Day of the Dead (2021) s01e08 Episode Script

To Anyone Who Can Hear My Voice

1 Previously on of The Dead.
You can't just torch my dad! You had months to say goodbye to your mom.
I didn't get a chance.
Yeah, well at least I'm here.
Where were you when my mom died? [SCREAMING.]
This is a natural disaster! It's an unnatural disaster! I can't believe you're working for scum bags like Cleargenix.
RHODES: Blackwood! You don't know the kind of people we're messing with here.
You go to the cops again, talk to any reporters, and they'll make you disappear.
BLACKWOOD: What was that thing? What did we find? Something you should have left buried.
Together the settlers and the Lenape were able to destroy all of the living dead except one.
This isn't the day you envisioned.
And if there's one thing that I've learned about marriage [RUMBLING.]
It's that things never turn out the way you think they will.
So in some ways this is actually the perfect day for you to start your journey together.
Hey Dad, I'm leaving! Hello? Dad? I now pronounce you husband and wife.
LUKE: You are such a hypocrite.
Your marriage was a joke.
I wish for just one second I could actually be who I am around you! Fine, Luke! Who are you? I'm gay.
And the one parent I actually wanted to tell is dead in a dumpster, and I'm stuck here with this raving bitch he was trying to impress.
Jesus Christ, Cam, man, can you just leave me alone? I can't be in there another second with her, man.
I I I I physically can't.
Okay, I'm not gonna say anything.
I'm also not gonna let you go alone.
Mayor Bowman, Captain Pike, anybody.
They're here.
BOBBY: Mayor Bowman, do you copy? Mayor Bowman! Paula.
BOBBY: Mayor Bowman, please come in.
Paula, what're you doing? Those things are all over the place out here Let me handle it.
- Bobby? - No.
I got it.
- You sure? - BOBBY: Mayor Bowman! Are you hearin' me? Tell the boys to secure the perimeter.
Bobby, you stay where you are.
You try and hold them off as long as you can.
This is it.
Time to fight.
BOBBY: Hell yeah.
Let's do this! [GUNSHOT.]
Yeah-ha-ha!!! [GUNSHOT.]
Yeah! [LOUD ROAR.]
Son of a bitch!!! [SNARLING AND GROWLING.]
All right, folks, I'm not gonna sugar coat it for ya.
Those things are here.
We're gonna leave the front door open as long as we can in case anyone else shows up.
The second we can't hold them off we're gonna seal the front door.
No one goes out.
And nothing gets in.
So, where are we going? Not that I care, I'm just curious.
'Cause if we're not going anywhere in particular maybe we just go back to Paymart.
Driving around, in the middle of a zombie apocalypse feels a little Dangerous.
So you came out to your mom.
That's that that's pretty huge.
I just wanna let you know I'm in awe of your bravery.
Get out.
- What? - Get out of the car! Why are you so mad? I'm trying to be an ally here.
All I ever wanted was for you to know it's okay to be who you are.
If you had listened to me you could have done this a year ago.
Yeah, it's that easy, right? It should be.
Screw this town.
Man, it's not about the town! Jesus! You know, if you really wanted to be an ally you would have dropped this a year ago when I asked you.
Instead you pushed and you pushed and you pushed and you made it your thing.
Just be honest with yourself, dude.
Who cares what other people think? Man, I care! Okay, my mom cares.
I can't be gay.
But I am.
Man, what am I supposed to do? [SOBS.]
What the hell is this? All the ammo left in the whole store.
Paula, it's time to lock the store down.
It's the only way to keep everyone in here alive.
We sent a text telling everybody to come here.
We can't lock them out.
Nobody's shown up for over an hour.
Help! I'm gonna need some help here! They're in the alley.
One of them bit me.
Son of a bitch bit me! [GROANS.]
Oh man, that's a shit ton of blood back there.
Call the boys in and lock it down! Paula! Don't do this! As far as we know we're the only ones left in Mawinhaken.
The only thing I care about is keeping the people in this store safe.
Oh man, that's gross.
BOBBY: You ever seen so much blood? Shit.
Where were you? What're you talking about? I'm stuck in this store just like everybody else.
I looked for you.
Well, now you found me.
Jai and I got married.
That's it? Congratulations.
I hope you have a wonderful life together.
- What do you want from me? - Anything.
Be happy for me.
Be mad.
I would rather you be furious that I got married without you there than this.
You're giving me nothing.
Well, I am sorry I am not emotionally there in a way that you need me to be.
But in case you haven't noticed today is not about you.
Okay, Dad.
What the hell happened here? [CAR ALARM WAILING.]
Hello? [DIAL TONE.]
This isn't good.
JAI: I need you to try and calm down, Bobby.
BOBBY: Oh, man.
I lost a lot of blood on the floor back there.
Someone should probably clean it up.
I don't want nobody slippin' on it.
I could be held personally liable Don't worry about that right now.
We gotta stop this bleeding.
What if you can't? Hey, where's your dad? He's not coming.
We got into a fight.
He can't do his job because you hurt his feelings? I need help, here, Amy.
Are you telling me this is a two-doctor situation? You're gonna be fine.
Don't lie to me, Doc.
You give it to me straight! All right, it's pretty bad, Bobby.
If if we don't stop the bleeding you could die.
Jesus, why'd you tell me that?! All right.
Pass me that bottle of water.
- And I need that - I'm on it.
Oh God.
Is that you? I was at your funeral.
You looked real good.
Well, until that lady bashed your head in.
Don't talk.
Just try and stay still.
Listen to me.
I need you to tape me to this bed in case I turn into one of them things.
- That's not gonna happen.
- No, please.
Just do it, okay? I don't wanna hurt nobody.
AMY: There is too much blood.
We can do this.
We can stop the bleeding.
We have to.
All right.
Now, I'm gonna tell you something for free.
Use duct tape.
And no off-brand stuff.
Don't cheap out on me now, you hear? - Okay.
- You promise? We promise.
Goddammit, I can't do this here! Well, we we can't move him.
He's gonna die, Amy.
We can't win.
We can't win.
We have to try.
It's all we can do.
Hey, have you guys seen Cam Oh God.
Why are you guys taping him down? He wanted us to, you know? In case he came back.
You said bites don't do that.
I said I don't know.
So they can? They can infect us? I have no idea, Lauren! Look, I know as much as you do.
None of this makes any sense.
Is he gonna be okay? I don't know.
Are any of us? PAULA: Luke? Come to the front of the store, please.
Luke! Luke, please come to the front of the store, now.
PAULA: Luke, get your ass up here, you hear me! Luke! What's going on? I can't find Luke.
Is he with Cam? I haven't seen him since the wedding.
I mean, they gotta be in the store, though, right? Oh, my God.
He left.
He's almost downtown.
Where are you going? To find him.
I need to get out.
What? My son is out there.
Paula, you leave, we can't let you back in.
I want you to keep everyone in the store safe.
I need to get out.
I'm coming with you.
- No.
- You can't drive and shoot.
JAI: I'm coming, too.
What? Jai, you can't leave.
You were right, we have to try.
I'm not hiding in this place and doing nothing.
All right.
I'm not letting those things win.
- What? - Luke and Cam, they're out there and they might be hurt.
Other people might be hurt.
Why does it have to be you? You know why.
Hey, look.
I'll be okay.
I promise.
But only because this hero thing is so goddamn sexy.
I got a kid out there.
The hearse is parked around the corner.
Outta my way, assholes! I got somewhere to be! [GUNFIRE.]
Oh God.
It's spreading.
I know it doesn't change what I did, but I wanted to say I'm sorry.
I should have never pushed you to come out.
It was none of my business.
It's cool.
No, it's not.
I made your life about me and what I think is right.
But your experience, and like, even this moment here it's just It's taught me so much about who I am and who I wanna be and just everything that I I Yeah, yeah, you're doing it again right now.
I'm sorry.
I just I'm sorry.
Yeah, I'm sorry, too, man.
I'm sorry I wasn't around for when your mom you know.
That was that was shitty.
And I wasn't really gonna kick your ass this morning.
- That was just this morning.
- Yeah.
It feels like a year ago.
Where are we going? Back to Paymart.
- So your little tantrum's over? - Shut up.
That's not good.
Drive! [SPLAT.]
We're gonna get through this.
Every one of us.
That's why we sealed those doors.
Long as they stay shut we stay safe.
He's right.
There's plenty of food and water.
We can wait this out.
STATE TROOPER: Attention Paymart.
This is the Pennsylvania State Police.
They've come! Open the doors! We're in desperate need of medical help.
The other guys are down.
It's just me and my partner and he's he's hurt real bad.
- Please let us in.
We need help! - Stop! We gotta let them in! We open those doors and we're dead.
- If we don't, they're dead.
- Better them than us.
You can't be serious.
Why would we risk every life in this store to save two people? I called them here! I begged them to help us! - But they can't.
- AMY: So they deserve to die? They're already dead and so are we the second we open this door.
- Why did you drive through them? - I don't know! I thought they'd move out of the way! What have you seen that makes you think these things have any sense of self-preservation?! I don't know, okay?! Stop yelling at me! - Oh, shit! - [THUD.]
Jesus Christ, they're everywhere! [LOW GROWLS.]
I think there's a fire escape down back.
If we can make it there we can take the rooftops back to the shop.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Okay, go, go, go, go, go! [EATING SOUNDS.]
Where's the fire escape? You said there's a fire escape! I said I think there's a fire escape.
Oh shit.
Mom? Get in the car, boys.
You like that? How's the second amendment taste, motherfuckers? [GUNFIRE.]
Mayor Bowman, we gotta go! Wait, Lauren! Stop the car! LUKE: Why'd we stop? Just go! That's my dad.
- LUKE: Cam, no! - CAM: Let me go! Lauren, get us outta here.
CAM: No! Dad! Dad!! [CRASH.]
Is everyone okay? I think so, but this thing's dead.
CAM: Come on, Lauren! Hurry up do something! LAUREN: It's not starting.
We can't stay here.
Hurry up! Let's move! Everybody all right? We were fine until you slammed into us! You came out of nowhere.
Hey, enough! Okay? We got bigger things to worry about.
Oh, shit.
I'm out.
Why do you get the AR-15? You ever taken out an enemy insurgent at 500 yards at night with no scope, no moon, and a headwind blasting sand in your face? - I like her.
- Let's move.
I'll take point, you watch our six.
Holy shit.
Cam! Cam! Get back here! - We gotta go! - What're you doing? We gotta go! That's my dad.
He's not your dad anymore.
He's something else.
Trust me.
- Come on, we gotta go! - Come on.
We're opening this door.
The hell you are! Herb, you're a doctor, for Christ's sakes, these men need medical attention! STATE TROOPER: Please let us in! There are too many of them! We can't stay out here! We need to help them! They knew the risks when they took the job.
Not this.
No one knew this was coming.
Please, you have to help, they're everywhere.
We won't survive out here! Please! [GASPS.]
Open the door.
I said open it! You're not gonna shoot me.
You really wanna find out? Then go ahead and do it.
Kill me! You open those doors and you'll bring death on everyone in here including yourself.
You made the right decision, Gloria.
We can't wait any longer! Open the door! We're gonna make a run for it.
It's the goddamn football team! I hate these guys! We gotta get off the street! It's locked.
Get in! Close the gate! Come on! Open the doors! Please! Please, for the love of God, open the doors! [GROWLING AND SNARLING.]
Open the door! Please! Please, for the love of God, open the door! [SCREAMS OF TORTURE.]
What the hell happened here? Same thing that's happening everywhere.
At least we're safe.
For now.
- You okay? - No.
Just when he wasn't answering I just assumed his phone was off.
I didn't think he'd become one of those things.
It's gonna be okay.
How do you know that? I don't.
It's just something you kinda say when you don't know what to say.
Your dad saved my life.
I was there yesterday when they found the first one.
How do you know it's the first one? Because when I left town there was only one.
Now there's more.
Wait, you were with my dad? I wouldn't be standing here if it wasn't for him.
He was a tough motherfucker.
He's definitely that.
He died trying to destroy the one we found.
At least I thought he died.
What happened? I'm gonna get you through this.
I owe your dad that much.
Also, I'd be kind of a huge dick if I didn't.
I know that kid.
He started at our school in sixth grade.
His parents moved here from From Philly.
His name's Devon.
Or was Devon.
I'm just really glad that you're okay.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
I know why you took off.
I'm sorry I'm not the son you wanted.
Don't say that.
That is ridiculous.
You wanted a gay son? Yeah.
Yeah, that's what I thought.
There was nothing you could do.
I I could a shot you.
But I didn't.
I let you win that fight because I didn't wanna die.
I was scared.
I chose my life over the lives of those troopers.
No one can blame you I blame me! And I will for the rest of my life.
What are we doing? What's the plan? How the hell should I know? We came to get Cam and Luke and we got them.
That's as far as I thought.
Oh, and you never thought about how you were gonna get back? I didn't know our car was going to get totaled.
You should have been watching where you were going.
Guys Oh, I'm sorry, we were kinda being chased by dead people.
I didn't know I needed to watch out for cars coming out of nowhere Yeah, it's called driving.
Isn't that the first thing they teach you in driving school, to not crash into people? [ARGUING CONTINUES.]
So it's my fault we're trapped here? I saved all your asses out on that street.
I can't believe I left my wife at Paymart so I could die here.
Okay, don't be so dramatic.
Guys! Stop fighting! We can't stay here.
We gotta get back to Paymart.
Let's find another way out of here.
Oh shit.
Back door! Go! Hurry! Come on! Let's get outta here! [FIGHTING GRUNTS.]
No zombies out here.
Are you complaining? [LOAD ROAR.]
What're you doing? We're stuck here, help's not coming, and at some point we'll have to make a move, and I'm not gonna die because I can't run in my wedding dress.
Well, just change.
There's lots I don't wanna change! Honey, you're acting hysterical right now.
I am acting like a completely normal person in a batshit situation! [SOBBING.]
Jai is out there somewhere and I don't know if he's dead or alive.
I am not taking this dress off until I see my husband again.
I can't believe you wouldn't stand up for those people out there.
I I did that for you.
I was trying to protect you.
Don't use me as an excuse.
Amy, you're my daughter.
My princess.
Your mother is gone and you are all that I have left in the world.
All that matters to me is you get through this.
Dad Just promise me that you won't try and be a hero.
There's lots of people here who can take care of you.
I can take care of myself.
We can't hold this thing forever! We have to let it out! We can blow it's freaking head off! Yeah, well I left my gun inside! Shit! We're just gonna have to make a run for it.
Take our chances on the streets.
It's not my favorite plan.
I mean, it's all we got.
VOICE: To anyone who can hear my voice.
We can help you.
What is that? VOICE: We can get you to safety.
Holy shit.
We're saved! Go! I'll hold the door as long as I can.
We're not leaving you here.
I'll be right behind you.
VOICE: To anyone who can hear my voice.
Go! VOICE: We can help you.
Let's go! VOICE: We can get you to safety.
Come on.
VOICE: To anyone who can hear my voice.
We can help you! Holy shit! Look at that thing! Oh shit.
Get in the truck, now! Wait, where's Blackwood? I thought she was right behind us.
We can't leave yet.
We still have somebody out there.
We'll find them.
Just get in! It's in the water.
Get your ass in, now!
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