, boy, did I like them.
Yeah, okay.
I don't really need to hear this.
I was gonna leave your mom for her as soon as the election was over.
But now she's dead.
What? Nicole's dead? I just stood there! I didn't do anything.
But that's me, isn't it? I never do anything.
Jesus, Dad.
Dad, Dad, Dad! Listen.
You just ran over a zombie for me, okay? That's something.
- It is, isn't it? - Yeah.
- Thanks, buddy.
- Yeah.
Listen, I'm sorry I brought up that whole your mom and me not having sex thing.
It's just our lovemaking used to be so Yeah, I don't need to hear this.
Uh, in fact, let's just go.
I was gonna say primal.
They're They're eating our guests! That's what I've been trying to tell you! Where are you going? I'm not just gonna let them die.
Where are you going? I'm not just gonna let him be a hero.
Uh uh Sw sweetie? Sweetie! Come on.
- Whoa! - Whoa!! Oh! Come on! Come on, let's go! Hey! Hey! Go! Run! Run!!! I got you.
Come on, take my hand.
What the hell is that?! Shit! Hey, hey, hey.
Go! Go!! Amy, Amy, Amy.
We have to get out of here.
Those are our friends and family underneath there, Dad! There's nothing we can do for them.
We have to save ourselves.
You understand? - Oh! - Mom? - Oh, my gosh, Amy.
- Are you okay? This is your wedding day.
I have been planning for this for your entire life.
Somebody has to do something! Mom, we have to get out of here.
Ohhhh We have to save the cake.
You're gonna want that on your first anniversary.
- Don't - Mom Janette, Jesus.
Forget about the damn cake.
Come over here.
Mom, get away from there! Ahhh!!! - Oh, my God! - Come over here! Come over here! Mom! Ahhh!!! Go! Run! Amy! Let's go! Amy! Hey.
Hey! Look, come on, now.
You got what you wanted, just let me out of here.
Aren't you in the least bit curious about what's going on in your body right now? No.
I just wanna go home.
Your immune system is successfully fighting off the virus.
I mean, as far as your white blood cells are concerned, this virus is no more dangerous than a common cold.
But in tissue that sustained irreversible cessation of circulatory and respiratory function, the virus takes over.
What was once dead, now lives.
This this is crazy.
You're crazy.
Your roommate in there is evidence to the contrary.
She's nowhere in the building.
I've got some guys searching the woods.
If she's there, she won't go far.
Then make yourself useful.
Go find me something dead like a rodent or bird, whatever's rotting around this filthy place.
What the fuck kind of oil exec are you? The kind that holds joint PhD's in organic chemistry and molecular biology.
The real money? That's in bossing assholes like you around.
Whatever you say, Dr.
Hey, um, Dad.
It's Cam.
Listen, uh I just want to say I'm not mad.
I'm sorry we've been fighting so much lately.
I I don't have to go to Hawaii.
I can stay here.
I can go to community college.
What the hell is he doing? That's an emergency channel.
Hey, just let him talk.
I miss Mom, too, okay? It's not fair.
And maybe that's why we've been so mad at each other all the time, but I just wanted to let you know that I'm worried about you.
I hope you're okay.
I love you.
Don't drop her! Thanks, Shawn, real helpful! Okay.
You're okay.
- Mom.
- Hey.
Hey, hey, hey.
There was nothing you could do.
There was nothing you could do.
Alright, if we can get to our cars Shit, there's more out front.
Who the hell are these people? I'm calling club security.
I pay $50 thousand a year to this place, the least they can do is protect us.
These are different than the ones that I saw at the nursing home.
You knew about this? Why didn't you say anything? Oh, my God.
Oh, my God! They they were buried under the golf course.
This this is their land.
No, don't give me all that "we stole all their land" Indian bullshit! Herb, I'm Indian.
From India.
They're Native American.
As in native? As in here first? - Come on! - Let's go! Dammit, why is nobody answering? Maybe they're dead.
We're all gonna die.
We have to find a way outta here.
Oh, fuck it! Amy I've loved you ever since high school.
What are you doing? We never should have broken up.
If this is our last moments on Earth, don't marry that asshole.
Marry me.
I knew it! Please say yes.
Here, here.
Don't worry, Herb.
I won't let anything happen to your daughter.
- Shawn, don't.
- It's time to man up, Jai.
Amy, you're worth fighting for.
- Shawn - Let's do this.
Shawn! Shawn! What're you looking at? Come on, let's go! I thought you left town.
I ran into a few of those assholes down the road.
They're everywhere.
- I'm parked out back.
Let's go! - Come on.
It's like a war zone out there.
- Mom! - Paula! Oh, Luke! What are you doing here? I told you to go home where it was safe.
Those things are everywhere, Mom.
It's a real shit show out there.
They're coming down Main Street.
We can't stay here.
- What're you doing? - We need a safe place for people to shelter until help arrives.
Right there.
Okay, send out an EBS, you text everyone, tell them to lock their doors and stay inside.
If anyone is injured or unable to get to a secure location, you tell them go to the old Paymart at Route 26.
Right now it's the safest place in Mawinhaken.
That dead enough for ya? What the hell are we doing here? I got my men outside not working and you're in here playing mad scientist like some goddamn psycho! I want some answers.
Quiet! Real impressive, Doc.
Oh, fuck! Rhodes, you gotta do something.
That woman is crazy.
She just turned that rat into one of those monsters.
Shut him up! What're you gonna do? Huh? You've already shot me.
You've drugged me.
You've got me trapped in here with this killing machine.
Do you really think I'm afraid of you? You wanna know what I'm afraid of? Her.
She's playing around with things she doesn't understand.
Rhodes, listen to me.
Those things are pure evil and now she knows how to make them.
Don't be so dramatic.
Do you really think she's gonna let us live after seeing this? You're a dead man, Rhodes.
You just don't know it yet.
Shut the fuck up! Let him out or I start slicing! Let him out.
Let me make this choice a little easier for you.
Let him out.
Come on! Grab a bag, take as much as you can carry.
This is sweet.
Give me that.
Boys who don't finish the shooter safety course, don't get the big guns.
Alright, Mom.
Let's go to Paymart.
Damn, I feel like Deadpool right now! What the hell's he doing here? Cam, it's time to go.
I have to find him.
My dad's out there somewhere.
We'll find him, but we've gotta go.
Boys? Let's move! Thanks.
Stay down this time.
I don't know what Cleargenix is up to or who they have in their pocket, but this shit is over the line.
No, no, no.
Stay right there.
Stay right there! What's the one thing that we all have in common? We all die.
That was an inescapable truth of being human until this morning.
You can't stop this.
This is a miracle.
Death is no longer the end.
McDermott, what the hell are you doing? Let's get out of here.
Dead is dead.
Trust me.
McDermott! Special forces, motherfucker! Ahhh!!!! Special forces, my ass! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!! We gotta get you to a hospital.
I don't think so.
Find find Captain Pike.
Tell her what's happening.
Thanks for coming back.
Yeah, well, I knew you couldn't handle it on your own.
You saved our lives.
Yes, thank you.
No problem, Herb.
Do I know you? Emergency shelter's been set up at Paymart.
They're telling all injured to go there.
That's good, right? At least they'll be safe? I need to be there.
No, no, no.
Amy and I are getting as far away from this town as we possibly can.
You don't know what's out there.
What what if it's not just Mawinhaken? What if what if this is happening everywhere? Now, Herb, you've seen what those things can do.
People here, they need us.
They'll need doctors.
Uh, we're not going back and that's final.
Jesus, what're you doing?! You're a shitty excuse for a doctor, you know that? What? Oh, I know you.
- Herb, stop.
- Dad.
You're that junkie.
I go by "former junkie" now, thank you very much.
I am not going anywhere with this woman.
Get out.
You can walk to the next town.
I will.
Daddy, don't be an idiot.
That's what I thought.
This is your big plan? Paymart? Think about it.
We're surrounded by a sea of asphalt.
Nothing can come close to us without us seeing it.
We could lock this place down, keep everybody safe until help comes.
Alright, we're gonna need beds for the infirmary.
Camping cots, air mattresses, whatever we can find.
There should be enough inventory left in this place to put together a crisis center.
What are we even doing here? Why don't we just get the hell out of town? Something terrible is happening in this town.
People need help and we're going to help them.
- Just 'cause you're the mayor - That's right.
I am the mayor.
I'm in charge.
I'm this town's only chance of survival.
You don't have to like it, but it's the truth.
Now, when people start to arrive, I won't have you undermining me.
Are we clear? Yes, we're clear.
We passed two cars on their way here.
The people were pretty banged up.
You boys think you can put aside whatever's going on between the two of you long enough to open up some of these boxes? Good.
Then get to it.
See if there's anything we can use.
Alright, I'll check out back.
You ignorant prick.

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