Day of the Dead (2021) s01e10 Episode Script

Choke on 'Em!

Previously on Day of the Dead.
I'm Dr.
There's not just a cop down there.
There's something else.
What the hell's going on?! This thing's a cure for death.
What's the one thing that we all have in common? We all die.
Until this morning.
This is a miracle.
Death is no longer the end.
Dead is dead.
Ahhhh!!!! Dad? Where are you taking us? Somewhere safe.
There are other survivors at Paymart.
You can't do this.
I didn't do anything! We didn't survive this long just to have someone start killing us from the inside! This looks safe to you? Why do they have us locked in a building - in the middle of nowhere? - What the hell is that? It's exhaust.
Okay, that could kill us, right? - Open the fucking door! - Open the door!!! Let us out! Guys? Can you hear me? Hold on, I'm gonna get you out! They brought us here to kill us.
Cleargenix is cleaning up their mess.
We told them where everyone else was.
Then we have to get there first.
I told Trent not to stop for anyone or anything - until they get to Carbondale.
- Hmm.
How many times did he hit on you before he left? Five.
Yeah, he's pretty gross.
He's persistent, I'll give him that.
I grabbed everything I could find.
There's blood on this.
Is it your blood? - No.
- Then don't worry about it.
Everybody lock and load.
I don't wanna show up to Paymart half empty.
Where's Lauren? God, this is such a shitty way to leave you.
I know that, but we gotta go.
They tried to kill us here then they might try and kill everyone at Paymart.
But I won't let anything happen to Amy.
Okay? I promise.
Got a cigarette? Come on.
We need to get to Paymart.
- Nice tight grouping, sweetheart.
- Thanks, Mom.
Shit, they beat us here.
Doesn't look like they got very far.
I don't see Rhodes anywhere.
If that asshole's still alive, nobody's safe.
It won't be easy to get in.
This place is sealed up tight from the inside.
That's not good.
What the hell happened here? Cindy.
My God! Welcome to fucking Paymart.
Where's Jai? No.
No, he promised.
He promised me he'd be back.
He said everything would be okay.
I know this doesn't make it hurt any less, but if it weren't for Jai, we'd all be dead.
I shouldn't have let him go.
Your husband left because he thought he could help people, and he did.
And not just us.
Thanks to Jai a whole lot of people survived today.
He was a hero.
They're all gone.
My mom.
My dad.
Now Jai.
Why are we fighting so hard to stay alive? I didn't know your husband, but I know that life was so precious to him that he died to protect it.
If you give up, if any of us give up, then his sacrifice was for nothing.
You want to honor Jai? Let's wipe these things off the face of the earth.
Come on.
Amy, where is everybody else? I'm the only one left.
When the soldiers showed up, I thought we were saved.
But only two of them made it inside and then they they just started shooting.
Goddamn Rhodes.
But nobody stayed dead.
They all came back.
The water.
I killed every one of those things.
I had no choice.
You did what you had to do.
Go! Go, go! It's them.
Rhodes! Where the hell is she going? Where the hell are you going? Paula, go with Luke.
McDermott, you're with me.
Let's get this asshole.
I said I'd be here.
I'm here.
It's time.
It's time to let her go.
Amy - Jesus! - It's me, it's me.
I coulda killed you.
Thanks for not doing that.
Come on.
So, you were with my dad when he, um Yeah, I was there.
Did he say anything about me? Just that he wanted to say that he was sorry for being an asshole.
It wasn't just his fault.
We're both bad at communicating.
The foundation of any good relationship is Hey, Dr.
Oz, no offense, but can we talk about this later? We're trying not to get killed here.
Oz is a physician, not a therapist.
Are you guys okay? - Yeah.
Did you find him? - No.
No, no, no, no, no, no! It's us.
It's us.
Don't shoot.
- Hey, where's Amy? - She was just behind me.
Let her go! I can't do that.
You know what these are, don't you? They're perf charges from the drill site.
He's got enough to take out half the building.
Drop your guns.
Nobody's getting outta here.
Rhodes, you blow those charges, you're going with them.
No shit, Blackwood.
At least I won't come back as one of those things! I'll blow up into a million pieces.
- We all will.
- Just shoot him already! Go ahead.
Do it, sweetheart! - We're all screwed, anyway! - Everybody just calm down.
Rhodes, what do you want? I never shoulda sent you down that hole.
I shoulda just filled it up and drilled somewhere else.
You're the reason they took that thing out.
You're the reason this is happening to us! What the hell is he talking about? We found a body at the drill site yesterday.
It turned out to be the first one of those things.
You knew about this yesterday? Why didn't you do something? Why didn't you call the police? I did and your office told McDermott to leave it alone.
- I didn't realize.
- None of us did.
You're why my dad went down there? You're why he's dead.
You're why he turned into one of those things.
Cam, I tried to save him, I swear.
I did everything I could.
We're all fucked, here! The whole town! Don't you get it? We can't leave here.
Or else we'll spread it to the whole goddamn world! I tried to make it easy for you.
You just would have gone to sleep and you wouldn't have woken up.
Yeah, well, guess what, asshole? You blew it.
We got out.
And the rest of the survivors, they're headed for Carbondale right now.
Are you crazy?! You fucked us all! Get the detonator! Hey, asshole.
I'm tired of knocking that guy the fuck out.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I hate to say it.
But he's right about one thing.
Someone's gotta stop those things.
I need a moment with my daughter.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on, baby.
Come on.
What is all this stuff for? It's all for Lauren's plan.
Yeah, but what is it? I don't know.
I'm sure it'll work.
Why does everybody always have to doubt her? She's awesome.
- Do you have a thing for her? - No.
Oh, my God, you totally do.
Cam, you have to tell her how you feel, okay? You have to tell her right now.
Forget about what everybody else thinks.
Just be true to yourself, believe in yourself.
Oh, I get it.
You're doing me.
That was supposed to be me, right? Yeah.
It's kind of annoying, right? A little bit.
Nice work, guys.
Yeah, it was hard to find all this stuff, but here it is.
Yeah, that's why I said nice work.
- Do you want anything? - No.
I'm good with this.
You guys take the rest.
We'll meet you at the drill site.
- Good luck out there.
- Yeah, be careful.
Everything in me is telling me to get you boys out of Mawinhaken.
Mom, we're 18.
If we're old enough to vote for who runs this town, we're old enough to save it.
I am so proud of you, boys.
Let's do this.
Wake up the bait! What's going on? We need you to scream in terror.
What the what the hell are you doing?! Let me go! You can't do this to me! Let me go! Help! Let me go! Perfect.
Just like that.
What the hell are you doing? - Are you crazy?! - I got you.
Help! Help! Help! Help!! Help me! Let me go! Help me! Come on! Help me! Come on! Get away from me! Get the hell away from me! Get me off of here.
Oh, God! Get the hell away from me! You assholes are gonna get me killed! Relax, we need you.
For now.
This is crazy.
I can't believe this is working.
- Can this go any faster! - Me neither.
Wait, but this was your idea.
Yeah, but I didn't know it would actually work.
Oh! - Oh, shit.
- What's happening? The engine died.
What the hell are you doing? They're getting closer.
Move this shit! Quit screwing around.
Get it moving! Come on! Come on! Tell him to put the pedal all the way down to the floor.
It'll open the butterfly.
I said shut up! You think I wanna die back here? Tell him! Put the pedal to the floor and crank it, sweetheart! Come on! Fuck it.
We kissed.
Okay? Whatever.
Don't make a big deal out of it.
- I didn't say anything.
- Shut up.
I didn't say anything.
Government shut these coal mines down in the '80's.
They go on for miles.
This is the only way out.
Do you really think this is gonna work? My ancestors trapped one of those things in a hole for 300 years.
I don't see why it couldn't work again.
Don't touch me! Don't touch me!!! How much longer until we get there? - Help! - Just a few more miles.
- Good.
- Somebody! 'Cause if I have to listen to this pussy much longer, - I'll kill him myself.
- Let me down! I don't deserve this! Please! - Oh, God! - Drive a little faster, Luke! They're getting closer! Luke, speed up! - Shit! - Dad.
Cam? Wait, stop the truck! Stop the truck! - What the hell are you doing?! - What's happening?! Move this piece of shit! I'm gonna die back here! It's Cam.
He's gone.
I don't see him! Cam! You're gonna get us all killed! Lauren, get back in the truck! No, we can't leave him! Yeah, well, if we stay here any longer, this whole plan goes to shit.
We need to move, now! Come on! - Cam! - Lauren, now! Quite screwing around! Let's get outta here.
Honey, we gotta go.
- Lauren, we gotta to go! - Cam! Luke, get us out of here.
Let's get outta here! Get on the truck! Let's go.
Move your ass! Let's go, let's go, let's go.
What the hell are we doing out here! Let me go! Son of a bitch! They did it! - Oh, no! - Shit! Goddamn it.
We just need to lead them a little bit farther to the mine.
- This truck's not going anywhere.
- Leave it.
We'll have to find another way.
Where's Cam? What're you doing? You can't leave me here! What about him? Who cares? He tried to kill us.
Hey, Luke.
Cover me.
I'll lower him down.
I thought you were gonna leave me here to die.
- We're not murderers.
- You're worse.
You're cowards.
You just left that kid to save your own asses.
Shut up, asshole! I was willing to die to stop this! Then die.
Hey! What are you doing? No! Ahhhh!!!!! Ahhhh!!!!! Choke on 'em! Choke on 'em!! Now what? We get them into that mine.
What the hell are you doing? I'll lead them in.
Once they're inside, use these to blow up the cave.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You can't do this.
We're not gonna let her do this, right? It's not your choice.
Hey, you ugly sons of bitches! Come and get me! Blackwood, this is crazy! It's suicide! I can make it out.
There's gotta be another way.
We all know there isn't.
Besides, somebody's gotta stay alive long enough to set these off.
I'm serious.
Whether I'm out or not.
You seal the place shut.
Otherwise, this is all for nothing.
I will.
I'm in here, assholes! Come and get it! Fresh meat! What do you think you're doing? Finishing this.
Fuck those things.
Come on.
Let's go.
That's all of them.
All right.
Let's go.
How deep do we have to go? Until the last one's inside.
Then what? They should all be in by now.
There must be another way out of here.
There isn't.
That's kinda the point of leading them in here.
Okay, so what? We're supposed to just stand here and wait to get eaten? Wait, you wanna fight your way out? There's like nine bullets in that thing.
I was thinking we'd only need three.
Jesus, that's dark.
That psycho Rhodes designed this thing as a suicide bomb.
We're not gonna be able to detonate it without blowing ourselves up.
What're you doing? Trust your mother, Luke.
Who wants to go first? Don't! Quick! Come on! Let's go! What if they make it outta there? You heard Sarah.
First one of those things I see coming out of the mine, I'm taking my shot.
Come on, guys.
Where are you? - Okay, let's get outta here.
- They'll hear us.
We have no choice.
Go! Run! Come on! Come on, guys.
Jesus, come on.
Where are you? Get outta there.
Come on.
No! - What the hell are you doing?! - There they are! Blow it! Blow the cave! What a fucking day.
Oh, my God! Oh, shit.
We did it! Oh, my gosh! I got Bobby's truck started and guess what I found.
- Bobby fucking Hart.
- Uh-huh.
Go on.
You earned it.
All right.
So that's what beer tastes like.
I'll take that.
He was so perfect.
Why does someone like that have to die? Because death doesn't give a shit.
It doesn't care if you're good or bad.
It just takes.
You wanna get revenge on death? You keep living.
Do you think this is really over? Any of those things left shouldn't be too hard for someone to take care of.
As long as no one opens that mine, we should be good.
I know you're in there.
That's why you saved me, isn't it? You remember me, don't you? Here.
Take it! It's yours.
It's just me and you, Dad.
It's gonna be okay.
Shocking reports of violence and destruction coming in from northern Pennsylvania.
The Governor has declared a state of Emergency.
Mass hysteria, home-grown terrorists, our panel of experts weigh in.

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